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wad {n} (substantial pile (normally of money)) :: סְטֵפָה {f} /stéfa/
wadi {n} (a valley, gully, or stream-bed in northern Africa and southwest Asia that remains dry except during the rainy season) :: ואדי
Waffen-SS {prop} (combat arm of the Schutzstaffel) :: ואפן אס אס /vafn es es/
wage {n} (money paid to a worker) :: משכורת \ מַשְׂכֹּרֶת {f} /maskorét/, שָׂכָר {m} /sakhár/
waist {n} (part of the body between the pelvis and the stomach) :: מֹתֶן {m} /moten/
wait {v} (delay until some event) :: חיכה \ חִכָּה /khiká/, הִמְתִּין /himtín/
waiter {n} (a server in a restaurant or similar) :: מֶלְצַר {m} /meltsár/
wait for {v} (wait) SEE: wait ::
waiting list {n} (ordered list of people waiting to obtain a good or service) :: רשימת המתנה {f} /reshimat hamtana/
waitlist {n} (waiting list) SEE: waiting list ::
waitress {n} (female waiter) :: מלצרית {f} /miltzarít/
wake {v} (to stop sleeping) :: התעורר, נעור, הקיץ
wake {v} (to make somebody stop sleeping) :: העיר
wake up {v} (to (become) awake) :: התעורר /hit'orér/
wake up {v} (to awaken (someone else)) :: העיר /he'ír/
wake up {v} (to become more aware of a real-life situation.) :: התעורר /hit'orér/
Wales {prop} (a constituent nation of the UK) :: ווֹלְס /vols/, וֵילְס /Veils/, וֵיילְס‏ /Veils/
walk {v} (to move on the feet) :: הָלַךְ /halákh/
walk {v} (to travel a distance by walking) :: הָלַךְ /halákh/
walk {v} (to take for a walk) :: הוֹלִיך /holíkh/, לָקַח לְטִיּוּל /lakákh l'tiyúl/
walk {n} (trip made by walking) :: טיול {m} /tiyúl/, הָלִיכָה {f} /halikhá/
walk {n} (manner of walking) :: צורת הליכה {f} /tsurát halikhá/
walk {n} (graph theory: a sequence of alternating vertices and edges) :: הילוך {m}
walking {n} (gerund of walk) :: הֲלִיכָה {f} /halikhá/
walking cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick ::
walking stick {n} (cane) :: מקל הליכה {m} /makel haliḥa/
walkthrough {n} ((video games) playthrough detailing the steps involved in winning the game) :: בהדרכה
wall {n} (defensive rampart) :: קִיר {m} /kir/
wall {n} (structure built for defense surrounding an area) :: חוֹמָה {f} /khomá/
wall {n} (substantial structure acting as side or division in a building) :: קיר {m} /kir/
Wallachia {prop} (region in Romania) :: ולאכיה
wallet {n} (case for keeping money) :: אַרְנָק {m} /arnák/
wallpaper {n} (decorative paper for walls) :: טפט {m} /ta'pet/, טפיטי נייר /tapiti nyar/, נְייָר־קִיר /nyar-kir/
walnut {n} (nut) :: אגוז מלך {m} /egóz mélekh/
walrus {n} (large Arctic marine mammal) :: ניבתן {m} /nivtan/, סוס ים {m} /sus yam/
wand {n} (hand-held narrow rod) :: מַטֶּה {m} /maté/, שַׁרְבִיט {m} /sharvít/
wandering {n} :: תעיה /t'ìyah/
wangle {v} (falsify) SEE: falsify ::
wanker {n} (idiot) :: אידיוט {m} /idiot/
want {v} (desire) :: רָצָה /ratsá/
want {v} (lack) SEE: lack ::
waqf {n} (inalienable endowment for charity) :: וקף
war {n} (conflict involving organized use of arms) :: מִלְחָמָה {f} /milkhamá/
war crime {n} (offense for violations of the law of war) :: פֶּשַׁע מִלְחָמָה {m}
-ward {suffix} (forming adverbs) :: ־ה /-a/, ל־ /l'-/
wardrobe {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet ::
wardrobe {n} (movable furniture for storing clothes) :: אָרוֹן {m} /arón/
wardrobe {n} :: מֶלְתָּחָה
-wards {suffix} (forming adverbs) :: ־ה /-a/, ל־ /l'-/
warehouse {n} (A place for storing large amounts of products) :: מַחְסָן {m} /makhsán/
warm {adj} (having a temperature slightly higher than usual) :: חמים {m} /khamím/, חמימה {f} /khamimá/
warm {adj} (being something that causes warmth) :: חמים {m} /khamím/, חמימה {f} /khamimá/
warm {adj} (caring, of relation to another person) :: חם {m} /khám/, חמה {f} /khamá/
warm {v} (to make or keep warm) :: חימם /khimém/
warm {v} (to increasingly favour) :: נפתח /niftákh/
warning {interj} (warning of danger in signs) :: זְהִירוּת {f} /z'hirút/
warp {n} (threads) :: שְׁתִי {m} /shti/
warp and woof {n} (threads in a woven fabric) :: שְׁתִי וָעֵרֶב /shti va'érev/
warrant {v} (to authorize) SEE: authorize ::
warranty {n} (insurance law: a stipulation of an insurance policy made by an insuree, guaranteeing that the facts of the policy are true and the insurance risk is as stated) :: אחראיות יצרן {f} /akhrayut yatsran/
warrior {n} (person actively engaged in battle, conflict or warfare) :: לוֹחֵם {m} /loḥém/, לוֹחֶמֶת {f} /loḥémet/
Warsaw {prop} (capital city of Poland) :: וורשה /Varsha/
warship {n} (ship built or armed for naval combat) :: ספינת מלחמה
