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rabatage rabbit-eye rabbittite rabble rabbler rabbling rabbling tool race raceway rack rack-a-rock rack back racked timbering rack frame rack gear racking racking table rack railroad rack up radial radial arm radial axis radial dikes radial drainage pattern radial drill radial drilling radial-flow fan radial machineman radial percussive coal cutter radial pressure radial slicing radial strain radial stress radial velocity radial ventilation radian radiant energy radiated radiated pyrite radiating radiation absorbed dose radiation damage radiation detector radiation pyrometer radiation survey radiation-type gage radioactive radioactive decay radioactive disintegration radioactive dusts radioactive element radioactive mineral radioactive series radioactive tracer element radioactive waste radioactivity radioactivity log radioactivity prospecting radioaltimeter radiocarbon radiocarbon dating radiochemistry radioelement radiogenic radiograph radiography radiohalo radioisotope Radiolaria radiolarian ooze radio link radiolite radiolite survey instrument radiolitic radiometallography radiometer radiometric assay radiometric ore sorter radiometric prospecting radiophone radiophyllite radiore method radium radium G radiumite radius radius of curve radius of gyration radius of rupture radius ratio radon radon daughter radon progeny raffinate raft rafter timbering rafting rag ragged rolls ragging raggy stone ragstone rail rail gage rail haulage system rail riffles rails rail track ballast rainbow chalcedony rainbow quartz rain chamber rain gage rainwash raise raise borer raise climber raised shaft raising rait rake rake blade rake classifier rakers rake thickener rake vein raking strut Raky boring method Raleigh's law ralstonite Ralston's classification of coal ram ramdohrite rammel rammelsbergite rammer ramming ramming and patching refractories ram operator ramp ram pump ramp valley ramsdellite rance rance marble rand Rand Randolph process random random error random line random orientation random pattern random sample random set random stone Randupson process rang range range line range of stress range pole ranging rod rank Rankine scale Rankine's formula Rankine's theory rankinite rank variety ransomite rap rapakivi rapid blow drilling rapid excavation rapid plow rap-in rappage rapping rapping roller rare earths rarefaction rashings Rasorite rasp raspberry spar raspite ratchet ratchet-and-pawl mechanism ratchet drill ratchet man rate rate action (nonstandard) rated capacity rate determining step rated horsepower rated load rated output current rated output voltage rate of advance rate of grade rates of reduction rathite rathite-II rathole rathole bit rat-holing rating rating flume ratiometer rational analysis ratio of absorption ratio of concentration ratio of enrichment ratio of reduction ratio of size reduction rattle boxes rattler rattler test rattlesnake ore rauvite ravelly ground ravine raw raw coal raw coal screen raw dolomite raw feed coal raw fuel rawhide hammer raw material raw mica raw ore raydist Rayleigh wave Raymond flash dryer Raymond mill rays raywork razorback razor saw razor stone reach reactance reaction border reaction curve reaction line reaction pair reaction principle reaction rim reaction series reaction-zone width reactive reactive reagent reactive silica reactivity readily extractable metal Reading jig realgar real property ream ream back reamer reamer bit reamer shell reamer stone reaming reaming bit reaming diamond reaming pilot reaming pilot adapter reaming pilot horn reaming ring reaming shell rebar recalescence recarburize recarburizing recast receiving hopper Recent receptor recession recharge reciprocal lattice reciprocal strain ellipsoid reciprocating reciprocating drill reciprocating engine reciprocating feeder reciprocating flight conveyor reciprocating pump reciprocating screen dryer recirculating water recirculation recirculation of air recirculation of water reclaiming reclaiming conveyor reclamation recleaner cell reclosing circuit breaker recommended exposure limit recomposed granite recomposed rock reconnaissance reconnaissance map reconnaissance sampling reconnoiter reconstructed amber reconstructed granite reconstructed turquoise