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übermensch {n} (figure in Nazi ideology)  :: nadčlověk {m}
Ürümchi {prop} (Capital of Xinjiang) SEE: Ürümqi  ::
Ústí nad Labem {prop} (city in the Czech republic)  :: Ústí nad Labem {n}
ubiquitous {adj} (being everywhere)  :: všudypřítomný {m}
ubiquitous {adj} (seeming to appear everywhere at the same time)  :: všudypřítomný
ubiquitous {adj} (widespread) SEE: widespread  ::
udarnik {n} (shock worker, super-productive worker in the Soviet Union and the other countries from the Soviet Block, see also: Stakhanovite)  :: úderník {m}
udder {n} (organ formed of the mammary glands of female quadruped mammals)  :: vemeno {n}
Udmurt {adj} (pertaining to Udmurts, Udmurtia, or the Udmurt language)  :: udmurtský {m}
uey {n} (U-turn) SEE: U-turn  ::
UFO {n} (an unidentified flying object)  :: UFO {n}
Uganda {prop} (Republic of Uganda)  :: Uganda {f}
Ugaritic {adj} (pertaining to the ancient city of Ugarit)  :: ugaritský
Ugaritic {prop} (language)  :: ugaritština {f}
ugli fruit {n} (ugli) SEE: ugli  ::
ugliness {n} (condition of being ugly)  :: ošklivost {f}
ugly {adj} (displeasing to the eye; not aesthetically pleasing)  :: ošklivý, škaredý
ugly duckling {n} (one who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature)  :: ošklivé káčátko {n}
uhlan {n} (soldier with lance)  :: hulán
uilleann pipes {n} (bagpipes of Ireland)  :: irské dudy {f-p}
Ukraine {prop} (Eastern European country)  :: Ukrajina {f}
Ukrainian {adj} (relating to Ukraine or its people)  :: ukrajinský
Ukrainian {n} (ethnic/citizen)  :: Ukrajinec {m}
Ukrainian {prop} (language)  :: ukrajinština {f}
Ukrainian SSR {prop} (abbreviation of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: Ukrajinská SSR {f}
ulcer {n} (open sore)  :: vřed {m}
ulcer {n} (peptic ulcer) SEE: peptic ulcer  ::
ulceration {n}  :: ulcerace {f}, zvředovatění {n}
ulcerous {adj} (of or relating to an ulcer, ulcers)  :: vředový
ulcus molle {n} (chancroid) SEE: chancroid  ::
Ulric {prop} (male given name)  :: Oldřich {m}
Ulrica {prop} (female given name)  :: Oldřiška {f}
ultimate {n} (ultimate frisbee) SEE: ultimate frisbee  ::
ultimately {adv} (indicating the last item)  :: nakonec
ultimatum {n} (a final statement of terms or conditions made by one party to another)  :: ultimátum {n}
ultracapacitor {n} (ultracapacitor) SEE: supercapacitor  ::
ultrasonic {adj} (beyond (higher in frequency than) the range of sound perceptible to the human ear)  :: nadzvukový
ultrasonography {n}  :: ultrasonografie {f}
ultrasound {n} (sound)  :: ultrazvuk {m}
ultraviolet {adj} (radiation with wavelengths from 380 nanometre - 10 nanometre)  :: ultrafialový
ultraviolet light {n} (light bulb that emits ultraviolet light) SEE: black light  ::
Uluru {prop} (giant rock in Australia)  :: Uluru
Ulyanovsk {prop} (city)  :: Uljanovsk {m}
Ulysses {prop} (Odysseus) SEE: Odysseus  ::
Uman {prop} (city in Ukraine)  :: Umaň {m}
umbel {n} (type of flower cluster)  :: okolík {m}
umber {n} (grayling) SEE: grayling  ::
umbilical cord {n} (cord between foetus and placenta)  :: pupeční šňůra {f}
umbilicus {n} (navel) SEE: navel  ::
umbra {n} (shadow) SEE: shadow  ::
umbrella {n} (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun)  :: deštník {m} [rain], slunečník {m} [for sun]
umbrella organization {n} (umbrella organisation) SEE: umbrella organisation  ::
umbrella pine {n} (stone pine) SEE: stone pine  ::
umlaut {n} (partial assimilation of a vowel)  :: přehláska {f}
umlaut {n} (vowel so assimilated)  :: přehláska {f}
un- {prefix} (violative of; contrary to)  :: ne-
UN {initialism} (United Nations)  :: OSN
unable {adj} (not able)  :: neschopný
unacceptable {adj} (unsatisfactory; not acceptable)  :: nepřijatelný {m}
unachievable {adj} (that cannot be achieved)  :: nedosažitelný {m}
unadvised {adj} (not advised)  :: ukvapený
unambiguous {adj} (clear, and having no uncertainty or ambiguity)  :: jednoznačný {m}
unambiguously {adv} (unambiguously)  :: jednoznačně
unanimous {adj} (based on unanimity)  :: jednohlasný {m}
unanimous {adj} (sharing the same view)  :: jednomyslný {m}
unanimously {adv} (in a unanimous manner)  :: jednomyslně
unanimousness {n} (unanimity) SEE: unanimity  ::
