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kaboom {interj} (sound of an explosion)  :: καμπούμ
Kabul {prop} (capital of Afghanistan)  :: Καμπούλ
kade {n} (Melophagus ovinus) SEE: sheep ked  ::
kaffir {n} (black person)  :: κάφρος {m}
Kafkaesque {adj} (marked by menacing complexity)  :: καφκικός
Kagoshima {prop} (city)  :: Καγκοσίμα
kai-lan {n} (kailan) SEE: kailan  ::
Kaisariani {prop} (city)  :: Καισαριανή
kakistocracy {n} (government by the worst citizens)  :: κακιστοκρατία {f}
kakke {n} (beriberi) SEE: beriberi  ::
kakorrhaphiophobia {n} (atychiphobia) SEE: atychiphobia  ::
Kalamata {prop} (town in Greece)  :: Καλαμάτα {f}
Kalamatianos {n} (dance)  :: καλαματιανός {m}
Kalashnikov {prop} (model of Russian assault rifle)  :: καλάσνικοφ {n}
kale {n} (edible plant: brassica oleracea acephala)  :: λαχανίδα {f}
kaleidoscope {n} (tube of mirrors rotated to produce symmetrical designs)  :: καλειδοσκόπιο {n}
Kaliningrad {prop} (Kaliningrad, see also: Königsberg)  :: Καλίνινγκραντ
kamancheh {n} (a stringed musical instrument)  :: κεμεντζές, λύρα
Kama Sutra {prop} (Sanskrit treatise)  :: Κάμα Σούτρα {f}
kamikaze {n} (suicidal attacker)  :: καμικάζι {m}
kamikaze {n} (suicidal attack)  :: επίθεση αυτοκτονίας {f}
Kampala {prop} (capital of Uganda)  :: Καμπάλα
Kan {prop} (a Japanese surname)  :: Καν
kana {n} (Japanese syllabaries)  :: κάνα {f}
kangaroo {n} (marsupial)  :: καγκουρό {n}
Kanji {prop} (kanji) SEE: kanji  ::
kaolin {n} (clay)  :: καολίνης
kappa {n} (Greek letter)  :: κάπα {n}
Karafuto {prop} (Sakhalin) SEE: Sakhalin  ::
karaoke {n} (a form of entertainment)  :: καραόκε
karate {n} (martial art)  :: καράτε {n}
Karditsa {prop} (city in Thessaly)  :: Καρδίτσα
Karl {prop} (cognates) SEE: Charles  ::
Karl {prop} (transliterations) SEE: Carl  ::
Karnataka {prop} (state in southern India)  :: Καρνάτακα
Karpathos {prop} (an island in Greece)  :: Κάρπαθος {f}
Karpathos {prop} (a village in Greece)  :: Κάρπαθος {f}
Kartvelian {adj} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian  ::
Kartvelian {n} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian  ::
Kartvelian {prop} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian  ::
Kartvelology {n} (Kartvelian studies) SEE: Kartvelian studies  ::
Kashi {prop} (Kashgar) SEE: Kashgar  ::
Kashmir {prop} (region)  :: Κασμίρ {n}
kasseri {n} (cheese)  :: κασέρι
Kassos {prop} (an island in Greece)  :: Κασσος {n}
katakana {n} (Japanese syllabary)  :: κατακάνα
katal {n} (derived unit of catalytic activity)  :: κατάλ {n}
Kathleen {prop} (Catherine) SEE: Catherine  ::
Kathmandu {prop} (Kathmandu)  :: Κατμαντού {n}
Kato Achaia {prop} (a town in Greece)  :: Κάτω Αχαιά
Kavala {prop} (city)  :: Καβάλα {f}
Kayseri {prop} (city in Turkey)  :: Καισάρεια
kazachok {n} (kozachok) SEE: kozachok  ::
Kazakh {adj} (pertaining to the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language)  :: καζακικός
Kazakh {adj} (pertaining to the Kazakhstan) SEE: Kazakhstani  ::
Kazakh {n} (a person from Kazakhstan) SEE: Kazakhstani  ::
Kazakh {n} (a person of Kazakh descent)  :: Καζάκος {m}, Καζάκα {f}
Kazakh {prop} (language)  :: καζακικά {n-p}
Kazakhstan {prop} (country in Central Asia)  :: Καζαχστάν {n}
