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Üsküdar {prop} (municipality, see also: Scutari)  :: Ουσκουντάρ
UAE {prop} (initialism of United Arab Emirates)  :: ΗΑΕ {n-p}
U-bend {n} (a U-shaped bend)  :: σιφόνι {n}
udarnik {n} (shock worker, super-productive worker in the Soviet Union and the other countries from the Soviet Block, see also: Stakhanovite)  :: ουντάρνικος
udder {n} (organ formed of the mammary glands of female quadruped mammals)  :: μαστάρι {n}
Ufa {prop} (city)  :: Ουφά
UFO {n} (an unidentified flying object)  :: ΑΤΙΑ
ufology {n} (the study of UFOs)  :: ουφολογία {f}
Uganda {prop} (Republic of Uganda)  :: Ουγκάντα {f}
ugh {interj} (to express disgust)  :: αχ
ugly {adj} (displeasing to the eye; not aesthetically pleasing)  :: άσχημος
ugly as sin {adj} (extremely ugly)  :: κακάσχημος
ugly duckling {n} (one who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature)  :: ασχημόπαπο {n}
uh {interj} (space filler or pause during conversation)  :: ε
uhlan {n} (soldier with lance)  :: ουλάνος {m}
UK {prop} (Abbreviation of United Kingdom)  :: ΗΒ {n}
Ukraine {prop} (Eastern European country)  :: Ουκρανία {f}
Ukrainian {n} (ethnic/citizen)  :: Ουκρανός {m}, Ουκρανή {f}
Ukrainian {prop} (language)  :: Ουκρανικά {n-p}
Ukrainian {adj} (relating to Ukraine or its people)  :: ουκρανικός
Ulaanbaatar {prop} (the capital of Mongolia)  :: Ουλάν Μπατόρ {m}
Ulan-Ude {prop} (capital of Buryatia, Russia)  :: Ουλάν Ουντέ
ulcer {n} (open sore)  :: έλκος {n}
ulcer {n} (peptic ulcer) SEE: peptic ulcer  ::
Ulcinj {prop} (City)  :: Ολοκαίνιον
ulna {n} (bone of the forearm)  :: ωλένη {f}
ulster {n} (type of overcoat)  :: μακρύ πανωφόρι {n}
ulterior motive {n} (alternative or hidden reason)  :: υστεροβουλία {f}
ultimatum {n} (a final statement of terms or conditions made by one party to another)  :: τελεσίγραφο {n}
ultranationalism {n} (extreme nationalism)  :: υπερεθνικισμός {m}
ultraright {adj} (extremely right-wing)  :: ακροδεξιός
ultrasound {n} (sound)  :: υπέρηχος {m}
ultrathin {adj} (extremely thin)  :: υπέρλεπτος
Ulyanovsk {prop} (city)  :: Ουλιάνοβσκ
Ulysses {prop} (Odysseus) SEE: Odysseus  ::
-um {suffix} (Latinate singular grammatical number suffix)  :: -ο, -ον
umami {n} (one of the five basic tastes, savoriness)  :: ουμάμι {n}
Uman {prop} (city in Ukraine)  :: Ουμάν
umber {n} (grayling) SEE: grayling  ::
umbilical {adj} (of or relating to the navel or the umbilical cord)  :: ομφαλικός {m}, ομφάλιος {m}
umbilical cord {n} (cord between foetus and placenta)  :: ομφάλιος λωρός {m}
umbilical hernia {n} (hernia at the navel)  :: ομφαλοκήλη {f}
umbilicus {n} (navel) SEE: navel  ::
umbra {n} (a shadow) SEE: shadow  ::
umbrella {n} (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun)  :: ομπρέλα {f}
umbrella stand {n}  :: ομπρελοθήκη
Umbria {prop} (region of Italy)  :: Ουμβρία {f}
umlaut {n} (partial assimilation of a vowel)  :: μεταφωνία {f}
umlaut {n} (diacritical mark)  :: διαλυτικά {n-p}
Umm al-Quwain {prop} (one of the United Arab Emirates)  :: Ουμ αλ-Καϊγιάν {n}
un- {prefix} (denoting absence)  :: α-
un- {prefix} (denoting a lack of)  :: α-
un- {prefix} (violative of; contrary to)  :: αντι-
un- {prefix} (reversal or cancellation)  :: απο-
UN {initialism} (United Nations)  :: ΟΗΕ {m}
unabated {adj} (continuing at full strength)  :: ακαταλάγιαστος
unacceptable {adj} (unsatisfactory; not acceptable)  :: απαράδεκτος
unacceptably {adv} (in an unacceptable way)  :: απαράδεκτα, απαραδέκτως
unadorned {adj} (Having no additional decoration)  :: αδιακόσμητος
unadulterated {adj} (pure)  :: αμιγής
unalloyed {adj} (pure, unadulterated)  :: αμιγής
unalterable {adj} (incapable of being changed)  :: αμετάβλητος
unaltered {adj} (remaining in its initial state)  :: αμετάβλητος {m}
unambiguous {adj} (clear, and having no uncertainty or ambiguity)  :: αναμφίσημος, αναμφίβολος, αναμφίλεκτος, αναντίρρητος, ευκρινής, σαφής
unambiguously {adv} (unambiguously)  :: αναμφίσημα
unanimity {n} (condition)  :: ομοφωνία {f}
unanimous {adj} (based on unanimity)  :: ομόφωνος
unanimousness {n} (unanimity) SEE: unanimity  ::
unanointed {adj} (not anointed)  :: αμύρωτος
unappealable {adj} (not appealable; that may not be appealed)  :: τελεσίδικος
unascertained {adj} (not ascertained)  :: αδιαπίστωτος
unattainable {adj} (impossible to attain)  :: ανέφικτος
unattested {adj} (not existing in any documented form)  :: αμάρτυρος
unauthorised {adj} (not authorised) SEE: unauthorized  ::
unauthorized {adj} (not having any authority)  :: αυθαίρετος {m}
unauthorized {adj} (without official authorization)  :: αυθαίρετος {m}
unavailable {adj} (not available)  :: δυσεύρετος {m}, μη διαθέσιμος {m}
unavoidable {adj} (impossible to avoid)  :: αναπόφευκτος
unavoidably {adv} (in an unavoidable manner)  :: σίγουρα {}
unbanked {adj} (Not banked) SEE: undeposited  ::
unbearable {adj} (so unpleasant or painful as to be unendurable)  :: ανυπόφορος
unbearably {adv} (in an unbearable manner)  :: αφόρητα
