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F fabianite Fabian system fabric fabricator fabric element fabric-type dust collector face face-airing face area face belt conveyor face belt joints face boss face cleat face concentration face conveyor faced crystal face-discharge bit face-ejection bit face entry face equipment face half and half face hammer face haulage face height face left facellite face loading pan face mechanization face of hole face-on face on end face right face run face sampling face shovel equipment face signal face signaling face slip face stone facet faceted boulder faceted pebble faceted spur face timbering faceting machine face transfer point face wall facies facies change facies contour facies fauna facies fossil facies map facing facing of strata fact cut factor of safety Fagersta cut faheyite fahlband fahlerz fahlunite Fahrenheit Fahrenwald machines failed hole failure by rupture fairchildite fairfieldite fairlead fairy stone fake reflection Falconbridge process falding furnace fall fallers fallhammer test falling-head test falling-pin seismometer falling slag fall line fall of ground fall ridder fall table fall velocity fall zone false amethyst false anticline false bedding false bottom false chrysolite false cleavage false diamond false equilibrium false form false galena false gate false gossan false horizon false hyacinth false lapis false lapis lazuli false-leg arches false ruby false stratification false stull false topaz famatinite family fan fan cleavage fan cut fancy fancy lump coal fan drift fan drift doors fan efficiency fan exhaust fan fireman fan fold fang bolt fanglomerate fan laws fanner Fanning's equation Fann viscosimeter fan rating fan scarp fan shaft fan shooting fan static head fan static pressure fan structure fan total head fan total pressure fan velocity pressure Far East Rand farewell rock Farrar process farringtonite fascicular schist fashioned gemstone Fashoda garnet fassaite fast cord fast country fast-delay detonation fast end fast feed fast-feed gear fast gear fast ground fast junking fast line fast powder fast side fat clay fathogram fathometer fatigue fatigue limit fatigue of metals fatigue ratio fat stone fatty amber fatty luster Fauck's boring method fauld faulding boards fault fault basin fault bench fault block fault-block mountain fault breccia fault casing fault complex faulted mountain fault embayment fault escarpment fault fissure fault-fold fault gap fault gouge fault groove fault growth fault heave faulting fault inlier fault line fault-line scarp fault-line valley fault mosaic fault plane fault scarp fault set fault shift fault striae fault strike fault stuff fault surface fault system fault terrace fault trace fault trap fault trend fault trough fault-trough coast fault vein fault wedge faulty structure fault zone fauna faunal faustite Faust jig Fauvelle favas favorable locality fayalite Fayol's theory fea feasibility studies feather alum feather amphibolite feather edge feather ends feather gypsum feather metal feather ore feather quartz feathers of litharge fecal pellet Federov stage feed feed control feed-control valve feed-end blocks feeder feeder and catchers tables feeder breaker feeder circuit feeder connection feeder conveyor feeder trough feeder vein feed gear feedhead feeding baffle feed pressure feed pump feed rate feed ratio feed shaft feed speed feed spindle feed travel feedwater fee engineer feigh feinig feldspar feldspar convention feldspar jig feldspar sunstone feldspar-type washbox feldspathic feldspathic emery feldspathic graywacke feldspathic sandstone feldspathide feldspathization feldspathoid feldstone felite fell feloids felsenmeer felsic felsite felsitic felsitoid felsoebanyaite felsophyre felspar felstone felted felty femic femmer fence diagram fender fenite fenster ferberite ferganite ferghanite fergusonite fermentation fermorite fernandinite Ferraris screen Ferraris truss ferrate Ferrel's law ferreto zone ferric ferric furnace ferricopiapite ferricrete ferricrust ferride ferrierite ferrifayalite ferriferous ferrimagnetism ferrimolybdite ferrinatrite ferrisicklerite ferrisymplesite ferrite ferritization ferritungstite ferriturquoise ferroactinolite ferroalloy ferroalluaudite ferroan dolomite ferroan spinel ferroantigorite ferroboron ferrocarpholite ferrochrome ferrocopiapite ferroeckermannite ferroedenite ferroelectric ferro-ferri-lazulite ferrogabbro ferrohexahydrite ferrohortonolite ferrohypersthene ferrolite ferromagnesian ferromagnesian mineral ferromagnetic material ferromagnetism ferromanganese ferromolybdenum ferrosalite ferroselite ferrosilicon ferrosilite ferrospinel ferrotschermakite