Kazakhstani {adj} (of or pertaining to the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language) SEE: Kazakh  ::
Kazakhstani {n} (person of Kazakh origin) SEE: Kazakh  ::
Kazan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Καζάν
Kōbe {prop} (Kobe) SEE: Kobe  ::
Kōchi {prop} (Kochi) SEE: Kochi  ::
keel {v} (collapse, fall)  :: καταρρέω, σωριάζομαι
keep {n} (main tower)  :: κεντρικός πύργος {m}
keep {v} (to maintain possession of)  :: κρατώ
keep a cool head {v} (keep one's cool) SEE: keep one's cool  ::
keep company {v} (court) SEE: court  ::
keep company {v} (socialise) SEE: socialise  ::
keep in mind {v} (to remember; to be mindful of or pay attention) SEE: bear in mind  ::
keep pace {v} (keep up) SEE: keep up  ::
keep quiet {v} (remain silent)  :: σωπαίνω
keepsake {n} (object retained in memory of something or someone)  :: ενθύμιο {n}
Kefalovrisi {prop} (Kefalovrissi) SEE: Kefalovrissi  ::
Kefalovrision {prop} (Kefalovrysi)  :: Κεφαλοβρύσιο
Kefalovrissi {prop} (town)  :: Κεφαλοβρύσιον, Κεφαλοβρύσιο
Kefalovrission {prop} (obsolete spelling of Kefalovrysi)  :: Κεφαλοβρύσιο
Kefalovrysi {prop} (Kefalovrissi) SEE: Kefalovrissi  ::
Kefalovrysion {prop} (Kefalovrysi)  :: Κεφαλοβρύσιο
Kefalovryssi {prop} (Kefalovrissi) SEE: Kefalovrissi  ::
Kefalovryssion {prop} (Kefalovrysi)  :: Κεφαλοβρύσιο
kefir {n} (fermented milk)  :: κεφίρ {n}
kegger {n} (keg party) SEE: keg party  ::
keirin {n} (form of track cycling)  :: κέιριν {n}
keloid {n} (growth of scar tissue)  :: χηλοειδές {n}
kelvin {n} (SI temperature unit)  :: κέλβιν {n}
kennel {n} (facility)  :: κυνοτροφείο {n}
kennel {n} (shelter)  :: σκυλόσπιτο {n}
Kenya {prop} (country in Eastern Africa)  :: Κένυα {f}
Kerala {prop} (state in southern India)  :: Κεράλα
Kerch {prop} (city)  :: Κερτς {n}
Kerch Strait {prop} (Strait of Kerch) SEE: Strait of Kerch  ::
kermes oak {n} (oak)  :: πουρνάρι {n}
kernel {n} (central part of a nut)  :: πυρήνας {m}
kernel {n} ((computing) central part of many computer operating systems)  :: πυρήνας {m}
kernel {n} (core or essence of an object or system)  :: πυρήνας {m}
kernel {n} ((mathematics, algebra) set of elements mapped to zero)  :: πυρήνας {m}
kernel {n} ((US) stone of certain fruits, such as peaches or plums)  :: πυρήνας {m}, κουκούτσι {n}
kestrel {n} (any small falcon of genus Falco)  :: κιρκινέζι {n}
kestrel {n} (Falco tinnunculus)  :: βραχοκιρκίνεζο {n}
ketch {n} (sailing vessel)  :: δικάταρτο {n}
ketchup {n} (tomato-vinegar based sauce)  :: κέτσαπ {n}
ketone {n} (organic chemicals with the >CO functional group)  :: κετόνη
kettle {n} (kettledrum) SEE: kettledrum  ::
kettle {n} (kettle hole) SEE: kettle hole  ::
kettle {n} (pothole) SEE: pothole  ::
kettle {n} (quantity held by a kettle)  :: χύτρα {f}, κατσαρόλα {f}
kettle {n} (steam locomotive) SEE: steam locomotive  ::
kettle {n} (teakettle) SEE: teakettle  ::
kettle {n} (vessel for boiling a liquid or cooking food)  :: χύτρα {f}, κατσαρόλα {f}
kettle of fish {n} (predicament) SEE: predicament  ::
Kevin {prop} (male given name)  :: Κέβιν
key {n} (biology: information to correctly identify a taxon) SEE: clavis  ::
key {n} (button on a typewriter or computer keyboard)  :: πλήκτρο {n}
key {n} (crucial step)  :: κλειδί {n}
key {n} (cryptography: piece of information used to encode or decode)  :: κλειδί {n}
