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u {m} :: letter: u
-u {suffix} :: Forming adjectives having the sense of ‘having quality of, being provided with’ (the root word)
ua {m} :: abbreviation of unité astronomique
u.a. {abbr} :: abbreviation of unité astronomique
UA {abbr} :: abbreviation of unité astronomique
U.A. {abbr} :: abbreviation of unité astronomique
UAF {initialism} :: Union automobiliste de France, an early 20th-century French auto club
UAF {initialism} :: L’Union des aéroports français: The Union of French Airports
UAF {initialism} :: Unité d′aménagement forestier: Forest Managemenent Unit, in Québec
ubac {m} [geography] :: shady side of a mountain
uberisation {f} [neologism] :: uberisation (the adoption of a business model centred specifically on the use of smartphone apps to obtain services)
ubiquiste {adj} :: ubiquitous (being everywhere)
ubiquité {f} :: ubiquity
ubiquitaire {adj} :: ubiquitous (being everywhere)
ubériser {v} :: To uberize
ubuesque {adj} :: absurdly grotesque
uchronie {f} :: uchronia
uchronique {adj} :: uchronic
UCI {prop} {f} :: initialism of Union Cycliste Internationale
UDF {initialism} :: Union pour la Démocratie Française; a French political party
Udine {prop} :: Udine (province)
Udine {prop} :: Udine (town)
UE {prop} {f} :: EU (European Union)
ufologie {f} :: ufology
ufologique {adj} :: ufological
ufologue {mf} :: ufologist
uhlan {m} [military, historical] :: uhlan
ukase {m} :: ukase (a decree from a Russian ruler, or any absolute or arrogant order)
Ukraine {prop} {f} :: Ukraine
ukrainien {adj} :: Ukrainian
ukrainien {m} :: Ukrainian (language)
Ukrainien {m} :: Ukrainian (someone from Ukraine)
Ukrainienne {f} :: feminine noun of Ukrainien
ukulélé {m} [musical instruments] :: ukulele
ulcération {f} :: ulceration
ulcère {m} :: ulcer (an open sore)
ulcérer {v} :: to ulcerate
ulcéreux {adj} :: ulcerous
ulmine {f} :: ulmin
ulmique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ulmic
ulnaire {adj} :: ulnar
ultimatum {m} :: ultimatum
ultime {adj} :: ultimate
ultimement {adv} :: ultimately, eventually
ultra {adj} :: ultra, extreme
ultra {mf} :: extremist
ultra {mf} [historical] :: an ultra-royalist during the Bourbon Restoration period in France
ultrabasique {adj} [geology] :: ultrabasic, ultramafic
ultracentrifugation {f} :: ultracentrifugation
ultraconservateur {adj} :: ultraconservative
ultracourt {adj} :: ultrashort
ultrafaible {adj} [physics] :: ultraweak
ultrafin {adj} :: ultrafine, ultrathin
ultrafroid {adj} :: ultracold
ultragauche {adj} :: ultraleft
ultragauche {mf} :: ultraleft
ultragauchiste {mf} :: ultraleftist
ultraléger {m} :: ultralight, microlight, lightweight
ultramafique {adj} [geology] :: ultramafic
ultramarin {adj} :: overseas; pertaining to overseas
ultramarin {adj} :: of the deep blue colour ultramarine
ultraminoritaire {adj} :: submarginal
ultramoderne {adj} :: ultramodern
ultramontain {adj} :: ultramontane
ultramontanisme {m} :: ultramontanism
ultranationalisme {f} :: ultranationalism
ultranationaliste {adj} :: ultranationalist
ultraorthodoxe {adj} :: ultraorthodox
ultrapériphérique {adj} :: outermost
ultraréaliste {adj} [art] :: ultrarealistic
ultrarelativiste {adj} [physics] :: ultrarelativistic
ultrasensible {adj} :: ultrasensitive
ultrason {m} :: ultrasound
ultrasonique {adj} :: ultrasonic
ultrasonore {adj} :: ultrasonic
ultra-sonore {adj} :: ultrasonic
ultravide {m} :: high vacuum
ultraviolet {adj} :: ultraviolet
ultraviolet {m} :: ultraviolet (light)
ultérieur {adj} :: ulterior
