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jabber {n} (gibberish)  :: gadanina {f}, bełkot {m}
jabber {v} (to gabble)  :: bełkotać, trajkotać, paplać {impf}
Jabberwock {prop} (fantastical monster)  :: Dziaberliada, Żabrołak, Dziaberlak, Dżabbersmok, Dżabrokłap, Żubrowołk, Dziwolęki
Jablunkov {prop} (city in Czech Republic)  :: Jabłonków {m}
jabot {n} (a cascading or ornamental frill down the front of a blouse)  :: żabot {m}
jack {n} (device for raising and supporting a heavy object)  :: lewar {m-in}
jack {n} (freshwater pike) SEE: pike  ::
jack {n} (knave) SEE: knave  ::
jack {n} (large California rockfish) SEE: rockfish  ::
jack {n} (nautical: sailor) SEE: jacktar  ::
jack {n} (playing card)  :: walet {m-an}
jack {n} (slang: nothing) SEE: jackshit  ::
Jack {prop} (pet name of John)  :: Jacek {m}, Jaś {m}
jackal {n} (wild canine)  :: szakal {m}
jackass {n} (foolish or stupid person)  :: osioł {m}
jackass {n} (male donkey)  :: osioł {m}
jackdaw {n} (Coloeus dauuricus) SEE: Daurian jackdaw  ::
jackdaw {n} (Coloeus monedula)  :: kawka {f}
jacket {n} (piece of clothing worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse)  :: kurtka
jacket potato {n} (a baked potato) SEE: baked potato  ::
jackfruit {n} (jackfruit tree)  :: drzewo bochenkowe {n}
jackfruit {n} (the fruit)  :: dżakfrut {m}
jackhammer {n} (portable percussive drill device)  :: młot pneumatyczny {m}
Jack-in-the-pulpit {n} (cat's cradle) SEE: cat's cradle  ::
jack-knife {n} (statistics) SEE: jackknife  ::
jack-o'-lantern {n} (carved pumpkin)  :: latarnia z dyni {f}
jack shit {pron} ((vulgar) nothing, anything)  :: ni cholery, ni chuja [vulgar]
Jackson {prop} (cognates of the surname) SEE: Johnson  ::
Jack the Ripper {prop} (19th century murderer)  :: Kuba Rozpruwacz {m}
Jacob {prop} (male given name (the standard form))  :: Jakub {m}
Jacob {prop} (one of the sons of Isaac and Rebecca)  :: Jakub {m}
Jacqueline {prop} (female given name)  :: Jakubina {f}
jade {n} (gem)  :: żad {m}
jade {n} (old horse)  :: szkapa {f}, chabeta {f}
jadeite {n} (mineral)  :: jadeit {m}
jaeger {n} (rifle) SEE: rifle  ::
Jaffa {prop} (Jaffa)  :: Jafa {f}
Jaffa cake {n} (small, biscuit-like cake)  :: delicja {f}
Jaffna {prop} (city)  :: Dżafna
jaguar {n} (Panthera onca)  :: jaguar {m}
Jah {prop} (God) SEE: God  ::
jail {v} (imprison) SEE: imprison  ::
jail cell {n} (jail cell) SEE: prison cell  ::
jailer {n} (one who guards inmates)  :: strażnik więzienny {m}, strażniczka więzienna {f}
jailkeeper {n} (jailer) SEE: jailer  ::
Jainism {prop} (religion and philosophy)  :: Dżinizm
Jakarta {prop} (capital of Indonesia)  :: Dżakarta {f}
Jalalabad {prop} (a city in eastern Afghanistan)  :: Dżalalabad {m}
jam {n} (sweet mixture of fruit boiled with sugar)  :: dżem {m}
Jamaica {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Jamajka {f}
Jamaican {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Jamaica, the Jamaican people or the Jamaican language)  :: jamajski {m}
Jamaican {n} (person of Jamaican descent)  :: Jamajczyk {m}, Jamajka {f}
James {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: List Jakuba
James {prop} (male given name (the standard form))  :: Jakub
James {prop} (one of two Apostles)  :: Jakub
jam jar {n} (car) SEE: car  ::
Jammu and Kashmir {prop} (portion of the territory which is governed by India)  :: Dżammu i Kaszmir