unarmed {adj} (not carrying arms)  :: neozbrojený
unary {adj} (mathematics, programming: of a funciton, to take one argument)  :: unární
unattainable {adj} (impossible to attain)  :: nedosažitelný {m}, nedostupný
unauthorised {adj} (not authorised) SEE: unauthorized  ::
unauthorized {adj} (without official authorization)  :: neoprávněný {m}
unavailability {n} (state of being unavailable)  :: nedostupnost {f}
unavailable {adj} (not available)  :: nedostupný
unavoidable {adj} (impossible to avoid)  :: nevyhnutelný {m}
unbearable {adj} (so unpleasant or painful as to be unendurable)  :: nesnesitelný {m}
unbelievable {adj} (incredible)  :: neuvěřitelný
unbeliever {n} (infidel) SEE: infidel  ::
uncanny {adj} (strange, mysteriously unsettling)  :: podivný {m}, záhadný {m}, zvláštní {m}, zlověstný {m}, tajemný {m}, tajuplný {m}
uncertain {adj} (not known for certain; questionable)  :: nejistý {m}
uncertainty {n} (doubt; the condition of being uncertain)  :: nejistota {f}
uncertainty principle {n} (physical law)  :: princip neurčitosti {m}
unchanging {adj} (remaining constantly unchanged)  :: neměnný {m}
unciform {n} (hamate bone) SEE: hamate bone  ::
uncle {n} (brother (or brother-in-law) of someone’s parent)  :: strýc {m}
uncle {n} (close male friend of the parents)  :: strýček {m}
uncle {n} (source of advice, encouragement, or help)  :: strýček {m}
unclear {adj} (ambiguous; liable to more than one interpretation)  :: nejasný {m}
unclear {adj} (not clearly or explicitly defined)  :: nejasný {m}
uncomfortable {adj} (not comfortable)  :: nepohodlný
uncomment {v}  :: odkomentovat
uncompromising {adj} (inflexible and unwilling to negotiate or make concessions)  :: nekompromisní
unconditional {adj} (without conditions)  :: bezpodmínečný
unconscious {adj} (not awake)  :: nevědomý {m}
unconstitutional {adj} (contrary to the constitution)  :: protiústavní, neústavní
uncountable {adj} (linguistics: about a noun which cannot be counted)  :: nepočitatelný {m}
uncountable {adj} (mathematics: incapable of being enumerated by natural numbers)  :: nespočetný {m}
uncountable set {n} (infinite set that is not countable)  :: nespočetná množina {f}
uncountably {adv} (in mathematics)  :: nespočetně
uncover {v} (to remove the cover of an object)  :: odkrýt
uncurable {adj} (incurable) SEE: incurable  ::
undaunted {adj} (not shaken, discouraged or disheartened)  :: odvážný {m}, neohrožený {m}
undaunted {adj} (showing courage and resolution)  :: rozhodný {m}
undead {adj} (being animate, though non-living)  :: nemrtvý
undead {n} (those creatures which are dead yet still move)  :: nemrtvý {m}
undecagon {n} (11-sided polygon)  :: jedenáctiúhelník {m}
undecane {n} (organic compound)  :: undekan {m}
undecidable {adj} (incapable of being algorithmically decided)  :: nerozhodnutelný {m}
undefinability {n} (quality of being undefinable)  :: nedefinovatelnost {f}
undefinable {adj} (not definable)  :: nedefinovatelný
undefined {adj} (lacking definition or value)  :: nedefinovaný
undeniable {adj} (irrefutable, or impossible to deny)  :: nepopiratelný {m}
under {prep} (beneath the surface of)  :: pod
under {prep} (in a lower level than)  :: pod
underage {n} (deficit in funds) SEE: deficit  ::
underbrush {n} (small trees)  :: podrost {m}
undercarriage {n} (landing gear) SEE: landing gear  ::
undercut {n} (The fillet) SEE: fillet  ::
undercut {v} (To undermine) SEE: undermine  ::
underdone {adj} (insufficiently cooked) SEE: undercooked  ::
underestimate {v} (to perceive as having lower value)  :: podcenit
underestimated {v} (underrated) SEE: underrated  ::
underestimation {n} (underestimate) SEE: underestimate  ::
underfinance {v} ((transitive) to finance inadequately)  :: podfinancovat
underflow {n} (computing: a condition in which the value of a computed quantity is smaller than the smallest non-zero value that can be physically stored)  :: podtečení {n}
underfoot {adv} (in the way) SEE: in the way  ::
underfur {n} (thick, soft undercoat) SEE: undercoat  ::
undergird {v} (lend moral support to)  :: podpořit {pf}
undergird {v} (provide supportive evidence for)  :: podporovat {impf}, podpořit {pf}
undergo {v} (to suffer or endure)  :: podstoupit
