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Kaaba {prop} (cubical stone building in Mecca) :: Ka'aba
kaalgat {adj} (stark naked) :: piemelnaakt, spiernaakt
Kabballah {prop} (body of teachings) :: Kabbala
Kabul {prop} (capital of Afghanistan) :: Kaboel
kaffir {n} (black person) :: kaffer {m}
Kafkaesque {adj} (marked by menacing complexity) :: kafkaësk, kafkaiaans
kakistocracy {n} (government by the worst citizens) :: kakistocratie {f}
kakke {n} (beriberi) SEE: beriberi ::
kakorrhaphiophobia {n} (atychiphobia) SEE: atychiphobia ::
Kalash {n} (Kalash (people)) :: Kalash
kale {n} (edible plant: brassica oleracea acephala) :: boerenkool {m} {f}
kaleidoscope {n} (tube of mirrors rotated to produce symmetrical designs) :: caleidoscoop {m}
Kali {prop} (goddess) :: Kálii
Kalmyk {adj} (of, or pertaining to, Kalmykia) :: Kalmuks
Kalmyk {n} (person) :: Kalmuk
Kalmyk {prop} (language) :: Kalmuks
kamikaze {n} (suicidal attacker) :: kamikaze {m}, kamikazepiloot {m}
kangaroo {n} (marsupial) :: kangoeroe {m}
kanji {n} (Chinese characters in Japanese context) :: kanji {n}
Kanji {prop} (kanji) SEE: kanji ::
Kannada {prop} (language) :: Kannada
Kaohsiung {prop} (a large city in Taiwan) :: Kaohsiung
kaon {n} (K-meson) :: kaon {n}
kappa {n} (Greek letter) :: kappa {m} {f}
kaput {adj} (out of order) :: kapot
Karabakh {prop} (geographic region) :: Karabach
Karachi {prop} (the capital of the province of Sindh, Pakistan) :: Karachi
karaoke {n} (a form of entertainment) :: karaoke
Karelia {prop} (region in Russia and Finland) :: Karelië {f}
Karelia {prop} (autonomous republic of Russia) :: Karelië {f}
Karelian {prop} (the language) :: Karelisch
Karl {prop} (cognates) SEE: Charles ::
Karlovac {prop} (city and municipality) :: Karlovac
karma {n} (the total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of his existence) :: karma {n}
karma {n} (destiny, fate) :: karma {n}
Karnataka {prop} (state in southern India) :: Karnataka
karst {n} (type of land formation) :: karst
Kartvelian {n} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian ::
Kartvelian {prop} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian ::
Kartvelian {adj} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian ::
Kartvelian {adj} (pertaining to the Kartvelian languages) :: Kartveels
Kashmir {prop} (region) :: Kasjmir
Kashmiri {prop} (language) :: Kasjmiri
Kashub {prop} (language) SEE: Kashubian ::
Kashubian {adj} (of the Kashubian people and their language) :: Kasjoebisch {n}
Kashubian {prop} (Slavic language spoken in the Pomeranian region of Poland) :: Kasjoebisch {n}
Kasimovian {prop} (subdivision of the Carboniferous period) :: Kasimovien
Katanga {prop} :: Katanga
Katangese {adj} (from, in or relating to Katanga) :: Katangees
Katangese {n} (inhabitant or descendant of the people of Katanga) :: Katangees {m}
Kathleen {prop} (Catherine) SEE: Catherine ::
Kathmandu {prop} (Kathmandu) :: Kathmandu
Kattegat {prop} (body of water) :: Kattegat {n}
katydid {n} (grasshopper) :: sprinkhaan {m} {f}, sabelsprinkhaan {m} {f}
Katyusha {n} (rocket launcher) :: Katjoesja {f}
Katyusha {n} (rocket) :: Katjoesja {f}
Kaunas {prop} (city) :: Kaunas {n}
Kavala {prop} (city) :: Kavála, Kabála
kayak {n} (a type of small boat) :: kajak {m}
kayak {v} (to use a kayak to travel or race) :: kajakken
Kazakh {n} (a person of Kazakh descent) :: Kazak {m}
Kazakh {prop} (language) :: Kazachs {n}
