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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
Kaba (Islam) Caaba Bosnian,Serbian
Каба (Islam) Caaba Serbian
kabao bucket, pail, tub Croatian*
кабао bucket, pail, tub
кабел cable
kabul accepted, granted
кабул accepted, granted
kad (interrogative) when Croatian
кад (interrogative) when
kada ever, sometimes etc.; see (kad, kȁd) for e ... Croatian
када ever, sometimes etc.; see (кад, ка̏д) for ...
kadaif kataifi
кадаиф kataifi
kadet cadet (student at a military school) Serbian
kafana pub Serbian
кафана pub
kaiš belt Bosnian,Serbian
kajak kayak Croatian
кајак kayak
kajati (reflexive) to repent Croatian
кајати (reflexive) to repent
kajgana omelette Bosnian,Serbian
кајгана omelette Serbian
kajiš belt
кајиш belt
kajkavac speaker of the Kajkavian dialect tag
кајкавац speaker of the Kajkavian dialect
kajkavski Kajkavian tag
кајкавски Kajkavian
kajkavština (uncountable) Kajkavian tag
кајкавштина (uncountable) Kajkavian
kajmak kaymak Bosnian,Serbian
кајмак kaymak Serbian
kajsija apricot (fruit) Bosnian,Serbian
кајсија apricot (fruit) Serbian
kakaovac cocoa tree Serbian
какаовац cocoa tree
kakav what kind
какав what kind
kako how (in what way) Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian*
како how (in what way) Serbian*
kakofonija cacophony
какофонија cacophony
kakofoničan cacophonic
какофоничан cacophonic
kakofonično in a cacophonic manner
какофонично in a cacophonic manner
kal mud
кал mud
kalaj (Bosnian, Serbian) (uncountable) tin tag Croatian
калај (Bosnian, Serbian) (uncountable) tin tag
kaleidoskop kaleidoscope
kalem reel (frame with radial arms)
калем reel (frame with radial arms)
kalendar calendar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
календар calendar Serbian
kalež (Croatian) chalice tag
kalif caliph Bosnian,Serbian
калиф caliph Serbian
Kalifornija California
Калифорнија California
kalifornijski Californian
калифорнијски Californian
kaljuga mud
каљуга mud
kaljuža mud
каљужа mud
kalk calque Croatian
калк calque
kalkirati (ambitransitive) to calque Croatian
калкирати (ambitransitive) to calque
kalkulator calculator (electronic device that performs m ...
калкулатор calculator (electronic device that performs m ...
kalkulirati (intransitive) to calculate tag
kamata interest (economy) Croatian
камата interest (economy)
Kambodža Cambodia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Камбоџа Cambodia Serbian
kambodžanski Cambodian
камбоџански Cambodian
kameleon chameleon
камелеон chameleon
kamen stone Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
камен stone Serbian
kamenac (tooth) tarter
каменац (tooth) tarter
kameni stony (made of stone)
камени stony (made of stone)
kamenit stony, rocky, rugged, craggy
каменит stony, rocky, rugged, craggy
kamenje (collectively) stones, rocks Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
камење (collectively) stones, rocks Serbian
kamenolom quarry (a site for mining stone, limestone or ...
каменолом quarry (a site for mining stone, limestone or ...
kamenovati (transitive) to stone
каменовати (transitive) to stone
kamera video camera Bosnian,Serbian
камера video camera Serbian
Kamerun Cameroon Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Камерун Cameroon Serbian
Kamerunac Cameroonian
Камерунац Cameroonian
kamerunski Cameroonian
камерунски Cameroonian
kamila camel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
камила camel Serbian
kamin hearth, fireplace Bosnian,Serbian
камин hearth, fireplace Serbian
kamion truck (vehicle designed for carrying cargo)
камион truck (vehicle designed for carrying cargo)
kamionski of or pertaining to a truck
камионски of or pertaining to a truck
kamičak a small stone Croatian
камичак a small stone
kamo where (to), in which direction, whither Croatian
камо where (to), in which direction, whither
kampanja campaign
кампања campaign
kampirati (intransitive) to camp (out) tag
кампирати (intransitive) to camp (out) tag
Kampućija Kampuchea; former name of the Kingdom of Camb ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Кампућија Kampuchea; former name of the Kingdom of Camb ...
kamuflaža camouflage
камуфлажа camouflage
kan khan
кан khan
kanabis (uncountable) cannabis
канабис (uncountable) cannabis
Kanada Canada Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Канада Canada Serbian
kanadski Canadian
канадски Canadian
kanal canal Bosnian,Serbian
канал canal Serbian
kanalizacija (uncountable) sewerage system
канализација (uncountable) sewerage system
kanalizirati (transitive, reflexive) to channel tag
канализирати (transitive, reflexive) to channel tag
kanalski of or pertaining to a channel or canal
каналски of or pertaining to a channel or canal
kanarinac canary (bird)
канаринац canary (bird)
Kanađanin Canadian (person)
Канађанин Canadian (person)
Kanađanka Canadian (woman) Croatian
Канађанка Canadian (woman)
kancelar chancellor
канцелар chancellor
kancerogen carcinogenic
канцероген carcinogenic
kancerozan cancerous
канцерозан cancerous
kandidat candidate; applicant
кандидат candidate; applicant
kandidatura candidacy, candidature
кандидатура candidacy, candidature
kandidirati (transitive, reflexive) to nominate tag
кандидирати (transitive, reflexive) to nominate tag
kandža claw
канџа claw
kanibal cannibal Croatian
канибал cannibal
kanibalizam cannibalism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
канибализам cannibalism Serbian
kaniti (intransitive) to intend
канити (intransitive) to intend
kanjon canyon (a valley cut in rock by a river)
кањон canyon (a valley cut in rock by a river)
kanta can Bosnian,Serbian
канта can Serbian
kantar sea bream (fish)
кантар sea bream (fish)
kantonski Cantonese
кантонски Cantonese
kanu canoe
кану canoe
kao grom iz vedra neba (idiomatic) out of the blue
као гром из ведра неба (idiomatic) out of the blue
kao as, like
као as, like
kaos (Croatian) (uncountable) chaos tag Croatian
каос (Croatian) (uncountable) chaos tag
kaotičan chaotic Croatian
каотичан chaotic
kaotično chaotically
каотично chaotically
kap drop Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
kap koja je prelila čašu (idiomatic) the straw that broke the came ...
