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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
Pacifik (uncountable) Pacific, Pacific Ocean
Пацифик (uncountable) Pacific, Pacific Ocean
pacifist pacifist
пацифист pacifist
pacifički of or pertaining to the Pacific
пацифички of or pertaining to the Pacific
pacijent patient Croatian
пацијент patient
pacov rat
пацов rat
pad fall Croatian
пад fall
padati (intransitive) to fall Croatian
падати (intransitive) to fall
padež (grammar) case Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
падеж (grammar) case Serbian
paginirati (transitive) to paginate, page
пагинирати (transitive) to paginate, page
pagoda (architecture) pagoda Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пагода (architecture) pagoda Serbian
pahulja flake (loose filmy mass)
пахуља flake (loose filmy mass)
pahuljica a small flake
пахуљица a small flake
pakao hell Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пакао hell Serbian
paket packet
пакет packet
pakirati (Croatian) (transitive, reflexive) to ... tag Croatian
пакирати (Croatian) (transitive, reflexive) to ... tag
Pakistan Pakistan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Пакистан Pakistan Serbian
Pakistanac Pakistani
Пакистанац Pakistani
pakistanski Pakistani
пакистански Pakistani
pakost malice, rancor, spite Croatian
пакост malice, rancor, spite
pakovati (transitive, reflexive) to pack
паковати (transitive, reflexive) to pack
palac thumb Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
палац thumb Serbian
palanka a small town on the Balkans
паланка a small town on the Balkans
palata palace
палата palace
palačinka pancake
палачинка pancake
paleontolog paleontologist Bosnian,Serbian
палеонтолог paleontologist Serbian
Palestina Palestine Bosnian,Serbian
Палестина Palestine Serbian
Palestinac Palestinian
Палестинац Palestinian
palestinski Palestinian
палестински Palestinian
palež burning, arson Croatian
палеж burning, arson
palica rod Croatian
палица rod
palimpsest palimpsest
палимпсест palimpsest
palindrom palindrome Croatian
палиндром palindrome
paliti (transitive) to kindle, light, set fire to Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
палити (transitive) to kindle, light, set fire to Serbian
paljba fire, firing off (of weapons)
паљба fire, firing off (of weapons)
palma palm-tree Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
палма palm-tree Serbian
paluba (nautical) deck
палуба (nautical) deck
pamet (uncountable) prudence Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
памет (uncountable) prudence Serbian
pametan smart
паметан smart
pametar chronicler
pametnjaković smart aleck, wise guy Croatian
pamflet libel, controversial tract (booklet or a shor ...
памфлет libel, controversial tract (booklet or a shor ...
pamtiti (transitive) to remember, memorize (commi ... Croatian
памтити (transitive) to remember, memorize (commi ...
pamuk (uncountable) cotton Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
памук (uncountable) cotton Serbian
pamučan made of cotton
памучан made of cotton
pamćenje memory (ability to recall) Croatian
памћење memory (ability to recall)
Panama Panama
Панама Panama
Panamac Panamanian
Панамац Panamanian
panamski Panamanian
панамски Panamanian
panda panda
панда panda
pandža claw
панџа claw
panegirik panegyric
панегирик panegyric
panika panic
паника panic
panj stump Bosnian,Serbian
пањ stump Serbian
Panonija Pannonia
Панонија Pannonia
panorama panorama Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
панорама panorama Serbian
panseksualnost pansexuality
пансексуалност pansexuality
pantalone (Bosnian, Serbian) (pluralia tantum) ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
панталоне (Bosnian, Serbian) (pluralia tantum) ... tag Serbian
panteon pantheon
пантеон pantheon
papagaj parrot (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
папагај parrot (bird) Serbian
papak hoof
папак hoof
papar (uncountable) pepper Croatian
папар (uncountable) pepper
papiga parrot (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
папига parrot (bird) Serbian
papila (anatomy) papilla
папила (anatomy) papilla
papir paper Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
папир paper Serbian
papirus papyrus
папирус papyrus
paprat fern Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
папрат fern Serbian
papren peppery
папрен peppery
papuča slipper Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
папуча slipper Serbian
par pair, couple
пар pair, couple
para steam Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пара steam Serbian
parabola (geometry) parabola Croatian
парабола (geometry) parabola
parada parade Bosnian,Serbian
парада parade Serbian
paradajz tomato tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
парадајз tomato tag Serbian
paradigma paradigm (system of assumptions, concepts, va ... Croatian
парадигма paradigm (system of assumptions, concepts, va ...
