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ubiquitous {adj} (being everywhere) :: [Bokmål] allestedsnærværende; [Nynorsk] allstadnærværande
udder {n} (organ formed of the mammary glands of female quadruped mammals) :: [Bokmål] jur {n}
Udi {prop} (language) :: udinsk
Udmurt {prop} (language) :: [Bokmål] udmurtisk; [Nynorsk] udmurtisk
uey {n} (U-turn) SEE: U-turn ::
UFO {n} (an unidentified flying object) :: [Bokmål] ufo {m}; [Nynorsk] ufo {m}
UFO {n} (alien spacecraft) :: [Bokmål] ufo {m}; [Nynorsk] ufo {m}
ufological {adj} (pertaining to ufology) :: [Bokmål] ufologisk; [Nynorsk] ufologisk
Uganda {prop} (Republic of Uganda) :: [Bokmål] Uganda; [Nynorsk] Uganda
Ugandan {n} (A person from Uganda or of Ugandan descent) :: [Bokmål] ugander {m}; [Nynorsk] ugandar {m}
Ugandan {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Uganda, the Ugandan people or the Ugandan language) :: [Bokmål] ugandisk; [Nynorsk] ugandisk
ugli {n} (cross between a tangerine and grapefruit) :: ugli
ugli fruit {n} (ugli) SEE: ugli ::
ugly {adj} (displeasing to the eye; not aesthetically pleasing) :: stygg, frastøtende
ugly {adj} (displeasing to the ear or some other sense) :: stygg, ekkel, vemmelig
ugly {adj} (offensive to one's sensibilities or morality) :: vemmelig, vond, stygg
ugly as sin {adj} (extremely ugly) :: stygg som juling
ugly duckling {n} (one who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature) :: stygg andunge {m}
uh {interj} (expression of confusion or uncertainty) :: eh, øh
uh {interj} (space filler or pause during conversation) :: eh, øh
uhlan {n} (soldier with lance) :: ulan
Ukraine {prop} (Eastern European country) :: Ukraina
Ukrainian {n} (ethnic/citizen) :: [Bokmål] ukrainer {m}; [Nynorsk] ukrainar {m}
Ukrainian {n} (language) :: [Bokmål] ukrainsk {m}; [Nynorsk] ukrainsk {m}
Ukrainian {adj} (relating to Ukraine or its people) :: [Bokmål] ukrainsk; [Nynorsk] ukrainsk
ulcer {n} (peptic ulcer) SEE: peptic ulcer ::
Ulric {prop} (male given name) :: Ulrik
Ulrica {prop} (female given name) :: Ulrike, Ulrikke
ulterior motive {n} (alternative or hidden reason for doing something) :: baktanke {m}
ultimate {adj} (final; last in a series) :: endelig
ultimate {adj} (greatest or maximum) :: ultimat
ultralight {adj} (extremely light in weight) :: [Bokmål] ultralett; [Nynorsk] ultralett
ultrasound {n} (sound) :: [Bokmål] ultralyd {n}; [Nynorsk] ultraljod {n}
ultraviolet {adj} (radiation with wavelengths from 380 nanometre - 10 nanometre) :: ultrafiolett
ultraviolet light {n} (light bulb that emits ultraviolet light) SEE: black light ::
Uluru {prop} (giant rock in Australia) :: Uluru
Ulyanovsk {prop} (city) :: Uljanovsk
umber {n} (grayling) SEE: grayling ::
umbilical cord {n} (cord between foetus and placenta) :: navlestreng {m}
umbilicus {n} (navel) SEE: navel ::
umbra {n} (a shadow) SEE: shadow ::
umbra {n} (the central region of a sunspot) :: [Bokmål] umbra {m}; [Nynorsk] umbra {m}
umbrella {n} (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun) :: [Bokmål] paraply {m}; [Nynorsk] paraply {m}
umbrella {n} (anything that provides protection) :: paraply {m}
umbrella {n} (something that covers a wide range of concepts, ideas, etc.) :: paraply {m}
umbrella organisation {n} (organisation that coordinates the activities of a number of member organisations) :: [Bokmål] paraplyorganisasjon {m}; [Nynorsk] paraplyorganisasjon {m}
umbrella organization {n} (umbrella organisation) SEE: umbrella organisation ::
Ume Sami {prop} (language) :: umesamisk {c}
umlaut {n} (diacritical mark) :: omlyd
umpire {n} (an official who oversees a game or match) :: [Bokmål] dommer {m}; [Nynorsk] dommar {m}
umpteen {determiner} (Relatively large but unspecified in number) :: ørten
umpteenth {num} (informal: occurring in a relatively large but unspecified position in a series) :: ørtende
un- {prefix} (denoting absence) :: u-
unabridged {adj} (not abridged) :: [Bokmål] uforkortet
unaccustomed {adj} :: [Bokmål] uvant
unaffected {adj} (not affected or changed) :: [Bokmål] upåvirket
unanimity {n} (condition) :: [Bokmål] enstemmighet {m} {f}
unanimous {adj} (based on unanimity) :: [Bokmål] enstemmig
unanimousness {n} (unanimity) SEE: unanimity ::
unannounced {adj} (not announced) :: [Bokmål] uanmeldt
unanswered {adj} (not answered) :: [Bokmål] ubesvart
unarmed {adj} (defenceless and lacking a weapon) :: [Bokmål] ubevæpnet, ubevæpna
unarmed {adj} (not carrying arms) :: [Bokmål] ubevæpnet, ubevæpna
unassisted {adv} (without assistance) :: [Bokmål] uassistert
unattainable {adj} (impossible to attain) :: [Bokmål] uoppnåelig; [Nynorsk] uoppnåeleg
unavailable {adj} (not available) :: utilgjengelig
unawares {adv} (unexpectedly or by surprise) :: [Bokmål] uforvarende, på sengen
unbearable {adj} (so unpleasant or painful as to be unendurable) :: [Bokmål] uutholdelig
unbeatable {adj} (that cannot be beaten, defeated or overcome) :: [Bokmål] uslåelig; [Nynorsk] uslåeleg
unbelievable {adj} (incredible) :: [Bokmål] utrolig
unbelievable {adj} (implausible) :: [Bokmål] usannsynlig
unbibium {n} (element) :: unbibium
unbinilium {n} (chemical element) :: unbinilium
unbiunium {n} :: unbiunium
