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z' {interfix} [colloquial]  :: A prefix for an incorrect liaison of a plural, or eye dialect for a correct liaison. Also written as z- or -z-
za {n} [obsolete, music]  :: solfège syllable formerly used to represent B flat
zaï {m}  :: An African agricultural technique consisting of sowing in holes that naturally concentrate water and fertilizers by simple runoff
zabitler {m}  :: A former officer in the Ottoman army
zabre {m}  :: A beetle of the genus Zabrus
Zabulon {prop}  :: Zebulun
ZAC {initialism}  :: zone d'aménagement concerté
Zacharie {prop}  :: Zacharias; Zachariah; Zechariah [biblical character]
Zacharie {prop}  :: given name
zacharien {adj}  :: Of or from Saint-Zacharie in Var
Zacharien {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Saint-Zacharie in Var
Zacharienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Zacharien
zacharois {adj}  :: Of of from Saint-Zacharie in Quebec
Zacharois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Saint-Zacharie in Quebec
Zacharoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zacharois
Zachée {prop}  :: Zacchaeus
ZAD {prop}  :: zone à défendre
zaïdisme {m} [Islam]  :: Zaidism, Zaidiyyah
zadisme {m}  :: A form of militant blockade or occupation of a zone as a form of protest
zadiste {mf}  :: A member of the zone à défendre
zadiste {adj}  :: Relating to zadisme
zaïdite {m} [Islam]  :: Zaidist
zaessinguois {adj}  :: Of or from Zaessingue
Zaessinguois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zaessingue
Zaessinguoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zaessinguois
zagawa {m}  :: alternative form of zaghawa
zagharit {m}  :: A ululation uttered by certain Arab women as a sign of respect
zagharite {f}  :: alternative form of zagharit
zaghawa {m}  :: The language of the Zaghawa people
Zaghawa {m}  :: Zaghawa (people)
zagotzerno {m}  :: zagotzerno
Zagreb {prop}  :: Zagreb
zahato {f}  :: bota bag
zahliote {adj}  :: Zahliot (attributive)
Zahliote {mf}  :: Zahliot
zaibac {m} [obsolete, alchemy]  :: mercury (metal)
zain {adj}  :: (of the coat of a horse, dog etc) Having no white markings
zakouski {m}  :: An hors-d'oeuvre, especially one of Russian or Polish style
zakât {f} [Islam]  :: zakat (almsgiving)
zalabia {f}  :: alternative form of zlabia
zalanais {adj}  :: Of or from Zalana
Zalanais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zalana
Zalanaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zalanais
zaïm {m}  :: zaim
zamac {m}  :: alternative form of zamak
zamak {m}  :: zamak
zamal {m} [Réunion]  :: pot (drug or plant)
zamar {m} [musici]  :: A type of horn from the Rif region of Morocco
zambajon {m}  :: synonym of sabayon
Zambie {prop} {f}  :: Zambia
zambien {adj}  :: Zambian
Zambien {m}  :: Zambian
Zambienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Zambien
zambretto {m}  :: A mixture of raw alcohol and lemonade drunk in Algeria
Zambèze {prop} {m}  :: Zambezi (river)
zambézien {adj}  :: Zambezian
zamenis {f}  :: rat snake (of the genus Zamenis)
zamet {m}  :: A type of tulip
zamia {m}  :: zamia (cycad)
zamier {m}  :: synonym of zamia
zamioculcas {m}  :: zamioculcas
zaâmisme {m}  :: leadership that is an abuse of power
zaïmph {m}  :: A veil, as worn by the Phoenician goddess Tanit
zamuco {m}  :: The Ayoreo language spoken in parts of South America
zaïn {m}  :: alternative form of zayin
zancle {m}  :: surgeonfish etc (of the family Acanthuridae)
zancléen {adj}  :: Zanclean (attributive)
zani {m}  :: alternative form of zanni
zanzi {m}  :: zanzibar (a game played with three dice.)
