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qadi {n} (judge in Islam)  :: Kadi {m}
Q'anjob'al {prop} (Q'anjob'al language)  :: Kanjobal
qasida {n} (Arabic or Persian poem)  :: Kasside {f}
Qatar {prop} (a country in the Middle East)  :: Katar {n}
Qatari {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Qatar or the Qatari people)  :: katarisch
Qatari {n} (Person from Qatar or of Qatari descent)  :: Katarer {m}, Katarerin {f}
QED {interj} (quod erat demonstrandum)  :: w. z. b. w. [was zu beweisen war]
Q fever {n} (pathology)  :: Q-Fieber {n}
qi {n} (chi) SEE: chi  ::
qilin {n} (mythical creature)  :: Qilin {m}
Qin {prop} (Ancient Chinese dynasty)  :: Qin
Qin {prop} (Ancient Chinese state)  :: Qin
qing {n} (sounding stone) SEE: sounding stone  ::
Qingdao {prop} (a large city in China)  :: Tsingtau
Qinling Mountains {prop} (Qin Mountains) SEE: Qin Mountains  ::
qipao {n} (a traditional dress worn by Chinese women)  :: Qipao {n}
qishlaq {n} (a rural settlement of nomadic people)  :: Kischlak {m}
QL {initialism}  :: QL {n}
QR code {n} (2-D barcode)  :: QR-Code {m}
Q-tip {n} (type of cotton swab) SEE: cotton swab  ::
quack {n} (charlatan)  :: Quacksalber {m}
quack {n} (fraudulent or incompetent doctor of medicine)  :: Quacksalber {m}
quack {n} (sound made by a duck)  :: Quaken {n}
quack {v} (to make a noise like a duck)  :: quaken
quackery {n} (the practice of fraudulent medicine)  :: Quacksalberei {f}
quackgrass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
quacksalver {n} (one falsely claiming to possess medical or other skills)  :: Quacksalber {m}
quad {adj} (quadrangle) SEE: quadrangle  ::
quad {adj} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral  ::
quad {adj} (quadruplet) SEE: quadruplet  ::
quad {n} (quad bike) SEE: quad bike  ::
quadcopter {n} (aircraft)  :: Quadrocopter {m}, Quadrokopter {m}
quadrangle {n} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral  ::
quadrant {n} (measuring device)  :: Quadrant {m}
quadrant {n} (region of the Cartesian plane)  :: Quadrant {m}
quadratic {adj} (of a class of polynomial of the form y )  :: quadratisch
quadratic equation {n} (second-degree equation)  :: quadratische Gleichung {f}
quadratic mean {n} (type of average) SEE: root mean square  ::
quadrature {n} (astronomy)  :: Quadratur {f}
quadrature {n} (mathematics)  :: Quadratur {f}
quadrature {n} (squaring)  :: Quadrieren {n}
quadrature amplitude modulation {n} (method of sending information)  :: Quadraturamplitudenmodulation {f}
quadriga {n} (Roman racing chariot and team of four horses)  :: Quadriga {f}
quadrilateral {adj} (having four sides)  :: vierseitig {n}
quadrilateral {n} (polygon having four sides)  :: Viereck
quadrilingual {adj} (written in four languages)  :: viersprachig
quadrille {n} (dance)  :: Quadrille {f}
quadrillion {num} (a million trillion, 1024)  :: Quadrillion {f}
quadrillion {num} (a thousand trillion, 1015)  :: Billiarde
quadrinomial {adj} (consisting of four names or parts)  :: viergliedrig
quadriplegia {n} (paralysis of all four limbs)  :: Quadriplegie {f}, Tetraplegie {f}
quadripole {n} (electrical circuit with two pairs of external terminals)  :: Zweitor {n}
quadrocopter {n} (quadcopter) SEE: quadcopter  ::
quadroon {adj} (three fourths Caucasian and one fourth African in descent)  :: Terzone {m}
quadrotor {n} (quadcopter) SEE: quadcopter  ::
quadroxide {n} (tetroxide) SEE: tetroxide  ::