unborn {adj} (not born) :: [Bokmål] ufødt
unborn {adj} (still in mother's womb) :: [Bokmål] ufødt
unbosom {v} (to tell about one's troubles) :: lette sitt hjerte
unbosom {v} (to confess a misdeed) :: lette sitt hjerte
unbreakable {adj} (difficult to break) :: [Bokmål] uknuselig
uncertainty {n} (doubt; the condition of being uncertain) :: [Nynorsk] uvisse {f}
unchanging {adj} (remaining constantly unchanged) :: [Bokmål] uforanderlig
unchecked {adj} (unrestrained) :: [Bokmål] ukontrollert; [Nynorsk] ukontrollert
unchilled {adj} (Not chilled) :: uavkjølt, ukjølt
uncircumcised {adj} (not circumcised) :: [Bokmål] uomskåret, uomskåren
uncircumcised {adj} (not Jewish; gentile) :: [Bokmål] uomskåret, uomskåren
uncle {n} (brother (or brother-in-law) of someone’s parent) :: [Bokmål] onkel {m}, farbror {m}, morbror {m}
unclean {adj} (dirty, soiled or foul) :: [Bokmål] ureinslig, urenslig; [Nynorsk] ureinsleg
unclearness {n} (property of being unclear) :: [Bokmål] uklarhet {m} {f}
unclearness {n} (instance of being unclear) :: [Bokmål] uklarhet {m} {f}
uncompromising {adj} (inflexible and unwilling to negotiate or make concessions) :: egen; [Bokmål] kompromissløs
uncompromising {adj} (principled) :: [Bokmål] kompromissløs
unconfirmed {adj} (not finally established, settled or confirmed) :: [Bokmål] ubekrefta, ubekreftet; [Nynorsk] ubekrefta
unconscious {adj} (not awake) :: [Bokmål] bevisstløs
uncontested {adj} (not contested or disputed) :: [Bokmål] ubestridt
uncontrolled {adj} (not controlled) :: [Bokmål] ukontrollert; [Nynorsk] ukontrollert
uncountable {adj} (too many to be counted) :: [Bokmål] utellelig; [Nynorsk] uteljeleg, uteljande
uncountable {adj} (mathematics: incapable of being enumerated by natural numbers) :: [Bokmål] utellbar
uncountable {adj} (linguistics: about a noun which cannot be counted) :: [Bokmål] utellelig; [Nynorsk] uteljeleg, uteljande
uncouth {adj} (unfamiliar, strange, foreign) :: underlig
uncouth {adj} (clumsy, awkward) :: keitete, klossete
uncouth {adj} (unrefined, crude) :: ukultivert
uncurable {adj} (incurable) SEE: incurable ::
undamaged {adj} (not damaged) :: [Bokmål] uskadet
undead {adj} (being animate, though non-living) :: vandød
undefeated {adj} (not defeated) :: [Bokmål] ubeseiret, ubeseira
undemocratic {adj} (not democratic) :: [Bokmål] udemokratisk; [Nynorsk] udemokratisk
under {prep} (in a lower level than) :: under
under {prep} :: under
under- {prefix} (under (in any sense): insufficient, insufficiently) :: [Bokmål] under-; [Nynorsk] under-
underage {n} (deficit in funds) SEE: deficit ::
underage {adj} (below legal age) :: [Bokmål] mindreårig; [Nynorsk] mindreårig
underage {adj} (still a minor) :: [Bokmål] mindreårig; [Nynorsk] mindreårig
undercarriage {n} (landing gear) SEE: landing gear ::
undercharge {v} (charge less than the correct amount) :: ta for lite betalt
undercurrent {n} (current of water which flows under the surface) :: [Bokmål] understrøm {m}
undercut {v} (To undermine) SEE: undermine ::
underdeveloped {adj} (having a low level of economic productivity and technological sophistication) :: [Bokmål] underutviklet, underutvikla; [Nynorsk] underutvikla
underestimate {v} (to perceive as having lower value) :: [Bokmål] undervurdere; [Nynorsk] undervurdere
underestimation {n} (underestimate) SEE: underestimate ::
underframe {n} (supporting structure) :: [Bokmål] understell {n}; [Nynorsk] understell {n}
undergird {v} (provide supportive evidence for) :: understøtte
undergird {v} (lend moral support to) :: backe opp, oppbacke
undergird {v} (secure below, underneath) :: støtte opp under
undergo {v} (to experience) :: [Bokmål] gjennomgå; [Nynorsk] gjennomgå
undergo {v} (to suffer or endure) :: [Bokmål] gjennomgå; [Nynorsk] gjennomgå
underground {adj} (below the ground) :: underjordisk
underhair {n} (pubic hair) SEE: pubic hair ::
undermine {v} (hinder, sabotage) :: [Bokmål] underminere, undergrave
undermine {v} (to dig, tunnel, hollow out as if making a cave or opening) :: [Bokmål] underminere, undergrave
undernourishment {n} (insufficient nourishment) :: [Bokmål] underernæring {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] underernæring {f}
under one's hat {prep} (secret) SEE: secret ::
underpowered {adj} :: [Bokmål] undermotorisert; [Nynorsk] undermotorisert
underprivileged {adj} (deprived of opportunities and advantages) :: [Bokmål] underprivilegert; [Nynorsk] underprivilegert
underprivileged {n} (deprived people) :: [Bokmål] de underprivilegerte; [Nynorsk] dei underprivilegerte
underside {n} (side that is underneath) :: [Bokmål] underside {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] underside {f}
understand {v} (to be aware of the meaning of) :: forstå, skjønne, kunne
understand {v} (to believe, based on information) :: forstå, skjønne
understand {v} (to impute meaning, character etc. that is not explicitly stated) :: forstå, fatte
understandable {adj} (capable of being understood) :: [Bokmål] forståelig, begripelig, lettfattelig; [Nynorsk] forståeleg
understandable {adj} (capable of being accepted or excused) :: [Bokmål] forståelig, tilgivelig
understanding {n} (understanding) SEE: grasp ::
