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{prop} (Norse mythological figure)  :: Ve
Vaasa {prop} (a city in Finland)  :: Vaasa
vacant {adj} (not occupied)  :: ledig
vacation {n} (official holiday period)  :: ferie {c}
vacation {n} (holiday, period of leisure time)  :: ferie {c}
vacation {n} (the act of vacating something; moving out of something)  :: fratrædelse {c}, fraflytning {c}
vacation {v} (to spend or take a vacation)  :: tage på ferie, holde ferie
vaccine {n} (substance meant to stimulate production of antibodies)  :: vaccine {c}
vacuüm {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
vacuum {n} (region of space that contains no matter)  :: vakuum {n}, tomrum {n}
vacuum {v} (transitive: to clean with a vacuum cleaner)  :: støvsuge
vacuum {v} (intransitive: to use a vacuum cleaner)  :: støvsuge
vacuum {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner  ::
vacuum cleaner {n} (machine for cleaning)  :: støvsuger {c}
vacuum tube {n} (electrical device)  :: elektronrør {n}, radiorør {n}, forstærkerrør {n}
Vaduz {prop} (capital of Liechtenstein)  :: Vaduz
vagabond {n} (a person on a trip of indeterminate destination and/or length of time)  :: vagabond {c}, landevejsridder {c}
vagabond {n} (a bum, a hobo, a tramp, a homeless person)  :: vagabond {c}, landevejsridder {c}, landstryger {c}, stodder {c}
vagina {n} (anatomical sense)  :: vagina, skede {c}
vagina {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
Valentine {n} (male given name)  :: Valentin
Valentine's Day {prop} (Saint Valentine's Day)  :: valentinsdag, Sankt Valentins dag
Valhalla {prop} (in Norse mythology, the home of warriors slain gloriously in battle)  :: Valhal {c}, Valhalla {c}, [archaic] Valhall {c}
valkyrie {n} (any of the female attendants, or handmaidens of Odin)  :: valkyrie {c}
Valletta {prop} (capital of Malta)  :: Valletta
valley {n} (elongated depression between hills or mountains)  :: dal {c}
Valmiera {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Valmiera
valor {n} (value, worth) SEE: value  ::
valor {n} (strength of mind in regard to danger) SEE: valour  ::
valour {n} (value) SEE: value  ::
valour {n} (Strength of mind in regard to danger)  :: tapperhed, mod
valuable {adj} (having a great value)  :: værdifuld
value {n} (quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable)  :: værdi {c}
value {n} (degree of importance given to something)  :: værd {n}
value {n} (amount (of money, goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else)  :: værdi {c}
value {n} (relative darkness or lightness of a color)  :: valør {c}
value {n} (numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed)  :: værdi {c}
value {n} (ideal accepted by some individual or group)  :: værdi {c}
value {v} (to estimate the value of)  :: vurdere, værdsætte
value {v} (to fix or determine the value of)  :: vurdere
value {v} (to regard highly)  :: skatte
value {v} (to hold dear)  :: skatte
value {v}  :: sætte pris på
value added tax {n} (tax levied on added value of an exchange)  :: moms, merværdiafgift
valueless {adj} (having no value)  :: værdiløs
valve {n} (device that controls flow of gas or fluid)  :: ventil {c}
valve {n} (vacuum tube) SEE: vacuum tube  ::
vampire {n} (mythological creature)  :: vampyr
vampiric {adj} (vampiric)  :: [rare] vampyrisk
vampirism {n} (extortion) SEE: extortion  ::
van {n} (a (covered) vehicle used for carrying goods)  :: varevogn {c}, varebil {c}, kassevogn {c}
van {n} (enclosed railway vehicle)  :: wagon {c}
