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Valentine {n} (male given name)  :: Valentinô
Vancouver {prop} (city)  :: Vancouver
Vanuatu {prop} (Republic of Vanuatu)  :: Va-nu-a-tu
Vatican {prop} (state)  :: Va-ti-căng
Vatican City {prop} (State of the Vatican City)  :: Thành Va-ti-căng, Va-ti-căng, Thành Quốc Vatican, Thành Vatican
Vaticanian {adj} (Vatican) SEE: Vatican  ::
Veda {prop} (Sanskrit scriptures)  :: Vệ-đà, Phệ-đà
Vendémiaire {prop} (the first month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: tháng nho
Venezuela {prop} (country)  :: Vê-nê-du-ê-la
Ventôse {prop} (the sixth month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: tháng gió
Venus {prop} (planet)  :: Sao Kim, sao Kim, (星金)
Venus {prop} (goddess)  :: thần vệ nữ, thần ái tình
Versailles {prop} (suburb of Paris)  :: Véc-xai, Véc-xay
Vesak {prop} (Buddhist holiday celebrating the birth, enlightenment, and passing of the Buddha)  :: Phật Đản
Victor {prop} (male given name)  :: Victor
Victory Day {n} (a day to commemorate victories in important battles or wars in the countries' history)  :: ngày chiến thắng
Vienna {prop} (capital of Austria)  :: Viên
Vientiane {prop} (capital of Laos)  :: Viêng Chăn
Vietcong {prop} (a communist organization and guerrilla army in South Vietnam and Cambodia)  :: Mặt trận Dân tộc Giải phóng miền Nam Việt Nam [Vietnam], MTDTGPMNVN [Vietnam], Việt Cộng [Overseas Vietnamese]
Vietnam {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Việt Nam (越南)
Vietnam War {prop} (war that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia between 1955 and 1975)  :: chiến tranh chống Mỹ, kháng chiến chống Mỹ, chiến tranh Việt Nam, chiến tranh Đông Dương lần thứ hai
Vietnamese {adj} (of or pertaining to Vietnam)  :: Việt, (thuộc) Việt Nam
Vietnamese {n} (Vietnamese person)  :: người Việt, người Việt Nam
Vietnamese {prop} (language)  :: tiếng Việt, tiếng Việt Nam, Việt ngữ
Vietnamese balm {n} (Southeast Asian herb)  :: kinh giới
Vietnamese coriander {n} (Cilantro-flavored herb)  :: rau răm
Viking {n} (One of the Scandinavian seafaring warriors)  :: người Viking
Vincent {prop} (male given name)  :: Vinh Sơn, Vinhsơn
Vishnu {prop} (the god)  :: Vishnu
Vladivostok {prop} (seaport in Russia)  :: Vladivostok
Vänern {prop} (Swedish lake)  :: Hồ Vänern
Vũng Tàu {prop} (city in Vietnam)  :: Vũng Tàu
Vĩnh Long {prop} (province of Vietnam)  :: Vĩnh Long
Vĩnh Phúc {prop} (province of Vietnam)  :: Vĩnh Phúc
Volgograd {prop} (Volgograd)  :: Volgograd
Voronezh {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Voronezh
Vulcan {prop} (Roman god of fire)  :: Vulcan
Vulcan {prop} (Theoretical planet)  :: Vulcan
Vulgar Era {prop} (Common Era) SEE: Common Era  ::
Vulpecula {prop} (autumn constellation)  :: Hồ Ly
vacation {n} (official holiday period)  :: nghỉ lễ
vacation {n} (holiday, period of leisure time)  :: kỳ nghỉ, nghỉ hè
vacation {v} (to spend or take a vacation)  :: đi nghỉ, nghỉ mát
vacationer {n} (someone who is on vacation) SEE: holiday-maker  ::
vaccine {n} (substance meant to stimulate production of antibodies)  :: chủng ngừa, vắc-xin
vacuüm {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
vacuum {n} (region of space that contains no matter)  :: chân không (真空)
vacuum {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner  ::
vacuum cleaner {n} (machine for cleaning)  :: máy hút bụi
vacuum tube {n} (electrical device)  :: ống chân không
vagina {n} (anatomical sense)  :: âm đạo (陰道), lồn [slang, vulgar]
vagina {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
vajra {n} (mace and symbol)  :: kim cương chử
valley {n} (elongated depression between hills or mountains)  :: thung lũng
valor {n} (value, worth) SEE: value  ::
valor {n} (strength of mind in regard to danger) SEE: valour  ::
valour {n} (value) SEE: value  ::
valour {n} (strength of mind in regard to danger)  :: dũng cảm, lòng dũng cảm
valuable {adj} (having a great value)  :: quý giá, quý báu
value {n}  :: giá trị
valve {n} (device that controls flow of gas or fluid)  :: van