кап која је прелила чашу (idiomatic) the straw that broke the came ...
кап drop Serbian
kapa cap (head covering)
капа cap (head covering)
kapacitet capacity, capability, ability
капацитет capacity, capability, ability
kapak lid Bosnian,Serbian
капак lid Serbian
kapati (intransitive) to drip, leak Croatian
капати (intransitive) to drip, leak
kapela chapel
капела chapel
kapelan chaplain (member of the clergy)
капелан chaplain (member of the clergy)
kapelica a small chapel
капелица a small chapel
kapetan (military, Bosnian, Serbian) captain (rank) tag
капетан captain
kapica a small cap (head covering)
капица a small cap (head covering)
kapija a large gate (to the house, yard, city etc.) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
капија a large gate (to the house, yard, city etc.) Serbian
kapilara capillary
капилара capillary
kapital capital (money and wealth)
капитал capital (money and wealth)
kapitalizam capitalism Croatian
капитализам capitalism
kapitulacija capitulation, surrender
капитулација capitulation, surrender
kapitulirati (intransitive) to capitulate tag
капитулирати (intransitive) to capitulate tag
kaplar (military, Bosnian) corporal tag
kapljica droplet
капљица droplet
kapnuti (intransitive) to drip, leak
капнути (intransitive) to drip, leak
kapriciozan capricious
каприциозан capricious
kapriciozno capriciously
каприциозно capriciously
kapuljača hood (covering)
капуљача hood (covering)
kaput coat
капут coat
karakter character
карактер character
karakteristika characteristic, feature
карактеристика characteristic, feature
karakterističan characteristic
карактеристичан characteristic
karanfilić clove (spice) Bosnian,Serbian
каранфилић clove (spice) Serbian
karantena quarantine
карантена quarantine
karate karate
карате karate
karavan caravan (vehicle) Croatian
караван caravan (vehicle)
karavana caravan (convoy) Croatian
каравана caravan (convoy)
karavanski of or pertaining to caravans (vehicle or convoy)
каравански of or pertaining to caravans (vehicle or convoy)
karbonat (chemistry) carbonate
карбонат (chemistry) carbonate
karcinom cancer (disease)
карцином cancer (disease)
kardinal cardinal (official in Catholic Church)
кардинал cardinal (official in Catholic Church)
kardinalski of or pertaining to cardinals
кардиналски of or pertaining to cardinals
kardiolog cardiologist
кардиолог cardiologist
kardiologija (uncountable) cardiology Croatian
кардиологија (uncountable) cardiology
kardiološki cardiological
кардиолошки cardiological
karijera career
каријера career
karijes caries
каријес caries
karika link (in a chain, also figuratively)
карика link (in a chain, also figuratively)
karikatura caricature, cartoon (a drawing satirising cur ...
карикатура caricature, cartoon (a drawing satirising cur ...
karipski Caribbean
карипски Caribbean
kariran plaid, checkered
кариран plaid, checkered
karizma charisma Croatian
каризма charisma
karizmatičan charismatic Croatian
каризматичан charismatic
karizmatično charismatically
каризматично charismatically
карма karma
karneval carnival {{i|festive occasion marked by parad ...
карневал carnival {{i|festive occasion marked by parad ...
karnevalski of or pertaining to carnival (festive occasion)
карневалски of or pertaining to carnival (festive occasion)
karta card
карта card
kartati (intransitive, reflexive) to play cards, g ...
картати (intransitive, reflexive) to play cards, g ...
kartaš card player
карташ card player
kartel cartel
картел cartel
kartica a small card
картица a small card
kartograf cartographer
картограф cartographer
kartografija (uncountable) cartography
картографија (uncountable) cartography
kartografski cartographic
картографски cartographic
karton (uncountable) cardboard, paperboard
картон (uncountable) cardboard, paperboard
kartonski made of or pertaining to cardboard, paperboard
картонски made of or pertaining to cardboard, paperboard
kasa safe Bosnian,Serbian
каса safe Serbian
kasaba (regional) town
касаба (regional) town
kasan late
касан late
kasapin (Bosnian, Serbian) butcher tag
касапин (Bosnian, Serbian) butcher tag
kasarna barracks
касарна barracks
kasnije later on, afterwards Croatian
касније later on, afterwards
kasniti (intransitive) to be late
каснити (intransitive) to be late
kasno late Croatian
касно late
kasta caste
каста caste
kastradina (regional) dried mutton or sheep meat (ri ...