underground {adj} (below the ground)  :: podzemní
underground {n} (underground railway) SEE: underground railway  ::
undergrowth {n} (plants which only reach a low height)  :: podrost
underhair {n} (pubic hair) SEE: pubic hair  ::
underhair {n} (undercoat) SEE: undercoat  ::
underline {n} (an _ character)  :: podtržítko {n}
underline {n} (line underneath text)  :: podtržení {n}, podtrhnutí {n}
underline {v} (to draw an underline)  :: podtrhnout
underlying {adj} (basic or fundamental)  :: základní
under one's hat {adj} (secret) SEE: secret  ::
underpad {n} (mattress protector) SEE: mattress protector  ::
underpants {n} (underwear)  :: spodky {p}, kalhotky {p}, slipy {p}
underpin {v} (To give support to)  :: podepřít
underpin {v} (To support from below with props or masonry)  :: podepřít
underplot {n} (subplot) SEE: subplot  ::
underpressure {n} (insufficient pressure)  :: podtlak {m}
underscore {n} (an underline)  :: podtržítko {n}
underscore {v} (to underline)  :: podtrhnout
undersea {adj} (beneath the sea)  :: podmořský
undershirt {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet  ::
understand {v} (to be aware of the meaning of)  :: rozumět {impf}
understand {v} (to believe, based on information)  :: chápat, rozumět, porozumět, pochopit
understand {v} (to impute meaning, character etc. that is not explicitly stated)  :: rozumět, chápat
understandable {adj} (capable of being understood)  :: pochopitelný, srozumitelný
understanding {n} (Informal contract, mutual agreement)  :: dohoda {f}
understanding {n} (Sympathy)  :: pochopení {n}, porozumění {n}
understatement {n} (Statement less than complete)  :: zmírnění {n}
undertaker {n} (funeral director)  :: pohřebník {m}, funebrák {m} [expr.]
under-the-counter {adj} (under the counter) SEE: under the counter  ::
undervalue {v} (to underestimate)  :: podhodnotit, podcenit
underwater {adj} (beneath the water surface)  :: podvodní
underwear {n} (clothes worn next to the skin)  :: spodní prádlo {n}
underworld {n} (part of society engaged in crime or vice)  :: podsvětí {n}
underworld {n} (world of the dead)  :: podsvětí {n}
undesirable {adj} (objectionable or not likely to please)  :: nežádoucí {m}
undies {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
undirected graph {n} (type of graph)  :: neorientovaný graf {m}
undo {v} (to reverse)  :: odčinit, navrátit
undoubtfully {adv} (without doubt) SEE: undoubtedly  ::
undress {v} ((intransitive) remove one's clothing)  :: svléct se, svléknout se, svléci se
undress {v} ((transitive) remove somebody’s clothing)  :: svléknout, svlékat, svléci
unearth {v} (to uncover or find)  :: odkrýt
unearthly {adj} (not of the earth; non-terrestrial)  :: nepozemský
unearthly {adj} (preternatural or supernatural)  :: nadpozemský, nadpřirozený
unearthly {adj} (ridiculous)  :: ulítlý
unearthly {adj} (strange or mysterious)  :: nezemský, tajemný
unechoing {adj} (that does not echo) SEE: echoless  ::
unemployed {adj} (having no job)  :: nezaměstnaný
unemployment {n} (joblessness)  :: nezaměstnanost {f}
unemployment benefit {n} (money paid to the unemployed)  :: podpora v nezaměstnanosti {f}
unenviable {adj} (difficult, undesirable, or unpleasant)  :: nezáviděníhodný
unequal {adj} (not the same)  :: nerovný {m}
unethical {adj} (not morally approvable)  :: neetický {m}
uneven {adj} (not even)  :: nerovný {m}
uneven {adj} (not level or smooth)  :: nerovnoměrný
uneven {adj} (not uniform)  :: nerovnoměrný
unexcelled {adj} (excelling all others in some way)  :: nepřekonaný
unexpected {adj} (not expected, anticipated or foreseen)  :: nečekaný {m}
unexplainable {adj} (inexplicable) SEE: inexplicable  ::
unexplainably {adv} (inexplicably) SEE: inexplicably  ::
unfairly {adv} (unjustly) SEE: unjustly  ::
unfairness {n} (state of being unfair)  :: nespravedlnost {f}
unfathomable {adj} (difficult to penetrate)  :: neproniknutelný {m}, neproniknutelná {f}, neproniknutelné {n}
unfavorable {adj} (causing obstacles or delay (of wind or weather))  :: nepříznivý {m}
unfavourable {adj} (unfavourable) SEE: unfavorable  ::
unfeasible {adj} (infeasible) SEE: infeasible  ::
unfettered {adj} (not bound by chains)  :: nespoutaný {m}
