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Complex irregular verbs[edit]

Base Present 1st Present 2nd Present 3rd Present Plur. Present Part. Past 1/3 Past 2nd Past Plur. Past Part. Gerund Action Agent.
be am art is are being was wast were been being being being
be able can, am able canst, art able can, is able can, are able cunning, being able could, was able couldst, wast able could, were able could, been able cunning, ability cunning, ability abled
do do dost does, doth do doing did didst did done doing deed doer
have have hast has, hath have having had hadst had had having having have
- may mayst, mayest may may - might might might - - - -
- shall shalt shall shall - should shouldst should - - - -
- will wilt will will willing would wouldst would wold, would - - -

Simple irregular verbs[edit]

Base Past Past Part. Gerund Action Agentive
beseech besought, beseeched besought, beseeched beseeching beseeching beseecher
bleed bled bled bleeding bleed bleeder
break broke broken breaking break breaker
bring brought brought bringing bringing bringer
build built built building building builder
buy bought bought buying buy buyer
catch caught caught catching catch catcher
comb combed combed, kempt combing combing comber
come came come coming coming comer
draw drew drawn drawing draw drawer
drink drank, drunk drunk, drunken drinking drinking drinker, drunk
drive drove driven driving drive driver
fight fought fought fighting fight fighter
give gave given giving giving giver
go went gone going going goer
hit hit hit hitting hit hitter
hold held held holding hold holder
keep kept kept keeping keep keeper
know knew known knowing knowledge knower
lead led led lead lead leader
leave left left leaving leave leaver
leap leapt, leaped leapt, leaped leaping leap leaper
love loved loved, beloved loving, love love lover
make made made making make maker
pay paid paid paying pay payer
ride rode, rid ridden riding ride rider
ring rang rung ringing ring ringer
saw sawed sawn, sawed sawing sawing sawyer
say said said saying saying sayer
see saw seen seeing sight seer
seek sought sought seeking seeking seeker
send sent sent sending sending sender
shave shaved shaven, shaved shaving shave shaver
shake shook shaken shaking shake shaker
shit shat, shit shat, shit shitting shit shitter
shrink shrank, shrunk shrunk, shrunken shrinking shrinkage shrinker
sing sang, sung sung singing song singer
sink sank, sunk sunk, sunken sinking sinking sinker
sit sat sat sitting seat sitter
slay slew slain slaying slaying slayer
speak spoke, spake spoken, spoke speaking speech speaker
speed sped sped speeding speed speeder
spell spelt, spelled spelt, spelled spelling spelling speller
spend spent spent spending spending spender
spread spread spread spreading spread spreader
stink stank, stunk stunk stench stench stinker
strike struck, strook stricken, struck, strook strike strike striker
take took taken taking take taker
teach taught taught teaching teaching teacher
tear tore, tare torn tearing tear tearer
think thought thought thinking thought thinker
thrive throve, thrived thriven, thrived thriving thrift thriver
tread trod trodden, trod treading tread treader
wear wore, ware worn wearing wear wearer
work worked, wrought worked, wrought work work worker, wright
wring wrung wrung wringing wringing wringer
write wrote, writ written, writ writing writing, writ writer