ultérieur {adj} :: following; later on
ultérieurement {adv} :: eventually; later on
ululement {m} :: hoot (the cry of an owl)
ululer {vi} :: to hoot (to make the cry of an owl)
ulve {f} [botany] :: see lettuce
ulvospinelle {m} [mineralogy] :: ulvospinel
Ulysse {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Odysseus
Ulysse {prop} {m} [Roman mythology] :: Ulysses
UMP {prop} {f} :: initialism of Union pour un Mouvement Populaire; a French political party
umpiste {adj} :: supporting the views of the UMP
un {art} :: an, a
un {num} :: one
un {m} :: one
un {pron} :: one
-un- {affix} [chemistry] :: -un-
unaire {adj} [mathematics] :: unary
un ange passe {phrase} :: used to indicate that one has noticed a long silence, especially a pause in a conversation
unanime {adj} :: unanimous
unanimement {adv} :: unanimously
unanimité {f} :: unanimity
unboxing {m} [object-oriented] :: unboxing
un contre un {m} :: one-on-one
un coup {adv} [colloquial] :: used to soften an order
undécagone {m} :: undecagon
undécagone {adj} :: undecagonal
undécane {m} [organic compound] :: undecane
undécanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: undecanoic
undécylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: undecylic
un de ces quatre {adv} [colloquial] :: one of these days, some day soon
un de ces quatre matins {adv} [colloquial] :: one of these days, some day soon
undecies {adv} [legal] :: eleventhly
underground {adj} :: underground (outside the mainstream)
underground {m} [singulare tantum] :: the underground (people who resist artistic convention)
une {num} :: feminine singular of un
une {art} :: a / an (feminine indefinite article)
une {f} :: front page (of a publication)
une bonne fois pour toutes {adv} :: alternative form of une fois pour toutes
une-deux {m} [football, boxing] :: one-two
UNEDIC {initialism} :: Union Nationale pour l'Emploi dans l'Industrie et le Commerce (French for National Union for Employment in Industry and Commerce)
une fois {adv} [literally] :: Once, one time
une fois {conj} :: Once, as soon as
une fois {conj} :: With que, introducing a full clause in the perfect aspect
une fois {conj} :: Introducing a reduced passive-voice clause consisting only of a subject plus a past participle phrase
une fois {conj} :: Introducing a reduced perfect-aspect clause consisting only of a subject plus a past participle phrase (provided that the verb is one that forms the perfect aspect with être)
une fois {conj} :: Introducing a reduced clause in either of the above senses, consisting only a past participle phrase, its subject being implied
une fois pour toutes {adv} :: once and for all (finally, permanently, conclusively)
une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps {proverb} :: one swallow does not a summer make
unguéal {adj} [anatomy] :: ungual
un homme averti en vaut deux {proverb} :: forewarned is forearmed
uni {adj} :: united
uni {f} [Switzerland, colloquial] :: university
unibrassiste {mf} :: a person with only one arm
unicaméralisme {m} :: unicameralism
unicellulaire {adj} :: unicellular; single-celled
unicité {f} :: uniqueness, unicity
unicolore {adj} :: monochrome
unicycliste {mf} :: unicyclist
unidimensionnel {adj} :: unidimensional
unidirectionnel {adj} :: unidirectional
unificateur {m} :: unifier (person who unifies)
unificateur {adj} :: unifying (causing reunification)
unification {f} :: unification
unificatrice {f} :: feminine noun of unificateur
unifier {v} :: to unify
unifolié {adj} :: unifoliate
unifolié {m} :: The flag of Canada
uniforme {adj} :: uniform (unvarying)