quadruped {n} (a four-footed or four-legged animal)  :: Vierfüßer {m}, Vierfüßerin {f}, Vierfüßler {m}, Vierfüßlerin {f}, Quadrupeder {m}, Quadrupede {f}
quadrupedal {adj} (walking on four feet)  :: vierfüßig
quadrupedally {adv} (in the manner of a quadruped)  :: vierfüßig, quadrupedisch, vierbeinig
quadruple {adj} (being four times as long, as big or as many of something)  :: vierfach
quadruple {v} (to multiply by four)  :: vervierfachen
quadruplet {n} (infant born as one of four)  :: Vierling {m}
quads {n} (quadriceps) SEE: quadriceps  ::
quaestor {n} (Ancient Roman official)  :: Quästor {m}
quaffable {adj} (easy to drink)  :: süffig
quagga {n} (subspecies of zebra, Equus quagga quagga)  :: Quagga {n}, Quaggafohlen {n},Quaggafüllen {n}
quagmire {n} (perilous, mixed up and troubled situation)  :: Zwickmühle {f}
quagmire {n}  :: Sumpf {m}
quagmire {n} (swampy ground)  :: Sumpf {m}, Morast {m}, Morastboden {m}, Sumpfboden {m}
quail {n} (any of several small game birds)  :: Wachtel {f}
quaint {adj} (interestingly strange)  :: kurios, wunderlich
quaint {adj} (old-fashioned charm)  :: pittoresk, malerisch
quake {n} (earthquake) SEE: earthquake  ::
Quaker {n} (believer of the Quaker faith)  :: Quäker {m}
qualification {n} (ability or attribute)  :: Qualifikation {f}
qualification {n} (process of deciding the running order)  :: Qualifizierung {f}
qualified {adj} (meeting requirements)  :: qualifiziert
qualified {adj} (restricted or limited)  :: eingeschränkt
qualifier {n} (A describing or characterizing word)  :: Kennzeichner {m}, nähere Bestimmung {f}, Beifügung {f}, Attribut {n}
qualifier {n} (A preliminary stage)  :: Qualifikationsspiel {n}, Qualifikationsrunde {f}
qualifier {n} (One who qualifies)  :: Qualifikant {m}
qualify {v} (to certify or license someone for something)  :: qualifizieren
qualify {v} (to compete successfully in some stage of a competition and become eligible for the next stage)  :: sich qualifizieren
qualify {v} (to make someone, or to become competent or eligible for some position or task)  :: [to make] qualifizieren, [to become] sich qualifizieren
qualifying {n} (An examination)  :: Eignungsprüfung {f}, Zulassungsprüfung {f}, Zugangsprüfung {f}, Aufnahmeprüfung {f}
qualifying {n} (A qualification)  :: Qualifikation {f}, Befähigungsnachweis {f}, Zugangsbedingung {f}
qualitative {adj} ((chemistry) of a form of analysis that yields the identity of a compound)  :: qualitativ
qualitative {adj} (of descriptions or distinctions based on some quality rather than on some quantity)  :: qualitativ
quality {adj} (being of good worth)  :: Qualitäts-, hochklassig, erstklassig, hochwertig
quality {n} (differentiating property or attribute)  :: Qualität {f}, Eigenschaft {f}
quality {n} (level of excellence)  :: Qualität {f}
quality of life {n} (general well-being of individuals and societies)  :: Lebensqualität {f}
quality requirement {n}  :: Qualitätsanforderung {f}
qualm {n} (prick of the conscience, moral scrupule)  :: Gewissensbisse {m-p}
qualm {n}  :: Skrupel {m}, Unbehagen, Bedenken {n-p}
quandary {n} (a dilemma)  :: Dilemma {n}, verfahrene Situation {f}
quandary {n} (a state of not knowing what to decide)  :: Zwickmühle {f}, Verlegenheit {f}
quantifier {n} (A logical operator)  :: Quantor {m}
quantify {v} (to assign a quantity to)  :: quantifizieren
quantile {n} (quantile in statistics)  :: Quantil {n}
quantitative {adj}  :: quantitativ
quantitative easing {n} (monetary policy where the central bank creates money electronically)  :: quantitative Lockerung {f}, monetäre Lockerung {f}
