Appendix:English terms where 'ch' sounds as 'sh'

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The ch digraph in English represents at least three phonemes, and a particularly less common phoneme for it is /ʃ/ invalid IPA characters ([[]]), as opposed to // invalid IPA characters ([[]]) or /k/ invalid IPA characters ([[]]), the latter mostly in words of Greek origin. Almost all terms in this list are loanwords from Modern French; some, like Chicago and Michigan, originated as French transliterations of words from other languages. Formerly, /tʃ/ was the usual pronunciation of for ch in French, but has been /ʃ/ for centuries. (Currently French uses the trigraph tch for /tʃ/.)


Term Meaning  Pronunciations
accouchement Delivery in childbed; parturition. /a.kuʃ.ˈmɑœ̃/
babiche Thongs of rawhide or sinew used as cord, lacing, or webbing, in the manufacture of snowshoes, etc. /bəˈbiːʃ/, /bæˈbiːʃ/
brioche A type of bun, of French origin. /ˈbɹi.oʊʃ/
brochure A booklet of printed informational matter. /bɹoʊˈʃʊɚ/, /bɹoʊˈʃɝ/
cache A concealed storage of objects that may be required. /kæʃ/, /kæɪʃ/
cartouche An ornamental figure, often on an oval shield. /kɑɹˈtuʃ/, /kɑːˈtuːʃ/
chagrin Distress of a mind; a type of leather; to vex or mortify. /ʃəˈɡɹɪn/, /ˈʃæɡ.ɹɪn/
chaise A particular horse-drawn carriage.
An alpine style of wooden building with a sloping roof and overhanging eaves. /ʃæleɪ/
challis A light, soft fabric having a printed design. /ˈʃæ.li/
chamade A signal sounded on a drum or trumpet inviting a parley. /ʃəˈmɑːd/
chambray A soft fabric woven with a white weft and colored warp.
chamois A short-horned goat antelope; a type of leather of this goat antelope. /ˈʃæmwɑː/, /ˈʃæmi/
champagne An alcoholic drink. /ʃæmˈpeɪn/
chandelier A branched lighting fixture.
chaparral A region of shrubs.
chapeau A hat.
chaperone Older person accompanying younger people to ensure their proper behaviors.
charade Something apparently real but based on pretence. /ʃəˈɹɑːd/, /ʃəˈɹeɪd/, /ʃɚˈɹeɪd/
A green‐skinned grape variety used to make a white wine; a variety of wine made from this grape.
chargé d'affaires A diplomat, ranking below an ambassador, who heads a diplomatic mission.
charlatan A trickster; one who falsely uses a role. /ˈʃɑɹlətən/
Charlene Feminine name.
Feminine name; largest city in North Carolina.
A dessert.
/ˈʃɑrlət/, /ˈʃɑːlət/, /ˈʃaːlət/, /ˈʃarlət/
chasseur A fighter equipped for rapid movements; a servant or attendant. /ʃaˈsəː/
A castle, fortress, manor house or large country house. /ˈʃæːtɔ/, /ʃæːˈtɔ/, /ʃæːˈto/
chauffeur Driver employed to pilot a private automobile of executive or luxurious class. /ʃɒˈfɜː/, /ˈʃəʊfə/, /ʃoʊˈfɜ˞/, /ˈʃoʊfə˞/
chauvinism Excessive patriotism; eagerness for national superiority.
Unwarranted bias, favouritism or devotion to something.
/ˈʃəʊ.vɪ.nɪ.zəm/, /ˈʃəʊ.və.nɪ.zəm/, /ˈʃoʊ.vɪˌnɪzm̩/
chef A chief cook; a chief. /ʃɛf/
chemise A type of undergarment; a particular dress. /ʃæleɪ/
chenille An extremely soft and bunchy fabric often used to make sweaters.
Cheri Feminine name.
chevalier A knight or cavalier.
cheviot A coarse woolen fabric made from the wool of Cheviot sheep.
chevron A V‐shaped pattern or marking.
chic Stylish or elegant. Good form or style. /ʃiːk/
Chicago An American city in Illinois. /ʃəˈkɔːɡoʊ/
chicane A temporary barrier, or serpentine curve; chicanery.
