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n00b {n} (beginner) SEE: newbie  ::
n/a {initialism} (not applicable)  :: [Bokmål] ikke anvendbar
NaCl {n} (sodium chloride) SEE: sodium chloride  ::
NaCl {n} (table salt) SEE: table salt  ::
nada {n} (nothing) SEE: nothing  ::
naevus {n} (abnormal area on skin) SEE: mole  ::
naïf {n} (one who is naive) SEE: naif  ::
nag {v} (complain about insignificant matters)  :: mase
Nagorny Karabakh {prop} (Nagorno-Karabakh) SEE: Nagorno-Karabakh  ::
Nahum {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Nahum
nail {n} (on fingers and toes)  :: [Bokmål] negl {m}; [Nynorsk] nagl {m}
nail {n} (spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood or similar materials)  :: spiker {m}
nail {v} (catch)  :: fange, fakke
nail {v} (employ a nail as a fastener)  :: spikre
nail {v} (hit a target effectively with some weapon)  :: treffe
nail polish {n} (cosmetic lacquer)  :: [Bokmål] neglelakk {m}; [Nynorsk] naglelakk {m}
nail trimmer {n} (nail clipper) SEE: nail clipper  ::
Naissaar {prop} (island in northern Estonia)  :: Naissaar
naive {adj} (lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement)  :: naiv, godtroende
naked {adj} (glib, without decoration, put bluntly)  :: naken
naked {adj} (not wearing any clothes)  :: naken
naked {adj} (unprotected)  :: naken
naked eye {n} (unaided eyesight)  :: [Bokmål] det blotte øye (the naked eye)
Nalchik {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Naltsjik
name {n} (reputation)  :: navn {n}, ry {n}
name {n} (word or phrase indicating a particular person, place, class or thing)  :: navn
name {v} (to designate for a role)  :: utnevne
name {v} (to give a name to)  :: kalle, navngi
name {v} (to identify, define, specify)  :: nevne
name {v} (to mention, specify)  :: velge
name {v} (to publicly implicate)  :: [Bokmål] navngi
name after {v} (to give someone the same name)  :: [Bokmål] oppkalle etter
name card {n} (business card) SEE: business card  ::
named {adj} (having a name)  :: navngitt
name day {n} (feast day of a saint)  :: navnedag; [Nynorsk] namnedag
namesake {n} (person with the same name as another)  :: [Nynorsk] namne {m}
nametag {n} (tag with one's name on it)  :: navnelapp
Namibia {prop} (Republic of Namibia)  :: Namibia
Namibian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Namibia)  :: [Bokmål] namibisk; [Nynorsk] namibisk
Namibian {n} (a person from Namibia or of Namibian descent)  :: [Bokmål] namibier {m}; [Nynorsk] namibiar {m}
nanny {n} (child's nurse)  :: barnepike {m}
nanny {n} (female goat) SEE: nanny goat  ::
nanny goat {n} (female goat)  :: [Bokmål] geit {c}; [Nynorsk] geit {f}
nanometer {n} (nanometre) SEE: nanometre  ::
Naomi {prop} (biblical character)  :: No'omi
nape {n} (back part of the neck)  :: nakke {m}
napkin {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper  ::
napkin {n} (sanitary napkin) SEE: sanitary napkin  ::
napkin {n} (serviette)  :: serviett {m}
nappy {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper  ::
narcolepsy {n} (sleeping disorder)  :: narkolepsi
Narnia {prop} (a fictional land)  :: Narnia
narrative {adj} (telling a story)  :: [Bokmål] fortellende
narrative present tense {n} (tense) SEE: historical present tense  ::
narrator {n} (in film and television)  :: [Bokmål] forteller {m}, stemme {m}; [Nynorsk] forteljar {m}
narrator {n} (in story)  :: [Bokmål] forteller {m}; [Nynorsk] forteljar {m}
narrow {adj} (having a small width)  :: smal
narrow-minded {adj} (having restricted or rigid views, and being unreceptive to new ideas)  :: bornert, innskrenket, trangsynt
narrow-minded {adj} (intolerant, bigoted or prejudiced)  :: bornert, innskrenket, trangsynt
narrow-mindedness {n} (the state of being narrow-minded)  :: bornerthet {c}, trangsynthet {c}
narrow squeak {n} (close shave) SEE: close shave  ::
Narva {prop} (City in Estonia)  :: Narva
narwhal {n} (Arctic cetacean)  :: [Bokmål] narhval {m}; [Nynorsk] narkval {m}
nascent {adj} (emerging; just coming into existence)  :: nyfødt
nascent {adj} (in chemistry)  :: nydannet
natal cleft {n} (groove between buttocks) SEE: anal cleft  ::
Natalia {prop} (female given name) SEE: Natalie  ::
Natalie {prop} (female given name)  :: Natalie
Nathanael {prop} (biblical Apostle)  :: Natanael
Nathaniel {prop} (cognate of the name) SEE: Nathanael  ::
nation {n} (community of people)  :: nasjon {m}
nation {n} (sovereign state)  :: [Bokmål] stat {m}
national {adj} (of or having to do with a nation)  :: [Bokmål] nasjonal; [Nynorsk] nasjonal
national anthem {n} (official song of a nation or country)  :: [Bokmål] nasjonalsang {m}; [Nynorsk] nasjonalsong {m}
National Assembly {prop} (national legislature)  :: [Bokmål] nasjonalforsamling {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nasjonalforsamling {f}
national day {n} (day marking a country's establishment)  :: [Bokmål] nasjonaldag {m}; [Nynorsk] nasjonaldag {m}
nationalism {n} (idea of supporting one's country and culture)  :: nasjonalisme
nationalistic {adj} (of, relating to, or advocating nationalism) SEE: nationalist  ::
nationality {n} (nationalism) SEE: nationalism  ::
nationalization {n} (nationalisation) SEE: nationalisation  ::
national park {n} (national park)  :: [Bokmål] nasjonalpark {m}; [Nynorsk] nasjonalpark {m}
native {n} (native speaker) SEE: native speaker  ::
native companion {n} (brolga) SEE: brolga  ::
nativity {n} (Nativity) SEE: Nativity  ::
NATO {prop} (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)  :: NATO
natural {adj} (as expected)  :: normal
natural {adj} (relating to nature)  :: naturlig
natural {adj} (without additives)  :: naturlig
natural {n} (someone with innate ability)  :: [Bokmål] naturtalent
natural disaster {n} (natural phenomenon)  :: [Bokmål] naturkatastrofe {m}; [Nynorsk] naturkatastrofe {m}