quantitative easing {n}  :: quantitative Lockerung {f}
quantity {n} (considerable measure or amount)  :: Menge {f}
quantity {n} (fundamental, generic term used when referring to the measurement)  :: Quantität {f}, Menge {f}
quantity {n} (indefinite amount of something)  :: Quantität {f}
quantity {n} (word used to indicate that preceding expression is a single object)  :: in Klammern
quantization {n} (in physics)  :: Quantisierung {f}, Quantelung {f}
quantization {n} (process of approximating a continuous signal)  :: Quantisierung {f}, Quantelung {f}
quantize {v} (to limit the number of possible values)  :: quantisieren
quantum {n} (indivisible unit of a given quantity)  :: Quant, Minimum
quantum {n} (quantity)  :: Quantum
quantum chromodynamics {n} (quantum field theory)  :: Quantenchromodynamik {f}
quantum computer {n} (computer that relies on quantum mechanical phenomena for speed)  :: Quantencomputer {m}
quantum dot {n} (fluorescent nanoparticle)  :: Quantenpunkt {m}
quantum electrodynamics {n} (quantum electrodynamics)  :: Quantenelektrodynamik {f}
quantum entanglement {n} (quantum mechanical phenomenon)  :: Quantenverschränkung {f}
quantum fluctuation {n} (A momentary fluctuation in the energy at a point in space due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle)  :: Quantenfluktuation {f}, Vakuumfluktuation {f}
quantum gravity {n} (branch of theoretical physics)  :: Quantengravitation {f}
quantum leap {n} (abrupt change)  :: Quantensprung {m}
quantum leap {n} (electron's state of change)  :: Quantensprung {m}
quantum logic {n} (a form of non-classical logic)  :: Quantenlogik {f}
quantum mechanical {adj} (of or pertaining to quantum mechanics)  :: quantenmechanisch
quantum mechanics {n} (branch of physics)  :: Quantenmechanik {f}
quantum physics {n} (quantum mechanics)  :: Quantenphysik {f}
quantum theory {n} (quantum mechanics) SEE: quantum mechanics  ::
quantum theory {n} (theory)  :: Quantentheorie {f}
quantum well {n} (potential well that confines particles)  :: Quantentopf {m}
quarantine {n}  :: Quarantäne {f}
quarantine {n} (sanitary measure isolating infected people)  :: Quarantäne {f}
quarantine {v} (to retain in obligatory isolation or separation as a sanitary prevention)  :: unter Quarantäne stellen
quark {n} ((physics) In the Standard Model, an elementary subatomic particle which forms matter)  :: Quark {n}
quark {n} (soft creamy cheese)  :: Quark {m}, Topfen {m} [in Bavaria and Austria]
quarkonium {n} (meson)  :: Quarkonium {n}
quarrel {n} (square-headed arrow for a crossbow)  :: Bolzen {m}
quarrel {n} (verbal dispute or heated argument)  :: Streit {m}
quarrel {v} (disagree) SEE: disagree  ::
quarry {n} (animal which is hunted)  :: Beute {f}
quarry {n} (site for mining stone)  :: Steinbruch {m}
quarry {v} (extract by long, tedious searching)  :: ausgraben
quart {n} (a unit of liquid capacity)  :: Quart {n}
quarter {n} (coin worth 25 cents)  :: Vierteldollar {m}
quarter {n} (one of four equal parts)  :: Viertel {n}
quarter {n} (period of three months)  :: Quartal {n}, Vierteljahr {n}
quarter {n} (section of a town)  :: Stadtteil {m}, Viertel {n}, [Cologne] Veedel {n}, Quartier {n}, Kiez {m}
quarter {v} (divide into quarters)  :: vierteln, vierteilen
quarter {v} (provide housing)  :: quartieren, einquartieren, unterbringen, aufnehmen
quarterback {n} (offensive back)  :: Quarterback {m}
quarter bottle {n} (piccolo) SEE: piccolo  ::