To use tricks or subterfuge; to deceive.
chicanery Deception by use of trickeries, quibbling, or subterfuges. /ʃɪˈkeɪ.nɹ.i/, /ʃɪˈkeɪ.nə.ɹi/
chiffon A sheer silk or rayon fabric.
chivalry An ethic code of virtues; courteous behaviour. /ˈʃɪvəlri/
chute A framework, trough, or tube, upon or through which objects are made to slide downwards. /ʃuːt/
Something that is overused or used outside its original context, so that its original impact and meaning are lost. /ˈkliːʃeɪ/, /kliːˈʃeɪ/
crèche A representation of the Nativity scene. /kɹɛʃ/
crème fraîche A slightly soured thick cream. /ˌkɹɛm ˈfɹɛʃ/
crochet Needlework made by looping thread with a hooked needle.
douche (also douchebag) A directed jet or current of water or vapor. /duːʃ/
fiche and microfiche A sheet of microfilm holding several hundred reduced images of document pages /fiːʃ/
flèche Any of the twenty-four points on a backgammon board. /flɛʃ/, /fleɪʃ/
galoche A trickster; one who falsely uses a rôle.
gauche An overshoe worn in wetness; a gaiter or legging. /ɡəʊʃ/
gouache A thick, opaque watercolour paint. /ɡwɑʃ/
guiche A kiss-curl /ɡiːʃ/
guilloche A fine engraving pattern of spirals, intertwining bands, etc. /ɡɪˈlɒʃ/
louche Of questionable taste or morality. /luːʃ/
machete A kind of tool that functions as a sword. /məˈʃɛ.ti/
machine (also machinery, machinist) A electric or mechanic device that assists with or performs tasks. /məˈʃiːn/
machinery Those devices collectively constituting a production apparatus; collectively the functioning parts of that device. /mə.ˈʃi.nə.ɹi/
marchioness Wife of a marquess. /ˈmɑɹʃənɨs/, /mɑɹʃəˈnɛs/
Michelle Feminine name.
Michigan A state in the United States of America.
A layer of hairs located shortly above the upper lip. /ˈmʌstæʃ/, /ˈmʊstɑːʃ/
niche (some speakers) A cavity, hollow, or recess.
A function within an ecological system to which an organism is especially suited.
Any position of opportunity for which one is well‐suited.
/niːʃ/, /niʃ/, /nɪʃ/
nonchalance Indifference, carelessness or coolness.
nonchalant Casually calm and relaxed; indifferent or unconcerned. /ˌnɑn.ʃəˈlɑnt/
nouveau riche New money. /ˌnuː.vəʊ ˈɹiːʃ/
parachute A device which can emit a cloth for wind resistance. /ˈpærəʃuːt/
parfleche A form of stiff leather made from rawhide. /pɑɹˈflɛʃ/
pastiche A work of art that imitates the work of a previous artist. /pæsˈtiːʃ/
quiche A pie made primarily of eggs and cream in a pastry crust. /kiːʃ/
Rochelle Feminine name.
ricochet A method of firing a projectile so that it skips along a surface. /ˈɹɪkəʃeɪ/
ruche A strip of fabric used for trimming. /ˈɹuːʃ/
seiche A short‐period standing wave oscillation of the water level in a lake, characteristic of its geometry. /seɪʃ/
stanchion A vertical pole, post, or support; a framework of such posts.
To erect or equip with these structures; confine with these structures.
/ˈstænʃən/, /ˈstɑːnʃən/
troche A lozenge or cough drop. /tɹoʊʃ/
trebuchet A medieval siege engine consisting of a large pivoting arm heavily weighted on one end. Considered to be the technological successor to the catapult.
A torture device for dunking suspected witches by means of a chair attached to the end of a long pole.
/ˈtɹɛbəʃɛt/, /ˈtɹɛb.jə.ʃeɪ/, /ˈtɹɛb.ju.ʃeɪ/, /ˈtɹɛb.juˌʃɛt/, /ˈtɹɛb.jəˌʃeɪ/