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as of 8 July 2010

May include bogus codes/languages as ability to distinguish language templates by wikitext was broken June/July 2010: category is now buried in doc page elsewhere in the dump.

ISO 639-1 ISO 639-3 Wiki code Occurs Language Category
knw khi-kun 70 !Kung Category:!Kung language
nmn 276 !Xóõ Category:!Xóõ language
kud 1 'Auhelawa Category:'Auhelawa language
aiw 2 Aari Category:Aari language
abm 1 Abanyom Category:Abanyom language
abq 16 Abaza Category:Abaza language
abe 3 Abenaki Category:Abenaki language
ab abk 32 Abkhaz Category:Abkhaz language
ace 7 Acehnese Category:Acehnese language
ach 19 Acholi Category:Acholi language
acv 1 Achumawi Category:Achumawi language
ada 1 Adangme Category:Adangme language
ade 1 Adele Category:Adele language
adt 1 Adnyamathanha Category:Adnyamathanha language
ady 4 Adyghe Category:Adyghe language
adz 1 Adzera Category:Adzera language
aa aar 21 Afar Category:Afar language
af afr 630 Afrikaans Category:Afrikaans language
agx 6 Aghul Category:Aghul language
ain 45 Ainu Category:Ainu language
ak aka 12 Akan Category:Akan language
ake 3 Akawaio Category:Akawaio language
akk 85 Akkadian Category:Akkadian language
sia 1 Akkala Sami Category:Akkala Sami language
akl 10 Aklanon Category:Aklanon language
akz 68 Alabama Category:Alabama language
sq sqi 1495 Albanian Category:Albanian language
xta 26 Alcozauca Mixtec Category:Alcozauca Mixtec language
gsw 45 Alemannic German Category:Alemannic German language
ale 376 Aleut Category:Aleut language
alq 2 Algonquin Category:Algonquin language
ems 3 Alutiiq Category:Alutiiq language
alr 2 Alutor Category:Alutor language
ali 1 Amaimon Category:Amaimon language
amn 54 Amanab Category:Amanab language
amk 4 Ambai Category:Ambai language
ase 258 American Sign Language Category:American Sign Language
am amh 157 Amharic Category:Amharic language
sem-amm 9 Ammonite Category:Ammonite language
amu 24 Amuzgo Category:Amuzgo language
grc 4643 Ancient Greek Category:Ancient Greek language
xmk 1 Ancient Macedonian Category:Ancient Macedonian language
ani 1 Andi Category:Andi language
xno 465 Anglo-Norman Category:Anglo-Norman language
rme 1 Angloromani Category:Angloromani language
agg 1 Angor Category:Angor language
aak 8 Ankave Category:Ankave language
and 3 Ansus Category:Ansus language
gcf 1 Antillean Creole Category:Antillean Creole language
apy 11 Apalaí Category:Apalaí language
arl 36 Arabela Category:Arabela language
ar ara 2259 Arabic Category:Arabic language
an arg 83 Aragonese Category:Aragonese language
arc 1911 Aramaic Category:Aramaic language
arp 5 Arapaho Category:Arapaho language
arw 1 Arawak Category:Arawak language
aqc 14 Archi Category:Archi language
agj 2 Argobba Category:Argobba language
xrn 33 Arin Category:Arin language
hy hye 7654 Armenian Category:Armenian language
rup roa-rup 86 Aromanian Category:Aromanian language
as asm 11 Assamese Category:Assamese language
xss 21 Assan Category:Assan language
ast 395 Asturian Category:Asturian language
tay 3 Atayal Category:Atayal language
av ava 12 Avar Category:Avar language
ae ave 8 Avestan Category:Avestan language
awk 2 Awabakal Category:Awabakal language
awa 2 Awadhi Category:Awadhi language
ay aym 28 Aymara Category:Aymara language
aib 2 Aynu Category:Aynu language
az aze 1085 Azeri Category:Azeri language
xbc 2 Bactrian Category:Bactrian language
ban 44 Balinese Category:Balinese language
bft 4 Balti Category:Balti language
bal 7 Baluchi Category:Baluchi language
bm bam 15 Bambara Category:Bambara language
bdy 46 Bandjalang Category:Bandjalang language
bjz 1 Baruga Category:Baruga language
ba bak 125 Bashkir Category:Bashkir language
eu eus 518 Basque Category:Basque language
bar 16 Bavarian Category:Bavarian language
be bel 190 Belarusian Category:Belarusian language
bn ben 199 Bengali Category:Bengali language
brc 8 Berbice Creole Dutch Category:Berbice Creole Dutch language
bew 32 Betawi Category:Betawi language
bho 2 Bhojpuri Category:Bhojpuri language
bhw 2 Biak Category:Biak language