kat floor (a storey) Croatian
кат floor (a storey)
катафора (linguistics) cataphor
katalizator (chemistry) catalyst
катализатор (chemistry) catalyst
katalog catalog, catalogue
каталог catalog, catalogue
Katalonac Catalonian (person)
Каталонац Catalonian (person)
Katalonija Catalonia Bosnian,Serbian
Каталонија Catalonia Serbian
katalonski Catalan
каталонски Catalan
katanac padlock
катанац padlock
katapult catapult
катапулт catapult
katapultirati (transitive) to catapult
катапултирати (transitive) to catapult
Katar Qatar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Катар Qatar Serbian
katarza catharsis
катарза catharsis
katastrofa catastrophe
катастрофа catastrophe
katastrofalan catastrophic
катастрофалан catastrophic
katastrofalno catastrophically
катастрофално catastrophically
katedrala cathedral Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
катедрала cathedral Serbian
kategorija category Croatian
категорија category
katekizam catechism
катекизам catechism
kateta (geometry) cathetus Croatian
катета (geometry) cathetus
katkad sometimes Croatian*
каткад sometimes
katkada sometimes
каткада sometimes
katoda cathode Croatian
катода cathode
katodni of or pertaining to cathode
катодни of or pertaining to cathode
katolicizam (uncountable) Catholicism Croatian
католицизам (uncountable) Catholicism
katolik Catholic
католик Catholic
katoličanstvo (uncountable) Catholicism Croatian
католичанство (uncountable) Catholicism
katolički Catholic
католички Catholic
katran (uncountable) tar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
катран (uncountable) tar Serbian
katranski of or pertaining to tar, containing tar, or c ...
катрански of or pertaining to tar, containing tar, or c ...
kauboj cowboy Croatian
каубој cowboy
kaubojski of or pertaining to cowboys
каубојски of or pertaining to cowboys
kauzalan causal, causative
каузалан causal, causative
kauč couch
кауч couch
kavana café Croatian
кавана café
kavez cage Bosnian,Serbian
кавез cage Serbian
kavga brawl
кавга brawl
kavijar caviar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кавијар caviar Serbian
kavkaski Caucasian (of, or relating to the Caucasus re ...
кавкаски Caucasian (of, or relating to the Caucasus re ...
Kavkaz Caucasus
Кавказ Caucasus
Kazahstan Kazakhstan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Казахстан Kazakhstan Serbian
казало index (alphabetical listing)
kazan kettle Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
kazati (ambitransitive) to say Croatian
казати (ambitransitive) to say
kazivati (ambitransitive) to say Croatian
казивати (ambitransitive) to say
kazna punishment Croatian
казна punishment
kazneni penal
казнени penal
kazneno penally
казнено penally
kazniti (transitive) to punish
казнити (transitive) to punish
kača (regional) snake
кача (regional) snake
kaša porridge Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
каша porridge Serbian
kašalj cough Croatian
кашаљ cough
kašika spoon tag Bosnian,Serbian
kašljati (ambitransitive) to cough
кашљати (ambitransitive) to cough
kaštradina (regional) dried mutton or sheep meat (ri ...
kaštrun (regional) neutered, castrated ram; wether
kašupski Kashubian
кашупски Kashubian
kažiprst forefinger Croatian
кажипрст forefinger
kažnjavati (transitive) to punish
кажњавати (transitive) to punish
kažnjenik convict, prisoner
кажњеник convict, prisoner
kažnjiv punishable
кажњив punishable
kecelja apron
кецеља apron
keks cookie Croatian
кекс cookie
kelner (colloquial) waiter Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
келнер (colloquial) waiter Serbian
keltski Celtic Croatian
келтски Celtic
kelvin kelvin
келвин kelvin
kemija (uncountable) (Croatian) chemistry tag Croatian
кемија (uncountable) (Croatian) chemistry tag
kemijski (Croatian) chemical tag
кемијски (Croatian) chemical tag
kemičar (Croatian) chemist tag Croatian
кемичар (Croatian) chemist tag
kemičarka (Croatian) chemist tag Croatian
кемичарка (Croatian) chemist tag
kengur kangaroo Bosnian,Serbian
кенгур kangaroo Serbian
Kenija Kenya Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Кенија Kenya Serbian
Kenijac Kenyan
Кенијац Kenyan
kenijski Kenyan
кенијски Kenyan
keramika ceramic or ceramics Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
керамика ceramic or ceramics Serbian
kesa pouch
кеса pouch
kesten chestnut Bosnian,Serbian
кестен chestnut Serbian
kestenov chestnut's
кестенов chestnut's
keš (slang) cash, money
kidati (transitive) to tear, tear off, break
кидати (transitive) to tear, tear off, break
kijamet judgement day
кијамет judgement day
kikiriki peanut
кикирики peanut
kiklop cyclops
киклоп cyclops
kiklopski of or pertaining to cyclops
киклопски of or pertaining to cyclops
kilobajt kilobyte
килобајт kilobyte
kilogram kilogram
килограм kilogram
kilometar kilometer, kilometre Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
километар kilometer, kilometre Serbian
kim caraway (Persian cumin) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ким caraway (Persian cumin) Serbian
kime with whom (instrumental) Croatian
киме with whom (instrumental)
Kina China (the country) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Кина China (the country) Serbian
kineski Chinese Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кинески Chinese Serbian
Kinez Chinese (person)
Кинез Chinese (person)
kinin quinine
кинин quinine
kisela kiša acid rain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кисела киша acid rain Serbian
kiselina acid Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
киселина acid Serbian
kiseo sour Croatian
кисео sour
kismet kismet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кисмет kismet Serbian
kit whale Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кит whale Serbian
kititi (transitive) to decorate, adorn
китити (transitive) to decorate, adorn
kićen decorated, adorned
кићен decorated, adorned
kičma spine tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кичма spine tag Serbian
kičmeni spinal
кичмени spinal
kiša rain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
киша rain Serbian
kišan rainy Croatian
кишан rainy
kišiti (intransitive) to rain Croatian
