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QC {abbr}  :: Québec, a province of Canada
QG {m}  :: initialism of quartier général HQ
QI {m}  :: IQ
Qatari {m}  :: Qatari (person from Qatar)
Qatarie {f}  :: feminine noun of Qatari
Qatarien {m}  :: Qatari (person from Qatar or of Qatari descent)
Qatarienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Qatarien
Qatariote {mf}  :: Qatari (person from Qatar or of Qatari descent)
Qc {abbr}  :: alternative form of QC
Qc. {abbr}  :: alternative form of QC
Quai d'Orsay {prop} {m}  :: (the location of) the French Foreign Affairs Ministry
Québécois {m}  :: Quebecer; Québécois person
Québécoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Québécois
Québec {prop} {m}  :: Quebec (the province of Canada)
Québec {prop} {m}  :: Quebec (the capital city of the eponymous province of Canada)
Queneau {prop}  :: surname
Queneau {prop}  :: Raymond Queneau, French writer
Quentin {prop}  :: given name of Latin origin; recently popular
Quimper {prop}  :: Quimper
Quimpérois {m}  :: someone of or from Quimper
Quimpéroise {f}  :: feminine singular of Quimpérois
Quito {prop}  :: Quito
q {letter}  :: letter
q {m}  :: abbreviation of quintal
qanûn {f} [musical instruments]  :: A type of Turkish zither
qat {m}  :: khat; qat
qatari {adj}  :: of or relating to Qatar
qatarien {adj}  :: Qatari (of, from, or pertaining to Qatar, the Qatari people or the Qatari language)
qouf {m}  :: qoph
qqch {abbr}  :: abbreviation of quelque chose
qqn {abbr}  :: abbreviation of quelqu'un
qué {adj} [Provence]  :: which
qué {conj}  :: eye dialect of que (representing the Hispanic pronunciation)
qué {interj} [Provence, Switzerland]  :: Isn’t it? Is it not?
qué {interj} [Provence]  :: What?
qu {m}  :: alternative spelling of ku
qu' {conj} [before vowel sound]  :: apocopic form of que (that, which)
qu' {pron} [before vowel sound]  :: apocopic form of que (what, that, whom; only)
qu'à {contraction}  :: que + à
quadra {mf}  :: clipping of quadragénaire
quadragénaire {adj}  :: Aged between forty and forty-nine
quadragénaire {mf}  :: A person whose age is between forty and forty-nine
quadragésimal {adj}  :: Lenten
quadragésime {f}  :: Lent, Quadragesima
quadrangle {f} [geometry]  :: quadrangle
quadrangulaire {adj}  :: quadrangular
quadrangulairement {adv}  :: quadrangularly
quadrant {m}  :: quadrant
quadratique {adj} [mathematics]  :: quadratic (of a class of polynomial of the form )
quadratiquement {adv}  :: quadratically
quadratrice {f} [dated, maths]  :: quadratrix
quadrature {f}  :: quadrature
quadrette {f}  :: A pétanque team of four players
quadribasique {adj} [chemistry]  :: quadribasic
quadricarbure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tetracarbide
quadriceps {m}  :: quadriceps (muscle)
quadrichromie {f}  :: four-colour printing or print
quadricycle {m}  :: quadricycle
quadricyclique {adj}  :: tetracyclic
quadridimensionnel {adj}  :: four-dimensional
quadridimensionnellement {adv}  :: four-dimensionally
quadriennal {adj}  :: quadrennial
quadrifide {adj}  :: quadrifid
quadrige {f}  :: quadriga; chariot
quadrijumeau {adj}  :: quadrigeminal
quadrilatéral {adj}  :: quadrilateral
quadrilatère {m}  :: quadrilateral
quadrilingue {adj}  :: quadrilingual
quadrillage {m}  :: grid (on paper etc)
quadrillage {m}  :: coverage
quadrille {mf} [bullfighting]  :: cuadrilla