zanzibar {m}  :: A game played with three dice
zaouïa {f} [Islam]  :: zawiya
zaouia {f}  :: zawiya
zapatéado {m}  :: zapateado
zapatisme {m}  :: Zapatism
zapatiste {adj}  :: Zapatista
zapatiste {mf}  :: Zapatista
zaper {v}  :: alternative spelling of zapper
zapette {f}  :: zapper, (TV) remote
zapornie {f}  :: The spotted crake (Rallus porzana)
zapotèque {adj}  :: Zapotec (attributive)
zapotèque {m}  :: The Zapotec language
Zapotèque {mf}  :: A member of the Zapotec people
zappage {m}  :: zapping, channel hopping
zapper {v}  :: to channel-hop, channel surf
zapper {v} [figuratively]  :: to dither, change one's opinion rapidly, vacillate
zapper {v}  :: to skip over
zapper {v} [familiar]  :: to forget
zappeur {m}  :: zapper, (TV) remote
zappeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zappeur
zapping {m}  :: channel hopping, channel surfing
zaptié {m}  :: zaptié
zar {m}  :: A form of exorcism practised in Egypt
zarabe {adj}  :: Relating to the Zarabes
Zarabe {mf}  :: An Indian muslim resident in Réunion
zarater {m} [obsolete]  :: synonym of étourneau
zarb {m} [musici]  :: tombak
zarbi {adj}  :: strange; unusual
zarbiste {mf} [music]  :: zarbist
zaïre {m}  :: zaire (currency)
Zaïre {prop} {m}  :: Zaire (former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
zarfa {m} [obsolete]  :: synonym of cuivre
zaïrianisation {f}  :: Zaireanization
zaïrianiser {vt}  :: to make Zairean
zarma {m}  :: The Zarma group of languages
zarmaphone {adj}  :: That speaks a Zarma language
zarmaphone {mf}  :: A person who speaks a Zarma language
zaïrois {m}  :: of or relating to Zaire
Zaïrois {m}  :: person from Zaire
zaïroise {f}  :: feminine noun of zaïrois
Zaïroise {f}  :: feminine noun of Zaïrois
zarzuela {f}  :: alternative form of zarzuéla
zarzuéla {f}  :: zarzuela
zaubette {f}  :: A shy or timid girl
zaun-kommando {m}  :: A group of French Second World War prisoner of war in Germany whose job was to carry timber
zaventemien {adj}  :: Of or from Zaventem in Belgium
Zaventemien {m}  :: A native or resident of Zaventem in Belgium
Zaventemienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Zaventemien
zawiya {f}  :: alternative spelling of zaouïa
zawiyah {f}  :: alternative form of zaouïa
zéaxanthine {f} [organic compound]  :: zeaxanthin
zayane {m}  :: A variety of the Tamazight language of central Morocco
zaydisme {m}  :: alternative form of zaïdisme
zaydiste {mf}  :: Zaydist
zaydiste {adj}  :: Zaydist (attributive)
zaydite {mf}  :: Zaydite
zaydite {adj}  :: Zaydite (attributive)
zayin {m}  :: zayin
zayse-zergulla {m}  :: The Zayse-Zergulla language
zazaki {m}  :: The Zazaki language
zazou {m}  :: A member of a French youth subculture of the 1930s, associated with swing music and large or garish clothes
zazoua {f}  :: jezve
Zébédée {prop}  :: Zebedee
Zœbersdorf {prop}  :: A village in the Bas-Rhin department of Grand Est
zœbersdorfois {adj}  :: Of or from Zœbersdorf
Zœbersdorfois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zœbersdorf
Zœbersdorfoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zœbersdorfois
zbeul {m}  :: disorder, shambles
zébi {m}  :: synonym of zob
zbib {f}  :: alternative form of zébib
zébib {f}  :: raisin
zébib {f}  :: raki
zébibit {m}  :: zebibit
zébioctet {m}  :: zebibyte
zboob {m}  :: penis
zboub {m}  :: alternative form of zboob
zboube {m}  :: alternative form of zboob
zébré-de-vert {m}  :: The green-striped white butterfly (Euchloe falloui) from North Africa
zèbre {m}  :: zebra
zébreau {m}  :: young zebra
zébrelle {f}  :: female zebra
zébrer {v}  :: to stripe, to stripe like a zebra
zébresse {f}  :: (female) zebra, zebra mare
zébrette {f} [colloquial]  :: girl
zébrion {m}  :: synonym of zébreau
zébrâne {m}  :: zeedonk (cross between a zebra and a donkey)
zébroïde {m}  :: zebroid
zébron {m}  :: synonym of zébreau
zébrule {m}  :: zorse (cross between a male zebra and a female horse)
zébrure {f}  :: A zebra-stripe pattern
zébu {m}  :: zebu
zébue {f}  :: Female zebu
zébute {f}  :: synonym of zébue
zède {m}  :: zed, zee, letter: z
zdimoh {m}  :: A form of language similar to Kabyle
zédoaire {f}  :: zedoary
zédoarine {f}  :: A bitter extract of zedoary
zée {m}  :: John Dory (edible marine fish)
ZEAN {initialism}  :: Zone Exempte d'Armes Nucléaires (Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zone)
zeb {m}  :: alternative form of zob
Zebak {prop} {m}  :: Zebak
zebboudj {m}  :: A type of wild olive in Morocco and Algeria
zebet {m}  :: zibet
zebi {m}  :: synonym of zob
zebrano {m}  :: zebrawood
zef {m} [France, slang]  :: wind
Zegerscappel {prop}  :: A village in the department of Nord in the Hauts-de-France region
zegerscappelois {adj}  :: Of or from Zegerscappel
Zegerscappelois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zegerscappel
Zegerscappeloise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zegerscappelois
Zehnacker {prop}  :: A village in the Bas-Rhin department of the Grand Est region
zehnackerois {adj}  :: Of or from Zehnacker
Zehnackerois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zehnacker
Zehnackeroise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zehnackerois
zeidane {m}  :: synonym of DDT (the insecticide)
Zeinheim {prop}  :: A village in the Bas-Rhin department of the Grand Est region
zeinheimois {adj}  :: Of or from Zeinheim
Zeinheimois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zeinheim
Zeinheimoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zeinheimois
zekat {m}  :: alternative form of zakât
zekkat {m}  :: alternative form of zakât
zelabia {f}  :: alternative form of zlabia
Zellenberg {prop}  :: A village in the Haut-Rhin department of Grand Est
zellenbergeois {adj}  :: Of or from zellenberg
Zellenbergeois {m}  :: A nagtive or inhabitant of Zellenberg
Zellenbergeoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zellenbergeois
zellige {m}  :: zellige
Zellwiller {prop}  :: A village in the Bas-Rhin department of Grand Est
zellwillerois {adj}  :: Of or from Zellwiller
Zellwillerois {m}  :: A nagtive or inhabitant of Zellwiller
Zellwilleroise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zellwillerois
zemb {m}  :: A type of horsefly from Ethiopia
zemblanité {m}  :: zemblanity, serendipity
zembrocal {m}  :: A rice dish, from Reunion, containing beans or lentils
Zemfira {prop} {f}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Земфи́ра
zemindarat {m}  :: zemindarate
zemstvo {m}  :: zemstvo
zen {m}  :: zen
zen {adj}  :: pertaining to zen
zen {adj} [colloquial]  :: extremely relaxed and collected
zenana {m}  :: zenana
zend {adj}  :: Avestan
zendik {m}  :: libertine, rogue
zendik {m}  :: heretic
zendiq {m}  :: alternative form of zendik
zendrum {m} [musici]  :: zendrum
zeppelin {m}  :: zeppelin
zerbia {f}  :: A large carpet from the Maghreb
zerda {f}  :: fennec (Vulpes zerda)
zerda {f}  :: A religious ceremony, in the Maghreb, to honour a local saint
Zermezeele {prop}  :: A village in the department of Nord in the Hauts-de-France region
zermezeelois {adj}  :: Of or from Zermezeele
Zermezeelois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zermezeele
Zermezeeloise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zermezeelois
zermi {f} [backslang]  :: synonym of misère
zerouata {f}  :: A baton used as a thrown weapon in French Morocco
zest {m}  :: zest (of a fruit)
zeste {m}  :: A morsel of zest, citrus peel
zeste {m}  :: A small quantity
zeste {m}  :: (archaic) An interjection expressing the suddenness or rapidity of an action. Bang! Boom!