unbearded {adj} (without a beard)  :: αγένειος
unbeaten {adj} (not defeated)  :: αήττητος
unbelievably {adv} (in a manner one does not believe)  :: απίστευτα
unbelievably {adv} (to an extent not to be believed)  :: απίστευτα
unbelievably {adv} (contrary to expectations)  :: απίστευτα, απροσδόκητα
unbeliever {n} (infidel) SEE: infidel  ::
unbewitched {adj} (Not bewitched)  :: αμάγευτος
unbinilium {n} (chemical element)  :: ουνμπινίλιο {n}
unblackened {adj} (not blackened)  :: αμαύριστος
unblanched {adj}  :: αζεμάτιστος
unbolt {v} (unlock by undoing bolts)  :: ανοίγω
unbolted {adj} (not fastened)  :: αμαντάλωτος
unborn {adj} (not born)  :: αγέννητος
unborn {adj} (still in mother's womb)  :: αγέννητος
unborn {adj} (without beginning)  :: αγέννητος
unboxing {n} (removal of something from its box)  :: αποσυσκευασία {f}
unbreakable {adj} (difficult to break)  :: άθραυστος
unbribed {adj} (not bribed)  :: αδωροδόκητος
unbridgeable {adj} (unable to be bridged)  :: αγεφύρωτος
unbroken {adj} (whole, not divided into parts)  :: αθρυμμάτιστος
unbrushed {adj} (unbrushed)  :: αβούρτσιστος
unbuckle {v} (to unfasten (the buckle of))  :: λύνω
unbutton {v} ((transitive))  :: ξεκουμπώνω
uncalibrated {adj} (not calibrated)  :: αβαθμολόγητος
uncanny {n} (strange, mysteriously unsettling)  :: αλλόκοτος, απόκοσμος
uncastrated {adj} (not castrated)  :: αμουνούχιστος
uncaulked {adj} (not caulked)  :: αβούλωτος
uncensored {adj} (unedited)  :: αλογόκριτος
uncertain {adj} (not known for certain; questionable)  :: αβέβαιος {m}
uncertainly {adv} (in an uncertain manner)  :: αβέβαια
uncertainty {n} (doubt; the condition of being uncertain)  :: αβεβαιότητα {f}
uncertainty principle {n} (physical law)  :: αρχή της απροσδιοριστίας {f}
unchangeable {n} (incapable of being changed)  :: αμετάβλητος
uncharred {adj} (not charred)  :: ακαψάλιστος
unchecked {adj} (unrestrained)  :: ανεξέλεγκτος
unchewed {adj} (not chewed)  :: αμάσητος
uncivilized {adj} (crude, barbarous, wild, uncultured)  :: απολίτιστος
uncivilized {adj} (used to describe people who display a marked lack of manners as defined by a given culture)  :: απολίτιστος
uncivilized {adj} (used to describe behaviours deemed savage or inappropriate)  :: απολίτιστος
unclaimed {adj} (not claimed)  :: αδιεκδίκητος
unclarified {adj} (not clarified)  :: αδιευκρίνιστος
uncle {n} (brother (or brother-in-law) of someone’s parent)  :: θείος {m}
uncle {n} (form of address to a man by young people or children in some countries)  :: θείος {m}
unclear {adj} (not clearly or explicitly defined)  :: αδιευκρίνιστος
Uncle Sam {prop} (personification of the US government)  :: μπαρμπα-Σαμ {m}
uncollected {adj} (not collected)  :: αμάζευτος
uncomfortable {adj} (not comfortable)  :: άβολο
uncomment {v}  :: αποσχολιάζω
uncomplaining {adj} (without complaint)  :: αβόγκητος
unconditional {adj} (without conditions)  :: χωρίς όρους, άνευ όρων, ανεπιφύλακτος
unconditionally {adv} (without condition)  :: άνευ όρων, χωρίς όρους, ανεπιφύλακτα, απεριόριστα
unconquerable {adj} (not conquerable)  :: ακαταμάχητος
unconquered {adj} (unenslaved)  :: αδούλωτος
unconsciously {adv} (In an unconscious manner)  :: ασυνείδητα, υποσυνείδητα
unconvinceable {adj} (not convinceable)  :: αμετάπειστος
unconvinced {adj} (not convinced)  :: αμετάπειστος
uncooked {adj} (raw, not cooked)  :: αμαγείρευτος {m}
uncouth {adj} (unrefined, crude)  :: άξεστος {m}
unction {n} (salve or ointment)  :: αλοιφή {f}
unction {n} (religious or ceremonial anointing)  :: χρίσμα {n}
uncurable {adj} (incurable) SEE: incurable  ::
undaunted {adj} (showing courage and resolution)  :: ατρόμητος {m}, άφοβος {m}, απτόητος {m}
undaunted {adj} (not shaken, discouraged or disheartened)  :: απτόητος {m}
undecorated {adj} (Having no decoration)  :: αδιακόσμητος
undefeated {adj} (not defeated)  :: αήττητος
undeniable {adj} (irrefutable, or impossible to deny)  :: αδιάψευστος
undeniably {adv} (in an undeniable manner)  :: αναντίρρητα
undeposited {adj} (not deposited)  :: ακατάθετος
under- {prefix} (under (in any sense): insufficient, insufficiently)  :: υπο-
underage {n} (deficit in funds) SEE: deficit  ::
underarm {n} (armpit)  :: μασχάλη {f}
under arms {adj} (under arms)  :: ένοπλος
underbelly {n} (side which is not normally seen)  :: υπογάστριο {n}
underclothes {n} (clothes worn next to the skin)  :: εσώρουχα {n-p}
under control {prep} (being taken care of)  :: υπό έλεγχο
undercooked {adj} (insufficiently cooked)  :: άβραστος
undercover {adj} (Performed or happening in secret)  :: μυστικός {m}, αφανής {m}, κρυφός {m}
undercover {adj} (Employed or engaged in spying or secret investigation)  :: μυστικός {m}
undercover {n} (A person who works undercover)  :: μυστικός πράκτορας {m}
undercut {v} (To undermine) SEE: undermine  ::
underdone {adj} (insufficiently cooked) SEE: undercooked  ::
underestimated {v} (underrated) SEE: underrated  ::
undergarment {n} (any garment worn underneath others)  :: εσώρουχο {n}