understeer {n} :: [Bokmål] understyring {m} {f}
undertaker {n} (funeral director) :: [Bokmål] begravelsesagent {m}
undertaking {n} (That which is undertaken) :: [Bokmål] foretak {n}
under the knife {prep} (undergoing a surgical procedure) :: under kniven
under the weather {adj} (somewhat ill) :: hanglete, halvsjuk, halvsyk, klein, skranten, skrantete, tufs, tufsen, tufsete, uggen, urven
underwater {adj} (beneath the water surface) :: [Nynorsk] undervass-
underwear {n} (clothes worn next to the skin) :: [Bokmål] undertøy {n}, [for women] dameundertøy {n}; [Nynorsk] undertøy {n}, underty {n}, [for women] dameundertøy {n}
underworld {n} (part of society engaged in crime or vice) :: [Bokmål] underverden {m}
underworld {n} (world of the dead) :: [Bokmål] underverden {m}
undesirable {adj} (objectionable or not likely to please) :: [Bokmål] uønska, uønsket, uønskt, uønskelig; [Nynorsk] uynskt, uønskt
undetonated {adj} (not detonated) :: [Bokmål] udetonert; [Nynorsk] udetonert
undiagnosed {adj} (not diagnosed) :: [Bokmål] udiagnostisert; [Nynorsk] udiagnostisert
undisciplined {adj} (not subjected to discipline) :: [Bokmål] udisiplinert; [Nynorsk] udisiplinert
undisciplined {adj} (lacking in control) :: [Bokmål] udisiplinert; [Nynorsk] udisiplinert
undisclosed {adj} (not disclosed) :: hemmeligholdt
undisputed {adj} (universally agreed upon) :: [Bokmål] ubestridt
undisputed {adj} (unchallenged) :: [Bokmål] ubestridt
undissolved {adj} (not dissolved) :: [Bokmål] uoppløst
undisturbed {adj} (not disturbed) :: [Bokmål] uberørt, uforstyrret, upåvirket
undo {v} (to reverse) :: rette opp, angre
undo {v} (to unfasten) :: løsne
undocumented {adj} (undocumented) :: [Bokmål] udokumentert; [Nynorsk] udokumentert
undoing {n} (That which defeats) :: undergang
undramatic {adj} (not dramatic) :: [Bokmål] udramatisk; [Nynorsk] udramatisk
undress {v} ((intransitive) remove one's clothing) :: [Bokmål] kle av seg
undress {v} ((transitive) remove somebody’s clothing) :: [Bokmål] kle av seg
undrinkable {adj} (not drinkable) :: [Bokmål] udrikkelig; [Nynorsk] udrikkeleg
undulate {v} (intransitive: move in wavelike motions) :: [Bokmål] bølge
undulate {adj} (wavy in appearance or form) :: [Bokmål] bølget
unelegant {adj} (not elegant) :: uelegant
unemployed {adj} (having no job) :: [Bokmål] arbeidsledig, arbeidsløs; [Nynorsk] arbeidsledig, arbeidslaus
unemployment {n} (joblessness) :: [Bokmål] arbeidsledighet {m}; [Nynorsk] arbeidsløyse {f}
unequaled {adj} (unequaled) SEE: unequalled ::
unequalled {adj} (without equal) :: [Bokmål] uovertruffen
unequivocal {adj} (without ambiguity) :: utvilsom
unethical {adj} (not morally approvable) :: [Bokmål] uetisk
uneven {adj} (not even) :: [Bokmål] ujevn, ujamn, kupert; [Nynorsk] ujamn
uneven {adj} (not level or smooth) :: [Bokmål] ujevn, ujamn; [Nynorsk] ujamn
unexpected {adj} (not expected, anticipated or foreseen) :: [Bokmål] uventet, uventa; [Nynorsk] uventa
unexpectedly {adv} (in an unexpected manner) :: [Bokmål] uventet; [Nynorsk] uventa
unexplainable {adj} (inexplicable) SEE: inexplicable ::
unexplained {adj} (not explained) :: [Bokmål] uforklarlig
unexploded {adj} (Not exploded) :: ueksplodert
unfaithful {adj} (not keeping good faith; disloyal; not faithful) :: [Bokmål] utro; [Nynorsk] utru
unfaithfulness {n} (characteristic of being unfaithful) :: [Bokmål] utroskap {m}
unfamiliar {adj} (not familiar) :: [Bokmål] uvant, ukjent; [Nynorsk] ukjent
unfinished {adj} (not finished) :: [Bokmål] ufullendt, uferdig; [Nynorsk] ufullenda, uferdig
unfired {adj} (Not fired) :: uavfyrt
unflattering {adj} (not flattering) :: [Bokmål] uflatterende
unforeseen {adj} (not foreseen) :: [Bokmål] uforutsett
unforeseen {adj} (not expected) :: [Bokmål] uforutsett
unforgettable {adj} (which is very difficult to forget) :: [Bokmål] uforglemmelig; [Nynorsk] ugløymeleg
unforgivable {adj} (not forgivable) :: [Bokmål] utilgivelig
unfortunate {adj} (not favored by fortune) :: uheldig
unfortunate {adj} (marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune) :: uheldig
unfortunately {adv} (happening through bad luck) :: uheldigvis, dessverre
unfounded {adj} (not based on solid reasons or facts) :: [Bokmål] grunnløs, grunnlaus, ubegrunnet; [Nynorsk] grunnlaus
unfreeze {v} (thaw) SEE: thaw ::
unfriendliness {n} (the quality of being unfriendly) :: [Bokmål] uvennlighet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] uvenlegheit {f}, uvennlegheit {f}
unfriendly {adj} (not friendly; hostile) :: [Bokmål] uvennlig; [Nynorsk] uvenleg, uvennleg
unfurl {v} (to unroll or release) :: folde ut, rulle ut
unfurnished {adj} (without furniture and furnishings) :: [Bokmål] umøblert; [Nynorsk] umøblert
unglamorous {adj} (not glamorous) :: [Bokmål] uglamorøs; [Nynorsk] uglamorøs
unglazed {adj} (not glazed) :: [Bokmål] uglasert; [Nynorsk] uglasert
ungrateful {adj} (not grateful) :: utakknemlig
unguent {n} (cream applied to the skin for a therapeutic purpose) SEE: ointment ::
ungulate {n} (hooved mammal) :: [Bokmål] hovdyr {n}; [Nynorsk] hovdyr {n}
unhappy {adj} (not happy; sad) :: [Bokmål] ulykkelig; [Nynorsk] ulukkeleg, ulykkeleg
