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YOLO {phrase} (you only live once)  :: Egyszer élünk!
Yakutsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Jakutszk
Yangon {prop} (largest city in Myanmar)  :: Rangun
Yangtze {prop} (river)  :: Jangce
Yankee {n} (native or inhabitant of the USA)  :: jenki
Yankee {n} (native or inhabitant of the Northern USA)  :: jenki
Yaoundé {prop} (capital of Cameroon)  :: Yaoundé
Yassy {prop} (town in Romania)  :: Jászvásár
Yekaterinburg {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Jekatyerinburg
Yellow Sea {prop} (Asian sea)  :: Sárga-tenger
Yemen {prop} (Republic of Yemen)  :: Jemen
Yenisei {prop} (river in Russia)  :: Jenyiszej
Yerevan {prop} (the capital and largest city of Armenia)  :: Jereván
Yiddish {prop} (language)  :: jiddis
Yiddish {adj} (Hebrew) SEE: Hebrew  ::
Yiddish {prop} (Hebrew) SEE: Hebrew  ::
Yiddish {adj} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Yiddish {prop} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Yitzchak {prop} (given name) SEE: Isaac  ::
YouTube {prop} (a video-sharing website)  :: YouTube
Young's modulus {n} (coefficient of elasticity of a solid)  :: Young-féle modulus
Your Majesty {pron} (Title of respect)  :: Őfelsége
Ypresian {prop} (subdivision of the Eocene epoch)  :: Yprezi
Yucatec Maya {prop} (Yucatec Maya language)  :: jukaték-maja nyelv
Yugoslav {adj} (Yugoslavian) SEE: Yugoslavian  ::
Yugoslav {n} (Yugoslavian) SEE: Yugoslavian  ::
Yugoslavia {prop} (former country in the Balkans)  :: Jugoszlávia
Yugoslavian {adj} (of or relating to Yugoslavia)  :: jugoszláv, jugoszláviai
Yugoslavian {n} (a native of Yugoslavia)  :: jugoszláv, jugoszláviai
Yukon Territory {prop} (territory in northern Canada which has Whitehorse as its capital)  :: Yukon
Yvette {prop} (female given name)  :: Ivett
-y {suffix} (forming diminutive nouns)  :: -ka, -ke
-y {suffix} (forming abstract nouns)  :: -ság, -ség
yacht {n} (slick and light ship)  :: jacht
yacht {n} (any private noncommercial vessel)  :: jacht
yaffingale {n} (green woodpecker) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
yaffle {n} (green woodpecker) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
yaffler {n} (green woodpecker) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
yak {n} (ox-like mammal)  :: jak
y'all {pron} (plural of you)  :: ti
yam {n} (potato) SEE: potato  ::
yam {n} (sweet potato) SEE: sweet potato  ::
yard {n} (land around a house)  :: udvar
yarmulke {n} (Skullcap worn by religious Jewish males)  :: kipa, koponyatető, jarmulke
yarn {n} (fiber strand for knitting or weaving)  :: fonál, fonal
yarrow {n} (any of several pungent Eurasian and North American herbs, of the genus Achillea)  :: cickafark
yashmak {n} (a veil worn by Muslim women)  :: nikáb, jasmak
yataghan {n} (type of sword)  :: jatagán
yawn {v} (open the mouth and take a deep breath)  :: ásít
yawn {n} (the action of yawning)  :: ásítás
yay {interj} (an expression of happiness)  :: juhé
yeah {particle} (yes)  :: igen
year {n} (time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun)  :: év
year {n} (time it takes for any planetary body to make one revolution around another body)  :: [before the word "év" there is the name of the body which circles the other and is connected to "év" with a hyphen if it's a proper noun] év
year {n} (a period between set dates that mark a year)  :: év
year {n} (a level or grade at school or college)  :: év, évfolyam
yearbook {n} (reference book, published annually)  :: évkönyv
yearly {adj} (happening once every year)  :: évenkénti, évi
yearly {adv} (once a year)  :: évenként, évente
yearn {v} (to have a strong desire; to long)  :: sóvárog, vágyódik
yeast {n} (fungus)  :: élesztő
yegg {n} (a person who breaks open safes; a burglar)  :: kasszafúró
yell {v} (shout (verb))  :: ordít, kiáltozik
yellow {adj} (having yellow as its colour)  :: sárga
yellow {adj} (lacking courage)  :: gyáva
yellow {n} (colour)  :: sárga
yellow badge {n} (cloth patch that Jews were ordered to sew on their outer garments to mark them as Jews in public)  :: sárga csillag
yellow card {n} (card in sports)  :: sárga lap
yellow fever {n} (illness)  :: sárgaláz
yellow jersey {n} (shirt worn by the leader in the Tour de France)  :: sárga trikó
yellow light {n} (traffic light between the green light and the red light)  :: sárga fény
yellow onion {n} (onion with strong flavour and yellowish skin)  :: vöröshagyma, vereshagyma [archaic], hagyma [in most recipes where context is clear], sárgahagyma [archaic, chiefly Transylvania]