paradirati (intransitive) to parade
парадирати (intransitive) to parade
paradoks paradox Bosnian,Croatian
парадокс paradox
paradoksalan paradoxical
парадоксалан paradoxical
parafraza paraphrase
парафраза paraphrase
paragraf paragraph
параграф paragraph
Paragvaj Paraguay
Парагвај Paraguay
Paragvajac Paraguayan
Парагвајац Paraguayan
paragvajski Paraguayan
парагвајски Paraguayan
paralaksa parallax
паралакса parallax
paralelan parallel
паралелан parallel
paralelno parallelly
паралелно parallelly
paran (arithmetics) even
паран (arithmetics) even
paranoja paranoia
параноја paranoia
parataksa (grammar) parataxis Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
паратакса (grammar) parataxis
parazit parasite Croatian
паразит parasite
parfem perfume
парфем perfume
Pariz Paris Bosnian,Serbian
Париз Paris Serbian
pariški of or pertaining to Paris
паришки of or pertaining to Paris
Parižanin Parisian
Парижанин Parisian
park park
парк park
parkiralište parking Bosnian,Serbian
паркиралиште parking Serbian
parlament parliament Croatian
парламент parliament
parlamentaran parliamentary
парламентаран parliamentary
Parnas Parnassus
Парнас Parnassus
parobrod steamboat, steamship Croatian
пароброд steamboat, steamship
parodija parody
пародија parody
parola motto, slogan
парола motto, slogan
paronim paronym
пароним paronym
particip participle Croatian
партицип participle
participacija participation
партиципација participation
participirati (intransitive) to participate
партиципирати (intransitive) to participate
partija party (political)
партија party (political)
partikula (grammar) particle
партикула (grammar) particle
partitura score (music)
партитура score (music)
partizan partisan, follower
партизан partisan, follower
partizanka partisan, follower
партизанка partisan, follower
partner partner
партнер partner
partnerstvo partnership
партнерство partnership
pas dog Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пас dog Serbian
pasiv (grammar) passive voice Croatian
пасив (grammar) passive voice
pasivan passive
пасиван passive
pasivno passively
пасивно passively
pasjak canine tooth
paskal pascal (SI unit of pressure and stress) Croatian
паскал pascal (SI unit of pressure and stress)
pasmina breed, stock
пасмина breed, stock
pasoš passport tag Bosnian,Serbian
пасош passport tag Serbian
pasti (intransitive) to fall Croatian
пасти (intransitive) to fall
pastir shepherd Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пастир shepherd Serbian
pastorala pastorale
пасторала pastorale
pastoralan pastoral
пасторалан pastoral
pastrma dried sheep or bovine meat (ribs or legs)
pastrva trout (fish) Croatian
пастрва trout
pastuh stallion Croatian
пастух stallion
pasulj bean tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пасуљ bean tag Serbian
pasus paragraph
пасус paragraph
patak drake (male duck) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
патак drake (male duck) Serbian
patetika pathos Bosnian,Serbian
патетика pathos Serbian
patetičan pathetic
патетичан pathetic
patetično pathetically
патетично pathetically
patika sneaker
патика sneaker
patina patina (color or incrustation)
патина patina (color or incrustation)
patka duck (female) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
патка duck (female) Serbian
patkica (hypocoristic) duck; duckling Croatian
паткица (hypocoristic) duck; duckling
patlidžan eggplant, aubergine, brinjal (the plant and ... Bosnian,Serbian
патлиџан eggplant, aubergine, brinjal (the plant and ... Serbian
patnica sufferer, wretch
патница sufferer, wretch
patnik sufferer, wretch
патник sufferer, wretch
patnja suffering, agony
патња suffering, agony
patogen pathogenic
патоген pathogenic
patolog pathologist
патолог pathologist
patologija pathology
патологија pathology
patološki pathologic
патолошки pathologic
patos floor Bosnian,Serbian
патос floor Serbian
patricij patrician
патрициј patrician
patricijka patrician
патрицијка patrician
patricijski patrician
патрицијски patrician
patrijarhalan patriarchal
патријархалан patriarchal
patrijarhalno patriarchally
патријархално patriarchally
patrijarhat patriarchy
патријархат patriarchy
patriot patriot Croatian
патриот patriot
patriotizam patriotism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
патриотизам patriotism Serbian
patriotski patriotic
патриотски patriotic
patrola patrol
патрола patrol
patron patron
патрон patron
patuljak dwarf Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
патуљак dwarf Serbian
pauk spider Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
паук spider Serbian
paun peacock Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
paunov peacock's, of a peacock
паунов peacock's, of a peacock
pauza break, pause Croatian
пауза break, pause
paučina spider web Croatian
паучина spider web
pavijan baboon
павијан baboon
paviljon pavilion
павиљон pavilion
pazar bazaar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пазар bazaar Serbian
paziti (intransitive) to be careful, watch out
пазити (intransitive) to be careful, watch out
pačad (collective) ducklings
пачад (collective) ducklings
pače (archaic) moreover, furthermore Croatian
паче (archaic) moreover, furthermore
paśaka (regional) wild fig
paša pasha
паша pasha
pašteta meat paste
паштета meat paste
pažljivo carefully
пажљиво carefully
pažnja attention Croatian
пажња attention
pecati (intransitive) to fish, angle
пецати (intransitive) to fish, angle
pecivo bun, pastry Croatian
пециво bun, pastry
pedagog pedagogue Croatian
педагог pedagogue
pedagogija (uncountable) pedagogy Croatian
педагогија (uncountable) pedagogy
pedagoški pedagogic Croatian
педагошки pedagogic
pedalj (measure) span, palm
педаљ (measure) span, palm
pedantan pedantic
педантан pedantic
pedantno pedantically
педантно pedantically
peder (pejorative) a gay person, homosexual (male)
педер (pejorative) a gay person, homosexual (male)
pedeset (cardinal) fifty Croatian,Serbian
педесет (cardinal) fifty
pega freckle tag Serbian
пега freckle Serbian
Pegaz Pegasus
Пегаз Pegasus
pegla iron (for pressing clothes) Croatian
пегла iron (for pressing clothes)
pehar cup Croatian
пехар cup
пејорација (linguistics) pejoration
pekar baker Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пекар baker Serbian
pekara bakery Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пекара bakery Serbian
Peking Beijing Bosnian,Serbian
Пекинг Beijing Serbian
pekinški of or pertaining to Beijing
пекиншки of or pertaining to Beijing
pekmez jam (mixture of fruit boiled with sugar) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пекмез jam (mixture of fruit boiled with sugar) Serbian
pelena diaper, nappy, napkin Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пелена diaper, nappy, napkin Serbian
pelud (uncountable) pollen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пелуд (uncountable) pollen Serbian
pena foam tag Croatian
пена foam
pendžer (poetic) window Bosnian,Serbian
пенџер (poetic) window Serbian
penetracija penetration
пенетрација penetration
penis (anatomy) penis Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пенис (anatomy) penis Serbian*
peniti (reflexive) to foam tag
пенити (reflexive) to foam
penjati (reflexive) to climb, rise, ascend Croatian
пењати (reflexive) to climb, rise, ascend
penjač climber
пењач climber
penjačica climber
пењачица climber
penušav foamy tag
пенушав foamy
penzija pension tag
пензија pension tag
penzijski pensionary (of or pertaining to pensions or p ...