wart {n} (type of growth occurring on the skin) :: יַבֶּלֶת {f} /yabėleţ/
warthog {n} (a species of wild pig) :: חזיר יבלות מצוי
Warwick {prop} (county town of Warwickshire) :: ווֹרִיק {m} /Vórik/
wasabi {n} (green Japanese condiment) :: ואסאבי /vasabi/
wash {v} (to clean with water) :: רחץ /rakháts/, שטף /shatáf/
washbasin {n} (basin used for washing, sink) :: כִּיּוֹר {m} /kiyór/
washing machine {n} (machine that washes clothes) :: מְכוֹנַת כְּבִיסָה /m'khonat kvisa/
Washington {prop} (Washington) :: וושינגטון {m} /voshington/
Washington, D.C. {prop} (federal capital of the United States of America) :: וושינגטון די. סי. {m} /vashingtun di si/
washroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
wasp {n} (insect) :: צִרְעָה {f} /tsir'ah/
waste {n} (loss, ineffective use) :: אבטלה {f} /av"talah/
waste {n} (useless products, garbage) :: אבטלה {f} /av"talah/
watch {n} (portable or wearable timepiece) :: שָׁעוֹן {m} /sha‘ón/
watch {n} (particular time period) :: אשמורת \ אַשְׁמֹרֶת {f} /ashmóret/
watcher {n} (guard) SEE: guard ::
watchlist {n} (list for special attention) :: רְשִׁימַת מַעֲקָב {f} /reshimát ma'akáv/
watchword {n} (word used as expressive of a principle) :: אִמְרַת כָּנָף {f} /imrát kanáf/
water {n} (mineral water) SEE: mineral water ::
water {n} (clear liquid H₂O) :: מים {m-p}
water {n} (one of the basic elements) :: מַיִם {m-p} /máyim/
water {n} (body of water, or specific part of it) :: מַיִם {m-p} /máyim/
water {n} (urine) :: שֶׁתֶן {m} /shéten/
water {v} (to pour water into the soil surrounding (plants)) :: הִשְׁקָה /hishká/
water {v} (colloquial: to urinate) :: הִשְׁתִּין /hishtín/
water bear {n} (A member of the phylum Tardigrada) :: דובון מים {m} /dubón máyim/
waterbody {n} (significant accumulation of water) SEE: body of water ::
water carrier {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius ::
water closet {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet ::
water closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
watercress {n} (Nasturtium officinale) :: גרגיר הנחלים
waterfall {n} (flow of water over the edge of a cliff) :: מַפַּל מַיִם {m} /mapál máyim/
waterfall {n} (waterfall-like outpouring) :: מפל {m} /mapál/
water lily {n} (Any members of Nymphaeaceae) :: שׁוֹשַׁנַּת מַיִם {f} /shoshanát máyim/
watermelon {n} (plant) :: אֲבַטִּיחַ {m} /avatíakh/
watermelon {n} (fruit) :: אֲבַטִּיחַ {m} /avatíakh/
watermill {n} (mill powered by water) :: טַחֲנַת מַיִם {f} /takhanat mayim/
water police {n} (police department charged with patrolling harbours and waterways) :: יְחִידַת שִׁטּוּר יַמִּי {f} /yekhidat shitur yami/
watershed {n} (boundary between adjacent catchment basins) :: קו פרשת המים {m}
watershed {n} (critical point marking a change in course or development) :: קו פרשת המים {m}
watershed {n} (drainage basin) SEE: drainage basin ::
water tower {n} (tank of water) :: מגדל מים {m} /migdal maim/
waterway {n} (navigable body of water) :: נְתִיב מַיִם {m} /netiv mayim/
watery grave {n} (death or loss of object via sinking in water) :: קבר במצולות, טביעה במצולות
watt {n} (derived unit of power) :: ואט
wattle {n} (Australian acacia) :: שִׁטָּה {f} /shitá/
waulk {v} (full) SEE: full ::
wave {n} (moving disturbance, undulation) :: גַּל {m} /gal/
wavefunction {n} (notion in quantum mechanics) :: פונקציית גל
wavelength {n} (the length of a single cycle of a wave) :: אורך גל /órekh gal/
waw {n} (Arabic letter) :: וי״ו {m} {f} /vav/
wax {n} (oily, water-resistant substance) :: שַׁעֲוָה / שעווה
way {adv} (very) SEE: very ::
way {adv} (far) SEE: far ::
way {n} (road, direction, path) :: דרך {f} /derekh/
way {n} (means to enter or leave) :: אמצעי {m} /emtsa'i/
way {n} (method or manner) :: דרך {f} /derekh/, שיטה {f} /shita/
way {adv} (much) SEE: much ::
way of life {n} (style of living) :: אֹרַח חַיִּים {m} /óraẖ ẖayím/
way to go {interj} (expression of congrats, encouragement or approval) :: כָּל הַכָּבוֹד! /kól hakavód!/
way too {adv} :: מאוד /məód/
we {pron} (the speakers, or the speaker(s) and other person(s) not being addressed (exclusive we: he or she or they and I)) :: אֲנַחְנוּ /anákhnu/, אָנוּ /ánu/
weak {adj} (lacking in force or ability) :: חַלָּשׁ /khalásh/
weak {adj} :: חלש {m} /khalásh/, חלשה {f} /khalásha/
weaken {v} (to make weaker) :: החליש {m} /hechlish/
weakness {n} (condition of being weak) :: חולשה {f} /khulshá/
wealthy {adj} (rich) :: אָמִיד {m} /amíd/
weapon {n} (instrument of attack or defense in combat) :: כְּלִי נֶשֶׁק {m} /kli nésheq/