ferrous ferrous metallurgy ferrous metals ferrous mineral ferrous oxide ferrovanadium ferroxdure ferruccite ferruginate ferruginous ferruginous chert ferruginous ores ferruginous rock ferruginous sandstone Fersman's law fersmite ferutile fervanite Fery radiation pyrometer fetch fetid fetid calcite fettle fettling feverstein fey fiber fibril fibroblastic fibroferrite fibrogenic dust fibrolite fibrolite cat's-eye fibrous fibrous aggregate fibrous anthraxylon fibrous calcite fibrous gypsum fibrous peat fibrous structure fibrous texture fibrous wax fichtelite fiducial interval fiducial mark fiducial time field field capacity field classification of rocks field compaction trial field geology field investigation fieldite field-laboratory operator field-moisture capacity field work fiery dragon fiery heap fiery mine fifth wheel figure cuts figure stone filar micrometer filiform filiform texture filigree fill filled valley filler filler and drayer fill factor filling film film coefficient film flotation film mica film-sizing tables filter filter aid filter bed filter cake filter-cake texture filter cloth filtered light filter feed trough filtering stone filter loss filter press filter pressing filter pump filter stick filter-type respirator filtrate filtration filtration differentiation filtration rate filty final controlling element final exploration fine fine aggregate fine gold fine-grained fine-grained rocks fine grinder fine grinding fine industrials fine metal fineness fineness factor fineness modulus fines fine sand fine silt fine silver finger finger bar finger bit finger board finger chute finger grip finger lifter finger raise finished steel finish grade finishing jig finishing lime finishing rolls fink truss finnemanite fior di persicor fiorite fire fire agate fire assay fireback fire bank fireblende fire boss firebox firebreak fire breeding firebrick fire bridge fire classification fireclay fired firedamp fire door fired stone fire feeder firefighting plan fire grate fire-heavy fire kiln fireman fire marble fire opal fire-refined copper fire refining fire rib fire runner fire sand fire seal fire setting fire stink firestone fire styth fire up firing firing a mine firing cable firing circuit firing current firing expansion firing impulse firing key firing line firing machine firing point firmament stone first aid first arrival first break first bye first-class lever first-class ore first mining first-order red plate first red plate first water first way first weight first working firth fir-tree bit Fischer-Tropsch process fish fished joint Fisher subsieve sizer fisheye fisheye stone fishing fishing tap fishplates fishtail fishtail bit fishtail structure fissile fissility fission fissionable fissure fissure system fissure vein fitchered fitter fitting fittings fiveling fix fixation fix-bitumens fixed carbon fixed-clip monocable fixed-electrode method fixed-flexible-type carrying idler fixed ground water fixed guides fixed screen fizelyite flag flagger flagging flaggy flagstaffite flagstone flail flake copper flake graphite flake mica flake sulfur flake white flamboyant structure flame flame-coloration tests flame drill method flame emission spectrometry flame hardening flame inhibitor flame kiln flame opal flame photometry flameproof flameproof construction flameproof enclosure flame recorder flame-resistant cable flame safety lamp flame spectrum flame spinel flame spread index flame test flammable flammable fringe flammable mixture of gases flamper flamrich screen flange flange wheel flank flank hole flanking hole flanking hole method flap flapper flapper-topped air crossing flapping flaps flap valve flare-type bucket flaser gabbro flaser structure flash box flash coal dryer flashes flash flood flash opal flash over flashpoint flash roast flash smelting flask flat flat arch flat belt conveyor flat belt idler flat cut flat double cabochon flat drill flat ends flat hole flat idler flatiron flat joint flat lode flatnose shell flat rods flat rope flats flats and pitches flat sheet flattened strand rope flatting flatworking flaw flawless flaxseed ore fleches d'amour fleck fleckschiefer fleet fleet angle fleet wheel fleischerite Fleissner process flexible flexible ducts flexible guides flexible joint flexible sandstone flexible silver ore flexible-type carrying idler flexing Flexlok flexural center flexural slip flexure flexure correction flexure-slip fold flight flight conveyor flight line flight pattern flinders diamond flint flint clay flint mill Flintshire furnace Flintshire process flinty crush rock flinty slate flipping turn flitching flitter flitting wagon float floatability float-and-sink