natural gas {n} (mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons associated with petroleum deposits)  :: [Bokmål] naturgass {m}; [Nynorsk] naturgass {m}
naturalize {v} (to acclimatize an animal or plant) SEE: acclimatize  ::
natural log {n} (natural logarithm) SEE: natural logarithm  ::
naturally {adv} (in a natural manner)  :: naturlig
naturally {adv} (inherently or by nature)  :: naturlig
naturally {adv} (surely)  :: naturligvis, selvfølgelig
natural preserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve  ::
natural reserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve  ::
natural resource {n} (source of wealth that occurs naturally)  :: [Bokmål] naturressurs {m}; [Nynorsk] naturressurs {m}
natural selection {n} (an evolutionary process)  :: [Bokmål] naturlig seleksjon {m}, naturlig utvalg {n}; [Nynorsk] naturleg seleksjon {m}, naturleg utval {n}
nature {n} (environment)  :: natur {m}
nature {n} (essential characteristics)  :: natur {m}
nature {n} (everything related to biological and geographical states)  :: natur {m}
nature {n} (primitive state of being)  :: natur {m}
nature preserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve  ::
nature strip {n} (tree lawn) SEE: tree lawn  ::
naught {pron} (nothing)  :: [Bokmål] null {m}
naughty {adj} (bad; tending to misbehave or act badly)  :: uskikkelig
naughty {adj} (risqué, sexually suggestive)  :: frekk, uforskamma
Nauru {prop} (Republic of Nauru)  :: Nauru
Nauruan {adj} (pertaining to Nauru)  :: [Bokmål] naurisk; [Nynorsk] naurisk
Nauruan {n} (person from Nauru)  :: [Bokmål] nauruer {m}; [Nynorsk] nauruar {m}
nausea {n} (feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit)  :: [Bokmål] kvalme {m}; [Nynorsk] kvalme {m}
nautical {adj} (relating to ships, shipping, navigation, and seamen)  :: [Bokmål] nautisk; [Nynorsk] nautisk
Navarran {adj} (Navarrese) SEE: Navarrese  ::
Navarran {n} (Navarrese) SEE: Navarrese  ::
nave {n} (hub of a wheel)  :: [Bokmål] nav {n}; [Nynorsk] nav {n}
nave {n} (the middle or body of a church)  :: [Bokmål] midtskip {n}; [Nynorsk] midskip {n}, midtskip {n}
navel {n} (remnant of umbilical cord)  :: navle {m}
naïveté {n} (naivety) SEE: naivety  ::
navigatable {adj} (navigable) SEE: navigable  ::
navigate {v} (travel over water)  :: navigere
navigation {n} (canal) SEE: canal  ::
navy {adj} (Belonging to the navy)  :: marine
navy {adj} (Having a navy colour)  :: marineblå
navy {n} (department)  :: marine {m}
navy {n} (navy blue colour)  :: marineblå
navy {n} (sea force)  :: marine {m}
Naypyidaw {prop} (capital of Myanmar)  :: Naypyidaw
Nay Pyi Taw {prop} (Naypyidaw) SEE: Naypyidaw  ::
nazi {adj} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi  ::
nazi {n} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi  ::
N-bomb {n} (neutron bomb) SEE: neutron bomb  ::
neanderthal {n} (a Homo neanderthalensis specimen) SEE: Neanderthal  ::
Neanderthal {adj} (of or pertaining to Homines neanderthalenses) SEE: neanderthal  ::
Neanderthal {n} (a primitive person) SEE: neanderthal  ::
neap tide {n} (tide which occurs when the moon is in its first or third quarter)  :: [Bokmål] nippflo {m} {f}
near {adj} (physically close)  :: [Bokmål] nær; [Nynorsk] nær
near {adv} (nearly) SEE: nearly  ::
near-death experience {n} (experience by people whose heart and brain have temporarily ceased to function)  :: [Bokmål] nær døden-opplevelse {m}
nearness {n} (proximity) SEE: proximity  ::
nearsightedness {n} (myopia) SEE: myopia  ::
neat {adj} (tidy, free from dirt)  :: ryddig
neat {n} (cattle) SEE: cattle  ::
nebula {n} (a space cloud)  :: [Bokmål] stjernetåke
nebulosity {n} (cloudiness) SEE: cloudiness  ::
necessarily {adv} (of necessity)  :: nødvendigvis
necessary {adj} (needed, required)  :: [Bokmål] nødvendig, påkrevd
necessity is the mother of innovation {proverb} (necessity is the mother of invention) SEE: necessity is the mother of invention  ::
necessity is the mother of invention {proverb} (a person in need will find a way)  :: nød lærer naken kvinne å spinne (need teaches (a) naked woman how to spin)
neck {n} (the extension of any stringed instrument on which a fingerboard is mounted)  :: hals {m}
neck {n} (the part of a shirt, dress etc., which fits a person's neck)  :: hals {m}
neck {n} (the part of body connecting the head and the trunk found in humans and some animals)  :: hals {m}
neck {n} (the tapered part of a bottle toward the opening)  :: hals {m}
necklace {n} (jewelry)  :: [Bokmål] halsbånd {n}, halskjede {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] halskjede {f}
necktie {n} (strip of cloth worn around the neck and tied in the front)  :: slips {n}
necrophilia {n}  :: nekrofil
need {v} (to have an absolute requirement for)  :: trenge
need {v} (to want strongly)  :: trenge
needle {n} (implement for sewing etc.)  :: [Bokmål] nål {m} {f}, synål {m} {f}, [knitting needle] strikkepinne {m}; [Nynorsk] nål {f}, synål {f}, [knitting needle] strikkepinn {m}, strikkepinne {m}
needle {n} (leaf of conifer)  :: [Bokmål] barnål {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] barnål {f}
needless to say {adv} (obviously)  :: selvsagt, selvfølgelig
needs {adv} (necessarily) SEE: necessarily  ::
ne'er-do-well {n} (good-for-nothing) SEE: good-for-nothing  ::
nefarious {adj} (sinful, villainous, criminal, or wicked, especially when noteworthy or notorious for such characteristics)  :: avskyelig, skjendig
negation {n} (act of negating something)  :: [Bokmål] nektelse {m}
negation {n} (denial or contradiction)  :: [Bokmål] nektelse {m}, avvisning {m}
negation {n} (negation in logic)  :: [Bokmål] negasjon {m}
negative {adj} (not positive or neutral)  :: negativ
negative {adj} (of electrical charge)  :: negativ
