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ahogarse/ahog-/1stg-gu to drown onself, suffocate
  • ahondar (ahond-/to deepen, penetrate
  • ahorcar (ahorc-/1stc-qu/to hang
    ahorcarse (ahorc-/1stc-qu/to be hanged
  • ahorrar (ahorr-/to save (not waste)
    ahorrarse/ahorr-/to spare oneself, save oneself
  • ahuecar (ahuec-/1stc-qu/to hollow out
  • ahumar (u-ú, ahúm-/to cure, smoke
  • ahuyentar (ahuyent-/to drive away, scare away
  • airear (aire-/to air, ventilate
  • aislar (i-í, aísl) to isolate
  • ajustar (ajust-/to fit, fasten, adjust
  • ajusticiar (ajustici-/to execute
  • alabar (alab-/to praise/
  • alardear/alarde-/to boast, brag
  • alargar/alarg-/1stg-gu/to lengthen, prolong
    alargarse/alarg-/1stg-gu/to draw out, lengthen
  • alarmar/alarm-/to alarm
    alarmarse/alarm-/to be(come) alarmed
  • albergar/alberg-/to shelter, lodge
    albergarse/alberg-/to find shelter, lodge
  • alborotar/alborot-/to disturb, agitate, stir/up
    alborotarse/alborot-/to get excited, riot
  • alcanzar/alcanz-/1stz-c/to reach, overtake, make it, suffice
  • aleccionar/aleccion-/to teach, coach
  • alegar (aleg-/1stg-gu to plead, allege
  • alegrar alegr-/to gladden, cheer/up
    alegrarse (alegr-/to be glad, be happy
  • alejar/alej-/to move away
    alejarse (alej-/to move something away
  • alentar (e-ie alient-/to encourage, inspire
  • aliar (i-í, -ío/alí-; ali-/to ally, league, unite
  • alicatar/alicat-/to tile
  • alienar/alien-/to alienate, isolate
  • aligerar/aliger-/to lighten, ease, relieve
  • alimentar/aliment-/to feed, nourish, sustain
  • alimentarse/aliment-/to feed oneself
  • alinear/aline-/to align, line (up)
  • alinearse/aline-/to line up
  • aliñar/aliñ-/to season
  • alisar/alis-/to smooth, polish
    alisarse (alis-/to straighten, smooth
  • alistar (alist-/to put on a list
    alistarse (alist-/to enroll, enlist, join up
  • aliviar/alivi-/to lighten, unburden, alleviate, relieve
    aliviarse/alivi-/to get relief
  • allanar (allan-) to level out, flatten
  • almacenar (almacen-) to store
  • almidonar (almidon-) to starch
  • almorzar (almuerz-, o-ue, /θ/)to eat lunch
  • alojar (aloj-) to lodge, house, quarter/
    alojarse (aloj-) to lodge, be billeted
  • alquilar (alquil-) to rent, hire
  • alterar (alter-) to alter, change, disturb, upset
    alterarse (alter-) to be disturbed, to change
  • alternar (altern-) to alternate, interchange, vary
    alternarse (altern-) to take turns
  • alucinar (alucin-) to hallucinate
  • alumbrar (alumbr-) to illuminate, light, enlighten
  • alzar (alz-/1stz-c /θ/)to store, lift, raise, pick up, put up
    alzarse (alz-/1stz-c) to rise/up, revolt
  • amaestrar (amaestr-)to train, break in
  • amagar/amag-/1stg-gu to threaten, show signs of
  • amainar/amain-/to take in, shorten
  • amalgamar (amlgam-/to almalgamate
  • amamantar/amamant-/to suckle
  • amansar/amans-/to tame, break in, subdue
  • amañar (amañ-) to do skillfully, do cleverly, fake
    amañarse (amañ-) to be handy, be expert
  • amar (am-) to love
    amarse/am-/to love one another
  • amarar (amar-/to land (on (from the sea))
  • amargar (amarg-/1stg-gu to make bitter, embitter, spoil
  • amargarse/amarg-/1stg-gu/to get bitter
  • amasar/amas-/to knead, mix, mash
  • ambicionar (ambicion-/to strive after, seek
  • ambientar (ambient-/to liven up
    ambientarse/ambient-/to get used to adapte
  • amedrentar/amedrent-/to scare, intimidate
  • amedrentarse/amendrent-/to get scared
  • amenazar/amenac-/1stc-qu/to threaten, menace
  • amenizar (ameniz-/1stz-c to liven up
  • amerizar (ameriz-/1stz-c to land (on (from the sea))
  • ametrallar (ametrall-/to machine-gun, shoot
  • amilanar/amilan-/to intimidate, cow
    amilanarse/amilan-/to be cowed, be scared
  • aminorar/aminor-/to lessen, cut down, slacken
