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This page lists languages by any particular property that they may have.

Not allowed in main namespace[edit]

These languages are not permitted in the main namespace, only in the Appendix namespace.

Reconstructed languages[edit]

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
aav-ban-pro Proto-Bahnaric Bahnaric Latn
aav-khm-pro Proto-Khmuic Khmuic Latn
aav-pro Proto-Austro-Asiatic Austro-Asiatic Latinx
afa-pro Proto-Afro-Asiatic Afro-Asiatic Latinx Hamito-Semitic
alg-pro Proto-Algonquian Algonquian Latinx Yes
alv-edo-pro Proto-Edoid Edoid Latn
alv-pro Proto-Atlantic-Congo Atlantic-Congo Latn
apa-pro Proto-Apachean Apachean Latinx Proto-Apache, Proto-Southern Athabaskan
aql-pro Proto-Algic Algic Latinx Yes
ath-pro Proto-Athabaskan Athabaskan Latinx
auf-pro Proto-Arawa Arauan Proto-Arawan, Proto-Arauan
aus-arn-pro Proto-Arnhem Arnhem Latinx
aus-cww-pro Proto-Central New South Wales Central New South Wales Latinx
aus-dal-pro Proto-Daly Daly Latinx
aus-nyu-pro Proto-Nyulnyulan Nyulnyulan Latinx
aus-pam-pro Proto-Pama-Nyungan Pama-Nyungan Latinx
aus-wdj-pro Proto-Iwaidjan Iwaidjan Latinx
awd-pro Proto-Arawakan Arawakan Latn Proto-Arawak, Proto-Maipurean, Proto-Maipuran
awd-taa-pro Proto-Ta-Arawakan Ta-Arawakan Latn Proto-Ta-Arawak, Proto-Caribbean Northern Arawak
azc-cup-pro Proto-Cupan Cupan Latinx
azc-nah-pro Proto-Nahuan Nahuan Latinx
azc-num-pro Proto-Numic Numic Latinx
azc-pro Proto-Uto-Aztecan Uto-Aztecan Latinx
azc-tak-pro Proto-Takic Takic Latinx
ber-pro Proto-Berber Berber
bnt-ngu-pro Proto-Nguni Nguni Latinx
bnt-pro Proto-Bantu Bantu Latinx
btk-pro Proto-Batak Batak Latinx
cau-abz-pro Proto-Abkhaz-Abaza Abkhaz-Abaza Latinx Proto-Abazgi, Proto-Abkhaz-Tapanta
cau-ava-pro Proto-Avaro-Andian Avaro-Andian Latinx Proto-Avar-Andian, Proto-Avar-Andi, Proto-Avar-Andic, Proto-Andian
cau-cir-pro Proto-Circassian Circassian Latinx Proto-Adyghe-Kabardian, Proto-Adyghe-Circassian
cau-drg-pro Proto-Dargwa Dargwa Latinx Proto-Dargin
cau-lzg-pro Proto-Lezghian Lezghian Latinx Proto-Lezgi, Proto-Lezgian, Proto-Lezgic
cau-nec-pro Proto-Northeast Caucasian Northeast Caucasian Latinx
cau-nkh-pro Proto-Nakh Nakh Latinx
cau-nwc-pro Proto-Northwest Caucasian Northwest Caucasian Latinx
cau-tsz-pro Proto-Tsezian Tsezian Latinx Proto-Tsezic, Proto-Didoic
cba-pro Proto-Chibchan Chibchan Latinx
ccn-pro Proto-North Caucasian North Caucasian Latinx
ccs-gzn-pro Proto-Georgian-Zan Georgian-Zan Latinx Proto-Karto-Zan Yes
ccs-pro Proto-Kartvelian Kartvelian Latinx Yes
cdc-cbm-pro Proto-Central Chadic Central Chadic Latn Proto-Central-Chadic, Proto-Biu-Mandara
cdc-pro Proto-Chadic Chadic Latn
cdd-pro Proto-Caddoan Caddoan Latinx
cel-bry-pro Proto-Brythonic Brythonic Latinx Proto-Brittonic
cel-pro Proto-Celtic Celtic Latinx
chi-pro Proto-Chimakuan Chimakuan Latinx
cmc-pro Proto-Chamic Chamic Latinx
cus-pro Proto-Cushitic Afro-Asiatic Latinx