negativeness {n} (negativity) SEE: negativity  ::
neglected {adj} (suffering from neglect)  :: [Bokmål] forsømt
neglectful {adj} (tending to neglect)  :: [Bokmål] forsømmelig, skjødesløs
negligence {n} (failure to exercise a standard of care (law))  :: [Bokmål] uaktsomhet {m} {f}
negotiate {v} (arrange a mutual agreement (transitive))  :: forhandle, drøfte
negotiate {v} (confer to reach an agreement (intransitive))  :: forhandle
negotiating table {n} (place for negotiations)  :: [Bokmål] forhandlingsbord {n}; [Nynorsk] forhandlingsbord {n}
negotiation {n} (process of achieving agreement)  :: forhandling {c}
negotiator {n} (One who negotiates)  :: [Bokmål] forhandler {m}
negro {n} (Negro) SEE: Negro  ::
Negro {n} (person with dark skin)  :: neger
Nehemiah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Nehemja
Neiden {prop} (village in Norway)  :: Neiden; [Bokmål] Neiden; [Nynorsk] Neiden
neigh {n} (the cry of a horse)  :: knegg, vrinsk
neigh {v}  :: vrinske
neighborhood {n}  :: [Bokmål] omgivelse {m}
neighborhood {n} (division of a municipality or region)  :: boområder {p}
neighborhood {n} (inhabitants of a residential area)  :: naboer {p}
neighborhood {n} (largely obsolete: quality of being a neighbor)  :: naboskap {n}
neighborhood {n} (nearby area)  :: naboskap {n}
neighbour {n} (a person living on adjacent or nearby land)  :: nabo {m}
neighbourhood {n} (close proximity, particularly in reference to home)  :: strøk; [Bokmål] naboskap {n}
Nei Mongol {prop} (Inner Mongolia) SEE: Inner Mongolia  ::
neither {conj} (not either (used with nor): neither X nor Y)  :: [Bokmål] hverken, verken X eller Y; [Nynorsk] korkje X eller Y
neither {determiner} (not one of two; not either)  :: ingen av
Nemean Lion {prop} (mythical lion of Nemea)  :: Løven fra Nemea, nemeiske Løven
nemesis {n} (archenemy) SEE: archenemy  ::
Nenets {prop} (language)  :: nenetsisk
neoclassicism {n} (movement)  :: [Bokmål] nyklassisisme {m}; [Nynorsk] nyklassisisme {m}
neodymium {n} (chemical element)  :: [Bokmål] neodym {n}; [Nynorsk] neodym {n}
neologism {n} (recently coined word)  :: [Bokmål] neologisme {m}, nyord {n}; [Nynorsk] neologisme {m}
neologism {n} (schizophrenic meaningless word)  :: neologisme {m}
neon {n} (element)  :: neon; [Nynorsk] neon
neo-Nazi {n} (person who believes in a Nazi ideology)  :: nynazist
neo-Nazism {n} (the ideology held by neo-Nazis)  :: [Bokmål] nynazisme {m}
neotenous {adj} (babyfaced) SEE: babyfaced  ::
Nepal {prop} (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal)  :: Nepal
Nepalese {adj} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali  ::
Nepalese {n} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali  ::
Nepalese {prop} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali  ::
Nepali {adj} (pertaining to Nepal)  :: [Bokmål] nepalsk; [Nynorsk] nepalsk
Nepali {n} (person)  :: [Bokmål] nepaler {m}; [Nynorsk] nepalar {m}
Nepali {prop} (language)  :: [Bokmål] nepalsk {m}, nepali {m}; [Nynorsk] nepalsk {m}, nepali {m}
nephrolith {n} (kidney stone) SEE: kidney stone  ::
Neptune {prop} (eighth planet of the solar system)  :: Neptun
Neptune {prop} (Roman god of the ocean)  :: Neptun
neptunium {n} (chemical element)  :: neptunium
nerd {n} (intellectual, skillful person, generally introverted)  :: nerd {m}
nerve {n} (bundle of neurons)  :: nerve
nerve {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
nerve {v} (strengthen) SEE: strengthen  ::
nerve agent {n} (weapon of mass destruction) SEE: nerve gas  ::
nerve fibre {n} (axon) SEE: axon  ::
nerve-wracking {adj} (intensely distressing)  :: [Bokmål] nervepirrende; [Nynorsk] nervepirrande
nervosity {n} (nervousness) SEE: nervousness  ::
ness {n} (a promontory; a cape or headland)  :: nes {n}
-ness {suffix} (appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of being...", "the quality of being...", or "the measure of being...")  :: -het, -skap
nest {n} (bird-built structure)  :: [Bokmål] fuglerede {n}, fuglereir {n}; [Nynorsk] fuglereir {n}
nest box {n} (birdhouse) SEE: birdhouse  ::
nested {v} (embedded) SEE: embedded  ::
net {n} (interconnecting system)  :: nett
Netherlandish {prop} (Dutch) SEE: Dutch  ::
Netherlands {adj} (pertaining to the Netherlands)  :: nederlandsk
Netherlands {prop} (country in northwestern Europe)  :: Nederland, Holland
nettle {n} (deadnettle) SEE: deadnettle  ::
nettle {n} (stinging herb of genus Urtica)  :: nesle {c}
nettle-rash {n} (itchy areas of the skin) SEE: urticaria  ::
network {n} (fabric or structure of fibrous elements)  :: nett {n}
network {n} (interconnected group or system)  :: nettverk {n}
network {n} (multiple computers and other devices connected together)  :: [Bokmål] nettverk
network {n}  :: nettverk
neuroscience {n} (scientific study of the nervous system)  :: nevrovitenskap {m}
neuter {adj}  :: nøytral , intetkjønn
neutral {adj} (chemistry: neither acidic nor alkaline)  :: nøytral
neutral {adj} (having no obvious colour)  :: nøytral
neutral {adj} (not taking sides in a conflict)  :: nøytral
neutral {adj} (physics: possessing no charge)  :: nøytral
neutralisation {n} (neutralisation) SEE: neutralization  ::
neutralise {v} (to make inactive or ineffective)  :: [Bokmål] nøytralisere; [Nynorsk] nøytralisere, nøytralisera
neutrino {n} (en elementary particle with extremely small mass and no electric charge)  :: neutrino {m}
neutron {n} (subatomic particle)  :: [Bokmål] nøytron {n}; [Nynorsk] nøytron {m} {n}
neutron star {n} (star composed of neutrons)  :: [Bokmål] nøytronstjerne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nøytronstjerne {f}, nøytronstjerna {f}
never {adv} (at no time)  :: aldri
nevermore {adv} (never again) SEE: never again  ::