пензијски pensionary (of or pertaining to pensions or p ...
pepeljara ashtray Croatian
пепељара ashtray
pepeljast ashen
пепељаст ashen
pepeljav ashen
пепељав ashen
pepeo ashes Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пепео ashes Serbian
peraja fin, flipper (appendage of a fish) Croatian
пераја fin, flipper (appendage of a fish)
percepcija perception (conscious understanding of someth ... Croatian
перцепција perception (conscious understanding of someth ...
perina pillow tag
период period (of time)
periskop periscope
перископ periscope
perjanica plume, plumage (ornament)
перјаница plume, plumage (ornament)
pernat feathery Croatian
пернат feathery
pernica pencil box, pencil case tag
pero feather, plume Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
перо feather, plume Serbian
personalan personal
персоналан personal
Peru Peru
Перу Peru
Peruanac Peruvian
Перуанац Peruvian
peruanski Peruvian
перуански Peruvian
Perun Perun
Перун Perun
Perzija Persia
Перзија Persia
perzijski Persian Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
перзијски Persian Serbian
pesak sand tag
песак sand
pesma poem (literary piece written in verse) tag Serbian
песма poem (literary piece written in verse) Serbian
pesnica fist Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
песница fist Serbian*
pesnik poet tag
песник poet
pesnikinja poetess tag
песникиња poetess
pet (cardinal) five (5) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
пет (cardinal) five (5) Serbian*
peta heel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пета heel Serbian
petak Friday Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
петак Friday Serbian
petao rooster, cock tag
петао rooster, cock
petarda petard
петарда petard
peterokut (geometry) pentagon (five-sided polygon)
петерокут (geometry) pentagon (five-sided polygon)
petina one fifth Croatian
петина one fifth
petlja loop
петља loop
petnaest (cardinal) fifteen
петнаест (cardinal) fifteen
petorica (collectively) five men Croatian
петорица (collectively) five men
pev singing (act of) tag
пев singing (act of)
pevac rooster, cock tag
певац rooster, cock
pevati (ambitransitive) to sing tag
певати (ambitransitive) to sing
pevač singer tag
певач singer
pevačica singer tag
певачица singer
peć furnace Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пећ furnace Serbian
peći (ambitransitive, reflexive) to bake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пећи (ambitransitive, reflexive) to bake Serbian
pećina cave Bosnian,Serbian
пећина cave Serbian
pečat seal (an official pattern) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
печат seal (an official pattern) Serbian
pešak (chess) pawn tag
пешак (chess) pawn
peške on foot tag
пешке on foot
peškir towel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пешкир towel Serbian
pi pi (Greek letter)
пи pi (Greek letter)
pidžama pajamas; pyjamas Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пиџама pajamas; pyjamas Serbian
pijaca bazaar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пијаца bazaar Serbian
pijan drunk, intoxicated
пијан drunk, intoxicated
pijanac drunkard Croatian
пијанац drunkard
pijanica drunkard Croatian
пијаница drunkard
pijanka drinking party, spree, binge
пијанка drinking party, spree, binge
pijanstvo drunkenness Croatian
пијанство drunkenness
pijat (regional) plate, dish
pijavica leech Croatian
пијавица leech
пијесак sand
pijetao rooster, cock tag Bosnian,Croatian
пијетао rooster, cock
pijevac rooster, cock tag
пијевац rooster, cock
pikula marble Croatian
пикула marble
pila saw Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пила saw Serbian
pilav pilaf
пилав pilaf
pile chick Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пиле chick Serbian
pilence (expressively) a small chicken
пиленце (expressively) a small chicken
piletina (uncountable) chicken (meat) Croatian
пилетина (uncountable) chicken (meat)
pileći of or pertaining to chicken or its meat Croatian
пилећи of or pertaining to chicken or its meat
pingvin penguin Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пингвин penguin Serbian
piramida a pyramid Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пирамида a pyramid Serbian
pirun (regional) fork (eating utensil)
pisac writer Croatian
писац writer
pisati (ambitransitive) to write Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
писати (ambitransitive) to write
pismen written
писмен written
pismeno in writing
писмено in writing
pismenost (uncountable) literacy Croatian
писменост (uncountable) literacy
pismo alphabet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
писмо alphabet Serbian
pismonoša postman Croatian
писмоноша postman
пита pie tag
pitak potable Croatian
питак potable
pitanje question
питање question
pitati (transitive) to ask Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
питати (transitive) to ask Serbian
piti (transitive) to drink (to consume liqui ... Croatian,Serbian Bosnian
пити (transitive) to drink (to consume liqui ... Serbian
pivnica beer hall
пивница beer hall
pivo beer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пиво beer Serbian
pizda (vulgar) pussy, cunt (female genitalia, e ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пизда (vulgar) pussy, cunt (female genitalia, e ... Serbian
piće drink Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пиће drink Serbian
pička (vulgar) pussy (female genitalia) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пичка (vulgar) pussy (female genitalia)
pištolj pistol, handgun Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пиштољ pistol, handgun Serbian
piščev of or belonging to a writer
пишчев of or belonging to a writer
pjat (regional) plate, dish
pjega freckle tag Bosnian
пјега freckle
pjena foam tag Croatian