dra-pro Proto-Dravidian Dravidian Latinx
dru-pro Proto-Rukai Austronesian Latinx
esx-esk-pro Proto-Eskimo Eskimo Latinx
esx-inu-pro Proto-Inuit Inuit Latinx
esx-pro Proto-Eskimo-Aleut Eskimo-Aleut Latinx
euq-pro Proto-Basque Vasconic Latinx
fiu-fin-pro Proto-Finnic Finnic Latn
fiu-mdv-pro Proto-Mordvinic Mordvinic Latn
fiu-prm-pro Proto-Permic Permic Latn
fiu-ugr-pro Proto-Ugric Ugric Latinx
gem-pro Proto-Germanic Germanic Latinx Common Germanic Yes
grk-pro Proto-Hellenic Hellenic Latinx
hmn-pro Proto-Hmong Hmong Latinx
hmx-mie-pro Proto-Mien Mien Latinx
hmx-pro Proto-Hmong-Mien Hmong-Mien Latinx
hyx-pro Proto-Armenian Armenian Latn
iir-nur-pro Proto-Nuristani Nuristani Latinx
iir-pro Proto-Indo-Iranian Indo-Iranian Latinx
inc-dar-pro Proto-Dardic Dardic Latinx Proto-Rigvedic
inc-pro Proto-Indo-Aryan Indo-Aryan Latinx
ine-ana-pro Proto-Anatolian Anatolian Latinx
ine-bsl-pro Proto-Balto-Slavic Balto-Slavic Latinx Yes
ine-pro Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Latinx Yes
ine-toc-pro Proto-Tocharian Tocharian Latinx
ira-pro Proto-Iranian Iranian Latinx
iro-pro Proto-Iroquoian Iroquoian Latinx
itc-pro Proto-Italic Italic Latinx
jpx-pro Proto-Japonic Japonic Latinx
jpx-ryu-pro Proto-Ryukyuan Ryukyuan Latinx
map-ata-pro Proto-Atayalic Atayalic Latinx
map-pro Proto-Austronesian Austronesian Latinx
mkh-pro Proto-Mon-Khmer Mon-Khmer Latinx
mkh-vie-pro Proto-Vietic Vietic Latinx
myn-pro Proto-Mayan Mayan Latinx Proto-Maya
nai-chu-pro Proto-Chumash Chumashan Latinx Proto-Chumashan
nai-ckn-pro Proto-Chinookan Chinookan Latinx Proto-Chinook
nai-mdu-pro Proto-Maidun Maiduan Latinx Proto-Maiduan
nai-pom-pro Proto-Pomo Pomoan Latn Proto-Pomoan
nai-sca-pro Proto-Siouan-Catawban Siouan-Catawban Latinx
nai-tot-pro Proto-Totozoquean Totozoquean
nai-utn-pro Proto-Utian Utian Latinx Proto-Miwok-Costanoan
nic-bco-pro Proto-Benue-Congo Benue-Congo Latn
nic-bod-pro Proto-Bantoid Bantoid Latn
nic-gur-pro Proto-Gur Gur Latn
nic-pro Proto-Niger-Congo Niger-Congo Latn
nic-ubg-pro Proto-Ubangian Ubangian Latn
nub-pro Proto-Nubian Nubian Latn
omq-maz-pro Proto-Mazatec Mazatecan Latn Proto-Mazatecan
omq-mix-pro Proto-Mixtecan Mixtecan Latn
omq-pro Proto-Oto-Manguean Oto-Manguean Latn Proto-Otomanguean, Proto-Oto-Mangue
phi-pro Proto-Philippine Philippine Latinx
plf-pro Proto-Central Malayo-Polynesian Central Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
poz-btk-pro Proto-Bungku-Tolaki Bungku-Tolaki Latinx
poz-cet-pro Proto-Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Central Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
poz-hce-pro Proto-Halmahera-Cenderawasih Halmahera-Cenderawasih Latinx Proto-South Halmahera - West New Guinea
poz-lgx-pro Proto-Lampungic Lampungic Latinx
poz-mcm-pro Proto-Malayo-Chamic Malayo-Sumbawan Latinx
poz-mly-pro Proto-Malayic Malayic Latinx
poz-msa-pro Proto-Malayo-Sumbawan Malayo-Sumbawan Latinx
poz-oce-pro Proto-Oceanic Oceanic Latinx