quadriller {v} [of paper]  :: To crosshatch (mark into squares)
quadriller {v}  :: to criss-cross
quadrilliard {num}  :: 1027, a billion billion billion by the long scale, a short scale octillion
quadrillion {num}  :: 1024; a quadrillion by the long scale; a short scale septillion
quadrilobe {m}  :: quatrefoil
quadrimestre {m}  :: term of four months
quadrimoteur {adj}  :: four-engine (attributive) (aircraft etc)
quadrinôme {m} [maths]  :: quadrinomial
quadripartite {adj}  :: quadripartite
quadriphonie {f}  :: quadraphony
quadripôle {m}  :: quadripole, two-port network
quadriplégie {f}  :: quadriplegia (paralysis of all four limbs)
quadripolaire {adj}  :: quadripolar, tetrapolar
quadrique {adj} [maths]  :: quadric
quadrique {f} [maths]  :: quadric
quadriréacteur {adj}  :: four-engine (attributive)
quadriréacteur {m}  :: A four-engine aircraft
quadrirème {f}  :: quadrireme (galley with four banks of oars)
quadrisulfure {m}  :: tetrasulfide / tetrasulphide
quadrisyllabe {m}  :: quadrisyllable, tetrameter
quadrisyllabique {adj}  :: quadrisyllabic, tetrametric
quadrivalent {adj}  :: quadrivalent (all senses)
quadroxyde {m}  :: synonym of tétraoxyde
quadrumane {m} [zoology]  :: quadrumane
quadrumane {adj} [zoology]  :: quadrumanous, quadrumane
quadrupède {m}  :: quadruped (a four-footed animal)
quadrupède {adj}  :: quadrupedal
quadrupédie {f}  :: quadrupedy
quadruplé {m}  :: quadruplet
quadruple {adj}  :: Which is repeated four times
quadruple {adj} [chiefly music]  :: Which is equal to four times, or the fourth power of another value
quadruple {m}  :: Something that is equal to four times something else
quadruple {m} [Scrabble]  :: A move whose score is multiplied by four
quadruple {m} [Scrabble]  :: The area on the board where such a move is possible
quadrupôle {m}  :: quadripole, two-port network
quadruplement {adv}  :: quadruply
quadrupler {v}  :: to quadruple, to multiply by four
quadruplet {m}  :: quadruplet (sequence of 4 elements)
quadrupolaire {adj}  :: quadrupolar
quai {m}  :: quay, wharf
quai {m}  :: platform (of a station)
quaker {m}  :: Quaker (member of the Quaker faith)
quakeresse {f}  :: Quakeress
qualifiable {adj}  :: qualifiable
qualificatif {adj}  :: qualifying
qualificatif {m} [grammar]  :: qualifier
qualification {f}  :: Qualification (all senses)
qualifier {v}  :: to qualify (of a sports team, etc.)
qualité {f}  :: quality ((all senses))
qualité de vie {f}  :: quality of life
qualitatif {adj}  :: qualitative
qualitativement {adv}  :: qualitatively
quand {conj}  :: when
quand {adv}  :: when
quand le chat n'est pas là, les souris dansent {proverb} [idiomatic]  :: when the cat's away the mice will play
quand le vin est tiré, il faut le boire {proverb}  :: in for a penny, in for a pound
quand les poules auront des dents {adv} [idiomatic]  :: when Hell freezes over; when pigs fly (never)
quand même {adv}  :: anyway, anyhow, just the same, all the same
quand même {adv} [colloquial, serves as an intensifier]  :: really, extremely
quand on parle du loup {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: when you speak of someone they will appear; speak of the devil
quant {adv}  :: only used in quant à
quant à {prep}  :: as for
quant à {prep}  :: according to
quanteur {m}  :: quantifier
quantifié {adj}  :: quantified
quantificateur {m}  :: Quantifier
quantificateur existentiel {m}  :: existential quantifier