пјена foam
pjeniti (reflexive) to foam tag
пјенити (reflexive) to foam
pjenušav foamy tag
пјенушав foamy
pjesma poem (literary piece written in verse) tag Bosnian,Croatian
пјесма poem (literary piece written in verse)
pjesnik poet tag Croatian
пјесник poet
pjesnikinja poetess tag Croatian
пјесникиња poetess
pjev singing (act of) tag
пјев singing (act of)
pjevati (ambitransitive) to sing tag Croatian
пјевати (ambitransitive) to sing
пјевач singer
pjevačica singer tag
пјевачица singer
pješak (chess) pawn tag Croatian
пјешак (chess) pawn
pješke on foot tag Croatian
пјешке on foot
plac square (area) Croatian
плац square (area)
placenta placenta Serbian
плацента placenta Serbian
plafon ceiling (top of a room) Bosnian,Serbian
плафон ceiling (top of a room) Serbian
plahta bedsheet Croatian
плахта bedsheet
plakanje crying
плакање crying
plakati (ambitransitive) to cry, weep Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
плакати (ambitransitive) to cry, weep Serbian
plam flame (expressively, especially in poetry) Croatian*
плам flame (expressively, especially in poetry)
plamen flame Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пламен flame Serbian
plamenac flamingo
пламенац flamingo
plamičak little flame Croatian
пламичак little flame
plan plan
план plan
planet planet Croatian
планет planet
planeta planet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
планета planet Serbian
planina mountain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
планина mountain Serbian
plantaža plantation
плантажа plantation
plast haycock, rick, mow (arranged amount of hay th ...
пласт haycock, rick, mow (arranged amount of hay th ...
plata (Bosnian, Serbian) pay tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
плата (Bosnian, Serbian) pay tag Serbian
platiti (transitive) to pay (for) Croatian
платити (transitive) to pay (for)
platno linen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
платно linen Serbian
Platon Plato
Платон Plato
plav blue Croatian
плав blue
plavuša a blonde woman Croatian
плавуша a blonde woman
plaća (Croatian) pay tag Croatian
плаћа (Croatian) pay tag
plaćati (transitive) to pay (for Croatian
плаћати (transitive) to pay (for
plač cry Bosnian,Serbian
плач cry Serbian
plačan tearful
плачан tearful
plačljiv apt to cry (of a person)
плачљив apt to cry (of a person)
plašiti (transitive) to frighten Croatian
плашити (transitive) to frighten
plašljiv timid, shy Croatian
плашљив timid, shy
plašljivo timidly, shyly
плашљиво timidly, shyly
plaža beach Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
плажа beach Serbian
pleme tribe (group of people) Croatian
племе tribe (group of people)
plemenit noble Croatian
племенит noble
plemenitaš nobleman
племениташ nobleman
plemenitašica noblewoman
племениташица noblewoman
plemić noble Croatian
племић noble
plemstvo nobility Croatian
племство nobility
pleroma (uncountable, gnosticism) Pleroma
плерома (uncountable, gnosticism) Pleroma
ples dance Croatian
плес dance
plesti (ambitransitive) to plait Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
плести (ambitransitive) to plait Serbian
pleva chaff tag Serbian
плева chaff Serbian
pleće shoulder blade
плеће shoulder blade
plin (Croatian) gas (state of matter) tag
плин (Croatian) gas (state of matter) tag
plivanje swimming
пливање swimming
plivati (intransitive) to swim (of persons) Croatian,Serbian
пливати (intransitive) to swim (of persons)
plivač swimmer
пливач swimmer
plivačica swimmer (female)
пливачица swimmer (female)
pljačka robbery Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пљачка robbery Serbian
pljačkati (transitive) to rob, plunder, loot
пљачкати (transitive) to rob, plunder, loot
pljačkaš robber, raider, looter Croatian
пљачкаш robber, raider, looter
pljačkaški robbing, raiding, looting, plundering
пљачкашки robbing, raiding, looting, plundering
pljesak applause
пљесак applause
pljeskati (intransitive) to applaud
пљескати (intransitive) to applaud
pljeva chaff tag Bosnian,Croatian
пљева chaff
pljunuti (ambitransitive) to spit
пљунути (ambitransitive) to spit
pljusak a rain shower Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пљусак a rain shower Serbian
pljuska slap (blow) Croatian
пљуска slap (blow)
pljuvati (ambitransitive) to spit Croatian
пљувати (ambitransitive) to spit
pljuvač spitter Croatian
пљувач spitter
pljuvačica spitter Croatian
пљувачица spitter
pljuvačka saliva
пљувачка saliva
plk (archaic, obsolete) folk, people Croatian*
плк (archaic, obsolete) folk, people
plod fruit (part of plant) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
plodan fertile, fruitful, productive Croatian
плодан fertile, fruitful, productive
plodno fruitfully
плодно fruitfully
plodnost (uncountable) fertility, fruitfulness
плодност (uncountable) fertility, fruitfulness
plodonosan fertile, fruitful, productive Croatian
плодоносан fertile, fruitful, productive
plomba filling (of a tooth)
пломба filling (of a tooth)
plovidba sail (a trip in a boat) Croatian
пловидба sail (a trip in a boat)
ploviti (intransitive) to sail (of ship or sailors) Croatian,Serbian
пловити (intransitive) to sail (of ship or sailors)
pločnik pavement Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
plug plough Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
плуг plough Serbian
plural (uncountable) plural Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
плурал (uncountable) plural
plutati (intransitive) to float Croatian,Serbian
плутати (intransitive) to float
Pluton Pluto (planet, Roman god) Bosnian,Serbian
Плутон Pluto (planet, Roman god) Serbian
pluća (plurale tantum) lungs Croatian
плућа (plurale tantum) lungs
pobačaj miscarriage Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
побачај miscarriage Serbian
