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o {n} (name of the letter O, o)  ::
oak {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus)  :: बलूत {m} /balūt/
oak tree {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus) SEE: oak  ::
oar {n} (implement used to row a boat)  :: पतवार, चप्पू, डांड़
oasis {n} (well surrounded by fertile region)  :: नखलिस्तान {m} /nakhlistān/
oat {n} (a widely cultivated cereal grass)  :: जई
oath {n} (solemn pledge)  :: शपथ /śapath/, सौगन्द /saugand/
Ob {prop} (Ob River)  :: ऑब /ob/, ऑब नदी /ob nadī/
Obama {prop} (surname)  :: ओबामा /ōbāmā/
obedience {n}  :: agya palana, pharmabaradari
obesity {n} (act or state of being obese)  :: मेदुरता
object {n} (thing)  :: चीज़ {f} /cīz/
object {n} (in grammar)  :: कर्म /karma/
objection {n} (official protest raised in a court of law)  :: आपत्ति
obscenity {n} (something that is obscene)  :: अश्लीलता {f} /aślīlatā/
obsidian {n} (a type of black glass produced by volcanoes)  :: ज्वालाकाच
obsolescent {adj} (in the process of becoming obsolete, but not obsolete yet)  :: लोपोन्मुख /lōpōnmukha/, लुप्तप्राय /luptaprāya/
obsolete {adj} (no longer in use)  :: अप्रचलित /apracalita/
obsolete {adj} (in biology: imperfectly developed)  :: अर्धविकसित {m} /ardhavikasita/
occult {n} (supernatural affairs)  :: तंत्र-मंत्र {m}
occupy {v} (to occupy) SEE: consume  ::
ocean {n} (one of the large bodies of water)  :: महासागर {m}, समन्दर {m}, समुन्दर {m}, अम्बुधि, सागर {m}
Oceania {prop} (geographical region)  :: ओशिआनिया {m}
o'clock {adv} (indication of time (the translations below are of "one o’clock"))  :: एक बजा
o'clock {adv} (the translations below are of "at one o’clock")  :: एक बजे /ek baje/
octet {n} (byte of eight bits) SEE: byte  ::
October {prop} (tenth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: अक्तूबर {m}
octopus {n} (mollusc)  :: ऑक्टोपस {m}, अष्टबाहु
odd {adj} (not divisible by two)  :: विषम /viṣam/
Odesa {prop} (Odessa) SEE: Odessa  ::
Odessa {prop} (Ukrainian city)  :: ओडेसा /ōḍasā/
Odia {prop} (Oriya) SEE: Oriya  ::
Odisha {prop} (state in India)  :: उड़ीसा, ओडिशा
odor {n} (any smell) SEE: odour  ::
odour {n} (Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume)  :: गंध {f} /gandh/
of {prep} (possessive genitive: belonging to)  :: ...के, ... का {m}, ... की {f}
of course {adv} (naturally)  :: ज़रूर
offal {n} (dead body) SEE: corpse  ::
offend {v} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
office {n} (room(s) or building used for non-manual work)  :: दफ़तर {m}, ऑफ़िस {m}, कार्यालय {m}
officer {n} (contraction of the term "commissioned officer")  :: ऑफ़िसर {m}, अफसर {m}
official {adj} (relating to an office; especially, to a subordinate executive officer or attendant)  :: अधिकारी {m} /adhikari/
often {adv} (frequently, many times)  :: अक्सर /aksar/
oftenly {adv} (often) SEE: often  ::
oh {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: अरे, हे,
Ohio {prop} (U.S. state)  :: ओहायो /ōhāyō/
oh my God {interj} (excitement or shock)  :: हे भगवान /he bhagvān/
oi {interj} (exclamation to get attention) SEE: hey  ::
oil {n} (liquid fat)  :: तेल {m}
oil {n} (petroleum-based liquid)  :: पेट्रोलियम
ointment {n} (viscous preparation, usually containing medication)  :: मरहम {m}
OK {n} (endorsement; approval)  :: ठीक, ओके
OK {adj} (all right, permitted)  :: ओके
OK {adj} (in good health or in a good emotional state)  :: ठीक
Oklahoma {prop} (state)  :: ओकलाहोमा /ōklāhōmā/
okrug {n} (administrative division)  :: ओक्रुग
old {adj} (of an object, concept, etc: having existed for a relatively long period of time)  :: पुराना
old {adj} (of a living being: having lived for relatively many years)  :: बूढ़ा
old age {n} (latter part of life)  :: बुढ़ापा {m}, वृद्धावस्था {f}
older sister {n} (a sibling's older sister)  :: दीदी {f}
old man {n} (elderly man)  :: बूढ़ा {m}
old woman {n} (elderly woman)  :: बुढ़िया {f}
oleic acid {n} (fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms and one double bond, found in olive oil)  :: म्रक्षिकाम्ल
olive {n} (fruit)  :: ज़ैतून {m}, तैलबदर {m}
olive {n} (colour)  :: तैलबदर /tailbadara/, तैलबदर रंग /tailbadara ranga/, तैलबदर हरि /tailbadara hari/
Oliver {prop} (male given name)  :: ओलिवर {m} /olivar/
Olympic Games {prop} (international multi-sport event inspired by the ancient festival, see also: Olympics)  :: ओलम्पिक खेल {m} /olampik khel/, ओलंपिक /olampik/
Olympics {prop} (sport event, see also: Olympic Games)  :: ओलंपिक {m}
Olympus {prop} (mountain)  :: ओलिंप /olimp/
Oman {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: ओमान
ombudsman {n} (official who investigates complaints)  :: लोकपाल, लोकायुक्त
Omsk {prop} (large city in Russia)  :: ओम्स्क /ōmsk/
on {prep} (positioned at the upper surface of)  :: ... पर
-on {suffix} ((physics) subatomic particles)  :: -अणु
on board {adv} (aboard) SEE: aboard  ::
once again {adv} (one more time)  :: एक बार और /ek bār aur/, एक बार फिर /ek bār phir/, फिर से
once bitten, twice shy {proverb} (one is cautious in the future if hurt in the past)  :: दूध का जला छाँछ भी फूँक कर पीता है
once more {adv} (one more time) SEE: once again  ::
once upon a time {adv} (traditional beginning of children’s stories, especially fairy tales)  :: किसी ज़माने में /kisī zaṃāne meṃ/
one {pron}  :: not translated "I want the green one" = "हरावाला चाहता हूँ" (the adj. and the verb agree) (literally, "I want the one which is green").
