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dachiardite dacite dacker dactylitic dactylotype dactylotype intergrowth dad dadding Daelen mill Daeves's reagent dahllite Dahlstrom's Formula dakeite dalles Dalton's law dalyite dam dam gradation damkjernite damp damping damping constant damping down damping factor damping ratio dam plate damp sheet dampy damsite testing dam stone dan danaite danalite danburite Danian Daniell cell Danish flint pebbles danks' puddler dannemorite d'Ansite dant daourite dap daphnite darapskite Darby process darg dark ground dark mica dark mineral dark red silver ore dark ruby silver dark sulfur darlingite dashing dashkesanite dashpot dasymeter dating datolite datum datum level datum plane datum water level dauberite daugh daughter element Dauphine diamond Dauphine law Dauphine twinning D'Autriche Method Dautriche test davidite davidsonite Davis bit Davis calyx drill Davis cutter bit Davis furnace Davis magnetic tester davisonite Davis wheel davreuxite Davy lamp davyne dawsonite day day box day coal daylight dc (direct chill) casting deactivation dead dead air dead band dead bed dead-burned dead-burned dolomite dead-burned magnesia dead burnt dead chert dead end dead ground deadhead deadheading dead hole deadline deadline anchor dead load dead lode deadman dead pressing dead quartz dead rent dead roast dead roasting dead rock dead soft dead steel dead time dead true dead vein dead veins deadweight dead work dead zone dealer debacle Deblanchol rotary furnace debris debris bag debris cone debris deposits decalescence decalescence point decantation decanter decarbonation decarburization decay decay distance dechenite decibar decibel decision function deck deck charge decke decking decking level deck load deck loading deck screens declaratory statement declared efficiency declination declination maps declining conveyor decollement decomposing furnace decomposition decompression decompression illness decompression sickness decorative stone decoupling decrepitate decrepitation decussate texture dedolomitization dedusting deenergize deep deep cell count deep coal deep drawing deep hole deep-hole blasting deep lead deep level deep mining deep placer deep scattering layer deep seated deep-seated deposit deep-sea terrace deepside deep sinker deep well deep-well pump deep-well turbine deep winding Deerparkian deficient coal deflagrate deflagrating mixture deflagration deflation deflecting plug deflecting wedge deflection deflection angle deflection bit deflection dial deflection plug deflection point deflection wedge deflectometer deflector deflector sheet deflector-wedge ring deflocculant deflocculate deflocculating deflocculating agent deflocculation deformation deformation bands deformed crossbedding deformed crystal defrother degasification degasifier degassing degassing equipment degaussing degradation degradation screens degraded illite degreasing degreasing machine degree of compaction degree of consolidation degree of liberation degree of locking degree of packing degree of saturation degree of size reduction degree of sorting degrees Kelvin degrees Rankine Dehottay process dehrnite dehumidification dehydrate dehydrated dehydrated stone dehydrator de-ionization Deister table delaflossite delatorreite delatynite delawarite delay delay action delay blasting delay detonator delayed filling delayed pillar extraction delayed quench delay electric blasting cap delay element delay firing delay interval delay period delay rental delay series delay tag delay time delessite delfman delhayelite deliquescent delivery column delivery date delivery drift delivery gate delivery table dellenite dells delorenzite delphs Delprat method delrioite delta iron deltaite deluge water system Demag cappel Demag drag-belt shuttle conveyor demagnetize demand respirator demantoid demersal demidovite demineralization demonstrated resources dempy demulsification demurrage dendriform dendrite dendritic dendritic and arborescent dendritic drainage dendritic markings dendrolite Denison core barrel Denison sampler denningite dennisonite dense dense graded aggregate dense liquid dense-media separation dense medium dense-medium jigging dense-medium process dense-medium recovery dense-medium washer dense noncrystalline tonstein densimeter densiscope densitometer density density contrast density current density logger density of dust cloud density of gases density of seams density ratio dental excavation dental work denudation Denver cell Denver jig Denver mud deoxidation deoxidize deoxidized copper deoxidizer deoxidizing dependent shot dephosphorization dephosphorizing depleted fuel depletion depletion allowance depocenter deposit deposition deposit type depressant depressed water level depression depression contour depressor depth depth contour depth indicator depth marker depth of cut depth of focus depth of soil exploration depth of stratum depth per bit depth point deputy deputy surveyor derail derailing drag derail unit derbylite Derbyshire spar Derby spar derbystone derivative rock derivative structure derived fossil derived fuel dermatitis derrick derrick crane derricking jib crane derrick rope desalting descensional ventilation descension theory descloizite descriptive gemology descriptive mineralogy deseaming desert crust desert glass desert lands desert