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NaCl {n} (table salt) SEE: table salt ::
nacre {n} (pearly substance on the interior of shells) SEE: mother-of-pearl ::
nada {pron} (nothing) SEE: nothing ::
naevus {n} (abnormal area on skin) SEE: mole ::
nag {v} (complain about insignificant matters) :: ỷ eo, ỉ eo
Nagano {prop} (a city in Japan) :: Nagano
Nagasaki {prop} (a city in Kyushu, Japan) :: Nagasaki
Nagorno-Karabakh {prop} (region in South Caucasus) :: Nagorno-Karabakh
Nagorny Karabakh {prop} (Nagorno-Karabakh) SEE: Nagorno-Karabakh ::
nail {n} (on fingers and toes) :: móng, móng tay
nail {n} (spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood or similar materials) :: đinh
naive {adj} (lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement) :: ngờ nghệch, khờ dại, ngây thơ
naked {adj} (not wearing any clothes) :: khoả thân
namaz {n} (prayer) SEE: prayer ::
name {n} (word or phrase indicating a particular person, place, class or thing) :: tên
name {n} (reputation) :: tiếng tăm
name {v} (to give a name to) :: đặt tên, cho tên
name {v} (to mention, specify) :: chọn
name {v} (to publicly implicate) :: nhận
name {v} :: gọi
name brand {n} (trademark) :: thương hiệu
name card {n} (business card) SEE: business card ::
Namibia {prop} (Republic of Namibia) :: Nam-mi-bi-a
Nam Định {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Nam Định
Nanchang {prop} (a city in southeastern China) :: Nam Xương
Nanjing {prop} (Chinese city) :: Nam Kinh
Nanning {prop} (Capital of Guangxi) :: Nam Ninh
nanometer {n} (nanometre) SEE: nanometre ::
nanometre {n} (subunit of length) :: nanômét
nanotechnology {n} (science and technology of creating nanoparticles) :: công nghệ nano
Nantong {prop} (a city in China) :: Nam Thông
Nantou {prop} (a city in Taiwan) :: Nam Đầu
napa cabbage {n} (type of Chinese cabbage) :: cải thảo
napalm {n} (inflammable substance) :: bom napan, napan
nape {n} (back part of the neck) :: gáy
napkin {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper ::
napkin {n} (serviette) :: khăn ăn
nappy {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper ::
Nara {prop} (prefecture capital of Nara) :: Nara
narcissus {n} (any of several bulbous flowering plants, of the genus Narcissus) :: thuỷ tiên
Narnia {prop} (a fictional land) :: Narnia
narrate {v} (to relate a story) :: kể lại, thuật lại
narrow {adj} (having small width) :: hẹp, chật hẹp, eo hẹp, chật
NASA {prop} (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) :: NASA
nation {n} (community of people) :: dân tộc
nation {n} (sovereign state) :: nhà nước, quốc gia
national {adj} (of or having to do with a nation) :: dân tộc, quốc gia
national anthem {n} (official song of a nation or country) :: quốc ca (國歌)
national assembly {n} (National Assembly) SEE: National Assembly ::
National Assembly {prop} (national legislature) :: quốc hội
national day {n} (day marking a country's establishment) :: ngày quốc khánh
national debt {n} (money owed by the government of a nation) :: nợ quốc gia, nợ chính phủ, nợ công
national emblem {n} (official emblem of a nation or country) :: quốc huy (國徽)
nationalisation {n} (making private assets public) :: sự quốc gia hoá
nationalism {n} (idea of supporting one's country and culture) :: chủ nghĩa dân tộc (主義民族), chủ nghĩa quốc gia, chủ nghĩa quốc tộc
nationality {n} (membership of a nation or state) :: quốc tịch
nationality {n} (nationalism) SEE: nationalism ::
nationalization {n} (nationalisation) SEE: nationalisation ::
national park {n} (national park) :: vườn quốc gia
National Socialism {n} (ideology of Adolf Hitler's NSDAP) :: chủ nghĩa Quốc xã
nation-state {n} (nation state or nation-state) :: quốc gia dân tộc
nationwide {adj} (nationwide) :: toàn quốc
nationwide {adv} (nationwide) :: toàn quốc