quarterdeck {n} (aft part of the upper deck)  :: Achterdeck {n}, Hinterdeck {n}
quarterfinal {n} (competition in a tournament whose winners go on to play in the two semifinals)  :: Viertelfinale {n}
quarter-final {n} (quarter-final) SEE: quarterfinal  ::
quarter-hour {n} (quarter-hour) SEE: quarter of an hour  ::
quartering {n} (method of capital punishment)  :: Vierteilung {f}
quarterly {adj} (divided into four parts crosswise)  :: Vierung
quarterly {adj} (occurring once every quarter year)  :: vierteljährlich
quarterly {adv} (once every quarter year)  :: vierteljährlich, quartalsweise
quarterly {n} (periodical publication)  :: Vierteljahresschrift {n}
quartermaster {n} (officer responsible for supplies)  :: Quartiermeister {m}, Steuermannsmaat {m} [nautical]
quarter note {n} (quarter note) SEE: crotchet  ::
quarter of {n} (quarter to) SEE: quarter to  ::
quarter of an hour {n} (fifteen minutes)  :: Viertelstunde {f}
quarter past {n} (translations for "quarter past one")  :: Viertel nach eins, viertel zwei
quarter rest {n} (rest as long as a quarter note)  :: Viertelpause {f}
quarters {n} (housing, barracks)  :: Wohnraum {m}
quarter to {n} (example: quarter to two)  :: dreiviertel zwei, Viertel vor zwei
quarter to {n} (fifteen minutes before the next hour)  :: dreiviertel, Viertel vor
quartet {n} (four musicians who perform a piece of music together)  :: Quartett {n}
quartet {n} (group of four)  :: Quartett {n}
quartet {n} (music composition in four parts)  :: Quartett {n}
quartile {n} (any of the three points)  :: Quartil {n}
quartz {n} (mineral)  :: Quarz {m}
quartziferous {adj} (containing quartz)  :: quarzhaltig
quasar {n} (An extragalactic object)  :: Quasar {m}
quash {v}  :: vernichten, unterdrücken, ablehnen, verwerfen, aufheben
quasi {adj} (showing likeness)  :: quasi
Quasimodo {n} (day)  :: Weißer Sonntag {m}, Klein-Ostertag {m}, Kleinostern {n}, Barmherzigkeitssonntag {m}
quaternion {n} (Mathematical sense)  :: Quaternion {n}
quatrain {n} (a stanza of four lines)  :: Quartett {n}
quatrefoil {n} (shape)  :: Vierpass {m}
quattuordecillion {num} (1084)  :: Quattuordezillion {f}
quaver {n} ((music) an eighth note)  :: Achtelnote {f}
quay {n} (structure for loading and unloading vessels)  :: Kai {n}, Anlegestelle {f}, Pier {m}
queasiness {n} (state of being queasy)  :: Übelkeit {f}, Empfindlichkeit {f}
queasy {adj} (experiencing or causing nausea or uneasiness)  :: übel
Quebec {prop} (city)  :: Quebec {n}, Québec {n}
Quebec {prop} (province)  :: Québec {n}
Quechua {prop} (language)  :: Quechua {n}
queef {n} (an emission of air from the vagina)  :: Mösenfurz {m}
queen {n} (adult female cat)  :: Kätzin {f}
queen {n} (chess piece)  :: Dame {f}
queen {n} (female monarch)  :: Königin {f}
queen {n} (playing card)  :: Dame {f}
queen {n} (reproductive female animal in a hive)  :: Königin {f}
queen {n} (slang: male homosexual)  :: Tunte {f}
Queen Anne's lace {n} (Anthriscus sylvestris) SEE: cow parsley  ::
queen bee {n} (reproductive female bee)  :: Bienenkönigin {f}, Bienenweisel {m} {f}, Weisel {m} {f}, Stockmutter {f}
queen consort {n} (wife of a reigning king)  :: königingemahlin
queen of beasts {n} (the lioness)  :: Königin der Tiere {f}
queen of clubs {n} (playing card)  :: Kreuz-Dame {f}
queen of diamonds {n} (playing card)  :: Karo-Dame {f}
queen of hearts {n} (playing card)  :: Herz-Dame {f}
queen of spades {n} (playing card)  :: Pik-Dame {f}
Queen's Counsel {n} (a barrister (UK))  :: Kronanwalt {m}, Kronanwältin {f}