underground {adj} (below the ground)  :: υπόγειος
underground {adj} (hidden, furtive)  :: υπόγειος {m}, μυστικός {m}, λαθραίος {m}
underground {adj} (outside the mainstream)  :: υπόγειος, περιθωριακός
underground {adv} (below the ground)  :: υπόγεια
underground {v} (to route electricity distribution cables underground)  :: υπογειώνω
underhanded {adj} (sly)  :: δόλιος {m}, ύπουλος {m}
underhanded {adv} (in an underhand manner)  :: δολίως
underline {n} (line underneath text)  :: υπογράμμιση {f}
underline {v} (to draw an underline)  :: υπογραμμίζω
underlying {adj} (lying underneath)  :: υποκείμενος {m}
underlying {adj} (basic or fundamental)  :: θεμελιώδης {m}
undermine {v} (hinder, sabotage)  :: υπονομεύω
undermine {v} (to dig, tunnel, hollow out as if making a cave or opening)  :: υποσκάπτω
under no circumstance {prep} (under no conditions)  :: σε καμία περίπτωση
under one's hat {prep} (secret) SEE: secret  ::
underpants {n} (underwear)  :: σώβρακο {n} [male], κιλότα {f} [female]
underrated {adj} (not given enough recognition)  :: υποτιμημένος
underscore {n} (an underline)  :: υπογράμμιση {f}
underscore {v} (to underline)  :: υπογραμμίζω
underscore {v} (to emphasize)  :: υπογραμμίζω
undershirt {n} (for wifebeater) SEE: singlet  ::
understand {v} (to be aware of the meaning of)  :: καταλαβαίνω, κατανοώ
understand {v} (to believe, based on information)  :: αντιλαμβάνομαι
understand {v} (to understand) SEE: grasp  ::
understanding {n} (understanding) SEE: grasp  ::
undertaker {n} (funeral director)  :: εργολάβος κηδειών {m} {f}
undertaking {n} (The business of an undertaker, or the management of funerals)  :: γραφείο κηδειών {n}
under the impression {prep} (thinking or making assumptions)  :: έχω την εντύπωση
under the microscope {adv} (under close scrutiny)  :: στο μικροσκόπιο, κάτω από το μικροσκόπιο
undertow {n} (flow of water)  :: αντιμάμαλο {n}
under way {prep} (in operation or in process)  :: σε εξέλιξη
underwear {n} (clothes worn next to the skin)  :: εσώρουχο {n}
underwear {n} ((Western) underpants and bras)  :: εσώρουχο {n}
underweight {adj} (of an inappropriately or unusually low weight)  :: λιποβαρής {m} {f}
underworld {n} (part of society engaged in crime or vice)  :: υπόκοσμος {m}
underworld {n} (world of the dead)  :: άδης {m}, τάρταρα {n-p}
undesirable {adj} (objectionable or not likely to please)  :: ανεπιθύμητος {m}
undesirable {n} (an undesirable person)  :: ανεπιθύμητος {m}
undespised {adj} (not despised)  :: ακαταφρόνητος
undiagnosed {adj} (not diagnosed)  :: αδιάγνωστος
undies {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
undifferentiated {adj} (not differentiated)  :: αδιαφοροποίητος {m}
undifferentiated {adj} (in biology)  :: αδιαφοροποίητος {m}
undifferentiated {adj} (in botany)  :: αδιαφοροποίητος {m}
undine {n} (female water-sprite or nymph)  :: νεράιδα {f}
undisclosed {adj} (not disclosed)  :: μυστικός {m}
undisguised {adj} (not disguised)  :: αμασκάρευτος
undivided {adj} (unified, whole)  :: ακέραιος
undoubled {adj} (not doubled)  :: αδιπλασίαστος
undoubtedly {adv} (without doubt)  :: αδιαμφισβήτητα
undoubtfully {adv} (without doubt) SEE: undoubtedly  ::
undress {v} ((intransitive) remove one's clothing)  :: γδύνομαι, ξεντύνομαι
undress {v} ((transitive) remove somebody’s clothing)  :: γδύνω, ξεντύνω
undulate {v} (transitive: cause to move in a wave)  :: κυματίζω
undulate {v} (intransitive: move in wavelike motions)  :: κυμαίνομαι
undulate {adj} (wavy in appearance or form)  :: κυματώδης {m} {f}, κυματοειδής {m} {f}, κυματιστός {m}
uneasy {adj} (Restless; disturbed by pain, anxiety, or the like; disquieted; perturbed)  :: ανήσυχος
uneducated {adj} (not educated)  :: αμόρφωτος
unembalmed {adj}  :: αβαλσάμωτος
unemployed {adj} (having no job)  :: άνεργος
unemployed {n} (the unemployed as a group)  :: άνεργοι {m-p}
unemployment {n} (joblessness)  :: ανεργία {f}
unemployment benefit {n} (money paid to the unemployed)  :: επίδομα ανεργίας {n}
unenslaved {adj} (unenslaved)  :: αδούλωτος
unenviable {adj} (difficult, undesirable, or unpleasant)  :: αζήλευτος
unequivocal {adj} (without ambiguity)  :: σαφής {m}, ξεκάθαρος {m}, ρητός {m}
uneven {adj} (odd) SEE: odd  ::
unexpected {adj} (not expected, anticipated or foreseen)  :: αναπάντεχος {m}, απροσδόκητος {m}, απρόοπτος {m}
unexpelled {adj} (not expelled)  :: άδιωχτος
unexpired {adj} (not having expired)  :: άληκτος
unfading {adj} (not fading)  :: αμαράντινος
unfairly {adv} (unjustly) SEE: unjustly  ::
unfamiliar {adj} (not familiar)  :: άγνωστος {m}, ασυνήθης {m}
unfamiliarity {n} (lack of familiarity)  :: άγνοια {f}
unfasten {v} (to loose)  :: λύνω, χαλαρώνω, [unbutton] ξεκουμπώνω, ξεδένω
unfiltered {adj} (without a filter)  :: άφιλτρος {m}
unfiltered {adj} (not having been filtered)  :: αφιλτράριστος {m}
unfitness {n} (characteristic of being unfit)  :: ακαταλληλότητα {f}
unflayed {adj} (not flayed) SEE: unskinned  ::
unforeseen {adj} (not foreseen)  :: απρόβλεπτος, απρόοπτος