Native American {adj} (of the American Indians) SEE: Indian ::
native language {n} (one's first language learned in childhood) SEE: mother tongue ::
native language {n} (language of a Native or Aboriginal people) :: ngôn ngữ mẹ đẻ, tiếng mẹ đẻ; ngôn ngữ bản địa, ngôn ngữ bản xứ
NATO {prop} (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) :: NATO
natural disaster {n} (natural phenomenon) :: thảm hoạ thiên nhiên
natural gas {n} (mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons associated with petroleum deposits) :: khí thiên nhiên, khí ga, khí gas
natural language {n} (human language developed naturally) :: ngôn ngữ tự nhiên
natural law {n} (An ethical theory) :: luật của tự nhiên
natural science {n} (science involved in studying phenomena or laws of the physical world) :: khoa học tự nhiên (科學自然)
natural selection {n} (natural selection) :: chọn lọc tự nhiên
nature {n} (the natural world) :: ngoài trời, tự nhiên
nature {n} (essential characteristics) :: tính, bản chất, bản tính
nature {n} (primitive state of being) :: (trạng thái) tự nhiên, (trạng thái) nguyên thủy
nature {n} (everything related to biological and geographical states) :: tự nhiên, thiên nhiên, tạo hóa
naturism {n} (the belief in or practice of going nude or unclad) :: chủ nghĩa khỏa thân
Nauru {prop} (Republic of Nauru) :: Na-u-ru
nautical mile {n} (nautical: a unit of measure equal to 1852 metres) :: hải lý (海里), hải lí
Navarre {prop} (autonomous community of Spain) :: Navarra
navel {n} (remnant of umbilical cord) :: rốn, rún
navigation {n} (canal) SEE: canal ::
navy {n} (sea force) :: hải quân (海軍)
navy blue {n} (a dark blue color) :: màu xanh nước biển
nay {conj} (or even) :: nói đúng hơn
Naypyidaw {prop} (capital of Myanmar) :: Naypyidaw
Nay Pyi Taw {prop} (Naypyidaw) SEE: Naypyidaw ::
nazi {adj} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi ::
nazi {n} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi ::
Nazi {n} (member of the Nazi party) :: Quốc xã, đảng viên đảng Quốc xã
Nazism {prop} (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP) :: chủ nghĩa Quốc xã, chủ nghĩa xã hội quốc gia
near {adj} (physically close) :: gần
near {adv} (having a small intervening distance with regard to something) :: gần
near {prep} (in close proximity to) :: gần
near {adv} (nearly) SEE: nearly ::
nearby {adj} (adjacent) :: gần; bên cạnh đó
nearby {adv} (close to) :: gần, bên cạnh, gần đây
nearly {adv} (almost, but not quite) :: gần, gần như
nearsightedness {n} (property of being nearsighted) :: cận thị
nebula {n} (a space cloud) :: tinh vân
necessary {adj} (needed, required) :: cần, cần thiết
neck {n} (the part of body connecting the head and the trunk found in humans and some animals) :: cổ
necklace {n} (jewelry) :: chuỗi hạt
necktie {n} (strip of cloth worn around the neck and tied in the front) :: cà vạt
need {n} (something required) :: nhu cầu
need {v} (to have an absolute requirement for) :: cần
need {v} (to want strongly) :: cần, muốn
need {v} (to be obliged to) :: cần phải
need {v} :: cần
needle {n} (implement for sewing etc.) :: cây kim
neem {n} (Azadirachta indica) :: sầu đâu
negligence {n} (failure to exercise a standard of care (law)) :: tính cẩu thả
negro {n} (Negro) SEE: Negro ::
Negro {n} (person with dark skin) :: người da đen
neighbour {n} (a person living on adjacent or nearby land) :: láng giềng, hàng xóm
Nei Mongol {prop} (Inner Mongolia) SEE: Inner Mongolia ::
neither {conj} (not either (used with nor): neither X nor Y) :: không X cũng không X
nene {n} (Branta sandvicensis) :: ngỗng Hawaii
neodymium {n} (chemical element) :: neođim
neon {n} (element) :: neon, nê-ông
neo-Nazism {n} (the ideology held by neo-Nazis) :: chủ nghĩa Quốc xã mới
Nepal {prop} (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal) :: Nê-pan
