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Have an entry request? Add it to the list. - But please:

  • Think twice before adding long lists of words as they may be ignored.
  • If possible provide context, usage, field of relevance, etc.

Please remove entries from this list once they have been written (i.e. the link is “live”, shown in blue, and has a section for the correct language)

There are a few things you can do to help:

  • For words which are listed here only in their romanized form, please add the correct form in Chinese script.
  • Don’t delete words just because you don’t know them — it may be that they are used only in certain contexts or are archaic or obsolete.
  • Don’t simply replace words with what you believe is the correct form. The form here may be rare or regional. Instead add the standard form and comment that the requested form seems to be an error in your experience.

Requested-entry pages for other languages: Category:Requested entries by language. See also: Category:Mandarin terms needing attention.

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  • Please also give a reference of where you see the word (if possible), so that wrong phrase-breaking can be picked out and correct phrase can be proposed instead. See Talk Page. Do not request sum of parts entries or entries unlikely to meet WT:CFI#Attestation rules.
  • Please do not request additional senses, parts of speech or verification of existing senses, definitions here. This page is only used for requesting missing Chinese entries - NEW entries (Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese entries may exist prior to the request; these entries are marked with asterisks).



  • 白吉 (báijí)
  • 白記白记 (báijì) - from ZDic: 汉 时下对上陈述意见的奏记。

《后汉书·杨终传》“太守奇其才” 李贤 注引《袁山松书》:“时 蜀郡 有雷震决曹, 终 上白记,以为断狱烦苛所致,太守乃令 终 赋雷电之意,而奇之也。” 王先谦 集解:“案白记不见他书。 汉 世白事有奏记。《周礼·内史》疏:诸侯凡事有书奏白于王,内史读示王,亦谓白事也。此白记当即掾属白事之所用。”

  • 百年國恥百年国耻 (bǎinián guóchǐ)
  • 板腔 (bǎn​qiāng​) - a type of Chinese opera
  • 包容 (bāo​róng​) - to pardon / to forgive / to show tolerance / to contain / to hold / inclusive
  • 秉持 (bǐng​chí​) - to uphold / to hold fast to





  • 發散发散 (fāsàn, “to disperse / to diverge”)
  • 廢事废事 (fèishì) --- typo? or archaic usage?
    • yue: fai3 si6 <verb>: not going to waste any more time <verb>ing
      • I'm not really sure how it's written so it's likely that I was thinking of 費事 —umbreon126 08:47, 4 May 2015 (UTC)
    • 費事?? --- "business-consuming", analogous to "time-consuming"; or say, tedious.
  • 非物质文化遗产 (Fēi​wù​zhì​ Wén​huà​ Yí​chǎn​) - (UNESCO) Intangible Cultural Heritage
    • 非遗 (Fēi​wù​) - Intangible Cultural Heritage (abbreviation)
  • 風寒风寒 (fēnghán, “wind chill / cold weather / common cold (medicine)”)
  • 分子化合物 (fēnzǐhuàhéwù) - molecular biology WTF?! where did people see this def'n?! --- should be "molecular compound", as opposed to ionic or covalent compounds.


  • 高射機槍高射机枪 (gāoshèjīqiāng) - anti-aircraft machine gun / CL: 架
  • 根卡 (gēnkǎ) - a bowed musical instrument of Tibet
  • 供销社 (gōngxiāo shè) - the government run cooperative shops during the communist era in China
  • 光怪陸離光怪陆离 (guāng​guài​lù​lí​) - monstrous and multicolored / grotesque and variegated
  • 冠毛犬 (guānmáoquǎn)





  • 開除黨籍开除党籍 (kāichúdǎngjí) - to expel from party membership
  • 可望 (kěwàng) - can be expected (to) / to be expected (to) / hopefully (happening)
  • K房 (K-fáng?) - slang for a room in a KTV / karaoke box? √yes
  • K歌 (K-gē?) - slang spelling or slang synonym of 唱歌? to sing song in KTV







  • 巧遇 (qiǎoyù)
  • 纤夫 (qiàn​fū​) - burlak (barge hauler)
  • 青石 (qīng​shí​) - bluestone / limestone (colloquial)
  • 騎牆骑墙 (qí​qiáng​) - to sit on the fence / to take both sides in a dispute



  • 薩保萨保 (sàbǎo) - sabao, a title used in China during the Northern Dynasties period; it was a distorted form of the Sogdian sartpāw (meaning "caravan leader"), and was also applicable to Sogdian religious leaders
  • 薩塔爾萨塔尔 (sàtǎ'ěr) - a bowed stringed instrument of the Uyghur people of Xinjiang
  • 三伏天 (sān​fú​tiān​) - three periods forming the hottest periods of summer, from mid-July to mid-August, namely: 初伏 (mid-July), 中伏 (late July to early August), 末伏 (mid-August)
  • 神經醫院神经医院 (shénjīng yīyuàn) (sum of parts?)
  • 十八般武藝十八般武艺 (shíbā bān wǔyì)
  • 十二星座 (shí'èrxīngzuò) - the twelve constellations on the ecliptic plane / the signs of the zodiac
  • 事關事关 (shìguān) - lit. "the matter concerns with"; connects with a noun equivalent. 事关国家的存亡 = this matter concerns with the life or death of (our) nation / it is a matter of life or death of (our) nation
  • 世界文化遺產世界文化遗产 (Shì​jiè​ Wén​huà​ Yí​chǎn​) - (UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage
  • 世界文化遺產地世界文化遗产地 (shì​jiè​wén​huà​yí​chǎn​dì​) - World Heritage site
  • 史萊姆史莱姆 (shǐláimǔ) - slime (as found in video games)?
  • 十位 (shíwèi) - the tens place (or column) in the decimal system
  • 衰款 (shuāikuǎn?; yue:seoi1 fun2) - crude/unacceptable behavior (or something like that?)