reconstruction reconstructive transformation record borehole record hole recording gage record table recover recoverable grade recovered sulfur recovery recovery plant recreational mining recrystallization recrystallized silicon carbide rectangular drainage pattern rectangular shaft rectification rectifier rectifying device rectorite recumbent fold recuperator recurrence horizon red antimony red arsenic red beds red cake red chalk red clay red cobalt red copper ore red copper oxide redd redd bing reddingite reddle reddleman red dog reddsman red earth red glassy copper ore red-hard red heart red hematite redingtonite Red I plate red iron froth red iron ore red iron vitriol redistilled metal red lead red lead ore redledgeite red lime mud red manganese red mercury red metal red mud red ore red orpiment red oxide of copper red oxide of zinc redox potential redrill red roast redruthite reds red schorl redsear red silver red silver ore reduce reduced iron reduced level reduced natural frequency reducing agent reducing atmosphere reducing flame reducing furnace reducing roast reduction reduction cell reduction factor reduction furnace reduction of area reduction of levels reduction ratio reduction roasting reduction smelting reduction to center reduzate red vitriol Redwood number red zinc ore red zinc oxide reed reedmergnerite reef reef cap reef drive reefing reef knoll reef limestone reef wash reel reel boy reel locomotive reenforcing bar Ree's torsion anemometer reeve reeving reference axes reference electrode reference level reference mark reference plane reference seismometer reference size reference standard reference station referencing refikite refine refined iron refinery refining refining heat refining temperature reflected-light microscope reflected-light microscopy reflected wave reflection reflection goniometer reflection mechanism reflection method reflection shooting reflection wave reflectivity refraction refraction method refraction shooting refractive index refractometer refractoriness refractory refractory bonding mortars refractory brick refractory clay refractory lining refractory material refractory ore refractory stone refractory ware refresher training refrigerant refrigeration refrigeration plant refuge chamber refuge hole refusal refuse refuse conveyor refuse discharge pipes refuse elevator refuse extraction chamber refuse extractor refuse rotor refuse worm regalian doctrine regal jade regenerated anhydrite regenerated dense medium regeneration regenerative chambers regenerative furnace regenerative heating regenerative principle regenerator checkers regime regional regional anomaly regional dip regional metamorphism regional unconformity registered premises reglette regolith regular lay regular-lay left lay regular-lay right lay regular polygon regular sampling regular ventilating circuit regulated feed regulated split regulating gate regulator regulator door regulus reheater reheater load reheating furnace Rehisshakenhobel reinerite reinforcing bar reinforcing steel reinite reiteration reject reject elevator reject gate rejuvenation relative age relative biological effectiveness relative bulk strength relative compaction relative consistency relative density relative humidity relative movement relative roughness relative time relative variogram relative weight strength relaxation relay relay haulage relay motorman release analysis released mineral release fracture release mesh reliability of method relic relict reliction relict texture relief relief feature relief holes relief limonite relief map relief valve relief well relieving cut relieving platform relieving shot relighter flame safety lamp relighting station reluctance remanence remanent magnetization remnant remolded soil remolding remolding index remolding sensitivity remolinite remote control remote control support system remote sensing renardite rending rendrock renierite reniform Renn-Walz process rensselaerite rent and royalty reopening sealed area repairman repeated twinning replaceable hydrogen replaceable insert replaceable pilot replacement replacement bit replacement deposit replacing switch replica replicate sampling repose angle representation work representative fraction representative sample rerailer rescue rescue apparatus rescue-car