nephrotoxicity {n} (The state or condition of being nephrotoxic) :: ngộ độc thận
Neptune {prop} (eighth planet of the solar system) :: Sao Hải Vương
neptunium {n} (chemical element) :: neptuni
nerve {n} (bundle of neurons) :: thần kinh (神經)
nerve cell {n} (cell of the nervous system) :: tế bào thần kinh (細胞神經)
-ness {suffix} (appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of being...", "the quality of being...", or "the measure of being...") :: sự, nỗi, niềm
nest {n} (bird-built structure) :: tổ,
net {n} (mesh of string, cord or rope) :: lưới
netball {n} (sport) :: bóng lưới
Netherlander {n} (someone from the Netherlands) :: người Hà Lan
Netherlandic {prop} (Dutch) SEE: Dutch ::
Netherlandish {prop} (Dutch) SEE: Dutch ::
Netherlands {prop} (country in northwestern Europe, see also: Holland) :: Hà Lan (荷蘭)
netizen {n} (member of Internet community) :: cư dân mạng, dân mạng
nettle {n} (stinging herb of genus Urtica) :: tầm ma
nettle-rash {n} (itchy areas of the skin) SEE: urticaria ::
network {n} (fabric or structure of fibrous elements) :: mạng
network {n} (interconnected group or system) :: mạng
network {n} (multiple computers and other devices connected together) :: mạng lưới
neural network {n} :: mạng thần kinh
neurology {n} (branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system and its disorders) :: thần kinh học
neuron {n} (a cell of the nervous system) :: tế bào thần kinh (細胞神經)
neurosis {n} (mental disorder) :: chứng loạn thần kinh chức năng
neutrality {n} (state of being neutral; taking no part on either side) :: trung lập (中立)
neutron {n} (subatomic particle) :: nơtron
never {adv} (at no time) :: không bao giờ
nevus {n} (benign lesion on skin) SEE: mole ::
new {adj} (recently made or created) :: mới
New Caledonia {prop} (overseas territory of France) :: Tân Thế giới
news {n} (new information of interest) :: tin tức, tin
news {n} (reports of current events) :: bản tin, tin, thời sự
news agency {n} (organisation that gathers and distributes news) :: hãng thông tấn, hãng tin, thông tấn xã
newspaper {n} (publication) :: tờ báo, báo, báo chí
newt {n} (type of salamander) :: sa giông
New Testament {prop} (second half of the Christian Bible) :: Tân Ước, Tân Ước Hi văn, Kinh Thánh Hi văn
New World {prop} (North America and South America) :: thế giới mới, Tân Thế giới (新世界)
new year {n} (year following the current year) :: năm mới
New Year {n} (January 1 in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the days following) :: năm mới, [referring to the celebration] tết
New Year's Day {n} (holiday occurring on January 1st) :: tết dương lịch
New Year's Eve {prop} (holiday on December 31st) :: giao thừa
New Zealand {prop} (country in Oceania) :: Tân Tây Lan (新西蘭)
next {adj} (following in a sequence) :: sắp tới
nextly {adv} (next) SEE: next ::
next year {adv} (year after this one) :: năm sau
nexus {n} (connection) :: kết nối
nāga {n} ((Indian mythology) A member of a class of semi-divine creatures) :: naga
Nghệ An {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Nghệ An
Nguyen {prop} (Vietnamese surname) :: Nguyễn
Nha Trang {prop} (city in Vietnam) :: Nha Trang
nibble {v} (eat with small bites) :: nhấm nháp, nhâm nhi
Nicaragua {prop} (a country in Central America) :: Ni-ca-ra-goa
nice {adj} (pleasant) :: tốt
nice {adj} :: đẹp
Nicene Creed {prop} (official creed of the early Christian church stating tenets of the Christian faith) :: Tín Điều Nicaea
nice to meet you {phrase} (pleased to meet you) SEE: pleased to meet you ::
Nicholas {prop} (male given name) :: Nicôla
nickel {n} (element) :: nikel
nickname {n} (familiar, invented given name) :: tên hiệu
nicotine {n} (addictive alkaloid derived from tobacco) :: nhựa thuốc, nicôtin