Kazakh {adj} (pertaining to the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language) :: Kazachs
Kazakhstan {prop} (country in Central Asia) :: Kazachstan
Kazakhstani {n} (person of Kazakh origin) SEE: Kazakh ::
Kazakhstani {adj} (of or pertaining to the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language) SEE: Kazakh ::
Kebnekaise {prop} (Sweden's highest mountain) :: Kebnekaise
keel {n} (beam along the underside of a ship’s hull) :: kiel {f}
keel {n} (rigid flat piece of material giving a ship greater control and stability) :: kiel {f}
keelhaul {v} :: kielhalen
keel over {v} (to die) SEE: die ::
keel over {v} (of a vessel: to roll so far on its side that it cannot recover, see also: capsize) :: omvallen, kapseizen
keel over {v} (to collapse in a faint, see also: faint) :: flauw vallen
keep {v} (to maintain possession of) :: houden
keep {v} (to maintain the condition of; to preserve) :: houden
keep {v} (to remain in, to be confined to) :: behouden
keep {n} (main tower) :: slottoren {m}, bergvrede {m}, donjon {m}
keep an eye on {v} (to watch and pay attention to) :: in de gaten houden
keep-away {n} (game) :: lummelen
keep company {v} (court) SEE: court ::
keeper {n} (person who keeps something) :: bewaarder {m}
keeper {n} (someone or something worth keeping) :: houder
keeper {n} (guard, custodian) :: bewaker {m}, conservator {m}
keeper {n} (guardian of goal) :: doelman {m} {f}
keep in mind {v} (to remember; to be mindful of or pay attention) SEE: bear in mind ::
keep one's fingers crossed {v} (hope for the best) :: duimen
keep one's head above water {v} (survive) :: zijn hoofd boven water houden, het overleven, het de baas kunnen
keep quiet {v} (remain silent) :: zwijgen
keepsake {n} (object retained in memory of something or someone) :: herinnering, aandenken
keep someone in the dark {v} (to keep someone uninformed) :: in het ongewete laten
keep someone posted {v} (inform of latest developments) :: op de hoogte houden
Keeshond {n} (Keeshond) :: keeshond {m}
keffiyeh {n} (cloth worn on head) :: arafatsjaal {m}
keg {n} (round wooden container that has a flat top and bottom) :: vat {n}, fust {n}
kelp {n} (large seaweed of order Laminariales) :: zeewier {n}
kennel {n} (shelter) :: kennel {m}, hondenhok {n}
Kenya {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: Kenia, Kenya
kepi {n} (cap with a flat circular top) :: kepie
keratin {n} (protein that hair and nails are made of) :: keratine
keratoconus {n} (A degenerative disorder of the eye) :: keratoconus {m}
kerb {n} (edge between pavement and roadway) :: stoeprand, borduur
Kerch {prop} (city) :: Kertsj {n}
kerchief {n} (piece of cloth) :: hoofddoek, sluier
kerfuffle {n} (disorderly outburst) :: tumult
Kermode bear {n} (subspecies of the American black bear) :: kermodebeer {m}
kernel {n} (single seed of corn or wheat) :: graan
kernel {n} ((mathematics, algebra) set of elements mapped to zero) :: kern {m} {f}
kerning {v} (horizontal space between selected pairs of glyphs) :: overhang
kerosene {n} (thin, colorless fuel) :: kerosine {m} {f}
kestrel {n} (any small falcon of genus Falco) :: valk {m}
kestrel {n} (Falco tinnunculus) :: torenvalk {m}
Ket {prop} (language) :: Ket
ketamine {n} (pain-killing drug) :: ketamine {f}, keta {c}
ketchup {n} (tomato-vinegar based sauce) :: ketchup {m}, tomatenketchup {m}