one and a half {num} (one and a half)  :: डेढ़ /ḍeṛh/
one million {num} (cardinal number 1000000) SEE: million  ::
one o'clock {n} (the start of the second hour)  :: एक बजा /ek bajā/
one's {pron} (belonging to one)  :: अपना /apnā/
oneself {pron} (The person, previously mentioned)  :: स्वयं /svayaṁ/, ख़ुद /xud/
one thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000) SEE: thousand  ::
onion {n} (plant)  :: पियाज़ {f}, कांदा {m}
online {adj}  :: ऑनलाइन /ŏnlā'in/
only {adj} (alone in a category)  :: सिर्फ़, केवल
only {adv} (without others or anything further; exclusively)  :: सिर्फ़ /sirf/, ही /hī/
only {adv} (no more than)  :: सिर्फ़ /sirf/
onomatopoeia {n} (property of a word of sounding like what it represents)  :: स्वनानुकरणात्मक
onomatopoeia {n} (word that sounds like what it represents)  :: स्वनानुकरणात्मक
Ontario {prop} (Province in eastern Canada)  :: ओन्टारियो /ōnṭāriyō/
onyx {n} (a banded variety of chalcedony)  :: सुलैमानी पत्थर /sulaimānī patthar/
oofless {adj} (poor) SEE: poor  ::
open {adj} (not closed)  :: खुला /khulā/
open {v} (to make something accessible)  :: खोलना /kholnā/
open {v} (to become open)  :: खुलना /khulnā/
openly {adv} (in an open manner, visibly, not covertly)  :: खुलेआम
opera {n} (theatrical work)  :: ओपेरा
ophthalmology {n} (eye medicine)  :: नेत्रविज्ञान {m} /netravigyān/
opinion {n} (thought a person has formed about a topic)  :: विचार {m} /vicār/, राय {f} /rāy/, ख़याल {m} /xayāl/
opium {n} (drug from opium poppy)  :: अफ़ीम, अहिफेन, अफेन
opposite {prep} (across from)  :: ... के सामने /... ke sāmne/
opposition {n} (political)  :: प्रातिपक्ष
optics {n} (physics of light and vision)  :: प्रकाशिकी /prakāśikī/
optional {adj} (not compulsory)  :: वैकल्पिक
or {conj} (conjunction)  :: या /yā/, कि /ki/, वा /vā/, अथवा
oral sex {n} (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth)  :: मुखाभिगम {m} /mukhābhigam/
orange {n} (fruit)  :: नारंगी {f}, संतरा {m}
orange {n} (colour)  :: नारंगी
orange {adj} (having the colour of the fruit of an orange tree)  :: नारंगी
orangutan {n} (arboreal anthropoid ape)  :: आरंगुटान /āraṅguṭān/
orb {n} (period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body) SEE: year  ::
orb {n} (circle) SEE: circle  ::
orchard {n} (land for cultivation of fruit or nut trees)  :: फलौद्यान /phalaudyān/
orchestra {n} (large group of musicians who play together on various instruments)  :: बाजा {m}, ऑर्केस्ट्रा
order {n} (arrangement, disposition)  :: तरतीब {f}, नियम {m}, क्रम {m}, व्यवस्था {f}
order {n} (good arrangement)  :: सुव्यवस्था {f}
order {n} (command)  :: आदेश {m}, आज्ञा {f}, हुक्म {m}
order {n} (request for some product or service)  :: ऑर्डर {m}
order {n} (religious group)  :: वर्ग {m}, श्रेणी {f}
order {v} (to issue a command)  :: आज्ञा देना, आदेश देना, हुक्म देना
order {v} (to request some product or service)  :: मँगाना, ऑर्डर करना, मँगवाना
ordinary {adj} (normal, routine)  :: आम्म /āmm/, साधारण /sādhāraṇ/, मामूली /māmūlī/, सामान्य /sāmānya/
Oregon {prop} (northwestern state of the United States of America)  :: औरिगन /aurigan/
Orenburg {prop} (city in Russia)  :: ओरेनबुर्ग /orenburg/, ओरेनबर्ग /orenbarg/
organ {n} (part of an organism)  :: अंग {m}, ऑर्गन {m}
organ {n} (musical instrument)  :: ऑर्गन {m}
organise {v} (organize) SEE: organize  ::
organism {n} (living thing)  :: जीव {m}
organization {n} (group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules)  :: संगठन {m}
