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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
m The 18th letter of the Serbo-Croatian Latin a ... Serbian*
м The 15th letter of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrilli ... Serbian*
мацан (hypocoristic) tomcat
Madagaskar Madagascar Croatian
Мадагаскар Madagascar
мадеж mole (on skin)
madrac mattress Bosnian,Serbian
мадрац mattress Serbian
Madrid Madrid
Мадрид Madrid
Madžar Hungarian (person)
Маџар Hungarian (person)
Madžarska Hungary
Маџарска Hungary
мафија mafia
magarac donkey Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
магарац donkey Serbian
magare little donkey Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
магаре little donkey
магија magic
magla fog Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
магла fog Serbian
maglica fog, mist
маглица fog, mist
mahala city block
махала city block
mahovina moss
маховина moss
majica T-shirt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мајица T-shirt Serbian
мајка mother Serbian
majkin mother's Croatian
majmun monkey (primate) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мајмун monkey (primate) Serbian
majmunski monkeyish
мајмунски monkeyish
majoneza mayonnaise (a dressing made from raw egg yolk ...
мајонеза mayonnaise (a dressing made from raw egg yolk ...
major (military, Bosnian, Serbian) major (rank) tag
majstor master (in a particular art, skill or a filed ...
мајстор master (in a particular art, skill or a filed ...
majčinski maternal, motherly Croatian
мајчински maternal, motherly
mak poppy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мак poppy Serbian
makar at least Croatian
макар at least
Makedonac Macedonian (person)
Македонац Macedonian (person)
Makedonija Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Македонија Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Serbian
makedonski Macedonian Bosnian,Serbian
македонски Macedonian Serbian
maknuti (transitive) to take away, remove, displa ... Croatian*
макнути (transitive) to take away, remove, displa ...
makovnjača poppyseed cake (makowiec)
маковњача poppyseed cake (makowiec)
maksimalan maximal
максималан maximal
mal small Croatian
мал small
Mala Azija Asia Minor Croatian
Мала Азија Asia Minor
malajski Malay
малајски Malay
malarija malaria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
маларија malaria Serbian
malen small Croatian
мален small
Malezija Malaysia Croatian
Малезија Malaysia
Mali Mali Croatian
Мали Mali
Malijac Malian
Малијац Malian
malijski Malian
малијски Malian
malina raspberry (fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
малина raspberry (fruit) Serbian
malo a little, few, some Bosnian,Croatian
мало a little, few, some
malobrojan small in numbers; sparse
малобројан small in numbers; sparse
malodušan cowardly, faint-hearted, pusillanimity
малодушан cowardly, faint-hearted, pusillanimity
malodušje (uncountable) cowardice, faintheartedness ...
малодушје (uncountable) cowardice, faintheartedness ...
malodušno despondently
малодушно despondently
malograđanin petty bourgeois, member of the lower middle c ...
малограђанин petty bourgeois, member of the lower middle c ...
malograđanka petty bourgeois, member of the lower middle c ...
малограђанка petty bourgeois, member of the lower middle c ...
malograđanski in a manner of petty bourgeois
малограђански in a manner of petty bourgeois
maloletnica minor, juvenile tag
малолетница minor, juvenile
maloletnik minor, juvenile tag
малолетник minor, juvenile
maloletnički minor, juvenile (of or pertaining to minors/j ... tag
малолетнички minor, juvenile (of or pertaining to minors/j ...
maloljetnica minor, juvenile tag Croatian
малољетница minor, juvenile
maloljetnik minor, juvenile tag Croatian
малољетник minor, juvenile
maloljetnički minor, juvenile (of or pertaining to minors/j ... tag
малољетнички minor, juvenile (of or pertaining to minors/j ...
malopre just a while ago tag
малопре just a while ago
maloprije just a while ago tag
малоприје just a while ago
malouman feeble-minded, retarded, moronic, idiotic
малоуман feeble-minded, retarded, moronic, idiotic
maloumnik feeble-minded person; moron, imbecile, idiot
малоумник feeble-minded person; moron, imbecile, idiot
maloumnost (uncountable) feeble-mindedness, retardat ...