weapon of mass destruction {acronym} (weapon causing large-scale death or destruction) :: נשק בלתי קונבנציונלי
weaponry {n} (weapons collectively) :: נֶשֶׁק {m} /nésheq/, כְּלֵי נֶשֶׁק {m-p} /klei nésheq/
wear {v} (to have on (clothes)) :: לָבַשׁ /lavásh/
weasel {n} (least weasel, Mustela nivalis) :: סמור /samur/
weather {adj} (state of the atmosphere) :: מֶזֶג אֲוִיר {m} /mézeg-avír/
weather {adj} :: מזג אוויר
weather {adj} (situation) SEE: situation ::
web {n} (spiderweb) SEE: spiderweb ::
web browser {n} (a computer program used to navigate the World Wide Web) :: דפדפן {m} /dafdefán/
weblog {n} (blog) SEE: blog ::
web page {n} (a single page in a website) :: דַּף {m} /daf/
website {n} (a collection of pages on the World Wide Web) :: אתר אינטרנט /atar internet/
wedding {n} (marriage ceremony) :: חתונה \ חֲתֻנָּה {f} /khatuná/
wedge {n} (simple machine) :: טְרִיז {m} /t'riz/
wedgie {n} (prank in which a person's underpants are pulled up sharply) :: לבני להכניס טריז {m} /lavanay lehekhnis triz/
Wednesday {n} (day of the week) :: יוֹם רְבִיעִי {m} /yom revi’í/, יוֹם ד' {m} /yom dálet/
wee {adj} (small, little) :: קטן {m} /katán/
weed {n} (cigar) SEE: cigar ::
weed {n} (the weed) SEE: tobacco ::
weed {n} (unwanted plant) :: עשב {m} /ésev/
weed {n} (slang: marijuana) :: גראס {m} /gras/
wee hours {n} :: הַשָּׁעוֹת הַקְּטַנּוֹת {f-p} /hasha'ót haqtanót/
week {n} (period of seven days) :: שָׁבוּעַ {m} /shavúa/
weekday {n} (weekday) :: יוֹם חֹל {m} /yom ḥol/
weekend {n} (break in the working week) :: סוף שבוע {m} (Friday and Saturday in Israel)
weekly {adv} (once every week) :: אחת לשבוע /akhát le-shavúa/
weekly {adv} (every week) :: כל שבוע /kol shavúa/
weekly {adj} (of or relating to a week) :: שבועי /shvu'í/
weekly {adj} (happening once a week or every week) :: שבועי {m} /shvu'í/
weekly {n} (publication that is published once a week) :: שבועון {m} /shavu'ón/
weigh {v} :: שקל /shaqal/
weight {n} (force due to gravity) :: מִשְׁקָל {m} /mishkál/
Weimar Republic {prop} (Germany between 1919 and 1933) :: רפובליקת ויימאר
weird {adj} (having an unusually strange character or behaviour) :: מוזר
welcome {adj} (whose arrival is a cause of joy) :: ברוך הבא
welcome {interj} (greeting given upon someone's arrival) :: !בָּרוּךְ הַבָּא {m} /barúkh habá/, !ברוכה הבאה {f} /brukhá habáa/, !ברוכים הבאים {p} /brukhím habaím/, !ברוכות הבאות {f-p} /brukhót habaót/
weld {v} (to join materials (especially metals) by applying heat) :: רִיתֵּךְ /ritékh/
welder {n} (one who welds) :: רַתָּךְ {m} /rátakh/
welfare trap {n} (situation) :: מלכודת הרווחה
welkin {n} (sky) SEE: sky ::
well {adv} (accurately; competently) :: היטב /heitév/
well {adv} :: היטב
well {adj} (in good health) :: בריא {m}, בריאה {f}
well {interj} (used to introduce a statement that may be contrary to expectations) :: וואלה, ובכן /uvkhén/
well {n} (hole sunk into the ground) :: בְאֵר {f} /b’er/
well done {interj} (exclamation of praise) :: יופי, כל הכבוד
Wellington {prop} (capital of New Zealand) :: ולינגטון
Welsh {prop} :: וולשית /welshít/
Wen {prop} (Chinese surname) :: וואן
Wend {n} (Slav) SEE: Slav ::
Wendish {adj} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian ::
Wendish {prop} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian ::
werewolf {n} (wolflike human) :: אָדָם זְאֵב {m} /adám zeév/, אַנְשֵׁי זְאֵב {m-p} /anshéi zeév/
west {n} (compass point) :: מַעֲרָב {m} /ma'aráv/
West Bank {prop} (territory) :: יהודה ושומרון /yehuda ve-shomron/, הַגָּדָה הַמַּעֲרָבִית {f} /hagadah hama'aravít/
West Bengal {prop} (state) :: מערב בנגל
western {n} (film or other dramatic work) :: מערבון {m} /ma'arvón/
Western {adj} (of, situated in, or related to the West) SEE: western ::
Western {n} (work of a genre dealing with Old West) SEE: western ::
western barn owl {n} (Tyto alba) :: תנשמת לבנה, שעיר {m} /sa'ir/
Western Europe {prop} (Western Europe) :: מערב אירופה {m} /ma`aráv 'eiróppah/
westernization {n} (assimilation of the western culture) :: התמערבות
Western Sahara {prop} (a territory in northern Africa) :: סהרה המערבית {f} /sahara ha-ma'aravit/
Western Wall {prop} (ancient wall in Jerusalem, remnant of the Jewish Second Temple) :: הכותל המערבי \ הַכֹּתֶל הַמַּעֲרָבִי‎ {m} /hakótel hama'araví/, [informal] הכותל \ הַכֹּתֶל {m} /hakótel/
West Jerusalem {prop} (western sector of Jerusalem) :: מַעֲרַב יְרוּשָׁלַיִם {m} /ma'aráv y'rushaláyim/, יְרוּשָׁלַיִם הַמַּעֲרָבִית {f} /y'rushaláyim hama'aravít/