quantificateur universel {m}  :: universal quantifier
quantification {f}  :: quantification
quantifier {v}  :: to quantify
quantifieur {m}  :: alternative form of quanteur
quantième {pron} [interrogative, literary]  :: which day of the month
quantième {adj} [interrogative, archaic]  :: which number of (the month)
quantique {adj}  :: quantum
quantité {f}  :: quantity
quantitatif {adj}  :: quantitative
quantitativement {adv}  :: quantitatively
quantum {m} [physics]  :: quantum
quarantaine {f}  :: A number or group of or about forty
quarantaine {f}  :: A quarantine, isolation to prevent contamination
quarante {num}  :: forty
quarante-cinq {m}  :: forty-five
quarante-deux {m}  :: forty-two
quarante-deuxième {mf}  :: forty-second
quarante-et-un {m}  :: forty-one
quarante-et-unième {mf}  :: forty-first
quarante-huit {num}  :: forty-eight
quarante-huitard {m} [colloquial]  :: Revolutions of 1848 revolutionary
quarante-huitième {mf}  :: forty-eighth
quarante-neuf {m}  :: forty-nine
quarante-neuvième {mf}  :: forty-ninth
quarante-quatre {m}  :: forty-four
quarante-quatrième {mf}  :: forty-fourth
quarante-sept {m}  :: forty-seven
quarante-six {m}  :: forty-six
quarante-trois {m}  :: forty-three
quarante-troisième {mf}  :: forty-third
quarantième {adj}  :: fortieth
quarantième {mf}  :: fortieth
quark {m} [particle]  :: quark
quarkonique {adj}  :: quarkonic
quarré {m}  :: obsolete spelling of carré
quarré {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of carré
quarrable {adj} [maths]  :: quadrable
quart {m}  :: quarter (fraction)
quarté {m}  :: A bet on the first four horses in a race
quart de finale {m}  :: quarter-final (round of eight)
quarter {m}  :: quarter (old measure of corn)
quarterback {m}  :: quarterback
quarteron {m}  :: quadroon
quarteron {m}  :: quarter of a pound
quartet {m}  :: quartet
quartette {m}  :: quartet (music composition in four parts, each performed by a single voice or instrument)
quartette {m}  :: quartet (the set of four musicians who perform a piece of music together in four parts)
quartidi {m} [historical]  :: The fourth day of the decade (ten-day week) in the French Republican Calendar
quartier {m}  :: quarter, district (part of town), neighbourhood
quartier {m}  :: piece, chunk; segment (of fruit), quarter (of beef)
quartier {m} [astronomy]  :: quarter
quartier {m} [dated]  :: quarter, mercy
quartier chaud {m}  :: red-light district
quartier général {m}  :: headquarters
quartier-maître {m} [military, nautical]  :: quartermaster
quartique {f} [maths]  :: quartic
quartz {m}  :: quartz
quartzite {m}  :: quartzite
quasi {adv} [dated, colloquial, regional or literary]  :: almost, nearly
quasi- {prefix}  :: quasi-
quasiment {adv}  :: practically, almost
quasiparticule {f}  :: alternative form of quasi-particule
quasi-particule {f} [physics]  :: quasiparticle
quasi-totalité {f}  :: near-totality
quaterné {adj} [botany]  :: tetramerous
quaternaire {adj}  :: quaternary
quatorze {num}  :: fourteen
quatorzième {adj}  :: fourteenth
quatorzième {mf}  :: fourteenth
quatorzièmement {adv}  :: fourteenthly
quatrain {m}  :: quatrain (stanza of four lines)
quatre {num}  :: four
quatre cents {m} [cardinal]  :: four hundred
quatre-épices {m}  :: allspice (spice)
quatre-épices {m}  :: a kind of spice mix
quatre-quarts {m}  :: pound cake (dense yellow sponge)