pavement desert rat desert rose desert varnish desiccant desiccate desiccation desiccation crack desiccator design designated size designed borehole deflection design horsepower desilication desiliconizing desilverization desliming desliming screen deslurrying desmine desmite desmosite desorption destinezite destressed area destressing destructive distillation destructive testing desulfurization of steel desulfurize detachable bit detached head pulley detaching hook detachment detail drawing detailed soil survey detaline system detector determinative gemology determinative mineralogy detinning detonate detonating cord detonating fuse detonating gas detonating powder detonating primer detonating rate detonating relays detonating tube detonation detonation pressure detonation traps detonation velocity detonator detonator case detrital detrital deposits detrital fan detrital mineral detrital rock detritus deuteric deuteromorphic De-Vecchis process develop developed ore developed reserve development development drift development drilling development drivages development engineer development miner development plan development rock development sampling development work Devereaux agitator deviate deviating deviation devilline devillite devil's dice devil's dough devitrification devitrify devolatilization Devonian De Vooy's process dewater dewatering dewatering classifier dewatering elevator dewatering screen deweylite dewindtite dewpoint dewpoint hygrometer dextral fault dextrin d'Huart reagent diabandite diabase diabasic diablastic diachronism diachronous diad diadochite diagenesis diagenetic deposits diagnostic mineral diagonal fault diagonal joints diagonal-slip fault dial dialing diallage dialogite dialysis diamagnetic diamagnetism diamantiferous diametric rectifier circuit diamond diamond ballas diamond bit diamond boring diamond chip diamond chisel diamond cleavage diamond cleaving diamond concentration diamond content diamond core drill diamond coring diamond count diamond crown diamond cubic diamond cutter diamond cutting diamond drill diamond-driller helper diamond drilling diamond-drill sample diamond dust diamond exposure diamond grade diamondiferous diamond impregnated diamond life diamond matrix diamond needle diamond pipe diamond powder diamond pressure diamond-pyramid hardness test diamond saw diamond-saw splitter diamond scale diamond scrap diamond screen diamond-set bit diamond-set inserts diamond-set ring diamond spar diamonds per carat diamond tin diamond-tooth saw diamond washer diamond wheel dianite diaphaneity diaphanous diaphorite diaphragm diaphragm jig diaphragm pump diaphragm-type washbox diaphthoresis diaphthorite diapir diapir fold diaschistic diaspore diaspore clay diasporogelite diastem diasterism diastrophism diathermanous diatom diatomaceous diatomaceous earth diatomite diatom ooze diatomous diatom saprokol diatreme dibutyl carbinol dice mineral dicey clay dichroic colors dichroism dichroite dichromate dichroscope dickensonite dickinsonite dickite diclinic didymium didymolite die die-casting alloys die collar dielectric dielectric constant dielectric heating dielectric separation dielectric strength dienerite die nipple diesel hammer dieseling diesel particulate matter diesel rig diesel truck die steels Dietert tester dietzite difference in gage of drill bits difference of potential differential compaction differential curvature differential erosion differential fault differential grinding differential pressure flowmeter differential pumping engine differential settlement differential thermal analysis differential weathering differentiate differentiated differentiation diffraction diffraction grating diffraction pattern diffuser diffuser chamber diffusion of gases diffusivity dig dig-down pit digenite digger digger edges digger tools digging digging bit digging cycle digging height digging line digging resistance diggings digital map dihedral dihydrite dike dikelet dike ridge dike rock dike set dike swarm dilatancy dilatational wave dilation dilational transformation dilation vein diligence dillenburgite dilly rider diluent dilute medium dilution dimensional rated capacity dimension stone dimetric system dimorphism dimorphite dingot Ding's magnetic separator dinite dinkey dint dioctahedral diopside dioptase diorite dioxide ore dip dip calculation dip compass dip-corrected map dip cut dip entry dip equator dip face dip fault diphead diphead level dip joint dip meter dipmeter dip needle dipole dipole moment dippa dipper dipper dredge dipper dredger dipper factor dipper stick dipping needle dipping weight dip reading dip separation dip shift dip shooting dip slip dip-slip fault dip slope dip split dip switch dip test dip throw dip valley dip workings dipyramid dipyre dipyrite direct-acting controller direct-acting haulage direct-arc furnace direct attack direct firing direct flushing direct haulage direct initiation direction directional drilling directional solidification directional work direction-finding methods direction indicator direction of dip direction of strata direction of tilt directivity index direct labor direct lattice direct oxidation direct plot direct raw-water cooling system direct-reading capillary chart direct-rope haulage direct shipping ore Dirigem dirt band dirt bed dirt bing dirt parting dirt scraper dirt