poz-pep-pro Proto-Eastern Polynesian Polynesian Latinx Proto-Eastern-Polynesian, Proto-East Polynesian, Proto-East-Polynesian
poz-pnp-pro Proto-Nuclear Polynesian Polynesian Latinx
poz-pol-pro Proto-Polynesian Polynesian Latinx
poz-pro Proto-Malayo-Polynesian Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
poz-ssw-pro Proto-South Sulawesi South Sulawesi Latinx
poz-sus-pro Proto-Sunda-Sulawesi Central Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
poz-swa-pro Proto-North Sarawak North Sarawakan Latinx
pqe-pro Proto-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
pqw-pro Proto-Western Malayo-Polynesian Western Malayo-Polynesian Latinx
qfa-cka-pro Proto-Chukotko-Kamchatkan Chukotko-Kamchatkan Latinx
qfa-hur-pro Proto-Hurro-Urartian Hurro-Urartian Latinx
qfa-kor-pro Proto-Korean Korean
qfa-tak-pro Proto-Tai-Kadai Tai-Kadai Latn
qfa-yen-pro Proto-Yeniseian Yeniseian Latinx
sal-pro Proto-Salish Salishan Latn Proto-Salishan
sem-pro Proto-Semitic Semitic Latinx
sio-pro Proto-Siouan Siouan Latinx
sit-pro Proto-Sino-Tibetan Sino-Tibetan Latn
sla-pro Proto-Slavic Slavic Latinx Common Slavic Yes
smi-pro Proto-Samic Sami Latn Proto-Sami
sqj-pro Proto-Albanian Albanian Latinx
syd-pro Proto-Samoyedic Samoyedic Latn
tai-pro Proto-Tai Tai Latinx
tai-swe-pro Proto-Southwestern Tai Southwestern Tai Latinx
tbq-kuk-pro Proto-Kuki-Chin Kukish Latinx Proto-Kukish
tbq-lol-pro Proto-Loloish Tibeto-Burman Latinx Proto-Nisoic
tbq-pro Proto-Tibeto-Burman Tibeto-Burman Latinx
trk-ogz-pro Proto-Oghuz Oghuz Latinx
trk-pro Proto-Turkic Turkic Latinx
tut-pro Proto-Altaic Altaic Latinx
tuw-pro Proto-Tungusic Tungusic Latinx
urj-pro Proto-Uralic Uralic Latinx Proto-Finno-Ugric, Proto-Finno-Permic
xgn-pro Proto-Mongolic Mongolic Latinx
xnd-pro Proto-Na-Dene Na-Dene Latinx Proto-Na-Dené, Proto-Athabaskan–Eyak–Tlingit
ypk-pro Proto-Yupik Yupik Latinx
zhx-min-pro Proto-Min Sinitic Latinx

Minor constructed languages[edit]

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
afh Afrihili constructed
art-blk Bolak constructed Latn
art-bsp Black Speech constructed Latn, Teng
art-com Communicationssprache constructed Latn
art-dtk Dothraki constructed Latn
art-elo Eloi constructed Latn
art-gld Goa'uld constructed Latn, Egyp, Mero
art-lap Lapine constructed Latn
art-man Mandalorian constructed Latn
art-mun Mundolinco constructed Latn
art-nav Na'vi constructed Latn
art-nox Noxilo constructed Latn
art-top Toki Pona constructed Latn
art-una Unas constructed Latn
avk Kotava constructed
igs Glosa constructed
ldn Láadan constructed Latn
lfn Lingua Franca Nova constructed Latn
neu Neo constructed Latn
qya Quenya constructed Latn, Teng
rmv Romanova constructed
sjn Sindarin constructed Latn, Teng
tlh Klingon constructed Latn
tzl Talossan constructed Latn Yes

With sort key or diacritic removal[edit]

These languages have the sort_key and/or entry_name value set. These properties are used to generate a sort key or an entry name, by removing diacritics and the like.

Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
aao Algerian Saharan Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ab Abkhaz Abkhaz-Abaza Cyrl, Geor, Latn Abkhazian, Abxazo Yes
abv Baharna Arabic Arabic Arab Bahrani Arabic Yes
acm Iraqi Arabic Arabic Arab Mesopotamian Arabic Yes
acq Ta'izzi-Adeni Arabic Arabic Arab Southern Yemeni Arabic Yes
acw Hijazi Arabic Arabic Arab Hejazi Arabic, West Arabian Arabic Yes
acx Omani Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
adf Dhofari Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
aeb Tunisian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
aec Saidi Arabic Arabic Arab Sa'idi Arabic, Upper Egyptian Arabic, Upper Egypt Arabic Yes
af Afrikaans West Germanic Latn, Arab Yes
afb Gulf Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ajp South Levantine Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
alg-pro Proto-Algonquian Algonquian Latinx Yes
alv-ama Amasi Benue-Congo Latn Yes
ang Old English West Germanic Latinx Anglo-Saxon Yes
apc North Levantine Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
apd Sudanese Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
aql-pro Proto-Algic Algic Latinx Yes
ar Arabic Arabic Arab, Brai Modern Standard Arabic, Standard Arabic, Literary Arabic, Classical Arabic Yes
arc Aramaic Aramaic Hebr, Armi, Syrc, Palm, Nbat, Phnx, Mand, Samr Imperial Aramaic, Official Aramaic, Biblical Aramaic Yes
arq Algerian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ars Najdi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ary Moroccan Arabic Arabic Arab, Latn Yes
arz Egyptian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
avl Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic Arabic Arab Bedawi Arabic, Levantine Bedawi Arabic Yes
axm Middle Armenian Armenian Armn Yes
ayh Hadrami Arabic Arabic Arab Hadhrami Arabic Yes
ayl Libyan Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ayn Sanaani Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
ayp North Mesopotamian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
bbl Bats Nakh Geor Batsbi, Tsova-Tush Yes
be Belarusian East Slavic Cyrl Belorussian, Belarusan, Bielorussian, Byelorussian, Belarussian, White Russian Yes Yes
bg Bulgarian South Slavic Cyrl Yes
br Breton Brythonic Latn Yes
ca Catalan Romance Latn Valencian Yes
ccs-gzn-pro Proto-Georgian-Zan Georgian-Zan Latinx Proto-Karto-Zan Yes
ccs-pro Proto-Kartvelian Kartvelian Latinx Yes
ce Chechen Nakh Cyrl Yes
chl Cahuilla Cupan Latn Yes
chm Eastern Mari Uralic Cyrl Meadow Mari, Lowland Mari, Midland Mari, Standard Mari, Upo Mari, Mari, Mari (Russia) Yes
cpg Cappadocian Greek Hellenic polytonic Cappadocian Yes
cs Czech West Slavic Latn Yes
cu Old Church Slavonic South Slavic Cyrs, Glag Old Church Slavic Yes Yes
cy Welsh Brythonic Latn Yes
de German West Germanic Latn, Latf High German, New High German, Deutsch Yes
dsb Lower Sorbian Sorbian Latn Lower Lusatian, Lower Wendish Yes
dum Middle Dutch West Germanic Latn Yes
el Greek Hellenic Grek, Brai Modern Greek, Neo-Hellenic Yes
en English West Germanic Latn, Brai, Shaw, Dsrt Modern English, New English, Hawaiian Creole English, Hawai'ian Creole English, Hawaiian Creole, Hawai'ian Creole, Polari, Yinglish Yes
enm Middle English West Germanic Latn Medieval English, Mediaeval English Yes
eo Esperanto constructed Latn Yes
es Spanish Romance Latn, Brai Castilian, Amazonian Spanish, Amazonic Spanish, Loreto-Ucayali Spanish Yes