analysis float coal float copper float dust floater float gold floating floating cable floating cone floating control system floating pipeline floating reef floating strainer float mineral float ore floats floatstone float sulfur float valve floc flocculate flocculating flocculating agent flocculation floccule flocculent flocculent deposit flocculent structure Flodin process floe rock flohmig amber floocan flood basalt floodgate flood plain flookan floor floor break floor burst floor cut floor lift floor sill floor station flop gate flora florencite florspar flos ferri floss floss hole flot flotation flotation agent flotation cell flotation conditioning time flotation middlings flotation of crystals flotation oil flotation plane flotation process flotation reagent flotation regulator flotation time Flotol flour agate flour copper floured flour gold flour gypsum flour salt floury alumina flow flowage flowage differentiation flowage fold flowage structure flow banding flow breccia flow characteristic flow cleavage flower of iron flowers of sulfur flow folding flow gneiss flow gradient flowing film concentration flow layer flow line flowmeter flow rate flow roll flowsheet flow stretching flow structure flow texture flow unit F.L.P. flucan flue flue dust fluellite fluid fluidal structure fluidal texture fluid-bed reactor fluid column fluid conveyor coupling fluid cut fluid energy mill fluid inclusion fluidized bed dryer fluidized roasting fluid lubricated fluid pressure fluid ton fluid volume fluid wash flukan fluke fluken flume flumed flummery fluobaryt fluoborite fluocerite fluometry fluor fluoramphibole fluorapatite fluoredenite fluorene fluorescence fluorescent fluorescent lamp fluorescent penetrant inspection fluorhectorite fluoride fluorimetry fluorine fluorite fluormica fluorometer fluoroscope fluoroscopy fluorphologopite fluorspar fluortremolite fluosolids system flush flushing flushing fluid flush-joint casing flush water flute fluted core fluting fluvial fluviatile fluvioglacial fluviolacustrine fluvioterrestrial flux fluxed pellet flux fusion flux-gate magnetometer fluxing fluxing lime fluxing ore fluxing stone fluxion banding fluxion structure flux spoon fluxstone fly gate Flygt pump flying cradle flying reef flying veins flyrock flysch flywheel foam drilling foaming agent foaming earth foam injection foam plug foam spar foamy amber f.o.b. focal sphere focus focused logging device fodder fog quenching foid foig fold fold axis fold breccia fold fault folding fold mountain fold system folia foliate foliated foliation follower chart follower rail following dirt followup tag Follsain process fool's gold foot foot-acre footage block footage per bit foot clamp footeite foot hole footing footman footmark foot rod footwall footwall of a fault footwall shaft foot-yard Foraky boring method Foraky freezing process foram foraminifer foraminifera forbesite forble force forced auxiliary ventilation forced-caving system forced ventilation force lines force majeure force of blow force of crystallization force oscillator force pump forcer forcherite forcing fan forcing lift forcing set forebay forechamber fore drift forehearth foreign coal foreigner foreign inclusion foreland forelimb forelimb thrust forellenstein Forel scale foreman forepole forepoling forepoling girder foreset foreshaft sinking foreshift foreshock foresight foresight hub forest marble forest moss peat forest peat forfeiture forge forge cinder forge iron forge pigs forge roll forge train forge welding fork fork-filled form formanite format formation formation drilling formation level formation resistivity factor formation striae formation water form contour form energy formosa marble fornacite forsterite forsterite refractories forstid forward forward dealing foshagite foshallassite fossick fossicker fossil fossil copal fossil erosion surface fossil flour fossil fuel fossil ice fossiliferous fossilization fossilize fossilized fossilized wood fossil ore fossil paper fossil pineapple fossil resin fossil salt fossil turquoise fossil wax fother foul foul-air duct foul gas fouling fouling position fouls found foundation foundation bolt foundation curb foundation investigation foundation testing founder breccia founding foundry sand four-cutter bit fourfold four-high mill fourling fourmarierite four-piece set four-way dip fowlerite foxbench foyaite fraction fractional crystallization fractional distillation fractional shoveling fractionating column fractionation fractography fracture fracture cleavage fractured formation fractured ground fracture dome fracture porosity fracture stress fracture system fragment fragmental fragmental rock