slip dirty coal disability glare discard discharge discharge chute discharge head discharge station discomfort glare disconformity discontinuity discontinuity lattice discontinuous deformation discontinuous reaction series discordance discordant discordant bedding discovery discovery claim discovery vein discretization disequilibrium assemblage dish disharmonic fold disharmonic folding disintegrate disintegration disintegrator disk disk-and-cup feeder disk coal cutter disk fan disk feeder disk filter disk grizzly disk mill dislocation disorder dispatcher dispatching system dispersant dispersed element dispersed pattern disperse medium disperse system dispersibility of dust dispersing agent dispersion dispersion halo dispersion pattern dispersoid disphenoid displaced seam displacement displacement pump displacement-type float displacive transformation disposable respirator disrupted seam disruptive disseminated disseminated crystals disseminated deposit dissociation constant dissolution dissue distance blocks distance lag distaxy disthene disthenite distillation distillation furnace distinctive mineral distorted crystal distortion distortional wave distributing magazine distribution curve distribution factor distributive fault distributive province distributor box district disturbance disturbed area disused workings ditch ditch drain ditcher ditching ditching dynamite ditch water ditch wiring dithiocarbamate dithionate process dithiophosphates dithizone diurnal fluctuations diurnal inequality diurnal variation diver diversion valve diversity factor divided cell divider diviner diving bell divining divining rod divisional plane division method dixanthogen dixenite djalmaite djurleite D.L.T. reagents dneprovskite dobie man Dobson prop Dobson support system docket doctor Dodd buddle dodecahedral cleavage dodecahedron dodecant Dodge crusher Dodge pulverizer dog dog-and-chain dogger doghole doghole mine dogholes dog hook doghouse dog iron dogleg dogleg severity dogs dog spike dog-tooth spar dogtooth spar doit dole dolerite doleritic dolerophanite dolina doline dollie dolly dolly tub dolly wheels doloma dolomite dolomite limestone dolomite marble dolomite rock dolomitic dolomitic limestone dolomitization dolomization doloresite dolostone dolphin domain dome domestic coal domestic sampling dome structure dome theory domeykite dominant vitrain donarite donbassite donkey engineer donkey hoist donkey pump donkey runner donor doodlebug dook door door boy doorheads door tender door trapper door-type sampler dope Doppler dopplerite dopplerite sapropel dore dore bullion dore metal dore silver dornick Dorr mill Dorr rake classifier Dosco miner dose dot chart double double double-acting pump double-acting ram double-action press double-action pump double bank double block double-burned double-burned dolomite double core barrel double crib double-cut sprocket double-deck gangway double-double unit conveyor double drum double-drum hoist double-duo mill double-ended double-ended pick double-engine plane double entry double-entry room-and-pillar mining double-entry zone test doubleheader double headings double helical bag conveyor double-inlet fan double jack double jigback double-leg bucket elevator double leg en masse conveyor double load double packing double parting double-pitch roller chain double-pulley-drive conveyor double-refracting spar double refraction double-roll breaker double-roll crusher double-roll press double-room system double-round nose double setting double-shift places double-spaced neutron log double spiral cut double stall doublet double-track portable switch double-trolley system double-tube core barrel double-unit conveyor double wedge cut double wicket double working doubly plunging fold doubly refractive dough doughnut Douglas furnace Douglas process douk dousing dousing rod doverite Dow cell dowk downbuckle downcast downcast shaft downcomer downdip downdraft downdrift downhole downline downslope downspouts downstream face down-the-hole drill down-the-hole extensometer downthrow downthrow fault downthrow side Downtonian downward continuation downward course downward enrichment downward percolation Dow process dowsing dowsing rod Dowson gas Dowson producer Dowty hydraulic tub retarder Dowty prop Dowty roofmaster dozer dozer shovel dozzle D.P. reagents dradge draft draft engine draft gage draft hole draftsman drag drag angle drag bit drag bolt drag brake drag breccia drag bucket drag cable drag-chain conveyor drag classifier drag conveyor drag cut drag dip drag dredging drag engineer drag fold drag head dragline dragline boom dragline dredge dragline engineer dragline excavator dragline scraper drag loader dragman dragon dragonite dragon's skin drag operator drag ore drag-out loss drag rake drags drag scraper dragshovel dragstaff drag-stone mill drag tank drain drainage drainage basin drainage head drainage level drainage trench drainage tunnel drained shear test drain hole drainman drain tunnel dranyam draper washer draping draft dravite draw drawability draw a charge draw bead drawcut drawer draw firing drawgear draw hole drawing drawing an entry drawing down drawing lift drawing small drawing timber draw kiln drawman drawn drawn clay drawn tube drawpoint draw slate draw works dredge dredge claims dredgemaster dredge pump dredger dredger excavator