bik 2 Bikol Category:Bikol language
bpy 3 Bishnupriya Manipuri Category:Bishnupriya Manipuri language
bi bis 14 Bislama Category:Bislama language
bla 2 Blackfoot Category:Blackfoot language
brx 1 Bodo Category:Bodo language
bou 1 Bondei Category:Bondei language
brh 2 Brahui Category:Brahui language
br bre 741 Breton Category:Breton language
bzd 1 Bribri Category:Bribri language
bpl 1 Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin Category:Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin language
bvb 1 Bube Category:Bube language
bug 21 Buginese Category:Buginese language
bku 1 Buhid Category:Buhid language
bg bul 8396 Bulgarian Category:Bulgarian language
my mya 108 Burmese Category:Burmese language
bua 1 Buryat Category:Buryat language
rmq 1 Caló Category:Caló language
sro 36 Campidanese Sardinian Category:Campidanese Sardinian language
yue zh-yue 12510 Cantonese Category:Cantonese language
cpg 20 Cappadocian Greek Category:Cappadocian Greek language
xcr 50 Carian Category:Carian language
ca cat 4121 Catalan Category:Catalan language
chc 1 Catawba Category:Catawba language
ceb 43 Cebuano Category:Cebuano language
tzm 47 Central Atlas Tamazight Category:Central Atlas Tamazight language
ess 1 Central Siberian Yupik Category:Central Siberian Yupik language
tar 3 Central Tarahumara Category:Central Tarahumara language
caa 10 Ch'orti' Category:Ch'orti' language
chg 4 Chagatai Category:Chagatai language
ccc 447 Chamicuro Category:Chamicuro language
ch cha 94 Chamorro Category:Chamorro language
ce che 156 Chechen Category:Chechen language
chr 198 Cherokee Category:Cherokee language
chy 9 Cheyenne Category:Cheyenne language
ny nya 6 Chichewa Category:Chichewa language
cic 371 Chickasaw Category:Chickasaw language
zh zho zhx-zho 20 Chinese Category:Chinese language
cpi 1 Chinese Pidgin English Category:Chinese Pidgin English language
chh 1 Chinook Category:Chinook language
chn 8 Chinook Jargon Category:Chinook Jargon language
cax 9 Chiquitano Category:Chiquitano language
apm 4 Chiricahua Category:Chiricahua language
cho 57 Choctaw Category:Choctaw language
ctu 5 Chol Category:Chol language
ckt 2 Chukchi Category:Chukchi language
cv chv 26 Chuvash Category:Chuvash language
cia 50 Cia-Cia Category:Cia-Cia language
cim 1 Cimbrian Category:Cimbrian language
nci 947 Classical Nahuatl Category:Classical Nahuatl language
mco 3 Coatlán Mixe Category:Coatlán Mixe language
com 1 Comanche Category:Comanche language
swb 1 Comorian Category:Comorian language
coo 7 Comox Category:Comox language
cop 13 Coptic Category:Coptic language
kw cor 236 Cornish Category:Cornish language
co cos 41 Corsican Category:Corsican language
cow 1 Cowlitz Category:Cowlitz language
cr cre 32 Cree Category:Cree language
mus 2 Creek Category:Creek language
crh 2124 Crimean Tatar Category:Crimean Tatar language
cui 13 Cuiba Category:Cuiba language
cs ces 17822 Czech Category:Czech language
xdc 39 Dacian Category:Dacian language
mps 1 Dadibi Category:Dadibi language
dak 2 Dakota Category:Dakota language
dlm 2 Dalmatian Category:Dalmatian language
da dan 19017 Danish Category:Danish language
dar 1 Dargwa Category:Dargwa language
aus-dar 89 Darkinjung Category:Darkinjung language
drl 2 Darling Category:Darling language
tfn 22 Dena'ina Category:Dena'ina language
dv div 8 Dhivehi Category:Dhivehi language
duj 13 Dhuwal Category:Dhuwal language
dif 8 Dieri Category:Dieri language
dlg 5 Dolgan Category:Dolgan language
doz 1 Dorze Category:Dorze language
dng 5 Dungan Category:Dungan language
dsn 1 Dusner Category:Dusner language
nl nld 51782 Dutch Category:Dutch language
nds-nl 33 Dutch Low Saxon Category:Dutch Low Saxon language
dbl 2 Dyirbal Category:Dyirbal language
dz dzo 6 Dzongkha Category:Dzongkha language
fud 1 East Futuna Category:East Futuna language
aer 1 Eastern Arrernte Category:Eastern Arrernte language
xeb 9 Eblaite Category:Eblaite language
xdm 5 Edomite Category:Edomite language
egy 155 Egyptian Category:Egyptian language
arz 269 Egyptian Arabic Category:Egyptian Arabic language
en eng 328204 English Category:English language