key {n} (device designed to open and close a lock)  :: κλειδί {n}
key {n} (object used to maintain the orientation between two others)  :: κλειδί {n}
key {n} (part of a piano or musical keyboard)  :: πλήκτρο {n}
key {n} (scale of musical notes)  :: κλειδί {n}
key binding {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut  ::
keyboard {n} (component of many instruments)  :: κλαβιέ {n}
keyboard {n} (set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.)  :: πληκτρολόγιο {n}
keyboard {v} (to type in)  :: πληκτρογραφώ, πληκτρολογώ
keychain {n} (chain or ring)  :: κλειδοθήκη {f}
key fob {n} (item carried on a key ring)  :: μπρελόκ {n}
keyhole surgery {n} (laparoscopy) SEE: laparoscopy  ::
keyring {n} (ring for holding keys)  :: μπρελόκ {n}
key signature {n} (indication of the key of a composition)  :: οπλισμός {m}
keyword {n} (word used as a key to a code)  :: κλειδολέξη {f}, λέξη κλειδί {f}
Kōfu {prop} (Kofu) SEE: Kofu  ::
Khabarovsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Καμπαρόφκ
khaganate {n} (an empire comprising of several khanates.)  :: χαγανάτο {n}, χανάτο {n}
khaki {n} (khaki green) SEE: khaki green  ::
khan {n} (a ruler over various Turkic, Tatar and Mongol peoples in the Middle Ages)  :: χάνος {m}
khanate {n} (place ruled by a khan)  :: χανάτο
Kharkiv {prop} (second largest city in Ukraine)  :: Χάρκοβο, Χάρκιβ, Χάρκοβ
Kharkov {prop} (Kharkiv) SEE: Kharkiv  ::
Khartoum {prop} (capital of Sudan)  :: Χαρτούμ
Khazar {n} (member of a semi-nomadic Turkic tribe)  :: Χαζάρος {m}
Khazarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Khazaria) SEE: Khazar  ::
Khazarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Khazars) SEE: Khazar  ::
Khazarian {n} (an inhabitant of Khazaria) SEE: Khazar  ::
Kherson {prop} (city in Ukraine)  :: Χερσώνα
Khmelnitsky {prop} (Khmelnytskyi) SEE: Khmelnytskyi  ::
Khmer {prop} (the national language of Cambodia)  :: Χμερ {n-p}
Khmer Rouge {prop} (Cambodian communist guerrilla force)  :: Ερυθροί Χμερ {m-p}
Khorgos {prop} (Khorgas) SEE: Khorgas  ::
Khrushchev {prop} (the leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964)  :: Χρουστσόφ {m}
Kiato {prop} (town)  :: Κιάτο
kibbutz {n} (a community)  :: κιμπούτς {n}
kick-ass {adj} (excellent) SEE: badass  ::
kick butt {v} (kick ass) SEE: kick ass  ::
kicker {n} (nautical: kicking strap) SEE: kicking strap  ::
kick out {v} (eject, throw out, or forcefully remove)  :: βγάζω
kick scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle) SEE: scooter  ::
kid {n} (kidskin) SEE: kidskin  ::
kid {n} (young goat)  :: κατσικάκι {n}, κατσίκι {n}
kidnap {v} (to seize and detain a person unlawfully)  :: απάγω
kidnapper {n} (one who performs kidnap)  :: απαγωγέας {m}
kidnapping {n} (the crime of taking a person against their will, sometimes for ransom)  :: απαγωγή {f}
kidney {n} (an organ in the body)  :: νεφρό {n}, νεφρός {m}, νεφρί {n}
kidskin {n} (type of leather)  :: σεβρό {n}
Kiev {prop} (Ukrainian city)  :: Κίεβο {n}
Kievan Rus {prop} (medieval principality)  :: Ρως του Κιέβου {f}
Kievite {adj} (Kievan) SEE: Kievan  ::
Kievite {n} (Kievan) SEE: Kievan  ::
Kifissia {prop} (city)  :: Κηφισσία
kike {n} (non-offensive) SEE: Jew  ::