unforeseen {adj} (not expected)  :: απρόσμενος, απρόοπτος
unforgivable {adj} (not forgivable)  :: ασυγχώρητος
unfortunate {adj} (not favored by fortune)  :: άμοιρος
unfortunately {adv} (happening through bad luck)  :: δυστυχώς
unfreeze {v} (thaw) SEE: thaw  ::
unfruitful {adj} (Not bearing fruit)  :: άκαρπος
ungainly {adj} (clumsy)  :: άγαρμπος
ungainly {adj} (difficult to move)  :: δυσκίνητος {m}
ungalvanized {adj} (not galvanized)  :: αγαλβάνιστος
ungeographic {adj} (not geographical)  :: αγεωγράφητος
ungeographical {adj} (not geographical)  :: αγεωγράφητος
ungeometrical {adj} (not geometrical)  :: αγεωμέτρητος
ungrafted {adj} (not grafted)  :: αμπόλιαστος
ungrammatical {adj} (in violation of one or more of the rules and conventions of a language)  :: αντιγραμματικός
ungrateful {adj} (not grateful)  :: αχάριστος, αγνώμων
ungratefulness {n} (the state of being ungrateful) SEE: ingratitude  ::
unguent {n} (cream applied to the skin for a therapeutic purpose) SEE: ointment  ::
unguessed {adj} (not guessed)  :: αμάντευτος
ungulate {adj} (having hooves)  :: οπληφόρος
unhappiness {n} (feeling of not being happy)  :: δυστυχία {f}
unharness {v} (to liberate) SEE: liberate  ::
unhealthy {adj} (conducive to poor health)  :: νοσηρός {m}, ανθυγιεινός {m}
unhired {adj} (not hired)  :: αμίσθωτος
unholy alliance {n} (coalition among seemingly antagonistic groups)  :: ανίερη συμμαχία {f}
uni- {prefix} (one)  :: μονο-
unicellular {adj} (having a single cell)  :: μονοκύτταρος
Unicode {prop} (series of computer encoding standards)  :: Unicode {n}
unicorn {n} (mythical beast)  :: μονόκερως {m}
unidentified flying object {n} (anything in the air not readily explainable)  :: άγνωστης ταυτότητας ιπτάμενο αντικείμενο, ΑΤΙΑ [abbreviation]
unidentified flying object {n} (colloquial: an alien spacecraft)  :: ΑΤΙΑ
unidiomatic {adj} (not idiomatic)  :: αδόκιμος
unidirectional {adj} (pertaining to only one direction)  :: ομοιοκατευθυνόμενος {m}
unification {n} (act of unifying)  :: ενοποίηση {f}
unification {n} (state of being unified)  :: ένωση {f}
uniform {adj} (unvarying)  :: ομοιόμορφος
uniform {n} (distinctive outfit as a means of identifying members of a group)  :: στολή {f}
uniformity {n} (a state of being uniform)  :: ομοιομορφία {f}
uniformity {n} (an absence of alternativism)  :: ομοιομορφία {f}
Uniform Resource Locator {n} (URL)  :: ΟΕΠ (ομοιόμορφος εντοπιστής πόρων), ιστοδιεύθυνση {f}
unify {v} (cause to become one)  :: ενώνω
unify {v} (become one)  :: ενοποιώ
unilateral {adj} (Done by one side only)  :: μονομερής
unilateralism {n} (tendency of nations to act on their own)  :: μονομέρεια {f}
unimaginative {adj} (not imaginative)  :: ανευφάνταστος
uninflected {adj} (of a word)  :: άκλιτος
uninhabitable {adj} (not inhabitable)  :: ακατοίκητος {m}
uninhabited {adj} (not inhabited)  :: ακατοίκητος
uninitialled {adj} (Not being initialled)  :: αμονογράφητος
uninitiated {adj} (not having been initiated)  :: αμύητος {m}
unintelligible {adj} (not intelligible)  :: ακατάληπτος {m}, ακατανόητος {m}
unintentionally {adv} (in an unintentional manner)  :: άθελα
uninteresting {adj} (arousing little or no interest; boring or uneventful)  :: αδιάφορος
uninvited {adj} (not invited)  :: ακάλεστος
union {n} (trade union) SEE: trade union  ::
union {n} (the act of uniting or the state of being united)  :: ένωση {f}, σύνδεσμος {m}
union {n} (that which is united; something formed by a combination of parts or members)  :: ένωση {f}, σύνδεσμος {m}
union {n} (joint)  :: αρμός {f}, άρθρωση {f}, ένωση {f}, σύνδεσμος {m}
union {n} (marriage)  :: σύζευξη {f}, γάμος {m}
union {n} (sexual intercourse)  :: ένωση {f}, συνουσία {f}
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics {prop} (a confederation of Communist states, see also: Soviet Union; USSR)  :: Ένωση Σοβιετικών Σοσιαλιστικών Δημοκρατιών {f}
unipolar {adj} (having a single pole)  :: μονοπολικός {m}
unique {adj} (one of a kind)  :: μοναδικός {m} (monadikós)
unit {n} (standard measure of a quantity)  :: μονάδα {f}
unit {n} (organized group comprising people and/or equipment)  :: μονάδα {f}, συγκρότημα {n}
unit {n} (member of a military organization)  :: μονάδα {f}
unit {n} (algebra: element of a ring)  :: μονάδα {f}
unit {n} (item which may be sold singly)  :: κομμάτι {n}, τεμάχιο {n}
unit {n} (kilowatt-hour as recorded on an electricity meter) SEE: kilowatt-hour  ::
unite {v} (to come or bring together as one)  :: ενώνω
United Arab Emirates {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Ηνωμένα Αραβικά Εμιράτα {n-p}
United Kingdom {prop} (Kingdom in Europe, see also: Great Britain)  :: Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain)  :: Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)  :: Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας και της Ιρλανδίας {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)  :: Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας και της Βορείου Ιρλανδίας {n}
