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ú {conj}  :: obsolete spelling of u
ü {symbol}  :: The letter u with a trema
Úbeda {prop}  :: Úbeda
úlcera {f}  :: ulcer
últimamente {adv}  :: recently, lately
último {adj}  :: final; last
último {adj}  :: finally
último {adj}  :: latest; most recent
último grito {m} [idiomatic]  :: all the rage, the latest thing
únicamente {adv}  :: only, uniquely
único {adj}  :: solitary; alone
único {adj}  :: unique; sole; single; only
úrico {adj}  :: uric
úrsido {m}  :: Ursid
Úrsula {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Ursula
útero {m}  :: uterus; womb
útil {adj}  :: helpful; useful
útilmente {adv}  :: usefully
u {conj}  :: or
u {f}  :: Name of the letter U
u {letter}  :: The 22nd letter of the Spanish alphabet
U {letter}  :: The 22nd letter of the Spanish alphabet
uña {f}  :: claw; hoof; stinger
uña {f}  :: nail, fingernail, toenail
uña de caballo {f}  :: coltsfoot
uña de gato {m}  :: cat's claw
UAF {initialism}  :: Unidad de Análisis Financiero: Financial Intelligence Unit, in Panama, Paraguay and other Latin-American countries
Uagadugú {prop}  :: Ouagadougou (placename)
ualabí {m}  :: wallaby
uapití {m}  :: elk; wapiti
uau {interj}  :: wow (exclamation of amazement)
ubersexual {adj}  :: ubersexual
ubersexual {m}  :: ubersexual
ubicación {f}  :: position; location
ubicado {adj} [Latin America]  :: seemly
ubicado {adj}  :: located, situated
ubicar {vr}  :: to behave well, seemly
ubicar {vr}  :: to be located
ubicar {vr}  :: to position oneself
ubicar {vt}  :: to find
ubicar {vt}  :: to position; to place: situar
ubicuidad {f}  :: ubiquity
ubicuitina {f} [protein]  :: ubiquitin
ubicuo {adj}  :: ubiquitous
ubiquitario {adj}  :: ubiquitous
ubiquitina {f} [protein]  :: ubiquitin
ubiquitinación {f}  :: ubiquitination
ubre {f}  :: udder
ubérrimo {adj} [literary]  :: very fruitful, abundant, lush
UCD {prop}  :: Union of the Democratic Centre, a Spanish political party
ucedista {m}  :: Member of supporter of the Union of the Democratic Centre, a Spanish political party
-ucha {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -ucho
uchepo {m} [Mexico]  :: A tamale prepared with sweet corn, originating from the state of Michoacán
-ucho {suffix}  :: Used in forming pejoratives from nouns and adjectives
uchuva {f}  :: cape gooseberry, a fruit, Physalis peruviana, related to the tomatillo, yellow, and about 20 mm in diameter
UCI {initialism}  :: ICU (intensive care unit)
-uco {suffix} [Spain, especially, Cantabria]  :: Added to masculine nouns to denote a diminutive form
Ucrania {prop}  :: Ukraine
ucraniana {f}  :: feminine noun of ucraniano
ucranianización {f}  :: Ukrainization
ucraniano {adj}  :: Ukrainian
ucraniano {f}  :: Ukrainian person
ucraniano {m}  :: Ukrainian language
ucranio {adj}  :: Ukrainian
ucranio {f}  :: (of a person) Ukrainian
Ud. {abbr}  :: Abbreviated form of usted
udinese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Udine or the Udine people
udinese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Udine
-udo {suffix}  :: A suffix appended to nouns to form adjectives (which can also be used as nouns), to indicate that someone or something has attributes such as existence or abundance, and sometimes indicates habits or attitudes, similar to English suffixes -y, -ous:
-udo {suffix} [El Salvador, Honduras]  :: A suffix appended to nouns of parts of the body to derive adjectives relating to having a big example of such parts:
Uds. {pron}  :: Abbreviated form of ustedes
Uds {pron}  :: you (formal, plural)
UE {initialism}  :: initialism of Unión Europea (English: EU)
-uela {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -uelo