nief {n} (fist) SEE: fist ::
Nietzsche {prop} (surname) :: Nietzsche, Nít-sơ
Nietzschean {adj} (pertaining to Nietzsche or his writings) :: Nít-sơ
Niger {prop} (country) :: Ni-giê
Nigeria {prop} (a country in Western Africa) :: Ni-giê-ri-a
night {n} (period between sunset and sunrise) :: đêm, tối, ban đêm, khuya [late night]
night {n} (evening or night spent at a particular activity) :: đêm
night {n} (night spent at a hotel) :: đêm
night {n} (quality of sleep obtained during a night) :: đêm, đêm ngủ
night {n} (nightfall) :: tối
night {n} (darkness) :: tối
night {interj} (Short for good night) :: chúc ngủ ngon, tạm biệt
nightclub {n} (establishment that is open late at night) :: câu lạc bộ giải trí, câu lạc bộ đêm, hộp đêm
nightfall {n} (the close of the day; the coming of night) :: chạng vạng, màn đêm buông xuống
nightingale {n} (bird) :: họa mi
nightmare {n} (dream) :: ác mộng (惡夢)
night market {n} (a market that only operates at night) :: chợ đêm
nihilism {n} (negation of one or more aspects of life; extreme philosophical scepticism) :: chủ nghĩa hư vô, tư tưởng đoạn diệt
Nile {prop} (river) :: Sông Nin
nine {num} (cardinal number) :: chín
nine o'clock {n} (the start of the tenth hour) :: chín giờ
nineteen {num} (cardinal number) :: mười chín
ninetieth {adj} (ordinal form of ninety) :: thứ chín mươi
ninety {num} (90) :: chín mươi
Ningbo {prop} (a city of China) :: Ninh Ba
Ningxia {prop} (autonomous region of China) :: Ninh Hạ
Ninh Bình {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Ninh Bình
Ninh Thuận {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Ninh Thuận
ninja {n} (person trained in stealth, espionage, assassination and ninjutsu) :: ninja, nhẫn giả
ninjutsu {n} (ninjutsu) :: nhẫn thuật (忍術)
ninth {adj} (ordinal form of nine) :: thứ chín
ninth {n} (something in the ninth position) :: phần chín
niobium {n} (chemical element) :: niobi
nipple {n} (projection of mammary gland) :: núm vú
Nippo- {prefix} (relating to Japan or Japanese) :: Nhật ()
Nipponese {adj} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese ::
Nipponese {prop} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese ::
nirvana {n} (cessation of suffering) :: niết bàn
nirvana {n} (Buddhist state of bliss) :: niết bàn (涅槃)
nit {n} (egg of a louse) :: trứng chấy, trứng rận
nitride {n} (compound of nitrogen) :: nitrit
nitrocellulose {n} (the chemical nitrocellulose) :: nitroxeluloza
nitrogen {n} (chemical element) :: nitơ, đạm khí
nitroglycerine {n} (the compound glyceryl-tri-nitrate) :: nitroglyxerin
nitro-hydrochloric acid {n} (aqua regia) SEE: aqua regia ::
Nivkh {prop} (language) :: Nivkh
Nivôse {prop} (the fourth month of the French Republican Calendar) :: tháng băng tuyết
Nizhny Novgorod {prop} (large city in Russia) :: Nizhny Novgorod
no {determiner} (not any) :: không
no {determiner} (used to show an activity is forbidden) :: cấm [followed by an infinitive]
no {particle} (used to show disagreement or negation) :: không
no {particle} (used to show agreement with a negative question (in some languages this response is the usual word for "yes")) :: , phải, đúng vậy
no {n} (a negating expression) :: lời không
nobelium {n} (chemical element) :: nobeli
nobility {n} (noble or privileged social class) :: quí tộc
noble gas {n} (element of group 18 of the periodic table) :: khí hiếm, khí trơ
nobody {pron} (not any person; the logical negation of somebody) SEE: no one ::
nocebo {n} (pharmacologically inactive substance experienced as harmful due to previous negative perception) :: nocebo
nod {v} (incline the head up and down) :: gật đầu, gật
no doubt {adv} (without a doubt) :: chắc chắn
no idea {interj} (I don't know) :: chẳng biết, đâu biết
no idea {interj} (indicates complete ambivalence about something) :: chẳng biết, đâu biết