unharness {v} (to liberate) SEE: liberate ::
unheard {adj} (not heard) :: [Bokmål] uhørt
unheard {adj} (not listened to) :: [Bokmål] uhørt
unheard-of {adj} (previously unknown; unprecedented) :: [Bokmål] uhørt [also "unheard of"]
unheated {adj} (not heated) :: [Bokmål] uoppvarmet
unhelpful {adj} (not helpful) :: [Bokmål] uhjelpsom
unicellular {adj} (having a single cell) :: [Bokmål] encellet, encella
Unicode {prop} (series of computer encoding standards) :: Unicode
unicorn {n} (mythical beast) :: [Bokmål] enhjørning {m}
unicycle {n} (one-wheeled pedaled cycle) :: etthjulssykkel {c}
unidentified {adj} (not identified) :: [Bokmål] uidentifisert; [Nynorsk] uidentifisert
unidentified flying object {n} (anything in the air not readily explainable) :: uidentifisert flygende objekt {n}
uniform {adj} (unvarying) :: [Bokmål] enhetlig
uniform {n} (distinctive outfit as a means of identifying members of a group) :: [Bokmål] uniform {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] uniform {f}
uniformed {adj} (wearing a uniform) :: [Bokmål] uniformert; [Nynorsk] uniformert
unify {v} (cause to become one) :: [Bokmål] forene
unilateral {adj} (done by one side only) :: unilateral
unilaterally {adv} (in a unilateral way) :: ensidig, unilateral
unilingualism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language) :: [Bokmål] enspråklighet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] einspråklegheit {f}, eittspråklegheit {f}
unimportant {adj} (not important or noteworthy) :: [Bokmål] uviktig; [Nynorsk] uviktig
uninhabitable {adj} (not inhabitable) :: [Bokmål] ubeboelig
uninhabited {adj} (not inhabited) :: [Bokmål] ubebodd
uninjured {adj} (That did not suffer injury) :: [Bokmål] uskadet
uninspiring {adj} (not inspiring) :: lite inspirerende, uinspirerende
uninsulated {adj} (not insulated) :: [Bokmål] uisolert; [Nynorsk] uisolert
unintelligible {adj} (not intelligible) :: uforståelig
unintentional {adj} (not intended or deliberate; inadvertent; unwitting) :: [Bokmål] ufrivillig; [Nynorsk] ufrivillig
uninterested {adj} (indifferent) :: [Bokmål] uinteressert; [Nynorsk] uinteressert
uninvited {adj} (not invited) :: uinvitert [unofficial use]; [Bokmål] ubuden; [Nynorsk] uboden
uninviting {adj} (Not inviting) :: lite innbydende
union {n} (trade union) SEE: trade union ::
union {n} (the act of uniting or the state of being united) :: [Bokmål] forening {m} {f}
union {n} (that which is united; something formed by a combination of parts or members) :: [Bokmål] forening {m} {f}, union {m}; [Nynorsk] union {m}
union {n} (in set theory) :: union {m}
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics {prop} (a confederation of Communist states, see also: Soviet Union; USSR) :: Unionen av sosialistiske rådsrepublikker, Samveldet av sosialistiske rådsrepublikker
unique {adj} (one of a kind) :: unik
unit {n} (standard measure of a quantity) :: [Bokmål] enhet {m}; [Nynorsk] eining {m}
unit {n} (organized group comprising people and/or equipment) :: [Bokmål] enhet {m}; [Nynorsk] eining {m}
unit {n} (algebra: element of a ring) :: [Bokmål] enhet {m}; [Nynorsk] eining {m}
unit {n} (item which may be sold singly) :: [Bokmål] enhet {m}; [Nynorsk] eining {m}
unit {n} (kilowatt-hour as recorded on an electricity meter) SEE: kilowatt-hour ::
Unitarian {n} (a Christian who does not ascribe to Trinitarian theology) :: unitarer {m}
Unitarian {adj} (pertaining to Unitarianism) :: unitarisk
united {adj} (joined into a single entity) :: [Bokmål] forent; [Nynorsk] sameint
United Arab Emirates {prop} (country in the Middle East) :: [Bokmål] De forente arabiske emirater; [Nynorsk] Dei sameinte arabiske emirata
United Kingdom {prop} (Kingdom in Europe, see also: Great Britain) :: [Bokmål] Det forente kongerike Storbritannia og Nord-Irland; [Nynorsk] Det sameinte kongeriket Storbritannia og Nord-Irland
United Kingdom of Great Britain {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain) :: [Bokmål] Det forente kongerike Storbritannia {n}; [Nynorsk] Det sameinte kongeriket Storbritannia {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) :: [Bokmål] Det forente kongerike Storbritannia og Irland {n}; [Nynorsk] Det sameinte kongeriket Storbritannia og Irland {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) :: [Bokmål] Det forente kongerike Storbritannia og Nord-Irland {n}; [Nynorsk] Det sameinte kongeriket Storbritannia og Nord-Irland {n}
United Nations {prop} (international coalition) :: [Bokmål] FN, De forente nasjoner; [Nynorsk] SN, Dei sameinte nasjonane
United Nations Economic and Social Council {prop} (one of the six principal organs of the United Nations) :: FNs økonomiske og sosiale råd
United Nations General Assembly {prop} (one of the six principal organs of the United Nations) :: FNs generalforsamling; [Nynorsk] Generalforsamlinga til SN
United States {prop} (the United States) :: [Bokmål] De forente stater {m-p}
United States of America {prop} (country in North America) :: [Bokmål] Amerikas forente stater, De forente stater; [Nynorsk] Dei amerikanske Sambandsstatane, USA
unit matrix {n} (identity matrix) SEE: identity matrix ::