United Nations {prop} (international coalition)  :: Οργανισμός Ηνωμένων Εθνών {m} (Abbr: ΟΗΕ {m}), [rare] Ηνωμένα Έθνη {n-p}
United Nations Economic and Social Council {prop} (one of the six principal organs of the United Nations)  :: Οικονομικό και Κοινωνικό Συμβούλιο του ΟΗΕ
United States {prop} (the United States)  :: Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες {f-p}
United States of America {prop} (Country in North America)  :: Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες της Αμερικής {f-p} [official], Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες Αμερικής {f-p}, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες {f-p}, ΗΠΑ {f-p}
unity {n} (state of being one or undivided)  :: ενότητα {f}
unity {n} (drama: any of the three classical rules of drama)  :: ενότητα {f}
unity {n} (mathematics: something that behaves like the number 1 in multiplication)  :: μονάδα {f}
universal {adj} (of or pertaining to the universe)  :: παγκόσμιος
universal {adj} (common to all members of a group or class)  :: παγκόσμιος
universal {adj} (common to all society, world-wide)  :: παγκόσμιος
universal {adj} (useful for many purposes)  :: παγκόσμιος
universalism {n} (universality) SEE: universality  ::
universality {n} (the property of being universal)  :: καθολικότητα {f}
Universal Serial Bus {n} (computing standard for interconnecting PC devices)  :: ενιαίος σειριακός δίαυλος {m}
universe {n} (the Universe)  :: σύμπαν {n}
universe {n} (an entity similar to our universe)  :: σύμπαν {n}
universe {n} (everything under consideration)  :: σύμπαν {n}
universe {n} (an imaginary collection of worlds)  :: σύμπαν {n}
universe {n} (intense form of world in the sense of perspective or social setting)  :: σύμπαν {n}
university {n} (institution of higher education)  :: πανεπιστήμιο {n}
univocal {adj} (having only one possible meaning)  :: μονοσήμαντος {m}
unjustifiable {adj} (that cannot be justified)  :: αδικαιολόγητος
unjustified {adj} (not justified)  :: αδικαιολόγητος, αβάσιμος {m}
unjustly {adv} (in an unjust manner)  :: άδικα
unkempt {adj} (dishevelled; untidy; dirty; not kept up)  :: απεριποίητος {m}
unkneaded {adj} (not kneaded)  :: αμάλαχτος
unknown {adj} (not known)  :: άγνωστος
unknown {n} (variable)  :: άγνωστος
unlamented {adj} (not lamented)  :: αμοιρολόγητος
unlaunched {adj} (not launched)  :: ακαθέλκυστος
unleashed {adj} (not leashed)  :: λυτός {m}
unleavened {adj} (without yeast)  :: άζυμος
unless {conj} (except on a specified condition)  :: εκτός αν, παρά μόνο αν
unlike {adj} (dissimilar)  :: άμοιαστος
unlimited {adj} (limitless or without bounds; unrestricted)  :: απεριόριστος
unlock {v} (to undo or open a lock)  :: ξεκλειδώνω
unlocked {adj} (of a door, etc, not locked)  :: ακλείδωτος
unlooted {adj} (not looted)  :: αδήωτος
unmanned {adj} (not operated by a person or a crew)  :: μη επανδρωμένος {m}
unmarked {adj} (not bearing identification)  :: αμαρκάριστος
unmarked {adj} (sport: not marked)  :: αμαρκάριστος
unmarried {adj} (having no husband or wife)  :: ανύπαντρος
unmeasured {adj} (not measured)  :: άμετρος
unmended {adj} (nor mended) SEE: unrepaired  ::
unmildewed {adj} (without mildew)  :: αμούχλιαστος
unmoustached {adj} (without a moustache)  :: αμούστακος
unmown {adj} (not mown)  :: αθέριστος
unmusical {adj} (not musical)  :: άμουσος
unnail {v} (remove nails)  :: ξεκαρφώνω
unnatural {adj} (not natural)  :: αφύσικος
unnavigable {adj} (not navigable)  :: αδιάπλευστος
unnecessary {adj} (not necessary)  :: περιττός
unnumbered {adj} (countless)  :: αναρίθμητος {m}
UNO {prop} (United Nations Organization)  :: ΟΗΕ {m}
unobtrusive {adj} (unobtrusive)  :: αθόρυβος
unofficial {adj} (not official)  :: ανεπίσημος
unorthodox {adj} (unusual, unconventional, or idiosyncratic)  :: ανορθόδοξος {m}
unpaid {adj} (not paid for)  :: απλήρωτος
unpaid {adj} (done without agreed payment)  :: άμισθος
unpainted {adj} (not painted)  :: αζωγράφιστος
unpersuadable {adj}  :: ακαλόπιαστος
unpillaged {adj}  :: ασύλητος
unplaced {adj}  :: ατοποθέτητος
unplated {adj} (not plated)  :: αγάνωτος
unpleasant {adj} (not pleasant)  :: δυσάρεστος {m}
unplucked {adj} (not plucked)  :: αμάδητος
unplundered {adj} (not plundered)  :: ασύλητος
unprofitable {adj} (not making a profit)  :: ασύμφορος, αντιοικονομικός, μη επικερδής
unpublished {adj} (not published)  :: αδημοσίευτος
unqualified {adj} (ineligible, not qualified)  :: ακατάρτιστος
unquestionable {adj} (undeniable, obvious)  :: αδιαμφισβήτητος
unreachable {adj} (unable to be reached)  :: άφταστος, άφθαστος
unreal {adj} (not real)  :: ανύπαρκτος, φανταστικός
unreaped {adj} (unreaped)  :: αθέριστος
unrecognizable {adj} (that cannot be recognized)  :: αγνώριστος
unrecorded {adj} (not recorded)  :: αθησαύριστος
unreformed {adj} (not reformed)  :: αμεταρρύθμιστος
unregretful {adj}  :: αμετανόητος {m}
unrepaired {adj} (not repaired)  :: αμπάλωτος
unrepentant {adj}  :: αμετανόητος