uniforme {m} :: A uniform
uniformiser {v} :: to make uniform; uniformize
uniformité {f} :: uniformity
uniformément {adv} :: uniformly, unvaryingly, evenly
unifère {adj} :: unitary
unigenre {adj} :: unisex
unigenre {adj} :: gender-neutral (applicable to either gender)
unijambiste {mf} :: a person with only one leg
unilatéral {adj} :: unilateral
unilatéralement {adv} :: unilaterally
unilatéralisme {m} :: unilateralism
unilingue {adj} :: unilingual
unilobé {adj} [botany] :: unilobate (having one lobe)
unième {suffix} :: -first [ordinal form of un used in compounds]
unièmement {adv} :: firstly
uniment {adv} :: unitedly
unimoléculaire {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: unimolecular
uninominal {adj} :: for a single candidate
uninucléé {adj} :: uninucleated
union {f} :: a union
Union africaine {prop} {f} :: African Union
Union des républiques socialistes soviétiques {prop} {f} :: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Union européenne {prop} {f} :: The European Union (EU)
unioniste {m} :: unionist
unioniste {m} :: Unionist
union sacrée {f} :: A sacred union; but especially a Roman Catholic marriage
Union sacrée {prop} :: A truce called between French political parties at the beginning of the First World War
Union soviétique {prop} {mf} :: Soviet Union
uniparental {adj} :: uniparental
unipersonnel {adj} :: unipersonal
unipersonnel {adj} [grammar] :: impersonal
unipersonnellement {adv} :: unipersonally
unipersonnellement {adv} :: impersonally
unipolaire {adj} :: unipolar (all senses)
unipolarité {f} [physics] :: unipolarity
unique {adj} :: unique
unique {adj} :: only
unique en son genre {adj} :: one of a kind
uniquement {adv} :: uniquely
uniquement {adv} :: only; exclusively; solely
uniquement {adv} :: merely; only; just
unir {v} :: to unite, to join
unir {v} :: to combine
unis comme les doigts de la main {adj} [simile] :: like two peas in a pod (very close)
unisexe {adj} :: unisex
unisérié {adj} [biology] :: uniseriate
unisson {m} :: unison
unité {f} :: unity
unité {f} :: unit
unitaire {adj} :: unitary
unitaire {adj} [attributive] :: unit
unitairement {adv} :: unitarily
unitarisme {m} :: Unitarianism
unitarité {f} :: unitarity
unité astronomique {n} :: astronomical unit (symbol ua)
univ {f} [colloquial] :: university
univarié {adj} :: univariate
univerbation {f} [linguistics, lexicography] :: univerbation
univers {m} :: universe
universaliser {vt} :: to universalize
universalisme {m} :: universalism
universaliste {adj} :: universalist
universaliste {mf} :: universalist
universalité {f} :: universality
universaux {m} :: universals
universel {adj} :: universal
universellement {adv} :: universally
université {f} :: university (institution of higher education)
universitaire {adj} :: university (attributive form)
universitaire {mf} :: University student or employee
universitaire {mf} [Quebec] :: University graduate
univers parallèle {m} [science fiction] :: parallel universe
univoque {adj} :: unambiguous
univoque {adj} :: univocal
un jour {adv} :: one day (at unspecified time in the past or future)
un peu {adv} :: a little, a bit
un peu {adv} :: used to soften an order
un peu mon neveu {interj} [idiom, colloquial] :: hell yeah, totally, absolutely
un point c'est tout {phrase} :: And that’s final, and that’s that, full stop [UK], period [US]
untel {m} :: so-and-so
Untel {m} :: so-and-so
untelle {f} :: feminine noun of untel
un tiens vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras {proverb} :: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