малоумност (uncountable) feeble-mindedness, retardat ...
maločas just a moment ago; recently
малочас just a moment ago; recently
Malta Malta Croatian
Малта Malta
malteški Maltese
малтешки Maltese
Maltežanin Maltese (person)
Малтежанин Maltese (person)
mama mom Bosnian,Serbian
мама mom Serbian
mamiti (transitive) to lure, entice Croatian
мамити (transitive) to lure, entice
mana fault, defect, shortcoming Croatian
мана fault, defect, shortcoming
manastirski monastic, conventual
манастирски monastic, conventual
mandarina mandarin; mandarine Serbian Bosnian
мандарина mandarin; mandarine Serbian
mandarinski of or pertaining to mandarins Bosnian,Serbian
мандарински of or pertaining to mandarins Serbian
mandat mandate
мандат mandate
manijak maniac
манијак maniac
манипулација manipulation
manjak deficiency Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мањак deficiency Serbian
manjina minority Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мањина minority Serbian
maorski Maori
маорски Maori
mapa map (visual representation of an area, map, s ...
мапа map (visual representation of an area, map, s ...
mar diligence
мар diligence
marama kerchief Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
марама kerchief Serbian
maramica handkerchief Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
марамица handkerchief Serbian
maran industrious, diligent
маран industrious, diligent
марелица apricot (fruit)
marginalan marginal
маргиналан marginal
marifetluk sleight, trick, skill (especially of adapting ...
марифетлук sleight, trick, skill (especially of adapting ...
marihuana (uncountable) marijuana Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
марихуана (uncountable) marijuana Serbian
marimba marimba
маримба marimba
mariti (intransitive)} to care, be concerned
марити (intransitive)} to care, be concerned
marka mark (Deutschmark) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
марка mark (Deutschmark) Serbian
marljiv industrious, diligent
марљив industrious, diligent
marljivo industriously, diligently
марљиво industriously, diligently
marljivost (uncountable) diligence
марљивост (uncountable) diligence
marmelada marmelade Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мармелада marmelade Serbian
Marokanac Moroccan
Мароканац Moroccan
marokanski Moroccan
марокански Moroccan
Maroko Morocco Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Мароко Morocco Serbian
Mars Mars (planet, Roman god) Bosnian,Serbian
Марс Mars (planet, Roman god) Serbian
marš march
марш march
masa mass
маса mass
masiv massif
масив massif
masivan massive
масиван massive
masivno massively
масивно massively
maska mask Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
маска mask Serbian
maslačak dandelion Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
маслачак dandelion Serbian
maslina olive Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
маслина olive Serbian
maslinik olive grove Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
маслиник olive grove Serbian
maslinjak olive grove Bosnian,Serbian
маслињак olive grove Serbian
masna kiselina fatty acid
масна киселина fatty acid
masovan mass, massive, collective Croatian
масован mass, massive, collective
masovno massively
масовно massively
masturbacija masturbation Croatian
мастурбација masturbation
masturbirati to masturbate Croatian
matematika mathematics Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
математика mathematics Serbian
matematičar mathematician Croatian
математичар mathematician
matematičarka mathematician (female) Croatian
математичарка mathematician (female)
mater (sh-form-noun, a, s, mati) Bosnian,Serbian
матер (sh-form-noun, a, s, мати) Serbian
matera (sh-form-noun, g, p, mati)
матера (sh-form-noun, g, p, мати)
materama (sh-form-noun, d, p, mati)
матерама (sh-form-noun, d, p, мати)
matere (sh-form-noun, g, p, mati)
матере (sh-form-noun, g, s, мати)
materi (sh-form-noun, d, s, mati)
матери (sh-form-noun, d, s, мати)
materija (uncountable, physics) matter Croatian
материја (uncountable, physics) matter
materijal material Croatian
материјал material
materijalan material Croatian
материјалан material
materijalno materially
материјално materially
materom (sh-form-noun, s, mati)
матером (sh-form-noun, s, мати)
mati mother Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мати mother
matica queen (insects)
матица queen (insects)
matrica matrix Croatian
матрица matrix
matrice (sh-form-noun, nom, p, matrica)
matrijarhalni matriarchal
матријархални matriarchal
Mauricijus Mauritius Croatian
Маурицијус Mauritius
maćeha stepmother
маћеха stepmother
maći Alternative infinitive of (maknuti, màknuti). Croatian
маћи Alternative infinitive of {{i|макнути|ма̀кнут ...