Van {prop} (lake)  :: Vansøen
Van {prop} (city)  :: Van
vanadium {n} (chemical element)  :: vanadium
Vancouver {prop} (city)  :: Vancouver
vandalism {n} (needless damage or destruction of property)  :: vandalisme {c}
vane {n} (weather vane) SEE: weather vane  ::
Vanessa {prop} (female given name)  :: Vanessa
vanilla {n} (fruit)  :: vanilje {c}
Vanir {prop} (Scandinavian deities)  :: vane {c}
vanish {v} (become invisible or to move out of view unnoticed)  :: forsvinde
vanity {n} (excessive pride)  :: forfængelighed {c}
Vantaa {prop} (city in Finland)  :: Vantaa
Vanuatu {prop} (Republic of Vanuatu)  :: Vanuatu
vapor {n} (the gaseous state of a substance that is normally a solid or liquid)  :: damp {c}
vapor {n} (steam) SEE: steam  ::
vapour {n} (vapor) SEE: vapor  ::
vapour {n} (steam) SEE: steam  ::
Varangian {n} (member of a Scandinavian tribe)  :: væring
variable {n} (mathematics: a quantity that may assume any one of a set of values)  :: variabel {c}
variant {adj} (variable) SEE: variable  ::
various {adj} (an eclectic range of)  :: forskellige {p}
varnish {n} (transparent paint)  :: fernis {c}, lak {c} {n}
varnish {n} (anything resembling such a paint)  :: fernis {c}, lak {c} {n}
varnish {n} (a deceptively showy appearance)  :: fernis {c}
varsity {n} (university) SEE: university  ::
vary {v}  :: varierer
vary {v} (to institute a change in) SEE: modify  ::
vas deferens {n} (vas deferens)  :: sædleder {c}
vase {n} (container used mainly for displaying flowers)  :: vase {c}
vassal {n} (grantee of a fief)  :: vasal {c}
vassal {n} (servant)  :: vasal {c}
vast {adj} (very large or wide (literally or figuratively))  :: enorm
VAT {n} (value-added tax)  :: moms
Vatican City {prop} (State of the Vatican City)  :: Vatikanstaten, Vatikanet
vaunt {v} (speak boastfully) SEE: boast  ::
vector {n} (directed quantity)  :: vektor {c}
vector function {n} (Any function whose range is n-dimensional)  :: vektorfunktion {c}
vector product {n} (vector with size given by the product of two vectors)  :: vektorprodukt {n}, krydsprodukt {n}
vector space {n} (mathematics)  :: vektorrum {n}
Vedic Sanskrit {prop} (language)  :: vedisk {n}
vegan {n} (supporter of veganism)  :: veganer
veganism {n} (Eating neither meat nor other animal products)  :: veganisme {c}
vegetable {n} (a plant raised for some edible part of it)  :: grøntsag {c}, grønsag {c}
vegetable {n} (a person whose brain has been damaged)  :: grøntsag {c}, grønsag {c}
vegetable garden {n} (vegetable garden)  :: køkkenhave {c}
vegetarian {n} (person who does not eat any animal flesh)  :: vegetar
vegetarian {n} (plant-eating animal)  :: planteæder {c}, herbivor {c}
vegetarianism {n} (practice of following a vegetarian diet)  :: vegetarisme {c}
vegetation {n} (Plants)  :: plantevækst {c}
vehicle {n} (conveyance)  :: køretøj
veil {n} (something to hide an object)  :: dække {n}
veil {n} (covering for a person or thing)  :: slør {n}
veil {v} (put on or decorate with a veil)  :: dække
veil {v} (conceal with a veil)  :: sløre, skjule
vein {n} (blood vessel)  :: vene {c}
velar {adj} (articulated at the soft palate)  :: velær
velar {n} (a sound articulated at the soft palate)  :: velar
velocity {n} (vector quantity)  :: hastighed {c}
velvet {n} (fabric)  :: fløjl {n}
velvet scoter {n} (Melanitta fusca)  :: fløjsand {c}
vendace {n} (Coregonus albula)  :: heltling
vendor {n} (A person or a company that vends or sells)  :: sælger, leverandør
veneer {n} (thin covering of fine wood)  :: finer {c}