pobeda victory tag
победа victory
pobediti (transitive) to conquer, overcome tag
победити (transitive) to conquer, overcome
pobednik winner tag
победник winner
pobeđivati (transitive) to conquer, overcome tag
побеђивати (transitive) to conquer, overcome
pobijati (transitive) to kill (many)
побијати (transitive) to kill (many)
pobijediti (transitive) to conquer, overcome tag
побиједити (transitive) to conquer, overcome
pobiti (transitive) to kill (many)
побити (transitive) to kill (many)
pobjeda victory tag
побједа victory
pobjednik winner tag
побједник winner
pobjeđivati (transitive) to conquer, overcome tag
побјеђивати (transitive) to conquer, overcome
pobliže in detail
поближе in detail
poboljšanje improvement
побољшање improvement
poboljšati (transitive, reflexive) to improve
побољшати (transitive, reflexive) to improve
poboljšavati (transitive, reflexive) to improve
побољшавати (transitive, reflexive) to improve
pobornica partisan (fervent supporter)
поборница partisan (fervent supporter)
pobornik partisan (fervent supporter)
поборник partisan (fervent supporter)
pobožan pious, religious Croatian*
побожан pious, religious
pobuna rebellion, uprising Croatian
побуна rebellion, uprising
pobuniti (reflexive, transitive) to rebel Croatian
побунити (reflexive, transitive) to rebel
pobunjenica rebel Croatian
побуњеница rebel
pobunjenik rebel Croatian
побуњеник rebel
pobunjivati (reflexive, transitive) to rebel Croatian
побуњивати (reflexive, transitive) to rebel
pod floor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
под floor Serbian
pod- A Serbo-Croatian prefix, corresponding to Eng ... Croatian
podanica subject (person ruled over by another)
поданица subject (person ruled over by another)
podanik subject (person ruled over by another) Croatian
поданик subject (person ruled over by another)
podatak datum, fact, information Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
податак datum, fact, information Serbian
podbadati (transitive) to spur (esp. horse) Croatian
подбадати (transitive) to spur (esp. horse)
podbosti (transitive) to spur (esp. horse) Croatian
подбости (transitive) to spur (esp. horse)
podcrtati (ambitransitive) to underline
подцртати (ambitransitive) to underline
podcrtavati (ambitransitive) to underline
подцртавати (ambitransitive) to underline
podeliti (transitive) to divide, separate tag
поделити (transitive) to divide, separate
podesan suitable, appropriate, fitting Croatian
подесан suitable, appropriate, fitting
Podgorica Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro tag
Подгорица Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro tag
podgraditi (transitive) to reinforce a structure (by ...
подградити (transitive) to reinforce a structure (by ...
podgrađivati (transitive) to reinforce a structure (by ...
подграђивати (transitive) to reinforce a structure (by ...
podignuti Alternative infinitive of (podići, pòdići). Croatian
подигнути Alternative infinitive of (подићи, по̀дићи).
podijeliti (transitive) to divide, separate tag Croatian
подијелити (transitive) to divide, separate
podilaziti (intransitive) to sneakily pass under (br ...
подилазити (intransitive) to sneakily pass under (br ...
podizati (transitive) to raise, lift, elevate Croatian
подизати (transitive) to raise, lift, elevate
podići (transitive) to raise, lift, elevate Croatian
подићи (transitive) to raise, lift, elevate
podjarmiti (transitive) to subjugate, enslave Croatian
подјармити (transitive) to subjugate, enslave
podjarmljivati (transitive) to subjugate, enslave
подјармљивати (transitive) to subjugate, enslave
podne noon, midday Croatian
подне noon, midday
podneti (transitive) to bear, endure, stand (pain ... tag
поднети (transitive) to bear, endure, stand (pain ...
podnijeti (transitive) to bear, endure, stand (pain ... tag Croatian
поднијети (transitive) to bear, endure, stand (pain ...
podnositi (transitive) to bear, endure, stand (pain ...
подносити (transitive) to bear, endure, stand (pain ...
podnožje foot (of a mountain) Croatian
подножје foot (of a mountain)
podoficir (military) non-commissioned officer
подофицир (military) non-commissioned officer
podrezati to trim, clip, crop (hair, nails, tail, veget ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
подрезати to trim, clip, crop (hair, nails, tail, veget ... Serbian
podrezivati to trim, clip, crop (hair, nails, tail, veget ...
подрезивати to trim, clip, crop (hair, nails, tail, veget ...
podrigivati (intransitive) to belch, burp
подригивати (intransitive) to belch, burp
podrignuti (intransitive) to belch, burp
подригнути (intransitive) to belch, burp
podrum basement Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
подрум basement Serbian
područje area, region, territory
подручје area, region, territory
podrška support, aid (also figuratively) Croatian
подршка support, aid (also figuratively)
podržati (transitive) to hold, support (also figur ...
подржати (transitive) to hold, support (also figur ...
podržavati (transitive) to hold, support (also figur ...
подржавати (transitive) to hold, support (also figur ...
podsetiti (transitive, reflexive) to remind tag
подсетити (transitive, reflexive) to remind
podsećati (transitive, reflexive) to remind tag
подсећати (transitive, reflexive) to remind
podsjetiti (transitive, reflexive) to remind tag
подсјетити (transitive, reflexive) to remind
podsjećati (transitive, reflexive) to remind tag
подсјећати (transitive, reflexive) to remind
poduka instruction, tutoring
подука instruction, tutoring
poduška (archaic) pillow tag Bosnian,Serbian
podčiniti (transitive) to subordinate, subjugate, s ... Croatian
подчинити (transitive) to subordinate, subjugate, s ...
podčinjavati (transitive) to subordinate, subjugate, s ...