dredge sump dredging dredging conveyor dredging sump dredging tube dredging well dreelite dress dressing dressing a mine dribble dribbling dried alum drier drier man dries drif drift drift and pillar drift angle drift angle buildup driftbolt drift coal drift coalfields drift copper drift current drift curve drift driller drifted drift epoch drifter drifter bar drifter drill drift frame drift indicator driftman driftmeter drift mine drift mining drift peat drift salt drift set drift slicing drift stope drift stoping drift theory drikold drill drillability drill ahead drill bar drill base drill bit drill boom drill bort drill by drill cable drill capacity drill carriage drill collar drill column drill core drill cradle drill cuttings drill diamond driller driller's log drill extractor drill feed drill fittings drill frame drill gage drill hole drill-hole counting drill-hole pattern drill-hole record drill-hole returns drill-hole survey drilling drilling bit drilling cable drilling column drilling conditioning period drilling jig drilling life drilling machine drilling mud drilling pattern drilling platform drilling pressure drilling rate drilling rig drillings drilling thrust drilling time drilling up drilling weight drill log drillman drill mounting drill output drill pattern drill pressure drill rate drill rig drill-rod bit drill runner drill sampling drill sharpening machines drill sludge drill speed drill-split longwalling drill-split narrow-vein mining drill-split tool drill steel drill-steel set drill stem drill-stem test drill string drill thrust drip feeder dripping fault dripstone drivage drive drive collar drivehead drivepipe drivepipe ring drive sample drive sampler drive sampling drive shaft drive unit drive wedge driving driving cap driving head driving on line drop drop ball drop-bottom cage drop-bottom car drop box drop cut drop doors drophammer drop log drop on dropped core dropper dropping pillars and top coal dropping stones drop pit drops drop shaft drop-shaft method drop sheet drop staple dropstone drop sulfur drop warwicks drop ways drop weights dross dross bing drowned drowned level drowned waste Drucker-Prager criterion druid stone drum drum counterweight rope drum curb drum feeder drum filter drum horn drumman drumming drummy drum pulley drum rings drum runner drum separator drum shaft druse drusy dry dry air dry ash-free basis dry assay dry block dry blower dry blowing dry bone dry-bone ore dry bulb temperature drycleaned coal dry cleaning drycleaning table dry copper dry cyaniding dry delta dry density dry density/moisture ratio dry diggings dry distillation dry drilling dry ductor dryer dry fatigue dry galvanizing dry grinding dry hole dryhouse dry ice dry ice test dry joint dry kata cooling power dry lake dry milling dry mineral matter free basis dry mining dry ore dry placer dry process dry puddling dry rotary drilling dry running dry sample dry sampler dry sand dry screening dry separation dry sweating dry unit weight dry wall stone dry wash dry washer dry well dual-drive conveyor dual haulage dualin dubiocrystalline duchess duck duckbill duckbill loader duckbill operator duckbill pick duckfoot duckfoot bend duck machine duck's-nest tuyere ducktownite ducon duct duct fan ductile ductile cast iron ductile crack propagation ductility ducting dudgeonite due duff duffer Duff furnace dufrenite dufrenoysite duftite duin dukeway dull dull attritus dull-banded coal dull coal dulong dumb barge dumb'd dumb drift dumb furnace dumb screen dummy dummy elevator dummy gate dummy locator dummy maker dumontite dumortierite dumortierite quartz Dumoulin process dump dump bailer dumpcart dumped fill dump equipment dumper dump hook dump house dumping bucket dumping wagon dump leaching dumpling dump motorman dump room dump skip dump wagon dundasite dunite Dunkard series duns dunstone Duobel duoflex checker system duplex breaker duplex channeler duplex compressor duplexing (duplex process) duplex pick duplex pump duplex pump duplex steel duplex Talbot process duplex wire duplicate sampling Dupont process durability durain durangite duricrust durionizing durite duroclarain duroclarite durovitrain Durville process dussertite dust dust barrier dust catcher dust chamber dust cloud dust cloud flammability dust collection dust collector dust consolidation dust counter dust explosion dust extraction dust extractor dust firing dust-free conditions dust gold dust hopper dusting loss dust-laying oil dustless zone dustman dustpan dredge dust plan dustplate dust precipitator dustproofing dust sampling dust-sampling impinger dust suppression dust-suppression jib dust-suppression person dust-suppression system dust trap dust wetting agent Dutch drop Dutch State Mines Process dutch twill duttonite duty of giants duty of the miner's inch duxite dwarf Brinell tester Dwight-Lloyd machine Dwight-Lloyd process Dwight-Lloyd roaster dycrasite dyed stones dye line print dyke dynamic braking dynamic damping dynamic geology dynamic head dynamic load dynamic metamorphism dynamic method dynamic penetration test dynamic positioning dynamic viscosity dynamite dynamo exploder dynamogranite dynamometamorphism dynamometer Dynamon dynamothermal metamorphism Dynobel No. 2 dyscrasite dyscrystalline dysluite dysprosia dysprosium oxide dystome spar dystomic dzhalindite dzhezkazganite