ketonuria {n} (presence of ketone bodies in the urine) :: ketonurie
kettle {n} (vessel for boiling a liquid or cooking food) :: ketel {c}
kettle {n} (teakettle) SEE: teakettle ::
kettle {n} (kettledrum) SEE: kettledrum ::
kettle {n} (pothole) SEE: pothole ::
kettle {n} (steam locomotive) SEE: steam locomotive ::
kettlebell {n} (a kind of weight) :: kettlebell, girya
kettledrum {n} (percussion instrument) :: pauk {m} {f}
kettle of fish {n} (predicament) SEE: predicament ::
key {n} (device designed to open and close a lock) :: sleutel {m}
key {n} (crucial step) :: sleutel {m}
key {n} (button on a typewriter or computer keyboard) :: toets {m}
key {n} (part of a piano or musical keyboard) :: toets {m}
key {n} (scale of musical notes) :: toonsoort {f} {m}, toonaard {m}
key {n} (cryptography: piece of information used to encode or decode) :: sleutel {m}
key binding {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut ::
keyboard {n} (set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.) :: toetsenbord {n}, klavier {n}
keyboard {n} (component of many instruments) :: klavier {n}, keyboard {n}
keyboard {n} (electronic device with keys of a musical keyboard) :: keyboard {n}
keyboarder {n} (keyboardist) SEE: keyboardist ::
keyboardist {n} (musician who plays the keyboard) :: toetsenist {m}
keyboard shortcut {n} (key or a combination of keys) :: sneltoets {c}
keycard {n} (plastic card) :: sleutelkaart {m} {f}
keychain {n} (chain or ring) :: sleutelhanger {m}
keyhole {n} (a hole to lock/unlock with a key) :: sleutelgat
keyring {n} (ring for holding keys) :: sleutelbos {m}
keyring {n} (cryptography: set of data holding linked keys) :: sleutelbos {m}
keystone {n} (the top stone of an arch) :: sluitstuk {m}
keyword {n} (word used as a key to a code) :: sleutelwoord {n}
khachapuri {n} (cheese pastry from Georgia) :: chatsjapoeri
khagan {n} (title of imperial rank) :: grootkan
khaki {n} (yellowish-brown colour) :: kaki {n}
khaki {n} (strong cloth of wool or cotton) :: legerkledij {f}
khaki {adj} (dust-coloured) :: kakikleurig
Khanty-Mansiysk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Chanty-Mansiejsk
Khartoum {prop} (capital of Sudan) :: Khartoem
khat {n} (shrub (Catha edulis)) :: qat
Khmer {prop} (language) :: Khmer {n}, Cambodjaans {n}
Khmer Rouge {prop} (Cambodian communist guerrilla force) :: Rode Khmer {p}
Khoisan {prop} (people) :: Khoisan
Khorramshahr {prop} (city) :: Chorramsjahr
Khotanese {prop} (Eastern Iranian language) :: Hotanees {n}
Khrushchev {prop} (surname) :: Chroesjtsjov
Khujand {prop} (city in Tajikistan) :: Choedzjand
kibbutz {n} (a community) :: kibboets {m}
kibitz {v} (chit-chat) :: roddelen
kibitz {v} (give unwanted advice) :: kommentaar geven
kibitzer {n} (meddlesome person who tells others what to do) :: bazig persoon {n}
kick {v} (strike with or raise the foot or leg) :: schoppen, stampen [Belgium], trappen
kick {n} (hit or strike with the leg or foot) :: schop {m}, trap {m}, stamp {m} [Belgium]
kick {n} (colloquial: something fun or amusing) :: kick {m}
kick-off {n} (opening kick in football) :: aftrap {m}
kick out {v} (eject, throw out, or forcefully remove) :: eruit trappen
kick out {v} (stop, stall, or disconnect suddenly) :: er de brui aan geven
kick scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle) SEE: scooter ::
kicksled {n} (type of small sled) :: stepslee, ijsstep