кишити (intransitive) to rain
kišnica (uncountable) rainwater
кишница (uncountable) rainwater
kišobran umbrella (for protection against rain) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кишобран umbrella (for protection against rain) Serbian
kišobranar umbrella maker
кишобранар umbrella maker
kišovit rainy Croatian
кишовит rainy
kištra wooden box, trunk or chest
киштра wooden box, trunk or chest
kladiti (reflexive) to bet, wager Croatian
кладити (reflexive) to bet, wager
klanac gorge, ravine, narrow pass
кланац gorge, ravine, narrow pass
klanjati (reflexive) to bow
клањати (reflexive) to bow
klarinet clarinet (woodwind musical reed instrument)
кларинет clarinet (woodwind musical reed instrument)
klas ear (of corn) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
клас ear (of corn) Serbian
klasa class (all meanings)
класа class (all meanings)
klasičan classical Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
класичан classical Serbian
klati (transitive, reflexive) to slaughter, butcher
клати (transitive, reflexive) to slaughter, butcher
klavir piano Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
клавир piano Serbian
klepetuša cowbell
клепетуша cowbell
klerofašist clerofascist
клерофашист clerofascist
kleti (transitive) to curse (place a curse upon) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
клети (transitive) to curse (place a curse upon) Serbian
kletva curse Bosnian,Serbian
клетва curse Serbian
kleveta slander, calumny
клевета slander, calumny
klijent client Croatian
клијент client
klima climate
клима climate
klimaks climax
климакс climax
klimav loose, unsteady, shaky
климав loose, unsteady, shaky
klin wedge Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
klin se klinom izbija (idiomatic) fight fire with fire
клин се клином избија (idiomatic) fight fire with fire
клин wedge Serbian
klinac (colloquial) kid, child Croatian
клинац (colloquial) kid, child
klisura gorge, ravine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
клисура gorge, ravine Serbian
klitoris (anatomy) clitoris
клиторис (anatomy) clitoris
klizak slippery Croatian
клизак slippery
klizalište skating rink Croatian
клизалиште skating rink
klizaljka ice skate Croatian
клизаљка ice skate
klizati (intransitive) to ice-skate Croatian
клизати (intransitive) to ice-skate
klizav slipper, slick
клизав slipper, slick
klizavost (uncountable) slipperiness
клизавост (uncountable) slipperiness
klizač skater (on ice) Croatian
клизач skater (on ice)
kliziti to glide, slide Croatian
kliznuti (intransitive) to slip, slide, skid
клизнути (intransitive) to slip, slide, skid
kliše cliché Croatian
клише cliché
kljova tusk
кљова tusk
kljun bill, beak (of a bird)
кљун bill, beak (of a bird)
kljuse plug, nag, hack (horse)
кљусе plug, nag, hack (horse)
ključ key Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
кључ key Serbian
ključati (intransitive) to boil, seethe
кључати (intransitive) to boil, seethe
klobuk hat (head covering) Croatian*,Serbian
клобук hat (head covering)
klobučar hatter Croatian
клобучар hatter
klon clone Bosnian,Serbian
клон clone Serbian
kloniti (reflexive) to shun, avoid
клонити (reflexive) to shun, avoid
klopka snare, trap
клопка snare, trap
klorofil (Croatian) chlorophyll (green pigment) tag
клорофил (Croatian) chlorophyll (green pigment) tag
kloroform chloroform
клороформ chloroform
klozet water closet, WC
клозет water closet, WC
klub club (association of members) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
клуб club (association of members) Serbian
klupa bench Croatian
клупа bench
klupski club (of or pertaining to club, or members of ...
клупски club (of or pertaining to club, or members of ...
kmet peasant (esp. feudal)
кмет peasant (esp. feudal)
kmetstvo (uncountable) serfdom
кметство (uncountable) serfdom
kneginja princess
кнегиња princess
knez prince Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кнез prince Serbian
knežev prince's
кнежев prince's
knjiga book Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
књига book Serbian
књижара bookshop Serbian
književni literary Croatian
књижевни literary
književnica a literary woman Croatian
књижевница a literary woman
književnik man of letters Croatian
књижевник man of letters
književnost literature Croatian
књижевност literature
књижица booklet
knjižnica library Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
књижница library Serbian
ko who tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ко who tag Serbian
koagulacija (uncountable) coagulation
коагулација (uncountable) coagulation
koalicija coalition Croatian
коалиција coalition
koautor coauthor
коаутор coauthor
kob fate Croatian,Serbian
коб fate
kobac sparrow hawk
кобац sparrow hawk
koban fatal, baleful, ominous
кобан fatal, baleful, ominous
kobasica sausage Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кобасица sausage Serbian
kobila mare (female horse) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кобила mare (female horse) Serbian
kobilji mare (of or pertaining to)
кобиљи mare (of or pertaining to)
kobno fatally, balefully
кобно fatally, balefully
kobra cobra
кобра cobra
kocka (geometry) cube Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
коцка (geometry) cube Serbian
kockar gambler Croatian
коцкар gambler
kockarnica gambling house
коцкарница gambling house
kockast cubical
коцкаст cubical
kockati (reflexive) to gamble Croatian
коцкати (reflexive) to gamble
kodeks codex
кодекс codex
kodifikacija codification
кодификација codification
koegzistencija coexistence
коегзистенција coexistence
kofein caffeine Croatian
кофеин caffeine
kofer suitcase
кофер suitcase
ког of whom (genitive)
кога of whom (genitive)
kognitivan cognitive
когнитиван cognitive
кохеренција (linguistics) coherence
koherentan coherent
кохерентан coherent
koherentno coherently
кохерентно coherently
kohezija cohesion Bosnian,Serbian
кохезија cohesion Serbian
kohorta cohort
кохорта cohort
koincidencija coincidence
коинциденција coincidence
koincidentan coincidental (occurring as or resulting from ... Croatian
коинцидентан coincidental (occurring as or resulting from ...