never say never {phrase} (never say never)  :: [Bokmål] aldri si aldri; [Nynorsk] aldri sei aldri
nevertheless {adv} (in spite of what preceded)  :: likevel
nevus {n} (benign lesion on skin) SEE: mole  ::
new {adj} (additional, recently discovered)  :: ny
new {adj} (current or later)  :: ny, nåværende
new {adj} (distinguishing something established more recently)  :: ny
new {adj} (inexperienced, unaccustomed)  :: ny
new {adj} (in original condition, pristine)  :: ny
new {adj} (newborn)  :: nyfødt
new {adj} (of recent origin)  :: ny
new {adj} (recently arrived or appeared)  :: ny
new {adj} (recently made or created)  :: ny
new {adj} (refreshed, reinvigorated)  :: ny
new {adj} (strange, unfamiliar)  :: ny
new age {adj} (Of or relating to the New Age)  :: newage
new age {n} (a modern spiritual and religious movement)  :: New Age
New Age {adj} (Of or relating to the New Age)  :: newage
New Age {n} (a modern spiritual and religious movement)  :: New Age
newb {n} (newbie) SEE: newbie  ::
newbie {n} (new (inexperienced) user or participant)  :: nybegynner, newbie {m}
newborn {adj} (reborn) SEE: reborn  ::
newborn {adj} (recently born)  :: [Bokmål] nyfødt; [Nynorsk] nyfødd
New Caledonian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to New Caledonia)  :: [Bokmål] kaledonsk; [Nynorsk] kaledonsk, kaledonisk
newcomer {n} (new participant in some activity)  :: [Bokmål] nykommer {m}; [Nynorsk] nykomar {m}
newcomer {n} (one who has recently arrived in a community)  :: [Bokmål] nykommer {m}; [Nynorsk] nykomar {m}
New Delhi {prop} (capital of India)  :: New Delhi
newfangled {adj} (modern, unfamiliar or different)  :: nymotens
New Guinea {prop} (large island)  :: Ny-Guinea
New High German {prop} (modern German language)  :: [Bokmål] nyhøgtysk {m}, nyhøytysk {m}; [Nynorsk] nyhøgtysk {m}
New Ireland {prop} (island)  :: New Ireland
New Jersey {prop} (a northeast state of the United States of America)  :: New Jersey
newlywed {adj} (recently married)  :: nygift
Newman {prop} (surname meaning "new man")  :: Nyman
new moon {n} (phase of moon when in conjunction with sun)  :: [Bokmål] nymåne {m}; [Nynorsk] nymåne {m}
new potato {n} (one of the earliest potatoes of a new crop)  :: [Bokmål] nypotet {m}; [Nynorsk] nypotet {m} {f}
news {n} (new information of interest)  :: [Bokmål] nyhet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nyheit {f}
news {n} (reports of current events)  :: [Bokmål] nyheter {m-p} {f-p}; [Nynorsk] nyheiter {f-p}
news anchor {n} (presenter of news broadcasts)  :: [Bokmål] nyhetsanker {n}
news conference {n} (press conference) SEE: press conference  ::
newsfeed {n} (a feed of news content)  :: nyhetsstrøm {m}
New South Wales {prop} (one state of Australia)  :: New South Wales
newspaper {n} (paper on which newspapers are printed)  :: avispapir {n}
newspaper {n} (publication)  :: avis
Newspeak {n} (newspeak) SEE: newspeak  ::
Newspeak {prop} (fictional language)  :: nytale
newsprint {n} (inexpensive paper used in newspapers)  :: [Bokmål] avispapir {n}; [Nynorsk] avispapir {n}
newsreader {n} (news anchor) SEE: news anchor  ::
newsroom {n} (the office of a news organisation)  :: [Bokmål] redaksjon {m}
Newton's second law {n} (Newton's observation)  :: [Bokmål] Newtons andre lov
Newton's third law {n} (Newton's observation)  :: [Bokmål] Newtons tredje lov
New World Order {prop} (vision for the world)  :: ny verdensorden
New Year {n} (January 1 in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the days following)  :: nyttår {m}
New Year's Day {n} (holiday occurring on January 1st)  :: [Bokmål] nyttårsdag {m}, første nyttårsdag {m} {n-p}
New York {prop} (city) SEE: New York City  ::
New York City {prop} (large city in the USA)  :: [Bokmål] New York
New Zealand {prop} (attributive form - relating to New Zealand)  :: [Bokmål] newzealandsk, nyzealandsk; [Nynorsk] newzealandsk, nyzealandsk
New Zealand {prop} (country in Oceania)  :: New Zealand, Ny-Zealand
New Zealander {n} (a person from New Zealand or of New Zealand descent)  :: [Bokmål] newzealender {m}, newzealending {m}, nyzealender {m}, nyzealending {m}; [Nynorsk] newzealendar {m}, newzealending {m}, nyzealendar {m}, nyzealending {m}
next {adj} (being closer to the present location than all other items)  :: neste, nærmest
next {adj} (following in a sequence)  :: neste
next {adj} (nearest date, time, space or order)  :: neste, følgende
next {adv} (In a time, place or sequence closest or following)  :: nærmest
next {adv} (On the first subsequent occasion)  :: som neste
next {n} (the one that follows after this one (in languages with a definite article that is generally required in this sense))  :: neste {m}, nestemann {m}
next {prep} (next to) SEE: next to  ::
next {prep} (on the side of)  :: ved siden av, attmed
nextly {adv} (next) SEE: next  ::
next of kin {n} (closest blood relative, often heir to inheritance)  :: [Bokmål] nærmeste pårørende {m}; [Nynorsk] næraste pårørande {m}
next to {prep} (beside; alongside)  :: ved siden av, hos
next to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
nib {n} (tip of a pen)  :: [Bokmål] pennesplitt {m}; [Nynorsk] pennesplitt {m}
Nicaragua {prop} (A country in Central America)  :: Nicaragua
Nicaraguan {adj} (pertaining to Nicaragua)  :: [Bokmål] nicaraguansk; [Nynorsk] nicaraguansk
Nicaraguan {n} (person from Nicaragua)  :: [Bokmål] nicaraguaner {m}; [Nynorsk] nicaraguan {m}, nicaraguanar {m}
nice {adj} (attractive)  :: pen
nice {adj} (pleasant)  :: hyggelig, sympatisk
nice {adj} (showing or requiring great precision or sensitive discernment)  :: fin
nice to meet you {phrase} (pleased to meet you) SEE: pleased to meet you  ::
Nicholas {prop} (male given name)  :: Nils
nick {n} (nickname) SEE: nickname  ::
nickel {n} (element)  :: [Bokmål] nikkel {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] nikkel {m} {n}