unit vector {n} (vector with length 1) :: [Bokmål] enhetsvektor {m}; [Nynorsk] einingsvektor {m}
unity {n} (state of being one or undivided) :: [Bokmål] enhet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] einskap {m}
universe {n} (the Universe) :: univers {n}
university {n} (institution of higher education) :: [Bokmål] universitet {n}; [Nynorsk] universitet {n}
unknown {adj} (not known) :: [Bokmål] ukjent; [Nynorsk] ukjent
unlabeled {adj} (Not labeled) :: merkeløs, merkefri, umerket
unlabelled {adj} (Not labelled) :: merkeløs, merkefri, umerket
unlawful {adj} (prohibited) :: rettsstridig; [Bokmål] ulovlig; [Nynorsk] ulovleg
unleaded {adj} (without lead) :: blyfri
unless {conj} (except on a specified condition) :: hvis ikke
unlike {adj} (dissimilar) :: ulik
unlike {adj} (not likely) SEE: unlikely ::
unlikely {adj} (not likely) :: [Nynorsk] neppe
unlimited {adj} (limitless or without bounds; unrestricted) :: [Bokmål] ubegrenset, ubegrensa
unlocked {adj} (of a door, etc, not locked) :: [Bokmål] ulåst; [Nynorsk] ulåst
unlucky {adj} (unfortunate) :: unheldig
unmanned {adj} (not operated by a person or a crew) :: [Bokmål] ubemannet, ubemanna; [Nynorsk] ubemanna
unmarked {adj} (not bearing identification) :: [Nynorsk] umerka
unmarketable {adj} (not marketable) :: uselgelig
unmarried {adj} (having no husband or wife) :: ugift
unmeasured {adj} (not measured) :: umålt
unmediated {adj} (not mediated) :: uformidlet, umediert
unmentionable {adj} (not mentionable) :: unevnelig
unmistakable {adj} (unique, such that it cannot be mistaken for something else) :: [Bokmål] umiskjennelig
unmistakably {adv} (in an unmistakable manner) :: [Bokmål] umiskjennelig
unmodified {adj} (not modified) :: umodifisert
unnatural {adj} (not natural) :: [Bokmål] unaturlig; [Nynorsk] unaturleg
unnecessary {adj} (not necessary) :: unødvendig
unneeded {adj} (not needed, not) :: unødvendig
unnoticeable {adj} (not noticeable) :: umerkelig
unobjective {adj} (Not objective) :: uobjektiv
unobtrusive {adj} (unobtrusive) :: ikke/lite påtrengende
unoccupied {adj} (Not inhabited, especially by a tenant) :: [Bokmål] ubebodd
unopened {adj} (not opened, closed) :: [Bokmål] uåpnet, uåpna; [Nynorsk] uopna
unorganised {adj} (not organised) :: [Bokmål] uorganisert; [Nynorsk] uorganisert
unorganized {adj} (unorganized) SEE: unorganised ::
unorthodox {adj} (unusual, unconventional, or idiosyncratic) :: uortodoks
unpack {v} (to remove from a package) :: pakke opp, pakke ut
unpaid {adj} (not paid for) :: [Bokmål] ubetalt; [Nynorsk] ubetalt, ubetala
unpaid {adj} (done without agreed payment) :: [Bokmål] ulønnet, ulønna, ulønt; [Nynorsk] ulønt
unpainted {adj} (not painted) :: [Bokmål] umalt
unpasteurized {adj} (not pasteurised) :: [Bokmål] upasteurisert; [Nynorsk] upasteurisert
unpatriotic {adj} (not patriotic) :: upatriotisk
unpeeled {adj} :: uskrellet
unperformed {adj} (not performed) :: uframført
unperturbed {adj} (not perturbed) :: uforstyrret
unplanned {adj} (unintentional; not intended) :: [Bokmål] uplanlagt
unpolished {adj} (not polished) :: [Bokmål] upolert; [Nynorsk] upolert
unpolished {adj} (not refined) :: [Bokmål] upolert; [Nynorsk] upolert
unpolitical {adj} (not political) :: upolitisk
unpopular {adj} (lacking popularity) :: [Bokmål] upopulær; [Nynorsk] upopulær
unpracticed {adj} (not practiced) :: upraktisert, uøvd
unpredictable {adj} (unable to be predicted) :: [Bokmål] uforutsigbar
unprejudiced {adj} (not prejudiced) :: fordomsfri
unpressed {adj} (not pressed) :: upresset
unpretentious {adj} (not pretentious) :: [Bokmål] upretensiøs; [Nynorsk] upretensiøs
unprincipled {adj} (lacking moral values) :: [Bokmål] prinsippløs, prinsipplaus; [Nynorsk] prinsipplaus
unprintable {adj} (not printable) :: uprentelig
unproblematic {adj} (not problematic) :: [Bokmål] uproblematisk; [Nynorsk] uproblematisk
unprocessed {adj} (not processed) :: uprosessert; [Bokmål] ubearbeidet, ubehandlet
unprofessional {adj} (unbecoming of a professional) :: [Bokmål] uprofesjonell; [Nynorsk] uprofesjonell
unprofitable {adj} (not making a profit) :: [Bokmål] ulønnsom
unpromising {adj} (not promising) :: lite lovende
unprompted {adj} (not prompted) :: uoppfordret
unprotected {adj} (not protected) :: [Bokmål] ubeskyttet, ubeskytta
unproved {adj} (not proved) :: ikke bevist
unpublished {adj} (not published) :: [Bokmål] upublisert; [Nynorsk] upublisert
unqualified {adj} (ineligible, not qualified) :: [Bokmål] ukvalifisert; [Nynorsk] ukvalifisert
unquote {interj} (end of quotation) :: sitat slutt
unravel {v} (to separate the threads (of)) :: rakne
unreal {adj} (not real) :: [Bokmål] uvirkelig; [Nynorsk] uverkeleg
unreconcilable {adj} (irreconcilable) SEE: irreconcilable ::
unregistered {adj} (not registered) :: [Bokmål] uregistrert; [Nynorsk] uregistrert
unregulated {adj} (not regulated) :: [Bokmål] uregulert; [Nynorsk] uregulert
unrelated {adj} (not connected) :: uavhengig; [Bokmål] uten sammenheng, ubeslektet
unrelated {adj} (not related) :: [Bokmål] ikke i slekt, ubeslektet; [Nynorsk] ikkje i slekt
unreliable {adj} (not reliable) :: [Bokmål] upålitelig; [Nynorsk] upåliteleg
unreported {adj} (not reported) :: [Bokmål] urapportert; [Nynorsk] urapportert