queer {adj} (pertaining to non-normative sexuality)  :: queer
queer {adj} (slang: homosexual)  :: schwul, lesbisch, homo
queer {adj} (slightly unwell)  :: unwohl
queer {adj} (weird, odd, different)  :: seltsam
queer {adv} (queerly) SEE: queerly  ::
queer {n}  :: Homosexueller {m}, Schwuler {m}, Lesbe {f} (latter two sometimes offensive)
queer {n} (slang: homosexual) SEE: fag  ::
queer {n} (slang: person of atypical sexuality or sexual identity)  :: Queer {m} {f}
queer {v} (applying queer theory)  :: queeren
queer duck {n} (strange bird) SEE: strange bird  ::
queerplatonic {adj} (not romantic, but stronger emotional bond than friendship)  :: queerplatonisch
quell {n} (transitive: to subdue, put down)  :: unterdrücken
quell {n} (transitive: to take the life of; to kill) SEE: kill  ::
quench {v} (cool rapidly by immersion)  :: abkühlen
quench {v} (extinguish a flame)  :: löschen
quench {v} (satisfy a thirst)  :: stillen
Quentin {prop} (male given name)  :: Quintin {m}
Quenya {prop} (constructed language)  :: Quenya {n}
quern {n} (mill)  :: Handmühle {f}
querulant {n} (one who has obsessive feelings)  :: Querulant {m}, Querulantin {f}
querulous {adj} (often complaining)  :: nörglerisch, quengelig
query {n} (computing: set of instructions passed to a database)  :: Abfrage {f}
query {v} (computing: search database)  :: abfragen
query {v} (question)  :: in Frage stellen
query language {n} (computer language)  :: Abfragesprache {f}
quest {n} (journey or effort in pursuit of a goal)  :: Suche {f}, Queste {f}
question {n} (doubt or challenge)  :: Frage {f}, Zweifel {m}
question {n} (proposal to a meeting as a topic for discussion and vote)  :: Frage {f}, Anfrage {f}
question {n} (sentence, phrase or word)  :: Frage {f}, Anfrage {f}
question {n} (subject or topic)  :: Frage {f}
question {n} (talk; conversation; speech) SEE: talk  ::
question {v} (ask questions of)  :: fragen, hinterfragen, befragen
question {v} (raise doubts about)  :: anzweifeln, bezweifeln, infrage stellen, in Frage stellen
questionable {adj} (of dubious respectability or morality)  :: fragwürdig
questionable {adj} (problematic; open to doubt or challenge)  :: fragwürdig
questionably {adv} (in a questionable manner)  :: fragwürdig
questionary {n} (questionnaire) SEE: questionnaire  ::
questioner {n} (interrogator) SEE: interrogator  ::
questioning {n} (action of asking questions; a survey or inquiry)  :: Befragung {f}
questioning {n} (interrogation) SEE: interrogation  ::
question mark {n} (punctuation)  :: Fragezeichen {n}
questionnaire {n} (form containing a list of questions)  :: Fragebogen {m}
Question Period {n} (Q&A session in parliament) SEE: Question Time  ::
Question Time {prop} (Q&A session in parliament)  :: Fragestunde {f}
quetzal {n} (monetary unit)  :: Quetzal {m}
quetzal {n} (quetzal bird)  :: Quetzal {m}
queue {n} (line of people)  :: Warteschlange {f}, Schlange {f}, Reihe {f}
queue {n} (waiting list)  :: Warteliste {f}
queue {v} (arrange into a queue)  :: aufreihen
queue {v} (put oneself at the end of a queue)  :: anstellen
queueing theory {n} (the study of the behaviour of queues)  :: Warteschlangentheorie {f}, Bedienungstheorie {f}
quibble {n} (a trivial or minor complaint, objection or argument)  :: kleinliche Kritik {f}, Spitzfindigkeit {f}, Haarspalterei {f}
quibble {v} (to complain or argue in a trivial or petty manner)  :: herumstreiten, kleinlich sein
quiche {n} (a kind of pie)  :: Quiche {f}