veneer {v} (to apply veneer)  :: finere
venereal disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact) SEE: sexually transmitted disease  ::
Venetian {adj} (relating to Venice)  :: venetiansk
Venetian blind {n} (blind consisting of overlapping horizontal slats)  :: persienne {c}
Venezuela {prop} (country)  :: Venezuela
Venezuelan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Venezuela or the Venezuelan people)  :: venezuelansk
vengeance {n} (revenge taken for an insult, injury, or other wrong)  :: hævn
vengeful {adj} (wanting vengeance)  :: hævngerrig
Venice {prop} (city and province in Italy)  :: Venedig
venom {n} (poison carried by animal)  :: gift {m}
ventricle {n} (one of two lower chambers of the heart)  :: hjertekammer, ventrikel
Ventspils {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Ventspils
venturi {n} (throat of a carburetor) SEE: throat  ::
Venus {prop} (planet)  :: Venus
Venus {prop} (goddess)  :: Venus
Vera {prop} (female given name)  :: Vera
veranda {n} (roofed open gallery)  :: veranda {c}
verb {n} ((grammar) a word that indicates an action, event, or a state)  :: udsagnsord {n}, verbum {n}
verbal noun {n} (grammar: noun that is morphologically related to a verb and has similar meaning)  :: verbalsubstantiv {n}
verbatim {adv} (word for word)  :: ordret, ord for ord, ord til andet
verdigris {n} (blue-green patina on copper and copper alloys)  :: ir {c}
verily {adv} (truly, doubtlessly)  :: sandelig
vermin {n} (Any one of various common types of small insects or animals which cause harm and annoyance)  :: skadedyr {n}
Vermont {prop} (a state in the United States)  :: Vermont
vernacular {n} (national language)  :: national sprog {n}
vernacular {n} (everyday speech)  :: daglig tale {c}
verse {n} (poetic form with regular meter and a fixed rhyme scheme)  :: vers {n}
verse {n} (one of several similar units of a song, consisting of several lines, generally rhymed)  :: strofe {c}, vers {n}
vertebra {n} (any of the small bones which make up the backbone)  :: ryghvirvel {c}
vertebral column {n} (vertebral column)  :: hvirvelsøjle {c}, rygrad {c}, rygsøjle {c}
vertebrate {n} (an animal having a backbone)  :: hvirveldyr {n}
vertex cover {n} (graph theory: set of vertices)  :: punktdække {n}
vertical {adj} (being perpendicular to horizontal)  :: lodret
very {adv} (to a high degree)  :: meget, særlig
very {adv} (emphasizes superlativeness)  :: aller-
very much {adv} (indeed) SEE: indeed  ::
vessel {n} (craft)  :: fartøj {n}
vestibule {n} (a passage, hall or room)  :: vestibule {c}
vestige {n} (mark of the foot left on the earth; a track or footstep; a trace; a sign)  :: spor {n}, antydning {c}
vestigial {adj} (not fully developed)  :: rudimentær
Vesuvius {prop} (volcano in Italy)  :: Vesuv
vet {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
veteran {n} (person with long experience)  :: veteran
veteran {n} (old soldier)  :: veteran
veteran {adj} (with long experience)  :: erfaren
veteran {adj} (related to former members of armed forces)  :: veteran-
veterinarian {n} (doctor who treats animals)  :: dyrlæge {c}
veterinary {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
veterinary surgeon {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
veto {n} (political right)  :: veto
vexillology {n} (study of flags)  :: vexillologi {c}
viable {adj} (able to live on its own)  :: levedygtig
viaduct {n} (bridge with several spans that carries road or rail traffic over a valley)  :: viadukt {c}