unfinished {adj} (not finished)  :: nedokončený {m}
unflattering {adj} (not flattering)  :: nelichotivý
unfold {v} (To turn out to happen; to develop)  :: vyvinout se
unfold {v} (To undo a folding)  :: rozprostřít (se)
unforeseen {adj} (not expected)  :: nepředvídaný {m}
unforeseen {adj} (not foreseen)  :: nepředvídaný {m}
unforgettable {adj} (which is very difficult to forget)  :: nezapomenutelný
unfortunately {adv} (happening through bad luck)  :: bohužel
unfounded {adj} (not based on solid reasons or facts)  :: nepodložený {m}
unfreeze {v} (defrost) SEE: defrost  ::
unfreeze {v} (thaw) SEE: thaw  ::
ungrateful {adj} (not grateful)  :: nevděčný {m}
ungratefulness {n} (the state of being ungrateful) SEE: ingratitude  ::
ungulate {n} (hooved mammal)  :: kopytník {m}
unhappiness {n} (feeling of not being happy)  :: neštěstí {n}
unhappy {adj} (not happy; sad)  :: nešťastný
unharness {v} (to liberate) SEE: liberate  ::
unhealthy {adj} (conducive to poor health)  :: nezdravý {m}
unhistoric {adj} (unhistorical) SEE: unhistorical  ::
unicellular {adj} (having a single cell)  :: jednobuněčný
Unicode {prop} (series of computer encoding standards)  :: Unicode
unicorn {n} (mythical beast)  :: jednorožec {m}
unicycle {n} (one-wheeled pedaled cycle)  :: monocykl {m}, jednokolka {f}
unidentified flying object {n} (anything in the air not readily explainable)  :: neidentifikovatelný létající předmět {m}, UFO {m} [abbreviation]
unification {n} (act of unifying)  :: sjednocení {n}
unification {n} (state of being unified)  :: sjednocení {n}
uniform {adj} (unvarying)  :: uniformní, jednotvárný
uniform {n} (distinctive outfit as a means of identifying members of a group)  :: uniforma {f}, stejnokroj {m}
unify {v} (cause to become one)  :: sjednotit
unilaterally {adv} (in a unilateral way)  :: jednostranně
unimaginable {adj} (unable to be imagined)  :: nepředstavitelný {m}
unimportant {adj} (not important or noteworthy)  :: nedůležitý {m}
uninflected {adj} (of a word)  :: neohebný
uninhabitable {adj} (not inhabitable)  :: neobyvatelný
uninitiated {adj} (not having been initiated)  :: nezasvěcený {m}
uninstall {v} (completely remove hardware or software)  :: odinstalovat
unintelligible {adj} (not intelligible)  :: nesrozumitelný
unintended {adj} (not intended; unplanned)  :: nezamýšlený {m}
unintentional {adj} (not intended or deliberate; inadvertent; unwitting)  :: neúmyslný {m}
uninteresting {adj} (arousing little or no interest; boring or uneventful)  :: nezajímavý {m}
unintuitive {adj} (in particular, counterintuitive; counter to what one's intuition expects) SEE: counterintuitive  ::
union {n} (in set theory)  :: sjednocení {n}
union {n} (the act of uniting or the state of being united)  :: unie {f}, svaz {m}, sjednocení {n}
union {n} (trade union) SEE: trade union  ::
unionist {n} (trade unionist)  :: odborář {m}
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics {prop} (a confederation of Communist states, see also: Soviet Union, see also: USSR)  :: Svaz sovětských socialistických republik {m}
union suit {n} (one-piece underwear)  :: ribano {n}
unique {adj} (one of a kind)  :: jedinečný {m}, unikátní
uniqueness {n} (state or quality of being unique or one of a kind)  :: jedinečnost {f}
unisexual {adj} (having characteristics of a single sex)  :: nedokonalý {m}
unisonous {adj} (unisonant) SEE: unisonant  ::
unit {n} (international unit) SEE: international unit  ::
unit {n} (kilowatt-hour as recorded on an electricity meter) SEE: kilowatt-hour  ::
unit {n} (member of a military organization)  :: jednotka {f}
unit {n} (organized group comprising people and/or equipment)  :: jednotka {f}
unit {n} (standard measure of a quantity)  :: jednotka {f}
unitary {adj} (having the quality of oneness)  :: jednotkový
unite {v} (to come or bring together as one)  :: sjednotit, spojit
united {adj} (involving the joint activity of multiple agents)  :: spojený {m}
united {adj} (joined into a single entity)  :: spojený {m}
United Arab Emirates {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Spojené arabské emiráty {m-p}
United Kingdom {prop} (Kingdom in Europe, see also: Great Britain)  :: Spojené království {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)  :: Spojené království Velké Británie a Severního Irska {n}