quick {adj} (alive)  :: quicklebendig
quick {adj} (lively, witty)  :: scharfsinnig
quick {adj} (mentally agile, perceptive)  :: schnell von Begriff
quick {adj} (moving with speed)  :: schnell, geschwind, rasch
quick {n} (sensitive flesh)  :: Nagelbett {n}
quick-and-dirty {adj} (hasty, approximate, temporarily adequate)  :: schnell und schmutzig
quick buck {n} (easy money)  :: schnelles Geld {n} [quick money]
quickie {n} (brief sexual encounter)  :: schnelle Nummer {f}, Quickie {m}
quickie {n} (something made or done swiftly)  :: Quickie {m}
quicklime {n} (calcium oxide)  :: gebrannter Kalk {m}, Branntkalk {m}, ungelöschter Kalk {m}, Kalkerde {f}, Ätzkalk {m}, Calciumoxid
quickly {adv} (rapidly, fast)  :: schnell, rasch, geschwind
quickness {n} (dexterity) SEE: dexterity  ::
quickness {n} (rapidity of movement or activity)  :: Schnelligkeit {f}
quicksand {n} (wet sand that things readily sink in, often found near rivers or coasts)  :: Treibsand {m}
quicksilver {n} (mercury)  :: Quecksilber {n}
quick-witted {adj} (mentally keen)  :: geistesgegenwertig, schlagfertig
Quidditch {n} (fictitious ball game)  :: Quidditch {n}
quiescent {adj} (Inactive, at rest, quiet)  :: ruhig
quiet {adj} (having little motion)  :: still
quiet {adj} (not talking)  :: ruhig, still
quiet {adj} (with little sound)  :: still, ruhig, leise
quiet {v} (to cause someone to become quiet)  :: ruhen
quiet as a mouse {adj} (very quiet)  :: mäuschenstill
quietistic {adj} (related to quietism)  :: quietistisch
quietly {adv} (in a quiet manner)  :: ruhig, leise
quill {n} (any pen)  :: Stift {m}
quill {n} (lower shaft of a feather)  :: Kiel {m}
quill {n} (music: plectrum) SEE: plectrum  ::
quill {n} (needle-like structure that grows on the skin)  :: Stachel {m}
quill {n} (pen made of feather)  :: Schreibfeder {f}, Federkiel {m}, Feder {f}
quilt {n} (bed covering)  :: Quilt {m}
quim {n} ((vulgar, slang) female genitalia)  :: Fotze {f}
quinary {adj} (of fifth rank or order)  :: quinär
quince {n} (fruit)  :: Quitte {f}
quince {n} (tree)  :: Quitte {f}, Quittenbaum {m}
quinceañera {n} (in Mexico, fifteenth birthday celebration for a young woman)  :: Quinceañera {f}, Quinceanera {f}
quincunx {n} (angle of five-twelfths of a circle)  :: Quinkunx
quincunx {n} (arrangement of five units)  :: Quinkunx {f}
quincunx {n} (coin) SEE: coin  ::
quindecillion {num} (1048)  :: Oktillion {f}
quindecillion {num} (1090)  :: Quindezillion {f}
quinidine {n} (isomer of quinine)  :: Chinidin
quinine {n} (alkaloid used to treat malaria)  :: Chinin {n}
quinoa {n} (Chenopodium quinoa)  :: Quinoa {f}
quinoline {n} (any of a class of hetercyclic compounds)  :: Chinolin {n}
Quinquagesima {n} (a Sunday in the Christian calendar)  :: Quinquagesima {f}
quinquennium {n} (period of time five years long)  :: Lustrum {n}, Jahrfünft {n}, Fünfjahresperiode {f}, Quinquennium {n}
quintal {n} (one hundred kilograms)  :: Quintal {m}
quintessence {n} (most perfect example of its type)  :: Inbegriff {m}, Quintessenz {f}
quintessential {adj} (of the nature of a quintessence)  :: der Inbegriff des/der..., von Grund auf, durch und durch
quintet {n} (any group of five)  :: Quintett {n}
quintet {n} ((music) a composition in five parts)  :: Quintett {n}
quintet {n} ((music) a group of five musicians)  :: Quintett {n}
quintillion {num} (a billion billion, 1018)  :: Trillion {f}
quintillion {num} (a million quadrillion, 1030)  :: Quintillion {f}, Quinquillion {f}