  • amnistiar/-ío/amnistí-/to amnesty
  • amodorrarse/amodorr-/to get sleepy, get drowsy
  • amohinar (i-í, amohín-) to vex, annoy
    amohinarse/i-í amohín-/to get vexed, get annoyed, sulk
  • amoldar (amold-/to mould, adjust, adapt
  • amoldarse/amold-/to adapt oneself, adjust oneself
  • amonestar/amonest-/to warn, remind, reprove, admonish
  • amontonar/amonton-/to heap (up), pile (up), accumulate
    amontonarse/amonton-/to pile (up), accumulate, collect
  • amordazar (amordaz-/1stz-c) to muzzle, gag
  • amortajar (amortaj-/to shroud, lay out
  • amortiguar (amortigu-/1stgu-gü, /gw/)to cushion, muffle
  • amortizar (amortiz-/1stz-c) to amortize, pay off
  • amotinar (amotin-/to intice into riot
    amotinarse/amotin-/to rise/up, revolt
  • amparar (ampar-/to help, protect, shelter
    ampararse/ampar-/to seek help, seek protection
  • ampliar (i-í amplí-/to amplify, enlarge, extend
  • amplificar (amplific-/1stc-qu/to enlarge, amplify, magnify
  • amputar (amput-/to amputate, cut off
  • amueblar (amuebl-/to furnish, appoint
  • amurallar (amurall-/to wall (in)
  • analizar (analiz-/1stz-c) to analyze
  • anclar (ancl-) to anchor
  • andar (and-, anduv-) to go, be about, be out and about
  • anegar (e-ie, anieg-;aneg-/1stg-gu) to drown, flood
    anegarse (e-ie, anieg-;aneg-/1stg-gu) to drown, be flooded
  • anestesiar (anestesi-/to anesthetize, numb
  • anexionar (anexion-/to annex
  • angustiar (angusti-/to grieve, distress
  • anhelar (anhel-/to be eager/for, yearn for, yearn to, gasp
  • anidar (anid-/to shelter, take in, live, make one’s home
  • animar (anim-) to give life to, animate, cheer/up
    animarse/anim-/to brighten up, cheer/up
  • aniquilar/aniquil-/to annihiate, destroy
  • anotar/anot-/to annotate, interpret
  • ansiar (ansi-, i-í)to long for, yearn for, covet
  • anticipar/anticip-) to advance, bring forward
    anticiparse (anticip-) to take place early
  • antojarse (antoj-) to take a fancy to
  • anudar (anud-) to knot, tie, join
  • anular (anul-) to annul, cancel
  • anunciar (anunci-) to announce, foretell, proclaim
    anunciarse (anunci-) to announce, proclaim, advertise
  • añorar (añor-) to long for, pine for, grieve for
  • apabullar (apabull-/to bewilder
  • apaciguar (apacigü-)to pacify
    apaciguarse to calm down, quieten down
  • apadrinar (apadrin-/to sponsor
  • apagar (apag-/1stg-gu, /g/)to turn off, turn out, extinguish
  • apalabrar/apalabr-/to make a verbal agreement on
  • apalancar/apalanc-/1stc-qu/to lever/(up)
    apalancarse/apalanc-/1stc-qu/to settle in
  • apalear/apale-/to beat, thrash
  • apañar (apañ-/to pick up, take hold of
    apañarse (apañ-) to contrive to
  • aparcar/aparc-/1stc-qu/to park (a vehicle)
  • aparear/apare-/to make even, level up
    aparearse/apare-/to make even, level up
  • aparentar/aparent-/to feign, affect, look
  • apartar/apart-/to separate, divide, part
    apartarse/apart-/to separate, move away
  • apasionar/apasion-/to stir/deeply
  • apear/ape-/to dispose, get rid of
    apearseape-/to dismount, get down, get off
  • apechugar (apechug-/1stg-gu/to shoulder
  • apedrear (apedre-/to throw stones at
  • apegarse/apeg-/to become attached to, grow fond of
  • apelar (apel-/to appeal
  • apelotonar (apeloton-/to make into a ball,pile up
    apelotonarse/apeloton-/to crowd together
  • apenar/apen-/to trouble, sadden
    apenarse/apen-/to grieve
  • apencar (apec-/1stc-qu/to put up, bear
  • apesadumbrar/ apesadumbr-/to grieve, distress, sadden
  • apestar/apest-/to corrupt, sicken, nauseate, plague
  • apiadar (apiad-/to take pity on
    apiadarse/apiad-/to take pity on
  • apilar
  • aplicar/aplic-/1stc-qu/to apply
  • apoyar/apoy-/to support, back, favor, lean on
    apoyarse/apoy-/to be based on, to lean on
  • apreciar (apreci-) to appreciate, appraise, esteem