mač sword tag Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
mačak a male cat; tomcat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мачак a male cat; tomcat Serbian
mačevalac fencer (sports)
мачевалац fencer (sports)
mačevanje fencing (sports) Croatian
мачевање fencing (sports)
mačji kašalj (idiomatic) piece of cake
мачји кашаљ (idiomatic) piece of cake
mačji feline
мачји feline
mačka cat (animal) Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
мачка cat (animal) Serbian
Mađar Hungarian (person)
Мађар Hungarian (person)
Mađarska Hungary Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Мађарска Hungary Serbian
mađarski Hungarian Bosnian,Serbian
мађарски Hungarian Serbian
mašiti (reflexive) to reach for, grab (an object ...
машити (reflexive) to reach for, grab (an object ...
машта imagination
maštovit imaginative
маштовит imaginative
ме of me (genitive singular of (ја, ја̑, I))
med honey Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
мед honey Serbian
медаља medal (stamped metal disc)
meden made with honey
меден made with honey
medicina (uncountable) medicine (science) Croatian
медицина (uncountable) medicine (science)
medicinski medical, medicinal
медицински medical, medicinal
медиј medium
медијан median (measure of central tendency)
meditacija meditation Serbian
медитација meditation
Mediteran Mediterranean Sea
Медитеран Mediterranean Sea
mediteranski Mediterranean
медитерански Mediterranean
meduza jellyfish
медуза jellyfish
medved bear (mammal) tag Serbian Croatian
medvedica she-bear tag
медведица she-bear
medvedić bear cub tag
медведић bear cub
medveđi ursine (of, pertaining to or characteristic o ... tag
медвеђи ursine (of, pertaining to or characteristic o ...
medvjed bear (mammal) tag Croatian,Serbian Bosnian
medvjedica she-bear tag
медвједица she-bear
medvjedić bear cub tag
медвједић bear cub
medvjeđi ursine (of, pertaining to or characteristic o ... tag
медвјеђи ursine (of, pertaining to or characteristic o ...
megabajt megabyte
мегабајт megabyte
mehanika (uncountable) mechanics Croatian
механика (uncountable) mechanics
mehanizam mechanism Croatian
механизам mechanism
mehaničar mechanic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
механичар mechanic Serbian
mehanički mechanical
механички mechanical
Mehmed (given name, male), variant of Muhammad Bosnian
mehur bubble tag
мехур bubble
mehurast bubble-like tag
мехураст bubble-like
mehurić a small bubble; vesicle tag
мехурић a small bubble; vesicle
mek soft Croatian
мек soft
Meka Mecca (city) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Мека Mecca (city) Serbian
Meksikanac Mexican (person from Mexico)
Мексиканац Mexican (person from Mexico)
meksikanski Mexican
мексикански Mexican
Meksiko Mexico Bosnian,Serbian
Мексико Mexico Serbian
meksički Mexican Croatian
мексички Mexican
мекушац mollusc Serbian
melek angel
мелек angel
meleć (Islam) angel
мелећ (Islam) angel
melodija (music) melody Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мелодија (music) melody Serbian
membrana membrane Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мембрана membrane Serbian
мене of me (genitive singular of (ја, ја̑, I))
мени menu
menjati (transitive, reflexive) to change tag
мењати (transitive, reflexive) to change
mentalitet mentality
менталитет mentality
mentalni mental
ментални mental
mera measure tag Croatian,Serbian
мера measure Serbian
merač measurer, surveyor tag
мерач measurer, surveyor
merilac measurer, surveyor tag
мерилац measurer, surveyor
merilo measure tag
мерило measure
meriti (transitive) to measure tag
мерити (transitive) to measure
Merkur Mercury (planet, Roman god) Bosnian,Serbian
Меркур Mercury (planet, Roman god) Serbian
merljiv measurable tag
мерљив measurable
меронимија (semantics) meronymy
mesar butcher Croatian
месар butcher
mesec moon tag Serbian
месец moon Serbian
mesečarstvo somnambulism tag
месечарство somnambulism
mesečina moonlight tag
месечина moonlight
mesnat meaty
меснат meaty
meso meat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
месо meat Serbian