viaticum {n} (Eucharist)  :: viaticum
Viborg {prop} (Danish city)  :: Viborg
vibraphone {n} (percussion instrument)  :: vibrafon
vicar {n} (lower-ranking priest)  :: sognepræst
vice {n} (bad habit)  :: last, dårlig vane
vice {n} (screw apparatus) SEE: vise  ::
vice president {n} (deputy to a president)  :: vicepresident {c}
vice versa {adv} (the other way round)  :: vice versa, omvendt
vicinity {n} (proximity, or the state of being near)  :: nærhed {c}
vicinity {n} (neighbourhood, or the nearby region)  :: nabolag {n}, omegn {c}
vicious circle {n} (situation in which the solution to a problem creates another problem)  :: ond cirkel {c}
victim {n} (a living creature which is slain and offered as human or animal sacrifice)  :: offer {n}, slagteoffer {n}
victim {n} (anyone who is harmed by another)  :: offer {n}
victim {n} (an aggrieved or disadvantaged party in a crime)  :: offer {n}
victim {n} (a person who suffers any other injury, loss, or damage as a result of a voluntary undertaking)  :: offer {n}
victim {n} (an unfortunate person who suffers from a disaster or other adverse circumstance)  :: offer {n}
victim {n} ((narratology) a character who is conquered or manipulated by a villain)  :: offer {n}
Victor {prop} (male given name)  :: Victor
Victoria {prop} (female given name)  :: Victoria
Victoria {prop} (Queen Victoria)  :: Victoria
Victoria {prop} (state in Australia)  :: Victoria
Victoria {prop} (Lake Victoria)  :: Victoriasøen
victorious {adj} (being the winner)  :: sejrrig
victory {n} (an instance of having won a competition or battle)  :: sejr {c}
Victory Day {n} (a day to commemorate victories in important battles or wars in the countries' history)  :: Sejrsdagen
videocassette {n} (cassette containing recorded videotape)  :: videobånd {n}, videokassette {c}
video game {n} (game controlled by a software)  :: videospil {n}
video game console {n} (dedicated electronic device that is designed to play video games)  :: spillekonsol {c}
Vienna {prop} (capital of Austria)  :: Wien
Vientiane {prop} (capital of Laos)  :: Vientiane
Vietnam {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Vietnam
Vietnamese {adj} (of or pertaining to Vietnam)  :: vietnamesisk
Vietnamese {n} (Vietnamese person)  :: vietnameser
Vietnamese {prop} (language)  :: vietnamesisk
Vietnam War {prop} (war that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia between 1955 and 1975)  :: Vietnamkrigen
view {n} (something to look at)  :: udsigt
view {n} (point of view)  :: syn
viewer {n} (someone who watches television)  :: seer {c}
vigilance {n} (Alert watchfulness)  :: årvågenhed {c}
vigilance {n} (Close and continuous attention)  :: årvågenhed {c}
Viking {n} (One of the Scandinavian seafaring warriors)  :: viking {c}
Viking Age {prop} (period from 8th to 11th century in Europe)  :: vikingetid {c}
Vilamovian {prop} (Wymysorys) SEE: Wymysorys  ::
village {n} (a rural habitation of size between a hamlet and a town)  :: landsby {c}, by {c}
village idiot {n} (person widely known in their community for their stupidity and ignorant behaviour)  :: landsbytosse {c}
villain {n} (scoundrel)  :: skurk {c}, slyngel {c}
villain {n} (bad person in a stage or screen play)  :: skurk {c}
Vilnius {prop} (capital of Lithuania)  :: Vilnius
vindictive {adj} (having a tendency to seek revenge)  :: hævngerrig
vinegar {n} (condiment)  :: eddike {c}
vineyard {n} (grape plantation)  :: vingård {c}