nickname {n} (byname)  :: [Bokmål] tilnavn {n}; [Nynorsk] tilnamn {n}
nickname {n} (familiar, invented given name)  :: kallenavn {n}
Nicole {prop} (female given name) SEE: Nicola  ::
nicotine {n} (addictive alkaloid derived from tobacco)  :: [Bokmål] nikotin {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] nikotin {m} {n}
niece-in-law {n} (Niece of someone's husband.) SEE: niece  ::
niece-in-law {n} (Niece of someone's wife.) SEE: niece  ::
nief {n} (fist) SEE: fist  ::
nifty {adj} (good, useful)  :: flink, hendig
Niger {prop} (country)  :: Niger
Nigeria {prop} (in Western Africa)  :: Nigeria
Nigerian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Nigeria, the Nigerian people or culture)  :: [Bokmål] nigeriansk; [Nynorsk] nigeriansk
Nigerian {n} (a person from Nigeria)  :: [Bokmål] nigerianer {m}; [Nynorsk] nigerian {m}, nigerianar {m}
Nigerien {adj} (pertaining to Niger)  :: [Bokmål] nigersk; [Nynorsk] nigersk
Nigerien {n} (person)  :: [Bokmål] nigerer {m}; [Nynorsk] nigerar {m}
niggard {n} (a miser or stingy person) SEE: skinflint  ::
niggardly {adv} (in a parsimonious way) SEE: stingily  ::
nigger {n} (negro person)  :: svarting, sotrør
night {n} (darkness)  :: mørke {n}
night {n} (evening or night spent at a particular activity)  :: aften {m}
night {n} (nightfall)  :: skumring {m}
night {n} (night spent at a hotel)  :: overnatting {m}
night {n} (period between sunset and sunrise)  :: natt {m}; [Nynorsk] natt {m}
night {n} (quality of sleep obtained during a night)  :: nattesøvn {m}
night and day {adv} (day and night) SEE: day and night  ::
nightdress {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) SEE: nightgown  ::
night emission {n} (nocturnal emission) SEE: nocturnal emission  ::
nightfall {n} (the close of the day; the coming of night)  :: mørkets frambrudd, skumring {m}
nightgown {n} (sleeping garment worn by women)  :: [Bokmål] nattkjole {m}; [Nynorsk] nattkjole {m}
nightie {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) SEE: nightgown  ::
nightingale {n} (bird)  :: sørnattergal
nightjar {n} (nocturnal bird of the family Caprimulgidae)  :: [Bokmål] nattravn {m}; [Nynorsk] natteramn {m}
nightmare {n} (a bad or difficult experience)  :: mareritt {n}
nightmare {n} (a very bad or frightening dream)  :: mareritt {n}
nightshade {n} (deadly nightshade) SEE: deadly nightshade  ::
nightshirt {n} (shirt-like garment) SEE: nightgown  ::
night start {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
nighttime {n} (hours of darkness)  :: natt {m} {f}
nihilism {n} (extreme philosophical scepticism)  :: nihilisme; [Nynorsk] nihilisme
Nikolayev {prop} (Mykolaiv) SEE: Mykolaiv  ::
Nile {prop} (river)  :: Nilen {m}
Nilean {adj} (Nilotic) SEE: Nilotic  ::
nimble {adj} (quick and light in movement or action)  :: kjapp, rask
nimble {adj} (quick-witted and alert)  :: rask
Nina {prop} (female given name)  :: Nina
nincompoop {n} (silly or foolish person)  :: tullebukk {m}
nine {num} (cardinal number)  :: ni
nineteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: nitten
nineteenth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number nineteen)  :: nittende
ninetieth {adj} (ordinal form of ninety)  :: [Bokmål] nittiende
ninety {num} (90)  :: nitti
ninety-seven {num} (97)  :: nittisyv
ninja {n} (person trained in stealth, espionage, assassination and ninjutsu)  :: ninja {m}
ninth {adj} (ordinal form of nine)  :: [Bokmål] niende; [Nynorsk] niande
niobium {n} (chemical element)  :: niob
Nip {n} (offensive: a Japanese person) SEE: Jap  ::
Niphon {prop} (Honshu) SEE: Honshu  ::
nipple {n} (projection of mammary gland)  :: patte {f}
Nipponese {adj} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese  ::
Nipponese {prop} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese  ::
niqab {n} (veil) SEE: yashmak  ::
niqqud {n} (nikud) SEE: nikud  ::
nit {n} (egg of a louse)  :: gnett
nitpicker {n} (one who nitpicks)  :: kverulant {m}
nitric acid {n} (HNO3)  :: [Bokmål] salpetersyre {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] salpetersyre {f}
nitrogen {n} (chemical element)  :: nitrogen; [Bokmål] kvelstoff; [Nynorsk] nitrogen, kvelstoff, kvæve
nitrogen monoxide {n} (nitric oxide) SEE: nitric oxide  ::
nitroglycerine {n} (the compound glyceryl-tri-nitrate)  :: [Bokmål] nitroglyserol {m}; [Nynorsk] nitroglyserol {m}
nitro-hydrochloric acid {n} (aqua regia) SEE: aqua regia  ::
nitroxyl {n} (aminoxyl) SEE: aminoxyl  ::
nix {n} (colloquial: nothing)  :: niks
Nkore {prop} (Nyankole) SEE: Nyankole  ::
no {determiner} (not any)  :: ingen
no {determiner} (used to show an activity is forbidden)  :: [preceded by a verbal noun] forbudt
no {n} (a negating expression)  :: nei {n}
no. {n} (number)  :: nr,
no {particle} (used to show disagreement or negation)  :: nei
No {n} (Noh) SEE: Noh  ::
Noah {prop} (biblical character)  :: Noa
Noah {prop} (male given name)  :: Noah
Noah's ark {prop} (the vessel built by Noah under God's instructions, as described in Genesis)  :: Noas ark {m}
nobelium {n} (chemical element)  :: nobelium
Nobel Prize {n} (international prize)  :: [Bokmål] nobelpris {m}; [Nynorsk] nobelpris {m}
noble {adj} (having honorable qualities)  :: edel
noble gas {n} (element of group 18 of the periodic table)  :: edelgass {m}
nobleman {n} (man of noble rank, title, or status; peer; aristocrat)  :: [Bokmål] adelsmann {m}; [Nynorsk] adelsmann {m}
noble metal {n} (metal resistant to corrosion)  :: edelmetall {n}
nobody {pron} (not any person; the logical negation of somebody) SEE: no one  ::
noctilucin {n} (fat-like substance) SEE: noctilucine  ::
noctivagant {adj} (nightwandering) SEE: nightwandering  ::
nocturne {n} (a dreamlike or pensive composition)  :: [Bokmål] nocturne