yellow-billed loon {n} (Gavia adamsii)  :: fehércsőrű búvár
yellowhammer {n} (a passerine bird, Emberiza citrinella)  :: citromsármány
yen {n} (unit of Japanese currency)  :: jen
yen {n} (coin or note of one yen)  :: jen
yep {n} (informal "yes")  :: ja
yermulke {n} (yarmulke) SEE: yarmulke  ::
yes {particle} (word used to indicate agreement or acceptance)  :: igen
yes {particle} (word used to indicate disagreement or dissent in reply to a negative statement)  :: de igen
yes man {n} (a person who always agrees with his employer or superior)  :: fejbólintó János
yessir {interj} (used to express assent, especially to a superior)  :: igenis
yesterday {n} (day before today)  :: tegnap
yesterday {adv} (on the day before today)  :: tegnap
yesteryear {n} (last year)  :: tavaly
yet {adv} (even) SEE: even  ::
yeti {n} (unidentified animal)  :: jeti
yew {n} (Taxus baccata)  :: tiszafa
yew {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Taxus)  :: tiszafa
yew {n} (wood of the yew)  :: tiszafa
yiff {n} (furry pornography)  :: yiff
yin-yang {n} (yin and yang)  :: jin-jang
yin-yang {n} (vagina) SEE: vagina  ::
yodel {v} (to sing in such a way that the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal chest voice and falsetto)  :: jódlizik
yodel {n} (song)  :: jódli
yoga {n} (Hindu discipline)  :: jóga
yogi {n} (yoga practitioner)  :: jógi
yogini {n} (female yoga practitioner)  :: jóginí
yogurt {n} (a milk-based product thickened by a bacterium-aided curdling process)  :: joghurt
yoke {n} (wooden bar)  :: iga, járom
yokel {n} (unsophisticated person)  :: paraszt
yokel {n} (person of rural background)  :: falusi
yolk {n} (yellow of egg)  :: tojássárgája, sárgája
yoni {n} (female sexual organs, or a symbol of them)  :: jóni
you {pron} (object pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: titeket, benneteket [accusative, familiar], önöket [accusative, polite], magukat [accusative, polite]
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: [familiar] ti, [polite] önök
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: te
you {determiner}  :: te [familiar], [polite] ön
you are welcome {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
you are what you eat {proverb} (proverb)  :: az vagy, amit megeszel
you can say that again {phrase} (that is very true)  :: szent igaz, az biztos, teljesen egyetértek
you don't say {interj} ((idiomatic) really? ; no kidding! ; Is that so?)  :: nem mondod
you have the advantage of me {phrase} (what is your name) SEE: what is your name  ::
young {adj} (in the early part of life or growth)  :: fiatal, ifjú
young {n} (people who are young)  :: fiatal, ifjú
young lady {n} (an adolescent or young female)  :: kisasszony, fiatalasszony
young lady {n} (a term of endearment or address for a girl)  :: kisasszony
young man {n} (youth) SEE: youth  ::
younger brother {n}  :: öcs
younger sister {n}  :: húg
youngster {n} (a young person)  :: ifjonc, ifjú, siheder
your {determiner} (belonging to you (singular; one owner))  :: -d, -od, -ad, -ed, [informal] -öd, -a, -e, -ja, [formal] -je
your {determiner} (belonging to you (plural; more owners))  :: -tok, -tek, [informal] -tök, -a, -e, -ja, [formal] -je
your mileage may vary {phrase} (this is just my opinion)  :: ízlések és pofonok, kinek a pap, kinek a papné
your wish is my command {phrase} (what you wish for I will effect as if it were a command)  :: kívánságod számomra parancs
you're welcome {phrase} (reply to thanks)  :: szívesen
yours {pron}  :: tiéd, tied, tiétek, tietek
yours faithfully {adj} (a polite formula to end letters)  :: [obsolete, now only with an ironical edge] maradok őszinte híve
yourself {pron} ((reflexive) your own self)  :: magad, magadat
yourself {pron}  :: önmaga, saját maga
youth {n} (quality or state of being young)  :: fiatalság
youth {n} (part of life following childhood)  :: serdülőkor
youth {n} (young person)  :: fiatal, ifjú
youth {n} (young man)  :: fiatalember, fiatalúr, legény
youth {n} (young persons, collectively)  :: fiatalok
youth hostel {n} (an inexpensive supervised lodging place, primarily for young people)  :: ifjúsági szálló
yowzah {adv} (yessir) SEE: yessir  ::
yo-yo {n} (toy)  :: jojó
ytterbium {n} (chemical element)  :: itterbium
yttrium {n} (chemical element)  :: ittrium
yuan {n} (basic unit of money in China)  :: jüan
yuck {interj} (uttered to indicate disgust)  :: pfuj
yum {adj} (indication of delight)  :: nyam
yummy {adj} (delicious)  :: fincsi
yuppie {n} (young upwardly mobile urban professional person)  :: fiatal értelmiségi
yurt {n} (large, round tent with vertical walls and conical roof)  :: jurta