kill {n} (act of killing)  :: φόνος {m}, δολοφονία {f}, θανάτωση {f}
kill {n} (death blow)  :: θανατηφόρο πλήγμα {n}
kill {n} (result of killing)  :: θύμα {n}, [game animal] θήραμα {n}
kill {v} (put to death)  :: σκοτώνω, θανατώνω, φονεύω
kill {v} (render void)  :: σκοτώνω
kill {v} (to render inoperative)  :: σβήνω
killer {n} (murderer)  :: φονιάς {m}, φόνισσα {f}, δολοφόνος {m}, δολοφόνισσα {f}
killer {n} (person who kills)  :: φονιάς {m}, φόνισσα {f}, δολοφόνος {m}, δολοφόνισσα {f}
killer {n} (something that causes death)  :: θανατηφόρος {m}
killer T cell {n} (cytotoxic T cell) SEE: cytotoxic T cell  ::
killer whale {n} (A sea mammal, Orcinus orca)  :: όρκα {f}
killjoy {n} (someone who takes the fun out of a situation or activity) SEE: spoilsport  ::
kill time {v} (make time seem to pass more quickly by doing nothing important)  :: σκοτώνω τον καιρό
kill two birds with one stone {v} (solve two problems at once)  :: (with one shot, two pigeons) με ένα σμπάρο δυο τρυγόνια
kilo {n} (short form of kilogram)  :: κιλό {n}
kilogram {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 grams)  :: χιλιόγραμμο {n}, κιλό {n},
kilojoule {n} (an SI unit of energy)  :: κιλοτζάουλ {n}
kilometre {n} (unit of measure)  :: χιλιόμετρο {n}
kilo-watt {n} (kilowatt) SEE: kilowatt  ::
kilowatt-hour {n} (unit of electrical energy (kWh))  :: κιλοβατώρα {f}
kimono {n} (traditional Japanese clothing)  :: κιμονό {n}
kin {n} (relatives collectively)  :: συγγενείς {m-p} {f-p}, οικογένεια {f}
kin {n} (relative) SEE: relative  ::
kindergarten {n} (educational institution for young children, usually between ages 4 and 6)  :: νηπιαγωγείο {n}
kindergarten {n} (the elementary school grade before first grade)  :: νηπιαγωγείο {n}
kindle {v} (to arouse)  :: εξάπτω, ανάβω
kindle {v} (to start (a fire))  :: ανάβω
kindred {n} (kin) SEE: kin  ::
kindred soul {n} (kindred spirit) SEE: kindred spirit  ::
kinesia {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness  ::
kinesthesia {n} (sensation or perception of motion)  :: κιναισθησία {f}
kinesthetics {n} (proprioception) SEE: proprioception  ::
kinetic {adj} (relating to motion)  :: κινητικός
kinetics {n} (physics)  :: κινητική {f}
kinetosis {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness  ::
king {n} (a male of a royal family who is the supreme ruler of his nation)  :: βασιλιάς {m}
king {n} (a playing card with the image of a king in it)  :: ρήγας {m}
king {n} (a playing piece in chess)  :: βασιλιάς {m}
King Arthur {prop} (legendary king of Britain)  :: βασιλιάς Αρθούρος {m}
king cake {n} (cake eaten on Epiphany)  :: βασιλόπιτα {f}
kingdom {n} (nation having as supreme ruler a king and/or queen)  :: βασίλειο {n}
kingdom {n} (taxonomic division, below Domain and above Phylum)  :: βασίλειο {n}
Kingdom of Heaven {prop} (Christian concept)  :: Βασιλεία των Ουρανών
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia {prop} (official name of Saudi Arabia)  :: Βασίλειο της Σαουδικής Αραβίας
kingfisher {n} (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines)  :: αλκυόνη {f}
King Kong {prop} (a fictional giant ape)  :: Κινγκ Κονγκ {m}
kingless {adj} (without a king)  :: αβασίλευτος
king of beasts {n} (the lion)  :: βασιλιάς των ζώων {m}