rescue station rescue team research resection resequent fault-line scarp reserve reserve base reserved coal reserved lands reserved mineral reserves reset action (nonstandard) reset bit resettable resetting residual residual arkose residual boulder residual clay residual element residual errors residual field residual gravity residual liquid residual magnetic field residual magnetism residual minerals residual oil residual ore deposit residual placer residuals residual stress residue residuite residuum resilience resilient couplings resiliometer resin resin-anchored bolts resin-in-pulp resin-in-pulp (RIP) process resinite resinite coal resin jack resinoid resinous resinous coal resin rodlets resin tin resistance resistance methanometer resistance of detonator resistance strain gage resistance to blasting resistivity resistivity method resistivity profile resistor resoiling resolution resolution limit resolved-time method resolving power resonance resonance screen resonant frequency drilling resorption border resource resource characterization respirable-size particulate respirator respirator protection factor respiratory cycle resplendent rest magma restoration restore circulation restrained cable plug and socket restrained plug and socket restricted earth fault protection restricted resources rests resue resuing resurgence retaining mesh retaining ring retaining screen retaining structure retardation retarding conveyor retentivity retgersite Retger's salt reticular reticulate reticulated reticulated veins reticulate texture reticule reticulite retiform retigen retinalite retinasphalt retinite retinosite retonation wave retort retorting retort pressman retract retractable wedge retracting retreat retreating longwall retreating system retrievable inner barrel retrievable wedge retrieving ring retrograde metamorphism retrogressive metamorphism return return air return aircourse return circulation returning charge returning fluid return-line corrosion tester return man returns return water retzian reussin reussinite revdanskite revegetation reverberate reverberation reverberatory furnace reversal reversal of ventilation reverse bearing reverse bend reverse book fashion reverse circulation reverse-circulation core barrel reverse classification reverse-current braking reversed reversed bratticing reversed fault reversed flush boring reversed loader reverse fault reverse feed reverse-feed gear reverse gear reverse initiation reverse laid rope reverse reaming reversible auxiliary ventilation reversible endless-rope system reversible pick reversible transducer reversing clutch reversing doors reversing machine reversing mill reversing shaft reversing thermometer revetment revolution revolving screen revolving shovel revolving washing screens rewash rewash box rewdanskite reworked Reynolds number Rf value rhabdite rhabdomancy rhabdophane rheid rheid folding rheidity Rhenania furnace Rhenish furnace rhenium Rheolaveur washer rheology rheomorphism rheostat rheostat rope rhinestone rhodesite rhodite rhodium rhodium gold rhodochrome rhodochrosite rhodolite rhodonite rhodotilite rholites rhomb rhombarsenite rhombenglimmer rhombic rhombic dodecahedron rhombic mica rhombic quartz rhombic system rhomboclase rhombohedral division rhombohedral iron ore rhombohedral system rhombohedron rhomboid rhomb spar rhombus rhoenite rhums rhyacolite rhyodacite rhyolite rhyolite glass rhyolite-porphyry rhythmic crystallization rhythmic driving rhythmic sedimentation rhythmite rib ribbed roll ribbing ribbon ribbon brake ribbon diagram rib boss rib dust rib hole rib line rib lining rib mesh rib pillar ribs rib-side rib-side gate rib-side pack rice coal Richards' pulsator classifier Richards' pulsator jig Richards' shallow-pocket hindered-settling classifier richetite richmondite rickardite ricket rid ridding riddle ride over rider ridge ridge fillet ridge terrace Ridgeway fiter riding Ridley-Scholes bath rid-up runners riebeckite Riecke's principle riemannite riffle riffle bars riffle box riffler rifle rifle bar rifle nut rifling rift rifter-trimmer rifting rift structure rift valley rift zone rig rigged rigger rigging rigging bar right-angled block right bank right-hand cutting tool right-hand feed screw right-hand lay right lang lay right-lateral