valve {n} (vacuum tube) SEE: vacuum tube  ::
vampire {n} (mythological creature)  :: ma cà rồng
vampire {n} (bat)  :: dơi hút máu
vanadium {n} (chemical element)  :: vanađi
vandalism {n} (needless damage or destruction of property)  :: phá hoại
vanishing point {n} (point in perspective drawing)  :: điểm tụ
vapor {n} (the gaseous state of a substance that is normally a solid or liquid)  :: hơi nước, hơi
vapor {n} (steam) SEE: steam  ::
vapour {n} (vapor) SEE: vapor  ::
vapour {n} (steam) SEE: steam  ::
variable {n} (mathematics: a quantity that may assume any one of a set of values)  :: biên sô (變數)
variable {n} (computing: a named mutable piece of storage)  :: biên sô (變數)
variant {adj} (variable) SEE: variable  ::
varsity {n} (university) SEE: university  ::
vase {n} (container used mainly for displaying flowers)  :: lọ hoa, bình, lọ
vasoconstriction {n} (constriction of a blood vessel)  :: sự co mạch
vector {n} (directed quantity)  :: đại lượng có hướng, đại lượng hữu hướng, hướng lượng
vector {n} (programming: one-dimensional array)  :: mảng một chiều
vector field {n} (construction)  :: trường vector
vector space {n} (mathematics)  :: không gian vectơ
vee {n} (name of the letter V, v)  :: , vờ
vegetable {n} (a plant raised for some edible part of it)  :: rau, rau cải
vegetable garden {n} (vegetable garden)  :: vườn rau
vegetable lamb {n} (legendary plant believed to grow sheep from its branches)  :: cây cừu
vegetarian {n} (person who does not eat any animal flesh)  :: người ăn chay
vegetarian {adj} (relating to the type of diet eaten by vegetarians)  :: ăn chay
vegetarian {adj} (of a product normally made with meat, having non-meat substitutes in place of meat)  :: chay
vegetarianism {n} (practice of following a vegetarian diet)  :: thuyết ăn chay, chế độ ăn chay
vegetation {n} (Plants)  :: cây cối, cây cỏ, thực vật
vehicle {n} (conveyance)  :: xe cộ, xe
vein {n} (blood vessel)  :: tĩnh mạch (靜脈)
veisalgia {n} (unpleasant after-effects of the consumption of alcohol) SEE: hangover  ::
velocity {n} (vector quantity)  :: vận tốc
velocity {n} (rapidity of motion)  :: tốc độ
velotaxi {n} (cycle rickshaw used as taxi) SEE: pedicab  ::
velvet {n} (fabric)  :: nhung
velvet antler {n} (deer antler)  :: nhung hươu nai
vendetta {n} (bitter, destructive feud in which each injury is revenged)  :: thù máu
vendor {n} (A person or a company that vends or sells)  :: ngưởi bán hàng rong
venereal disease {n} (contagious disease spread through sexual intercourse)  :: bệnh hoa liễu (病花柳)
venereal disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact) SEE: sexually transmitted disease  ::
vengeance {n} (revenge taken for an insult, injury, or other wrong)  :: sự trả thù
venison {n} (the meat of a deer)  :: thịt nai
ventilator {n} (device that circulates fresh air and expels stale or noxious air)  :: thông gió
ventilator {n} (respirator) SEE: respirator  ::
ventricle {n} (one of two lower chambers of the heart)  :: tâm thất
venturi {n} (throat of a carburetor) SEE: throat  ::
verb {n} ((grammar) a word that indicates an action, event, or a state)  :: động từ (動詞)
verbatim {adv} (word for word)  :: đúng nguyên văn
vermicelli {n} (long, slender pasta)  :: mì sợi nhỏ [egg noodles], bún sợi nhỏ [rice noodles]
vermiculation {n} (peristalsis) SEE: peristalsis  ::
vermiform appendix {n} (blind tube projecting from the caecum)  :: ruột thừa
version {n} (computing)  :: phiên bản
versus {prep} (in opposition to)  :: đối, đối đầu, đấu với
versus {prep} (compared with)  ::
vertebral column {n} (vertebral column)  :: cột sống, xương sống
very {adv} (to a high degree)  :: rất [placed before the word to intensify], lắm [placed after the word to intensify], quá
vessel {n} (craft)  :: thuyền lớn, tàu thuỷ
vessel {n} (tube or canal that carries fluid in an animal or plant)  :: mạch
vest {n} (garment worn over a shirt)  :: áo gi lê, gi-lê
vestment {n} (clothing) SEE: clothing  ::
vet {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
veterinarian {n} (doctor who treats animals)  :: thầy thuốc thú y