unrest {n} (state of trouble) :: uro {c}
unrighteousness {n} (the state of being unrighteous) :: [Bokmål] urettferdighet {c}
unripe {adj} (not ripe) :: [Bokmål] umoden; [Nynorsk] umoden, umogen
unsafe {adj} (not safe) :: [Bokmål] usikker; [Nynorsk] usikker
unsalted {adj} (not salted) :: [Bokmål] usaltet
unsatisfactory {adj} (inadequate, substandard or not satisfactory) :: [Bokmål] utilfredsstillende
unsatisfied {adj} (dissatisfied) SEE: dissatisfied ::
unsavory {adj} (disreputable) :: smakløst
unscathed {adj} (not injured/harmed) :: [Bokmål] helskinnet
unscented {adj} (Unperfumed) :: [Bokmål] uparfymert; [Nynorsk] uparfymert
unscientific {adj} (not scientific) :: [Bokmål] uvitenskapelig; [Nynorsk] uvitskapleg, uvitskapeleg
unscreened {adj} (not screened) :: [Bokmål] uskjermet
unscrew {v} (loosen a screw etc.) :: [Bokmål] skru ut
unscrupulous {adj} (without scruples) :: [Bokmål] skruppelløs; [Nynorsk] skruppellaus
unscrupulous {adj} (contemptuous of what is right or honourable) :: [Bokmål] skruppelløs; [Nynorsk] skruppellaus
unsecured {adj} (not secured) :: [Bokmål] usikret, usikra
unsecured {adj} (without collateral) :: [Bokmål] usikret, usikra
UN Security Council {prop} (international organ) :: [Bokmål] FNs sikkerhetsråd {n}
unseemly {adj} (inconsistent with standards, etc.) :: [Bokmål] upassende
unseen {adj} (not seen) :: [Bokmål] usett; [Nynorsk] usett
unselfish {adj} (not selfish; selfless; generous; altruistic) :: [Nynorsk] usjølvisk
unsentimental {adj} (not sentimental) :: [Bokmål] usentimental; [Nynorsk] usentimental
unsentimentally {adv} (unsentimentally) :: [Bokmål] usentimentalt; [Nynorsk] usentimentalt
unsharp {adj} (not sharp) :: [Bokmål] uskarp; [Nynorsk] uskarp
unshaven {adj} (not having shaved) :: [Bokmål] ubarbert; [Nynorsk] ubarbert
unshielded {adj} (not shielded) :: [Bokmål] uskjermet
unsolicited {adj} (not requested, welcome or invited) :: [Bokmål] uoppfordret, uønsket
unsolvable {adj} (not solvable) :: [Bokmål] uløselig
unsolved {adj} (not yet solved) :: uløst
unspecified {adj} (not specified) :: [Bokmål] uspesifisert; [Nynorsk] uspesifisert
unspoiled {adj} (unspoiled) SEE: unspoilt ::
unspoilt {adj} (not spoilt) :: [Bokmål] urørt; [Nynorsk] urørt
unsterile {adj} (not sterile) :: [Bokmål] usteril; [Nynorsk] usteril
unstinted {adj} (not constrained, not restrained, or not confined) :: [Bokmål] uinnskrenket, forbeholdsløs
unsurpassed {adj} (surpassing all others in some way) :: [Bokmål] uovertruffen
unsurrounded {adj} (Not surrounded) :: uomringet
unsuspecting {adj} :: [Bokmål] intetanende
unsustainable {adj} (Not sustainable) :: ikke bærekraftig
unsweetened {adj} (Not sweetened) :: [Bokmål] usøtet
unsymmetrical {adj} (not symmetrical) :: usymmetrisk
unsystematic {adj} (not systematic) :: usystematisk
untactful {adj} (not tactful) :: taktløs
untalented {adj} (not talented) :: talentløs
untamed {adj} (Wild, uncontrolled, especially of animals not domesticated or trained to human contact) :: [Bokmål] utemmet, utemma, utemt
untapped {adj} (not tapped) :: utappet
untarnished {adj} (not tarnished) :: uplettet
untasted {adj} (not tasted) :: usmakt
untenable {adj} (Not able to be held, as of an opinion or position) :: [Bokmål] uholdbar
untested {adj} (not previously tested) :: [Bokmål] utestet
unthinkable {adj} (incapable of being believed; incredible) :: [Nynorsk] utenkjeleg
unthinkable {adj} (inconceivable or unimaginable; extremely improbable in a way that goes against common sense) :: [Bokmål] utenkelig; [Nynorsk] utenkeleg, utenkjeleg
until {prep} :: inntil, til, før
untiring {adj} (not tiring) :: [Bokmål] utrettelig, utrøttelig; [Nynorsk] utrøytteleg
untitled {adj} (having no title) :: [Bokmål] navnløs; [Nynorsk] namnlaus
untouched {adj} (in its original state) :: [Bokmål] uberørt, urørt; [Nynorsk] urørt
untoward {adj} (unfavourable, adverse, or disadvantageous) :: [Bokmål] uønsket, utilsiktet, ugunstig
untoward {adj} (unruly, troublesome) :: [Bokmål] besværlig, vanskelig, anstrengende
untoward {adj} (unseemly, improper) :: [Bokmål] upassende, ufin; [Nynorsk] upassande, ufin
untraditional {adj} (not traditional) :: [Bokmål] utradisjonell; [Nynorsk] utradisjonell
untranslated {adj} (not translated; in the original language) :: uoversatt
untreated {adj} (not treated) :: [Bokmål] ubehandlet
untrue {adj} (false) :: [Bokmål] usann; [Nynorsk] usann
untruth {n} (lie or falsehood) :: [Bokmål] usannhet {m} {f}
ununbium {n} (chemical element) :: ununbium
ununennium {n} (chemical element) :: ununennium
ununhexium {n} (element with atomic number 116) :: ununhexium
ununoctium {n} (chemical element) :: ununoctium
ununpentium {n} (chemical element) :: ununpentium
ununquadium {n} (chemical element) :: ununquadium
ununseptium {n} (element with atomic number 117) :: ununseptium
ununtrium {n} (chemical element) :: ununtrium
unusable {adj} (not usable) :: [Bokmål] ubrukbar; [Nynorsk] ubrukbar
unused {adj} (not used) :: [Bokmål] ubrukt
unused {adj} (not accustomed (to)) :: [Bokmål] uvant
unvaccinated {adj} (not vaccinated) :: [Bokmål] uvaksinert; [Nynorsk] uvaksinert
unveil {v} (to uncover) :: avdekke; [Bokmål] avduke