United Nations {prop} (international coalition)  :: Organizace spojených národů {f}
United States {prop} (The United States)  :: Spojené státy {m-p}
United States of America {prop} (Country in North America)  :: Spojené státy americké {m-p}, Spojené státy {m-p}
unit matrix {n} (identity matrix) SEE: identity matrix  ::
unit of measurement {n} (unit of measure) SEE: unit of measure  ::
unity {n} (state of being one or undivided)  :: jednota {f}
universal {adj} (useful for many purposes)  :: všestranný {m}, univerzální {m}
universalism {n} (universality) SEE: universality  ::
universal quantifier {n} (operator)  :: univerzální kvantifikátor {m}
universe {n} (the Universe)  :: vesmír {m}
Universe {prop} (sum of everything that exists)  :: vesmír {m}
universe of discourse {n} (domain of discourse) SEE: domain of discourse  ::
university {n} (institution of higher education)  :: univerzita {f}
university of life {n} (source of education by adverse experience) SEE: school of hard knocks  ::
unjust {adj} (not fair, just or right)  :: nespravedlivý
unjustice {n} (injustice) SEE: injustice  ::
unjustifiable {adj} (that cannot be justified)  :: neospravedlnitelný {m}
unknowability {n} (quality or state of being unknowable)  :: nepoznatelnost {f}
unknown {adj} (not known)  :: neznámý {m}
unleaded {adj} (without lead)  :: bezolovnatý
unless {conj} (except on a specified condition)  :: dokud ne
unlike {adj} (dissimilar)  :: na rozdíl od
unlike {adj} (not likely) SEE: unlikely  ::
unlimited {adj} (limitless or without bounds; unrestricted)  :: neomezený {m}
unlock {v} (to undo or open a lock)  :: odemknout
unmarried {adj} (having no husband or wife)  :: svobodný {m}, neženatý {m}, svobodná {f}, nevdaná {f}
unmeaningness {n} (insignificance) SEE: insignificance  ::
unmediated {adj} (not mediated)  :: nezprostředkovaný, bezprostřední
unmistakable {adj} (unique, such that it cannot be mistaken for something else)  :: nezaměnitelný {m}
unmodern {adj} (nonmodern) SEE: nonmodern  ::
unnamed {adj} (having no name)  :: nepojmenovaný {m}
unnatural {adj} (not natural)  :: nepřirozený
unnecessary {adj} (not necessary)  :: nepotřebný
unnumbered {adj} (not identified with a number)  :: nečíslovaný {m}
UNO {initialism} (United Nations Organization)  :: OSN
unobtainable {adj} (not able to be acquired or reached)  :: nedostupný
unofficial {adj} (not official)  :: neoficiální
unordered {adj} (not in any sorted order)  :: neuspořádaný {m}
unpack {v} (to remove from a package)  :: vybalit, rozbalit
unpalatable {adj} (unpleasant to the taste)  :: nedobrý {m}
unplanned {adj} (unintentional; not intended)  :: neplánovaný {m}
unplausible {adj} (implausible) SEE: implausible  ::
unpleasant {adj} (not pleasant)  :: nepříjemný {m}
unpopular {adj} (lacking popularity)  :: neoblíbený {m}, nepopulární {m}
unpopularity {n} (property or degree of being unpopular)  :: neoblíbenost {f}
unprecedented {adj} (never before seen or done, without precedent)  :: bezpříkladný {m}
unpredictable {adj} (unable to be predicted)  :: nepředvídatelný
unprepared {adj} (not prepared)  :: nepřipravený
unpreparedly {adv} (in an unprepared manner)  :: nepřipraveně
unprocessed {adj} (not processed)  :: nezpracovaný
unprofessional {adj} (unbecoming of a professional)  :: neprofesionální
unprotected {adj} (not protected)  :: nechráněný {m}
unravel {v} (to separate the threads (of))  :: párat
unreal {adj} (fake)  :: neskutečný {m}
unrealizable {adj} (not realizable)  :: neuskutečnitelný {m}
unreconcilable {adj} (irreconcilable) SEE: irreconcilable  ::
unregister {v} (deregister)  :: odhlásit
unrehearsed {adj} (not rehearsed)  :: nepřipravený
unreliability {n} (the quality of being unreliable)  :: nespolehlivost {f}
unreliable {adj} (not reliable)  :: nespolehlivý {m}
unreported {adj} (not reported)  :: nenahlášený
unrightwise {adj} (unrighteous) SEE: unrighteous  ::
unripe {adj} (not ripe)  :: nezralý
unrivalled {adj} (unrivalled) SEE: unrivaled  ::
unrobe {v} (disrobe) SEE: disrobe  ::
unsaid {adj} (unspoken) SEE: unspoken  ::
unsatisfied {adj} (dissatisfied) SEE: dissatisfied  ::