fragmental texture fragmentation framboidal texture frame frame dam framed dam frame set framesite framing table France screen francevillite Franciscan Complex Francisci furnace franckeite Francois sinking process frankdicksonite franklinite Frasch process Frasch sulfur Fraser's air-sand process Fraunhofer lines frautschy bottle freboldite free free acidity free air free-air anomaly free-air correction free-burning coal free cementite free chalk free circulation free crushing free cyanide free-drainage level free end free face free fall free falling free-falling device free fed free ferrite free field stress free gold free haul free-milling free-milling gold free-milling ore free moisture free on board free particles free-piston drive sampler free radical free settling free share free silica free split freestone free streaming free wall free water free-water elevation free-water level free-water surface free way freeze freeze-in freeze proofing freeze sinking freeze-thaw action freeze-up freezing freezing interval freezing method freibergite freieslebenite Fremont etching reagent French chalk French drain French process Frenier sand pump Frenkel defect frenzied frequency factor frequency rate frequency response fresh fresh air fresh-air base freshet fresh water fresh-water limestone fresnoite fretwork freudenbergite Freudenberg plates freyalite friability friable friable amber friable formation friction frictional electricity frictional force frictional grip friction breccia friction factor friction head friction loss friction socket friction yielding prop friedelite friesite fringe water fringing reef Frisbie's feeder frith fritting frog frog size frohbergite frolovite Froment process frondelite front front abutment pressure front-end equipment front-end loader frontland froodite frost action frost-active soil frost boil frost crack frost creep Frost gravimeter frost heaving frosting frost line frost mound frost pin frost splitting frost weathering frost wedging froth frother froth flotation frothing agent frothing collector froth promoter frothy amber Froude's curve frozen frozen coal frozen ground fruchtschiefer Frue vanner frustule fuchsite fucoid fucosite fuel fuel feeder fuel ratio fugitive air fugitive constituent fugitive dust fulcrum fulguration fulgurite full dip fuller's earth full-face blast full-face firing full gage full-seam mining full subsidence full teeter full velocity full-wave rectifier fully developed mine fulminate fueloeppite fulvurite fumarole fume fume quality fundamental complex fundamental jelly fundamental strength fundamental substance fungus subterraneus funicular railway funnel box funnel brick funnel intrusion funnel joint fun-tso-ka fur furgen furnace furnace bridge furnace cadmium furnace charger furnace conveyor furnace holding-the-iron furnace linings furnace losing-the-iron furnace magnesite furnace sprayer furnace stack furnacite furrener furrowed fusain fuse fuse auger fuse cutter fused alumina fused bath electrolysis fuse detonator fused nip fused quartz fused refractories fused trolley tap fuse gage fusehead fuse lighter fuse lock fusibility scale fusible plug fusing point fusinite fusinization fusinoid fusion fusion button test fusion method fusion of clay fusion-piercing drill fusion point fusion tectonite fusion test fusite fusoclarain fusodurain fusovitrain fusuline fusulinid future ore Ga gabbro gabbroid gable-bottom car gabrielsonite gad gadder gadding machine gadolinite gagatite gagatization gage gage cock gage door gage factor gage loss gager gage size gage stone gaging gaging station gahnite gahnospinel gain gaize Gal galactite galaxite gale alidade galeite galena galenite galenobismutite gallatin gallery gallery of efflux gallery testing galliard galliard balls gallite gallium arsenide gallium oxide Galloway stage gallows timber galmei galvanic cell galvanic corrosion galvanic electromagnetic methods galvanize galvanizing galvanoscope galvanothermometer gamagarite gamella gamma gamma-gamma log gammagraphy gamma iron gamma radiation gamma-ray probe gamma rays gamma-ray spectrometer gamma-ray spectrometer log gamma-ray well log gamma-ray well logging gamma sulfur gamma zircon gang gang car gang drill ganger gang filler gang miner gangue gangway gangway cable ganister gannen gantlet gantry Gantt chart gap gape gap packing gap sensitivity gap test garbenschiefer Gardner crusher gargarinite gargulho garland garnet garnet doublet garnetite garnetization garnet jade garnetoid garnierite garrelsite garronite gas gas alarm gas analysis gas bubble gas carburizing gas centrifuge process gas classification gas concrete gas conductor gas detonation system gas