Jan. {prop} (abbreviation of January) SEE: Jan  ::
Jane {prop} (feminine form of John)  :: Janina {f}, Joanna {f}
janissary {n} (former Turkish soldier)  :: janczarz {m}
janitor {n} (caretaker)  :: woźny {m}, woźna {f}
janitress {n} (a female janitor)  :: woźna {f}
Jan Mayen {prop} (Norwegian territory)  :: Jan Mayen
January {prop} (first month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: styczeń {m-in}
Janus {prop} (Roman god of doorways, gates and transitions)  :: Janus {m}
Japan {prop} (a country in East Asia)  :: Japonia {f}
Japanese {adj} (of or relating to Japan)  :: japoński
Japanese {n} (person of Japan)  :: Japończyk {m-pr}; Japonka {f}
Japanese {prop} (Japanese language)  :: [język] japoński {m-in}
Japanese knotweed {n} (plant)  :: rdestowiec ostrokończysty
Japanese lantern {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry  ::
Japanese macaque {n} (Macaca fuscata)  :: makak japoński {m}
Japaneseness {n} (quality of being Japanese)  :: japońskość {f}
Japano- {prefix} (Nippo-) SEE: Nippo-  ::
Japanologist {n} (one who studies Japanology)  :: japonista {m}, japonistka {f}
Japanology {n} (the study of Japan)  :: japonistyka {f}
jape {n} (joke or quip) SEE: joke  ::
jargon {n} (language characteristic of a particular group)  :: żargon {m}
jargon {n} (technical terminology unique to a particular subject)  :: żargon {m}
jasmine {n} (plant of genus Jasminum)  :: jaśmin {m}
Jason {prop} (leader of Argonauts)  :: Jazon
jasper {n} (jasperware) SEE: jasperware  ::
jasper {n} (precious stone)  :: jaspis {m}
Jasper {prop} (male given name; one of the Magi) SEE: Caspar  ::
jaundice {n} (morbid condition)  :: żółtaczka {f}
Java {prop} (island of Indonesia)  :: Jawa {f}
Java {prop} (programming language)  :: Java
Javanese {n} (person)  :: Jawajczyk {m}, Jawajka {f}
Javanese {prop} (language)  :: [język] jawajski {m}
javelin {n} (spear used as a weapon)  :: oszczep {m}
javelin {n} (spear used in athletic competition)  :: oszczep {m}
javelin throw {n} (athletic event where a javelin is thrown)  :: rzut oszczepem {m}
jaw {n} (bone of the jaw)  :: żuchwa {f}, szczęka {f}
jay {n} (bird)  :: sójka {f}
jay {n} (name of the letter J, j)  :: jot {n}
jazz {n} (musical art form)  :: dżez {m}, jazz {m}
jazz {n} (Nonsense)  :: bzdura {f}
jazz {n} (Of excellent quality, the genuine article)  :: świetny {m}
jazz {n} (the (in)tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a thing)  :: cała reszta
jazz {n} (Unspecified thing(s))  :: różne takie
J-drama {n} (dorama) SEE: dorama  ::
jealous {adj} (envious; feeling resentful of someone for a perceived advantage, material or otherwise)  :: zazdrosny {m}
jealous {adj} (suspecting rivalry in love; fearful of being replaced, in position or in affection)  :: zazdrosny {m}
jealousy {n} (jealous attitude (e.g. fear of infidelity))  :: zazdrość {f}
Jeanette {prop} (female given name) SEE: Jeannette  ::
Jeannette {prop} (female given name)  :: Żaneta {f}
jeans {n} (denim trousers)  :: dżinsy {p}, jeansy {f-p}, teksasy {f-p}
jeans {n} (plural of jean) SEE: jean  ::
Jeep {n} (Jeep) SEE: jeep  ::
jeer {v} (to scoff or mock)  :: wyśmiewać, kpić
Jeffrey {prop} (male given name) SEE: Geoffrey  ::
Jehoshaphat {prop} (biblical name)  :: Jozafat {m}