-uelo {suffix}  :: diminutive suffix for nouns
-uelo {suffix}  :: emphasizes contempt for the subject
uñeta {f}  :: plectrum
ufanarse {v}  :: to take pride in; to boast about
ufano {adj}  :: proud
ufano {adj}  :: smug
Uganda {prop}  :: Uganda
ugandés {adj}  :: Ugandan
ugandés {f}  :: Ugandan
ugetista {adj}  :: Of or relating to Unión General de Trabajadores, a Spanish trade union
ugetista {m}  :: A member of Unión General de Trabajadores, a Spanish trade union
UGT {initialism}  :: Unión General de Trabajadores, a Spanish trade union
uh {interj}  :: Used to express disappointment or disdain
uigur {adj}  :: Uyghur
uigur {m}  :: Uyghur
ukelele {m}  :: ukulele
ulama {f}  :: A Mesoamerican game played with a rubber ball and racquet
ulceración {f}  :: ulceration
ulcerar {v}  :: to fester
ulcerar {v}  :: to ulcerate
ulceroso {adj}  :: ulcerous
ulexita {f} [mineral]  :: ulexite
Ulises {prop}  :: male given name; Ulysses
Ulises {prop}  :: The letter U in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Ulán Bator {prop}  :: Ulan Bator
Ulrica {prop}  :: female given name
ulterior {adj}  :: later; subsequent
ulterior {adj}  :: ulterior
ulteriormente {adv}  :: subsequently
ultimación {f}  :: ultimatum
ultimar {vt}  :: to finalize; to complete
ultimar {vt}  :: to kill
ultimogénito {m}  :: lastborn
ultimátum {m}  :: ultimatum
ultra {adj}  :: extreme, left-wing
ultra {m}  :: extremist
ultra {m}  :: hooligan, hardened fan
ultraconservador {adj}  :: ultraconservative
ultraconservador {n}  :: ultraconservative
ultraderecha {f}  :: far right
ultraderechista {m}  :: extreme right-winger
ultraestructura {f}  :: ultrastructure
ultrafiltración {f}  :: ultrafiltration
ultraizquierda {f}  :: far left
ultraizquierdista {adj}  :: extremely left (politically)
ultraizquierdista {m}  :: an extreme leftist
ultrajar {v} [Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela]  :: to rape
ultrajar {v}  :: to insult; to offend, outrage
ultraje {m}  :: insult, offense
ultrakirchnerista {adj}  :: having very strong support for Néstor Kirchner, president of Argentina from 2003 to 2007, and/or his wife Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, president of Argentina since 2007
ultrakirchnerista {m}  :: An avid supporter of Néstor Kirchner and/or his wife Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
ultraligero {adj}  :: ultralight, microlight, superlight, lightweight
ultramar {m}  :: abroad; overseas
ultramarino {adj}  :: overseas
ultramarino {m} [usually in the plural]  :: food product, foodstuff
ultramáfico {adj}  :: ultramafic
ultramontano {adj}  :: ultramontane
ultranacionalista {m}  :: ultranationalist
ultranza {f}  :: extreme
ultranza {f}  :: to the extreme; to the utmost
ultraportátil {m}  :: netbook, subnotebook
ultrapotásico {adj} [geology]  :: ultrapotassic
ultrarrealista {adj}  :: ultra-realistic
ultrarreducido {adj}  :: extremely reduced
ultrarrojo {adj}  :: infrared
ultraísmo {m}  :: ultraism (Hispanophone literary movement)
ultrasónico {adj}  :: ultrasonic
ultrasonido {m}  :: ultrasound
ultraísta {adj}  :: Of or relating to that movement
ultraísta {m}  :: A member of the poetic movement known as ultraism
ultraterrenal {adj}  :: ultramundane, other-worldly
ultraterreno {adj}  :: ultramundane, other-worldly
ultratumba {f}  :: afterlife
ultravioleta {adj}  :: ultraviolet
ulular {vi}  :: to hoot
ulular {vi}  :: to ululate
ulular {vi}  :: to wail; to howl
ululato {m}  :: hoot
ululato {m}  :: wail
umbilicado {adj} [mycology]  :: umbilicate
umbilical {adj}  :: umbilical
umbría {f}  :: umbra, shady area
umbral {m}  :: doorstep; threshold; stoop
umbrío {adj}  :: shady, dark, shadowy
un {adj} [before the noun]  :: apocopic form of uno one