unrequited love {n} (love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is desired)  :: απλήρωτη αγάπη {f}
unrestrained {adj} (not held in check)  :: ασυγκράτητος
unrestrainedly {adv} (in unrestrained manner)  :: ασυγκράτητα
unrevenged {adj} (Not revenged)  :: αγδίκιωτος
unripe {adj} (not ripe)  :: άγουρος
unroasted {adj} (not roasted)  :: ακαβούρντιστος
unsacrificed {adj} (unsacrificed)  :: αθυσίαστος
unsatisfied {adj} (dissatisfied) SEE: dissatisfied  ::
unsaturated {adj} (capable of dissolving more solute)  :: ακόρεστος
unsaturated {adj} (having one or more double bonds or triple bonds between carbon atoms)  :: ακόρεστος
unscalded {adj}  :: αζεμάτιστος
unscathed {adj} (not injured/harmed)  :: άθικτος
unscrupulous {adj} (contemptuous of what is right or honourable)  :: αδίστακτος
unscrupulously {adv} (in an unscrupulous manner)  :: αδίστακτα
unseasoned {adj} (not sprinkled with seasoning)  :: ακαρύκευτος
UN Security Council {prop} (international organ)  :: Συμβούλιο Ασφαλείας Ηνωμένων Εθνών {n}
unseduced {adj} (not seduced)  :: αδελέαστος
unseen {adj} (not seen)  :: αόρατος {}
unshakable {adj} (not able to be shaken)  :: ακατάλυτος
unshattered {adj} (not shattered)  :: αθρυμμάτιστος
unshaven {adj} (unkempt) SEE: unkempt  ::
unshorn {adj} (not shorn)  :: ακούρευτος
unskinned {adj} (without the skin removed)  :: άγδαρτος
unsoaked {adj} (not soaked)  :: αμούσκευτος
unsold {adj} (not sold)  :: απούλητος
unspeakable {adj} (incapable of being spoken or uttered)  :: ανείπωτος {m}, άφατος {m}
unspeakable {adj} (unfit to be described)  :: άρρητος {m}
unsprouted {adj} (without sprouts)  :: άβγαλτος
unstabbed {adj} (not stabbed)  :: αμαχαίρωτος
unstooked {adj}  :: αθημώνιαστος
unsubstantiated {adj} (lacking substantiation)  :: αβάσιμος {m}
unsuckled {adj} (not suckled)  :: αβύζαχτος
unsuitable {adj} (not suitable; unfit; inappropriate)  :: ακατάλληλος {m}
unsung {adj} (which has not been lauded or appreciated)  :: παραγνωρισμένος {m}
unsung {adj} (not sung)  :: άψαλτος {m}, ανεξύμνητος {m}, ατραγούδιστος {m}
unsuspecting {adj}  :: ανυποψίαστος
untalkative {adj} (unwilling to talk)  :: λακωνικός
untameable {adj} (cannot be tamed)  :: αδάμαστος
unthinkable {adj} (inconceivable or unimaginable; extremely improbable in a way that goes against common sense)  :: αδιανόητος
unthinkingly {adv} (in an unthinking manner)  :: αβασάνιστα
unthirsty {adj} (not thirsty)  :: αδίψαστος
unthreshed {adj} (process)  :: αλώνιτος
untidy {adj} (sloppy)  :: ακατάστατος
untidy {adj} (unorganized)  :: ακατάστατος
untie {v} (to loosen, as something interlaced or knotted)  :: λύνω, ξεδένω
untie {v} (to free from fastening or from restraint)  :: λύνω, ξεδένω, ελευθερώνω
untie {v} (to resolve)  :: λύνω
untie {v} (to become untied or loosed)  :: λύνομαι
until {prep} (up to the time of)  :: μέχρι, ως
until {prep} (before)  :: πριν
until {conj} (up to the time that)  :: ώσπου, ωσότου
untouchable {n} (criminal)  :: παρίας {m}
untouchable {n} (incorruptible law enforcement agent)  :: αδιάφθορος {m}
untouched {adj} (in its original state)  :: άθικτος
untouched {adj} (not eaten)  :: άθικτος
untouched {adj} (not influenced, affected or swayed)  :: άθικτος
untouched {adj} (not talked about)  :: άθικτος
untranslatable {adj} (not able to be translated)  :: αμετάφραστος
untranslated {adj} (not translated; in the original language)  :: αμεταγλώττιστος
untransmitted {adj} (not transmitted)  :: αμεταβίβαστος
untransportable {adj} (not transportable)  :: αμετακόμιστος
untried {adj} (not tested)  :: αδοκίμαστος
untried {adj} (not taken to a lawcourt)  :: αδίκαστος
untyrannical {adj} (not tyrannical)  :: αδυνάστευτος
ununennium {n} (chemical element)  :: ουνουνέννιο {n}
ununhexium {n} (element with atomic number 116)  :: ουνουνέξιο {n}
ununoctium {n} (chemical element)  :: ουνουνόκτιο {n}
ununquadium {n} (chemical element)  :: ουνοκουάντιο {n}
ununtrium {n} (chemical element)  :: ουνούντριο {n}
unused {adj} (not used)  :: αχρησιμοποίητος
unused {adj} (not accustomed (to))  :: ασυνήθιστος
unvaccinated {adj} (not vaccinated)  :: αμπόλιαστος
unvariable {adj} (invariable) SEE: invariable  ::
unverified {adj} (not verified)  :: αδιασταύρωτος
unvisible {adj} (invisible) SEE: invisible  ::
unvoiced {adj} (linguistics: voiceless) SEE: voiceless  ::
unvoluntary {adj} (involuntary) SEE: involuntary  ::
unwanted {adj} (not wanted)  :: ανεπιθύμητος
unwed {adj} (not married) SEE: unmarried  ::
unwed {n} (bachelor or a spinster) SEE: unmarried  ::
unweighed {adj} (not weighed)  :: αζύγιστος
unwelcome {adj}  :: ανεπιθύμητος
unwillingly {adv} (in an unwilling manner)  :: άθελα
unwinnowed {adj}  :: αλίχνιστος
unworthy {adj} (not worthy)  :: ανάξιος {m}
unwrinkled {adj} (wrinkle-free) SEE: wrinkle-free  ::
unwritten {adj} (not written)  :: άγραφος {m}
unwritten {adj} (communicated without writing)  :: άγραφος {m}
unwritten {adj} (implicit or understood but not formally articulated)  :: άγραφος {m}