ununbium {m} :: ununbium
updater {v} [chiefly computing] :: to update
uple {f} [mathematics] :: tuple
uplet {m} [maths] :: tuple
uppercut {m} :: uppercut
upsilon {m} :: upsilon (Greek letter)
uracile {m} [organic compound] :: uracil
urane {m} [mineralogy] :: urania, yellowcake (uranium oxide)
uraneux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: uranous
Uranie {prop} {f} :: Urania
uranien {adj} :: uranian, uranic
uranien {adj} :: celestial
uranien {adj} :: Uranian
uranien {m} [dated] :: Uranian (male homosexual)
uranifère {adj} :: uraniferous
uranique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: uranic
uranisme {m} [dated] :: male homosexuality
uraniste {mf} :: uranist
uranium {m} :: uranium
uranocène {m} :: uranocene
uranographie {f} :: uranography
uranologie {f} [obsolete] :: uranology
Uranus {prop} {m} :: Caelus (Roman deity) Note: The Greek deity Uranus is Ouranos
Uranus {prop} {m} :: Uranus (planet)
uranyle {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: uranyl
uréase {f} :: urease
uratolytique {adj} :: uratolytic
urbain {adj} :: urban
urbain {adj} :: urbane, courteous, refined
Urbain {prop} :: Urban
urbainement {adv} :: urbanely
urbanisé {adj} :: urbanized
urbanisation {f} :: urbanization
urbaniser {vt} :: to urbanize
urbanisme {m} :: urbanism
urbaniste {mf} :: town planner
urbanistique {adj} :: urbanistic
urbanistique {adj} :: town planning (attributive)
urbanité {f} :: urbanity
urdu {m} :: alternative spelling of ourdou
urdu {adj} :: alternative spelling of ourdou
-ure {suffix} :: used to form nouns describing the result of an action
urée {f} [organic compound] :: urea
uretère {m} [anatomy] :: ureter
urgemment {adv} :: urgently (with great haste)
urgence {f} :: urgency
urgence {f} :: emergency
urgences {fp} :: accident and emergency (A&E)
urgent {adj} :: urgent
urgentiste {mf} [medicine] :: accident and emergency doctor
urgentologie {f} :: emergency medicine
urgentologue {mf} :: emergency medicine doctor
urger {v} [usually, impersonal, colloquial] :: To be urgent
uricémie {f} [pathology] :: uricemia
uricotelique {adj} [biology] :: uricotelic
uricotélie {f} [biology] :: uricotelism
uricotélisme {f} [biology] :: uricotelism
urinaire {adj} :: urinary
urine {f} :: urine
uriner {v} :: to urinate
urineux {adj} :: urinous
urinoir {m} :: urinal (object used to receive urine)
urique {adj} :: uric; ureic
urémie {f} [pathology] :: uremia
urémique {adj} :: uremic
urne {f} :: urn
urne {f} :: ballot box
urne électorale {f} :: ballot box
uro- {prefix} :: uro- (relating to urine)
urodéum {m} :: urodeum
urogénital {adj} :: urogenital
uro-génital {adj} :: urogenital
urographie {f} :: urography
urolagnie {f} [sexuality] :: urophilia, urolagnia
urologie {f} :: urology
urologique {adj} :: urological
urologiquement {adv} :: urologically
urologiste {mf} :: urologist
urologue {mf} :: urologist
urophile {mf} :: urophile
urophile {adj} :: urophile (attributive)
urophilie {f} [sexuality] :: urophilia, urolagnia
uropygial {adj} :: uropygial
uropygien {adj} :: uropygial
urosperme {m} :: golden fleece (of the genus Urospermum)
uréotélie {f} [biology] :: ureotelism
urotélique {adj} [biology] :: ureotelic
ursidé {m} :: ursid
ursidé {adj} :: ursid (attributive)
URSS {prop} {f} :: Union des républiques socialistes soviétiques
uréthane {m} [organic compound] :: urethane
urèthre {m} :: alternative spelling of urètre
urticacée {f} :: nettle (of family Urticaceae)
urticaire {f} :: urticaria (medical condition)
urticant {adj} :: urticant
urétral {adj} [anatomy] :: urethral