zester {v}  :: to zest
zesteur {m}  :: zester
zesteuse {f}  :: zester
zetat {m}  :: A person who escorts travellers across a zetata in French Morocco
zetata {f}  :: A local toll road in French Morocco
zetla {f} [slang]  :: hash (hashish resin)
Zetland {prop}  :: Shetland Islands
Zetland {prop}  :: Zetland
Zetting {prop}  :: A village in the Moselle department in the Grand Est region
zettingeois {adj}  :: Of or from Zetting
Zettingeois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zetting
Zettingeoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zettingeois
zeubi {m} [slang]  :: knob (penis)
zeugma {m}  :: zeugma
zeugme {m}  :: alternative form of zeugma
zeugopode {m}  :: zeugopod
Zeus {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Zeus (god)
zeuxite {f} [mineral]  :: A form of green tourmaline
zeuzère {f}  :: moth of the genus Zeuzera
zèf {m} [slang]  :: wind
zgeg {m}  :: alternative form of sguègue
zgégos {m}  :: synonym of sguègue
zgougou {m}  :: pine kernels from Aleppo, used to make assida
zgueg {m}  :: alternative form of sguègue
zguègue {m}  :: alternative form of sguègue
zhaba {m}  :: The Zhaba language
zhamunie {m} [musici]  :: synonym of dranyen
zâhir {m}  :: zahir
zhâl {m}  :: ḏāl (ninth letter of the Arabic alphabet)
zhuyin {m}  :: bopomofo, Zhuyin
ZI {initialism}  :: zone industrielle (industrial estate)
ziarra {m} [Islam]  :: A pilgrimage to the tomb of a saint
zibeline {f}  :: sable (animal)
zibeline {f}  :: zibeline (the fur of a sable)
zibulateur {m}  :: A type of bottle opener in French central Africa
zic {f} [slang]  :: music
zicavais {adj}  :: Of or from Zicavo
Zicavais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zicavo
Zicavaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zicavais
Zicavo {prop}  :: A village in the Corse-du-Sud department of the Corse region
zicmu {f} [backslang]  :: synonym of musique
zicos {mf}  :: synonym of musicien
zicral {m}  :: zicral
zéidé {m}  :: dory (fish of the family Zeidae
Zidane {prop}  :: surname
Zidane {prop}  :: Footballer Zinédine Zidane
zieuter {v}  :: alternative spelling of zyeuter
zieverer {m} [Belgium]  :: A person who keeps repeating nonsense
ziggourat {f}  :: ziggurat (temple tower of the ancient Mesopotamian valley)
zigheune {m}  :: zigeuner
Zigliara {prop}  :: A village in the Corse-du-Sud department of Corse
zigliarais {adj}  :: Of or from Zigliara
Zigliarais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zigliara
Zigliaraise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zigliarais
zignérais {adj}  :: Of or from La Séguinière
Zignérais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of La Séguinière
Zignéraise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zignérais
zigomar {m}  :: synonym of zigoto
zigomar {m}  :: cavalry sabre
zigomar {m} [slang]  :: penis
zigomard {m}  :: alternative form of zigomar
zigonnage {m} [Canada]  :: equivocation
zigonneuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zigonneux
zigonneux {m}  :: equivocator
zigoteau {m}  :: alternative form of zigoto
zigoto {m} [colloquial]  :: weirdo, nutter
zigotteau {m}  :: alternative form of zigoto
zigouigoui {m} [colloquial]  :: penis
zigouigoui {m}  :: thingamajig
zigouillage {m} [slang]  :: murder, assassination
zigouiller {vt} [slang]  :: To bump off, to do in (to kill)
zigouillette {f}  :: A bourrée from Maine-et-Loire
zigouillette {f}  :: Any potentially dangerous object, such as a cigarette
zigounette {f} [childish]  :: penis
zigua {m}  :: The Zigua language or people
zigue {m} [slang]  :: bloke
ziguéline {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of cuprite
zigzag {m}  :: zigzag
zigzagant {adj}  :: zigzagging
zigzaguant {adj}  :: zigzagging
zigzaguer {vi}  :: To zigzag
zigzagueur {m}  :: zigzagger
zigzagueuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zigzagueur
zigzagure {f}  :: synonym of zigzag
zikiro {m}  :: A Basque dish of roasted leg of mutton cooked on an open fire
zikri {mf}  :: Zikri
Zilia {prop}  :: A village in the Haute-Corse department of Corsica
ziliais {adj}  :: Of or from Zilia
Ziliais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zilia
Ziliaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Ziliais
zillerthite {f} [mineral, obsolete]  :: synonym of actinote
Zilling {prop}  :: A village in the Moselle department of Grand Est
zillingeois {adj}  :: Of or from Zilling
Zillingeois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zilling
Zillingeoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zillingeois
Zillisheim {prop}  :: A small town in the Haut-Rhin department of Grand Est