Westminster Abbey {prop} (large Gothic church) :: מנזר וסטמינסטר {m} /Minzar Vestminster/
wet {adj} (of an object: covered with or impregnated with liquid) :: רטוב {m} /ratóv/, רטובה {f} /retuvá/
wet {adj} (made of liquid or moisture) :: רטוב {m} /ratóv/, רטובה {f} /retuvá/
wet {adj} (of weather: rainy, see also: rainy) :: רטוב {m} /ratóv/
wet {v} (cover or impregnate with liquid) :: הרטיב /hirtív/
wet {v} (urinate accidentally in or on) :: הרטיב /hirtív/
wet {v} (become wet) :: נרטב /nirtáv/
wet dream {n} (ejaculation or orgasm while asleep) SEE: nocturnal emission ::
wet nurse {n} (woman hired to suckle another woman's child) :: מֵינֶקֶת {f} /meinéket/
whale {n} (large sea mammal) :: לווייתן \ לִוְיָתָן {m} /livyatán/
what {pron} (What? (interrogative pronoun)) :: מה /ma/
what {pron} (nonstandard relative pronoun) :: [prefix] ש /she/
what {adv} (such) :: איזה {m} /éize/
what {interj} (expression of surprise) :: מָה? /ma?/
what {determiner} (which) :: איזה /'éyze/
what are you doing {phrase} (what are you doing) :: [to a man] מה אתה עושה? /ma atá ose?/, [to a woman] מה את עושה? /ma at osa?/
what doesn't kill you makes you stronger {proverb} (hardship builds moral character) :: מה שלא הורג, מחשל / ma she-ló horég, mechashél/
what does that have to do with the price of tea in China {phrase} (a comment used to indicate that a previous comment is irrelevant or unimportant) :: מה עניין שמיטה אצל הר סיני
what does XX mean {phrase} (what does XX mean?) :: מה זה XX? /ma ze XX?/, מה XX אומר? /ma XX omer?/
whatever {interj} (indicating the speaker does not care what someone says) :: שיהיה /sheyihiyé/, מה שתגיד /ma shetagíd/ [adressing a male], מה שתגידי /ma shetagídi/ [adressing a female]
what goes around comes around {proverb} (actions have consequences) :: שלח לחמך על פני המים כי ברבות הימים תמצאנו, מה שנותנים - מקבלים, כל אחד מקבל בסוף מה שמגיע לו, הגלגל מסתובב, גלגל חוזר בעולם
what is that {phrase} (what is that?) :: מַה זֶּה? {m} /ma zé/, מַה זֹּאת? {f} /ma zót/
what is your name {phrase} (what is your name?) :: מה שמך? /má shimkhá?/ [to a man], מה שמך? /má sh'mékh?/ [to a woman]
what's good {phrase} (what's up) SEE: what's up ::
whatsoever {adj} (in any way) :: כְּהוּא זֶה /kehú ze/
what's up {phrase} (informal, How are you?) :: מה קורה
what's up {phrase} :: מה נשמע
what the fuck {phrase} (An intensive form of what) :: מה לעזאזל /ma la`azazél/
what the fuck {interj} (expressing astonishment) :: מה לעזאזל /ma la`azazél/
what the fuck {interj} (expressing nonchalance) :: למה לא /lama ló/
what the hell {phrase} (an intensive form of what) :: מָה לַעֲזָאזֵל /ma laazazél/
what time is it {phrase} (what is the time of day?) :: מה השעה? /ma hasha'a?/
wheat {n} (grain) :: חִיטָּה {f} /khitá/
wheel {n} (a circular device facilitating movement or transportation) :: גַּלְגַּל {m} /gálgal/
wheel {n} (steering device in a vessel) :: הגה {m} /hége/
wheel {n} (steering wheel and its implied control of a vehicle) SEE: steering wheel ::
wheelbarrow {n} (small cart) :: מְרִיצָה
wheelchair {n} (chair) :: כִּסֵּא גַּלְגַּלִּים / כיסא גלגלים {m} /kisé galgalím/
Wheel of Fortune {prop} (television game show) :: גלגל המזל /galgal hamazal/
whelp {v} ((animals) to give birth) :: להמליט /lehamlit/
when {adv} (direct question) :: מָתַי /matay/, (at what time (dating)) באיזה שעה /b'éize sha'á/
when {conj} (at what time) :: מתי /matay/
when {conj} (at such time as) :: כאשר /ka'asher/
when {conj} (as soon as) :: כש- /kshe-/
when {pron} (what time; which time) :: מָתַי /matái/
whence {adv} (from where; from which place or source) :: מֵאַיִן /meáin/, מִנַּיִן /minnáin/
whenever {conj} (when) SEE: when ::
when in Rome {proverb} (adjust to local customs) SEE: when in Rome, do as the Romans do ::
when in Rome, do as the Romans do {proverb} (behave as those around do) :: בְּרוֹמָא הִתְנַהֵג כְּרוֹמָאי /b'róma hitnahég k'rómaí/
when pigs fly {adv} (never, expressed by an idiom) :: כשחזירים יעופו /k'shekhazirím ya'úfu/
where {conj} (at or in which place) :: אֵיפֹה /eyfó/, הֵיכָן /heykhan/
where {conj} (to which place or situation) :: לְאָן /l’án/
where {adv} (at what place; to what place; from what place) :: מאין /mei-ayin/
where {pron} (the place in which) :: איפה /Eifo/
where are we {phrase} (where are we) :: ؟איפה אנחנו /eyfo anakhnu?/
where are you {phrase} (where are you?) :: ؟איפה את /eyfo at?/
where are you from {phrase} (in which country or region were you born or raised) :: מאיפה אתה? /me-eyfo ata?/, מאיפה את? /me-eyfo at?/