quatre-vingt {m}  :: Form of quatre-vingts (eighty) used in compounds (the numbers 81 to 99, larger numbers ending in numbers from 81 to 99, and the ordinal numbers corresponding to any of these numbers)
quatrevingt {adj}  :: alternative form of quatre-vingt
quatre-vingt-cinq {num}  :: eighty-five
quatre-vingt-deux {num}  :: eighty-two
quatre-vingt-dix {num}  :: ninety
quatre-vingt-dix-huit {num}  :: ninety-eight
quatre-vingt-dixième {adj}  :: ninetieth
quatre-vingt-dixième {mf}  :: ninetieth
quatre-vingt-dix-neuf {m}  :: ninety-nine (cardinal number 99)
quatre-vingt-dix-sept {num}  :: ninety-seven
quatre-vingt-douze {num}  :: ninety-two
quatre-vingt-huit {num}  :: eighty-eight
quatre-vingtième {adj}  :: eightieth
quatre-vingtième {mf}  :: eightieth
quatre-vingt-neuf {num}  :: eighty-nine
quatre-vingt-onze {num}  :: ninety-one
quatre-vingt-quatorze {num}  :: ninety-four
quatre-vingt-quatre {num}  :: eighty-four
quatre-vingt-quinze {num}  :: ninety-five
quatre-vingts {m}  :: eighty, 80
quatre-vingt-seize {num}  :: ninety-six
quatre-vingt-sept {num}  :: eighty-seven
quatre-vingt-six {num}  :: eighty-six
quatre-vingt-treize {num}  :: ninety-three
quatre-vingt-trois {num}  :: eighty-three
quatre-vingt-un {num}  :: eighty-one
quatriesme {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of quatrième
quatrillion {m}  :: alternative form of quadrillion
quatrième {adj}  :: fourth
quatrième {mf}  :: fourth
quatrièmement {adv}  :: fourthly
quattorze {num}  :: obsolete spelling of quatorze
quatuor {m} [music]  :: quartet (composition)
quatuor {m} [music]  :: quartet (group of musicians)
quatuor {m} [sexuality]  :: foursome
qu'au {contraction}  :: que + au
québécisme {m}  :: Quebecism
québécois {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Quebec
québécois {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the French Canadian ethnic and linguistic group comprising the majority of the Quebec population
québécol {m} [organic compound]  :: quebecol
québecois {adj}  :: alternative form of québécois
que {conj}  :: that (introduces a noun clause and connects it to its parent clause)
que {conj} [used with ne]  :: only (ne ... que parses roughly as "(do[es]) not / nothing ... other than")
que {conj}  :: Substitutes for another, previously stated conjunction
que {conj}  :: when, no sooner
que {conj}  :: Links two noun phrases in apposition forming a clause without a (finite) verb, such that the complement acts as predicate
que {conj}  :: than (introduces a comparison)
que {pron} [slightly formal]  :: The inanimate direct-object interrogative pronoun
que {pron} [slightly formal]  :: The subject or predicative interrogative pronoun
que {pron}  :: The direct object relative pronoun
que dalle {pron} [slang]  :: sod all, naff all
que de {adv}  :: how (modifier)
que faites-vous dans la vie {phrase}  :: what do you do? (what is your job?)
quechua {m}  :: the Quechua language
queireret {m}  :: lavender
quel {adj}  :: which
quel {adj}  :: (exclamative) what
quel {pron}  :: what
quel âge as-tu {phrase}  :: how old are you?
quel que soit {prep}  :: whatever, regardless of, no matter
quel temps fait-il {phrase}  :: how's the weather?
quelconque {adj}  :: any, any which one
qu'elle {contraction}  :: que + elle
quelle heure est-il {phrase}  :: what time is it?
quelle horreur {interj}  :: that's terrible, how horrible, isn't that awful
quelle surprise {phrase}  :: What a surprise. "Quelle surprise."