fa Persian Western Iranian fa-Arab Farsi, New Persian, Modern Persian, Western Persian, Iranian Persian, Eastern Persian, Dari, Aimaq, Aimak, Aymaq, Eimak Yes
fi Finnish Finnic Latn Suomi Yes Yes
fr French Romance Latn, Brai Modern French Yes
frm Middle French Romance Latn Yes
fro Old French Romance Latn, Hebr Judeo-French, Zarphatic Yes
frp Franco-Provençal Romance Latn Arpetan, Arpitan Yes
ga Irish Goidelic Latn Irish Gaelic Yes
gd Scottish Gaelic Goidelic Latn Gàidhlig, Highland Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, Scottish Yes
gem-pro Proto-Germanic Germanic Latinx Common Germanic Yes
gl Galician Romance Latn Yes
gmh Middle High German West Germanic Latn Yes
gml Middle Low German West Germanic Latn Yes
goh Old High German West Germanic Latn Yes
got Gothic East Germanic Goth, Runr Yes
grc Ancient Greek Hellenic polytonic, Cprt Yes Yes
gv Manx Goidelic Latn Manx Gaelic Yes
haw Hawaiian Polynesian Latn Yes
he Hebrew Canaanite Hebr, Phnx, Brai Ivrit Yes
hil Hiligaynon Philippine Latn Yes
hu Hungarian Ugric Latn Magyar Yes
huz Hunzib Tsezian Cyrl Yes
hy Armenian Armenian Armn, Brai Modern Armenian, Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian Yes Yes
ine-bsl-pro Proto-Balto-Slavic Balto-Slavic Latinx Yes
ine-pae Paeonian Indo-European polytonic Yes Yes
ine-pro Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Latinx Yes
inh Ingush Nakh Cyrl Yes
it Italian Romance Latn Yes
itc-ola Old Latin Italic Latn, Ital Archaic Latin, Early Latin, Pre-Classical Latin, Ante-Classical Latin Yes
ka Georgian Georgian-Zan Geor, Geok Kartvelian Yes
khb Southwestern Tai Talu, Lana, Thai Tai Lü Yes
kjj Khinalug Northeast Caucasian Cyrl Khinalig, Xinalug, Xinalugh, Khinalugh Yes
kmr Northern Kurdish Iranian Latn, Cyrl, Armn, ku-Arab Kurmanji Yes
la Latin Italic Latn Yes
lt Lithuanian Baltic Latn Yes
lui Luiseño Cupan Latn Luiseno, Juaneño, Juaneno Yes
lv Latvian Baltic Latn Lettish, Lett Yes
lzz Laz Zan Geor, Latn Yes
mez Menominee Algonquian Latn Yes
mga Middle Irish Goidelic Latn Yes Yes
mh Marshallese Micronesian Latn Yes
miq Miskito Misumalpan Latn Miskitu Yes
mk Macedonian South Slavic Cyrl Yes
moe Montagnais Algonquian Latn Yes
nci Classical Nahuatl Nahuan Latn Yes
nl Dutch West Germanic Latn Netherlandic, Flemish Yes
nrf Norman Romance Latn Cauchois, Jèrriais, Jersey French, Jersey Norman, Jersey Norman French, Guernésiais, Dgèrnésiais, Guernsey French, Guernsey Norman French, Augeron, Sercquiais, Auregnais Yes
nv Navajo Apachean nv-Latn Yes
ny Chichewa Bantu Latn Chicheŵa, Chinyanja, Nyanja, Chewa Yes
oc Occitan Romance Latn, Hebr Provençal, Auvergnat, Auvernhat, Gascon, Languedocien, Lengadocian, Shuadit, Chouhadite, Chouhadit, Chouadite, Chouadit, Shuhadit, Judeo-Provençal, Judeo-Provencal, Judeo-Comtadin Yes
odt Old Dutch West Germanic Latn Yes
ofs Old Frisian Frisian Latn Yes
oge Old Georgian Georgian-Zan Geor Yes
olt Old Lithuanian Baltic Latn Yes
orv Old East Slavic East Slavic Cyrs Old Russian Yes Yes
os Ossetian Iranian Cyrl, Geor, Latn Ossete, Ossetic, Digor, Iron Yes
osx Old Saxon West Germanic Latn Old Low German Yes
pcd Picard Romance Latn Chti, Ch'ti Yes
pi Pali Indo-Aryan Latn, Deva, Sinh, Mymr, Khmr, Thai Yes
pl Polish West Slavic Latn Yes
pnt Pontic Greek Hellenic polytonic, Latn, Cyrl Pontic Yes
ppl Pipil Nahuan Latn Nahuat, Náhuat, Nawat, Náwat Yes