where does this bus go {phrase} (where does this bus go) :: לאן מגיע האוטובוס הזה /Le'án magía ha'ótobus hazé/
where do you live {phrase} (where do you live?) :: אֵיפֹה אתה גָּר? /eyfó atá gar?/ [to a man], אֵיפֹה את גָּרָה? /eyfó at gára?/ [to a woman]
wherefore {conj} (because of which) :: למה /lama/, מדוע /madua/
where is the toilet {phrase} (where is the toilet?) :: איפה השירותים? /éfo ha'sherutím?/
where there is a will there is a way {phrase} (if someone wants or wills something strongly enough, a way can be found) :: אֵין דָּבָר הָעוֹמֵד בִּפְנֵי הָרָצוֹן /’ein davar ha‘oméd bifnei haratzon/, אִם תִּרצוּ אֵין זוֹ אַגָּדָה /’im tirtzu ’ein zo ’aggadah/
where you at {phrase} (where are you) SEE: where are you ::
whether {conj} (introducing indirect questions) :: האם /ha`ím/, אם /ím/
whether {conj} (if, whether or not) :: באם /be`ím/, אם /ím/
which {determiner} ((interrogative) what, of those mentioned or implied) :: אֵיזֶה /éize/
while {conj} (until) SEE: until ::
whilst {conj} (while, at the same time) :: בזמן ש
whimsical {adj} (Given to whimsy; capricious; odd; peculiar; playful; light-hearted or amusing) :: שובבני {m} /Shovevani/
whip {n} (rod or rope) :: שׁוֹט {m} /shot/
whip {n} (whipped cream) SEE: whipped cream ::
whipped cream {n} (thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating) :: קַצֶּפֶת {f} /qatzéfet/
whiskey {n} (alcoholic drink) :: וויסקי {m} /víski/
whisky {n} (whiskey) SEE: whiskey ::
whisper {n} (act of speaking in a quiet voice) :: לחש
whisper {v} (to talk in a quiet voice) :: לִלְחוֹשׁ /lilkhosh/
whistle {n} (act of whistling) :: שריקה {f} /sh'riká/
whistle {n} (slang: a suit) SEE: suit ::
white {adj} (bright and colourless) :: לָבָן /laván/
white {n} (color/colour) :: לבן /laván/
white {n} (white wine) SEE: white wine ::
white as snow {adj} (very white) :: צח כשלג /tzách kashéleg/
white bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear ::
white blood cell {n} (cytology: a type of blood cell that is involved with an immune response) :: תא דם לבן‏‎ , לויקוציט
white dwarf {n} (white dwarf star) :: נַנָּס לָבָן {m} /nanás laván/
white elephant {n} (mammal) :: פִּיל לָבָן /pil lavan/
White House {prop} (the official residence of the President of the United States of America) :: הבית הלבן {m} /hebayit helavan/
white man {n} (Caucasian) SEE: Caucasian ::
white owl {n} (Tyto alba) SEE: western barn owl ::
White Russian {n} (Belarusian person) SEE: Belarusian ::
White Russian {prop} (Belarusian language) SEE: Belarusian ::
White Russian {n} (cocktail) :: רוסי לבן {m}
white sauce {n} (mayonnaise) SEE: mayonnaise ::
White Sea {prop} (a sea to the northwest of Russia) :: הים הלבן {m} /ha-yam ha-laván/
white slavery {n} (white slavery) :: סחר בנשים וילדים, עבדות לבנה
white wine {n} (light coloured wine) :: יַיִן לָבָן‎‎ {m} /yáyin laván/
whither {adv} (to which place) :: לְאָן /leán/
whitish {adj} (somewhat white) :: לְבַנְבַּן
who {pron} (who? (interrogative pronoun)) :: מִי /mi/
who {pron} (who (relative pronoun)) :: אֲשֶׁר /'ashér/
who are you {phrase} (who are you?) :: [to a man] מי אתה? /mi 'atá?/, [to a woman] מי את? /mi 'at?/
who cares {phrase} (reply to an unimportant statement) SEE: so what ::
whole {adj} (entire) :: שלם /shalém/, תם /tam/
whole {adj} (food with no constituents removed) :: מלא /malé/
whole {adv} (colloquial: in entirety) :: בשלמות /beshlemút/, כּוּלּהּ {f}, כּוּלּוׁ {m}
whole {n} (something complete) :: שלם /shalém/
whole milk {n} (milk from which nothing has been removed) :: חלב מלא {m} /khaláv malé/
whole number {n} (integer) SEE: integer ::
whole number {n} (natural number) SEE: natural number ::
wholesome {adj} (sound and healthy) :: בריא
wholly {adv} (to the fullest extent) SEE: completely ::
whoopie cushion {n} :: כרית נפיחה
whore {n} (prostitute) :: זוֹנָה {f} /zoná/
whore {n} (sexually promiscuous person) :: שַׁרְלִילָה {f} /sharlila/, שַׁרְמוּטָה {f} /sharmuta/
whore {v} (to pimp) SEE: pimp ::
whoremaster {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp ::
whose {determiner} (of whom (interrogative)) :: שֶׁל מִי /shel mi/
why {adv} (for what reason) :: לָמָּה, לָמָה /láma/
why {adv} :: למה /láma/, מדוע /madu‘a/
why {n} (the reason) :: למה /láma/, מדוע /madu‘a/
why not {adv} (to state one has no objection) :: לָמָּה לֹא /láma ló/
wicked {n} (people who are wicked) :: רשעים {m} /r'sha'ím/
wicket {n} (small door or gate) :: פִּשְׁפָּשׁ {m}
wide {adj} (having a large physical extent from side to side) :: רָחָב /rakháv/