koji (interrogative) which, what Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
који (interrogative) which, what Serbian
kojot coyoteCategory:sh:Mammals
којот coyote
kokain (uncountable) cocaine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кокаин (uncountable) cocaine Serbian
koketa coquette Croatian
кокета coquette
koketan coquettish
кокетан coquettish
kokos coconut Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кокос coconut Serbian
kokoš hen (literally) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кокош hen (literally) Serbian
kokoška (colloquial) hen (female chicken) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
koktel cocktail Croatian
коктел cocktail
kola (plurale tantum) cart, wagon, vehicle tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кола (plurale tantum) cart, wagon, vehicle tag Serbian
kolaboracija collaboration
колаборација collaboration
kolac stake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
колац stake Serbian
kolajna medal
колајна medal
kolač cake Croatian
колач cake
kolaž collage
колаж collage
kolebati (reflexive) to hesitate
колебати (reflexive) to hesitate
kolebljiv hesitant
колебљив hesitant
kolebljivo hesitantly
колебљиво hesitantly
koledž college Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
колеџ college Serbian
kolega colleague
колега colleague
kolegijalan friendly (acting like a good comrade/fellow)
колегијалан friendly (acting like a good comrade/fellow)
kolekcija collection Croatian
колекција collection
kolektiv collective
колектив collective
kolektivan collective
колективан collective
kolektivizacija collectivization
колективизација collectivization
kolektivno collectively
колективно collectively
kolektor collector Croatian
колектор collector
koleno knee tag Serbian
колено knee Serbian
kolera (uncountable) cholera
колера (uncountable) cholera
kolevka cradle tag
колевка cradle
kolhoz kolkhoz
колхоз kolkhoz
koliba hut, cottage, cabin Serbian
kolica (plurale tantum) handcart
колица (plurale tantum) handcart
kolijevka cradle tag
колијевка cradle
koliko (interrogatively) how much, how many Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian*
колико (interrogatively) how much, how many Serbian*
količina quantity, amount Croatian,Serbian
количина quantity, amount
količnik (mathematics) quotient
количник (mathematics) quotient
koljač cutthroat
кољач cutthroat
koljeno knee tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кољено knee Serbian
kolo wheel Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
коло wheel Serbian
kolodvor (Croatian) railroad or bus station tag
колодвор (Croatian) railroad or bus station tag
kolokvijalni colloquial
колоквијални colloquial
kolokvijalno colloquially Croatian
колоквијално colloquially
kolona column (of soldiers, vehicles, people, animal ...
колона column (of soldiers, vehicles, people, animal ...
kolonija colony
колонија colony
kolonijalan colonial
колонијалан colonial
kolonist colonist, settler
колонист colonist, settler
kolonizacija colonization
колонизација colonization
kolonizator colonizer
колонизатор colonizer
kolosalan colossal
колосалан colossal
kolosalno colossally
колосално colossally
kolotur pulley
колотур pulley
Kolumbija Colombia Bosnian,Serbian
Колумбија Colombia Serbian
Kolumbijac Colombian
Колумбијац Colombian
kolumbijski Colombian
колумбијски Colombian
kolut ring, disc (circular object or motion)
колут ring, disc (circular object or motion)
ком to whom (dative)
koma coma Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кома coma Serbian
komad piece, part Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
комад piece, part Serbian
komadati (transitive) to tear, chop or divide (in) ...
комадати (transitive) to tear, chop or divide (in) ...
komadić small piece, small part
комадић small piece, small part
komanda command Bosnian,Serbian
команда command Serbian
komandant commander
командант commander
komarac mosquito Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
комарац mosquito Serbian
комбинација combination
коме to whom (dative)
komedija comedy Croatian
комедија comedy
komentar comment Croatian
коментар comment
komercijalan commercial
комерцијалан commercial
komercijalno commercially
комерцијално commercially
komisija commission (body or group of people)
комисија commission (body or group of people)
komičar comedian
комичар comedian
komičarka comedienne
комичарка comedienne
komičnost (uncountable) funniness, ridiculousness, ...
комичност (uncountable) funniness, ridiculousness, ...
kompanija company (corporation)
компанија company (corporation)
kompjuter computer Croatian
компјутер computer
kompjutor computer Croatian
компјутор computer
kompleks complex (collection of buildings)
комплекс complex (collection of buildings)
kompleksan complex
комплексан complex
komplet (complete) set of sth (+ genitive)
комплет (complete) set of sth (+ genitive)
kompletan complete
комплетан complete
kompletno completely
комплетно completely
komplikacija complication
компликација complication
komponenta component
компонента component
kompozicija composition Serbian Croatian
композиција composition
kompozitor (music) composer, compositor, songwriter Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
композитор (music) composer, compositor, songwriter Serbian
kompresija compression
компресија compression
kompresor compressor
компресор compressor
kompromis compromise (settlement of differences by arbi ...
компромис compromise (settlement of differences by arbi ...
кому to whom (dative)
komunikacija communication Croatian
комуникација communication
komunikativan communicative
комуникативан communicative
komunizam (philosophy, politics) communism Croatian
комунизам communism
komšija neighbour (a person living on adjacent or nea ... tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
комшија neighbour (a person living on adjacent or nea ... tag Serbian
komšiluk neighborhood
комшилук neighborhood
konac end
конац end
konačan final, definite, last
коначан final, definite, last
konačno finally, at last Croatian
коначно finally, at last
konačnost definiteness, finality
коначност definiteness, finality
koncentracija concentration
концентрација concentration
koncentrat concentrate
концентрат concentrate
koncentričan concentric
концентричан concentric
koncepcija conception
концепција conception
koncept concept Croatian
концепт concept
konceptualan conceptual
концептуалан conceptual
koncern concern, firm
концерн concern, firm
koncert concert (a musical entertainment in which sev ...
концерт concert (a musical entertainment in which sev ...
koncesija concession
концесија concession
koncizan concise Croatian
концизан concise
konciznost (uncountable) conciseness
концизност (uncountable) conciseness
kondenzacija condensation
кондензација condensation
kondenzator condenser Serbian Croatian
кондензатор condenser
kondicija condition
кондиција condition
kondicional (grammar) conditional
кондиционал (grammar) conditional
kondom condom Croatian
кондом condom
kondukter conductor (person who takes tickets on public ...