Jehovah {n} (Jehovah's Witness) SEE: Jehovah's Witness  ::
Jehovah {prop} (transliteration of the Masoretic vocalization of the Tetragrammaton)  :: Jehowa {m}
Jehovah {prop} (Yahweh) SEE: Yahweh  ::
Jehovah's Witness {n} (member of the Jehovah's Witnesses)  :: jehowy {m} [colloquial, sometimes derogatory], świadek Jehowy {m}
Jehovah's Witnesses {n} (denomination)  :: Świadkowie Jehowy {p}
jejunum {n} (central of the three divisions of the small intestine)  :: jelito czcze {n}
Jelgava {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Jełgawa {f}
jellyfish {n} (aquatic animal)  :: meduza {f}
jellyroll {n} (cylindrical cake) SEE: Swiss roll  ::
jelly tooth {n} (Pseudohydnum gelatinosum) SEE: toothed jelly fungus  ::
jemmy {v} (cram) SEE: cram  ::
Jenifer {prop} (female given name) SEE: Jennifer  ::
jenny {n} (device for spinning) SEE: spinning jenny  ::
jenny {n} (female of donkey) SEE: she-ass  ::
jenny-ass {n} (female donkey) SEE: she-ass  ::
jeopardise {v} (jeopardize) SEE: jeopardize  ::
jeremiad {n} (long speech or prose work)  :: jeremiada {f}
Jeremiah {prop} (biblical prophet)  :: Jeremiasz {m}
Jeremiah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Jeremiasza {f}, Jeremiasz {m}
Jeremiah {prop} (male given name)  :: Jeremiasz {m}
Jeremy {prop} (Jeremiah) SEE: Jeremiah  ::
Jericho {prop} (city)  :: Jerycho {n}
jerk {n} (soda jerk) SEE: soda jerk  ::
jerk off {v} (To masturbate)  :: walić konia, trzepać gruchę
Jerome {prop} (male given name)  :: Hieronim {m}
Jerry {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
Jerry {n} (slang: German) SEE: Fritz  ::
jerrycan {n} (pressed-steel fuel container)  :: kanister {m}
jersey {n} (garment knitted from wool, worn over the upper body)  :: dżersej {m}
Jerusalem {prop} (city)  :: Jerozolima
Jerusalem oak {n} (epazote) SEE: epazote  ::
Jerusalem thorn {n} (Paliurus spina-christi) SEE: Christ's thorn  ::
jester {n} (person who amused a medieval court) SEE: court jester  ::
Jesus {prop} (the Christian Messiah)  :: Jezus
Jesus Christ {prop} (Jesus of Nazareth)  :: Jezus Chrystus {m}
jet {n} (jet plane) SEE: jet plane  ::
jet-black {adj} (of the blackest black) SEE: pitch-black  ::
jet engine {n} (an engine that develops thrust by ejecting a jet, especially a jet of gaseous combustion products)  :: silnik odrzutowy {m}
jet pack {n} (Equipment worn on the back for vertical thrust)  :: jet pack {m}
jet plane {n} (an airplane that is powered by a jet engine)  :: odrzutowiec {m}, samolot odrzutowy {m}
jettison {n} (collectively, items that have been or are about to be ejected from a boat or balloon)  :: balast {m}
jetty {n} (pier) SEE: pier  ::
jetty {n} (wharf) SEE: wharf  ::
Jew {n} (a person with a Jewish cultural or ancestral connection)  :: Żyd {m}, Żydówka {f}
Jew {n} (person of the Jewish faith)  :: żyd {m}, żydówka {f}
jewel {n} (anything considered precious or valuable)  :: skarb {m}, perła {f}, klejnot {m}
jewel {n} (gemstone)  :: klejnot {m}
jewel {n} (valuable object for ornamentation)  :: klejnot {m}
jewel {v} (decorate or bedeck with jewels or gems) SEE: bejewel  ::
jeweler {n} (a person whose job is making, repairing or selling jewelry)  :: jubiler {m}
jeweler's {n} (jeweler's) SEE: jeweller's  ::
jeweller {n} (jeweller) SEE: jeweler  ::
jewellery {n} (personal ornamentation)  :: biżuteria {f}