viola {n} (music: stringed instrument of the violin family)  :: bratsch {c}
Viola {prop} (female given name)  :: Viola
viola da gamba {n} (viol much larger than the violin)  :: viola da gamba {c}
violate {v} (to break or fail to act by rules)  :: overtræde, krænke
violent {adj} (involving extreme force or motion)  :: voldsom
violent {adj} (involving physical conflict)  :: voldelig
violent {adj} (likely to use physical force)  :: voldelig
violent {adj} (intensely vivid)  :: kraftig, heftig
Violet {prop} (female given name)  :: Viola {f}
violin {n} (string instrument)  :: violin {c}
violinist {n} (person who plays violin)  :: violinist {c}
violoncello {n} (cello) SEE: cello  ::
viper {n} (adder) SEE: adder  ::
virgin {n} (person who has never had sexual intercourse)  :: jomfru {c}, {c}
virginal membrane {n} (hymen) SEE: hymen  ::
Virginia {prop} (state)  :: Virginia
Virgin Islands {prop} (archipelago)  :: Jomfruøerne {c-p}
Virgo {prop} (constellation)  :: Jomfruen
Virgo {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Jomfruen
Virgo {n} (Someone with a Virgo star sign)  :: jomfru {c}
virologist {n} (scientist or doctor specializing in virology)  :: virolog {c}
virtual {adj} (in effect; not fact)  :: virtuel
virtue {n} (excellence in morals)  :: dyd {c}
virtue {n} (a good model quality)  :: dyd {c}
virtue {n} (chastity and faithfulness)  :: dyd {c}
virtue {n} (an exemplary quality)  :: dyd {c}
virtuoso {n} (A person with masterly ability, technique or style)  :: virtuos
virus {n} (infectious organism)  :: virus {c} or {n}
visa {n} (permit)  :: visum
viscous {adj} (having a thick, sticky consistency)  :: viskøs
vise {n} (two-jawed instrument for holding work)  :: skruestik {c}, skruetvinge {c}
Vishnu {prop} (the god)  :: Vishnu
visible {adj} (able to be seen)  :: synlig
visit {v} (to go and meet (someone))  :: besøge
visit {n} (single act of visiting)  :: besøg {n}
visitant {n} (migratory bird) SEE: migrant  ::
visiting card {n} (business card) SEE: business card  ::
visitors' book {n} (a facility for visitors' comments) SEE: guest book  ::
visor {n} (mask) SEE: mask  ::
vista {n} (distant view or prospect)  :: udsigt {c}, vue {n}
Vistula {prop} (Polish river)  :: Wisła, Weichsel, Weichselfloden
visual {adj} (related to or affecting the vision)  :: visuel
vitalism {n} (doctrine that life involves a "vital force")  :: vitalisme {c}
vital organ {n} (organ which performs an important function)  :: livsvigtigt organ {n}
vitamin {n} (organic compound essential to human health)  :: vitamin {n}
vitamin C {n} (L-enantiomer of ascorbic acid)  :: C-vitamin {n}
Vitebsk {prop} (city)  :: Vitebsk
vitriol {n} (sulphuric acid) SEE: sulphuric acid  ::
Vitsebsk {prop} (Vitebsk) SEE: Vitebsk  ::
viva {interj} (long live ... !) SEE: long live  ::
Vivian {prop} (female given name)  :: Vivian
vixen {n} (attractive woman) SEE: fox  ::
vixen {n} (female fox)  :: hunræv {c}
vizier {n} (high-ranking official)  :: vesir
vlei {n} (marsh) SEE: marsh  ::
vlei {n} (wetland) SEE: wetland  ::
völva {n} (in Old Norse society, a female practitioner of magic divination and prophecy)  :: vølve {c}
Vänern {prop} (Swedish lake)  :: Vänern
vocabulary {n} (set of words a person knows)  :: ordforråd
vocabulary {n} (words of a language collectively)  :: ordforråd {n}
vocal cord {n} (folds of mucous membrane)  :: stemmebånd
vocational {adj} (of or pertaining to a vocation)  :: erhvers-
vocational {adj} ((of education) that provides a special skill rather than academic knowledge)  :: erhvers-