quellement {adv}  :: In such or suchlike a manner
qu'elles {contraction}  :: que + elles
quelque {pron}  :: some (singular)
quelque chose {pron}  :: something (an indefinite or indeterminate object)
quelque part {adv}  :: somewhere
quelquefois {adv}  :: sometimes
quelques-uns {pron}  :: some, a few
quelqu'un {pron}  :: someone, somebody, anyone, anybody
qu'en-dira-t-on {m}  :: gossip
quenelle {f}  :: dumpling, quenelle (food)
quenelle {f} [slang]  :: penis
quenelle {f} [slang]  :: An obscene gesture of defiance made by holding one's upper arm with the other hand and holding the hand of the held arm outstretched and pointing at the ground; often held to have antisemitic overtones
quenotte {f} [colloquial]  :: tooth, toothy-peg
quenottier {m} [rare]  :: tooth-drawer
quenouille {f}  :: distaff
quenouille {f}  :: cattail
quenya {m}  :: Quenya
quercétine {f} [organic compound]  :: quercetin
querelle {f}  :: quarrel, argument
quereller {v}  :: to quarrel, to squabble
querelleur {adj}  :: quarrelsome
qu'est-ce que {pron}  :: what (used as an interrogative for a direct object)
qu'est-ce que {pron}  :: what is (used as an interrogative for a definition)
qu'est-ce que c'est {phrase}  :: what is that? what is it? what does that mean?
qu'est-ce qui {pron}  :: what (used as an interrogative)
questeur {m}  :: quaestor
question {f}  :: a question
question {f}  :: a matter or issue; a problem
question piège {f}  :: trick question
questionnable {adj}  :: questionable
questionnaire {m}  :: questionnaire
questionnement {m}  :: questioning
questionner {v}  :: to question, interrogate
questionner {v}  :: to call into question
questionneur {m}  :: questioner
questionneuse {f}  :: questioner (female)
question-tag {f}  :: tag question (question inviting agreement)
quetsche {f}  :: damson (plum)
queue {f}  :: tail
queue {f}  :: queue, line
queue {f} [snooker]  :: cue
queue {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: cock, dick (penis)
queue-de-cheval {f}  :: ponytail (hairstyle)
queue-de-pie {f}  :: tailcoat (formal evening jacket)
queutard {m} [vulgar]  :: horn dog, womanizer (man fixated on sex)
queuter {v} [snooker, billiards]  :: To push (to have the cue ball in contact with the cue and the object ball at the same time)
queuter {v} [slang]  :: To miss, fail, screw up
queuter {v} [vulgar]  :: to have sex
queux {m} [obsolete]  :: cook
qu'eux {contraction}  :: que + eux: than them, than they, or that they
quéfrence {f}  :: quefrency
qui {pron} [interrogative]  :: who, whom
qui {pron} [relative]  :: who, whom (after a preposition), which, that
qui a bu boira {phrase}  :: who has drunk will drink again
qui aime bien châtie bien {proverb}  :: you've got to be cruel to be kind
qui aime bien, châtie bien {proverb}  :: Spare the rod and spoil the child
qui dort dîne {phrase}  :: sleep allows one to go without food
qui ne dit mot consent {proverb}  :: He who says nothing (tacitly) agrees; silence is consent
qui ne risque rien n'a rien {proverb}  :: no pain, no gain
qui ne tente rien n'a rien {proverb}  :: alternative form of qui ne risque rien n'a rien
qui se ressemble s'assemble {proverb}  :: birds of a feather flock together
qui vole un œuf vole un bœuf {proverb}  :: once a thief, always a thief (Someone dishonest enough to steal a small thing can steal a big thing as well.)