fault right lay right line right long lay right-of-way right regular lay right running rigid arch rigid coupling rigid double tube rigid ducts rigid foam rigid frame rigid hammer crusher rigidity rigidity modulus rigid pavement rigid solution rigid-type double-tube core barrel rigid urethane foam rig-up rig up rig-up time rill rill stope rim rim flying rimmed steel rimrock rimrocking rim texture rim walking rincon ring ring arch ring coal ring complex ring crusher ring-cut ring dike ringed out ringer ring fault ring-fracture intrusion ring holes ring-induction method ringing ring main ring ore ring pit ring-roll crusher ring-roll grizzly ring-roll press Ringrose methane recorder Ringrose pocket methanometer ring-shaped occurrences ring stone ring stress ring-stress bursts ring tension ring-type reaming shell ring-type wedge ring wall rinkite Rinman scale rinneite rinsing rinsing water Rio Tinto process rip riparian riparian rights rip current rippability ripper ripping ripping bed ripping blasting ripping face support ripping lip ripping scaffold rip plates ripple ripple board ripple index ripple mark ripple-mark index ripple voltage riprap rip tide rise rise and fall rise face rise heading riser rising rising column rising current rising-head test rising main rising shaft rittingerite Rittinger's law Rittinger table rivelaine river bar river-bar placer river claim river drift river flat river mining river pebble river plain river quartz river right river run gravel river sand rives in rivet riveter rivet forge rivet heater rivet snap rivet test rivet tester riving seams R.K. process road roadbed road cleaner road dust roadhead road-making plant roadman road metal road-mix method road roller roadside pack roadster roadway roadway cable roadway consolidation roadway support roast roaster roaster slag roasting roasting and reaction process roasting and reduction process roasting cylinder roasting furnace roast sintering roast stall robber robbing robbing an entry robbing pillars Robiette process Robins-Messiter system Robinson and Rodger system robinsonite robot loader Robson and Crowder process Roburite roca roche rock rock asphalt rock association rock base rock bit rock body rock bolt rock bolting rockbridgeite rock bump rock burst rock butter rock car runner rock channeler rock chute rock-chute mining rock cleavage rock cone bit rock contractor rock cork rock cover rock crusher rock crystal rock cut rock cuttings rock cycle rock dredge rock drift rock drill rock-drill bit rock driller rock drivage rock dust rock-dust barrier rock duster rock dusting rock-dusting machine rock-dust man rock-dust testing kit rock-dust zone rocker rocker arm rocker arm shovel rocker bottom rocker dump car rocker shovel rocker sieve rock excavation rock fabric rock factor rock failure rockfall rock fault rock-fill dam rock filling rock flour rock flow rock formation rock-forming mineral rock foundation rock fracture rock glacier rock glass rock gypsum rock hardness rockhead rock hole rock hound rocking rocking beam rocking cradle rocking lever rock kicker rock kindred rock leather rock loader rock-loader operator rockman rockman helper rock meal rock mechanics rock melt rock milk rock miner rock navvy rock pedestal rock phosphate rock pillar rock pressure rock pressure burst rock quartz rock rake rock roll rock ruby rock salt rock sediment rock series rockshaft rock sharp rock shovel rock silk rockslide rock slip rock slope rock soap rock spar rock splitter rock stress rock temperature rock tunnel rock turquoise rock type rock waste rock weight Rockwell hardness test Rockwell machine Rockwell tester rockwood rock wool rod bit rod clearance rod coupling rod damp rodding rod dope rod drag rod drop rod elevator rod friction rodingite Rodio-Dehottay process rodlike rodman rod mill rod millman rodney rod plug rod proof rod pull rod puller rod reaming shell rod reducing bushing rod reducing coupling rods rod sag rod shaft rod shell rod slack rod slap rod snap rod spear rod stand rod stock rod string rod stuffing box roentgen equivalent man roentgenite roentgenogram roentgenograph Roesing lead pump Roesing wires Roesler process roestone Rohbach solution Roheisenzunder process Rohrbach solution roke roll roll compacting roll crusher rolled metal