myv 54 Erzya Category:Erzya language
ish 1 Esan Category:Esan language
eo epo 37430 Esperanto Category:Esperanto language
et est 3017 Estonian Category:Estonian language
ett 7 Etruscan Category:Etruscan language
evn 45 Evenki Category:Evenki language
ee ewe 582 Ewe Category:Ewe language
ext 11 Extremaduran Category:Extremaduran language
fak 2 Fang Category:Fang language
fo fao 3268 Faroese Category:Faroese language
hif 117 Fiji Hindi Category:Fiji Hindi language
fj fij 135 Fijian Category:Fijian language
fil 280 Filipino Category:Filipino language
fi fin 91443 Finnish Category:Finnish language
vls 12 Flemish Category:Flemish language
fon 1 Fon Category:Fon language
frp 6 Franco-Provençal Category:Franco-Provençal language
frk 1 Frankish Category:Frankish language
fr fra 169447 French Category:French language
fur 27 Friulian Category:Friulian language
ff ful 2 Fula Category:Fula language
gaa 19 Ga Category:Ga language
aus-gab 2 Gabi Category:Gabi language
gag 22 Gagauz Category:Gagauz language
gl glg 17971 Galician Category:Galician language
roa-gal 49 Gallo Category:Gallo language
sdn 1 Gallurese Sardinian Category:Gallurese Sardinian language
kld 139 Gamilaraay Category:Gamilaraay language
gan 1 Gan Category:Gan language
cab 5 Garifuna Category:Garifuna language
cel-gau 2 Gaulish Category:Gaulish language
gay 2 Gayo Category:Gayo language
gez 18 Ge'ez Category:Ge'ez language
ka kat 1027 Georgian Category:Georgian language
de deu 47248 German Category:German language
gil 14 Gilbertese Category:Gilbertese language
gvf 1 Golin Category:Golin language
gni 57 Gooniyandi Category:Gooniyandi language
got 155 Gothic Category:Gothic language
el ell 8541 Greek Category:Greek language
kl kal 490 Greenlandic Category:Greenlandic language
crp-gep 1 Greenlandic Eskimo Pidgin Category:Greenlandic Eskimo Pidgin language
gos 2 Gronings Category:Gronings language
gn grn 58 Guaraní Category:Guaraní language
gu guj 82 Gujarati Category:Gujarati language
gul 1 Gullah Category:Gullah language
aus-gun 2 Gunai Category:Gunai language
kky 102 Guugu Yimidhirr Category:Guugu Yimidhirr language
hai 1 Haida Category:Haida language
ht hat 518 Haitian Creole Category:Haitian Creole language
hak 2 Hakka Category:Hakka language
har 2 Harari Category:Harari language
mey 1 Hassānīya Category:Hassānīya language
ha hau 10 Hausa Category:Hausa language
haw 614 Hawaiian Category:Hawaiian language
hwc 17 Hawaiian Pidgin Category:Hawaiian Pidgin language
he heb 4160 Hebrew Category:Hebrew language
hil 1502 Hiligaynon Category:Hiligaynon language
hi hin 2300 Hindi Category:Hindi language
ho hmo 1 Hiri Motu Category:Hiri Motu language
hit 72 Hittite Category:Hittite language
hmn 7 Hmong Category:Hmong language
hop 9 Hopi Category:Hopi language
hu hun 23609 Hungarian Category:Hungarian language
xhu 1 Hurrian Category:Hurrian language
is isl 7954 Icelandic Category:Icelandic language
dbj 1 Ida'an Category:Ida'an language
io ido 4928 Ido Category:Ido language
igl 1 Igala Category:Igala language
ig ibo 9 Igbo Category:Igbo language
ilo 27 Ilocano Category:Ilocano language
smn 131 Inari Sami Category:Inari Sami language
id ind 1630 Indonesian Category:Indonesian language
inz 2 Ineseño Category:Ineseño language
inh 5 Ingush Category:Ingush language
ia ina 382 Interlingua Category:Interlingua language
ie ile 12 Interlingue Category:Interlingue language
iu iku 176 Inuktitut Category:Inuktitut language
ik ipk 2 Inupiak Category:Inupiak language
ga gle 2683 Irish Category:Irish language
zai 20 Isthmus Zapotec Category:Isthmus Zapotec language
nhx 18 Isthmus-Mecayapan Nahuatl Category:Isthmus-Mecayapan Nahuatl language
ist 3 Istriot Category:Istriot language
ruo 80 Istro-Romanian Category:Istro-Romanian language
it ita 424707 Italian Category:Italian language
itl 4 Itelmen Category:Itelmen language
jam 34 Jamaican Creole Category:Jamaican Creole language
ja jpn 30834 Japanese Category:Japanese language
jv jav 14 Javanese Category:Javanese language
kac 37 Jingpho Category:Jingpho language
juc 5 Jurchen Category:Jurchen language