unveil {v} (to reveal oneself) :: blottstille
unverified {adj} (not verified) :: [Bokmål] ubekrefta, ubekreftet; [Nynorsk] ubekrefta
unvisible {adj} (invisible) SEE: invisible ::
unvoluntary {adj} (involuntary) SEE: involuntary ::
unwarranted {adj} (unjustified) :: [Bokmål] utilbørlig, upassende
unwashed {adj} (not washed) :: [Bokmål] uvasket; [Nynorsk] uvaska
unwed {adj} (not married) SEE: unmarried ::
unwed {n} (bachelor or a spinster) SEE: unmarried ::
unwelcome {adj} :: [Bokmål] ubuden
unwell {adj} (not well) :: [Bokmål] uvel; [Nynorsk] uvel
unwieldy {adj} (difficult to carry, handle, manage or operate) :: tungvinn; [Bokmål] uhåndterlig, uhandterlig; [Nynorsk] uhandterleg, ulagleg
up {adv} (away from earth’s surface) :: opp
up {adv} (completely, thoroughly) :: opp
up {adv} (north) :: opp
up {adv} (higher, louder) :: opp
up {adv} (higher in pitch) :: opp
up {prep} (toward the top) :: oppover
up {prep} (further along) :: oppover
up {adj} (awake) :: oppe
up {adj} (finished) :: ute
up {adj} (in a good mood) :: oppesen
up {adj} (ready, willing) :: klar
up {adj} (next) :: i tur
up {adj} (facing upwards) :: med ... opp
up {adj} (standing) :: opp
up {adj} (on a higher level) :: oppe
up {adj} (available) :: oppe
up {adj} (informed about) :: med [colloquial], oppdatert
up {adj} (functional) :: oppe
up {adj} (rail transport: traveling towards a major terminus) :: utgående
up {v} (increase) :: høyne, øke
up {v} (promote) :: forfremme
upbringing {n} (raising or training) :: [Bokmål] oppdragelse {m}
update {n} (action of making something up to date) :: ajourføring, oppdatering
update {v} (to make something up to date) :: oppdatere
upfront {adv} (beforehand) SEE: beforehand ::
upfront {adv} (attacker) SEE: attacker ::
upgrade {v} (to replace an existing object with something better) :: oppgrade
upholstered {adj} (covered with upholstery) :: [Bokmål] polstret
upkeep {n} (maintenance; the act or effort of keeping something in good repair) :: [Bokmål] vedlikehold {n}; [Nynorsk] vedlikehald {n}
upon {prep} (being above and in contact with another) :: oppå
upon {prep} (being directly supported by another) ::
upon {prep} (at a prescribed point in time) :: ved
upon {prep} :: oppå,
upper {adj} :: øvre
upper arm {n} (section of an arm) :: [Bokmål] overarm {m}; [Nynorsk] overarm {m}
upper chamber {n} (upper house) SEE: upper house ::
upper class {n} (those people at the top of a social hierarchy) :: [Bokmål] overklasse {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] overklasse {m} {f}
upper house {n} (part of a parliament) :: [Bokmål] overhus {n}
upper side {n} (uppermost side) :: [Bokmål] overside {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] overside {f}
uppity {adj} (Presumptuous, above oneself) :: [Bokmål] oppesen, hovferdig [dated], nesevis
upright {adj} (vertical; erect) :: [Bokmål] opprett; [Nynorsk] opprett
upright bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass ::
uprising {n} (a popular revolt) :: [Bokmål] oppstand {m}, opprør {n}
uproot {v} (extirpate) SEE: extirpate ::
upside down {adv} (inverted) :: [Bokmål] opp ned; [Nynorsk] opp ned
upstart {n} (newly rich or prominent) :: oppkomling {m}
upstream {adv} (against the flow) :: [Bokmål] oppstrøms; [Nynorsk] oppstraums
up to {prep} (the option or decision of) :: [Bokmål] opp til; [Nynorsk] opp til
up-to-date {adj} (current; recent) :: [Bokmål] oppdatert, [up to date] à jour [adverb]; [Nynorsk] [up to date] à jour [adverb]
up-to-date {adj} (informed of the latest news) :: [Bokmål] [up to date] à jour [adverb], up-to-date; [Nynorsk] [up to date] à jour [adverb]
upwelling {n} (deep sea water flow to surface) :: oppstrømning
Ural owl {n} (Strix uralensis) :: [Bokmål] slagugle {c}, uralugle {c}
Uranian {adj} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual ::
uranium {n} (uranium (element)) :: [Bokmål] uran {n}; [Nynorsk] uran {n}
urban {adj} (of the city; characteristic of city life) :: [Bokmål] bymessig
urban regeneration {n} (urban renewal) SEE: urban renewal ::
urban renewal {n} (redevelopment of urban areas) :: [Bokmål] byfornyelse {m}, byfornying {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] byfornying {f}
Urdu {n} (the Indo-Iranian language) :: [Bokmål] urdu {m}; [Nynorsk] urdu {m}
urea {n} (organic compound) :: [Bokmål] urea, urinstoff {n}; [Nynorsk] urea, urinstoff {n}
ureter {n} (narrow duct that carries urine from the kidneys) :: urinleder
urethane {n} (organic compound) :: [Bokmål] uretan {n}; [Nynorsk] uretan {n}
urethra {n} (anatomical tube) :: urinrør
urge {n} (a strong desire; an itch to do something) :: trang {m}
Ur-Germanic {prop} (hypothetical prehistoric ancestor language) :: urgermansk {m}
Uriah Heep {n} (yes man) SEE: yes man ::
Uriah Heep {v} (brownnose) SEE: brownnose ::
uric acid {n} (bicyclic heterocyclic phenolic compound) :: [Bokmål] urinsyre {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] urinsyre {f}
urinal {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet ::
urinal {n} (fixture for standing urination) :: [Bokmål] pissoar {n}, urinal {n}; [Nynorsk] pissoar {n}, urinal {n}
urinal {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse ::
