Appendix:Latin forms of English given names

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Latin was the main written language of Europe throughout the Middle Ages, despite the fact that most people used some other language in their daily life. Records surviving from this era remain of interest to many but some, such as church registers, remain untranslated, therefore a knowledge of the Latin form of common English names remains invaluable for genealogists.

Many Latin names appear almost identical to their English equivalent (often simply ending with -us for masculine names, or -a for feminine names) but others are quite different and impossible to guess. Below is a list of Latin names that do not closely resemble their English equivalents.

List of Latin forms of names and their English equivalents[edit]

Adamus Adam
Adelmarus Elmer
Adrianus Adrian
Ægidius Giles
Æmilia Emily
Æmilius Emile
Alanus Alan
Albanus Alban
Albertus Albert
Albinus Albin
Alcuinus Alcuin
Alexius Alexis, Alex
Alfredus Alfred
Alfridus Alfred
Alicia Alice
Aloysius Aloys
Alphonsus Alphonse or Alphonso
Aluinus Alvin or Elvin
Amabilia Mabel
Amata Amy or Aimee
Ambrosius Ambrose or Emrys
Americus Emery or Emeric
Anatolius Anatole
Andreas Andrew or André
Anna Ann, Anne or Hannah
Ansgarus Oscar
Anselmus Anselm
Antonius Anthony
Archibaldus Archibald
Arduinus Hardwin
Armandus Herman
Arnaldus Arnold
Arnoldus Arnold
Arnulfus Arnulf
Arthurus, Arturus Arthur
Artorius Arthur
Báca Pearl
Baldovinus Baldwin
Barnabas Barnaby
Basilius Basil
Beatrix Beatrice
Benedictus Benedict
Beniaminus Benjamin
Bernardus Bernard
Berylia Beryl
Blanca Blanche or Bianca
Blasius Blase or Blaise
Brendanus Brendan; sometimes used for Brandon though the name is actually unrelated and only sounds phonetically similar
Brigitta Bridget, Brigitte (French)
Cæcilia Cecilia, Cicely, Sheila (Celtic)
Cæcilius Cecil
Caritas Charity
Carola Carol, Carole, Charlotte (French)
Carolus Charles, Carl
Catharina Catherine, Katherine
Christina Christine
Christianus Christian
Christophorus Christopher
Clara Clare, Claire (French)
Claudia Claudette, Claudia
Claudius Claude
Clemens Clement
Clementina Clementine
Cœlestina Celeste
Coemgenus Kevin
Colandus Colin
Colomanus Coleman
Conradus Conrad
Constans Constant
Constantia Constance
Constantinus Constantine
Crispinus Crispin
Cunegundis, Cunegunda Cunegunda
Cyrillus Cyril
Dionysia Denise
Dionysius Dennis, Dion
Dominicus Dominic, Dominick
Donivaldus, Donaldus, Dubnovaldus Donald
Dorothea Dorothy
Edmundus Edmund, Edmond
Eduardus Edward, Edouard (French)
Eleonora Eleanor, Elinor
Elias Elijah, Elliot
Elisabeth Elizabeth, Elisabeth
Eloisa Heloise
Erica Heather
Ericus Eric
Ernestus Ernest
Eugenius Eugene
Eva Eve
Everardus Everett
Fabianus Fabian
Felicia Felicia
Felicitas Felicity
Ferdinandus Ferdinand
Fides Faith
Florentia Florence
Franciscus Francis, Frank
Fridericus Frederick
Galfridus Geoffrey or Jeffrey (variant of Gaufridus and Goffridus)
Gasparus Jasper, Casper
Gaudentia Joy, Joyce
Gaufridus Geoffrey or Jeffrey (variant of Gaufridus and Goffridus)
Georgius George
Geraldus Gerald
Gerardus Gerard
Gertrudis Gertrude
Gervasius Jarvis, Gervase
Gilbertus Wilbert, Wilbur, Gilbert