подчињавати (transitive) to subordinate, subjugate, s ...
poetika (uncountable) poetics
поетика (uncountable) poetics
poezija poetry Croatian
поезија poetry
pogan dirty, filthy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
поган dirty, filthy Serbian
pogača unleavened bread Croatian
погача unleavened bread
poglavar chief, head (of a village, political or relig ...
поглавар chief, head (of a village, political or relig ...
poglavlje chapter (section in a book) Croatian
поглавље chapter (section in a book)
pogled view
поглед view
pogledati (ambitransitive) to look (at, upon), glan ...
погледати (ambitransitive) to look (at, upon), glan ...
pogledavati (transitive) to glance from time to time
погледавати (transitive) to glance from time to time
pogotovo especially, even more so
поготово especially, even more so
pogreb burial Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
погреб burial Serbian
pogrešan wrong
погрешан wrong
pogrešiti (intransitive) to mistake, be wrong tag
погрешити (intransitive) to mistake, be wrong
pogreška fault (defect) Croatian
погрешка fault (defect)
pogrešno wrongly, erroneously
погрешно wrongly, erroneously
pogriješiti (intransitive) to mistake, be wrong tag Croatian*
погријешити (intransitive) to mistake, be wrong
poguban very dangerous, deadly
погубан very dangerous, deadly
pohlepa greed
похлепа greed
pohlepan greedy
похлепан greedy
pohlepno greedily
похлепно greedily
pohlepnost greed
похлепност greed
pohod campaign (military, hunting)
поход campaign (military, hunting)
pohota lust, concupiscence, sexual desire Croatian
похота lust, concupiscence, sexual desire
pohotan lascivious, lustful, lewd
похотан lascivious, lustful, lewd
pohotljivac lascivious person, libertine
похотљивац lascivious person, libertine
pohotnik lascivious person, libertine
похотник lascivious person, libertine
pohotno lustfully, lewdly
похотно lustfully, lewdly
pojam concept, idea, notion Croatian
појам concept, idea, notion
pojas belt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
појас belt Serbian
pojava phenomenon Croatian
појава phenomenon
pojaviti (reflexive) to appear, emerge
појавити (reflexive) to appear, emerge
pojavljivati (reflexive) to appear, emerge
појављивати (reflexive) to appear, emerge
pojačalo amplifier Croatian
појачало amplifier
pojedinačan individual, single
појединачан individual, single
pojedinačno individually Croatian
појединачно individually
pojedini particular, individual
поједини particular, individual
pokazatelj indicator
показатељ indicator
pokazati (ambitransitive) to show, demonstrate
показати (ambitransitive) to show, demonstrate
pokazivati (ambitransitive) to show, demonstrate
показивати (ambitransitive) to show, demonstrate
pokidati (transitive) to tear, tear off, break
покидати (transitive) to tear, tear off, break
poklanjati (transitive) to give (as a gift)
поклањати (transitive) to give (as a gift)
poklon gift, present Serbian
pokloniti (transitive) to give (as a gift)
поклонити (transitive) to give (as a gift)
poklopac lid (cover) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
поклопац lid (cover) Serbian
pokoji some (one or few among the many)
покоји some (one or few among the many)
pokopati (transitive) to bury, inter
покопати (transitive) to bury, inter
pokraj beside, next to Croatian
покрај beside, next to
pokrajinski regional
покрајински regional
pokrenuti (transitive) to initiate, start, set in m ...
покренути (transitive) to initiate, start, set in m ...
pokret move Croatian
покрет move
pokretan movable
покретан movable
pokretati (transitive) to initiate, start, set in m ...
покретати (transitive) to initiate, start, set in m ...
pokriti (transitive, reflexive) to cover Croatian
покрити (transitive, reflexive) to cover
pokrivati (transitive, reflexive) to cover Croatian
покривати (transitive, reflexive) to cover
pokrivač blanket Croatian
покривач blanket
pokućstvo (uncountable) furniture
покућство (uncountable) furniture
pokušaj attempt, try
покушај attempt, try
pokušati (intransitive) to try, attempt
покушати (intransitive) to try, attempt
pokušavati (intransitive) to try, attempt
покушавати (intransitive) to try, attempt
pokvaren broken, malfunctioning (of a machine)
покварен broken, malfunctioning (of a machine)
pokvarenjak vicious, mean and dishonest person, known for ...
покварењак vicious, mean and dishonest person, known for ...
pokvarenost corruptness, depravity
поквареност corruptness, depravity
pokvariti (transitive, reflexive) to damage, ruin, s ... Croatian
покварити (transitive, reflexive) to damage, ruin, s ...