quiche {f} [culinary]  :: quiche
quiche {f} [colloquial]  :: slap; blow, strike
quichenotte {f}  :: A type of women's hat resembling a head scarf, popular in certain areas of France
quicher {v} [slang]  :: to throw up, puke
quicher {v} [slang]  :: to force something into a space too small for it: to cram, to squeeze
quicher {v} [slang]  :: to humiliate
quichottesque {adj}  :: quixotic
quichua {m}  :: alternative spelling of quechua
quick {m}  :: quick waltz
quiconque {pron}  :: anyone, whoever
quid {pron} [formal]  :: what about
quidam {m}  :: Used to designate persons whose name are unknown or not mentioned
quidam {m}  :: Person whose identity is not indicated, in a conversation, a writing
quidam {m}  :: Individual
quiddité {f}  :: quiddity; essence
quiet {adj} [rare, literary, of a person]  :: calm, quiet, peaceful, at ease
quignon {m}  :: heel of bread
qu'il {contraction}  :: contraction of que + il
quillard {m} [nautical]  :: keelboat
quille {f}  :: skittle
quille {f} [colloquial]  :: pin, peg (leg)
quille {f} [military slang]  :: demob
quille {f} [juggling]  :: club
quille {f} [nautical]  :: keel
qu'ils {contraction}  :: que + ils
quimbois {m} [Antilles]  :: sorcery, necromancy
quimpérois {adj}  :: of or from Quimper
-quin {suffix}  :: A suffix forming masculine nouns, originally diminutives, occurring especially in words of Dutch and Flemish origin
quinaire {adj}  :: quinary
quincaille {f}  :: hardware
quincailler {m}  :: alternative spelling of quincaillier
quincaillerie {f}  :: hardware store
quincaillier {m}  :: ironmonger, hardware dealer
quincaillière {f}  :: feminine singular of quincaillier
quincaillère {f}  :: feminine singular of quincailler
quincajou {m}  :: obsolete spelling of kinkajou
quinconce {m}  :: A quincunx, a group of five items arranged in a square with one in the middle
quinconce {m} [by extension]  :: A plantation made at equal distances in a straight row, giving multiple alleys of trees in different directions
quinconce {m} [by extension]  :: A place planted in this manner
quinine {f}  :: quinine
quinique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: quinic
quinnat {m}  :: a quinnat salmon
quinoa {mf}  :: quinoa
quinoïde {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: quinoid
quinoïdine {f} [organic chemistry]  :: quinoidine
quinoléine {f} [organic compound]  :: quinoline
quinqua {mf}  :: clipping of quinquagénaire
quinquagénaire {adj}  :: quinquagenarian
quinquagénaire {mf}  :: quinquagenarian
quinquennal {adj}  :: five-year
quinquennat {m}  :: a five-year term in government
quinquet {m} [historical]  :: oil lamp
quinquet {m} [colloquial, humorous]  :: peeper, eye
quinquin {m}  :: a small child
quinquina {m}  :: cinchona (tree)
quinquénaire {adj}  :: synonym of quinaire
quint {m} [obsolete]  :: A fifth
quint {adj}  :: fifth, seldom used outside of titles
quint {adj} [archaic, medicine]  :: Occurring at an interval of five days
quinté {m}  :: A bet on the first five horses in a race
quintal {m}  :: quintal (hundredweight)
quintal {m}  :: quintal (100 kg)
quinte {f} [fencing]  :: quinte
quinte {f} [music]  :: fifth (musical interval), quintus (choir)
quinte {f} [card games]  :: (five-card) straight
quinte {f}  :: fit (of coughing)
quinte flush {f} [poker]  :: straight flush
quinte flush royale {f} [poker]  :: royal flush
quinteau {m} [dated, outside, Perche, Louisiana French, Quebec]  :: a heap, pile or stack, such as of sugar or hay
quinter {adv}  :: A fifth time
quinter {v} [archaic, agriculture]  :: to plough the field five times
quinter {v} [rare]  :: to have a coughing fit
quintessence {f}  :: quintessence (all senses)
quintette {m}  :: quintet; A composition for five voices or instruments
quintette {m}  :: quintet; the set of five persons who sing or play five-part music