roa-jer 71 Jèrriais Category:Jèrriais language
quc 2 K'iche' Category:K'iche' language
kbd 3 Kabardian Category:Kabardian language
kea 6 Kabuverdianu Category:Kabuverdianu language
kab 34 Kabyle Category:Kabyle language
kbc 3 Kadiwéu Category:Kadiwéu language
gwc 2 Kalami Category:Kalami language
kln 2 Kalenjin Category:Kalenjin language
fla 140 Kalispel-Pend d'Oreille Category:Kalispel-Pend d'Oreille language
xal 5 Kalmyk Category:Kalmyk language
xas 2 Kamassian Category:Kamassian language
kam 6 Kamba Category:Kamba language
kjb 1 Kanjobal Category:Kanjobal language
kn kan 302 Kannada Category:Kannada language
kr kau 10 Kanuri Category:Kanuri language
pam 4 Kapampangan Category:Kapampangan language
kpg 6 Kapingamarangi Category:Kapingamarangi language
krc 60 Karachay-Balkar Category:Karachay-Balkar language
kaa 5 Karakalpak Category:Karakalpak language
krl 101 Karelian Category:Karelian language
ktn 3 Karitiâna Category:Karitiâna language
kju 2 Kashaya Category:Kashaya language
ks kas 8 Kashmiri Category:Kashmiri language
csb 391 Kashubian Category:Kashubian language
zku 3 Kaurna Category:Kaurna language
gbb 2 Kaytetye Category:Kaytetye language
kk kaz 156 Kazakh Category:Kazakh language
kjh 156 Khakas Category:Khakas language
kca 1 Khanty Category:Khanty language
zkt 8 Khitan Category:Khitan language
km khm 356 Khmer Category:Khmer language
kjg 1 Khmu Category:Khmu language
khv 1 Khvarshi Category:Khvarshi language
ki kik 5 Kikuyu Category:Kikuyu language
sjd 6 Kildin Sami Category:Kildin Sami language
rw kin 5 Kinyarwanda Category:Kinyarwanda language
kyi 14 Kiput Category:Kiput language
rn run 3 Kirundi Category:Kirundi language
kv kom 33 Komi Category:Komi language
kg kon 4 Kongo Category:Kongo language
kok 1 Konkani Category:Konkani language
ko kor 14424 Korean Category:Korean language
kpy 42 Koryak Category:Koryak language
zko 143 Kott Category:Kott language
rop 30 Kriol Category:Kriol language
ksi 27 Krisa Category:Krisa language
kum 108 Kumyk Category:Kumyk language
cuk 6 Kuna Category:Kuna language
ku kur 933 Kurdish Category:Kurdish language
kjr 1 Kurudu Category:Kurudu language
kgg 1 Kusunda Category:Kusunda language
fkv 20 Kven Category:Kven language
kj kua 7 Kwanyama Category:Kwanyama language
ky kir 141 Kyrgyz Category:Kyrgyz language
ksh 48 Kölsch Category:Kölsch language
gdm 1 Laal Category:Laal language
lld 34 Ladin Category:Ladin language
lad 78 Ladino Category:Ladino language
lbe 1 Lak Category:Lak language
lkt 30 Lakota Category:Lakota language
lo lao 535 Lao Category:Lao language
ltc 3 Late Middle Chinese Category:Late Middle Chinese language
la lat 38513 Latin Category:Latin language
lv lav 604 Latvian Category:Latvian language
lre 1 Laurentian Category:Laurentian language
lvk 12 Lavukaleve Category:Lavukaleve language
lzz 24 Laz Category:Laz language
del 1 Lenape Category:Lenape language
roa-leo 1 Leonese Category:Leonese language
lez 51 Lezgi Category:Lezgi language
ayl 153 Libyan Arabic Category:Libyan Arabic language
lif 1 Limbu Category:Limbu language
li lim 282 Limburgish Category:Limburgish language
ln lin 61 Lingala Category:Lingala language
lfn 27 Lingua Franca Nova Category:Lingua Franca Nova language
lt lit 20418 Lithuanian Category:Lithuanian language
liv 129 Livonian Category:Livonian language
src 13 Logudorese Sardinian Category:Logudorese Sardinian language
jbo 1590 Lojban Category:Lojban language
rmi 4 Lomavren Category:Lomavren language
lmo 31 Lombard Category:Lombard language
lng 1 Lombardic Category:Lombardic language
lou 10 Louisiana Creole French Category:Louisiana Creole French language
nds 16 Low German Category:Low German language
dsb 200 Lower Sorbian Category:Lower Sorbian language
loz 4 Lozi Category:Lozi language
knb 1 Lubuagan Kalinga Category:Lubuagan Kalinga language
lg lug 4 Luganda Category:Luganda language
luy 35 Luhya Category:Luhya language
smj 8 Lule Sami Category:Lule Sami language
lun 1 Lunda Category:Lunda language
luo 29 Luo Category:Luo language
hlu 54 Luwian Category:Luwian language
lb ltz 25 Luxembourgish Category:Luxembourgish language