-un- {affix} [chemistry]  :: -un-
un {art}  :: a
una {art}  :: feminine singular form of un
una {f}  :: feminine form of uno
una {pron}  :: we (an indefinite plural pronoun using a singular feminine item, used for females)
UNA {prop}  :: acronym of [[w:es:Universidad Nacional de Agricultura
una de cal y otra de arena {f} [idiomatic]  :: An alternation of two opposite things, for example hot and cold, good cop bad cop, zigzag, up and down, happy one minute and sad the next
una, dole, tele, catole {phrase}  :: Equivalent to eeny, meeny, miny, moe
unamuniano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Miguel de Unamuno, a Spanish writer and philosopher
unanimidad {adv}  :: unanimously
unanimidad {f}  :: unanimity
unas {adj}  :: feminine of unos; some (some people)
UNASUR {prop}  :: Union of South American Nations
una vez más {adv}  :: once again
una y otra vez {adv} [idiomatic]  :: repeatedly; over and over; again and again
unboxing {m}  :: unboxing
uncial {adj}  :: uncial
uncial {f}  :: uncial
unción {f}  :: unction
uncir {v}  :: to yoke
un clavo saca otro clavo {proverb}  :: The best way to get over a broken relationship is to enter into a new one
un día de estos {adv} [idiomatic]  :: one of these days, someday
un día es un día {proverb}  :: what the heck; you only live once (said when making an exception to indulge in something)
un día más un día menos {proverb}  :: another day, another dollar
undécimo {adj}  :: eleventh
undécimo {m}  :: eleventh
underground {m}  :: underground (movement)
UNED {initialism}  :: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
unete {f}  :: An Internet currency established in Spain in 2013
ungüento {m}  :: unguent, salve
ungir {v}  :: anoint
ungueal {adj}  :: ungual
ungulado {adj} [zoology]  :: ungulate
ungulado {m} [zoology]  :: ungulate
unicamente {adv}  :: only, solely
unicamente {adv}  :: uniquely
unicameral {adj}  :: unicameral
unicelular {adj}  :: unicellular
unicornio {m}  :: unicorn
unidad {f}  :: A unit (object, military, or measure)
unidad {f}  :: unity
unidad astronómica {f}  :: astronomical unit
unidimensional {adj}  :: unidimensional
unidireccional {adj}  :: unidirectional
unido {adj}  :: joined, linked
unido {adj}  :: united
unifamiliar {n}  :: single-family
unificación {f}  :: unification
unificador {adj}  :: unifying
unificar {v}  :: to unify
uniformado {adj}  :: uniformed (wearing uniform)
uniformar {v}  :: to standardize
uniforme {adj}  :: uniform, even
uniforme {m}  :: uniform, dress uniform
uniformidad {f}  :: uniformity
uniformismo {m}  :: uniformism
uniformización {f}  :: standardization
uniformizador {m}  :: uniformizer, steamroller (an overwhelming force that overpowers all opposition)
uniformizar {v}  :: uniform (to make uniform)
unigénito {adj}  :: only-begotten
unilateral {adj}  :: unilateral
unilateralidad {f}  :: unilaterality
unilateralismo {m}  :: unilateralism
unilateralista {adj}  :: unilateralist
unilateralista {m}  :: unilateralist
unilateralmente {adv}  :: unilaterally
unión {f}  :: union
Unión Africana {prop}  :: African Union
Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas {prop}  :: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Unión Europea {prop}  :: European Union
unión libre {f}  :: common-law marriage
uninominal {adj}  :: uninominal
Unión Soviética {prop}  :: Soviet Union
unionismo {m}  :: trade unionism
unionismo {m}  :: unionism
unionista {m}  :: unionist
unipersonal {adj}  :: unipersonal
unir {v}  :: to merge, to conflate
unir {v}  :: to unite
unitaria {f}  :: feminine form of unitario
unitario {adj}  :: unitary; unit
unitario {f} [politics]  :: one of Los Unitarios; member of the Partido Unitario, in 19th century Argentina