unwritten {adj} (containing no writing; blank)  :: άγραφος {m}
up {adv} (away from earth’s surface)  :: πάνω
up {prep} (toward the top)  :: πάνω
up-and-coming {adj} (emerging, aspiring)  :: ανερχόμενος
upblow {v} (blow up) SEE: blow up  ::
update {n} (action of making something up to date)  :: ενημέρωση {f}
update {n} (action of advising someone so that they are up to date)  :: ενημέρωση {f}
update {v} (to make something up to date)  :: ενημερώνω
update {v} (to advise a person so that they are up to date)  :: ενημερώνω
upgrade {n} (an improved component or replacement item)  :: αναβάθμιση {f}
upgrade {v} (to improve)  :: αναβαθμίζω
upgrade {v} (to replace a program with a later version of itself)  :: αναβαθμίζω
upheaval {n} (sudden violent upset, disruption or convulsion)  :: χαμός {m}, της τρελής
upholster {v} (fit padding etc. to furniture)  :: επιπλοστρώνω
uplift {v} (to raise something or someone to a higher level)  :: μεταρσιώνω
upload {v} (to transfer data)  :: αναφορτώνω
upload {n} (file transfer)  :: αναφόρτωση {f}
upon {prep} (at a prescribed point in time)  :: με
upper arm {n} (section of an arm)  :: βραχίονας {m}
upper case {n} (capital letters, collectively)  :: κεφαλαίο {n}
upper chamber {n} (upper house) SEE: upper house  ::
upper house {n} (part of a parliament)  :: άνω βουλή {f}
Uppsala {prop} (city in eastern central Sweden)  :: Ουψάλα {f}
upright piano {n} (a keyboard musical instrument)  :: όρθιο πιάνο {n}
uprising {n} (a popular revolt)  :: εξέγερση {f}
uproot {v} (eradicate) SEE: eradicate  ::
uproot {v} (extirpate) SEE: extirpate  ::
upside down {adv} (inverted)  :: ανάποδα
upside down {adv} (in great disorder)  :: άνω κάτω {}
upside down {adj} (inverted)  :: ανάποδος
upsilon {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: ύψιλον {n}
upstairs {adv} (up the stairs; on a higher floor or level)  :: πάνω
upstart {n} (newly rich or prominent)  :: αριβίστας {m}
upthrust {n} (buoyancy)  :: άνωση ((f))
Urania {prop} (the Muse of astronomy)  :: Ουρανία {f}
uranium {n} (uranium (element))  :: ουράνιο {n}
Uranus {prop} (god of the sky and heavens)  :: Ουρανός {m}
Uranus {prop} (planet)  :: Ουρανός {m}
urban {adj} (of the city; characteristic of city life)  :: αστικός {m}
Urban {prop} (male given name)  :: Ουρβανός {m}
urbanism {n} (urbanization) SEE: urbanization  ::
urbanization {n} (growth of cities)  :: αστικοποίηση {f}
urbanization {n} (change in region)  :: αστικοποίηση {f}
urbanization {n} (proportion living in cities)  :: αστικοποίηση {f}
urbanize {v} (to make something more urban in character)  :: αστικοποιώ {}
urchin {n} (mischievous child)  :: διαβολάκι {n}, [obsolete] παλιόπαιδο {n}
urchin {n} (street kid)  :: αλάνι {n}
urea {n} (organic compound)  :: ουρία {f}
urethra {n} (anatomical tube)  :: ουρήθρα {f}
urge {n} (a strong desire; an itch to do something)  :: παρόρμηση {f}
urge {v} (to press the mind or will of)  :: παροτρύνω
urgency {n} (quality or condition of being urgent)  :: επείγον {n}
urgent {adj} (requiring immediate attention)  :: επείγων
-urgy {suffix} (technique for working with)  :: -ουργία
urinal {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
urinal {n} (fixture for standing urination)  :: ουρητήριο {n}
urinal {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
urinary {adj} (urinary)  :: ουρικός
urinary bladder {n} (urinary bladder)  :: ουροδόχος κύστη {f}
urinate {v} (to pass urine from the body)  :: ουρώ
urination {n} (the process of eliminating liquid waste from the body)  :: ούρηση {f}
urine {n} (liquid excrement)  :: ούρα {n-p}
URL {n} (URL)  :: ΟΕΠ (ομοιόμορφος εντοπιστής πόρων), ιστοδιεύθυνση {f}
urn {n} (a vase with a footed base)  :: υδρία {f}
urn {n} (a vessel for ashes or cremains of a deceased person)  :: τεφροδόχος
Ursa Major {prop} (large circumpolar constellation of the northern sky)  :: Μεγάλη Άρκτος {f}
Ursa Minor {prop} (a circumpolar constellation of the northern sky)  :: Μικρή Άρκτος {f}
Uruguay {prop} (country)  :: Ουρουγουάη {f}
us {pron} (objective case of "we")  :: μας
USA {prop} (United States of America)  :: ΗΠΑ {f-p}
USB port {n} (port for USB connection)  :: θύρα USB {f}
use {n} (act of using)  :: χρήση {f}
use {n} (usefulness)  :: χρησιμότητα {f}
use {n} (function)  :: χρήση {f}
use {v} (employ, apply)  :: χρησιμοποιώ
use {v} (to exhaust the supply of, to consume)  :: καταναλώνω
use {v} (rare: to habitually do)  :: συνηθίζω
use {v} (used to) SEE: used to  ::
use a sledgehammer to crack a nut {v} (idiom)  :: κάνω τα εύκολα δύσκολα
used {adj} (that is or has or have been used)  :: χρησιμοποιημένος
used {adj} (that has or have previously been owned by someone else)  :: μεταχειρισμένος
used to {adj} (accustomed to)  :: συνηθισμένος
used to {v} (formerly and habitually or repeatedly)  :: use the imperfect tense of the verb that follows; can clarify with adverbs such as κάποτε, παλιά etc; I used to eat cheese - Έτρωγα τυρί, κάποτε έτρωγα τυρί, παλιά έτρωγα τυρί, etc.