kick the bucket {v} (to die) :: de pijp aan Maarten geven, het loodje leggen
kick wheel {n} (A wheel or disc used to throw pots, turned by kicking or pushing a heavy stone or concrete base with the foot) :: pottenbakkersschijf {f}
kid {n} (young goat) :: geitje {n}
kidnap {v} (to seize and detain a person unlawfully) :: ontvoeren, kidnappen
kidnapper {n} (one who performs kidnap) :: kidnapper {m}, ontvoerder {m}, schaker {m}
kidnapping {n} (the crime of taking a person against their will, sometimes for ransom) :: gijzeling {f}
kidney {n} (an organ in the body) :: nier {f}
kidney stone {n} (calculus in the kidney) :: niersteen
Kiev {prop} (Ukrainian city) :: Kiëv, Kiev
Kiev {prop} (Medieval principality) SEE: Kievan Rus ::
Kievan Rus {prop} (medieval principality) :: Kievse Rus
Kihnu {prop} (island) :: Kihnu
kike {n} (offensive: Jew) :: neus, kankerjood, smous
kill {v} (put to death) :: doden, vermoorden
kill {n} (act of killing) :: moorden, vermoorden
kill {n} (result of killing) :: moord {m}, [animal] prooi {m}
killer {n} (person who kills) :: doder {m}
killer {n} (murderer) :: doder {m}, moordenaar {m}
killer whale {n} (A sea mammal, Orcinus orca) :: orka {m}
kill the fatted calf {v} (begin a festive celebration) :: het vetgemeste kalf slachten
kill two birds with one stone {v} (solve two problems at once) :: twee vliegen in één klap slaan (to hit two flies in one slap)
kiln {n} (oven, furnace or heated chamber) :: oven {m}, drooghut {f}, droogkamer {f}
kilo- {prefix} (prefix) :: kilo-
kilogram {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 grams) :: kilogram {m}
kilometrage {n} (kilometrage) :: kilometering
kilometre {n} (unit of measure) :: kilometer
kiloton {n} (unit of measure) :: kiloton
Kim {prop} (female given name) :: Kim
Kim {prop} (Korean surname) :: Kim
Kimmeridgian {prop} (subdivision of the Jurassic period) :: Kimmeridgien
kimono {n} (traditional Japanese clothing) :: kimono {m}
kin {n} (relatives collectively) :: verwanten
kin {n} (relative) SEE: relative ::
kind {n} (type, race, category) :: categorie {f}, genre {n}, ras {n}, soort, type {n}
kind {n} (character or nature) :: aard {m}, natuur {f}, slag
kind {n} (goods and services as payment) :: natura
kind {n} (equivalent means as response) :: gelijke munt
kind {adj} (affectionate, nice) :: aardig, leuk, lief, mooi, prettig
kind {adj} (favorable) :: gunstig
kind {adj} (mild, gentle) :: mild
kindergarten {n} (educational institution for young children, usually between ages 4 and 6) :: kleuterschool
kindle {v} (to start (a fire)) :: aansteken
kindliness {n} (the state of feeling kindly towards someone or something) :: vriendelijkheid {f}
kindling {n} (pieces of wood and twigs used to start a fire) :: aanmaakhout
kindly {adj} (having a kind personality) :: vriendelijk
kindly {adv} (in a kind manner) :: vriendelijk, beminnelijk
kindness {n} (instance of charitable behavior) :: vriendelijkheid {f}, aardigheid {f}
kind of {adv} (somewhat) :: ietwat
kindred {n} (kin) SEE: kin ::
kindred {n} (people of same ethnic descent) :: soortgenoten
kindred {adj} (of the same nature) :: gelijkaardig, gelijkwaardig, equivalent
kinematics {n} (the branch of mechanics concerned with objects in motion) :: kinematica
kinesia {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness ::
kinesis {n} (the movement of an organism in response to an external stimulus) :: kinesie {f}