mesti (ambitransitive) to sweep Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мести (ambitransitive) to sweep Serbian
mestimice here and there, in places tag
местимице here and there, in places
mesto place (location, position) tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
место place (location, position) Serbian
meta target Croatian
мета target
metafizika metaphysics
метафизика metaphysics
метафора metaphor
metajezik metalanguage
метајезик metalanguage
metak bullet Bosnian,Serbian
метак bullet Serbian
metakarpus metacarpus
метакарпус metacarpus
metal (chemistry) metal Croatian
метал (chemistry) metal
metalac metalworker
металац metalworker
metalan metal (made of, or resembling)
металан metal (made of, or resembling)
metalografija metallography
металографија metallography
metan (chemistry, uncountable) methane (CH₄)
метан (uncountable) methane
metanol (uncountable) methanol
метанол (uncountable) methanol
metar meter (device that measures; unit of length) Croatian
метар meter (device that measures; unit of length)
metastaza metastasis
метастаза metastasis
metempsihoza metempsychosis
метемпсихоза metempsychosis
meteor (astronomy) meteor Bosnian,Serbian
метеор (astronomy) meteor Serbian
meteorit meteorite
метеорит meteorite
meteorograf meteorograph
метеорограф meteorograph
meteorolog meteorologist
метеоролог meteorologist
metil (uncountable) methyl
метил (uncountable) methyl
metionin (uncountable) methionine
метионин (uncountable) methionine
metla broom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
метла broom Serbian
metodist Methodist
методист Methodist
metodičar methodologist
методичар methodologist
metodologija methodology
методологија methodology
metodološki methodological
методолошки methodological
metonimija metonymy
метонимија metonymy
metrika (algebra) metric
метрика (algebra) metric
metro metro
метро metro
metronom metronome
метроном metronome
metropola metropolis
метропола metropolis
metropolis A metropolis
метрополис metropolis
mećava snowstorm, blizzard
мећава snowstorm, blizzard
meč (Chakavian) sword tag Bosnian Croatian*,Serbian
меч match (sporting event) Serbian
međa border, boundary
међа border, boundary
međica (anatomy) perineum Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
међица (anatomy) perineum Serbian
među (+ dative) among Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
међу (+ dative) among Serbian
međunarodni international
међународни international
međutim however, on the other hand
међутим however, on the other hand
međuvreme meantime, interval tag
међувреме meantime, interval
međuvrijeme meantime, interval tag
међувријеме meantime, interval
mešalica mixer, blender tag Serbian
мешалица mixer, blender Serbian
mešati (transitive) to mix, blend, mingle tag
мешати (transitive) to mix, blend, mingle
mešavina mixture tag Serbian
мешавина mixture Serbian
ми we
micati (transitive) to take away, remove, displa ... Croatian*
мицати (transitive) to take away, remove, displa ...
mig wink Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
миг wink Serbian
mijazam miasma
мијазам miasma
mijenjati (transitive, reflexive) to change tag
мијењати (transitive, reflexive) to change
miješalica mixer, blender tag
мијешалица mixer, blender
miješati (transitive) to mix, blend, mingle tag
мијешати (transitive) to mix, blend, mingle
mikrob microbe Croatian
микроб microbe
mikroskop microscope Croatian
микроскоп microscope
milijarda milliard, billion (thousand millions)
милијарда milliard, billion (thousand millions)
milijarder billionaire (somone whose wealth exceeds a bi ...
милијардер billionaire (somone whose wealth exceeds a bi ...
milijun (Croatian) million tag
милијун (Croatian) million tag
milimetar millimetre
милиметар millimetre
milion (Bosnian, Serbian) million tag
милион (Bosnian, Serbian) million tag
milosrdan merciful, compassionate
милосрдан merciful, compassionate
milosrdnost (uncountable) compassion
милосрдност (uncountable) compassion
milosrđe compassion Croatian*
милосрђе compassion
milovati (transitive) to caress, fondle
миловати (transitive) to caress, fondle
Miloš (given name, male).