noise {n} (various sounds, usually unwanted) :: tiếng ồn
noise pollution {n} (excessive noise) :: ô nhiễm tiếng ồn
noisy {adj} (making a noise) :: ồn,ầm
nominalization {n} (use of a verb or an adjective as a noun) :: danh từ hoá
nominative {n} (the nominative case) SEE: nominative case ::
nominative case {n} (case used to indicate the subject) :: nguyên cách
non-disclosure agreement {n} (contract not to disclose certain information) :: thỏa thuật bảo mật thông tin, thoả thuận bảo mật thông tin, hợp đồng bảo mật thông tin
nones {n} (midday) SEE: noon ::
nones {n} (midday meal) SEE: lunch ::
nonfiction {n} (written works intended to give facts) :: phi hư cấu, không hư cấu
non-governmental organization {n} :: tổ chức phi chính phủ
nonmetal {n} (element that does not have the properties of a metal) :: phi kim
nonrepudiation {n} (assurance of digital sending or receipt) :: chống thoái thác
noodle {n} (fool) SEE: fool ::
noodle {n} (string or strip of pasta) :: [egg noodle], mì sợi, mì dẹt, mì mống, bún [rice noodle], miến [cellophane noodle], bánh [rice pasta]
noon {n} (midnight) SEE: midnight ::
noon {n} (midday) :: buổi trưa
no one {pron} (not even a single person) :: không ai
no pain, no gain {proverb} (discomfort is necessary to achieve goals) :: không vào hang cọp làm sao bắt được cọp [if you don't enter the tiger's den, how will you get the tiger's cub?]
no problem {interj} (it does not pose a problem) :: không sao
no problem {interj} (no thanks or apology is necessary) :: không sao đâu, không có sao đâu, không sao
normal {adj} (usual, ordinary) :: bình thường
normalization {n} (any process that makes something more normal or regular) :: sự thông thường hoá
Normandy {prop} (region of France) :: Normandie
north {n} (compass point) :: phía bắc, hướng bắc, bắc
North America {prop} (continent) :: Bắc Mỹ 北美)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization {prop} (intergovernmental military alliance) :: Khối quân sự Bắc Đại Tây Dương
North Carolina {prop} (state of the United States) :: Bắc Carolina
northeast {n} (compass point) :: phía đông bắc
Northern Europe {prop} (sociopolitical region of Europe) :: Bắc Âu
Northern Hemisphere {n} (hemisphere to the north of its equator) :: bắc bán cầu (北半球)
northern raccoon {n} (Procyon lotor) SEE: raccoon ::
North Korea {prop} (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) :: Bắc Triều Tiên (北朝鮮), Bắc Hàn (北韓), Triều Tiên (朝鮮)
north pole {n} (northernmost point on celestial bodies) :: bắc cực (北極)
North Rhine-Westphalia {prop} (state) :: Nordrhein-Westfalen
North Sea {prop} (an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between Britain, Scandinavia and Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France) :: Bắc Hải, Biển Bắc
northwest {n} (compass point) :: phía tây bắc
Norway {prop} (Scandinavian country) :: Na Uy
Norway maple {n} (Acer platanoides) :: phong na uy
Norwegian {prop} (language of Norway) :: tiếng Na Uy
nose {n} (protuberance on the face) :: mũi
nose {n} :: mũi, mõm, khứu giác, sự đánh hơi, mùi, hương vị, đầu mũi
nosebleed {n} (haemorrhage from the nose) :: chảy máu cam
nosh {n} (blowjob) SEE: blowjob ::
nosh {v} (to perform fellatio (on)) SEE: blow ::
nosh {n} (slang: food) SEE: grub ::
no smoke without fire {proverb} (gossip or accusations are often substantiated by fact) :: không có lửa làm sao có khói
no smoking {phrase} (phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes is not permitted) :: cấm hút thuốc
nostalgia {n} (bittersweet yearning for the things of the past) :: hoài cổ
nostalgia {n} :: nỗi nhớ
nostril {n} (either of the two orifices located on the nose) :: lỗ mũi
nosy {adj} (prying, inquisitive or curious in other’s affairs; tending to snoop or meddle) :: lắm chuyện, nhiều chuyện, đa sự, đa đoan, thọc mạch