Jewess {n} (female Jew)  :: Żydówka {f}
Jewish {adj} (of or relating to a Jew or Jews, their ethnicity, religion or culture)  :: żydowski {m}
Jewish {adj} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Jewish Autonomous Oblast {prop} (Jewish autonomous oblast in Russia)  :: Żydowski Obwód Autonomiczny {m}
Jewry {n} (the land of Jews (obsolete)) SEE: Judea  ::
Jew's-ear {n} (fungus Auricularia auricula-judae)  :: uszak bzowy {m}
Jew's harp {n} (musical instrument)  :: drumla {f}
Jezebel {prop} (Biblical character Jezebel)  :: Izebel {f}
Jiangshanian {n}  :: Tremadok
Jiantizi {prop} (Simplified Chinese) SEE: Simplified Chinese  ::
Jiayi {prop} (Chiayi) SEE: Chiayi  ::
jibe {n} (sailing manoeuver)  :: zwrot przez rufę {m}, zwrot z wiatrem {m}
Jicarilla {prop} (Jicarilla language)  :: jicarilla
jiffy {n} (short, unspecified length of time)  :: chwilka {f}
Jiffy bag {n} (a thick envelope for sending objects)  :: koperta bąbelkowa {f}
jig {n} (light, brisk musical movement) SEE: gigue  ::
jigger {n} (jiggermast) SEE: jiggermast  ::
jigsaw {n} (jigsaw puzzle) SEE: jigsaw puzzle  ::
jigsaw puzzle {n} (type of puzzle)  :: puzzle {n}, układanka {f}
jihad {n} (holy war undertaken by Muslims)  :: dżihad {m}
jihad {n} (personal spiritual struggle)  :: dżichad {m}
jihadist {n} (one who participates in a jihad)  :: mudżahedin {m}
Jilong {prop} (Keelung) SEE: Keelung  ::
jimsonweed {n} (weed) SEE: thorn apple  ::
jingoism {n} (chauvinism) SEE: chauvinism  ::
jingoist {n} (chauvinist) SEE: chauvinist  ::
jinn {n} (spirit)  :: dżin {m}
jinrikisha {n} (rickshaw) SEE: rickshaw  ::
jinriksha {n} (two-wheeled carriage) SEE: rickshaw  ::
jinx {v} (To bring bad luck to)  :: zapeszyć
Joachim {prop} (male given name)  :: Joachim {m}
Joan {prop} (female given name) SEE: Jane  ::
Joanna {prop} (biblical follower of Jesus)  :: Joanna
Joanna {prop} (cognates of the given name) SEE: Jane  ::
job {n} (economic role for which a person is paid)  :: praca {f}
job {n} (task)  :: zajęcie {n}, zadanie {n}
Job {prop} (biblical and qur'anic character)  :: Hiob {m}
Job {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Hioba {f}, Hiob {m}
job action {n} (workplace protest) SEE: industrial action  ::
jobless {adj} (lacking employment) SEE: unemployed  ::
Job's news {n} (bad news (biblical, Job))  :: hiobowa wieść {f}
jock {n} (jockstrap) SEE: jockstrap  ::
jockey {n} (one who rides racehorses competitively)  :: dżokej {m}
jock strap {n} (jockstrap) SEE: jockstrap  ::
jockstrap {n} (an athletic supporter)  :: suspensorium {n}
jocular {adj} (humorous, amusing, joking)  :: żartobliwy
Joel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Joel {m}, Księga Joela
Joel {prop} (male given name)  :: Joel {m}
jog {n} (exercise)  :: uprawiać jogging
jogging {n} (form of exercise)  :: jogging {m}
John {prop} (biblical persons)  :: Jan {m}
John {prop} (male given name - the standard or most popular form)  :: Jan {m}, Iwan {m}
John {prop} (one of the epistles of John)  :: List (św.) Jana {m}
John {prop} (the fourth gospel)  :: Ewangelia (wg św.) Jana {f}
John Doe {n} (any unknown or anonymous male person)  :: Jan Kowalski {m}, Kowalski {m}
John Doe {n} (male name used in legal documents)  :: NN {m} {f}
Johnny {prop} (diminutive of John)  :: Jaś {m}
Johnny-come-lately {n} (newcomer)  :: nowicjusz {m}, nowicjuszka {f}, żółtodziób {m}