kinesthesia {n} (sensation or perception of motion) :: kinesthesie {f}
kinetic {adj} (relating to motion) :: kinetisch
kinetosis {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness ::
king {n} (a male of a royal family who is the supreme ruler of his nation) :: koning {m}
king {n} (a playing piece in chess) :: koning {m}
king {n} (a playing card with the image of a king in it) :: koning {m}, heer {m}
King Arthur {prop} (legendary king of Britain) :: Koning Arthur {m}
king cake {n} (cake eaten on Epiphany) :: driekoningentaart {m} {f}, koningentaart {m} {f}
king cobra {n} (Ophiophagus hannah) :: koningscobra
kingdom {n} (nation having as supreme ruler a king and/or queen) :: koninkrijk {n}
kingdom {n} (taxonomic division, below Domain and above Phylum) :: rijk {n}, plantenrijk {n}, dierenrijk {n}
Kingdom of England {prop} (Kingdom of England) :: Koninkrijk Engeland {n}
Kingdom of Great Britain {prop} :: Koninkrijk Groot-Brittannië {n}
Kingdom of Scotland {prop} (Kingdom of Scotland) :: Koninkrijk Schotland {n}
Kingdom of the Netherlands {prop} (official name of the Netherlands) :: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden {n}
kingfisher {n} (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines) :: ijsvogel {m}
kingmaker {n} (person with influence in the choice of a leader) :: koningmaker {m}
king penguin {n} (Aptenodytes patagonicus) :: koningspinguïn
Kings {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Koningen
kingship {n} (state of being a king) :: koningschap {n}
kingslayer {n} (one who kills a king) SEE: regicide ::
Kingston {prop} (capital of Jamaica) :: Koningstuin {m}
king tide {n} (spring tide) SEE: spring tide ::
king vulture {n} (Sarcoramphus papa) :: koningsgier
kink {n} (tight curl, twist, or bend) :: kink
kinky {adj} (marked by unconventional sexual preferences or behavior) :: kinky
kinship {n} (relation or connection by blood, marriage or adoption) :: verwantschap {f}
kiosk {n} (enclosed structure where cigarettes, magazines, etc are sold) :: kiosk {m} {f}
kip {n} (informal: nap) :: dut {n} (usually in the diminutive, dutje), hazeslaapje {n}
kip {n} (informal: very untidy house or room) :: keet {f}, hol {n}
kip {v} (to sleep, in a temporary, charitable, or necessary situation) :: dutten, een uiltje knappen, [informal] maffen
kip {n} (unit of currency in Laos) :: kip {m} {f}
kipfel {n} (croissant) SEE: croissant ::
kippah {n} (skullcap) :: keppel {m}
kipper {n} (a prepared herring) :: kipper {m}
Kiribati {prop} (Republic of Kiribati) :: Kiribati
kishlak {n} (qishlaq) SEE: qishlaq ::
kismet {n} (fate; a predetermined or unavoidable destiny) :: lotbestemming
kiss {v} (to touch with the lips) :: kussen, zoenen
kiss {v} (to touch each other’s lips) :: elkaar kussen , elkaar zoenen
kiss {n} (touch with the lips) :: kus, zoen
kiss me {phrase} (kiss me) :: kus me
Kiswahili {prop} (Swahili) SEE: Swahili ::
kit {n} (clothing) SEE: clothing ::
kit {n} (circular wooden vessel) :: ton {m} {f}
kit {n} (kind of basket made from straw of rushes) :: mand {m} {f}
kit {n} (equipment of a soldier) :: uitrusting {f}
kit {n} (collection of items needed for a specific purpose) :: set {m}
kit {n} :: set
kitchen {n} (room) :: keuken
kitchen cabinet {n} (built-in cabinet found in a kitchen) :: keukenkastje {n}
kitchen dresser {n} (kitchen cabinet) SEE: kitchen cabinet ::