zillisheimois {adj}  :: Of or from Zillisheim
Zillisheimois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zillisheim
Zillisheimoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zillisheimois
zimbabwéen {adj}  :: Zimbabwean
Zimbabwéen {m}  :: Zimbabwean person
Zimbabwéenne {f}  :: feminine noun of Zimbabwéen
Zimmersheim {prop}  :: A village in the Haut-Rhin department of Grand Est
zimmersheimois {adj}  :: Of or from Zimmersheim
Zimmersheimois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zimmersheim
Zimmersheimoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zimmersheimois
zimmerwaldien {adj}  :: Of or from Zimmerwald
zimmerwaldien {adj}  :: Relating to the Conférence de Zimmerwald
zimmerwaldisme {m}  :: A socialist movement that sought to end the First World War in order to prepare for a proletarian revolution
zimmerwaldiste {mf}  :: A proponent of zimmerwaldisme
Zimming {prop}  :: A village in the Moselle department of Grand Est
zimmingeois {adj}  :: Of or from Zimming
Zimmingeois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zimming
Zimmingeoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zimmingeois
zinâ {m}  :: alternative form of zina
zina {m} [Islam]  :: zina
zinèbe {m}  :: The fungicide zineb
zinc {m} [metallurgy, chemistry]  :: zinc
zinc {m} [colloquial]  :: counter (in a bar, café, etc), bar
zinc {m} [colloquial]  :: small plane
zincage {m}  :: alternative form of zingage
zinc-blende {f} [mineral]  :: zincblende
zincifère {adj}  :: zinciferous
zincique {adj}  :: zinc (used attributively)
zincisme {m}  :: zinc poisoning
zinckénite {f} [mineral]  :: zinckenite
zincographe {mf}  :: zincographer
zincographie {f}  :: zincography
zincogravure {f}  :: zincography
zincosite {f} [mineral]  :: An evaporite composed of zinc sulfate
zincou {m} [backslang]  :: synonym of cousin
Zincourt {prop}  :: A small village in the Vosges department of Grand Est
zincurtien {adj}  :: Of or from Zincourt
Zincurtien {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zincourt
Zincurtienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Zincurtien
zéine {f}  :: zein
zinfle {m}  :: synonym of mec
zingage {m}  :: galvanization (or other process to add zinc to a metal surface)
Zingari {mf}  :: alternative form of Zingaro
Zingaro {mf}  :: gypsy
zingibéracée {f}  :: Any of the ginger family Zingiberaceae
zingérone {m} [organic compound]  :: zingerone
zinguer {v}  :: to zinc, to cover or galvanize with zinc
zinguerie {f}  :: zinc merchant or factory
zingueur {m}  :: zincworker
zinjanthrope {m}  :: An australopithecine of the former genus Zinjanthropus
zinkénite {f}  :: zinkenite
zinneke {m} [Belgium]  :: synonym of corniaud
Zinneke {mf}  :: synonym of Bruxellois
zinnspat {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of cassitérite
zinoviéviste {adj}  :: Relating to, supporting or characteristic of Grigory Zinoviev
Zinoviéviste {mf}  :: A supporter of Grigory Zinoviev
Zinswiller {prop}  :: A village in the Bas-Rhin department of Grand Est
zinswillerois {adj}  :: Of or from Zinswiller
Zinswillerois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zinswiller
Zinswilleroise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zinswillerois
zinzibulement {m}  :: alternative form of zinzinulement
zinzin {adj} [colloquial]  :: bonkers, cracked
zinzinulement {m}  :: warble, warbling (the song of some birds)
zinzinuler {v}  :: to warble (make the cry of certain birds)
zinzolin {adj}  :: reddish-violet
ziphiidé {m}  :: ziphiid
zipper {v} [computing]  :: to zip
zipper {v} [Quebec]  :: to zip up (close using a zip)
zippéite {f} [mineral]  :: zippeite
zique {f}  :: alternative spelling of zic
ziâra {m}  :: alternative form of ziarra
zirame {m}  :: ziram
zircolite {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of corindon
zircon {m}  :: zircon
zircone {f}  :: zirconia, zirconium dioxide
zirconide {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: zirconide
zirconie {f}  :: zirconia
zirconium {m}  :: zirconium
zire {m} [Canada]  :: horror, disgust
zirlite {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of gibbsite
zisel {m}  :: synonym of souslic
zéisme {m}  :: The belief that pellagra is caused by maize deficient in certain nutrients
zist {m}  :: alternative form of ziste
ziste {m}  :: albedo (white pith of a cirus frui)
zister {m}  :: alternative form of cistre
zitounien {adj}  :: Of or from Zitouna (in Algeria) or the Mosquée Zitouna in Tunisia
Zittersheim {prop}  :: A village in the Bas-Rhin department of Grand Est
zittersheimois {adj}  :: Of or from Zittersheim
Zittersheimois {m}  :: A resident or inhabitant of Zittersheim
Zittersheimoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zittersheimois
zivereer {m} [Belgium]  :: chatterbox
zizaneur {m}  :: A person who sows discord
zizaneuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zizaneur
zizanie {f}  :: discord; ill-feeling
zizi {m} [childish]  :: willy (British), pee-pee (US) (both meaning penis)
zizi panpan {m} [childish]  :: sexual intercourse
zizique {f}  :: synonym of zic
Zizou {prop} {m}  :: A common nickname for Zinédine Zidane
zélé {adj}  :: zealous; keen
zlabia {f}  :: jalebi
zélandais {adj}  :: Of or from Zealand
Zélande {prop} {f}  :: Zeeland, province of the Netherlands
zlatanmania {f}  :: infatuation with the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović
zélateur {m}  :: zelator
zélatrice {f}  :: zelatrix
zèle {m}  :: zeal
zéleur {m}  :: A form of leader in the Minim (religious order)
zlinois {adj}  :: Of or from Zlín
Zlinois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zlín
Zlinoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zlinois
Zlín {prop}  :: Zlín
zélote {m}  :: zealot (member of the Zealot movement)
Zélote {prop}  :: Zealot
zélotisme {m}  :: zealotry
zloty {m}  :: zloty
zémidjan {m}  :: zemidjan
zémindar {m}  :: zamindar
zémindarat {m}  :: zemindarate
zénaie {f}  :: A type of oak plantation
zénana {m}  :: alternative form of zenana
ZNIEFF {f}  :: acronym of zone naturelle d'intérêt écologique, faunistique et floristique
zénith {m}  :: zenith
zénithal {adj}  :: zenithal
zénithalement {adv}  :: zenithally
zénith-secteur {m} [astronomy]  :: zenith sector, zenith telescope
zénitude {f}  :: zenitude
zénobie {f}  :: honeycup (of the genus Zenobia)
Zénon {prop} {m}  :: Zeno
zénonien {adj}  :: Of or from Saint-Zénon
Zénonien {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Saint-Zénon
Zénonienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Zénonien
zénonique {adj}  :: Zenonic
zénonisme {m}  :: Zenonism
zénoniste {m}  :: Zenonist
zoé {m}  :: zoaea
Zoé {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Zoë
zoanthaire {m}  :: sea anemone, zoanthid
zoanthe {m}  :: zoanthid
zoanthinien {m}  :: zoanthid
zoanthodème {m}  :: zoanthodeme
zoanthrope {mf}  :: zoanthropy
zoanthropie {f}  :: zoanthropy
zoarcidé {m}  :: zoarcid
zob {m} [slang]  :: dick, cock (penis)
zobbi {m}  :: synonym of zob
zobe {m}  :: alternative form of zob
zocchièdre {m}  :: zocchihedron
zoœcie {f}  :: obsolete form of zoécie
zoécie {f} [botany]  :: Zooecium, zoœcium
zodarion {m}  :: zodarion
zoïde {m}  :: zooid
zodiacal {adj}  :: zodiacal
zodiaque {m}  :: zodiac (belt-like region in the sky)
zodiaque {m}  :: zodiac (collectively, the signs of the zodiac)
zoïdiogamie {f}  :: alternative form of zoïdogamie
zoïdogame {adj} [biology]  :: zoidogamic
zoïdogamie {f} [biology]  :: zoidogamy
Zoersel {prop}  :: A Dutchopho netown in the province of Anvers in Belgium
zoerselois {adj}  :: Of or from Zoersel
Zoerselois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zoersel
Zoerseloise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zoerselois
zographos {m}  :: iconographer
zoguiste {adj}  :: Zogist
zoguiste {m}  :: Zogist
zoiseau {m}  :: bird
zoiseau {m} [slang]  :: penis
zoïle {m}  :: A vicious critic
zolisme {m}  :: Zolaism
zéolite {f}  :: alternative spelling of zéolithe
zéolithe {f} [mineralogy]  :: zeolite
zéolitiser {vt} [geology]  :: to zeolitize
zombi {m}  :: zombie (undead person)
zombi {adj}  :: zombie
zombificateur {m}  :: zombificator
zombificateuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zombificateur
zombifier {vt}  :: to zombify
zombique {adj}  :: zombie (relating to zombies)
zomidine {f}  :: osmazome
zona {m}  :: shingles
zonage {m}  :: Division into zones; zoning
zonal {adj}  :: zonal
zonalisation {f}  :: zonalisation
zonalité {f}  :: zonation
zonard {m}  :: slum-dweller; a person from the poor part of town
zone {f}  :: zone
zone des prises {f} [baseball]  :: strike zone
zone à défendre {f}  :: A militant, open-air demonstration in the form of a defended squat
zone naturelle d'intérêt écologique, faunistique et floristique {f} [ecology]  :: An environment that has a well-defined inventory of organisms, at least one of which is endangered
zone pellucide {f}  :: A zona pellucida, a pellucid zone
zoner {vi} [colloquial]  :: to wander around, wander about
zoner {vi} [slang]  :: to sleep
zoner {vr} [slang]  :: to go to sleep, hit the hay
zone érogène {f}  :: erogenous zone
zonier {adj}  :: zonal
zonoèdre {m}  :: zonohedron
zonpri {f} [backslang]  :: prison
zonz {m} [slang]  :: prison
Zonza {prop}  :: A town in the Corse-du-Sud department of Corsica