wide area network {n} (network) :: רֶשֶׁת תִּקְשֹׁרֶת מֶרְחָבִית
widow {n} (woman whose spouse has died) :: אַלְמָנָה {f} /almaná/
widower {n} (a man whose spouse has died and who has not remarried) :: אַלְמָן {m} /almán/
width {n} (measurement of something from side to side) :: רוחב {m} /rokhav/
wife {n} (married woman) :: אִשָּׁה {f} /ishá/, בַּת זוּג {f} /bat zúg/
wifebeater {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet ::
wife carrying {n} (Scandinavian sport) :: נשיאת נשים
wig {n} (head of artificial hair) :: פֵּאָה {f} /peá/, פֵּאָה נָכְרִית {f} /peá nochrít/
wiki {n} (collaborative website) :: ויקי /wiki/
Wikipedia {prop} (online encyclopedia) :: ויקיפדיה /vikipedya/
Wiktionary {prop} (the collaborative project; a particular version of this project written in a certain language) :: וִיקִימִלּוֹן {m} /vikimilón/
wild {adj} (not domesticated or tamed) :: בַּר {m} /bar/, פֶּרֶא {m} /pére/
wild {adj} (raucous, unruly, and savage) :: פֶּרֶא {m} /pére/
wild animal {n} (animal living in a natural, undomesticated state) :: חַיַּת בַּר {f} /ḥayyát bar/
wildebeest {n} (gnu) SEE: gnu ::
wildfire {n} (Greek fire) SEE: Greek fire ::
wild-goose chase {n} (fruitless, futile pursuit) :: מרדף שווא
wild turkey {n} (Meleagris gallopavo) :: [Indian rooster] תרנגול הודו /tarnegol hodu/
will {v} (indicating future action) :: עָתִיד {m} /'atíd/
will {n} (act of choosing to do something; conscious intent or volition) :: רָצוֹן {m} /r"tzon/, אָבָה /ava/
will {n} (legal document) :: צַוָּאָה / צוואה {f} /tzavaá/
William {prop} (male given name) :: וילהלם, וויליאם
will o' the wisp {n} (strange light) :: אוֹר מַטְעֶה {m} /or mat'é/
willow {n} (tree) :: עֲרָבָה {f} /arava/
will you marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal) :: הֲתִנָּשְׂאִי לִי? /hatinas'í li/ [to a female], הֲתִנָּשֵׂא לִי? /hatinasé li/ [to a male]
win {v} (transitive: achieve victory in) :: ניצח \ נִצֵּחַ /nitséakh/
win {v} :: ניצח
win {n} (individual victory) :: נצחון {m}
Winchester {prop} (county town in England) :: וינצ'סטר
wind {n} (movement of air) :: רוּחַ {m} {f} /rúakh/
wind chimes {n} (chime made from suspended wooden, metal, etc. tubes, bells and rods that tinkle when moved by the wind) :: פַּעֲמוֹן רוּחַ {m} /pa'amón rúakh/
wind instrument {n} (type of musical instrument) :: כלי נשיפה /kli neshifa/
windmill {n} (machinery) :: טחנת רוח {f}
windmill {n} (structure) :: טַחֲנַת רוּחַ {f} /takhanat ruakh/
window {n} (opening for light and air) :: חַלּוֹן {m} /khalón/
window {n} (shop window) SEE: shop window ::
windpipe {n} (anus) SEE: anus ::
wind rose {n} (meteorological diagram) :: שׁוֹשַׁנַּת הָרוּחוֹת {f} /shoshanát haruḥót/
windy {n} (fart) SEE: fart ::
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from grapes) :: יַ֫יִן {m} /yáyin/, חֶ֫מֶר {m} [Biblical, poetic]
wine glass {n} (glass vessel for drinking wine from) :: גביע {m} /gavia'/
wing {n} (part of an animal) :: כָּנָף {f} /kanáf/, אֶבְרָה {f} /evra/
wing {v} (to fly) SEE: fly ::
wing {v} (to throw) SEE: throw ::
winkle {n} (gastropod) SEE: periwinkle ::
winner {n} (one who has won or often wins) :: מנצח {m} /m'natsé'akh/, מנצחת {f} /m'natsákhat/
winner-take-all {adj} (pertaining to a contest in which only the winner is rewarded) :: המנצח זוכה בכול, המנצח זוכה בכל הקופה
Winnie the Pooh {prop} (the fictional bear) :: פו הדב {m}, פו הדוב {m} /pu ha'dov/
Winnipeg {prop} :: ויניפג (vinipeg)
win over {v} (to persuade) SEE: persuade ::
winter {n} (fourth season, marked by short days and lowest temperatures) :: חורף \ חֹרֶף {m} /khóref/
wintergreen {n} (evergreen) SEE: evergreen ::
wipe {v} (remove surface substance) :: נִגֵּב /nigév/
wire {n} (thin thread of metal) :: חוּט {m} /khut/
wire {n} (informal: telegraph) SEE: telegraph ::
wire {n} (informal: message transmitted by telegraph) SEE: telegram ::
wireless {adj} (not having any wires) :: אלחוטי /alkhutí/
wireless {adj} (of or relating to wireless telegraphy) :: אלחוטי
wiretap {n} (covert connection) :: מיקרופון /mikrofon/ [microphone]
Wisconsin {prop} (state of the United States of America) :: ויסקונסין
wisdom {n} (element of personal character) :: חוכמה \ חָכְמָה {f} /hokhmá/
wisdom {n} (discretionary use of knowledge for the greatest good) :: חוכמה \ חָכְמָה {f} /hokhmá/
wisdom {n} (ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way) :: חוכמה \ חָכְמָה {f} /hokhmá/
wisdom {n} (ability to make a decision based on the combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding) :: חוכמה \ חָכְמָה {f} /hokhmá/