polagati (transitive) to lay, put, place
полагати (transitive) to lay, put, place
polazak departure Croatian
полазак departure
polaziti (intransitive) to leave, depart Croatian
полазити (intransitive) to leave, depart
polen (uncountable) pollen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
полен (uncountable) pollen Serbian
polica shelf Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
полица shelf Serbian
policija police tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
полиција police tag Serbian
poligon polygon
полигон polygon
poligraf polygraph
полиграф polygraph
poliklinika polyclinic
поликлиника polyclinic
poliklinički polyclinical
поликлинички polyclinical
polinezijski Polynesian
полинезијски Polynesian
полисемија (semantics) polysemy
politika policy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
политика policy Serbian
političar politician Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
политичар politician Serbian
politički political
политички political
polizati (ambitransitive) to lick
полизати (ambitransitive) to lick
Poljak A Pole (male person)
Пољак A Pole (male person)
Poljakinja A Pole (female person)
Пољакиња A Pole (female person)
polje field Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
poljoprivreda agriculture Croatian
пољопривреда agriculture
Poljska Poland Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Пољска Poland Serbian
poljski field (of or pertaining to)
пољски field (of or pertaining to)
poljubac a kiss Croatian
пољубац a kiss
poljubiti (transitive) to kiss Croatian
пољубити (transitive) to kiss
polovina half
половина half
položaj position Croatian
положај position
položiti (transitive) to lay, put, place
положити (transitive) to lay, put, place
polu- semi-, demi- Croatian
полу- semi-, demi-
polubrat stepbrother Bosnian,Serbian
полубрат stepbrother Serbian
poluga lever Croatian
полуга lever
polumesec half-moon, crescent tag
полумесец half-moon, crescent
polumesečni half-monthly, bi-weekly tag
полумесечни half-monthly, bi-weekly
polumesečno half-monthly, bi-weekly tag
полумесечно half-monthly, bi-weekly
polumjesec half-moon, crescent tag Croatian
полумјесец half-moon, crescent
polumjesečni half-monthly, bi-weekly tag
полумјесечни half-monthly, bi-weekly
polumjesečno half-monthly, bi-weekly tag
полумјесечно half-monthly, bi-weekly
polumrak (uncountable) semidarkness, twilight
полумрак (uncountable) semidarkness, twilight
polusestra stepsister Bosnian,Serbian
полусестра stepsister Serbian
polutama (uncountable) semidarkness
полутама (uncountable) semidarkness
pomagati (ambitransitive) to help, aid, assist Croatian
помагати (ambitransitive) to help, aid, assist
pomak shift, movement
помак shift, movement
pomalo a little bit
помало a little bit
pomešati (transitive, reflexive) to mix, blend, mingle tag
помешати (transitive, reflexive) to mix, blend, mingle
pomiješati (transitive, reflexive) to mix, blend, mingle tag
помијешати (transitive, reflexive) to mix, blend, mingle
pomilovati (transitive) to caress, fondle
помиловати (transitive) to caress, fondle
pomiriti (transitive) to reconcile, bring to an ag ...
помирити (transitive) to reconcile, bring to an ag ...
pomisao thought, idea
помисао thought, idea
pomnožiti (transitive) to multiply (numbers) Croatian
помножити (transitive) to multiply (numbers)
pomorac seaman, sailor Croatian
поморац seaman, sailor
помоћ help
pomoći (ambitransitive) to help, aid, assist Croatian
помоћи (ambitransitive) to help, aid, assist
помоћни auxiliary (helping; giving assistance or supp ...
помоћница assistant (female)
pomoćnik assistant Croatian
помоћник assistant
pomusti (transitive) to milk
помусти (transitive) to milk
ponavljati (ambitransitive) to repeat
понављати (ambitransitive) to repeat
ponašanje behavior
понашање behavior
ponedeljak Monday tag Bosnian,Serbian
понедељак Monday Serbian
ponedjeljak Monday tag Bosnian,Croatian
понедјељак Monday
ponekad sometimes Croatian*
понекад sometimes
ponestajati (intransitive) to run out of, become exha ...
понестајати (intransitive) to run out of, become exha ...
ponestati (intransitive) to run out of, become exha ...
понестати (intransitive) to run out of, become exha ...
poneti (transitive) to take tag
poneđeljak (regional, colloquial) Monday tag
ponijeti (transitive) to take tag
poniženje humiliation
понижење humiliation
понос pride
ponosan proud
поносан proud
ponosit proud
поносит proud
ponositi (reflexive) to be proud, take pride in (+ ...
поносити (reflexive) to be proud, take pride in (+ ...
ponosito proudly
поносито proudly
ponosno proudly
поносно proudly
ponovan repeated, renewed
понован repeated, renewed
ponoviti (ambitransitive) to repeat
поновити (ambitransitive) to repeat
ponovno repeatedly, once again Croatian
поновно repeatedly, once again
ponovo repeatedly, once again Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
поново repeatedly, once again Serbian
ponuda offer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
понуда offer Serbian
ponuditi (transitive) to offer
понудити (transitive) to offer
pop priest (usually Catholic or Orthodox) Croatian
поп priest (usually Catholic or Orthodox)
popiti (transitive) to drink up Croatian
попити (transitive) to drink up
poplava flood Croatian
поплава flood
poplašiti (transitive) to scare, frighten
поплашити (transitive) to scare, frighten
popodne afternoon Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
поподне afternoon Serbian
popraviti (transitive) to fix, repair Croatian
поправити (transitive) to fix, repair
popravljati (transitive) to fix, repair Croatian
поправљати (transitive) to fix, repair
popriličan rather large
поприличан rather large
poprilično rather, quiet (intensifying)
поприлично rather, quiet (intensifying)
popričati (intransitive) to spend some time convers ...
попричати (intransitive) to spend some time convers ...
poprsje bust
попрсје bust
populacija population Croatian
популација population
popularan popular
популаран popular
popust discount, reduction (of price)
попуст discount, reduction (of price)
popustiti (ambitransitive) to reduce, rebate, deduc ... Croatian
попустити (ambitransitive) to reduce, rebate, deduc ...
popustljiv indulgent, yielding
попустљив indulgent, yielding
popustljivo indulgently, yieldingly
попустљиво indulgently, yieldingly
poput (with genitive) like Croatian*
попут (with genitive) like
popuštati (ambitransitive) to reduce, rebate, deduc ...