nod {n} (instance of moving one's head)  :: nikk {n}
nod {v} (incline the head up and down)  :: nikke
no fear {interj} (no way) SEE: no way  ::
no fear {interj} (no worries) SEE: no worries  ::
no-fly zone {n} (an airspace in which aircraft, especially military aircraft, are forbidden to fly)  :: [Bokmål] flyforbudssone {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] flyforbodssone {f}
noisy {adj} (making a noise)  :: støyende
nolens volens {adv} (willing or unwilling) SEE: willy-nilly  ::
nomadic {adj} (of, or relating to nomads)  :: [Bokmål] nomadisk; [Nynorsk] nomadisk
no man's land {n} (place where no one can or should be)  :: [Bokmål] ingenmannsland {n}; [Nynorsk] ingenmannsland {n}
no man's land {n} (stretch of land between the border posts of two contiguous sovereign states)  :: [Bokmål] ingenmannsland {n}; [Nynorsk] ingenmannsland {n}
nomarchy {n} (department, county) SEE: nome  ::
no matter what {pron} (anything)  :: uansett
nomination {n} (act)  :: [Bokmål] nominasjon {m}; [Nynorsk] nominasjon {m}
nominative {n} (the nominative case) SEE: nominative case  ::
non-aggression principle {n}  :: ikke-aggresjons-prinsippet
nonaligned {adj} (not allied)  :: alliansefri, nøytral
nonane {n} (nonane)  :: nonan {n}
nonce {n} (a nonce word)  :: engangsord {n}
nonce {n} (a stupid or worthless person) SEE: goof  ::
nonce word {n} (word invented for the occasion)  :: engangsord {n}
noncombined {adj} (uncombined) SEE: uncombined  ::
noncommissioned officer {n} (non-commissioned officer) SEE: non-commissioned officer  ::
non-commissioned officer {n} (person of authority in the military who has not received a commission)  :: [Bokmål] underoffiser {m} [historical military grade]
noncontroversial {adj} (uncontroversial) SEE: uncontroversial  ::
non-determinism {n} (non-determinism) SEE: nondeterminism  ::
non-deterministic {adj} (non-deterministic) SEE: nondeterministic  ::
nonempty {adj} (of set, such that it contains at least one element) SEE: non-empty  ::
nonentity {n} (nonexistence) SEE: nonexistence  ::
non-governmental organization {n} (organization with no government participation)  :: ikke-statlig organisasjon
non-iron {adj} (not needing to be ironed)  :: [Bokmål] strykefri; [Nynorsk] strykefri
nonkilling {n} (A precept or worldview)  :: ikkedrap
nonperishable {adj} (not perishable) SEE: non-perishable  ::
nonpolitical {adj} (not political)  :: [Bokmål] upolitisk; [Nynorsk] upolitisk
non-smoker {n} (somebody who does not smoke tobacco)  :: [Bokmål] ikke-røyker {m}, ikke-røker {m}; [Nynorsk] ikkje-røykjar {m}
nonsymmetric {adj} (asymmetrical) SEE: asymmetrical  ::
nontrinitarianism {n} (antitrinitarianism) SEE: antitrinitarianism  ::
noob {n} (newbie)  :: noob {m}, nabb {m}
noodle {n} (fool) SEE: fool  ::
noon {n} (midday)  :: non {m} [archaic]; [Bokmål] middag {m}; [Nynorsk] middag {m}
noon {n} (midnight) SEE: midnight  ::
no one {pron} (not even a single person)  :: ingen
noose {n} (an adjustable loop or rope)  :: renneløkke {c}, rennesnare {c}
no problem {interj} (it does not pose a problem)  :: ikke noe problem
no problem {interj} (no thanks or apology is necessary)  :: ikke noe problem
nor {conj} (nor)  :: eller, heller ikke
nordic {adj} (Nordic) SEE: Nordic  ::
Nordic {adj} (of or relating to cross-country skiing) SEE: nordic  ::
Nordic combined {n} (cross-country skiing and ski jumping)  :: kombinert {m}
Nordic countries {prop} (group of countries)  :: Norden
norm {n} (that which is normal)  :: norm
normal {adj} (usual, ordinary)  :: normal, ordinær, vanlig, alminnelig
normal form {n} (math: standard way of presenting an object) SEE: canonical form  ::
normality {n} (state of being normal)  :: normalitet {m}
Norse {prop} (speakers of any North Germanic language)  :: Norrøns {m-p}
north {adj}  :: nord
north {n} (compass point)  :: nord
North African {adj} (of or pertaining to North Africa)  :: [Bokmål] nordafrikansk; [Nynorsk] nordafrikansk
North American {adj} (relating to North America)  :: [Bokmål] nordamerikansk; [Nynorsk] nordamerikansk
northeast {n} (compass point)  :: [Bokmål] nordøst; [Nynorsk] nordaust
North East England {prop} (official region of England)  :: [Bokmål] Nordøst-England; [Nynorsk] Nordaust-England
North East Land {prop} (island)  :: Nordaustlandet
northerly {n} (wind blowing from the north)  :: [Bokmål] nordavind {m}; [Nynorsk] nordavind {m}
northern bilberry {n} (shrub)  :: blokkebær {n}
Northern England English {n} (Northern English) SEE: Northern English  ::
Northern Europe {prop} (sociopolitical region of Europe)  :: Nord-Europa; [Nynorsk] Nord-Europa
northern fulmar {n} (Fulmar glacialis)  :: havhest
northern house martin {n} (common house martin) SEE: common house martin  ::
Northern Ireland {prop} (Northern Ireland)  :: Nord-Irland
Northern Irish {adj} (relating to Northern Ireland)  :: [Bokmål] nordirsk; [Nynorsk] nordirsk
northern lights {n} (the aurora of the northern hemisphere)  :: [Bokmål] nordlys {n}; [Nynorsk] nordlys {n}, nordljos {n}
Northern Marianas {prop} (Northern Marianas)  :: Nord-Marianene
northern raccoon {n} (Procyon lotor) SEE: raccoon  ::
northern raven {n} (common raven) SEE: common raven  ::
northern red oak {n} (red oak) SEE: red oak  ::
Northern Sea Route {prop} (a shipping lane in the Arctic Ocean)  :: Nordøstpassasjen, Nordlige sjørute
Northern Territory {prop} (Territory in northern Australia)  :: Nordterritoriet
North Korea {prop} (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)  :: Nord-Korea
North Korean {adj} (pertaining to North Korea)  :: [Bokmål] nordkoreansk; [Nynorsk] nordkoreansk
North Korean {n} (person from North Korea)  :: [Bokmål] nordkoreaner {m}; [Nynorsk] nordkorean {m}, nordkoreanar {m}
north-northeast {n} (compass point)  :: nord-nordøst
