Appendix:Modern Hangul syllabic blocks by strokes

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This is the list of modern Hangul syllabic blocks by the total number of strokes.

  • X+Y+Z: X, Y, and Z are the number of strokes of an initial jamo, a medial jamo, and a final jamo respectively.
  • A number in parentheses is the total number of syllabic blocks in that section/item.

2 strokes (6)[edit]

3 strokes (43)[edit]

4 strokes (164)[edit]

5 strokes (431)[edit]

6 strokes (852)[edit]

7 strokes (1322)[edit]

8 strokes (1648)[edit]

9 strokes (1695)[edit]

10 strokes (1509)[edit]

11 strokes (1200)[edit]

12 strokes (895)[edit]