unscrupulous {adj} (contemptuous of what is right or honourable)  :: bezcharakterní
unscrupulous {adj} (without scruples)  :: bezskrupulózní, bezohledný
UN Security Council {prop} (international organ)  :: Rada bezpečnosti OSN {f}
unselfish {adj} (not selfish; selfless; generous; altruistic)  :: nesobecký {m}
unshaven {adj} (unkempt) SEE: unkempt  ::
unsigned {adj} (lacking a signature, unendorsed)  :: nepodepsaný
unsold {adj} (not sold)  :: neprodaný
unsolicited {adj} (not requested, welcome or invited)  :: nevyžádaný, nežádaný
unspeakable {adj} (incapable of being spoken or uttered)  :: nevýslovný {m}
unspoken {adj} (not formally articulated or stated)  :: nepsaný {m}
unspoken {adj} (not spoken; not said)  :: nevyřčený {m}
unsterilizable {adj} (unable to become sterilized)  :: nesterilizovatelný {m}
unsuccessful {adj} (failed, not successful)  :: neúspěšný, nezdařilý
unsuccessfully {adv} (not successfully; without success)  :: neúspěšně
unsufferable {adj} (insufferable) SEE: insufferable  ::
unsuitable {adj} (not suitable; unfit; inappropriate)  :: nevhodný {m}
unsung {adj} (which has not been lauded or appreciated)  :: neopěvovaný
unsupported {adj} (without support)  :: nepodporovaný
untangle {v} (to remove tangles or knots)  :: rozmotat, rozuzlovat {pf}
untenable {adj} (Not able to be held, as of an opinion or position)  :: neudržitelný
untested {adj} (not previously tested)  :: netestovaný, neotestovaný
untie {v} (to free from fastening or from restraint)  :: odvázat
untie {v} (to loosen, as something interlaced or knotted)  :: rozvázat
until {prep} (up to the time of)  :: do
untimely {adj} (early; premature)  :: předčasný {m}
untouchable {n} (pariah) SEE: pariah  ::
untouched {adj} (in its original state)  :: nedotčený
untranslatable {adj} (not able to be translated)  :: nepřeložitelný
untreated {adj} (of illness, not treated)  :: neléčený
untruism {n} (false statement) SEE: falsehood  ::
untrustworthy {adj} (not deserving of trust; unreliable)  :: nedůvěryhodný {m}
unusable {adj} (not usable)  :: nepoužitelný {m}
unuseful {adj} (not useful)  :: neužitečný
unusual {adj} (unlike what is expected; differing in some way from the norm)  :: neobvyklý {m}
unvariable {adj} (invariable) SEE: invariable  ::
unvisible {adj} (invisible) SEE: invisible  ::
unvisibly {adv} (invisibly) SEE: invisibly  ::
unvoiced {adj} (linguistics: voiceless) SEE: voiceless  ::
unvoluntary {adj} (involuntary) SEE: involuntary  ::
unwanted {adj} (not wanted)  :: nechtěný
unwilling {adj} (not willing; loath; disinclined; reluctant)  :: neochotný {m}
unwillingness {n} (property of being unwilling)  :: neochota {f}
unwise {adj} (not wise)  :: nemoudrý {m}
unwittingly {adv} (in an unwitting manner)  :: nevědomky
unworthy {adj} (not worthy)  :: nehodný {m}
unwrinkled {adj} (wrinkle-free) SEE: wrinkle-free  ::
unwritten {adj} (not written)  :: nepsaný {m}
unwritten rule {n} (unspoken rule) SEE: unspoken rule  ::
unyielding {adj} (not giving in)  :: mezlomný {m}
up {adj} (awake)  :: vzhůru
up {adj} (in a good mood)  :: nahoře
up {adv} (away from earth’s surface)  :: nahoru, vzhůru [movement], nahoře [location]
up {v} (increase)  :: zvýšit
up {v} (promote)  :: povýšit
upblow {v} (blow up) SEE: blow up  ::
upbringing {n} (traits)  :: výchova {f}
upcoming {adj} (of the relatively near future)  :: nadcházející
updatable {adj} ((computing) can be updated)  :: aktualizovatelný {m}
update {n} (action of making something up to date)  :: aktualizace {f}
update {v} (to make something up to date)  :: aktualizovat
upfront {adv} (attacker) SEE: attacker  ::
upfront {adv} (beforehand) SEE: beforehand  ::
uphill {adj} ((by extension) difficult or laborious)  :: obtížný, namáhavý, únavný
uphill {adj} (going up a slope or a hill)  :: stoupající, stoupavý
uphill {adj} (located up a slope or on a hill)  :: vyvýšený
uphill {adv} (up a slope, towards higher ground)  :: nahoru, do kopce
uplift {v} (to raise something or someone to a higher level)  :: povznést
uplifting {adj} (improving the mood)  :: povznášející
upload {v} (to transfer data)  :: nahrát
upon {prep} (at a prescribed point in time)  :: (uses the genitive or instrumental case)
upon {prep} (being above and in contact with another)  :: na