Милош (given name, male).
Milošević (surname)
Милошевић (surname)
mimar architect Bosnian,Serbian
мимар architect Serbian
mimo by, past (+ genitive; of movement in relation ...
мимо by, past (+ genitive; of movement in relation ...
Minhen (Bosnian, Serbian) Munich, the capital ci ... tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Минхен (Bosnian, Serbian) Munich, the capital ci ... tag Serbian
minijatura miniature
минијатура miniature
minijaturni miniature
минијатурни miniature
minimalan minimal
минималан minimal
ministar minister (in a government)
министар minister (in a government)
ministarstvo ministry
министарство ministry
minus minus sign
минус minus sign
minđuha earring
минђуха earring
minđuša earring
минђуша earring
mio dear Croatian
мио dear
mir peace Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мир peace Serbian
miran motionless Croatian
миран motionless
miraz dowry Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
мираз dowry Serbian
miris smell, odor
мирис smell, odor
mirisan scented, perfumed
мирисан scented, perfumed
miriti (transitive) to reconcile
мирити (transitive) to reconcile
mirno peacefully
мирно peacefully
mirnoća quietness, calmness Croatian
мирноћа quietness, calmness
miroljubiv peaceful, peaceable, pacific
мирољубив peaceful, peaceable, pacific
miroljubivost (uncountable) peaceableness, peacefulness
мирољубивост (uncountable) peaceableness, peacefulness
mirotvorac peacemaker, pacifier
миротворац peacemaker, pacifier
mirotvorka peacemaker, pacifist (female)
миротворка peacemaker, pacifist (female)
mirovina (Croatian) pension (regular payment as re ... tag Croatian
мировина (Croatian) pension (regular payment as re ... tag
mirovni peace (of, pertaining to or contributing to)
мировни peace (of, pertaining to or contributing to)
мисао thought Serbian
мисија mission
Misir (uncountable) Egypt
Мисир (uncountable) Egypt
misirski Egyptian
мисирски Egyptian
mislilac thinker
мислилац thinker
misliti to think Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
мислити to think Serbian
misterij mystery
мистериј mystery
misteriozan mysterious
мистериозан mysterious
misto (Chakavian, Ikavian) place (location, po ... tag Croatian*
mit myth Croatian
мит myth
mito bribe Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мито bribe Serbian
mitraljez heavy machine-gun Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
митраљез heavy machine-gun Serbian
miš mouse Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
миш mouse Serbian
mišar buzzard
мишар buzzard
mišica mouse (female)
мишица mouse (female)
mišić muscle Bosnian,Serbian
мишић muscle Serbian
mišićav muscular (having strong muscles) Croatian
мишићав muscular (having strong muscles)
mišićni muscular (of or related to muscles) Croatian
мишићни muscular (of or related to muscles)
mišji mouse's, of a mouse
мишји mouse's, of a mouse
mišljenje opinion Croatian
мишљење opinion
mišolovka mousetrap Croatian
мишоловка mousetrap
mjehur bubble tag
мјехур bubble
mjehurast bubble-like tag
мјехураст bubble-like
mjehurić a small bubble; vesicle tag
мјехурић a small bubble; vesicle
mjera measure tag Bosnian,Croatian
мјера measure
mjerač measurer, surveyor tag
мјерач measurer, surveyor
mjerilac measurer, surveyor tag
мјерилац measurer, surveyor
mjerilo measure tag Croatian
мјерило measure
mjeriti (transitive) to measure tag
мјерити (transitive) to measure
mjerljiv measurable tag
мјерљив measurable
mjesec moon tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мјесец moon Serbian
mjesečarstvo somnambulism tag Croatian
мјесечарство somnambulism
mjesečina moonlight tag
мјесечина moonlight
mjestimice here and there, in places tag Croatian
мјестимице here and there, in places
мјесто place (location, position)
mješavina mixture tag
мјешавина mixture
mlad young Croatian
млад young
mlada bride Bosnian Croatian,Serbian
млада bride Serbian
mladac a young man Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
младац a young man Serbian
mladež (uncountable) youth (young people) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
младеж (uncountable) youth (young people) Serbian
mladić young man, lad Bosnian,Serbian
младић young man, lad Serbian
mladost youth (quality or state of being young; young ... Croatian
младост youth (quality or state of being young; young ...