kitchen garden {n} (a garden used for growing fruits, vegetables for use in the kitchen) SEE: vegetable garden ::
kitchen towel {n} (sheet of kitchen paper) SEE: paper towel ::
kite {n} (flying toy on string) :: vlieger
kith and kin {n} (both friends and family) :: bloed- en zielverwanten {p}
kitsch {n} (kitsch) :: kitsch
kitten {n} (a young cat) :: katje {n}, kitten {m}, poesje {n}
kitten {n} (a young rabbit, rat, hedgehog, squirrel, fox, badger, etc.) :: lamprei [of a rabbit]
kitty {n} (kitten, small cat) :: katje, kattenjong
kitty-cat {n} (cat) :: kattepoes
kitty litter {n} (mixture to provide a soiling area for cats) :: kattenbakvulling {f}
kiwi {n} (bird) :: kiwi {m}
kiwi {n} (kiwi fruit) SEE: kiwi fruit ::
kiwi fruit {n} (fruit) :: kiwi {m}
kleptomania {n} (disorder that causes an uncontrollable obsessions with stealing) :: kleptomanie {f}, steelzucht {f}
kleptomaniac {n} (One who steals compulsively) :: kleptomaan {m}, kleptomane {f}
Klingon {prop} (the language) :: Klingon
klipspringer {n} (Oreotragus oreotragus) :: klipspringer {m}
klutz {n} (a clumsy or stupid person) :: kluns {m}, klos {m}
knackered {adj} (extremely tired or exhausted) :: kapot
knackwurst {n} (a short, thick, highly seasoned sausage) :: knakworst {m} {f}
knave {n} (archaic: boy; especially, boy servant) :: knaap {m}
knave {n} (archaic: any male servant) :: boy {m}, knecht {m}
knave {n} (deceitful fellow) :: schelm {m}
knave {n} (playing card) :: boer {m}
knavery {n} (the (mis)behaviour of a knave) :: schelmenstreek
knead {v} (to work and press into a mass) :: kneden
knee {n} (joint in the middle of the leg and area around it) :: knie {f}
kneecap {n} (bone) :: knieschijf {f} {m}, patella {f} {m}
knee-jerk {adj} (reacting unthinkingly or spontaneously in an expected manner) :: voorspelbaar
kneel {v} (to stoop down and rest on the knee) :: knielen
kneepan {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap ::
knelt {v} (simple past tense and past participle of kneel) :: knielde, knielden, geknield
knickers {n} (panties) SEE: panties ::
knife {n} (utensil or tool designed for cutting) :: mes {n}
knife {n} (weapon) :: mes {n}
knife {n} (any blade-like part designed for cutting) :: mes, lemmet
knight {n} (warrior, especially of the Middle Ages) :: ridder {m}
knight {n} (person on whom a knighthood has been conferred) :: ridder {m}
knight {n} (chess piece) :: paard {n}
knight {v} (to confer a knighthood upon) :: ridderen
knighthood {n} (quality of being a knight) :: ridderschap {n}
knighthood {n} (body of knights) :: ridderschap {f}
Knight Templar {n} (crusader) :: tempelheer {m}, tempelier {m}, (specifically knights only) tempelridder {m}
Königsberg {prop} (the former capital of East Prussia, see also: Kaliningrad) :: Koningsbergen {n}
knit {v} (to make fabric from thread or yarn) :: breien
knit {v} (to join closely together) :: aaneenbreien
knit {v} (intransitive: to become closely joined) :: aaneengroeien
knit {v} (to combine from various elements) :: samenbreien
knit cap {n} (soft cap) SEE: beanie ::
knob {n} (rounded protuberance, handle, or control switch) :: knop {m}
knock {n} (abrupt rapping sound) :: kloppen {n}, aankloppen {n}
knock {n} (impact) :: klap {m}
knock {v} (to rap one's knuckles against something) :: kloppen, aankloppen
knock {v} (to bump or impact) :: botsen
knock around {v} (time with a friend) :: uithangen
knock around {v} (relaxing activity) :: rondhangen