Johnson {prop} (surname meaning "son of John")  :: Janowicz
John the Baptist {prop} (biblical prophet)  :: Jan Chrzciciel {m}, Jan Baptysta {m}
joie de vivre {n} (enjoyment of living, zest for life)  :: radość życia {f}
join {v} (to become a member of)  :: wstępować / wstąpić, przystępować / przystąpić
join {v} (to combine more than one item into one; to put together)  :: łączyć / połączyć
join {v} (to come into the company of)  :: dołączyć, dołączyć się, przyłączyć się
join {v} (to come together; to meet)  :: łączyć się / połączyć się
joiner {n} (maker of wooden furniture)  :: stolarz {m}
joinery {n} (factory producing wooden products)  :: zakład stolarski {m}
joint {n} (marijuana cigarette)  :: dżoint {m}, joint {m}, skręt {m}
joint {n} (part of the body where bones join)  :: staw {m}
joint {n} (point of a rigid joint, means of joining in carpentry)  :: złącze {n}
joint {v} (to separate the joints) SEE: disjoint  ::
jointer {n} (pointing-trowel) SEE: pointing-trowel  ::
join the club {phrase} (expression of sympathy)  :: witaj w klubie
joint-stock company {n} (company with transferable ownership and limited shareholder liability)  :: spółka akcyjna {f}, SA {f}
joke {n} (amusing story)  :: dowcip {m}, kawał, żart
joke {n} (something said or done for amusement)  :: dowcip {m}, żart {m}, kawał {m}
joke {n} (the root issue)  :: dowcip {m}
joke {n} (worthless thing or person)  :: żart {m}
joke {v} (do for amusement)  :: żartować
joker {n} (jester) SEE: fool  ::
joker {n} (person who makes jokes)  :: żartowniś {m}, dowcipniś {m}
joker {n} (playing card)  :: joker {m}, dżoker {m}
jolly {adj} (jovial) SEE: jovial  ::
Jonah {prop} (Biblical: a book of the Old Testament)  :: Księga Jonasza {f}
Jonah {prop} (given name)  :: Jonasz {m}
Jonah {prop} (prophet)  :: Jonasz
Jonah {prop} (tenth sūra of the Qurʾān)  :: Księga Jonasza
Jonathan {prop} (biblical character)  :: Jonatan {m}
Jonathan {prop} (male given name)  :: Jonatan {m}
Jordan {prop} (country)  :: Jordania {f}
Jordan {prop} (river)  :: Jordan {m}
Jordanian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Jordan or the Jordanian people)  :: jordański {m}
Jordanian {n} (person)  :: Jordańczyk {m}, Jordanka {f}
Joseph {prop} (male given name)  :: Józef
Joshua {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Jozuego {f}
Joshua {prop} (male given name)  :: Jozue {m}
Joshua tree {n} (Yucca brevifolia)  :: drzewo Jozuego {n}
joskin {n} (yokel) SEE: country bumpkin  ::
jostle {v} (bump into or brush against while in motion)  :: trącać {impf}, trącić {pf}
jot {n} (iota)  :: jota {f}
joule {n} (derived unit of energy, work and heat)  :: dżul {m}
journal {n} (computing: a chronological record of changes made to a database or other system)  :: log {m}, dziennik {m}, rejestr zdarzeń {m}
journal {n} (diary or daily record)  :: dziennik {m}, diariusz {m}
journalism {n} (activity or profession of being a journalist)  :: dziennikarstwo {n}
journalist {n} (one whose occupation or profession is journalism)  :: dziennikarz {m}, dziennikarka {f}
journalist {n} (reporter)  :: dziennikarz {m}, dziennikarka {f}
journalistic {adj} (related to journalism or journalists)  :: dziennikarski
journey {n} (trip, a voyage)  :: podróż {f}
jovial {adj} (merry, cheerful)  :: jowialny {m}, wesoły {m}