mladoženja groom (man about to be married) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
младожења groom (man about to be married) Serbian
mladunče animal young
младунче animal young
mlak tepid, lukewarm
млак tepid, lukewarm
mlaz spurt, gush, jet (of liquid)
млаз spurt, gush (of liquid)
mlekar milkman tag
млекар milkman
mleko (uncountable) milk tag Serbian
млеко (uncountable) milk Serbian
mletački of or pertaining to the Republic of Venice
млетачки of or pertaining to the Republic of Venice
mleti (intransitive) to grind, mill tag
млети (intransitive) to grind, mill
mleč milt (fish semen) tag
млеч milt (fish semen)
mlijeko (uncountable) milk tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
млијеко (uncountable) milk Serbian
mliječ milt (fish semen) tag
млијеч milt (fish semen)
mliko (Chakavian, Ikavian) milk tag Croatian*
mlin mill Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
млин mill Serbian
mlitav languid, slack, inert, sluggish
млитав languid, slack, inert, sluggish
mlitavac lukewarm, slack, sluggish, slack or irresolut ...
млитавац lukewarm, slack, sluggish, slack or irresolut ...
mlitavost (uncountable) inertness, sluggishness, fe ...
млитавост (uncountable) inertness, sluggishness, fe ...
mljekar milkman tag
мљекар milkman
mljeti (intransitive) to grind, mill tag Bosnian,Croatian
мљети (intransitive) to grind, mill
mlohav loose, limp, flagging, slick, languishing
млохав loose, limp, flagging, slick, languishing
mnenje (usually, uncountable) the result of the p ... tag
мнење (usually, uncountable) the result of the p ...
mnijenje (usually, uncountable) the result of the p ... tag Croatian
мнијење (usually, uncountable) the result of the p ...
mnogi many Croatian
многи many
mnogo much, many, a great deal of Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
много much, many, a great deal of Serbian
mnogobrojan numerous, many
многобројан numerous, many
mnogoljudan densely populated
многољудан densely populated
mnogomuštvo polyandry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
многомуштво polyandry Serbian
mnogostran many-sided, multilateral
многостран many-sided, multilateral
mnogostruk manifold
многострук manifold
mnogostrukost multiplicity Croatian
многострукост multiplicity
mnogovrstan varied, of many kinds/sorts/qualities
многоврстан varied, of many kinds/sorts/qualities
mnogoženstvo polygyny Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
многоженство polygyny Serbian
мном (with) me (instrumental singular of {{i|ја|ја ...
мноме (with) me (instrumental singular of {{i|ја|ја ...
