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U+BC15, 박
Composition: + +
Dubeolsik input:q-k-r

Hangul Syllables



  • IPA(key)[pa̠k̚]
  • Phonetic Hangul[]
Revised Romanization? bak
Revised Romanization (translit.)? bag
McCune–Reischauer? pak
Yale Romanization? pak

Etymology 1[edit]

미 ←→ 배



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

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Of native Korean origin.



  1. gourd; calabash
  2. gourd shell (dried hard and used as a bottle, dipper, etc.)
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 3[edit]

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Wikipedia ko
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Sino-Korean word from

Proper noun[edit]

(Bak) (hanja )

  1. A surname​.
Usage notes[edit]

Also romanized as Park or Pak. May be derived from 밝다 (bakda).

Korean word 박[edit]

  • 박다 (bakda): to hammer, to put (hit) something strongly to the ground or wall; (slang) to fuck (to have sex with someone)
  • 박치기 (bakchigi) headbutting
  • 두레박 (durebak) draw bucket
  • 박쥐 (bakjwi): bat

Sino-Korean 박[edit]

  • 박자 (bakja): rhythm, beat
  • 박동 (bakdong): heartbeat
  • 박진감 (bakjin-gam): liveliness, exciting, dynamic
  • 박장대소 (bakjangdaeso): to applaud with laughter
  • 박력 (bangnyeok): have power, driven, energetic
  • 박물관 (bangmulgwan): museum
  • 박람회 (bangnamhoe): exposition, exhibition
  • 박사 (baksa): doctor's degree, PhD
  • 박해 (bakhae): to persecute someone, to oppress
  • 박멸 (bangmyeol): extermination, eradication
  • 박수 (baksu): to clap one's hands, to applaud
  • 강박 (gangbak): obsession
  • 박빙 (bakbing): close game, neck and neck
  • 박살 (baksal): to smash, shatter into pieces
  • 박식 (baksik): knowledgeable, 박학다식 (bakhakdasik): versatile
  • 박대 (bakdae): to treat poorly, inhospitable
  • 도박 (dobak): gamble
  • 박탈 (baktal): deprive of, to be taken away
  • 박제 (bakje): taxidermied (stuffed)
  • 박격포 (bakgyeokpo): mortar
  • 박애주의 (bagaejuui): philanthropist

English 박[edit]

Etymology 4[edit]

Korean reading of various Chinese characters.



  1. : Surname in Korea,bark of a tree
    (eumhun reading: 나무껍질 (namukkeopjil bak))
  2. : to stay; to remain
    (eumhun reading: 머무를 (meomureul bak))
  3. : to clap; beat or rhythm
    (eumhun reading: (chil bak))
  4. : to persecute
    (eumhun reading: 핍박할 (pipbakhal bak))
  5. : bark of a tree
    (eumhun reading: 나무껍질 (namukkeopjil bak))
  6. : wide; broad; spacious
    (eumhun reading: 넓을 (neolbeul bak))
  7. : slim; thin
    (eumhun reading: 엷다 (yeolda bak))
  8. : amber
    (eumhun reading: 호박 (hobak bak))
  9. : to hit; to strike; to punch
    (eumhun reading: (chil bak))
  10. : unrefined precious stone
    (eumhun reading: 옥돌 (okdol bak))
  11. : thin sheet of metal
    (eumhun reading: 금박 (geumbak bak))
  12. : vessel; ship
    (eumhun reading: (bae bak))
  13. : to remove; to peel; to strip
    (eumhun reading: 벗길 (beotgil bak))
  14. : simple; naive; innocent
    (eumhun reading: 순박할 (sunbakhal bak))
  15. : reed screen; foil
    (eumhun reading: (bal bak))
  16. : lees; dreg; sediment
    (eumhun reading: 지게미 (jigemi bak))
  17. : to tie
    (eumhun reading: 얽을 (eolgeul bak))
  18. : forearm
    (eumhun reading: 팔뚝 (palttuk bak))
  19. : hail
    (eumhun reading: 우박 (ubak bak))
  20. : to refute; to rebut
    (eumhun reading: 논박할 (nonbakhal bak))
  21. : placename in ancient China
    (eumhun reading: 땅이름 (ttang-ireum bak))
  22. : supporting element used in traditional wooden construction
    (eumhun reading: 두공 (dugong bak))
  23. : A gable
    (eumhun reading: 박공 (bakgong bak))
  24. : Bell
    (eumhun reading: (jong bak))
  25. : refute,rebut
    (eumhun reading: 논박할 (nonbakhal bak))
  26. : Shoulder Joint Bone
    (eumhun reading: 어깻죽지뼈 (eokkaetjukjippyeo bak))
  27. : to knock; to beat; to tap
    (eumhun reading: 두드릴 (dudeuril bak))
  28. : to chew
    (eumhun reading: 씹을 (ssibeul bak))