xlc 34 Lycian Category:Lycian language
xld 36 Lydian Category:Lydian language
khb 11 Category:Lü language
mas 1 Maasai Category:Maasai language
ymm 1 Maay Category:Maay language
mk mkd 917 Macedonian Category:Macedonian language
mad 1 Madurese Category:Madurese language
myh 1 Makah Category:Makah language
vmw 3 Makhuwa Category:Makhuwa language
mg mlg 82 Malagasy Category:Malagasy language
ms msa 369 Malay Category:Malay language
ml mal 121 Malayalam Category:Malayalam language
mt mlt 1143 Maltese Category:Maltese language
gut 6 Maléku Jaíka Category:Maléku Jaíka language
mnc 13 Manchu Category:Manchu language
zh cmn 51348 Mandarin Category:Mandarin language
mnk 47 Mandinka Category:Mandinka language
mrv 2 Mangarevan Category:Mangarevan language
mns 1 Mansi Category:Mansi language
gv glv 1048 Manx Category:Manx language
mi mri 279 Maori Category:Maori language
arn 782 Mapudungun Category:Mapudungun language
mr mar 111 Marathi Category:Marathi language
mvr 1 Marau Category:Marau language
chm 34 Mari Category:Mari language
mrc 1 Maricopa Category:Maricopa language
mh mah 7 Marshallese Category:Marshallese language
ims 2 Marsian Category:Marsian language
zmg 3 Marti Ke Category:Marti Ke language
vma 109 Martuthunira Category:Martuthunira language
mwr 1 Marwari Category:Marwari language
wam 1 Massachusett Category:Massachusett language
mtm 1 Mator Category:Mator language
mfe 12 Mauritian Creole Category:Mauritian Creole language
yan 1 Mayangna Category:Mayangna language
vmb 1 Mbabaram Category:Mbabaram language
gun 1 Mbyá Guaraní Category:Mbyá Guaraní language
ruq 30 Megleno-Romanian Category:Megleno-Romanian language
men 3 Mende Category:Mende language
ulk 46 Meriam Category:Meriam language
mer 6 Meru Category:Meru language
fit 9 Meänkieli Category:Meänkieli language
mic 1 Mi'kmaq Category:Mi'kmaq language
mia 1 Miami Category:Miami language
zhx-mid 432 Middle Chinese Category:Middle Chinese language
dum 10 Middle Dutch Category:Middle Dutch language
enm 337 Middle English Category:Middle English language
frm 161 Middle French Category:Middle French language
gmh 32 Middle High German Category:Middle High German language
mga 14 Middle Irish Category:Middle Irish language
okm 16 Middle Korean Category:Middle Korean language
gml 2 Middle Low German Category:Middle Low German language
wlm 6 Middle Welsh Category:Middle Welsh language
cdo 8 Min Dong Category:Min Dong language
nan zh-min-nan 2006 Min Nan Category:Min Nan language
xmf 24 Mingrelian Category:Mingrelian language
mwl 18 Mirandese Category:Mirandese language
miq 15 Miskito Category:Miskito language
mvi 3 Miyako Category:Miyako language
obm 20 Moabite Category:Moabite language
mod 1 Mobilian Category:Mobilian language
mdf 11 Moksha Category:Moksha language
mo 30 Moldavian Category:Moldavian language
mnw 11 Mon Category:Mon language
mn mon 209 Mongolian Category:Mongolian language
mjg 1 Monguor Category:Monguor language
moe 1 Montagnais Category:Montagnais language
zls-mon 1 Montenegrin Category:Montenegrin language
mop 1 Mopán Category:Mopán language
ary 31 Moroccan Arabic Category:Moroccan Arabic language
meu 2 Motu Category:Motu language
wiv 4 Muduapa Category:Muduapa language
mhk 1 Mungaka Category:Mungaka language
mth 2 Munggui Category:Munggui language
mwf 12 Murrinh-Patha Category:Murrinh-Patha language
gmy 98 Mycenaean Greek Category:Mycenaean Greek language
nxe 1 Nage Category:Nage language
nah 261 Nahuatl Category:Nahuatl language
gld 2 Nanai Category:Nanai language
na nau 13 Nauruan Category:Nauruan language
nv nav 760 Navajo Category:Navajo language
ndh 1 Ndali Category:Ndali language
ng ndo 6 Ndonga Category:Ndonga language
nap 406 Neapolitan Category:Neapolitan language
yrk 22 Nenets Category:Nenets language
ne nep 33 Nepali Category:Nepali language
new 6 Newari Category:Newari language
ntj 1 Ngaanyatjarra Category:Ngaanyatjarra language
nio 2 Nganasan Category:Nganasan language
nay 127 Ngarrindjeri Category:Ngarrindjeri language
nxn 2 Ngawun Category:Ngawun language
nha 2 Nhanda Category:Nhanda language
pcm 57 Nigerian Pidgin Category:Nigerian Pidgin language