vocative {n} (grammatical case) SEE: vocative case  ::
vocative case {n} (case of address)  :: vokativ {c}
vodka {n} (clear distilled alcoholic liquor)  :: vodka {c}
voetsek {interj} (go away) SEE: go away  ::
voice {n} (sound uttered by the mouth)  :: stemme {c}, røst {c}
voice {n} (sound made through vibration of the vocal cords)  :: stemning {c}
voice {n} (tone or sound emitted by anything)  :: lyd {c}
voice {n} (the faculty or power of utterance)  :: gennemslagskraft {c}
voice {n} (language; words; speech; expression; signification of feeling or opinion)  :: stemme {c}
voice {n} (opinion or choice expressed; judgment; a vote)  :: stemme {c}
voice {n} (command, precept)  :: vilje {c}
voice {n} (one who speaks; speaker)  :: stemme {c}
voice {n} (grammar: particular mode of inflecting or conjugating verbs)  :: form {c}
voice {v} (to give utterance or expression to)  :: give udtryk for, udtrykke
voice {v} (to utter with a sonant or vocal tone)  :: udtale stemt
voice {v} (to regulate the tone of)  :: stemme
voice {v} (to vote)  :: stemme
voice box {n} (larynx) SEE: larynx  ::
voiced {adj} (sounded with vibration of the vocal cords)  :: stemt
voiceless {adj} ((phonetics, of a consonant) spoken without vibration of the vocal cords)  :: ustemt
void {n} (An empty space; a vacuum)  :: tomrum {n}
voivodeship {n} (the jurisdiction of a voivode)  :: voivodskab {n}
Volapük {prop} (language)  :: volapyk {n}
volcano {n} (mountain containing a magma chamber)  :: vulkan {c}
vole {n} (small rodents of the subfamily Arvicolinae)  :: studsmus {c}
Volgograd {prop} (Volgograd)  :: Volgograd
Volhynia {prop} (region)  :: Volhynien
volleyball {n} (game)  :: volleyball {c}
volt {n} (unit of measure)  :: volt {c}
voluble {adj} (fluent or having a ready flow of speech; garrulous or loquacious)  :: veltalende, snakkesalig
volunteer {n} (one who voluntarily offers himself/herself for service)  :: frivillig
voluptuous {adj} (suggestive of or characterized by full, generous, pleasurable sensation)  :: sanselig, vellystig
voluptuous {adj} (curvaceous, sexy, full-figured)  :: frodig, yppig
Volyn {prop} (oblast)  :: Volhynien, Volyn
vomit {v} (to regurgitate the contents of a stomach)  :: brække sig, kaste op
vomit {n} (regurgitated former contents of a stomach)  :: bræk {n}, opkast {n}
Vormsi {prop} (fourth largest island in Estonia)  :: Vormsi
vote {n} (formalised choice)  :: afstemning {c}
vote {v} (assert a formalised choice)  :: stemme
Vote {n} (person of Votic descent)  :: voter {c}
voter {n} (one who votes)  :: vælger {c}, vælgerinde {c}
Votic {prop} (language)  :: votisk
voting system {n} (system to determine the result of an election)  :: valgmetoder
vowel {n} (sound)  :: vokal {c}, selvlyd [rare]
vowel {n} (letter)  :: vokal {c}
vowel harmony {n} (phonological process)  :: vokalharmoni {c}
vulgar {adj} (obscene)  :: vulgær, [dated] obskøn, uanstændig
vulgar {adj} (having to do with common people)  :: vulgær, simpel, ordinær, [dated] gemen
vulgar fraction {n} (fraction with two integers) SEE: common fraction  ::
Vulgar Latin {prop} (the Latin language as spoken by people)  :: vulgærlatin {n}
vulnerability {n} (security vulnerability) SEE: hole  ::
vulnerable {adj} (exposed to attack)  :: sårbar
vulture {v} (bird)  :: grib {c}
vulva {n} (collectively the external female sexual organs)  :: vulva {c}, tissekone {c}
Vuoksi River {prop} (river in Finland)  :: Vuoksi
Vyborg {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Viborg {c}