mnoštvo multitude, crowd Croatian
мноштво multitude, crowd
množina plural Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
множина plural Serbian
množiti (transitive) to multiply (numbers)
множити (transitive) to multiply (numbers)
množiv multipliable
множив multipliable
mobilan mobile, movable Croatian
мобилан mobile, movable
mobilizacija mobilization
мобилизација mobilization
mobilnost mobility
мобилност mobility
moda (uncountable) fashion Croatian
мода (uncountable) fashion
modar blue
модар blue
model model
модел model
modem modem
модем modem
moderan modern Croatian
модеран modern
modernizacija modernization
модернизација modernization
modernizam modernism Croatian
модернизам modernism
modifikacija modification
модификација modification
modrina (uncountable) blueness (esp. of sky or sea)
модрина (uncountable) blueness (esp. of sky or sea)
mogranj pomegranate
мограњ pomegranate
moguć possible tag Croatian*
могућ possible
moguće possibly Croatian
могуће possibly
mogućnost possibility Croatian
могућност possibility
Mohikanac Mohican (indigenous North American)
Мохиканац Mohican (indigenous North American)
moj my, mine Croatian
мој my, mine
Mojsije Moses
Мојсије Moses
mokar wet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мокар wet Serbian
mokraća urine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мокраћа urine Serbian
molba request, favor Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian*
молба request, favor Serbian
Moldavija Moldova Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Молдавија Moldova Serbian
молекула (chemistry) molecule
moliti (transitive) to ask, request Croatian
молити (transitive) to ask, request
molitva prayer Bosnian,Serbian
молитва prayer Serbian
moljac moth Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мољац moth Serbian
momak a young man, lad Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
момак a young man, lad Serbian
momčad team, crew (collective for (momče, mòmče)) tag Croatian
момчад team, crew
momče young man Croatian
момче young man
monah monk, monastic (especially Orthodox)
монах monk, monastic (especially Orthodox)
Monako Monaco (country and capital city of that co ... tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
монарх monarch, sovereign
monarhija monarchy
монархија monarchy
Mongol Mongolian (person)
Монгол Mongolian (person)
Mongolija Mongolia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Монголија Mongolia Serbian
Mongolka Mongolian (female person)
Монголка Mongolian (female person)
mongolski Mongolian
монголски Mongolian
монофтонгизација (phonology) monophthongization
monografija monograph
монографија monograph
monolog monologue
монолог monologue
monopol (economics) monopoly
монопол (economics) monopoly
monoteizam monotheism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
монотеизам monotheism Serbian
monoton monotonous
монотон monotonous
monotonija monotony
монотонија monotony
monstrum monster
монструм monster
monsun monsoon
монсун monsoon
mora nightmare Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мора nightmare Serbian
moral (uncountable) moral
морал (uncountable) moral
moralan moral
моралан moral
moralno morally
морално morally
morati to have to; must Croatian
морати to have to; must
more sea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
море sea Serbian
moreplovac seaman, seafarer
морепловац seaman, seafarer
Morfej Morpheus (Greek god of dreams)
Морфеј Morpheus (Greek god of dreams)
mornar sailor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
морнар sailor Serbian
mornarica navy (sea force) Croatian
морнарица navy (sea force)
morski of or pertaining to the sea; marine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
morski šipak pomegranate Bosnian,Serbian
морски шипак pomegranate Serbian
морски of or pertaining to the sea; marine Serbian
mortalitet mortality
морталитет mortality
morž walrus Croatian
морж walrus
moskovski of or pertaining to Moscow or its citizens
московски of or pertaining to Moscow or its citizens
Moskva Moscow (capital of Russia) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Москва Moscow (capital of Russia) Serbian
мост bridge (construction or natural feature that ... Serbian
motati (transitive) to wind up, roll up
мотати (transitive) to wind up, roll up
motel motelmotel
мотел motel
motika hoe (gardening tool) Bosnian,Serbian
мотика hoe (gardening tool) Serbian
motiv motive (incentive to act) Croatian
мотив motive (incentive to act)
motka pole (long and slender piece of wood)
мотка pole (long and slender piece of wood)
motor motor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мотор motor Serbian
motriti (transitive) to observe, watch
мотрити (transitive) to observe, watch
mozaik mosaic Bosnian,Serbian
мозаик mosaic Serbian
mozak brain (organ) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мозак brain (organ) Serbian
Mozambik Mozambique Croatian
Мозамбик Mozambique
moć power Croatian
моћ power
moćan powerful, mighty, strong
моћан powerful, mighty, strong
moći (intransitive) to be able to Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
моћи (intransitive) to be able to Serbian
moćnik a powerful and influential person
моћник a powerful and influential person
moćno powerfully
моћно powerfully
močiti (transitive) to soak, steep
мочити (transitive) to soak, steep
močvara swamp Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мочвара swamp Serbian
močvaran swampy Croatian
мочваран swampy
mošeja mosque
мошеја mosque
možda perhaps, maybe
можда perhaps, maybe
mrak dark, darkness Croatian
мрак dark, darkness
mramor marble (stone) Bosnian,Serbian
мрамор marble (stone) Serbian
mrav ant Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мрав ant Serbian
mraz frost Croatian
мраз frost
mračan dark, gloomy Croatian
мрачан dark, gloomy
mračiti (transitive, reflexive) to darken
мрачити (transitive, reflexive) to darken
mračno darkly, gloomily
мрачно darkly, gloomily
mreti (intransitive) to die (by natural or viol ... tag
мрети (intransitive) to die (by natural or viol ...