кондуктер conductor (person who takes tickets on public ...
kondura (regional) shoe
кондура (regional) shoe
konfederacija confederation
конфедерација confederation
konferencija conference Croatian
конференција conference
konfirmacija (Christianity) confirmation
конфирмација (Christianity) confirmation
konflikt conflict Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
конфликт conflict Serbian
Kongo Republic of the Congo Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Конго Republic of the Congo Serbian
kongregacija congregation Croatian
конгрегација congregation
kongres congress Croatian
конгрес congress
kongresmen congressman
конгресмен congressman
kongresni congressional
конгресни congressional
kongruencija (grammar) congruence Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
конгруенција (grammar) congruence
konj horse Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
коњ horse Serbian
konjanik cavalryman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
коњаник cavalryman Serbian
konjugacija (grammar) conjugation Croatian
коњугација (grammar) conjugation
konjušar ostler, groom
коњушар ostler, groom
konkretan concrete
конкретан concrete
konkretno concretely
конкретно concretely
konkubina concubine
конкубина concubine
konkurencija competition (the side to compete with)
конкуренција competition (the side to compete with)
konkurentnost competitiveness
конкурентност competitiveness
konobar waiter (male attendant who serves customers i ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
конобар waiter (male attendant who serves customers i ... Serbian
konobarica waitress Croatian
конобарица waitress
конотација connotation
консензус consensus
konsonant consonant
консонант consonant
konstanta constant Croatian
константа constant
konstantno constantly
константно constantly
konstrukcija construction Croatian
конструкција construction
konstruktor constructor
конструктор constructor
kontakt contact
контакт contact
kontaktirati (transitive) to contact
контактирати (transitive) to contact
kontejner container Croatian
контејнер container
kontekst context
контекст context
kontinent continent (large contiguous landmass)
континент continent (large contiguous landmass)
kontinentalan continental
континенталан continental
kontracepcija (uncountable) contraception
контрацепција (uncountable) contraception
kontrakcija contraction
контракција contraction
kontribucija contribution Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
контрибуција contribution Serbian
konverzija conversion Croatian
конверзија conversion
kooperacija cooperation
кооперација cooperation
koordinacija coordination
координација coordination
kopati (ambitransitive) to dig Croatian
копати (ambitransitive) to dig
kopač digger
копач digger
kopačica digger (female)
копачица digger (female)
kopija copy, duplicate
копија copy, duplicate
kopile bastard (illegitimate child)
копиле bastard (illegitimate child)
kopito hoof Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
копито hoof Serbian
kopljanik spearman
копљаник spearman
koplje spear, lance
копље spear, lance
kopneni land, continental, terrestrial
копнени land, continental, terrestrial
kopno land, continent (the part of Earth which is n ... Croatian
копно land, continent (the part of Earth which is n ...
kopriva nettle
коприва nettle
koptski Coptic
коптски Coptic
kopula (grammar) copula Bosnian,Serbian
копула copula Serbian
kopulacija copulation
копулација copulation
kopča clasp
копча clasp
kora bark (of trees) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кора bark (of trees) Serbian
korak step (also figuratively) Croatian
корак step (also figuratively)
Koreja Korea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Кореја Korea Serbian
Korejac Korean (person)
Корејац Korean (person)
korejski Korean
корејски Korean
koren root tag Serbian
корен root Serbian
koridor corridor Bosnian,Serbian
коридор corridor Serbian
korijen root tag Bosnian,Croatian
коријен root
korisnik user Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
корисник user Serbian
korisno usefully, purposefully
корисно usefully, purposefully
корисност (uncountable) usefulness
корист benefit, advantage, use
koristan useful, purposeful Croatian
користан useful, purposeful
koristiti (transitive, reflexive) to use, utilize
користити (transitive, reflexive) to use, utilize
korito trough Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
корито trough Serbian
kormilar helmsman, coxswain
кормилар helmsman, coxswain
kormilarka helmsman, coxswain (female)
кормиларка helmsman, coxswain (female)
kornjača turtle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
корњача turtle Serbian
korov weed (unwanted plant) Croatian
коров weed (unwanted plant)
korporacija corporation
корпорација corporation
korporativan corporative
корпоративан corporative
kos slant, inclined, skew Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кос slant, inclined, skew Serbian
kosa hair Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
коса hair Serbian
kosidba mowing, haymaking
косидба mowing, haymaking
kosina slope, slant
косина slope, slant
kosinus cosine
косинус cosine
kositi (transitive) to mow, reap Croatian
косити (transitive) to mow, reap
kosmonaut cosmonaut, astronaut Bosnian,Serbian
космонаут cosmonaut, astronaut Serbian
Kosovo Kosovo Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Косово Kosovo Serbian
kost A bone Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кост bone Serbian
kostim costume
костим costume
kostur (anatomy) skeleton Bosnian,Serbian
костур (anatomy) skeleton Serbian
kotao kettle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
котао kettle Serbian
kotiti (transitive, reflexive) to bear, bring for ...