upon {prep} (being directly supported by another)  :: na
upper {adj}  :: horní {m}
upper chamber {n} (upper house) SEE: upper house  ::
upper esophageal sphincter {n} (sphincter)  :: horní jícnový svěrač {m}
upper house {n} (part of a parliament)  :: horní sněmovna {f}
Upper Lusatian {prop} (Upper Sorbian) SEE: Upper Sorbian  ::
upper middle class {n} (social and economic class)  :: vyšší střední třída {f}
upper respiratory tract {n} (part of respiratory tract)  :: horní cesty dýchací {f-p}
Upper Silesia {prop} (region)  :: Horní Slezsko {n}
Upper Sorbian {prop} (a Slavic language spoken in part of Saxony)  :: hornolužická srbština {f}, hornolužičtina {f}
upright {adj} (vertical; erect)  :: vzpřímený
upright bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
uprighteous {adj} (righteous) SEE: righteous  ::
uprising {n} (a popular revolt)  :: povstání {n}
uproot {v} (eradicate) SEE: eradicate  ::
uproot {v} (extirpate) SEE: extirpate  ::
upscale {adj} (marked by wealth or quality) SEE: high-class  ::
upset {adj} (angry, distressed, unhappy)  :: rozrušený
upside {n} (a favourable aspect of something that also has an unfavourable aspect)  :: výhoda, klad
upside down {adv} (inverted)  :: vzhůru nohama
upsilon {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: ypsilon {n}
upstart {n} (newly rich or prominent)  :: povýšenec {m}
up to {prep} (against, next to, near, towards)  :: až k
up-to-date {adj} (current, recent)  :: aktuální
up yours {interj} (exclamation of contempt) SEE: shove it up your ass  ::
uracil {n} (one of the bases of RNA)  :: uracil {m}
Urals {prop} (Ural Mountains) SEE: Ural Mountains  ::
uranian {adj} (Uranian) SEE: Uranian  ::
uranium {n} (uranium (element))  :: uran {m}
Uranus {prop} (god of the sky and heavens)  :: Uran {m}
Uranus {prop} (planet)  :: Uran {m}
urban {adj} (of the city; characteristic of city life)  :: městský
Urban {prop} (male given name)  :: Urban {m}
urbane {adj} (courteous, polite, refined, suave, and sophisticated)  :: jemný {m}, zdvořilý {m}, uhlazený {m}
urbanism {n} (urbanization) SEE: urbanization  ::
urbanity {n} (polished and courteous behavior)  :: zdvořilost {f}
urbanity {n} (what is characteristically urban)  :: městský charakter {m}
urbanization {n} (growth of cities)  :: urbanizace {f}
urban myth {n} (widely circulated story) SEE: urban legend  ::
Urdu {prop} (the Indo-Iranian language)  :: urdština {f}
urea {n} (organic compound)  :: urea {f}, močovina {f}, karbamid {m}
ureter {n} (narrow duct that carries urine from the kidneys)  :: močovod {m}
urethra {n} (anatomical tube)  :: močová trubice {f}
urethral {adj} (pertaining to the urethra)  :: uretrální
urethritis {n} (inflammation of the urethra)  :: uretritida {f}
urgency {n} (quality or condition of being urgent)  :: naléhavost {f}
urgent {adj} (requiring immediate attention)  :: naléhavý {m}
Uriah {prop} (biblical character)  :: Urijáš {m}, Uriáš {m}
uric acid {n} (bicyclic heterocyclic phenolic compound)  :: kyselina močová {f}
urinal {n} (appliance for male restrooms)  :: pisoár {m}
urinary {adj} (urinary)  :: močový
urinary bladder {n} (urinary bladder)  :: močový měchýř {m}
urinary tract {n} (urinary tract)  :: močové ústrojí {n}
urinate {v} (to pass urine from the body)  :: močit
urination {n} (the process of eliminating liquid waste from the body)  :: močení {n}
urine {n} (liquid excrement)  :: moč {f}
urn {n} (a vessel for ashes or cremains of a deceased person)  :: urna {f}
urogenital {adj} (relating to the urinary and/or the genital systems) SEE: genitourinary  ::
urologic {adj} (of or pertaining to urology)  :: urologický
urological {adj} (of or pertaining to urology) SEE: urologic  ::
urologist {n} (doctor of urology)  :: urolog {m}
urology {n} (branch of medicine dealing with urinary tract and urogenital system)  :: urologie {f}
Ursula {prop} (female given name)  :: Uršula, Voršila {f}
urticaria {n} (medical condition)  :: kopřivka {f}, urtikarie {f}
Uruguay {prop} (country)  :: Uruguay
Uruguayan {n} (a person from Uruguay)  :: Uruguayec {m}
us {pron} (objective case of "we")  :: nás, nám
USA {prop} (United States of America)  :: USA
U.S.A. {prop} (USA) SEE: USA  ::