mreža hammock Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мрежа hammock Serbian
mrijeti (intransitive) to die (by natural or viol ... tag
мријети (intransitive) to die (by natural or viol ...
mrk brown, dark, umber (color)
мрк brown, dark, umber (color)
мрква carrot tag Serbian
mrtav dead, deceased Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мртав dead, deceased Serbian
mrtvac a dead person; corpse
мртвац a dead person; corpse
mrtvačnica morgue, mortuary
мртвачница morgue, mortuary
mrtvorođenče stillborn child
мртворођенче stillborn child
mrva crumb
мрва crumb
mrvica a small crumb
мрвица a small crumb
mrviti to crush Croatian
mrzak odious, hateful
мрзак odious, hateful
mrzeti (ambitransitive, reflexive) to hate tag Serbian
мрзети (ambitransitive, reflexive) to hate Serbian
mrziti (ambitransitive, reflexive) to hate tag Bosnian,Croatian*
мрзити (ambitransitive, reflexive) to hate
mršav thin, lean
мршав thin, lean
mržnja hatred Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мржња hatred Serbian
mu to him (clitic dative singular of {{i|on|ȏn|h ...
му to him (clitic dative singular of {{i|он|о̑н| ...
mudar wise Croatian
мудар wise
mudo (usually plural) (anatomy) testicle
мудо (usually plural) (anatomy) testicle
mudrac a wise, enlightened man Croatian
мудрац a wise, enlightened man
mudrost wisdom
мудрост wisdom
mudžahedin mujahid Croatian
муџахедин mujahid
muha (Croatian, Bosnian) fly (insect) tag Bosnian,Croatian
муха (Croatian, Bosnian) fly (insect) tag
muka pain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мука pain Serbian
mulj silt Bosnian,Serbian
муљ silt Serbian
mumija mummy (embalmed corpse) Bosnian,Serbian
мумија mummy (embalmed corpse) Serbian
municija ammunition
муниција ammunition
munja lightning Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
муња lightning Serbian
murva mulberry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мурва mulberry Serbian
muskulozan muscular (having strong muscles) Croatian
мускулозан muscular (having strong muscles)
musliman a male follower of Islam; a Muslim. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
муслиман a male follower of Islam; a Muslim. Serbian
muslimanka a female follower of Islam; a Muslim. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
муслиманка a female follower of Islam; a Muslim. Serbian
muslimanski Muslim Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
муслимански Muslim Serbian
musti (ambitransitive) to milk Croatian
мусти (ambitransitive) to milk
mutacija mutation
мутација mutation
mutan unclear, vague
мутан unclear, vague
mutav tongue-tied
мутав tongue-tied
muva (Bosnian, Serbian) fly (insect) tag Serbian
мува (Bosnian, Serbian) fly (insect) tag Serbian
muzej museum Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
музеј museum Serbian
muzejski of or pertaining to museum Croatian
музејски of or pertaining to museum
muzika music Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
музика music Serbian
muzikalan musical
музикалан musical
mučen tortured, tormented
мучен tortured, tormented
mučenica martyr
мученица martyr
mučenik martyr Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
мученик martyr Serbian
mučenički martyrial
мученички martyrial
mučeništvo martyrdom
мучеништво martyrdom
mučitelj torturer, tormentor
мучитељ torturer, tormentor
mučiteljica torturer, tormentress
мучитељица torturer, tormentress
mučiti (transitive) to torture, torment
мучити (transitive) to torture, torment
mušičav capricious
мушичав capricious
muškarac male, man Croatian
мушкарац male, man
mušterija customer, buyer
муштерија customer, buyer
muž husband Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
муж husband Serbian
muževan masculine, manly, virile
мужеван masculine, manly, virile
mužjak male Croatian
мужјак male