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Czech basic words[edit]

Here are some lists of basic Czech words grouped by grammatical category then by topic with their translation in English.

This is meant to be printed and kept in your pocket.

Interjection/Phrase - citoslovce/fráze[edit]

Pronoun/Conjunction - zájmeno/spojka[edit]

Preposition - předložka[edit]

+ Genitive

+ Dative

+ Accusative

  • for pro
  • instead of; behind (dyn.) za
  • in front of (dyn.) před
  • besides, off, out of, parallel to (st.) mimo
  • (on)to (dyn.) na
  • under, below (dyn.) pod
  • over, above (dyn.) nad
  • between, among (dyn.) mezi
  • except (for), besides, among krom(ě)
  • through skrz
  • by, for o
  • in v

+ Dative

+ Locative

+ Instrumental

  • with s
  • behind, beyond, after (st.), in/after (time) za
  • in front of (st.); before; ago; from; against před
  • under(neath), below (st.) pod
  • over, above (st.) nad
  • between, among (st.) mezi

Adverb - příslovce[edit]

Adjective - přídavné jméno[edit]

Verb - sloveso[edit]

Noun - podstatné jméno[edit]

Number - číslo[edit]


  • st. = static
  • dyn. = dynamic

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