north-northwest {n} (compass point)  :: [Bokmål] nord-nordvest; [Nynorsk] nord-nordvest
North Ossetia {prop} (North Ossetia-Alania) SEE: North Ossetia-Alania  ::
North Rhine-Westphalia {prop} (state)  :: Nordrhein-Westfalen
North Sea {prop} (an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean betwwen Britain, Scandinavia and Germany, the Neatherlands, Belgium and France)  :: Nordsjøen
North Star {prop} (Pole Star) SEE: Pole Star  ::
northwest {n} (compass point)  :: [Bokmål] nordvest; [Nynorsk] nordvest
north wind {n} (wind blowing from the north)  :: [Bokmål] nordavind {m}; [Nynorsk] nordavind {m}
Norway {prop} (Scandinavian country)  :: [Bokmål] Norge {n}; [Nynorsk] Noreg {n}
Norway lemming {n} (Norway lemming)  :: [Bokmål] lemen {n}; [Nynorsk] lemen {n}
Norway maple {n} (Acer platanoides)  :: [Nynorsk] spisslønn; [Bokmål] spisslønn
Norway pine {n} (Pinus resinosa) SEE: red pine  ::
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norway)  :: [Bokmål] norsk; [Nynorsk] norsk
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norwegians)  :: [Bokmål] norsk; [Nynorsk] norsk
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Norwegian language)  :: [Bokmål] norsk; [Nynorsk] norsk
Norwegian {n} (native of Norway)  :: [Bokmål] nordmann {m}; [Nynorsk] nordmann {m}
Norwegian {prop} (language of Norway)  :: [Bokmål] norsk {m}; [Nynorsk] norsk {m}
Norwegian Bokmål {prop} (Bokmål) SEE: Bokmål  ::
Norwegian Nynorsk {prop} (Nynorsk) SEE: Nynorsk  ::
Norwegian Sea {prop} (part of the Atlantic)  :: Norskehavet {n}
nose {n} (length of a horse’s nose)  :: [Bokmål] mulelengde; [Nynorsk] mulelengd {f}
nose {n} (protuberance on the face)  :: [Bokmål] nese {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nase {m}
nose {n} (skill in recognising bouquet)  :: [Bokmål] nese {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nase {m}
nose {n} (snout, nose of an animal)  :: [Bokmål] snute {m} {f}, mule {m}, tryne {n}; [Nynorsk] snute {m} {f}, mule {m}, tryne {n}
nose {n} (tip of an object)  :: [Bokmål] neseparti {n}; [Nynorsk] naseparti {n}
noseband {n} (part of a bridle or halter)  :: nesereim {m}
nosh {n} (blowjob) SEE: blowjob  ::
nosh {n} (slang: food) SEE: grub  ::
nosh {n} (snack) SEE: snack  ::
nosh {v} (snack) SEE: snack  ::
nosh {v} (to perform fellatio (on)) SEE: blow  ::
no smoking {phrase} (phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes is not permitted)  :: røyking forbudt
nosology {n} (the systematic investigation or classification of disease)  :: [Bokmål] nosologi {m}
nostalgic {adj} (pertaining to nostalgia)  :: [Bokmål] nostalgisk; [Nynorsk] nostalgisk
nostrificate {v} (nostrify) SEE: nostrify  ::
nostril {n} (either of the two orifices located on the nose)  :: [Bokmål] nesebor {n}
not {adv} (negates meaning of verb)  :: [Bokmål] ikke, ei; [Nynorsk] ikkje, ei
not {conj} (And not)  :: [Bokmål] ikke; [Nynorsk] ikkje
not {interj}  :: [Bokmål] ikke; [Nynorsk] ikkje
not dog {n} (imitation sausage or sandwich) SEE: veggie dog  ::
note {n} (banknote) SEE: banknote  ::
notebook {n} (book)  :: skrivebok; [Bokmål] notatbok {m} {f}, notisbok {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] notatbok {f}, notisbok {f}
not-for-profit {adj} (not aiming for profit) SEE: nonprofit  ::
not guilty {n}  :: [Bokmål] ikke skyldig; [Nynorsk] ikkje skuldig, ikkje skyldig
no thank you {interj} (polite way of saying no)  :: nei takk
nothing {pron} (not any thing)  :: ingenting, inget
nothing {pron} (something trifling)  :: ingenting
nothingness {n} (state of nonexistence; the condition of being nothing)  :: ingenting; [Bokmål] intet {n}
nothing ventured, nothing gained {proverb} (if one takes no risks, one will not gain any benefits)  :: den som intet våger, intet vinner
notice board {n} (bulletin board) SEE: bulletin board  ::
notify {v} ((transitive) to give (someone) notice of (something))  :: meddele
not in the slightest {adv} (not in the least) SEE: not in the least  ::
not to mention {conj} (much less)  :: for ikke å snakke om
nougat {n} (a confection of honey and roasted nuts)  :: nougat {m}
noun {n} (grammatical category (sensu stricto))  :: substantiv {n}; [Nynorsk] substantiv
noun adjunct {n} (noun adjunct) SEE: attributive noun  ::
noun phrase {n} (phrase that can serve as the subject or the object of a verb)  :: substantivfrase
noun substantive {n} (noun) SEE: noun  ::
nourishment {n} (something that nourishes; food)  :: ernæring {m} {f}
Novaya Zemlya {prop} (archipelago in Russia)  :: Novaja Semlja, Gåselandet
novel {n} (work of prose fiction)  :: [Bokmål] roman {m}
November {prop} (eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: november
novice {n} (beginner)  :: nybegynner {m}, novise {m}, novise {f}
novice {n} (new member of a religious order)  :: novise {m}, novise {f}
novity {n} (novity) SEE: novelty  ::
Novorossiysk {prop} (city)  :: Novorossijsk
now {adv} (at the present time)  :: [Bokmål] ; [Nynorsk] no,
now {conj} (since, because)  :: nå som
now {n} (the present time)  :: [Bokmål] {n}, nu {n}; [Nynorsk] no {n}, {n}
nowadays {adv}  :: nå til dags; [Nynorsk] no til dags
now and again {adv} (now and then) SEE: now and then  ::
now and then {adv} ((idiomatic) sometimes; occasionally; intermittently)  :: av og til, nå og da
nowheres {adv} (nowhere) SEE: nowhere  ::
Nowheresville {n} (a geographical location that is deemed obscure or unimportant)  :: Gokk
no wonder {n} (small wonder) SEE: small wonder  ::
no worries {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
NT scan {n} (nuchal scan) SEE: nuchal scan  ::
n-tuple {n} (-tuple) SEE: -tuple  ::
nuance {n} (minor distinction)  :: nyanse {m}
Nubian {adj} (pertaining to Nubia, its people or its language)  :: [Bokmål] nubisk; [Nynorsk] nubisk