useful {adj} (having a practical or beneficial use)  :: χρήσιμος
useful idiot {n} (political sense)  :: χρήσιμος ηλίθιος {m}
usefulness {n} (quality of being useful)  :: χρησιμότητα {f}
useless {adj} (without use or possibility to be used)  :: άχρηστος
useless {adj} (unhelpful, pointless)  :: μάταιος
useless {adj} (unable to do well)  :: άχρηστος
user {n} (one who uses something, a consumer)  :: χρήστης {m}, χρήστρια {f}
user {n} (one who uses drugs)  :: χρήστης ναρκωτικών {m}, χρήστρια ναρκωτικών {f}
user {n} (person who uses a computer)  :: χρήστης {m}, χρήστρια {f}
user interface {n} (the part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with)  :: διεπαφή χρήστη
username {n} (a person's identification on an individual computer system)  :: χρηστώνυμο {n}, όνομα χρήστη {n}
use up {v} (exhaust) SEE: exhaust  ::
usher {n} (person who escorts people to their seats)  :: ταξιθέτης {m}
usherette {n} (a female usher)  :: ταξιθέτρια {f}
USSR {prop} (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)  :: ΕΣΣΔ {f}
usually {adv} (most of the time)  :: συνήθως
usually {adv} (under normal conditions) SEE: normally  ::
usufruct {n} (legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person)  :: επικαρπία {f}
usurer {n} (one who loans money at exorbitant interest rates)  :: τοκογλύφος {m} {f}
usuress {n} (A female usurer)  :: τοκογλύφος {m} {f}
usurious {adj} (Of or pertaining to usury)  :: τοκογλυφικός {m}
usurp {v} (to seize power)  :: σφετερίζομαι
usurpation {n} (wrongful seizure)  :: σφετερισμός {m}
usurper {n} (one who usurps)  :: σφετεριστής {m}
usury {n} (exorbitant rate of interest in excess of any legal rates)  :: τοκογλυφία {f}
usury {n} (practice of lending money at illegal or unfair rates)  :: τοκογλυφία {f}
US Virgin Islands {prop} (Country in the Caribbean)  :: Αμερικανικές Παρθένοι Νήσοι {f-p}
utensil {n} (device for domestic use, in the kitchen, or in war)  :: σκεύος {n}, σύνεργο {n}, εργαλείο {n}
utensil {n} (small implement specialized for certain types of processing)  :: σύνεργο {n}, εργαλείο {n}
uterine {adj} (of or pertaining to the uterus)  :: μητρικός
uterine tube {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube  ::
uterus {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
utilitarian {adj} (practical and functional, not just for show)  :: πρακτικός {m}, λειτουργικός {m}
utilitarian {n} (Someone who practices or advocates utilitarianism.)  :: ωφελιμιστής {m}, ωφελιμίστρια {f}
utilitarianism {n} (the theory of the "greatest happiness for the greatest number of people")  :: ωφελιμισμός {m}
utmost {adj} (The most extreme, ultimate)  :: υπέρτατος
utopia {n} (world in perfect harmony)  :: ουτοπία {f}
utopian {adj} (ideal but often impractical; visionary)  :: ουτοπικός
utopic {adj} (utopian) SEE: utopian  ::
Utrecht {prop} (province of the Netherlands)  :: Ουτρέχτη {f}
Utrecht {prop} (city in the Netherlands)  :: Ουτρέχτη {f}
Uttarakhand {prop} (state in India)  :: Ουταράχαντ
Uttar Pradesh {prop} (state)  :: Ούταρ Πραντές, Ούτταρ Πραντές
utter {adj} (absolute)  :: απόλυτος {m}, ολοσχερής {m} {f}, πλήρης {m}
utter {v} (say)  :: αρθρώνω, λέω
utter {v} (use the voice)  :: εκφέρω
utter {v} (make speech sounds)  :: τραυλίζω, ψελλίζω
utter {v} (make a noise)  :: βγάζω, αρθρώνω
uvula {n} (appendage that hangs from the palate)  :: σταφυλή {f}
uvular {adj} (of or relating to the uvula)  :: σταφυλικός
uxoricide {n} (a man who kills his wife)  :: συζυγοκτόνος {m}
uxoricide {n} (the killing of one's wife)  :: συζυγοκτονία {f}
Uzbekistan {prop} (Republic of Uzbekistan)  :: Ουζμπεκιστάν {n}