not {adv} (negates meaning of verb) :: không, [for emphasis] chẳng
not at all {interj} (conventional reply to expression of gratitude) :: không có gì [it’s nothing], không có chi
note {n} (memorandum) :: bút ký
note {n} (character indicating the length and pitch of a tone) :: âm phù
note {n} (musical sound) :: âm phù
note {n} (banknote) SEE: banknote ::
notebook {n} (book) :: tập, cuốn tập, vở, quyển vở, sổ tay
notebook {n} (notebook computer) :: máy tính xách tay
no thank you {interj} (polite way of saying no) :: dạ không cám ơn
nothing {pron} (not any thing) :: không, không có gì, không cái gì
nothing ventured, nothing gained {proverb} (if one takes no risks, one will not gain any benefits) SEE: no pain, no gain ::
notion {n} (mental apprehension of whatever may be known or imagined; an idea; a conception) :: khái niệm
not yet {adv} (expected to happened but has not for the moment) :: chưa
nougat {n} (a confection of honey and roasted nuts) :: kẹo nu-ga
noun {n} (grammatical category (narrow sense)) :: danh từ (名詞)
noun substantive {n} (noun) SEE: noun ::
nourishment {n} (something that nourishes; food) :: dinh dưỡng
nova {n} (sudden brightening of a star) :: tân tinh
novel {n} (work of prose fiction) :: tiểu thuyết
novelist {n} (author of novels) :: tiểu thuyết gia
November {prop} (eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar) :: tháng mười một
Novgorod {prop} (city) :: Novgorod
Novokuznetsk {prop} (city) :: Novokuznetsk
now {adv} (at the present time) :: bây giờ, hiện tại
nowadays {adv} (at the present time) :: ngày nay, đời nay, dạo này, hiện nay
no worries {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome ::
nozzle {n} (short tube) :: vòi phun
nuclear physics {n} (branch of physics) :: vật lý hạt nhân
nuclear reactor {n} (device) :: lò phản ứng hạt nhân
nuclear weapon {n} (explosive device) :: vũ khí hạt nhân
nucleolus {n} (part of nucleus of a cell) :: hạch nhân, nhân con
nude {adj} (without clothing or other covering) :: trần, trần truồng, khỏa thân, lõa thể
nude {n} (image depicting a human in a state of undress) :: ảnh khỏa thân, ảnh lõa thể
nude {n} (state of total nudity) :: trạng thái khỏa thân, trạng thái lõa thể, trạng thái trần truồng
nudiustertian {adj} (Of or relating to the day before yesterday) :: ngày hôm kia
null {n} (a non-existent or empty value or set of values) :: rỗng
numb {adj} (without the power of sensation) ::
number {n} (abstract entity) :: số
number {n} (numeral) :: số
number {n} (used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence) :: số
numberful {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
numbersome {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
numerable {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
numeral {n} (word or symbol representing a number, see also: noun numeral) :: chữ số
numerator {n} (in a fraction) :: tử số, tử thức
numerous {adj} (Indefinitely large numerically) :: đông, nhiều
nun {n} (member of a Christian religious community of women) :: , bà xơ, nữ tu sĩ
nun {n} (member of a non-Christian religious community of women) :: nữ tu sĩ
nunchaku {n} (weapon) :: song tiết côn, côn nhị khúc, côn hai khúc, lưỡng tiết côn
nuoc mam {n} (a fish sauce used in Vietnamese cookery) :: nước mắm, mắm cá
Nuremberg {prop} (city in Germany) :: Nürnberg
nurse {n} (person who takes care of other people's young) :: bảo mẫu
nurse {n} (person trained to provide care for the sick) :: y tá
nut {n} (hard-shelled fruit) :: đậu
nut {n} (that fits on a bolt) :: ốc
nutcracker {n} (implement for cracking nuts) :: cái kẹp để kẹp trái de
nutmeg {n} (seed) :: hạt nhục đậu khấu
nutrition {n} (nutrition) :: sự dinh dưỡng, dinh dưỡng
nuts {n} (nut) SEE: nut ::
nylon {n} (substance) :: ni lông, ni-lông