urinary {adj} (urinary) :: urin-
urinary bladder {n} (urinary bladder) :: [Bokmål] urinblære {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] urinblære {f}
urinate {v} :: late vannet, urinere
urination {n} :: [Bokmål] urinering {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] urinering {f}
urine {n} :: [Bokmål] urin {m}; [Nynorsk] urin {m}
urn {n} (a vase with a footed base) :: urne {m} {f}
urn {n} (a vessel for ashes or cremains of a deceased person) :: urne {m} {f}
uropygial gland {n} (A secretory organ, at the base of a bird's tail, that secretes the oil used in preening) :: [Bokmål] gumpkjertel {m}
urticaria {n} (medical condition) :: [Bokmål] elveblest {m}
Uruguay {prop} (country) :: [Bokmål] Uruguay; [Nynorsk] Uruguay
Uruguayan {n} (a person from Uruguay) :: [Bokmål] uruguayaner {m}; [Nynorsk] uruguayan {m}, uruguayanar {m}
Uruguayan {adj} (of Uruguay) :: [Bokmål] uruguayansk; [Nynorsk] uruguayansk
us {pron} (objective case of "we") :: oss
USA {prop} (United States of America) :: [Bokmål] USA; [Nynorsk] USA
usage {n} (the manner or the amount of using; use) :: bruksområde {n}
usage {n} (habit or accepted practice) :: anvendelse {m}
usage {n} (the way words are spoken or written in a community) :: bruk {m}
use {v} (to use) SEE: consume ::
use {n} (act of using) :: [Bokmål] bruk {m} {n}, anvendelse {m}; [Nynorsk] bruk {m} {n}
use {n} (usefulness) :: nytte {m}
use {n} (function) :: [Bokmål] funksjon {m}, anvendelse {m}
use {v} (employ, apply) :: bruke
use {v} (used to) SEE: used to ::
use-by date {n} (The date by which it is advised that a perishable product be consumed) :: [Bokmål] utløpsdato {m}
used {adj} (that is or has or have been used) :: [Bokmål] brukt; [Nynorsk] brukt
used {adj} (that has or have previously been owned by someone else) :: [Bokmål] brukt; [Nynorsk] brukt
used to {adj} (accustomed to) :: ha for vane; [Bokmål] være vant til
used to {v} (formerly and habitually or repeatedly) :: [Bokmål] pleide å, brukte å; [Nynorsk] brukte å, bruka å; I used to eat cheese - Jeg pleide/brukte å spise ost.
useful {adj} (having a practical or beneficial use) :: nyttig; [Bokmål] tjenlig; [Nynorsk] tenleg
useful idiot {n} (political sense) :: [Bokmål] nyttig idiot {m}; [Nynorsk] nyttig idiot {m}
useless {adj} (without use or possibility to be used) :: nytteløs, unyttig
useless {adj} (unable to do well) :: unyttig; [Bokmål] ubrukelig
user {n} (one who uses something, a consumer) :: [Bokmål] bruker {m}; [Nynorsk] brukar {m}
user {n} (person who uses a computer) :: bruker
user-friendly {adj} (designed to be easy to use) :: [Bokmål] brukervennlig; [Nynorsk] brukarvenleg, brukarvennleg
user interface {n} (the part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with) :: [Bokmål] brukergrensesnitt {n}; [Nynorsk] brukargrensesnitt {n}
username {n} (a person's identification on an individual computer system) :: [Bokmål] brukernavn {n}
use up {v} (exhaust) SEE: exhaust ::
USSR {prop} (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) :: Sovjetunionen, USSR, SSSR
usual {adj} (most commonly occurring) :: [Bokmål] vanlig, sedvanlig; [Nynorsk] sedvanleg
usually {adv} (most of the time) :: vanligvis
usurer {n} (one who loans money at exorbitant interest rates) :: [Bokmål] ågerkar {m}, ågerkarl {m}; [Nynorsk] ågerkar {m}
usurp {v} (seize power) :: usurpere
usury {n} (exorbitant rate of interest in excess of any legal rates) :: åger {m}, åger {n}
usury {n} (practice of lending money at illegal or unfair rates) :: åger {m} {n}
US Virgin Islands {prop} (Country in the Caribbean) :: Amerikanske Jomfruøyene {p}
utensil {n} (device for domestic use, in the kitchen, or in war) :: [Bokmål] redskap {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] reiskap {m}
uterus {n} (womb) SEE: womb ::
utilitarian {adj} (practical and functional, not just for show) :: [Bokmål] utilitaristisk
utilitarian {n} (Someone who practices or advocates utilitarianism.) :: [Bokmål] utilitarist {m}
utilitarianism {n} (the theory of the "greatest happiness for the greatest number of people") :: [Bokmål] utilitarianisme {m}
utopia {n} (world in perfect harmony) :: utopi {m}
utopian {adj} (ideal but often impractical; visionary) :: [Bokmål] utopisk; [Nynorsk] utopisk
utopic {adj} (utopian) SEE: utopian ::
Utsjoki {prop} (municipality in Northern Finland) :: Utsjok, Utsjoki
utter {adj} (absolute) :: [Bokmål] ren, fullstendig; [Nynorsk] rein, fullstendig
utter {v} (say) :: [Bokmål] ytre; [Nynorsk] ytre
utter {v} (use the voice) :: [Bokmål] utstøte, utstøyte
U-turn {n} (semi-circular turn) :: [Bokmål] U-sving {m}, u-sving {m}; [Nynorsk] U-sving {m}, u-sving {m}
U-turn {n} (reversal of policy) :: [Bokmål] U-sving {m}, u-sving {m}; [Nynorsk] U-sving {m}, u-sving {m}
uvula {n} (appendage that hangs from the palate) :: drøvel
Uzbek {n} (person) :: [Bokmål] usbeker {m}; [Nynorsk] usbekar {m}
Uzbek {n} (language) :: [Bokmål] usbekisk {m}; [Nynorsk] usbekisk {m}
Uzbek {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Uzbekistan, its people or language) :: [Bokmål] usbekisk; [Nynorsk] usbekisk
Uzbekistan {prop} (Republic of Uzbekistan) :: Usbekistan