Kings {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Βασιλείς
kingslayer {n} (one who kills a king)  :: βασιλοκτόνος {m} {f}
Kingston {prop} (capital of Jamaica)  :: Κίνγκστον
Kingstown {prop} (capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)  :: Κίνγκσταουν
Kinshasa {prop} (the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)  :: Κινσάσα
kinship {n} (relation or connection by blood, marriage or adoption)  :: συγγένεια {f}
kiosk {n} (enclosed structure where cigarettes, magazines, etc are sold)  :: περίπτερο {n}
kiosk {n} (Turkish garden pavillion)  :: κιόσκι {n}
kippah {n} (skullcap)  :: σκούφος {m}
kirby grip {n} (a hairgrip) SEE: hairgrip  ::
Kiribati {prop} (Republic of Kiribati)  :: Κιριμπάτι
Kirovograd {prop} (Kirovohrad) SEE: Kirovohrad  ::
kiss {n} (touch with the lips)  :: φιλί {n}, ασπασμός {m}
kiss {v} (to touch each other’s lips)  :: φιλώ, ασπάζομαι
kiss {v} (to touch lightly)  :: ακροφιλώ
kiss {v} (to touch with the lips)  :: φιλώ, ασπάζομαι, δίνω φιλί
kiss-ass {n} (someone who kisses ass) SEE: asslicker  ::
kiss me {phrase} (kiss me)  :: φίλα με, φίλησέ με
kiss my arse {interj} (go away) SEE: kiss my ass  ::
kiss of life {n} (Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation)  :: το φιλί της ζωής {n}, τεχνητή αναπνοή στόμα-με-στόμα {f}
kiss someone's ass {v} (to flatter someone) SEE: brownnose  ::
Kiswahili {n} (Swahili) SEE: Swahili  ::
kit {n} (clothing) SEE: clothing  ::
kit {n} (drum kit) SEE: drum kit  ::
kitchen {n} (room)  :: κουζίνα {f}, μαγειρείο {n}
kitchen dresser {n} (kitchen cabinet) SEE: kitchen cabinet  ::
kitchen garden {n} (a garden used for growing fruits, vegetables for use in the kitchen) SEE: vegetable garden  ::
kitchen hood {n} (kitchen device) SEE: extractor hood  ::
kitchen sink {n} (basin) SEE: kitchen sink  ::
kitchen towel {n} (dish towel) SEE: dish towel  ::
kitchen towel {n} (sheet of kitchen paper) SEE: paper towel  ::
kite {n} (bird of prey)  :: τσίφτης {m}
kite {n} (flying toy on string)  :: χαρταετός {m}
kitsch {n} (kitsch)  :: κιτς
kitten {n} (a young cat)  :: γατάκι {n}
kitty {n} (kitten, small cat)  :: ψιψίνα {f}
kitty {n} (pool of money)  :: κοινό ταμείο {n}
kitty corner {adj} (situated diagonally across) SEE: catercorner  ::
kiwi {n} (bird)  :: κίουι, κίβι
kiwi {n} (kiwi fruit) SEE: kiwi fruit  ::
kiwi fruit {n} (fruit)  :: ακτινίδιο {n}
klepht {n} (anti-Ottoman insurgent)  :: κλέφτης {m}
kleptarchy {n} (kleptocracy) SEE: kleptocracy  ::
kleptocracy {n} (corrupt and dishonest government)  :: κλεπτοκρατία {f}
kleptomania {n} (proclivity to steal)  :: κλεπτομανία
Klingon {n} (member of an alien warrior race in the Star Trek universe)  :: Κλίγκον {n}
Klingon {prop} (the language)  :: γλώσσα Κλίγκον {f}
knave {n} (deceitful fellow)  :: απατεών {m}
knead {v} (to work and press into a mass)  :: ζυμώνω
knee {n} (blow made with the knee) SEE: kneeing  ::
knee {n} (joint in the middle of the leg and area around it)  :: γόνατο {n}
kneecap {n} (bone)  :: επιγονατίδα {f}
knee high {n} (knee sock) SEE: knee sock  ::
kneel {v} (to stoop down and rest on the knee)  :: γονατίζω
kneepan {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap  ::
knee pit {n} (shallow depression located at the back of the knee joint) SEE: poplit  ::