  • apretar/e-ie/apriet-/to tighten
  • aprobar/o-ue/aprueb-/to approve, pass a test
  • apuntar/apunt-/ to note
  • apurarse/apur-/to grieve, worry, fret
  • argumentar/argument-/to reason, dispute
  • armar/arm-/to arm
  • arrancar (arranc-, 1stc-qu, /k/)to root up, pull up, pull away, tear/off, snatch
  • arrasar/arras-/ to devastate
  • arreglar (arregl-) to arrange, set in order, settle, repair, adjust
  • arrestar/arrest-/to arrest
  • arriar/-ío/arrí-/to lower, strike (boat), to flood, be flooded
  • arrojar (arroj-/to fling, throw, hurl
  • articular (articul-/to articulate, pronounce clearly
  • asaltar asalt-/to assault, storm, assail
  • asar /as-/ to roast
  • asegurarasegur-/to assure, affirm, insure, assert
  • asesinar (asesin-)to assassinate, murder/
  • asignar (asign-/to assign, allot
  • asociar (asoci-/to associate
  • aspiraraspir-/to vacuum, inhale, breathe in, draw
  • asustarasust-/to scare, frighten
  • atacar/atac-/1stc-qu/to attack
  • atrapar/atrap-/to overtake, catch
  • atravesar (e-ie/atravies-/to go through, cross, run through
  • aumentar aument-/to augment, increase, magnify, gain weight
  • autorizar (autoriz-, orth./θ/) to authorize
  • avanzar (avanz-, 1stz-c) to advance, go forward
  • avergonzar (o-ue, avergüenc-, 1stz-c)to embarrass oneself, be ashamed
  • averiguar (averigu-, 1stu-ü, /gw/) to verify, inquire, ascertain, find out
  • ayudar (ayud-) to help, assist, aid, succour/
  • ayunar (ayun-) to fast


  • abastecer (abastec-) to supply, provide
  • aborrecer (aborrec-) to hate, detest
  • absolver (o-ue/absuelv-) to absolve, acquit
  • absorber (absorb-) to absorb
  • abstenerse (e-ie, -go/absteng-/abstuv-/abstendr-) to abstain, refrain from, forbear/
  • abstraer/abstra-/to abstract
    abstraerse/abstra-/to be absorbed, abstracted
  • acoger/-jo/acog-/to welcome, receive
    acogerse/-jo/acog-/to take refuge in
  • acometer/acomet-/to attack, set upon
  • acaecer/-zco acaec-/to happen, occur
  • acontecer/acontec-/to happen, occur
  • acceder (acced-/to accede, agree to
  • agradecer (-zco/agradec-/agradezc-) to thank for, acknowledge
  • amanecer (-zco amanec-/to dawn, get light, wake up at dawn
  • anochecer (-zco/anochec-/to become night, get dark
  • anteceder/anteced-/to precede, go before
  • anteponer (-pongo/to place in front of, prefer
  • apetecer (-zco/apetec-/to feel like
  • aparecer (-zco/aparec-) to show up, appear
    aparecerse/-zco/aparec-/to appear
  • aprehender (aprehend-) to apprehend
  • aprender (aprend-) to learn
  • ascender (e-ie, asciend-) to ascend, promote
  • atender (e-ie, atiend-) to attend, pay attention, heed
  • atraer (-igo, atraig-, atraj-) to attract
  • atrever /atrev-/ to dare


  • abatir (abat-)to overthrow, knock down, throw down
  • abolir (abol-) to abolish
  • abrir (abr-) to open
    abrirse (abr-) to open out
  • aburrir (aburr-) to bore, be boring
    aburrirse (aburr-) to be bored, get bored
  • acudir (acud-/to attend, answer/a call, come to rescue
  • admitir/admit-/to admit, grant, permit
  • adquirir (i-ie/adquier-) to get, acquire, obtain
  • adscribir (adscrib-) to ascribe, appoint
    adscirbirse (adscrib-) to affiliate
  • aducir (aduc-/to adduce; ) bring forward
  • advertir (e-ie adviert-/3rd e-i to advise, give warning
  • afligir (-jo, aflig-, /x/) to afflict, be afflicted
    afligirse (-jo aflig-)to grieve
  • afluir (-yo/afluy-/3rd i-y) to flow in, into, to, or/towards
  • agredir/agred-/to assault
  • aludir/alud-/to allude to, mention
  • añadir (añad-/to join, augment, increase
  • aplaudir (aplaud-) to applaud
  • apercibir (apercib-) to prepare, provide
    apercibirse (apercib-) to prepare, provide
  • asistir (asist-) to attend (classes)
  • asumir (asum-) to assume
  • atribuir (-yo, atribui-, 3rd i-y)to attribute