knock around {v} (place) :: rondzwerven
knock back {v} (reject) SEE: reject ::
knock down {v} (demolish) SEE: demolish ::
knocker {n} (device for knocking on a door) SEE: doorknocker ::
knock knee {n} (genu valgum) :: X-benen {p}
knock-kneed {adj} (having knees abnormally close together) :: x-benen {p}
knock on wood {v} (to take a customary action to ward off misfortune) :: afkloppen (to knock), [mostly in Belgium] hout vasthouden (to hold on wood)
knockout {n} (act of making someone unconscious) :: knock-out
knoll {n} (small mound) :: heuvel
Knossos {prop} (an archaeological site) :: Knossos
knot {n} (looping) :: knoop {m}
knot {n} (tangled clump) :: kluwen {n}
knot {n} (maze-like pattern) :: kluwen {n}
knot {n} (mathematics closed curve) :: knoop {m}
knot {n} (difficult situation) :: de knoop {m}, knoei(boel)
knot {n} (whorl in wood left by branch) :: knoest {m}
knot {n} (firm swollen tissue caused by injury) :: buil, bluts
knot {n} (nautical unit of speed) :: knoop {m}
knot {v} (form into a knot; tie with knot(s)) :: knopen, aaneenknopen, dichtknopen
knot {v} (form wrinkles in forehead) :: fronsen
knot {n} (variety of wading bird) :: knot {m} [red knot]
knot theory {n} (branch of topology) :: knopentheorie {f}
knotty {adj} (Complicated or tricky; complex; difficult) :: ingewikkeld
knout {n} (kind of whip) :: knoet
know {v} (be certain or sure about (something)) :: weten
know {v} (be acquainted or familiar with) :: kennen
know {v} (have knowledge of) :: weten
know-all {n} (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject) SEE: know-it-all ::
know-it-all {n} (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject) :: betweter {m}, wijsneus {m}
knowledge {n} (fact of knowing about something; understanding, familiarity with information) :: kennis, weten, wetenschap
knowledge {n} (awareness, state of having been informed) :: medeweten {n}, weten {n}
knowledge {n} (total of what is known, product of learning) :: kennis, weten {n}, wetenschap
knowledgeable {adj} (having knowledge, especially of a particular subject) :: geïnformeerd
knowledgeable {adj} (well informed) :: goed ingelicht
knowledge is power {proverb} (knowledge is power) :: kennis is macht
know like the back of one's hand {v} (be intimately knowledgable about) :: kennen als z'n broekzak
know thyself {proverb} (be aware of both your strengths and limitations) :: ken uzelf
knuckle {n} (joint of the finger) :: knokkel {m}
knuckle duster {n} (weapon worn around the knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles ::
knucks {n} (brass knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles ::
koala {n} (a tree-dwelling marsupial that resembles a small bear) :: koala {m}, koalabeer {m}, koalabeertje {n}
kobold {n} (mischievous elf; goblin) :: kobold {m}
Kodiak bear {n} (large species of brown bear) :: kodiakbeer
koff {n} :: kof {f}
kohlrabi {n} (cabbage variety) :: koolrabi
Koine {prop} (common Greek language) :: Koinè {m} {f}
kola {n} (tree) :: cola {m}
kolkhoz {n} (farming collective) :: kolchoz {m}
Komodo dragon {n} (large monitor lizard) :: komodovaraan
Komondor {n} (breed of dog) :: komondor {m}, Hongaarse herdershond {m}
Komotini {prop} (city) :: Komotini
kookaburra {n} (kingfishers) :: kookaburra
kopi luwak {n} (coffee made from eaten berries) :: kopi loewak
Koran {prop} (the Islamic holy book) SEE: Qur'an ::