Nubian {n} (inhabitant of ancient Nubia or a person of Nubian descent)  :: [Bokmål] nubier; [Nynorsk] nubiar
nuchal translucency scan {n} (nuchal scan) SEE: nuchal scan  ::
nuclear {adj} (involving nuclear energy)  :: kjerne-/atom-, kjernekraft/atomkraft
nuclear {adj} (of a weapon: deriving its force from nuclear energy)  :: kjærne-/atom-
nuclear {adj} (pertaining to the nucleus of a cell)  :: nukleær
nuclear family {n} (a family unit consisting of a father, mother and children)  :: [Bokmål] kjernefamilie {m}; [Nynorsk] kjernefamilie {m}
nuclear force {n} (physics: force that binds protons and neutrons into nucleus)  :: [Bokmål] kjernekraft {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] kjernekraft {f}
nuclear force {n} (physics: strong interaction) SEE: strong interaction  ::
nuclear membrane {n} (double lipid bilayer surrounding genetic material in eukaryotic cells)  :: [Bokmål] kjernemembran; [Nynorsk] kjernemembran
nuclear physics {n} (branch of physics)  :: [Bokmål] kjernefysikk {m}; [Nynorsk] kjernefysikk {m}
nuclear power {n} (power from nuclear reactions)  :: [Bokmål] kjernekraft {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] kjernekraft {f}
nuclear power station {n} (type of power station) SEE: nuclear power plant  ::
nuclear war {n} (war fought using nuclear weapons)  :: atomkrig {m}
nuclear waste {n} (type of waste) SEE: radioactive waste  ::
nuclear weapon {n} (explosive device)  :: [Bokmål] atomvåpen {n}; [Nynorsk] atomvåpen {n}
nucleolus {n} (part of nucleus of a cell)  :: [Nynorsk] kromosomar
nucleus {n} (core, central part of something)  :: [Bokmål] kjerne {m}; [Nynorsk] kjerne {m}
nucleus {n} (cytology: large organelle found in cells)  :: [Bokmål] kjerne {m}; [Nynorsk] kjerne {m}
nucleus {n} (physics: massive, positively charged core of an atom)  :: [Bokmål] kjerne {m}; [Nynorsk] kjerne {m}
nude {adj} (without clothing or other covering)  :: naken
null and void {adj} (invalid, cancelled, unenforceable)  :: død og maktesløs
nullary sum {n} (empty sum) SEE: empty sum  ::
null set {n} (empty set) SEE: empty set  ::
numb {adj} (without the power of sensation)  :: [Bokmål] nummen
number {n} (abstract entity)  :: [Bokmål] antall, tall; [Nynorsk] tal {n}
number {n} (grammar: state of being singular, dual or plural)  :: numerus {m}
number {n} (mathematical number)  :: [Bokmål] tall {n}; [Nynorsk] tal {n}
number {n} (numeral)  :: [Bokmål] tall {n}; [Nynorsk] tal {n}
number {n} (used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence)  :: [Bokmål] nummer {n}; [Nynorsk] nummer {n}
numberful {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous  ::
number plate {n} (license plate) SEE: license plate  ::
number sign {n} (hash) SEE: hash  ::
numbersome {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous  ::
number theoretician {n} (number theorist) SEE: number theorist  ::
numerable {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous  ::
numeral {n} (non-word symbol that represents a number)  :: [Bokmål] tall {n}; [Nynorsk] tal {n}
numeral {n} (word or symbol representing a number, see also: noun numeral)  :: [Bokmål] tall {n}, tallord {n}; [Nynorsk] tal {n}
numerator {n} (in a fraction)  :: teller {m}
numeric {adj} (of, or relating to numbers)  :: numerisk
numerical {adj} (of or pertaining to numbers)  :: [Bokmål] numerisk; [Nynorsk] numerisk
nummular {adj} (numismatic) SEE: numismatic  ::
nun {n} (member of a Christian religious community of women)  :: nonne {m}
nurse {n} (person trained to provide care for the sick)  :: [Bokmål] sykepleier {m}, sykesøster {f}, søster {f}, pleier {m}, pleierske {m}; [Nynorsk] sjukepleiar {m}
nurse {n} (wet nurse) SEE: wet nurse  ::
nursery rhyme {n} (short poem or song for children)  :: barneregle {m} {f}; [Bokmål] barnerim {n}; [Nynorsk] barnerim {n}
nursery school {n} (a school for pre-school children)  :: [Bokmål] barnehage {m}; [Nynorsk] barnehage {m}
nursing {n} (breastfeeding) SEE: breastfeeding  ::
nut {n} (hard-shelled fruit)  :: [Bokmål] nøtt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nøtt {f}
nut {n} (slang: insane person)  :: galning {m}, gærning {m}
nut {n} (slang: testicle)  :: ball {m}
nut {n} (slang: the head)  :: [Bokmål] nøtt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nøtt {f}
nut {n} (that fits on a bolt)  :: mutter {m}
nutcracker {n} (implement for cracking nuts)  :: nøtteknekker
nutfarm {n} (informal term for lunatic asylum) SEE: madhouse  ::
nuthouse {n} (informal term for lunatic asylum) SEE: madhouse  ::
nutmeg {n} (seed)  :: muskat, muskatnøtt
nutria {n} (coypu) SEE: coypu  ::
nutrient {n} (substance that provides nourishment)  :: [Bokmål] næringsstoff {n}; [Nynorsk] næringsstoff {n}
nutrition {n} (nutrition)  :: ernæring
nutritious {adj} (providing nutrients)  :: næringsrik
nuts {n} (nut) SEE: nut  ::
Nuuk {prop} (capital of Greenland)  :: Godthåb
nychthemeron {n} (one day and one night)  :: døgn {n}
nyctalopia {n} (night blindness) SEE: night blindness  ::
nymph {n} (insect larva)  :: [Bokmål] nymfe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nymfe {f}
nymph {n} (mythology: minor water, forest or mountain deity)  :: [Bokmål] nymfe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nymfe {f}
nymph {n} (young girl who may inspire lust)  :: [Bokmål] nymfe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nymfe {f}
nymphomania {n} (excess of sexual behaviour or desire in women)  :: [Bokmål] nymfomani {m}; [Nynorsk] nymfomani {m}
nymphomaniac {adj} (of woman: having excessive sexual desire)  :: [Bokmål] nymfoman; [Nynorsk] nymfoman
nymphomaniac {n} (woman with excessive sexual desire)  :: [Bokmål] nymfoman {m}
Nynorsk {prop} (one of the two major Norwegian (written) languages)  :: [Bokmål] nynorsk; [Nynorsk] nynorsk