knickers {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
knife {n} (any blade-like part designed for cutting)  :: λεπίδα {f}
knife {n} (utensil or tool designed for cutting)  :: μαχαίρι {n}
knife {n} (weapon)  :: μαχαίρι {n}
knife {v} (to use a knife to injure or kill)  :: μαχαιρώνω
knight {n} (chess piece)  :: ίππος {m}, άλογο {n}
knight {n} (person on whom a knighthood has been conferred)  :: ιππότης
knight {n} (warrior, especially of the Middle Ages)  :: ιππότης {m}
knightlet {n} (small or petty knight) SEE: knightling  ::
Königsberg {prop} (former capital of East Prussia, see also: Kaliningrad)  :: Καινιξβέργη
knit {v} (to make fabric from thread or yarn)  :: πλέκω
knitting {n} (activity and process of knitting)  :: πλέξιμο {n}
knitting {n} (knitted fabric)  :: πλεκτό {n}
knitting needle {n} (thin rod used to knit yarn)  :: βελόνα πλεξίματος {f}
knock {n} (abrupt rapping sound)  :: χτύπος
knock {n} (impact)  :: χτύπος
knock {n} (preignition)  :: προανάφλεξη {f}
knock {v} (to bump or impact)  :: χτυπάω
knock {v} (to rap one's knuckles against something)  :: χτυπάω
knock down {v} (demolish) SEE: demolish  ::
knocker {n} (device for knocking on a door) SEE: doorknocker  ::
knock knock {n} (knock-knock joke) SEE: knock-knock joke  ::
knock knock joke {n} (knock-knock joke) SEE: knock-knock joke  ::
knockoff {n} (imitation of something)  :: μαϊμού {f}
knock on wood {v} (take a customary action to ward off misfortune)  :: χτύπα ξύλο
Knossos {prop} (an archaeological site)  :: Κνωσός {m}
knot {n} (firm swollen tissue caused by injury)  :: όζος {m}, καρούμπαλο {n}
knot {n} (looping)  :: κόμπος {m}
knot {n} (nautical unit of speed)  :: κόμβος {m}
knot {n} (tangled clump)  :: κόμπος
knot {n} (whorl in wood left by branch)  :: κόμπος {m}, ρόζος {m}
knot {v} (form into a knot; tie with knot(s))  :: δένω κόμπο
knot {v} (form wrinkles in forehead)  :: ζαρώνω
knotty {adj} (Complicated or tricky; complex; difficult)  :: δυσεπίλυτος {m}, πολύπλοκος {m}, δύσκολος {m}
knotty {adj} (Full of knots)  :: οζώδης {m} {f}
know {v} (be acquainted or familiar with)  :: γνωρίζω
know {v} (be certain or sure about (something))  :: ξέρω
know {v} (have knowledge of)  :: γνωρίζω
know-all {n} (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject) SEE: know-it-all  ::
knowledge {n} (awareness, state of having been informed)  :: γνώση {f}, επίγνωση {f}
knowledge {n} (fact of knowing about something; understanding, familiarity with information)  :: γνώση {f}
knowledge {n} (familiarity with particular skill, discipline)  :: γνώση {f}, εμπειρία {f}
knowledge {n} (Sexual intercourse) SEE: carnal knowledge  ::
knowledge {n} (total of what is known, product of learning)  :: γνώσεις {f-p}, γνώση {f}
knowledge is power {proverb} (knowledge is power)  :: η γνώση είναι δύναμη
known {adj} (that whom other people know, renowned, famous)  :: γνωστός
know thyself {proverb} (proverb)  :: γνώθι σαυτόν
knuckle duster {n} (weapon worn around the knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles  ::
knucks {n} (brass knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles  ::
kochari {n} (an Armenian dance)  :: κότσαρι {n}
kofta {n} (meatball or meatloaf dish)  :: κεφτές {m}