quinteux {adj} [medicine]  :: quintan
quinteux {adj}  :: bilious, ill-tempered
quintidi {m} [historical]  :: The fifth day of the decade (ten-day week) in the French Republican Calendar
quintidodécaèdre {m}  :: quintidodecahedron
quintilion {m}  :: alternative form of quintillion
quintilliard {num}  :: 1033, a million billion billion billion by the long scale, a short scale decillion
quintillion {num}  :: 1030; a quintillion by the long scale; a short scale nonillion
quintuple {m}  :: quintuple
quintuplement {m}  :: fivefold increase
quintupler {v}  :: to quintuple, to multiply by five
quinvicies {adv} [legal]  :: twenty-fifthly
quinzaine {f}  :: about fifteen people, about fifteen things, etc
quinzaine {f}  :: A period of fifteen consecutive days. By extension, two weeks; a fortnight
quinze {num}  :: fifteen
quinze-vingt {m}  :: A blind patient of the Hôpital des Quinze-Vingts
quinze-vingt {m}  :: A blind person
quinze-vingts {num} [archaic]  :: Three hundred
quinzième {adj}  :: fifteenth
quinzième {mf}  :: fifteenth
quinzièmement {adv}  :: fifteenthly
quinzomadaire {adj}  :: fortnightly
quinzomadaire {f}  :: fortnightly; fortnightly publication
quinzomadairement {adv}  :: fortnightly
quiproquo {m}  :: misunderstanding
quiproquo {m}  :: equivocation
quiscale {m}  :: grackle
quiètement {adv}  :: quietly
quiétisme {m}  :: quietism
quiétiste {adj}  :: quietist
quiétiste {mf}  :: quietist
quittance {f}  :: a receipt, a quittance
quitte {adj}  :: quits
quitte à {adv}  :: since, given that
quitte à {adv}  :: at the risk of, however much
quitter {vt} [law or obsolete]  :: to discharge somebody from an obligation
quitter {vt} [of a place]  :: to leave, to quit
quitter {vt} [of a person]  :: to part with somebody, to leave somebody
quiétude {f}  :: tranquility
quitus {m}  :: discharge (of a debt etc.)
quiz {m}  :: quiz
quémander {v}  :: to beg (for), to cadge
quémandeur {m}  :: beggar
quémandeur {m}  :: supplicant
quémandeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of quémandeur
quoi {pron}  :: what (oblique pronoun)
quoi {pron} [slang]  :: aught, anything, something
quoi {adv} [colloquial]  :: you know, like, y'know
quoi de neuf {phrase}  :: what's up, how's it going, what's new (an informal greeting)
quoi faire {adv} [Louisiana French, ]  :: why
quoi que {pron}  :: whatever (+ subjunctive)
quoi qu'il en soit {adv}  :: be that as it may, at any rate, in any case, howbeit, anyway, anyhow
quoiqu' {conj} [before vowel sound]  :: apocopic form of quoique
quoique {conj}  :: though, although
quolibet {m}  :: gibe, taunt
qu'on {contraction}  :: que + on
quorum {m}  :: quorum
quota {m}  :: quota
quotidien {adj}  :: daily; everyday, quotidian, commonplace, mundane
quotidien {m}  :: a daily, a daily paper: a newspaper that is published daily
quotidiennement {adv}  :: daily (every day)
quotidienneté {f}  :: daily life
quotient {m}  :: Quotient (result of a division)
quotient intellectuel {m}  :: intelligence quotient (IQ)
quotientiel {adj} [maths]  :: quotient (attributive)
quotité {f}  :: quota
quoy {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of quoi
quéquette {f} [childish]  :: penis; willy; tackle
quérir {v} [literary or archaic]  :: to seek; used especially after certain verbs
quèsement {adv} [colloquial]  :: almost
quæsteur {m}  :: obsolete form of questeur
quæstion {f}  :: obsolete form of question
quétaine {adj} [Quebec]  :: unfashionable; outmoded; dated
quétaine {mf} [Quebec, pejorative]  :: someone unrefined or ignorant
quête {f}  :: quest, search
quêter {v}  :: to search for; to look for
quêter {v}  :: to beg (for money)
quêteur {m}  :: quester, seeker
quêteuse {f}  :: feminine singular of quêteur
quêteux {m} [Quebec]  :: beggar
qu'un {contraction}  :: que + un
qu'une {contraction}  :: que + une
qwerty {m}  :: a qwerty keyboard