котити (transitive, reflexive) to bear, bring for ...
kovalencija covalence
коваленција covalence
kovati (transitive) to forge Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ковати (transitive) to forge Serbian
kovač smith Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ковач smith Serbian
kovačica smith Croatian
ковачица smith
kovčeg case Croatian,Serbian
ковчег case
коза goat Serbian
kozak Cossack
козак Cossack
kozji goat; goatish
козји goat; goatish
kočija (often in plural) coach (wheeled vehicle, gen ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кочија (often in plural) coach (wheeled vehicle, gen ... Serbian
kočijaš coachman
кочијаш coachman
kočiti (ambitransitive) to brake (vehicle)
кочити (ambitransitive) to brake (vehicle)
kočnica brake Croatian
кочница brake
koš basket Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кош basket Serbian
košarka (sports) basketball Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кошарка (sports) basketball Serbian
košarkaški of or pertaining to basketball or basketball ... Croatian
кошаркашки of or pertaining to basketball or basketball ...
košmar nightmare Bosnian,Serbian
кошмар nightmare Serbian
košnica beehive Croatian
кошница beehive
koštati (intransitive) to cost
коштати (intransitive) to cost
košulja shirt with long sleeves and a collar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кошуља shirt with long sleeves and a collar Serbian
кожа skin Serbian
kožni leather, leathern Bosnian,Serbian
кожни leather, leathern Serbian
kraj rim Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крај rim Serbian
krajnik tonsil
крајник tonsil
kralj king Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
краљ king Serbian
краљевина kingdom
kraljević prince Bosnian,Serbian
краљевић prince Serbian
kraljevna princess
краљевна princess
kraljevski royal Croatian
краљевски royal
краљевство kingdom (nation having as supreme ruler a kin ...
краљица queen Serbian
krasan beautiful, pretty Croatian
красан beautiful, pretty
krasiti (transitive) to decorate, adorn Croatian
красити (transitive) to decorate, adorn
krastavac cucumber Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
краставац cucumber Serbian
krastača toad Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крастача toad Serbian
krasti (ambitransitive) to steal Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
красти (ambitransitive) to steal Serbian
kratak short Croatian
кратак short
krater crater Croatian
кратер crater
kraterski crater (of or pertaining to)
кратерски crater (of or pertaining to)
kratica abbreviation Croatian
kratko shortly Croatian
кратко shortly
kratkoročan short-term
краткорочан short-term
kratkoročno in the short run
краткорочно in the short run
kratkotrajan ephemeral, brief, short-lived Croatian
краткотрајан ephemeral, brief, short-lived
kratkovidan shortsighted Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кратковидан shortsighted Serbian
kratkoća (uncountable) shortness, brevity
краткоћа (uncountable) shortness, brevity
kraul (uncountable) crawl (swimming)
краул (uncountable) crawl (swimming)
krava cow (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
крава cow (mammal) Serbian
kravar cowherd
кравар cowherd
kravata tie Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кравата tie Serbian
krađa theft Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крађа theft Serbian
krdo herd Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крдо herd Serbian
kreacija creation Croatian
креација creation
kreativan creative
креативан creative
kreativnost creativity Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
креативност creativity Serbian
kreator creator Croatian
креатор creator
kreda chalk Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
креда chalk Serbian
kredit credit, loan
кредит credit, loan
kremacija cremation
кремација cremation
kremen flint
кремен flint
krenuti (ambitransitive) to move, set in motion
кренути (ambitransitive) to move, set in motion
krepak strong, robust
крепак strong, robust
krepati (of animals) to die, starve Croatian
крепати (of animals) to die, starve
krepavati (of animals) to die, starve
крепавати (of animals) to die, starve
krepko firmly, strongly, robustly
крепко firmly, strongly, robustly
krepostan moral, honest
крепостан moral, honest
kresnica firefly tag
кресница firefly
kretanje movement
кретање movement
kretati (reflexive) to move Croatian
кретати (reflexive) to move
kreten cretin (person who fails to develop) Croatian
кретен cretin (person who fails to develop)
kretenast idiotic
кретенаст idiotic
kretnja movement, motion Croatian
кретња movement, motion
krevet bed Croatian
кревет bed
kreč lime
креч lime
krhak fragile Croatian
крхак fragile
krijesnica firefly tag
кријесница firefly
krijumčar smuggler
кријумчар smuggler
krijumčariti (transitive) to smuggle
кријумчарити (transitive) to smuggle
krik scream, cry
крик scream, cry
krilo wing Croatian
крило wing
Krim Crimea
Крим Crimea
kriminal (uncountable) crime (practice or habit of ...
криминал (uncountable) crime (practice or habit of ...
kriminalac criminal (person)
криминалац criminal (person)
kriminalan criminal
криминалан criminal
krimski Crimean
кримски Crimean
kriomice secretly Croatian
криомице secretly
kripta crypt (burial place)
крипта crypt (burial place)
kristal crystal Croatian
кристал crystal
kristalni crystalline Croatian
кристални crystalline
kriti (transitive, reflexive) to hide, conceal Croatian
крити (transitive, reflexive) to hide, conceal
kriticizam (uncountable) criticism Croatian
критицизам (uncountable) criticism
kritika critique, criticism Croatian
критика critique, criticism
kritičan critical (all senses)
критичан critical (all senses)
kritičar critic
критичар critic
kritičarka critic (female)
критичарка critic (female)
kritički critical (pertaining to critique/criticism, o ...
критички critical (pertaining to critique/criticism, o ...
kritično critically
критично critically
kriv guilty, culpable Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крив guilty, culpable Serbian
krivda (expressively) injustice Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кривда (expressively) injustice Serbian
krivica (uncountable) guilt, blame, fault
кривица (uncountable) guilt, blame, fault
krivina curve, bend
кривина curve, bend
krivnja guilt, fault Croatian
кривња guilt, fault
krivo awry
криво awry
kriza crisis
криза crisis
krizmati to confirm
kriška slice (usually of bread, cake or fruit)
кришка slice (usually of bread, cake or fruit)
krišom secretly Croatian
кришом secretly
križaljka (games) crossword; crossword puzzle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крижаљка (games) crossword; crossword puzzle Serbian
krletka birdcage Bosnian,Serbian
крлетка birdcage Serbian
krma fodder Croatian,Serbian
крма fodder
krmak pig, hog
крмак pig, hog
krojač tailor (person who makes, repairs, or alters ... Croatian
кројач tailor (person who makes, repairs, or alters ...