quintuple {adj} (fivefold) SEE: fivefold  ::
quintuplet {n} (one of a group of five babies born from the same mother during the same birth)  :: Fünfling {m}
quip {n} (smart, sarcastic turn or jest)  :: geistreiche Bemerkung {f}, Witz {m}, Witzelei {f}, Stichelei {f}, Erwiderung {f}, Retourkutsche {f}, Spöttelei {f}
quip {v} (to make a quip)  :: witzeln
Quirinal Hill {prop} (one of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built)  :: Quirinal
quirk {n} (idiosyncrasy)  :: Schrulle {f}, Marotte {f}
quirky {adj} (given to quirks or idiosyncrasies)  :: schrullig, eigenartig
quisling {n} (traitor)  :: Kollaborateur {m}, Verräter {m}
quit {v} (to give up, stop doing something)  :: aufhören, aufgeben, sein lassen
quit {v} (to leave)  :: verlassen
quit {v} (to resign)  :: kündigen
quitch {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
quite {adv} (in a fully justified sense; truly)  :: recht
quite {adv} (to a moderate extent)  :: ziemlich
quite {adv} (to the greatest extent; completely)  :: ganz, völlig
quite {adv}  :: vollständig , ziemlich ganz
Quito {prop} (capital of Ecuador)  :: Quito {n}
quitting time {n} (the time that a day's work ends)  :: Feierabend {m}
quiver {n} (arrow container)  :: Köcher {m}
quiver {v} (shake or move with slight and tremulous motion)  :: flattern
quixotic {adj} (possessing or acting with the desire to do noble and romantic deeds, without thought of realism and practicality)  :: quichottisch
quixotry {n} (visionary schemes)  :: Donquichotterie {f}
quiz {n} (competition in the answering of questions)  :: Ratespiel {n}, Fragespiel {n}, Quiz {n}
quiz {v} (interrogate)  :: ausfragen
quod erat demonstrandum {phrase} (Latin proverb)  :: was zu beweisen war
quorum {n} (minimum number of members required)  :: Quorum {n}
quota {n} (form of protectionism)  :: Quote {f}
quota {n} (prescribed number or percentage)  :: Quote {f}
quota {n} (proportional part or share; share or proportion assigned to each in a division)  :: Quote {f}
quotation {n} (act of naming a price; price that has been quoted)  :: Angebot {n}, Preisangebot {n}
quotation {n} (fragment of a human expression)  :: Zitat {n}
quotation mark {n} (quotation marks) SEE: quotation marks  ::
quotation marks {n} (Note: These languages use “◌”-style marks or other styles as indicated. Some are singular and some plural.)  :: Anführungszeichen {n} [„◌“] or [»◌«], Gänsefüßchen {n}, Gänseaugen, Hasenöhrchen
quote {n} (a quotation mark)  :: Anführungszeichen {n}
quote {n} (a statement attributed to someone else)  :: Zitat {n}
quote {v} (to indicate the start of a quotation)  :: anführen
quote {v} (to name the current price)  :: Preis angeben
quote {v} (to observe, to take account of)  :: bemerken, berücksichtigen
quote {v} (to prepare a summary of work to be done and set a price)  :: Preisangebot machen, anbieten
quote {v} (to refer to a statement that has been made by someone else)  :: zitieren
quotidian {adj} (common, mundane)  :: alltäglich
quotidian {adj} (daily)  :: täglich wiederkehrend, täglich
quotidian {n}  :: Alltägliche {n}
quotidian {n} (quotidian, daily things)  :: Alltag {m}
quotidian {n} (quotidian fever)  :: tägliches Fieber
quotient {n} (number resulting from division)  :: Quotient {m}
Qur'an {prop} (a copy of the Qur'an)  :: Koran {m}, Alkoran {m}
Qur'an {prop} (the Islamic holy book)  :: Koran {m}, Alkoran {m}
Quranism {n} (Islam that rejects the role of the hadith)  :: Koranismus {m}
q.v. {adv} (which see)  :: s. d.