wisdom {n} (ability to know and apply spiritual truths) :: חוכמה \ חָכְמָה {f} /hokhmá/
wisdom tooth {n} (rearmost molar in humans) :: שֵׁן בִּינָה {f} /shen biná/
wise {adj} (showing good judgement) :: חכם /khacham/
wise guy {n} (one who is insolent or flippant) :: חכמולוג
wish {n} (desire) :: משאלה /mish'alá/
wishable {adj} (desirable) SEE: desirable ::
wishful thinking {n} (illusion that what one would like is true) :: תקוות שווא
wistful {adj} (full of longing) :: כמה /kaméha/
wistful {adj} (sad and thoughtful) :: עגום /agúm/, מלנכולי /melankóli/
wit {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence ::
witch {n} (person who uses magic) :: מכשפה {f}
with {prep} (against) :: נגד /néged/
with {prep} (in the company of) :: עם /ím/
with {prep} (in addition to) :: עם /ím/
with {prep} (in support of) :: עם /ím/
with {prep} (expressing manner) :: ב- /be-/
with a grain of salt {adv} (with common sense and skepticism) :: עם קמצוץ מלח /'Im kamtsuts melah/, בערבון מוגבל, בהסתייגות מסוימת
with bated breath {prep} (holding one's breath) :: בקוצר רוח
withdrawal {n} (receiving from someone's care what one has earlier entrusted to them) :: משיכה {f} /meshikhá/
without {prep} (not having) :: בלי /bli/
without a doubt {prep} (certainly) SEE: certainly ::
without a doubt {prep} (probably) SEE: probably ::
without loss of generality {prep} (without loss of generality) :: בלי הגבלת הכלליות /blí hagbalát haklaliút/, בה"כ
withspeak {v} (contradict) SEE: contradict ::
witness {n} (one who has a personal knowledge of something) :: עֵד {m} /ed/
witness {n} (someone called to give evidence in a court) :: עֵד {m} /ed/
wizard {n} (person skilled with magic) :: קוסם {m} /kosem/, מכשף {m} /mekhashef/
wobbler {n} (tantrum) SEE: tantrum ::
woe {n} (grief; sorrow; misery; heavy calamity) :: אבוי /avoy/, צער {m} /tsa'ar/, יגון {m} /yagon/
wolf {n} (animal) :: זְאֵב {m} /z'év/
wolf {v} (to devour) :: זלל /zalal/
wolf {n} (constellation) SEE: Lupus ::
Wolfgang {prop} (male given name) :: וולפגנג
wolfram {n} (tungsten) SEE: tungsten ::
Wolverhampton {prop} (city) :: וולברהמפטון
wolverine {n} (Gulo gulo) :: גַּרְגְּרָן {m} /garg'rán/
woman {n} (adult female person) :: אישה {f} /ishá/
woman {n} (wife) SEE: wife ::
womb {n} (uterus) :: רֶחֶם \ רַחַם {m} /rékhem, rákham/
womb {n} (belly) SEE: belly ::
wonder {n} (something that causes amazement or awe, a marvel) :: פֶּלֶא {m} /pele/
wonder {v} (to ponder about something) :: תהה /tahá/
wonderous {adj} (wondrous) SEE: wondrous ::
Wonder Woman {prop} (DC Comics character) :: וונדר וומן {f}
wondrous {adj} (amazing, inspiring awe) :: פִּלְאִי /pil'í/
wood {n} (substance) :: עֵץ /‘ets/, קֶרֶשׁ /keresh/
wood duck {n} (A colorful North American duck, Aix sponsa, that nests in hollow trees.) :: ברווז עצים {m} /barvaz etsim/, ברווז קרולין {m} /barvaz karolin/
woods {n} (forest) SEE: forest ::
woodwind instrument {n} (musical instrument) :: כלי נשיפה מעץ
woody {n} (erection) SEE: erection ::
woof {n} (set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom) :: עֵרֶב {m} /'érev/
woof {n} (sound of a dog) :: הָאוּ /hau/, הַב /hav/
wool {n} (hair of sheep, etc.) :: צֶמֶר {m} /tsémer/
word {n} (unit of language) :: מילה \ מִלָּה {f} /milá/
word {v} (say or write using particular words) :: ניסח /nisákh/
word {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb ::
word {n} (watchword) SEE: watchword ::
word for word {adv} (in exactly the same words) :: מילה במילה /milá bemilá/
word-hoard {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary ::
wordster {n} (one who uses words instead of actions) SEE: hypocrite ::
word-stock {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary ::
work {n} (labour, employment, occupation, job) :: עֲבוֹדָה {f} /avodá/, מְלָאכָה {f} /m'lakhá/, עָמָל {m} /amál/
work {n} (place where one is employed) :: עבודה {f} /avodá/
work {n} (effort expended on a particular task) :: עבודה {f} /avodá/
work {n} (literary, artistic, or intellectual production) :: עבודה {f} /avodá/, מלאכה {f} /melakhá/
work {n} (measure of energy expended in moving an object) :: עבודה {f} /avodá/
work {n} (thermodynamics: energy in transit between one form or repository and another) :: עבודה {f} /avodá/
work {n} (fortification) :: עבודה {f} /avodá/
work {v} (to do a specific task) :: עָבַד /avád/
work {v} (effect by gradual degrees (transitive)) :: עשה /`asáh/
work {v} (set into action) :: הפעיל /hif`íl/
