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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:zh-forms. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

New Chinese Hanzi box template, using Module:zh-forms to do its job.


No compulsory parameters. Template takes the pagename as the traditional and simplified form by default; pagename can be overriden by |t= (use with caution).

Optional parameters:

  • |s=
    Simplified form.
  • |t2=, |t3=, ...
    Additional traditional forms.
  • |s2=, |s3=, ...
    Additional simplified forms.
  • |type=
    Compound type. e.g. 照明燈 (|type=21). The compound type is a sequence of '1's with length equal to the number of syllables in the pagename by default. Glosses will be generated for each of the compound components, based on:
    (For single characters) stored glosses at Module:zh/data/glosses.
    (For multisyllabic words) definitions in articles, if they exist.
    e.g. 阿拉伯聯合酋長國 (|type=323):
 3  2  3
阿拉伯 聯合 酋長國
  • (1st .. nth parameters)
    Overriding existing or providing nonexistent glosses for the 1st .. nth component of the compound.
  • |alt=
    Alternative forms of the word, separated by comma. When annotations following the word are needed, the format is:
    |alt=新抱-Cantonese,心抱-Cantonese:sam1 pou5 at 新婦.
  • |gloss=-
    If the word is a phonetic transcription (not including phono-semantic matchings).
  • |lit=
    Literal meaning.
  • |note=
    Additional note to be displayed at the bottom of the template.
  • |delink=
    Does not link to the n-th part (use comma to separate numbers, see 二十四節氣 for example). If equals 'y', applied to all components.

Anagrams will be automatically generated for disyllabic words, if their anagram (char_1 + char_2 becomes char_2 + char_1) entry exists.




man; person; people the people; nationality; citizen
simp. and trad.



trad. //



trad. /
alt. forms 𥚃



man; person; people mountain; hill man; person; people ocean; sea
simp. and trad.



trad. /
alt. forms



middle; center; within; among; in; while (doing sth); during; China; Chinese; hit (the mark)
country; state; nation
trad. (中國)
simp. (中国)
anagram 國中国中



one; single; a; (before verbs) as soon as, once; (before a noun) entire (family, etc.)
idea; meaning; wish; desire; (abbr.) Italy
lone; lonely
to go; to do; capable; all right; competent; OK; okay; to travel; temporary; to walk; will do; behavior; conduct; a row; profession; professional
simp. and trad.



electric; electricity; electrical brain
trad. (電腦)
simp. (电脑)



by mere luck fortunate; lucky
trad. (僥幸/僥倖) /
simp. (侥幸)



to create; creation power; force; strength
trad. (創造力) 創造
simp. (创造力) 创造


{{zh-forms|s=姜太公钓鱼|type=32|{{w|Grand Duke Jiang}}|go fishing|delink=1}}

Grand Duke Jiang go fishing
trad. (姜太公釣魚) 釣魚
simp. (姜太公钓鱼) 钓鱼



twenty-four the solar term in Chinese lunar calendar
trad. (二十四節氣) 節氣
simp. (二十四节气) 节气



to dress up; to doll up; to make up; to dress and groom oneself
(measure word); platform; stage; terrace; stand; support; desk; station; broadcasting station
trad. (梳妝臺/梳妝台/梳妝檯/梳妝枱/梳粧臺/梳粧台/梳粧檯/梳粧枱) 梳妝/梳粧 ///
simp. (梳妆台) 梳妆