Koine {prop} (common Greek language)  :: Ελληνιστική Κοινή {f}
kolach {n} (kalach) SEE: kalach  ::
koliva {n} (dish of sweetened boiled wheat)  :: κόλλυβα {n-p}
kolkhoz {n} (farming collective)  :: κολχόζ {n}
Komotini {prop} (city)  :: Κομοτηνή {f}
Komsomol {prop} (Young Communist League in the USSR)  :: Κομσομόλ
Konstantinovka {prop} (Kostiantynivka) SEE: Kostiantynivka  ::
Konya {prop} (city)  :: Ικόνιο {n}
koph {n} (kaph) SEE: kaph  ::
Koran {prop} (the Islamic holy book) SEE: Qur'an  ::
kore {n} (sculpture)  :: κόρη {f}
Korea {prop} (ancient country or both Koreas as a whole)  :: Κορέα {f}
Korea {prop} (North Korea) SEE: North Korea  ::
Korea {prop} (South Korea) SEE: South Korea  ::
Korean {adj} (relating to the Korean Peninsula)  :: κορεατικός
Korean {n} (person)  :: Κορεάτης {m}, Κορεάτισσα {f}
Korean {prop} (language)  :: κορεατικά {n-p}
Korean Peninsula {prop} (peninsula)  :: Κορεατική Χερσόνησο {f}
koruna {n} (currency)  :: κορώνα {f}
Kos {prop} (island)  :: Κως
Koschei {prop} (Koschei the Immortal)  :: Κοσέι {m}
kosher {v} (make kosher) SEE: kasher  ::
Kosovar {adj} (Kosovan) SEE: Kosovan  ::
Kosovar {n} (Kosovan) SEE: Kosovan  ::
Kosovo {prop} (disputed region in the Balkans)  :: Κόσοβο {n}
Kostyantynivka {prop} (Kostiantynivka) SEE: Kostiantynivka  ::
koulouri {n} (bagel)  :: κουλούρι
Kozani {prop} (city)  :: Κοζάνη
kozogami {n} (Japanese tissue) SEE: Japanese tissue  ::
kph {initialism} (Kilometres per hour) SEE: km/h  ::
Krasnodar {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Κρασνοντάρ
Krasnoyarsk {prop} (city)  :: Κρασνογιάρσκ
Kraut {n} (derogatory: German) SEE: Fritz  ::
Kraut {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
Kŭrdzhali {prop} (town in Bulgaria)  :: Κάρντζαλι
Kremlin {prop} (the Moscow Kremlin)  :: Κρεμλίνο
Krivoy Rog {prop} (Kryvyi Rih) SEE: Kryvyi Rih  ::
Kırklareli {prop} (city of Turkey)  :: Σαράντα Εκκλησιές, Κιρκλάρελι
krone {n} (currency)  :: κορώνα {f}
Krung Thep {prop} (Bangkok) SEE: Bangkok  ::
krupuk {n} (prawn cracker) SEE: prawn cracker  ::
Krym {prop} (Crimea) SEE: Crimea  ::
krypton {n} (a chemical element)  :: κρυπτό {n}
Kuala Lumpur {prop} (capital of Malaysia)  :: Κουάλα Λουμπούρ
kudos {n} (praise, accolades)  :: δόξα {f}, φήμη {f}, τιμή {f}, κύρος {n}
Ku Klux Klan {prop} (Ku Klux Klan)  :: Κου Κλουξ Κλαν
kulak {n} (a prosperous peasant)  :: κουλάκος {m}
Kumamoto {prop} (a city in Japan)  :: Κουμαμότο {n}
Kumamoto {prop} (a prefecture in Japan)  :: Κουμαμότο {n}
kumquat {n} (small orange fruit)  :: κουμ κουάτ, κουμ-κουάτ, κουμκουάτ
kuna {n} (currency of Croatia)  :: κούνα {f}
Kuopio {prop} (city)  :: Κουόπιο
Kurdish {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Kurdistan, the Kurdish people or the Kurdish language)  :: κουρδικός
Kurdish {prop} (language of Kurdistan)  :: κουρδικά
Kurdistan {prop} (a region in the Middle East inhabited mostly by the Kurds)  :: Κουρδιστάν {n}
Kuwait {prop} (country in the Middle East and capital city)  :: Κουβέιτ
kykeon {n} (Ancient Greek drink)  :: κυκεώνας {m}
Kyoto {prop} (Kyōto, Japan)  :: Κιότο {f}
Kyparissia {prop} (town)  :: Κυπαρισσία
Kyrgyzstan {prop} (Country in Central Asia)  :: Κιργιζία {f}, Κιργιζιστάν {n}
Kythira {prop} (Greek island)  :: Κύθηρα {n-p}
Kyōto {prop} (Kyoto) SEE: Kyoto  ::