zonzais {adj}  :: Of or from Zonza
Zonzais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zonza
Zonzaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zonzais
zonzon {f}  :: prison
zonzon {f}  :: dungeon
zonzonnement {m}  :: buzzing (sound)
zoo {m}  :: zoo
zoo- {prefix}  :: zoo-
zooanthroponose {f}  :: zooanthroponosis
zooarchéologie {f}  :: zooarcheology
zooïatre {m}  :: veterinarian
zooïatrie {f}  :: veterinary medicine
zoobiologie {f}  :: zoobiology
zoobotanique {adj}  :: zoobotanical
zoobotanique {f}  :: zoobotany
zoocarpe {m} [obsolete, zoology]  :: synonym of zoospore
zoocécidie {f}  :: A gall produced on a plant by an insect or similar creature
zoochimie {f}  :: zoochemistry
zoochimique {adj}  :: zoochemical
zoochorie {f} [biology]  :: zoochory
zoo-cinéma {m}  :: alternative form of zoocinéma
zoocinéma {m}  :: The screening of documentary films (about animals) in a zoo etc
zoocénose {f}  :: zoocenosis
zooïde {m}  :: zooid
zoofari {m}  :: zoofari
zooflagellé {m}  :: zooflagellate
zoogamie {f}  :: zoogamy
zoogamète {m}  :: zoogamete
zooglée {f}  :: zoogloea
zooglœe {f}  :: obsolete form of zooglée
zooglyphite {f}  :: A rock imprinted with figures of animals
zoogène {adj}  :: zoogenic
zoogène {m}  :: glairin
zoogénie {f}  :: zoogeny
zoogéographe {mf}  :: zoogeographer
zoogéographie {f}  :: zoogeography
zoogéographique {adj}  :: zoogeographic
zoogéographiquement {adv}  :: zoogeographically
zoogonie {f}  :: synonym of zoogénie
zoographe {m}  :: zoographer
zoographie {f}  :: zoography
zoo-gymnaste {mf}  :: alternative form of zoogymnaste
zoogymnaste {mf}  :: A gymnast who performs with animals
zoohistoire {f}  :: zoohistory
zoologie {f}  :: zoology (science that studies the animal kingdom)
zoologique {adj}  :: zoological
zoologiquement {adv}  :: zoologically
zoologiste {mf}  :: zoologist
zoologue {mf}  :: zoologist
zoolâtre {m}  :: zoolater; animal-worshipper
zoolâtrie {f}  :: zoolatry
zoom {m} [photography]  :: zoom
zoomage {m} [photography]  :: zoom facility
zoomagnétisme {m}  :: animal magnetism
zoomanie {f}  :: zoomania
zoomer {v} [photography]  :: to zoom, to zoom in
zoomeur {m}  :: zoomer
zoomorphe {adj}  :: zoomorphic
zoomorphie {f}  :: zoomorphy
zoomorphique {adj}  :: zoomorphic
zoomorphiquement {adv}  :: zoomorphically
zoomorphisme {m}  :: zoomorphism
zoomorphite {f}  :: animal fossil
zoomye {f}  :: Any dipteran that attacks animals (typically for blood)
zoonomie {f}  :: zoonomia, zoonomy
zoonosologie {f}  :: zoonosology
zoonyme {m}  :: zoonym
zooparc {m}  :: zoological garden
zoopathie {f}  :: zoopathy
zoopathique {adj}  :: zoopathic
zoopathologie {f}  :: zoopathology
zoophage {m}  :: A zoophage
zoophagie {f}  :: zoophagy
zoopharmacognosie {f}  :: zoopharmacognosy
zoophilie {f}  :: zoophilia
zoophobie {f}  :: zoophobia
zoophobique {adj}  :: zoophobic
zoophytographe {mf}  :: zoophytographer
zoophytographie {f}  :: zoophytography
zoophytolithe {m}  :: zoophytolith
zoophytologie {f}  :: zoophytology
zooplancton {m}  :: zooplankton
zooplanctonte {m}  :: alternative form of zooplancton
zooplasma {m}  :: animal blood plasma
zoopsie {f}  :: zoopsia
zoopsychiatrie {f}  :: zoopsychiatry
zoopsychologie {f}  :: zoopsychology
zoopsychologue {mf}  :: zoopsychologist
zoorama {m}  :: A zoo in which the animals are kept in a representation of their natural environment
zoori {m}  :: zori
zooscopie {f}  :: zooscopy
zooscopique {adj}  :: zooscopic
zoosémiotique {f}  :: zoosemiotics
zoosémiotique {adj}  :: zoosemiotic
zoosporange {m}  :: zoosporangium
zootaxie {f}  :: zootaxy
zootaxinomie {f}  :: zootaxonomy
zootechnicien {m}  :: zootechnician
zootechnicienne {f}  :: female zootechnician
zootechnie {f}  :: zootechny
zootechnique {adj}  :: zootechnic
zooéthique {f}  :: zooethic
zoothèque {f}  :: A collection of animal specimens
zoothérapeute {mf}  :: zootherapist
zoothérapeutique {adj}  :: zootherapeutic
zoothérapie {f}  :: zootherapy
zootomiste {m}  :: zootomist
zootoponyme {m}  :: zootoponym
zootoxine {f}  :: zootoxin
zootrope {m}  :: zoetrope
zooxanthelle {f}  :: zooxanthella
zopiok {m}  :: synonym of dzo
zoreil {m}  :: alternative form of zoreille
zoreille {mf}  :: Used in French overseas territories and departments to designate people coming from metropolitan France
zorey {m}  :: alternative form of zoreille
zorna {f}  :: alternative form of zourna
zorne {f}  :: zornia
Zoroastre {prop} {m}  :: Zoroaster
zoroastrien {adj}  :: Zoroastrian
zoroastrisme {m}  :: Zoroastrianism
Zorobabel {prop} [biblical character]  :: Zerubbabel
zoroche {m} [obsolete, mineral]  :: An ore of silver
zoréol {m}  :: A person of mixed French and Creole parentage (in Réunion)