veterinary {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
veterinary surgeon {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
vibration {n} (act of vibrating)  :: rung động
vice president {n} (deputy to a president)  :: phó chủ tịch, phó tổng thống
vice versa {adv} (the other way round)  :: ngược lại
victory {n} (an instance of having won a competition or battle)  :: thắng lợi, thắng
video {n} (television show, movie)  :: thị tần, 視頻
video {n} (VHS)  :: băng hình
video camera {n} (device for recording video)  :: máy ghi hình, máy quay, máy quay phim
video game {n} (game controlled by a software)  :: trò chơi điện tử
videocassette {n} (cassette containing recorded videotape)  :: máy chiếu phim
videotape {n} (tape used to record videos)  :: băng hình
videotape {v} (to make a recording on videotape)  :: ghi hình
view {n} (something to look at)  :: cảnh vật
villa {n} (a house used as a retreat)  :: biệt thự
village {n} (a rural habitation of size between a hamlet and a town)  :: làng, làng quê
vinegar {n} (condiment)  :: giấm
viola {n} (music: stringed instrument of the violin family)  :: viola
violent {adj}  :: mạnh mẽ
violet {n} (colour)  :: tím
violin {n} (string instrument)  :: vĩ cầm
violinist {n} (person who plays violin)  :: tay chơi vi-ô-lông
violoncello {n} (cello) SEE: cello  ::
virgin {n} (person who has never had sexual intercourse)  :: gái trinh, trinh nữ
virginal membrane {n} (hymen) SEE: hymen  ::
virtue {n} (excellence in morals)  :: đức ()
virus {n} (infectious organism)  :: virus, tinh độc, siêu vi trùng, siêu vi khuẩn
virus {n} (computer virus)  :: virus máy tính
visa {n} (permit)  :: thị thực (視實), giấy xuất cảnh
vision {n} (sense or ability of sight)  :: thị giác
visit {v} (to go and meet (someone))  :: thăm, đi thăm
visit {n} (single act of visiting)  :: đi thăm
visit {n}  :: đi thăm
visit {v} (to avenge) SEE: avenge  ::
visiting card {n} (business card) SEE: business card  ::
visitor {n} (guest)  :: khách
visor {n} (mask) SEE: mask  ::
visor {n} (fore piece of a cap)  :: lưỡi trai
vitamin {n} (organic compound essential to human health)  :: sinh tố
viva {interj} (long live ... !) SEE: long live  ::
vixen {n} (attractive woman) SEE: fox  ::
vlei {n} (marsh) SEE: marsh  ::
vocabulary {n} (list of words)  :: từ vựng
vocabulary {n} (set of words a person knows)  :: từ vựng (詞彙)
vocal {adj} (of or pertaining to the voice or speech)  :: nói to tiếng
vocal {adj} (phonetics)  :: nói lớn tiếng
vocal {adj} (loud)  :: nói lớn tiếng
vodka {n} (clear distilled alcoholic liquor)  :: vodka, vôtca, rượu vôtca, rượu vodka
voetsek {interj} (get lost) SEE: get lost  ::
voetsek {interj} (go away) SEE: go away  ::
voice {n} (sound uttered by the mouth)  :: giọng nói
voice box {n} (larynx) SEE: larynx  ::
voice-over {n} (TV broadcast etc.)  :: lời thuyết minh
volcano {n} (mountain containing a magma chamber)  :: núi lửa
volleyball {n} (game)  :: bóng chuyền
volt {n} (unit of measure)  :: vôn
voltage {n} (amount of electrostatic potential)  :: điện áp
voltmeter {n} (instrument for measuring electric potential)  :: điện áp kế /電壓計/
volunteer {n} (one who voluntarily offers himself/herself for service)  :: quân tình nguyện, tình nguyện viên
voluptuous {adj} (curvaceous, sexy, full-figured)  :: dâm
voluptuousness {n} (the quality of being voluptuous)  :: dâm
vomit {v} (to regurgitate the contents of a stomach)  :: nôn, mửa
vomit {n} (regurgitated former contents of a stomach)  :: nôn, mửa
vote {n} (formalised choice)  :: bỏ phiếu
vote {v} (assert a formalised choice)  :: bỏ phiếu
vowel {n} (sound)  :: nguyên âm, mẫu âm
voyager {n} (traveller) SEE: traveller  ::
voyeurism {n} (derivation of sexual satisfaction by watching people secretly)  :: thị dâm
vulgarian {n} (vulgar individual)  :: người tầm thường
vulgarian {adj} (having the characteristics of a vulgarian)  :: người thường
vulnerability {n} (security vulnerability) SEE: hole  ::
vulture {v} (bird)  :: kền kền
vulva {n} (collectively the external female sexual organs)  :: âm hộ