jowled {adj} (jowly) SEE: jowly  ::
joy {n} (feeling of happiness)  :: uciecha, radość
joyful {adj} (feeling or causing joy)  :: radosny
joypad {n} (controller)  :: joypad {m}
joystick {n} (mechanical control device)  :: dżojstik {m}
Jūrmala {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Jurmała {f}
Juba {prop} (capital of South Sudan)  :: Dżuba {f}
jubilantly {adv} (with jubilation or triumph)  :: radośnie, tryumfalnie
jubilee {n} (special anniversary)  :: jubileusz {m}
Juche {n} (North Korean self-reliance state ideology)  :: Dżucze {f}, Juche
Jud. {prop} (abbreviation of the equivalent of Judges) SEE: Judg.  ::
Judah {prop} (first son of Jacob)  :: Juda {m}
Judah {prop} (male given name)  :: Juda {m}
Judah {prop} (one of the Israelite tribes)  :: Juda {m}
Judaism {prop} (world religion)  :: judaizm {m}
Judas {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: List Judy {f}
Judas {prop} (one of the Apostles)  :: Judasz {m}
Judas tree {n} (Cercis siliquastrum)  :: judaszowiec południowy {m}, judaszowiec wschodni {m}
judder {n} (a spasmodic shaking)  :: wstrząs {m}
Judea {n} (Judea)  :: Judea {f}, Juda {f}
Judean {adj} (of or pertaining to Judea)  :: judzki
judge {n} (public judicial official)  :: sędzia {m} {f}
judge {n} (sports official)  :: sędzia {m}
judgement day {n} (Last Judgement)  :: dzień sądu {m}
Judges {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Sędziów {f}
judgment {n} (act of judging)  :: osądzanie {n}
judgment {n} (conclusion or result of judging)  :: osąd {m}, [old fashioned] sąd {m}
judgment {n} ((law) act of determining, as in courts of law, what is conformable to law and justice)  :: postępowanie {n}, proces {m}
judgment {n} (power or faculty of making a judgment)  :: rozsądek {m}, rozeznanie {n}, wyczucie {n}
Judith {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Judyty {f}
Judith {prop} (female given name)  :: Judyta {f}
judo {n} (Japanese martial art)  :: dżudo, judo {n}
judoka {n} (practitioner of judo)  :: dżudoka {m}, dżudoczka {f}
jug {n} (serving vessel)  :: dzbanek {m}, dzban {m}, gąsior {m}
juggler {n} (person who practices juggling)  :: żongler {m}
juggling {n} (moving of objects in an artful manner)  :: żonglowanie {n}
jugular {n} (vein through the neck) SEE: jugular vein  ::
juice {n} (beverage made of juice)  :: sok {m}
juice {n} (liquid from a plant)  :: sok {m}
juice joint {n} (nightclub) SEE: nightclub  ::
juicer {n} (device)  :: sokowirówka {f}
juicy {adj} (containing juice)  :: soczysty {m}
juicy {adj} (exciting, interesting)  :: soczysty {m}
jukebox {n} (a coin-operated machine that plays recorded music)  :: szafa grająca {f}
Julia {prop} (female given name)  :: Julia
Julie {prop} (female given name) SEE: Julia  ::
Juliet {prop} (character in Romeo and Juliet)  :: Julia {f}
July {prop} (seventh month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: lipiec {m-in}
jump {n} (instance of causing oneself to fall from an elevated location)  :: skok {m-in}
jump {n} (instance of propelling oneself into the air)  :: skok {m-in}
jump {v} (cause oneself to leave an elevated location and fall downward)  :: skakać, skoczyć
jump {v} (employ a parachute to leave an aircraft or elevated location)  :: skakać, skoczyć
jump {v} (propel oneself rapidly upward such that momentum causes the body to become airborne)  :: skakać, skoczyć