zoréol {m}  :: A person from mainland France who has lived in Réunion a long tme and has adapted to the local way of life
zoréole {f}  :: feminine singular of zoréol
zorrile {f}  :: zorilla
zorrino {m}  :: the fur of the zorilla
zéoscope {m}  :: zeoscope
zoïsite {f} [mineral]  :: zoisite
zoïsme {m}  :: zoism
zostère {f}  :: Any of the genus Zostera of aquatic plants
zostère {f}  :: eelgrass
zostérien {adj}  :: Pertaining to herpes zoster
zotelois {adj}  :: Of or from Zoteux
Zotelois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zoteux
Zoteloise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zotelois
Zoteux {prop}  :: A small village in the Pas-de-Calais department of Hauts-de-France
zothèque {f}  :: An alcove containing a bed
zotiquien {adj}  :: Of or from Saint-Zotique
Zotiquien {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Saint-Zotique
Zotiquienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Zotiquien
zâouïa {f}  :: alternative form of zaouïa
Zouafques {prop}  :: A village in the Pas-de-Calais department of Hauts-de-France
zouafquois {adj}  :: Of or from Zouafques
Zouafquois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zouafques
Zouafquoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zouafquois
zouave {m}  :: Zouave
zouave {m} [figuratively]  :: eccentric
zouc {m}  :: alternative form of zouk
zouidja {f}  :: The equivalent of an oxgang in Algeria
zouille {f}  :: synonym of antisèche
zouk {m}  :: zouk
zouker {v}  :: to zouk, dance the zouk
zoukeur {m}  :: A zouk dancer
zoukeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zoukeur
zoulette {f} [slang]  :: A woman from the banlieues (poor, working-class suburbs)
zoulou {adj}  :: Zulu
zoulou {m}  :: Zulu, the Zulu language
Zoulou {m}  :: Zulu (member of the Zulu people)
Zouloue {f}  :: Feminine of Zoulou; Zulu (member of the Zulu people)
zouma {m}  :: A large, weekly market in parts of Madagascar
zourna {f}  :: zurna
zouz {f} [slang]  :: A pretty girl
zouz {m} [slang]  :: A joint (of marijuana)
Zoza {prop}  :: A small village in the Corse-du-Sud department of Corsica
zozais {adj}  :: Of or from Zoza
Zozais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zoza
Zozaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zozais
zoziau {m}  :: alternative form of zoiseau
zozime {f}  :: An umbelliferous plant of the genus Zosima
zoïzite {f}  :: alternative form of zoïsite
zozo {m}  :: fool, prat
zozo {m} [childish, Louisiana]  :: bird
zozotement {m}  :: lisp
zozoter {vi}  :: To lisp
zozoterie {f}  :: foolishness
zozoteur {m}  :: lisper
zozoteuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zozoteur
záparo {m}  :: The Záparo language
zéphir {m}  :: zephyr; alternative spelling of zéphyr
zéphire {m}  :: alternative form of zéphyr
zéphirin {m}  :: A type of chocolate pastry
Zéphirin {prop}  :: surname
zéphirine {f}  :: A type of coloured fabric once made on Saint-Quentin
zéphirinien {adj}  :: Of or from Saint-Zéphirin-de-Courval
Zéphirinien {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Saint-Zéphirin-de-Courval
Zéphirinienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Zéphirinien
zéphyr {m}  :: zephyr
zéphyrien {adj}  :: zephyrous
zéphyrine {f}  :: alternative form of zéphirine
zâr {m}  :: alternative form of zar
zraga {m}  :: synonym of panicaut améthyste
zériba {mf}  :: A corral for animals in the Maghreb
zériba {mf}  :: A hut
zrig {m}  :: A drink of sweetened milk from Mauretania
zéro {m} [cardinal]  :: zero, nought, O (British, in reading numbers)
zéro {m}  :: (value) zero, nought
zéro absolu {m}  :: absolute zero
zéroième {adj}  :: zeroth
zéroième {mf}  :: zeroth
zéroïème {adj}  :: alternative form of zéroième
zéroïème {mf}  :: alternative form of zéroième
zérotage {m}  :: zeroing (setting the zero point on a measuring device)
zéroter {v}  :: to zero (set to zero)
zérotième {adj}  :: alternative form of zéroième
zérumbet {m}  :: Zingiber zerumbet, the shampoo ginger
zêta {m}  :: zeta (Greek letter)
zétacyperméthrine {m}  :: The insecticide zeta-cypermethrine
zétamétrie {f}  :: zettametry
zêtes {contraction} [colloquial, slang]  :: contraction of vous êtes
zéthrène {m} [organic compound]  :: zethrene
Zétrud-Lumay {prop}  :: A village in the province of Brabant wallon in Belgium
zétrudois {adj}  :: Of or from Zétrud-Lumay in Belgium
Zétrudois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zétrud-Lumay in Belgium
Zétrudoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zétrudois
zétète {mf}  :: A commissioner, in Greece, elected to conduct an inquiry or recover state debts
zététicien {m}  :: zetetician