niu 2 Niuean Category:Niuean language
niv 1 Nivkh Category:Nivkh language
nog 9 Nogai Category:Nogai language
noo 1 Nootka Category:Nootka language
cpe-nor 20 Norfuk Category:Norfuk language
roa-nor 2 Norman Category:Norman language
nrn 1 Norn Category:Norn language
frr 39 North Frisian Category:North Frisian language
apc 2 North Levantine Arabic Category:North Levantine Arabic language
dgi 2 Northern Dagara Category:Northern Dagara language
cst 1 Northern Ohlone Category:Northern Ohlone language
se sme 720 Northern Sami Category:Northern Sami language
nso 8 Northern Sotho Category:Northern Sotho language
nod 34 Northern Thai Category:Northern Thai language
no nor 6378 Norwegian Category:Norwegian language
nb nob 655 Norwegian Bokmål Category:Norwegian Bokmål language
nn nno 1400 Norwegian Nynorsk Category:Norwegian Nynorsk language
nov 72 Novial Category:Novial language
nys 2 Nyunga Category:Nyunga language
ood 7 O'odham Category:O'odham language
oc oci 1085 Occitan Category:Occitan language
oj oji 192 Ojibwe Category:Ojibwe language
ryu 3 Okinawan Category:Okinawan language
xcl 3116 Old Armenian Category:Old Armenian language
och 2 Old Chinese Category:Old Chinese language
cu chu 2222 Old Church Slavonic Category:Old Church Slavonic language
odt 5 Old Dutch Category:Old Dutch language
orv 9 Old East Slavic Category:Old East Slavic language
ang 3512 Old English Category:Old English language
fro 2079 Old French Category:Old French language
ofs 126 Old Frisian Category:Old Frisian language
oge 10 Old Georgian Category:Old Georgian language
goh 858 Old High German Category:Old High German language
sga 598 Old Irish Category:Old Irish language
ojp 1 Old Japanese Category:Old Japanese language
oko 51 Old Korean Category:Old Korean language
non 742 Old Norse Category:Old Norse language
peo 77 Old Persian Category:Old Persian language
zlw-opl 10 Old Polish Category:Old Polish language
roa-ptg 26 Old Portuguese Category:Old Portuguese language
pro 2 Old Provençal Category:Old Provençal language
prg 245 Old Prussian Category:Old Prussian language
osx 4 Old Saxon Category:Old Saxon language
osp 1 Old Spanish Category:Old Spanish language
tpw 4 Old Tupi Category:Old Tupi language
owl 8 Old Welsh Category:Old Welsh language
or ori 14 Oriya Category:Oriya language
om orm 4 Oromo Category:Oromo language
osc 7 Oscan Category:Oscan language
os oss 154 Ossetian Category:Ossetian language
ota 563 Ottoman Turkish Category:Ottoman Turkish language
pwn 2 Paiwan Category:Paiwan language
pau 3 Palauan Category:Palauan language
pi pli 22 Pali Category:Pali language
ple 7 Palu'e Category:Palu'e language
pag 11 Pangasinan Category:Pangasinan language
pnw 15 Panyjima Category:Panyjima language
pap 124 Papiamentu Category:Papiamentu language
ppm 1 Papuma Category:Papuma language
ps pus 296 Pashto Category:Pashto language
pad 10 Paumarí Category:Paumarí language
pdc 17 Pennsylvania German Category:Pennsylvania German language
fa fas 4182 Persian Category:Persian language
phn 110 Phoenician Category:Phoenician language
xpg 18 Phrygian Category:Phrygian language
pcd 6 Picard Category:Picard language
pms 13 Piedmontese Category:Piedmontese language
pis 2 Pijin Category:Pijin language
ppl 1 Pipil Category:Pipil language
myp 10 Pirahã Category:Pirahã language
pjt 168 Pitjantjatjara Category:Pitjantjatjara language
pit 1 Pitta-Pitta Category:Pitta-Pitta language
xpo 1 Pochutec Category:Pochutec language
pon 1 Pohnpeian Category:Pohnpeian language
pox 158 Polabian Category:Polabian language
pl pol 7956 Polish Category:Polish language
pt por 36022 Portuguese Category:Portuguese language
pot 12 Potawatomi Category:Potawatomi language
fuc 51 Pulaar Category:Pulaar language
xpm 47 Pumpokol Category:Pumpokol language
xpu 25 Punic Category:Punic language
pa pan 76 Punjabi Category:Punjabi language
qu que 100 Quechua Category:Quechua language
raj 1 Rajasthani Category:Rajasthani language
rap 4 Rapa Nui Category:Rapa Nui language
rar 4 Rarotongan Category:Rarotongan language
rej 1 Rejang Category:Rejang language