unitario {f} [religion]  :: Unitarian (adherent of Unitarianism; Unitarian Christian; or Unitarian, member of the Unitarian Church). See also unitariano
unitario {f} [religion]  :: Unitarian Universalist, see unitario universalista
unitarista {adj}  :: Unitarian
universal {adj}  :: universal
universalidad {f}  :: universality
universalismo {m}  :: universalism
universalista {m}  :: universalist
universalización {f}  :: universalization
universalizar {v}  :: to universalise
universalmente {adv}  :: universally
universiada {f}  :: university games
universidad {f}  :: university
universitaria {f}  :: feminine noun of universitario
universitario {adj}  :: of or relating to a university
universitario {f}  :: university student
universo {m}  :: universe
unánime {adj}  :: unanimous
unánimemente {adv}  :: unanimously
uno {determiner}  :: one
uno {num} [cardinal]  :: one
uno {pron}  :: one
uno que otro {pron}  :: one or two (a small number)
unos {adj}  :: [with a specific time] about, approximately
un poco {adv}  :: a bit
un poco {adv}  :: a little
unísono {adj}  :: unison, unisonous
unísono {m}  :: unison
untar {v}  :: to anoint
untar {v}  :: to bribe
untar {v}  :: to smear
untuosidad {f}  :: unctuousness
ununbio {m}  :: ununbium
ununoctio {m}  :: ununoctium (chemical element)
ununpentio {m}  :: ununpentium
ununquadio {m}  :: [deprecated] flerovium (formerly ununquadium)
ununseptio {m}  :: ununseptium
ununtrio {m}  :: ununtrium
ups {interj}  :: oops
UPyD {prop}  :: acronym of es
-ura {suffix}  :: attaches to adjectives to form abstract nouns
uracilo {m} [organic compound]  :: uracil
uralita {f}  :: fibre cement
uranilo {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: uranyl
uranio {m}  :: uranium
Urano {prop}  :: Uranus
uranología {f} [obsolete]  :: uranology
urato {m} [organic compound]  :: urate
urbanidad {f}  :: politeness; urbanity
urbanismo {m}  :: city planning
urbanista {m}  :: town planner
urbanita {adj}  :: urban
urbanita {m}  :: urban dweller
urbanizable {adj}  :: Designated for building
urbanización {f}  :: housing development
urbanización {f}  :: housing estate
urbanización {f}  :: urbanization
urbanizar {v}  :: to develop (land for building houses)
urbanizar {v}  :: to urbanize
urbano {adj}  :: urban
urbano {adj}  :: urbane
urbanístico {adj}  :: urban, urbanistic
urbe {f}  :: metropolis; city
urcitano {adj}  :: From Almería
urcitano {f}  :: Someone from Almería
urdú {m}  :: Urdu (language)
urdimbre {f}  :: warp (of the weave)
urdir {v}  :: to conspire
urdir {v}  :: to scheme
urdir {v}  :: to warp (textiles)
urdu {m}  :: Urdu (the Indo-Iranian language)
urea {f}  :: urea
ureasa {f} [enzyme]  :: urease
uretano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: urethane
uretra {f} [anatomy]  :: urethra
uretral {adj}  :: urethral
uretritis {f}  :: urethritis
urgencia {f}  :: emergency
urgencia {f}  :: urgency
urgente {adj}  :: urgent
urgentemente {adv}  :: urgently
urgir {vi}  :: to be urgent, pressing
uribismo {m}  :: Uribism
uribista {adj}  :: Describing a supporter of Colombian president Álvaro Uribe, his administration, or policies, or describing a political ally or member of Uribe's administration
uribista {adj}  :: Of or relating to Colombian president Álvaro Uribe, his administration, or policies
uribista {m}  :: A supporter of Colombian president Álvaro Uribe, his administration, or policies. A political ally or member of Uribe's administration
uridina {f} [organic compound]  :: uridine
urinario {adj}  :: urinary
urinario {m}  :: urinal
urólogo {f}  :: urologist
urna {f}  :: poll; ballot box
urna {f}  :: urn
uro {m}  :: aurochs (Bos primigenius)