work {v} (cause to work) :: העביד /he`evíd/
work {v} (function correctly) :: עבד /`avád/
worker {n} (person who performs labor) :: עוֹבֵד {m} /oved/, עובדת {f} /ovedet/, פּוֹעֵל {m} /po'él/, פּוֹעֶלֶת {f} /pó'élet/
workers of the world, unite {phrase} (workers of the world, unite) :: פועלי כל העולם התאחדו /poaley kol ha-olam, hit'akhadu!/
workmate {n} (coworker) SEE: coworker ::
work of art {n} (something beautiful or exquisite) :: מַעֲשֵׂה יְדֵי אָמָּן /ma'asé yadéi omán/
work out {v} (to habitually exercise rigorously) :: התעמל /hit'amél/
workout {n} (an exercise session; a period of physical exercise) :: התעמלות {f} /hit'amlút/
workshop {n} (small manufacturing room) :: סַדְנָה {f} /sadná/
workstead {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory ::
work up {v} (To develop) SEE: develop ::
world {n} (human collective existence) :: עוֹלָם {m} /olám/
world {n} (the Earth) :: עוֹלָם {m} /olám/
world {n} (inhabited planet) :: עוֹלָם {m} /olám/
world {n} (individual or group perspective or social setting) :: עוֹלָם {m} /olám/
world cup {n} (event; competition) :: מונדיאל {m} /mondiál/, גְּבִיעַ הָעוֹלָם {m} /gvía' ha'olám/
World Exposition {n} (a regular international exposition) :: תַּעֲרוּכָה עוֹלָמִית {f} /ta'arukhá olamít/
world's oldest profession {n} (euphemism for prostitution) :: המקצוע העתיק ביותר בעולם {m} /hamiktsóa haatík b'yotér ba'olám/
World Trade Organization {prop} (World Trade Organization) :: ארגון הסחר העולמי {m} /irgún ha-sákhar ha-olamí/
world war {n} (a war involving the major nations of the world) :: מלחמת העולם {f}
World War II {prop} (war from 1939 to 1945) :: מלחמת העולם השנייה
World War Two {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II ::
worm {n} (animal) :: תּוֹלַעַת {f} /toláat/
worm {n} (contemptible being) :: נבזה {m} /nivze/
wormhole {n} (a shortcut between distant parts of space) :: חור תולעת / חֹר תּוֹלַעַת {m} /khor toláat/
Worms {prop} (a city in Germany) :: וורמש
wormwood {n} (Artemisia absinthium) :: ארטימיסיה {f} /artimisía/, לענה {f} /la'ana/
worry {v} (be troubled) :: דאג /da'ág/
worry {v} (disturb the peace of mind of) :: הדאיג /hid'íg/
worry {n} (strong feeling of anxiety) :: דאגה {f} /de'aga/
worry {v} (strangle) SEE: strangle ::
worship {n} (devotion accorded to a deity or to a sacred object) :: סגידה {f} /sgidá/
worship {n} (the religious ceremonies that express this devotion) :: עבודת האל {f} /avodát haél/, עבודה {f} /avodá/
worship {n} (the ardent love of a person) :: הערצה {f} /haaratsá/
worship {v} (to honor and adore, especially as a deity) :: סגד /sagád/
worship {v} (to participate in religious ceremonies) :: עבד לאל /avád laél/, עבד ל... /avád l.../
worthless {adj} (not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential) :: [without value] חסר ערך /ḥɑsɑr ereḥ/, [without use] חסר תועלת /ḥɑsɑr toʿelet/, עלוב /ʿɑluv/
wound {n} (injury) :: פְּגִיעָה {f} /p'gi'á/, פִּתֵּל, עִקֵּל
wound {v} (hurt or injure) :: פגע /pagá/
wow {interj} (amazement) :: ואו /waw/
wrap {v} (to enclose completely in fabric, paper, etc) :: כרך /karákh/, עטף /atáf/
wrapping {v} (The material in which something is wrapped) :: עֲטִיפָה {f} /'atifá/
wrapping paper {n} (paper used for wrapping parcels or presents) :: נְייַר עֲטִיפָה {m} /niyar ‘atifah/
wreck {n} (collision) :: גרוטאה {f}
wrench {n} (screw) SEE: screw ::
wrestle {v} :: אבק /âbak/
wrestling {n} (sport) :: היאבקות {f} /hiávkut/
wretch {n} (exile) SEE: exile ::
wring {v} (to squeeze or twist tightly so that liquid is forced out) :: סחט /sakhát/
wrist {n} (wrist) :: פרק
write {v} (to form letters, etc.) :: כָּתַב /katáv/
write {v} (to send a letter to) :: כָּתַב /katáv/
write {v} (to be the author of) :: כָּתַב /katáv/
write {v} (to be an author) :: כָּתַב /katáv/
writer {n} (person who writes; an author) :: כּוֹתֵב /kotév/, סוֹפֵר {m} /sofér/, מְחַבֵּר {m} /m'khabér/
writing {n} (written letters or symbols) :: כתיבה {f} /ktivá/
writing {n} (process of representing a language) :: כְּתִיבָה {f} /ktivá/
Wroclaw {prop} (a city in southwestern Poland) :: ורוצלב /vrotsláv/, ברסלאו [historical, signifying "Breslau"]
wrong {adj} (incorrect) :: לא נכון {m} /lo nakhon/
WSC {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin ::
WTF {initialism} (What the fuck) :: מה לעזאזל?
Wyoming {prop} (US state) :: ויומינג
WYSIWYG {n} (computer program that allows editing on screen what the printed version would be like) :: מה שאתה רואה זה מה שאתה מקבל [informal; there is no formal translation]