Korea {prop} (South Korea) SEE: South Korea ::
Korea {prop} (North Korea) SEE: North Korea ::
Korea {prop} (ancient country or both Koreas as a whole) :: Korea
Korean {adj} (relating to the Korean Peninsula) :: Koreaans, Koreaanse
Korean {prop} (language) :: Koreaans {n}
Korean {n} (person) :: Koreaans {m}, Koreaanse {f}
Koreanic {adj} :: Koreaans
korfball {n} (team sport) :: korfbal {n}
korfball {n} (ball used in the sport) :: korfbal {m}
Korsakoff's syndrome {n} (form of amnesia) :: syndroom van Korsakov {n}, korsakovsyndroom {n}, korsakov {n}
kosher {adj} (in accordance with Jewish law) :: koosjer
Kosovo {prop} (disputed region in the Balkans) :: Kosovo {n}
koumiss {n} (fermented drink) :: koemis
kowtow {v} (kneel such that forehead touches ground) :: knielen, zich buigen
kowtow {v} (bow deeply) :: zich (diep) buigen
kowtow {v} (act submissively) :: zich aanpassen, onderdanig zijn
kowtow {n} (kowtowing) :: buiging {f}, kotau {m}
Kozhikode {prop} (a city in Kerala, southwestern India) :: Kozhikode, Calicoet [historical], Calicut [historical]
kraal {n} (enclosure for livestock) :: kraal
Kraken {prop} (Sea monster) :: kraken {m}, kraak {m}
Krasnoyarsk {prop} (city) :: Krasnojarsk
krater {n} (Greek vessel) :: krater {m}
Kraut {n} (German) SEE: German ::
Kraut {n} (derogatory: German) SEE: Fritz ::
Kremlin {prop} (the Moscow Kremlin) :: Kremlin {n}
krill {n} (small marine crustacean) :: krill
kroepoek {n} (Indonesian shrimp crackers) :: kroepoek
Krung Thep {prop} (Bangkok) SEE: Bangkok ::
krupuk {n} (prawn cracker) SEE: prawn cracker ::
Krym {prop} (Crimea) SEE: Crimea ::
krypton {n} (a chemical element) :: krypton {n}
kryptonite {n} (weakness) :: kryptoniet
kshatriya {n} (a member of this varna) :: kshattriya
kudos {n} (praise, accolades) :: krediet {n}
kudu {n} (Tragelaphus imberbis or Tragelaphus strepsiceros) :: koedoe
Kuiper belt {prop} (region of space in the Solar System) :: Kuipergordel {m}
Ku Klux Klan {prop} (Ku Klux Klan) :: Ku Klux Klan
kulak {n} (prosperous peasant) :: koelak {m}
kumquat {n} (small orange fruit) :: kumquat {m}
kung fu {n} (martial art) :: kung fu {m} {f}
Kungurian {prop} (subdivision of the Permian period) :: Kungurien
Kurdish {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Kurdistan, the Kurdish people or the Kurdish language) :: Koerdisch
Kurdish {prop} (language of Kurdistan) :: Koerdisch {n}
Kurdistan {prop} (a region in the Middle East inhabited mostly by the Kurds) :: Koerdistan {n}
kurgan {n} (prehistoric burial mound) :: koergan {m}
Kurgan {prop} (city) :: Koergan
Kursk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Koersk
kurta {n} (Indian shirt) :: kurta
Kuwait {prop} (country in the Middle East) :: Koeweit
Kvarken {prop} (narrow region) :: Kvarkenarchipel
kvetch {v} (whine or complain, often needlessly and incessantly) :: kankeren [mildly offensive]
kyanite {n} (blue neosilicate mineral) :: kyaniet
kyat {n} (unit of currency) :: kyat {m} {f}
kylix {n} (drinking cup) :: kylix {m}, ogenschaal {m} {f}
Kyoto {prop} (Kyōto, Japan) :: Kyoto
Kyrgyz {n} (member of a Turkic people) :: Kirgiziër {m}, Kirgizische {f}
Kyrgyz {prop} (language) :: Kirgizisch {n}
Kyrgyz {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz people or the Kyrgyz language) :: Kirgizisch
Kyrgyzstan {prop} (country in Central Asia) :: Kirgizië, Kirgizstan
Kyōto {prop} (Kyoto) SEE: Kyoto ::