usability {n} (easiness of use in computing)  :: použitelnost {f}
usable {adj} (capable of being used)  :: použitelný {m}
USB port {n} (port for USB connection)  :: USB port {m}, USB {n}
use {n} (act of using)  :: použití {n}
use {n} (function)  :: použití {n}
use {v} (employ, apply)  :: použít, používat {impf}
use {v} (used to) SEE: used to  ::
useable {adj} (usable) SEE: usable  ::
use case {n} (description of a system’s behaviour)  :: případ použití {m}
used {adj} (that has or have previously been owned by someone else)  :: použitý
used {adj} (that is or has or have been used)  :: použitý
Usedom {prop} (island)  :: Uznojem
used to {adj} (accustomed to)  :: zvyklý
useful {adj} (having a practical or beneficial use)  :: užitečný {m}
useful idiot {n} (political sense)  :: užitečný idiot {m}
usefully {adv} (in a useful manner)  :: užitečně
usefulness {n} (quality of being useful)  :: užitečnost {f}
useless {adj} (without use or possibility to be used)  :: zbytečný {m}, k ničemu
user {n} (one who uses something, a consumer)  :: spotřebitel {m}, uživatel {m}
user {n} (person who uses a computer)  :: uživatel {m}
user-friendly {adj} (designed to be easy to use)  :: uživatelsky přívětivý
user interface {n} (the part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with)  :: uživatelské rozhraní {n}
use up {v} (exhaust) SEE: exhaust  ::
usher {n} (doorkeeper in a courtroom)  :: soudní zřízenec {m}
usher {n} (person who escorts people to their seats)  :: uváděč {m}, biletář {m}
USSR {prop} (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: USSR {f}
USSR {prop} (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)  :: SSSR {m}
Ust-Luga {prop} (Ust-Luga)  :: Usť-Luga {f}
usual {adj} (most commonly occurring)  :: obvyklý {m}
usually {adv} (most of the time)  :: obvykle
usually {adv} (under normal conditions) SEE: normally  ::
usucapion {n} (acquisition due to passage of time)  :: vydržení
usucaption {n} (acquisition)  :: vydržení
Usun {prop} (Wusun) SEE: Wusun  ::
usurer {n} (one who loans money at exorbitant interest rates)  :: lichvář {m}
usury {n} (exorbitant rate of interest in excess of any legal rates)  :: lichva {f}
uterine tube {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube  ::
uterus {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
utilitarianism {n} (the theory of the "greatest happiness for the greatest number of people")  :: utilitarismus {m}, utilitarizmus {m}
utility {adj} (economics: ability of a commodity to satisfy needs or wants)  :: užitek {m}
utility {adj} (state or condition of being useful)  :: užitečnost {f}
utility function {n} (mathematical function)  :: užitková funkce {f}
utilization {n} (utilization) SEE: utilisation  ::
utilize {v} (utilise) SEE: utilise  ::
utopia {n} (world in perfect harmony)  :: utopie {f}
utopian {adj} (ideal but often impractical; visionary)  :: utopický {m}
utopic {adj} (utopian) SEE: utopian  ::
Utsunomiya {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Ucunomija
utter {v} (make speech sounds)  :: blekotat
utter {v} (put counterfeit money etc. into circulation)  :: dát do oběhu peníze
utter {v} (say)  :: vyřknout, pronést
utter {v} (use the voice)  :: vydat (zvuk)
utterance {n} (an act of uttering)  :: prohlášení {n}, vyjádření {n}, vyřčení {n}
utterance {n} (something spoken)  :: prohlášení {n}, vyjádření {n}, výrok {n}
utterly {adv} (in complete manner) SEE: completely  ::
uveitis {n} (inflammation of the uvea)  :: uveitida {f}
uvula {n} (appendage that hangs from the palate)  :: čípek {m}
uvulopalatopharyngoplasty {n} (surgical procedure used to remove tissue in the throat)  :: uvulopalatofaryngoplastika {f}
Uyghur {prop} (ethnic group)  :: Ujgur {m}
Uyghur {prop} (language)  :: ujgurština
Uzbek {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Uzbekistan, its people or language)  :: uzbecký {m}
Uzbek {n} (person)  :: Uzbek {m}
Uzbek {prop} (language)  :: uzbečtina {f}
Uzbekistan {prop} (Republic of Uzbekistan)  :: Uzbekistán {m}
Uzbek SSR {prop} (Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: Uzbecká SSR {f}
Uzhgorod {prop} (Uzhhorod) SEE: Uzhhorod  ::
Uzhhorod {prop} (a city in the western Ukraine)  :: Užhorod {m}