drain gas emission gas-emission rate gas enclosure gaseous gaseous diffusion gaseous dispersion pattern gaseous fuel gaseous place gaseous transfer gas evolution gas explosion gas firing gas-flame coal gas fluxing gas grooves gash fracture gash vein gasification gas ignition gas indicator gas-logged strata gasman gas pipe gas pocket gas pore gas pressure gas producer gas ratio gas reverser gas rig gassing gassing of copper gas spectrum gas streaming gassy gas tracers gas trap gastrolith gastropod gastunite gas watchman gas water gate gate belt conveyor gate conveyor gate end gate-end box gate-end feeder gate-end loader gate-end switch gate-end unit gate interlock gate road gate road bunker Gates canvas table gate shutter gate side pack gateway longwall gather gathering arm loader gathering conveyor gathering ground gathering haulage gathering locomotive gathering mine locomotive gathering motor gathering motorman gathering pumps gatton gaudefroyite Gaudin's equation gauge gault gauntree gauslinite gauss gaussian model gauton gawl gayet Gayley process Gay-Lussac's law Gay-Lussac's tower gaylussite geanticline gear gearksutite gearman gear ratio gear set Gebhardt survey instrument gedanite gediegen gedrite geest gehlenite Geiger counter Geiger-Mue#1.ller counter tube Geiger-Mueller counter Geiger-Mueller probe Geiger probe Geiger test geikielite Geissler tube gel Gelamite gelatin gelatin borehole tube gelatin dynamite gelatin extras gelatins gelation gel cement gelignite gelose gelosite gel strength gem gem crystal gem gravel gemmary gem material gem mineral Gemolite gemologist gemology gem pearl gem stick gemstone gem variety general-crusher foreman general soil survey generation generator genesis genetic classification Geneva ruby Genter filter Genter thickener genthelvite genthite gently inclined genus geo- geobotanical indicators geobotanical prospecting geobotany geocerain geocerite geochemical anomaly geochemical coherence geochemical cycle geochemical environment geochemical exploration geochemical landscape geochemical mapping geochemical prospecting geochemical relief geochemical survey geochemist geochemistry geochronic geochronite geochronologic geochronologic unit geochronology geochronometry geochrony geode geodesy geodetic coordinates geodetics geodetic surveying geodimeter geodynamic geognosy geographical concentration geographic cycle Geographic Information System geography geohydrology geoid geoisotherm geologic geologic age geological geological horizon geological province geological section geological survey geologic chronology geologic column geologic drilling geologic engineering geologic formation geologic log geologic map geologic mineralizer geologic section geologic survey geologic thermometer geologic time geologic time scale geologic time unit geologist geologize geology geology system geomagnetician geomagnetic meridian geomorphic geomorphic cycle geomorphogeny geomorphology geomyricin geomyricite geophone geophysical exploration geophysical log geophysical prospecting geophysical prospecting surveyor geophysical survey geophysicist geophysics georgiadesite geosphere geostatic pressure geostatistics geosyncline geotechnical log geotechnics geotechnique geotechnology geotectonic geotectonics geotherm geothermal geothermal gradient geothermic geothermic gradient geothermometer geotomography gerasimovskite gerhardite gerhardtite german germanate-pyromorphite German cupellation German cut German gold germanite germanium germanium dioxide (soluble) germanium nitride German lapis German reduction process German steel gersdorffite Gerstenhofer furnace gerstleyite get cleanup getter getting geversite geyerite geyser basin geyserite ghost crystal ghost reflection giant giant granite giant powder giant tender gib gibber Gibbs adsorption theorem gibbsite Gibbs phase rule Gibraltar stone gieseckite giessenite gig Gilbert gild gillespite Gilman heat-treating machine gilsonite gim peg gin ginging ginney ginney tender ginny carriage ginorite gin pit gin race gin ring gin wheel giobertite gips plate giraffe girasol girdle Girond process girth GIS Gish-Rooney method gismondine Gjer's soaking pit glacial glacial action glacial deposits glacial drift glacial epoch glacial erosion Glacialite glacial overburden glacial period glacial soil glacial till glaciated glaciation glacier glacier theory glaciofluvial glaciolacustrine glaciology glaciomarine gladite glady glance gland glare glass glass-cloth screens glass electrode glass enclosure glassies glass meteorite glass opal glass porphyry glass sand glass schorl glass wool glassy feldspar glauberite Glauber salt glaucocerinite glaucochroite