zététicienne {f}  :: feminine singular of zététicien
zététique {adj}  :: zetetic (proceed by inquiry)
zuanais {adj}  :: Of or from Zuani
Zuanais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zuani
Zuanaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zuanais
Zuani {prop}  :: A small village in the Haute-Corse department of Corsica
zucchini {m} [Quebec]  :: zucchini
zuchette {f}  :: A type of courgette
Zudausques {prop}  :: A village in the Pas-de-Calais department of Hauts-de-France
zudausquois {adj}  :: Of or from Zudausques
Zudausquois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zudausques
Zudausquoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zudausquois
zugzwang {m} [chess]  :: zugzwang
zuisme {m}  :: Zuism
zuiste {adj}  :: Zuist
zulgo-gemzek {m}  :: Zulgo-Gemzek
Zurich {prop}  :: Zurich (the canton or the city)
zurichois {adj} [attributive]  :: Zurich
Zurichois {m}  :: Someone from Zurich, resident of Zurich
Zurichoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Zurichois
zurlite {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of wollastonite
zurlonite {f} [mineral]  :: synonym of wollastonite
zurnisme {m} [Internet]  :: spamdexing
zurracapote {f}  :: zurracapote
zut {interj}  :: damn, shoot, dang, cripes, rats
zut alors {interj}  :: darn! dang! damn! (used to express mild surprise)
zutique {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the zutistes or to zutisme
zutisme {m}  :: A literary or philosophical attitude of the late 19th century that effectively said "damn" to everything
zutiste {mf} [literature]  :: A member of a group of nineteenth-century French poets
Zutkerque {prop}  :: A small town in the Pas-de-Calais department of Hauts-de-France
zutkerquois {adj}  :: Of or from Zutkerque
Zutkerquois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zutkerque
Zutkerquoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zutkerquois
Zuydcoote {prop}  :: A small town in the Nord department of Hauts-de-France
zuydcootois {adj}  :: Of or from Zuydcoote
Zuydcootois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zuydcoote
Zuydcootoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zuydcootois
Zuytpeene {prop}  :: A small village in the Nord department of Hauts-de-France
zuytpeenois {adj}  :: Of or from Zuytpeene
Zuytpeenois {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Zuytpeene
Zuytpeenoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Zuytpeenois
zvyagintsévite {f} [mineral]  :: zvyagintsevite
zwanzer {v} [Belgium]  :: to joke
zwanzeur {m} [Belgium]  :: joker (person who jokes)
zwanzeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of zwanzeur
zwergaffen {m}  :: synonym of affenpinscher
zwinglianisme {m}  :: Zwinglianism
zwinglien {adj}  :: Zwinglian
zāy {m}  :: alternative form of zaïn
zyclon {m}  :: hydrogen cyanide
zyclon {m}  :: Any of several substances that release this gas
zydéco {mf}  :: zydeco
zydeko {m}  :: alternative form of zydeco
zyeuter {v} [colloquial]  :: to eye; to ogle (to watch)
zygadite {f}  :: synonym of albite
zygapophyse {f}  :: zygapophysis
zygène {f}  :: zygaenid moth
zygénidé {m}  :: zygenid
zygnéma {m}  :: Any filamentous alga of the genus Zygnema
zygodactyle {adj}  :: zygodactyl
zygodactylie {f}  :: zygodactyly
zygoma {m}  :: zygoma
zygomatique {adj}  :: zygomatic
zygomatiquement {adv}  :: zygomatically
zygomato-labial {adj}  :: zygomatolabial
zygomorphe {adj}  :: zygomorphic
zygomorphie {f}  :: zygomorphy
zygomycète {m}  :: zygomycete
zygopode {m}  :: zygopodium
zygopétale {m}  :: zygopetalum
zygoptère {m}  :: zygopteran; damselfly
zygosphère {f}  :: zygosphere
zygote {m}  :: zygote
zygotique {adj}  :: zygotic
zyklon {m}  :: alternative form of zyclon
zymase {f}  :: Zymase
zymogène {adj}  :: zymogenic
zymogène {m}  :: zymogene
zymologie {f}  :: zymology
zymosimètre {m}  :: zymosimeter
zymosimétrie {f}  :: zymosimetry
zymotechnie {f}  :: zymotechny
zymotique {adj}  :: zymotic
zymozimètre {m}  :: alternative form of zymosimètre
zyrcaloy {m}  :: alternative form of zircaloy
zythogala {m}  :: A drink composed of milk and beer
zythogale {m}  :: A drink composed of milk and beer
zythologie {f}  :: zythology
zythologue {mf}  :: zythologist
zython {m}  :: zythum
zythophile {m}  :: A lover of beer
zythum {m}  :: zythum
zyva {m}  :: prole
zyzel {m}  :: alternative form of zisel
zézaiement {m}  :: lisp
zézayant {adj}  :: Lisping
zézayement {m}  :: alternative form of zézaiement
zézayer {v}  :: to pronounce "zh" (/ʒ/) as "z" (/z/) and "sh" (/ʃ/) as "s" (/s/); loosely, to lisp, to slur
zézayeur {m}  :: lisper
zézette {f} [colloquial]  :: vulva