jump {v} (react to a sudden stimulus by jerking the body violently)  :: podskoczyć
jump down someone's throat {v} (criticise with excessive and unexpected harshness)  :: skakać sobie do gardeł
jumper {n} (removable connecting pin (electronics))  :: zworka {f}
jumper {n} (someone or something that jumps)  :: skoczek {m}
jumper {n} (woolen sweater or pullover)  :: sweter {m}
jump rope {n} (game or activity)  :: skakanka {f}
jump rope {n} (length of rope) SEE: skipping rope  ::
June {prop} (sixth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: czerwiec {m-in}
Juneberry {n} (serviceberry) SEE: serviceberry  ::
jungle {n} (large, undeveloped, humid forest)  :: dżungla
jungle gym {n} (play structure)  :: małpi gaj {m}
junior {adj} (younger)  :: młodszy
juniper {n} (shrub or tree of the genus Juniperus)  :: jałowiec {m}
junk {n} (Chinese sailing vessel)  :: dżonka {f}
junk {n} (rubbish, waste)  :: śmieci {p}
junkie {n} (drug addict)  :: narkoman, ćpun [slang]
Juno {prop} (Roman goddess)  :: Junona {f}
Jupiter {prop} (god)  :: Jowisz, Jupiter {m-pr}
Jupiter {prop} (planet)  :: Jowisz {m-an}
Jurassic {prop} (Jurassic period)  :: jura {f}
jurisprudence {n} (the philosophy, science and study of law and decisions)  :: prawoznawstwo {n}, nauki prawne {f-p}, jurysprudencja {f}
jurist {n} (expert in law)  :: prawnik {m}, jurysta {m}
jurist {n} (judge) SEE: judge  ::
jury {n} (group in a court of law)  :: ława przysięgłych {f}
jury {n} (group of judges in a competition)  :: jury {n}
just {adj} (factually fair, correct)  :: dokładny {m}
just {adj} (morally fair, righteous)  :: sprawiedliwy {m}
just {adv} (exactly, precisely, perfectly)  :: dokładnie
just {adv} (only, simply, merely)  :: tylko, po prostu
just {adv} (recently)  :: właśnie, dopiero , dopiero co, ledwo
just {v} (to fight a tournament) SEE: joust  ::
justice {n} (a judge of certain courts)  :: sędzia {f}
justice {n} (fairness, especially with regard to punishment)  :: sprawiedliwość {f}
justice {n} (judgment and punishment of who wronged another)  :: sprawiedliwość {f}
justice {n} (state of being just or fair)  :: sprawiedliwość {f}
justice {n} (the civil power dealing with law)  :: sprawiedliwość {f}
justification {n} (reason, explanation, or excuse)  :: usprawiedliwienie {n}
justification {n} (text alignment)  :: justyfikacja {f}
justify {v} (arrange lines on a page or computer screen)  :: wyjustować
justify {v} (give a good, acceptable reason for something)  :: usprawiedliwiać
justify {v} (provide an acceptable explanation)  :: usprawiedliwiać
Justin {prop} (male given name)  :: Justyn {m}
just in case {conj} (in the event)  :: na wszelki wypadek
Justine {prop} (female given name)  :: Justyna {f}
just the same {adv} (despite)  :: i tak, a jednak
jut {v} (to stick out)  :: wystawać
juvenile {adj} (characteristic of youth or immaturity; childish)  :: dziecinny {m}
juvenile {adj} (young; not fully developed)  :: młodociany, małoletni {m}, młody {m}
juvenile {n} (a person not legally of age, or who is younger than may be charged with an offence)  :: nieletni {m}
juvenile offending {n} (juvenile delinquency) SEE: juvenile delinquency  ::
juxtaposition {n}  :: zestawienie, porównanie
jynx {n} (a charm or spell) SEE: spell  ::
jynx {n} (Jynx torquilla) SEE: wryneck  ::