krojačica seamstress Croatian
кројачица seamstress
krokodil crocodile Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крокодил crocodile Serbian
kronika (Croatian) chronicle tag
kroničar (Croatian) chronicler tag
кроничар (Croatian) chronicler tag
kronologija (Croatian) chronology tag Croatian
krov roof (upper part of a cavity) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кров roof (upper part of a cavity) Serbian
krošnja tree crown/top (superior part)
крошња tree crown/top (superior part)
krstariti (intransitive) to cruise (+instrumental)
крстарити (intransitive) to cruise (+instrumental)
krtica mole (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кртица mole (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Serbian
krucijalan crucial
круцијалан crucial
krug circle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
круг circle Serbian
kruh bread Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крух bread Serbian
kruna crown
круна crown
krunica a small crown
круница a small crown
krupan large, big, voluminous
крупан large, big, voluminous
krut hard, stiff, numb Croatian
крут hard, stiff, numb
kruto stiffly, rigidly
круто stiffly, rigidly
kruška pear (fruit and tree) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крушка pear (fruit and tree) Serbian
kruške i jabuke (idiomatic) apples and oranges
крушке и јабуке (idiomatic) apples and oranges
krv blood Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
крв blood Serbian
krvav bloody
крвав bloody
krznar furrier Croatian
крзнар furrier
krzno fur, pelt Croatian*
крзно fur, pelt
krčag jug, pitcher
крчаг jug, pitcher
krčma pub Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
крчма pub Serbian
krčmar innkeeper, tavern owner
крчмар innkeeper, tavern owner
krš karst
крш karst
krševit rocky, rugged, craggy Croatian
кршевит rocky, rugged, craggy
kršćanstvo (Croatian) (uncountable) Christianity ... tag Bosnian,Croatian
кршћанство (Croatian) (uncountable) Christianity ... tag
ksilofon xylophone Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ксилофон xylophone Serbian
Kuba Cuba Bosnian,Croatian
Куба Cuba
Kubanac Cuban
Кубанац Cuban
kubanski Cuban
кубански Cuban
kubura pistol
кубура pistol
kuga plague Bosnian,Serbian
куга plague Serbian
kugla ball (ballistics) Croatian
кугла ball (ballistics)
kuhati (intransitive, Croatian) to cook tag Bosnian,Croatian
kuhinja kitchen (room) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кухиња kitchen (room) Serbian
kuk hip
кук hip
kuka hook Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кука hook Serbian
kukavica cuckoo Croatian
кукавица cuckoo
kukavički cowardly
кукавички cowardly
kukavičluk cowardice
кукавичлук cowardice
kukuruz corn Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
kukuruza cornbread Bosnian,Serbian
кукуруза cornbread Serbian
kula tower Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кула tower Serbian
kulisa coulisse
кулиса coulisse
kuloar corridor Bosnian,Serbian
кулоар corridor Serbian
kultura culture Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
култура culture Serbian
kum godfather Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кум godfather Serbian
kumarin coumarin
кумарин coumarin
kuna marten tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
куна marten Serbian
kundura (regional) shoe Bosnian,Serbian
кундура (regional) shoe Serbian
kup cup (trophy and a contest) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
куп cup (trophy and a contest) Serbian
kupac buyer, purchaser Croatian
купац buyer, purchaser
kupalište a swimming place (any kind of) Croatian,Serbian
купалиште a swimming place (any kind of)
kupati (transitive) to bathe Croatian
купати (transitive) to bathe
kupiti (transitive) to buy, purchase Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
купити (transitive) to buy, purchase Serbian
kupovati (transitive) to buy, purchase Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
куповати (transitive) to buy, purchase Serbian
kupus cabbage Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
купус cabbage Serbian
kurac (vulgar) penis, dick. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
курац (vulgar) penis, dick. Serbian
kuranski qur'anic
курански qur'anic
kurdski Kurdish
курдски Kurdish
kuriozitet curiosity (unique or extraordinary object or ...
куриозитет curiosity (unique or extraordinary object or ...
kurir courier (person who delivers messages or mail)
курир courier (person who delivers messages or mail)
kurva whore, prostitute Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
курва whore, prostitute Serbian
kurvanje harlotry, prostitution
курвање harlotry, prostitution
kurvinski meretricious
курвински meretricious
kus piece, part Bosnian,Croatian
кус piece, part
kusur change (money given back when more than the e ... Bosnian,Serbian
кусур change (money given back when more than the e ... Serbian
kut corner Croatian
кут corner
kutija box Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кутија box Serbian
Kuvajt Kuwait Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Кувајт Kuwait Serbian
kuvati (intransitive, Bosnian, Serbian) to cook tag Serbian
кувати (intransitive, Bosnian, Serbian) to cook tag Serbian
kuća house Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
кућа house Serbian*
kućica little house Croatian
кућица little house
kućni domiciliary, home
кућни domiciliary, home
kušati (transitive) to taste Croatian
кушати (transitive) to taste
kužina (regional) kitchen (room)
kvadrat a square Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
квадрат a square Serbian
kvaka handle (especially of a door) Croatian
квака handle (especially of a door)
kvalitetan quality
квалитетан quality
kvantitativan quantitative
квантитативан quantitative
kvantitativno quantitatively
квантитативно quantitatively
квар defect, fault
kvariti (transitive, reflexive) to damage, ruin, s ...
кварити (transitive, reflexive) to damage, ruin, s ...
kvark (physics) quark Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кварк (physics) quark Serbian
Kvebek (Serbian) Quebec (city or province) tag
Квебек (Serbian) Quebec (city or province) tag
Kvibek (Serbian) Quebec (city or province) tag Bosnian,Serbian
Квибек (Serbian) Quebec (city or province) tag Serbian
kći daughter tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
кћи daughter Serbian