urètre {m} :: urethra
urètre {m} :: ureter
Uruguay {prop} {m} :: Uruguay
uruguayen {adj} :: Uruguayan (relating to Uruguay)
Uruguayen {m} :: An Uruguayan, member or descendant of the people of Uruguay
Uruguayenne {f} :: feminine noun of Uruguayen
uræus {m} :: uraeus
urushinique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: urushinic
us {mp} [plurale tantum] :: mores; traditional practices or manners
usagé {adj} :: used
usagé {adj} :: worn
usagé {adj} :: second-hand
usage {m} :: usage, use
usage {m} [lexicography] :: The ways and contexts in which spoken and written words are actually used, determined by a lexicographer's intuition or from corpus analysis (as opposed to correct or proper use of language, proclaimed by some authority)
usager {m} :: user
usagère {f} :: feminine noun of usager
user {v} :: to wear, wear down, wear off, wear out, grind down, run in
user {v} :: to use (used with de)
usinabilité {f} :: machinability
usinable {adj} :: machinable
usinage {m} :: machining
usine {f} :: factory
usine {f} :: mill
usine {f} :: works
usine à gaz {f} :: gasworks
usine à gaz {f} [pejorative] :: Rube Goldberg machine, Heath Robinson machine (a complicated contraption which produces a simple or useless product)
usiner {vt} :: to machine
usiner {vt} :: to manufacture (using machinery)
usinier {adj} :: factory or plant (attributive)
usité {adj} :: in use; current; still used
ustensile {m} :: utensil
usuel {adj} :: usual, everyday
usuellement {adv} :: usually, commonly
usufruit {m} :: usufruct
usufruitier {adj} :: usufructuary
usufruitier {m} :: usufructuary
usuraire {adj} :: usurious
usurairement {adv} :: usuriously
usure {f} [finance] :: usury
usure {f} :: wear and tear, wear
usurier {m} :: usurer, moneylender; loan shark
usurier {adj} :: acquisitive, avaricious
usurpateur {adj} :: usurping
usurpateur {m} :: usurper (one who usurps)
usurpation {f} :: usurpation (wrongful seizure)
usurpation {f} :: that which is usurped
usurper {v} :: to usurp
ut {m} [music] :: ut (do) the note 'C'
Utah {prop} :: Utah
utile {adj} :: useful
utilement {adv} :: usefully (in a useful manner)
utilisé {adj} :: used, in use
utilisable {adj} :: usable (capable of being used)
utilisateur {m} :: user
utilisation {f} :: purpose, use, utilisation
utilisatrice {f} :: feminine noun of utilisateur
utiliser {v} :: to use, to utilize
utilité {f} :: usefulness, use
utilité {f} :: use, purpose
utilité {f} :: bit part
utilité {f} :: bit player
utilitaire {adj} :: useful, usable
utilitaire {adj} [philosophy] :: utilitarian
utilitarisme {m} :: utilitarianism (the theory of the "greatest happiness for the greatest number of people")
utopie {f} :: utopia, imaginary society in perfect harmony
utopie {f} :: utopia, unattainable ideal
utopien {adj} :: utopian
utopique {adj} :: utopian
utopiquement {adv} :: utopianly
utopisme {m} :: utopianism
utopiste {adj} :: utopian
utopiste {mf} :: utopian
Utrecht {prop} {f} :: Utrecht (province)
Utrecht {prop} {f} :: Utrecht (city/and/capital)
utriculaire {f} :: bladderwort
utriculaire {m} :: bagpiper
utricule {m} :: utricle
utérin {adj} :: uterine (relating to the uterus)
utérus {m} :: uterus, womb
uvarovite {f} [mineralogy] :: uvarovite
uvée {f} [anatomy] :: uvea
uvique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: uvic
uvéite {f} :: uveitis
uvre {f} :: alternative form of œuvre
uvula {f} :: uvula, palatine uvula
uvulaire {adj} :: uvular
uvule {f} [anatomy] :: uvula
uzbek {adj} :: alternative spelling of ouzbek
uzbek {m} :: alternative spelling of ouzbek