rhg 189 Rohingya Category:Rohingya language
rom 390 Romani Category:Romani language
ro ron 8425 Romanian Category:Romanian language
rm roh 194 Romansch Category:Romansch language
roo 2 Rotokas Category:Rotokas language
rtm 14 Rotuman Category:Rotuman language
crp-rsn 1 Russenorsk Category:Russenorsk language
ru rus 12301 Russian Category:Russian language
rue 2 Rusyn Category:Rusyn language
rut 3 Rutul Category:Rutul language
str 206 Saanich Category:Saanich language
sm smo 20 Samoan Category:Samoan language
cpe-spp 19 Samoan Plantation Pidgin Category:Samoan Plantation Pidgin language
bat-smg 40 Samogitian Category:Samogitian language
sa san 1135 Sanskrit Category:Sanskrit language
sat 82 Santali Category:Santali language
sc srd 70 Sardinian Category:Sardinian language
srs 1 Sarsi Category:Sarsi language
stq 130 Saterland Frisian Category:Saterland Frisian language
saw 2 Sawi Category:Sawi language
pos 2 Sayula Popoluca Category:Sayula Popoluca language
sco 1417 Scots Category:Scots language
gd gla 7656 Scottish Gaelic Category:Scottish Gaelic language
see 2 Seneca Category:Seneca language
sh hbs 25822 Serbo-Croatian Category:Serbo-Croatian language
sei 60 Seri Category:Seri language
seu 2 Serui-Laut Category:Serui-Laut language
sbf 68 Shabo Category:Shabo language
shn 29 Shan Category:Shan language
sth 6 Shelta Category:Shelta language
xsr 1 Sherpa Category:Sherpa language
sn sna 3 Shona Category:Shona language
cjs 19 Shor Category:Shor language
shh 5 Shoshone Category:Shoshone language
jiv 7 Shuar Category:Shuar language
ii iii 14 Sichuan Yi Category:Sichuan Yi language
scn 994 Sicilian Category:Sicilian language
szl 5 Silesian Category:Silesian language
sd snd 36 Sindhi Category:Sindhi language
si sin 39 Sinhalese Category:Sinhalese language
srq 1 Sirionó Category:Sirionó language
sms 76 Skolt Sami Category:Skolt Sami language
sk slk 995 Slovak Category:Slovak language
sl slv 3208 Slovene Category:Slovene language
zlw-slv 1 Slovincian Category:Slovincian language
so som 26 Somali Category:Somali language
sov 1 Sonsorolese Category:Sonsorolese language
sqt 1 Soqotri Category:Soqotri language
st sot 17 Sotho Category:Sotho language
ajp 1 South Levantine Arabic Category:South Levantine Arabic language
spx 2 South Picene Category:South Picene language
xsl 1 South Slavey Category:South Slavey language
stp 1 Southeastern Tepehuan Category:Southeastern Tepehuan language
alt 44 Southern Altai Category:Southern Altai language
css 4 Southern Ohlone Category:Southern Ohlone language
sma 20 Southern Sami Category:Southern Sami language
yux 1 Southern Yukaghir Category:Southern Yukaghir language
es spa 220135 Spanish Category:Spanish language
srn 287 Sranan Tongo Category:Sranan Tongo language
sux 144 Sumerian Category:Sumerian language
su sun 9 Sundanese Category:Sundanese language
sva 6 Svan Category:Svan language
swg 1 Swabian Category:Swabian language
sw swa 1812 Swahili Category:Swahili language
ss ssw 4 Swazi Category:Swazi language
sv swe 10717 Swedish Category:Swedish language
aus-syd 24 Sydney Category:Sydney language
syc 34 Syriac Category:Syriac language
tab 1 Tabassaran Category:Tabassaran language
tna 13 Tacana Category:Tacana language
shi 15 Tachelhit Category:Tachelhit language
tl tgl 635 Tagalog Category:Tagalog language
ty tah 9 Tahitian Category:Tahitian language
crp-tpr 3 Taimyr Pidgin Russian Category:Taimyr Pidgin Russian language
tg tgk 424 Tajik Category:Tajik language
tmh 1 Tamasheq Category:Tamasheq language
ta tam 382 Tamil Category:Tamil language
twf 523 Taos Category:Taos language
tt tat 551 Tatar Category:Tatar language
tsg 1 Tausug Category:Tausug language
te tel 412 Telugu Category:Telugu language
sjt 1 Ter Sami Category:Ter Sami language
tet 65 Tetum Category:Tetum language
th tha 2043 Thai Category:Thai language
bo bod 162 Tibetan Category:Tibetan language
tig 9 Tigre Category:Tigre language
ti tir 252 Tigrinya Category:Tigrinya language
tiw 6 Tiwi Category:Tiwi language
xto 61 Tocharian A Category:Tocharian A language
txb 71 Tocharian B Category:Tocharian B language