Gloria Gloria, Glorie
Godefridus Gottfried
Godfredus Godfried
Godfridus Godfrey
Goffridus Geoffrey or Jeffrey (variant of Galfridus and Gaufridus)
Gratia Grace
Gregorius Gregory
Guglielmus, Gulielmus, Willelmus, Wilelmus Guillaume (French)
Gustavus Gustave, Gustav
Hacuinus Hacon, Hagan
Hadrianus Adrian
Harmonia Harmony
Haraldus, Haroldus Harold
Hedvigis Hedwig
Helena Helen, Eileen
Henricus Henry
Henrica Henrietta, Harriet
Herbertus Herbert
Heribertus Herbert
Hermanus Herman
Hieronymus Jerome
Hilaria Hilary, Hillary
Hilarius Hilary, Hillary
Homerus Homer
Honoria Honor
Horatius Horace, Horatio
Houardus, Hovardus Howard
Hubertus Hubert
Hugo Hugo
Hyacintha Hyacinth, Jacinth
Ignatius Ignatius, Ignace
Iolantha Yolanda
Iosephina Josephine
Iosephus Joseph
Isaacus Isaac
Isai Jesse
Isidorus Isidore
Jacoba Jacqueline, Jackie
Jacobus Jacob, James, Jack, Jacques (French)
Jacomus James
Jeremias Jeremy
Jesaias Isaiah
Johanna Joan, Jane, Janet (English), Jeanne (French), Jean (Scots), Siobhan, Sinead (Irish)
Johannes John (English), Jean (French), Sean (Irish)
Jonas Jonah
Jordanus Jordan
Josua Joshua
Julia Gillian, Jill, Julianna, Julie
Julius Jules, Julian
Justina Justine
Justinus Justin
Ladislaus Vladislav
Laurentius Laurence, Lawrence
Leo Leon, Leo
Leonardus Leonard
Leopoldus Leopold
Livius Livy, Liv
Lútherius Luther
Lucas Luke
Lucia Lucy, Lucille (French)
Ludovica Louisa, Louise (French)
Ludovicus Lewis (English), Louis (French), Clovis
Magdalena Magdalen, Madeleine (French)
Marcellus Marcel
Marcus Mark
Margaríta Margaret
Martinus Martin
Maria Mary, Marie (French)
Marianna Marian, Marianne
Mathilda Matilda, Maude
Matthaeus Matthew, Mathieu (French)
Mauritius Maurice, Morris
Maximus Maxime
Maximilianus Maximilian
Michaelis Michael
Milcolumbus Malcolm
Nicola Nicole
Nicolaus Nicholas
Natalia Natalie
Natalis Noel
Norbertus Norbert
Oliverus Oliver
Onuphrius Humphrey
Pancratius Pancras
Paschalis Pascal
Patricius Patrick (English), Patrice (French), Padraig (Gaelic)
Paula Paula, Paulette
Paulus Paul
Petrus Peter, Pierre (French)
Philippus Philip, Phillip
Prudentia Prudence
Quintinus Quentin
Raimundus Raymond
Renata Renee, Renée
Renatus Rene
Ricardus Richard
Robertus Robert
Rochus Rocky
Rogerius Roger, Rodger
Rolandus Roland, Orlando
Romanus Roman
Ronaldus Ronald
Rosa Rose
Rubina Ruby
Rudolphus Rudolph, Ralph
Rupertus Robert, Rupert
Salomo Solomon
Sara Sarah
Saulus Saul
Sergius Serge
Servatius Servatius
Shervinus Sherwin
Sidonius Sidney
Simona Simone
Simonis Simon
Spes Hope
Stanislaus Stanley, Stanislav
Stephania Stephanie
Stephanus Stephen, Steven, Etienne (French)
Suenius Swain
Susanna Susan, Suzanne (French)
Sybilla Sybil
Tancredus Tancred
Terentius Terence
Theobaldus Theobald
Theodoricus Derek
Theodorus Theodore
Theresia Theresa, Teresa, Therese (French)
Timotheus Timothy
Tobias Toby, Tobiah
Torrens Trent
Tullius Tully
Tristanus Tristan
Ualterius Walter
Uardus Ward
Uarinus Warren
Uarnerus Warner
Uiliemus William
Ulricus Ulric, Ulrich
Valentinus Valentine
Vergilius Vergil
Veritas Verity, Truth
Victoria Victory, Victoria
Vincentius Vincent
Viola Violet
Virgilius Virgil
Vitus Guy
Viviana Vivian, Vivienne (French)
Vivianus Vivian
Xavierius Xavier
Zacharias Zachary