pro Old Provençal Romance Latn Old Occitan Yes
pt Portuguese Romance Latn, Brai Modern Portuguese Yes
ro Romanian Romance Latn, Cyrl Daco-Romanian, Roumanian, Rumanian Yes
roa-brg Bourguignon Romance Latn Burgundian, Bregognon, Dijonnais, Morvandiau, Morvandeau, Morvan, Bourguignon-Morvandiau, Mâconnais, Brionnais, Brionnais-Charolais, Auxerrois, Beaunois, Langrois, Valsaônois, Verduno-Chalonnais, Sédelocien Yes
roa-gal Gallo Romance Latn Yes
roa-oca Old Catalan Romance Latn Yes
ru Russian East Slavic Cyrl, Brai Yes Yes
rue Rusyn East Slavic Cyrl Yes
se Northern Sami Sami Latn North Sami, Northern Saami, North Saami Yes
sga Old Irish Goidelic Latn Yes Yes
sh Serbo-Croatian South Slavic Latn, Cyrl BCS, Croato-Serbian, Serbocroatian, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian Yes
shn Shan Southwestern Tai Mymr Yes
shu Chadian Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
sk Slovak West Slavic Latn Yes
sl Slovene South Slavic Latn Slovenian Yes
sla-pro Proto-Slavic Slavic Latinx Common Slavic Yes
so Somali Cushitic Latn, Arab, Osma Yes
sq Albanian Albanian Latn, Elba Yes
ssh Shihhi Arabic Arabic Arab Yes
sva Svan Kartvelian Geor, Cyrl Yes
sw Swahili Bantu Latn, Arab Settler Swahili, KiSetla, KiSettla, Setla, Settla, Kitchen Swahili, Kihindi, Indian Swahili, KiShamba, Kishamba, Field Swahili, Kibabu, Asian Swahili, Kimanga, Arab Swahili, Kitvita, Army Swahili Yes
syc Classical Syriac Aramaic Syrc Yes
syr Syriac Aramaic Syrc Yes
tg Tajik Western Iranian Cyrl, fa-Arab, Latn Tadjik, Tadzhik, Tajiki, Tajik Persian Yes Yes
th Thai Southwestern Tai Thai, Brai Yes
tzl Talossan constructed Latn Yes
uk Ukrainian East Slavic Cyrl Yes
unm Unami Lenape Latn Yes
ur Urdu Indo-Aryan ur-Arab Yes
wa Walloon Romance Latn Yes
xaa Andalusian Arabic Arabic Arab Andalusi Arabic, Moorish Arabic, Spanish Arabic Yes
xbc Bactrian Iranian Grek, Mani Greco-Bactrian, Kushan, Kushano-Bactrian Yes
xcl Old Armenian Armenian Armn Classical Armenian, Liturgical Armenian, Grabar Yes
xfa Faliscan Italic Ital, Latn Yes
xmk Ancient Macedonian Hellenic polytonic Yes Yes
zle-ono Old Novgorodian East Slavic Cyrs, Glag Yes Yes


Code Canonical name Family Scripts Other names Sort? Diacr?
mul Translingual not a family
und Undetermined not a family Zyyy

Etymology-only languages[edit]

Codes Canonical name Other names Parent
abh-prk Abhiri Abhiri Prakrit Sanskrit
Acadian French, fra-aca, fr-aca Acadian French French
add-dv Addu Dhivehi Addu Divehi, Addu Bas Dhivehi
el-aeo Aeolic Greek Lesbic Greek, Lesbian Greek, Aeolian Greek Greek
AE., American English, en-US American English English
nan-amo Amoy Xiamenese Hokkien
mkh-okm-A Angkorian Old Khmer Old Khmer
xno Anglo-Norman Old French
el-arc Arcadian Greek Greek
el-arp Arcadocypriot Greek Greek
el-att Attic Greek Greek
AG., Austrian German, de-AT Austrian German German
prk-avt Avanti Avanti Prakrit Sanskrit
bhl-prk Bahliki Bahliki Prakrit Sanskrit
hbo Biblical Hebrew Classical Hebrew Hebrew
hi-mum Bombay Hindi Mumbai Hindi, Bambai Hindi Hindi
BE., British English, en-GB British English English
gkm, Medieval Greek Byzantine Greek Medieval Greek Ancient Greek
frc Cajun French Louisiana French French
Canadian French, CF., fr-CA Canadian French French
cnd-prk Candali Candali Prakrit Sanskrit
xcg Cisalpine Gaulish Gaulish
tl-cls Classical Tagalog Tagalog
el-crt Cretan Greek Greek
el-cyp Cypriotic Greek Greek
dks-prk Daksinatya Daksinatya Prakrit Sanskrit