-uro {suffix} [chemistry]  :: -ide (marking the binary compound of a nonmetal)
urogallo {m}  :: wood grouse
urológico {adj}  :: urologic, urological
urología {f}  :: urology
urraca {f}  :: magpie, (Pica pica)
urraca de América {f}  :: blue jay
URSS {prop}  :: USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Soviet Union)
uréter {m}  :: ureter
urticaria {f}  :: urticaria
urubú {m}  :: black vulture, buzzard
Uruguay {prop}  :: Uruguay
Uruguay {prop}  :: Uruguay River
uruguaya {f}  :: feminine noun of uruguayo
uruguayo {adj}  :: Uruguayan
uruguayo {f}  :: Uruguayan
urushiol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: urushiol
usía {pron} [archaic, formal]  :: second person; your honor; you (singular)
usabilidad {f}  :: usability
usado {adj}  :: used
usado {adj}  :: worn, worn-out
usanza {f}  :: custom
usanza {f}  :: usage
usar {vr}  :: to be fashionable
usar {vr}  :: to be used
usar {vt}  :: to consume
usar {vt}  :: to use
usar {vt}  :: to wear
usarse {v}  :: to be fashionable
usarse {v}  :: to be used
usencia {pron} [archaic, formal]  :: second person; your Excellency; you (singular)
usencia {pron} [archaic, formal]  :: second person; your reverence; you (singular)
Ushuaia {prop}  :: Ushuaia
ushuaiense {adj}  :: of or from Ushuaia
ushuaiense {m}  :: Someone from Ushuaia
usina {f}  :: plant (factory or industrial facility), especially a large one
uslero {m} [Bolivia, Chile]  :: rolling pin
uso {m}  :: usage; habit
uso {m}  :: use
uso {m}  :: wear (degradation)
usted {pron} [Colombia, chiefly, Bogotá]  :: second person informal; you (singular)
usted {pron}  :: second person formal; you (singular)
ustedear {v}  :: to address someone formally, with usted
ustedes {pron} [formal in Spain]  :: you (plural)
ustedes {pron} [Latin America, Canary Islands, Western Andalusia]  :: you (plural)
usual {adj}  :: usual
usualmente {adv}  :: usually
usuaria {f}  :: feminine form of usuario
usuario {f}  :: user
usucapión {f}  :: usucaption
usufructo {m}  :: usufruct
usura {f}  :: usury
usurera {f}  :: feminine noun of usurero
usurero {f}  :: usurer, loan shark (someone lending money at exorbitant rates of interest)
usurpación {f}  :: usurpation
usurpador {f}  :: usurper
usurpadora {f}  :: feminine noun of usurpador
usurpar {vt}  :: To usurp
Utah {prop}  :: Utah
utensilio {m}  :: utensil; tool; implement
uterino {adj}  :: uterine
utilería {f} [theater, film]  :: props (items placed on a stage)
utilero {m}  :: kit man
utilero {m}  :: roadie
utilidad {f} [in the plural]  :: profits
utilidad {f}  :: utility; usefulness
utilitario {adj}  :: utilitarian
utilitarismo {m} [philosophy]  :: utilitarianism
utilitarista {adj}  :: utilitarian
utilitarista {m}  :: utilitarian
utilizable {adj}  :: usable
utilización {f}  :: utilization; use
utilizar {vt}  :: to use; to make use of; to utilize
utilizarse {vr}  :: To utilize
utillaje {m}  :: tools, tooling, equipment
utillero {m}  :: alternative spelling of utilero}
utopía {f}  :: utopia
utopia {f}  :: alternative form of utopía
utópico {adj}  :: utopian
Utrecht {prop}  :: Utrecht (placename)
Utrecht {prop}  :: Utrecht (placename)
utrera {f}  :: feminine noun of utrero
utrero {f}  :: A young bull between three and four years old
utual {adv} [obsolete, El Salvador]  :: just now, just recently
utualito {adv} [obsolete, El Salvador]  :: just now, just recently
uva {f}  :: grape
uve {f}  :: Name of the letter V in Spain. (To differentiate from the letter B which has same phoneme)
uve doble {f}  :: Name of the letter w
uy {interj}  :: alternative spelling of huy
Uzbekistán {prop}  :: Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan)
uzbeko {adj}  :: Uzbek
uzbeko {f}  :: Uzbek (person)
úvula {f} [anatomy]  :: uvula