  • Ta - is this word used outside of website interfaces?
  • 塌棵菜 (tā​kē​cài​) - Brassica narinosa (broadbeaked mustard) / Chinese flat cabbage
  • 彈撥爾弹拨尔 (tánbō'ěr) - a plucked stringed instrument of the Uyghur people of Xinjiang
  • 添福添壽添福添寿 (tiānfútiānshòu)
  • 天琴 (tiānqín) - a plucked lute used by the Zhuang people of southern China
  • 替角兒替角儿 (tìjuér) - erhua variant of 替角
  • 提起公訴提起公诉 (tíqǐgōngsù) - to raise a charge / to sue / to institute proceedings
  • 同化力量 (tóng​huà lì​liang) - spotted on Quora
  • 通考 (tōngkǎo) - universal or general examination (test)
  • 通力 (tōng​lì​) - to cooperate / concerted effort
  • 兔爸 (tù​bà​) - toolbar (in computer software) (loanword)
  • 圖示图示 (túshì)






  • 壓根兒压根儿 (yàgēnr) - erhua variant of 壓根|压根
  • 洋基 (Yángjī) - see 洋基隊|洋基队 / New York Yankees (US baseball team)
  • 氧基 (yǎngjī) - alkoxy (chemistry)
  • 樣兒样儿 (yàngr) - see 樣子|样子
  • 洋紫荊洋紫荆 (yángzǐjīng) - Hong Kong orchid (Bauhinia blakeana)
  • 意爱
  • 藝妲艺妲 (yì dá) - a female entertainer in Taiwan, similar to a geisha
  • 一肚火 (yīdùhuǒ) - "a belly of fire", very angry. "我(当时)一肚子火" = I was at temper (at that time).
  • 一路走好 (yīlù zǒu hǎo)
  • 音高 (yīn​gāo​) - pitch (music) / tone
  • 嬰兒潮婴儿潮 (yīng'ércháo) - baby boom
  • 嬰兒期婴儿期 (yīng'érqī) - infancy
  • 陰陽先生阴阳先生 (yīnyáng xiānshēng)
  • 又比 (yòubǐ) - not sure if this is a word; indicates comparison
  • 油麥菜油麦菜 (yóu​mài​cài​) - Indian lettuce
  • 原產地原产地 (yuánchǎndì) - original source / place of origin / provenance
  • 原汁原味 (yuán​zhī​yuán​wèi​) - original / authentic / lit. original juices, original flavor
  • 約制约制 (yuē​zhì​) - to bind / to restrict / to constrain
  • YY (YY?) - internet slang, pinyin initialism or such for 意淫 (yìyín) - "fantasizing" etc


  • 在那兒在那儿 (zàinar) - (adverbial expression indicating that the attention of the subject of the verb is focused on what they are doing, not distracted by anything else) / just ...ing (and nothing else) WTF is this? It just means "out there" "over there". -- SzMithrandir (talk) 01:20, 27 May 2015 (UTC)
  • 展位 (zhǎnwèi) - relative position of exhibition booth / allocated floor space for display stall / allotted exhibit area
  • 正兒八經正儿八经 (zhèng'érbājīng) - serious / earnest / real / true
  • 正科 (zhèng kē) - "Section-Head level". see w:Civil Service of the People's Republic of China.
  • 這位这位 (zhèwèi) - this (person)
    • Isn't this just "this" + "classifier for people"? (這條 isn't anything special...) —suzukaze (tc) 00:32, 9 June 2015 (UTC)
  • 中国特色 (Zhōngguó tèsè)
  • 紙馬纸马 (zhǐ​mǎ​) - paper dolls for ritual use in the shape of people or animals
  • 真宗 (zhēnzōng)
  • 直頭直头 (zhítóu)
    • (if not Mandarin, it's at least used in Cantonese) —umbreon126 06:10, 2 May 2015 (UTC)
  • 中廣中广 (Zhōng Guǎng) - abbreviation for Chinese Central Broadcasting (I think established in Nanjing, China c. 1928)
  • 自戀狂自恋狂 (zìliàn kuáng) - narcissist
  • 紫雲紫云 (Zǐyún) - Ziyun Hmong and Buyei autonomous county in Anshun 安順, Guizhou
  • 綜合報導综合报导 (zōnghébàodǎo) - summary report / press release / brief

Unknown hanzi[edit]

  • (hanzhen3) cmn-sweatrash lit.

Unknown pinyin[edit]

  • 嘚瑟 - old loanword from Manchu meaning "being dashy"??
  • 段子手 - mentioned in this post on Quora. lit. "script hand", a person (on Internet) who specializes in writing up fun/twisty pieces of words ("tweets", etc). (used as a derogative term, since it implies the lucrative nature of such engagements)
    Might be comparable to English wordsmith?
  • 訛變讹变
  • 电池车 - electric vehicle or electric scooter or both? may be SOP if it only means vehicle and not specifically scooter.
  • 电动车 - electric vehicle or electric scooter or both? may be regional. could be SOP but of which parts since both 电动 + and + 动车 are possible if I go by the Perapera dictionary.
  • 小电驴 - probably a regionalism for electric scooters, but not sure which region(s).
  • 鹽焗雞盐焗鸡



  • (Cantonese, Hakka?) 七除八扣
  • 揀食拣食 - picky about what one eats (Google suggests that it's used in Min Nan, Hakka, and Cantonese?)


Min Nan[edit]

  • - romanized Min Nan letter


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