tpi 325 Tok Pisin Category:Tok Pisin language
tkl 2 Tokelauan Category:Tokelauan language
to ton 27 Tongan Category:Tongan language
tcs 113 Torres Strait Creole Category:Torres Strait Creole language
mul 30085 Translingual Category:Translingual language
tkr 3 Tsakhur Category:Tsakhur language
lua 1 Tshiluba Category:Tshiluba language
ts tso 1 Tsonga Category:Tsonga language
tn tsn 93 Tswana Category:Tswana language
pmt 2 Tuamotuan Category:Tuamotuan language
tcy 110 Tulu Category:Tulu language
tum 2 Tumbuka Category:Tumbuka language
aeb 18 Tunisian Arabic Category:Tunisian Arabic language
tpn 14 Tupinambá Category:Tupinambá language
tr tur 7141 Turkish Category:Turkish language
tk tuk 296 Turkmen Category:Turkmen language
tvl 11 Tuvaluan Category:Tuvaluan language
tyv 36 Tuvan Category:Tuvan language
tw twi 13 Twi Category:Twi language
tzj 5 Tz'utujil Category:Tz'utujil language
uby 1 Ubykh Category:Ubykh language
udi 39 Udi Category:Udi language
udm 12 Udmurt Category:Udmurt language
uga 155 Ugaritic Category:Ugaritic language
uk ukr 582 Ukrainian Category:Ukrainian language
xum 7 Umbrian Category:Umbrian language
umb 1 Umbundu Category:Umbundu language
unm 1 Unami Category:Unami language
uln 2 Unserdeutsch Category:Unserdeutsch language
hsb 145 Upper Sorbian Category:Upper Sorbian language
ur urd 1413 Urdu Category:Urdu language
uum 1 Urum Category:Urum language
ug uig 191 Uyghur Category:Uyghur language
uz uzb 240 Uzbek Category:Uzbek language
vai 311 Vai Category:Vai language
xvn 3 Vandalic Category:Vandalic language
ve ven 1 Venda Category:Venda language
vec 17 Venetian Category:Venetian language
vep 130 Veps Category:Veps language
vi vie 5416 Vietnamese Category:Vietnamese language
vin 1 Vinza Category:Vinza language
vo vol 877 Volapük Category:Volapük language
vot 74 Votic Category:Votic language
vro 74 Võro Category:Võro language
wbb 1 Wabo Category:Wabo language
waq 6 Wageman Category:Wageman language
wa wln 40 Walloon Category:Walloon language
wad 2 Wandamen Category:Wandamen language
wyb 38 Wangaaybuwan-Ngiyambaa Category:Wangaaybuwan-Ngiyambaa language
wba 21 Warao Category:Warao language
wbp 47 Warlpiri Category:Warlpiri language
wrp 1 Waropen Category:Waropen language
wgy 1 Warrgamay Category:Warrgamay language
cy cym 1183 Welsh Category:Welsh language
aus-wem 4 Wemba-Wemba Category:Wemba-Wemba language
fy fry 853 West Frisian Category:West Frisian language
apw 21 Western Apache Category:Western Apache language
are 9 Western Arrernte Category:Western Arrernte language
kyu 1 Western Kayah Category:Western Kayah language
pnb 1 Western Panjabi Category:Western Panjabi language
wew 7 Weyewa Category:Weyewa language
wim 24 Wik-Mungkan Category:Wik-Mungkan language
win 1 Winnebago Category:Winnebago language
wrh 205 Wiradhuri Category:Wiradhuri language
wbw 22 Woi Category:Woi language
aus-wwg 40 Woiwurrung Category:Woiwurrung language
wo wol 24 Wolof Category:Wolof language
kda 1 Worimi Category:Worimi language
wuu 33 Wu Category:Wu language
xav 2 Xavante Category:Xavante language
xh xho 26 Xhosa Category:Xhosa language
yai 1 Yagnobi Category:Yagnobi language
sah 42 Yakut Category:Yakut language
kdd 4 Yankunytjatjara Category:Yankunytjatjara language
jao 4 Yanyuwa Category:Yanyuwa language
yap 1 Yapese Category:Yapese language
zav 15 Yatzachi Zapotec Category:Yatzachi Zapotec language
yi yid 590 Yiddish Category:Yiddish language
yii 3 Yidiny Category:Yidiny language
yij 25 Yindjibarndi Category:Yindjibarndi language
yut 1 Yopno Category:Yopno language
yo yor 111 Yoruba Category:Yoruba language
mpm 9 Yosondúa Mixtec Category:Yosondúa Mixtec language
yua 168 Yucatec Maya Category:Yucatec Maya language
esu 1 Yup'ik Category:Yup'ik language
yur 263 Yurok Category:Yurok language
yag 1 Yámana Category:Yámana language
zen 1 Zenaga Category:Zenaga language
za zha 25 Zhuang Category:Zhuang language
zmb 1 Zimba Category:Zimba language
zpq 12 Zoogocho Zapotec Category:Zoogocho Zapotec language
gnd 1 Zulgo-Gemzek Category:Zulgo-Gemzek language
zu zul 29 Zulu Category:Zulu language
zun 2 Zuni Category:Zuni language