rolled plate rolled-steel joist roller roller bearings roller bit roller chain roller cone bit roller-cone core bit roller conveyor roller-cutter bit roller gate roller grip rollerman roller repairman roller rock bit roller screen rolley man roll feeder roll-front orebody rolling and quartering rolling cradle rolling cutter bit rolling plant rolling resistance rolling-up curtain weir roll jaw crusher rollman roll operator roll orebody roll scale roll screen roll sulfur Roman cement romanechite romanite Roman ocher Roman pearl romeite romometer rondle roentgen roentgenite roof roof bolt roof bolter roof bolting roof control roof cut roof cutting roof drill roof-framy roofing roofing hole roof jack roof layer roof movement meter roof pendant roof pressure roof rock roof shale roof station roof stone roof stringer roof testing roof-testing tool roof-to-floor convergence roof-up roof work room room-and-pillar room-and-pillar mining room-and-pillar with waste filling room boss room conveyor room entry room neck room system with caving rooseveltite root clay root deposit rooter root hook root-mean-square value rope and button conveyor rope core rope cutter rope diameter rope driver rope driving rope drum rope fastening rope guide rope haulage rope haulage systems rope lay rope plucking rope rider rope roof bolt rope socket ropeway Ropp furnace roquesite rosasite Roeschen method roscherite roscoelite rose beryl rose bit rose copper rose diagram roselite rose of cracks rose opal rose quartz rose steel rose topaz rosette rosette copper rosette texture rose vitriol rosickyite rosin rosin blende rosined joints rosing rosin jack Rosin-Rammler equation rosin tin rosin zinc rosite rosiwal analysis rosolite Ross and Welter furnace Ross feeder Rossie furnace Rossi-Forel intensity scale rosthornite rotameter rotap rotary rotary bit rotary boring rotary breaker rotary bucket drill rotary compressor rotary drier rotary drill rotary-drill cuttings rotary drilling rotary drill motor rotary-drill rig rotary dump rotary dump car rotary dumper rotary excavator rotary fault rotary feed table rotary furnace rotary-percussive drill rotary percussive drilling rotary pump rotary screen rotary shot drill rotary smelter rotary sorting table rotary table rotary vane feeder rotary vibrating tippler rotating casing screw conveyor rotational fault rotational flow rotational movement rotational shear rotational slide rotational transformation rotational wave rotation firing rotation recorder rotch rotche rothoffite Rot I plate rotobelt filter roto finish rotor rotor steel process rotten reef rottenstone rough roughbacks rough diamond rougher cell rough ground roughing roughing hole roughing mill roughing rolls roughing tool rough stone roughway round roundabouts round-face bit round-headed buttress dam round hook rounding tool round kiln roundstone round strand rope round trip row roweite rowlandite row shooting Roxite royal barren royalty royer rozenite rubasse rubber rubber-bushed couplings rubber conveyor belt rubber-lined pipes rubberstone rubber-tired haulage rubbing bed rubbing stone rubbing surface rubble rubble concrete rubbleman rubble masonry rubblerock rubblestone rubbly reef rubellite ruberite rubicelle rubidium rubinblende rubinglimmer Ruble hydraulic elevator ruby ruby alumina ruby arsenic ruby blende ruby cat's eye ruby copper ruby copper ore ruby mica ruby sand ruby silver ruby spinel ruby sulfur ruby tin ruby zinc rudaceous rudite Ruggles-Coles dryer ruin ruin agate ruin aragonite ruinform rule of approximation ruling grade ruling gradient rumanite Rumford's photometer run runaround runaway runaway switch runback runback water run dry runic texture run in run-in table run levels runner runner box runners runner stick running running block running dry running ground running kiln running lift running measures running off running rope running sand running sheave runoff runoff coefficient runoff pit run of lode run-of-mill run-of-mine runout runout fire run-to-waste Ruoss jig rupture rupture envelope rupture factor rupture line rupture strength rupture zone rush rush gold russellite Russell process Russia iron Russian crystal rust rustler rustless process rusty gold rute ruthenium rutherfordine rutilated quartz rutile R wave Rziha's theory