organize {v} (to arrange in working order)  :: व्यवस्था करना
orgasm {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure)  :: ओगाज़्म {m} /ogāzm/, चरमोत्कर्ष /carmotkarṣ/
Orient {prop} (Countries of Asia)  :: पूरब /pūrab/, पूर्व /pūrv/
orifice {n} (orifice (see anus etc. for specific body cavities)) SEE: hole  ::
origami {n} (the Japanese art of paper folding)  :: ऑरगामी {m}
origin {n} (beginning of something)  :: शुरुआत {f}
Orissa {prop} (Odisha) SEE: Odisha  ::
Oriya {prop} (language)  :: ओड़िया
ornament {n} (element of decoration)  :: आभूषण, अलंकार, जेवर
ornament {v} (to decorate)  :: सजाना
ornithology {n} (scientific study of birds)  :: पक्षीविज्ञान /pakṣīvijñān/
orphan {n} (person whose (parent or) parents have died)  :: अनाथ {m}, यतीम {m}
orphanage {n} (a residential institution for the care and protection of orphans)  :: अनाथ आश्रम {m} /anāth āśram/
orphanarium {n} (orphanage) SEE: orphanage  ::
orthodoxy {n} (correctness in doctrine and belief)  :: ओथडोक्सी /ōthaḍōksī/
Oryol {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: ओरियोल /ōriyōl/
Oscar {prop} (male given name)  :: ऑस्कर {m}
Oslo {prop} (the capital and a county municipality of Norway)  :: ओस्लो /oslo/
osmiridium {n} (alloy)  :: गुर्वाघनातु /gurvāghanātu/
osmium {n} (chemical element)  :: गुर्वातु /gurvātu/
osmosis {n} (movement of molecules)  :: परासरण /parāsaraṇ/
osteology {n} (study of bones)  :: अस्थि विज्ञान /asthi vijñān/
other {adj} (not the one previously referred to)  :: अन्य, दूसरा
otherwise {adv} (differently, in another way)  :: नहीं तो /nahī̃ to/
Ottawa {prop} (capital of Canada)  :: ओटावा /ōṭāvā/
otter {n} (mammal)  :: ऊदबिलाव {m}
oud {n} (Arabic plucked string instrument)  :: औद {m}
our {determiner} (belonging to us)  :: हमारा /hamārā/
ours {pron} (that which belongs to us)  :: हमारा /hamārā/
-ous {suffix} (suffix to form adjectives)  :: -आना
outdoors {n}  :: बहर /bahar/, सड़क पर /saṛaka para/
out of date {prep} (too old to be used)  :: गतावधिक {m} /gataavadhika/
out of it {prep} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
out of work {adj} (unemployed) SEE: unemployed  ::
outside {adv} (on or towards the outside)  :: बाहर
outside {adv} (outdoors)  :: बाहर
outsourcing {n} (transfer business)  :: आउटसोर्सिंग {m} /ā'uṭsōrsiṅg/
oval {n} (shape like an egg or ellipse)  :: अंडाकार {m}
ovary {n} (female organ)  :: डिम्बग्रंथि /ḍimbagranthi/
oven {n} (chamber used for baking or heating)  :: ओवन, चूल्हा {m}
overcoat {n} (garment)  :: ओवरकोट {m}, लबादा {m}
overheat {v} (overheat) SEE: burn  ::
overmorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow  ::
overmorrow {n} (day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow  ::
over there {adv} (in that place)  :: उधर, वहाँ
ovum {n} (gamete)  :: डिम्ब {m}
owl {n} (a bird)  :: उल्लू {m}
own {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
own {adj} (belonging to (determiner))  :: अपना /apnā/
ownership {n} (legal status)  :: मल्कियत {f} /malkiyat/, स्वामित्व {m} /svāmitva/
Oxford {prop} (city)  :: ऑक्सफ़ोर्ड
oxidation {n} (chemical reaction)  :: रेडॉक्स
oxide {n} (binary compound of oxygen)  :: जारेय /jaarey/, ऑक्साइड {f}
oxidization {n} (oxidation) SEE: oxidation  ::
oxygen {n} (chemical element)  :: जारक, ऑक्सीजन, प्राणवायु
oyster {n} (mollusk, see also: clam; mollusc; mussel)  :: सीप, शुक्ति {f}
ozone {n} (O3)  :: ओज़ोन /ozon/