el-dor Doric Greek Greek
drm-prk Dramili Dramili Prakrit Sanskrit
Early Scots, Old Scots, O.Sc., sco-osc Early Scots Scots
Ecclesiastical Latin, EL., la-ecc Ecclesiastical Latin Church Latin Latin
el-ela Elean Greek Greek
el-epc Epic Greek Greek
el-grk Griko Grico Greek
roa-grn Guernésiais Norman
nan-hai Hainanese Min Nan
elu-prk Helu Hela, Elu Prakrit, Helu Prakrit, Hela Prakrit Sanskrit
nan-hok Hokkien Min Nan
el-hmr Homeric Greek Greek
hvd-dv Huvadhu Dhivehi Huvadhu Divehi, Huvadhu Bas Dhivehi
Ins.Sc., Insular Scots, sco-ins Insular Scots Scots
el-ion Ionic Greek Greek
roa-jer Jèrriais Norman
sem-jar Jewish Aramaic Aramaic
tmr Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Aramaic
jpa Jewish Palestinian Aramaic Galilean Aramaic Aramaic
gu-kat Kathiyawadi Kathiyawadi Gujarati, Kathiawadi Gujarati
grc-koi, Koine Koine Greek Ancient Greek
Kölsch, ksh Kölsch Central Franconian
alv-kro Kromanti creole or pidgin family
la-lat, Late Latin, LL, LL. Late Latin Latin
es-lun, Lunfardo Lunfardo Spanish
la-med, Medieval Latin, ML, ML. Medieval Latin Latin
si-med Medieval Sinhalese Medieval Sinhala Sinhalese
ang-mer Mercian Old English Old English
bn-mid Middle Bengali Bengali
gu-mid Middle Gujarati Gujarati
ira-mid, MIr. Middle Iranian Iranian family
kn-mid Middle Kannada Kannada
kok-mid Middle Konkani Medieval Konkani Konkani
or-mid Middle Oriya Oriya
Middle Scots, Mid.Sc., sco-smi Middle Scots Scots
ta-mid Middle Tamil Tamil
el-GR, ell Modern Greek Greek
he-IL Modern Israeli Hebrew Hebrew
mlk-dv Mulaku Dhivehi Mulaku Divehi, Mulaku Bas Dhivehi
la-new, New Latin, NL. New Latin Modern Latin Latin
Nor.Sc., Northern Scots, sco-nor Northern Scots Scots
ang-nor Northumbrian Old English Old English
odr-prk Odri Odri Prakrit Sanskrit
bn-old Old Bengali Bengali
hi-old Old Hindi Hindi
ira-old, OIr. Old Iranian Iranian family
roa-oit Old Italian Italian
kn-old Old Kannada Kannada
kok-old Old Konkani Early Konkani Konkani
fro-nor, Old Northern French, ONF. Old Northern French Old Norman, Old Norman French Old French
or-old Old Oriya Oriya
fro-pic Old Picard Old French
pa-old Old Punjabi Punjabi
tl-old Old Tagalog Tagalog
hsn-old Old Xiang Lou-Shao Xiang
loc-opu Opuntian Locrian Greek
loc-ozo Ozolian Locrian Greek
psc-prk Paisaci Paisaci Prakrit Sanskrit
el-pam Pamphylian Greek Greek
el-pap Paphian Greek Greek
nan-phl Philippine Hokkien Hokkien
pinhua Pinghua Cantonese
prc-prk Pracya Pracya Prakrit Sanskrit
mkh-okm-P Pre-Angkorian Old Khmer Old Khmer
pregrc, qfa-sub-grc Pre-Greek substrate family
und-bal pre-Roman (Balkans) substrate family
und-ibe pre-Roman (Iberia) substrate family
bat-pro Proto-Baltic Proto-Balto-Slavic
sem-can-pro Proto-Canaanite Proto-Semitic
fiu-fpr-pro Proto-Finno-Permic Proto-Uralic
fiu-pro Proto-Finno-Ugric Proto-Uralic
prv Provençal Occitan
la-ren, Renaissance Latin, RL. Renaissance Latin Latin
sbr-prk Sabari Sabari Prakrit Sanskrit
skr-prk Sakari Sakari Prakrit Sanskrit
Sha., wuu-sha Shanghainese Wu
Borders Scots, sco-sou, Sou.Sc., Southern Scots Southern Scots Scots
gem-sue Suevic Suebian West Germanic family
yue-tai Taishanese Cantonese
nan-teo Teochew Min Nan
el-ths Thessalian Greek Greek
xtg Transalpine Gaulish Gaulish
sco-uls, Uls.Sc., Ulster Scots Ulster Scots Scots
de-AT-vie, VG., Viennese German Viennese German Austrian German
la-vul, VL., Vulgar Latin Vulgar Latin Latin
hak-wuh Wuhua Chinese Hakka