попуштати (ambitransitive) to reduce, rebate, deduc ...
pora pore
пора pore
poraz defeat
пораз defeat
poredak arrangement, ordering, order, system Croatian
поредак arrangement, ordering, order, system
poredba (mostly, Croatian) comparison tag
поредба (mostly, Croatian) comparison tag
poreklo origin tag
порекло origin
poremećaj disorder (disturbance of regularity, order or ...
поремећај disorder (disturbance of regularity, order or ...
porez tax, taxation Croatian
порез tax, taxation
poreznik tax collector Croatian
порезник tax collector
porijeklo origin tag Bosnian,Croatian
поријекло origin
pornograf pornographer Croatian
порнограф pornographer
pornografija (uncountable) pornography
порнографија (uncountable) pornography
pornografski pornographic
порнографски pornographic
porod birth Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
пород birth Serbian
porodica family (in a wider sense) Croatian
породица family (in a wider sense)
porok vice Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
порок vice Serbian
porota jury
порота jury
porotni of or pertaining to a jury
поротни of or pertaining to a jury
porotnica jurywoman
поротница jurywoman
porotnik juror, juryman
поротник juror, juryman
porozan porous
порозан porous
portal portal Croatian
портал portal
Portugal Portugal tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Португал Portugal tag Serbian
Portugalac Portuguese (person)
Португалац Portuguese (person)
portugalski Portuguese
португалски Portuguese
poruka message Croatian
порука message
poručiti (intransitive) to send word, inform sb
поручити (intransitive) to send word, inform sb
poručivati (intransitive) to send word, inform sb
поручивати (intransitive) to send word, inform sb
poručnik (military) lieutenant
поручник lieutenant
posaditi (transitive) to plant
посадити (transitive) to plant
posao job Croatian
посао job
posađivati (transitive) to plant
посађивати (transitive) to plant
poseban special
посебан special
posebno in particular, individually, separately
посебно in particular, individually, separately
posed possession, ownership tag
посед possession, ownership
posedovati (transitive) to own, possess tag
поседовати (transitive) to own, possess
posetilac visitor tag
посетилац visitor
posetitelj visitor tag
посетитељ visitor
posetiti (transitive) to visit tag
посетити (transitive) to visit
posetnica visiting card tag
посетница visiting card
posećivati (transitive) to visit tag
посећивати (transitive) to visit
posjed possession, ownership tag Croatian
посјед possession, ownership
posjedovati (transitive) to own, possess tag Croatian
посједовати (transitive) to own, possess
posjetilac visitor tag Croatian
посјетилац visitor
posjetitelj visitor tag Croatian
посјетитељ visitor
posjetiti (transitive) to visit tag Croatian
посјетити (transitive) to visit
posjetnica visiting card tag Croatian
посјетница visiting card
posjećivati (transitive) to visit tag Croatian
посјећивати (transitive) to visit
poslanik representative (of a political party or an el ...
посланик representative (of a political party or an el ...
poslanstvo legation (all senses)
посланство legation (all senses)
poslastica delicacy (something appealing, especially a p ... Croatian
посластица delicacy (something appealing, especially a p ...
poslati (transitive) to send Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
послати (transitive) to send Serbian
posle later tag Bosnian,Serbian
после later Serbian
posledica consequence tag
последица consequence
poslednji final tag
последњи final
poslepodne afternoon tag Serbian
послеподне afternoon Serbian
poslije later tag Croatian
послије later
poslijepodne afternoon tag Bosnian,Croatian
послијеподне afternoon
posljedica consequence tag Croatian
посљедица consequence
posljednji final tag
посљедњи final
poslovati (intransitive) to do business, work
пословати (intransitive) to do business, work
poslužiti (transitive) to serve
послужити (transitive) to serve
posluživati (transitive) to serve
послуживати (transitive) to serve
posmatrač (Bosnian, Serbian): observer, onlooker tag
посматрач (Bosnian, Serbian): observer, onlooker tag
pospan sleepy
поспан sleepy
posramiti (transitive) to shame (cause to feel shame) Croatian
посрамити (transitive) to shame (cause to feel shame)
posramljivati (transitive) to shame (cause to feel shame) Croatian
посрамљивати (transitive) to shame (cause to feel shame)
posredan indirect, intermediary
посредан indirect, intermediary
posrednik mediator, middleman Croatian
посредник mediator, middleman
posredno intermediately, indirectly Croatian
посредно intermediately, indirectly
posredovati (intransitive) to mediate Croatian
посредовати (intransitive) to mediate
posrnuti (intransitive) to trip, stumble (also fig ...
посрнути (intransitive) to trip, stumble (also fig ...
posrtati (intransitive) to trip, stumble (also fig ...
посртати (intransitive) to trip, stumble (also fig ...
postaja a station (place where a vehicle may stop) Croatian*
постаја a station (place where a vehicle may stop)
postajati (intransitive) to retain a position Croatian
постајати (intransitive) to retain a position
postati (transitive) to become, turn Croatian*
постати (transitive) to become, turn
postaviti (transitive) to put, place, set
поставити (transitive) to put, place, set
postavljati (transitive) to put, place, set
постављати (transitive) to put, place, set
postelja bed Croatian
постеља bed
postignuti Alternative infinitive of (postići, pòstići). Croatian
постигнути Alternative infinitive of {{i|постићи|по̀стић ...
postizati (transitive) to achieve, accomplish (succ ... Croatian*
постизати (transitive) to achieve, accomplish (succ ...
postići (transitive) to achieve, accomplish (succ ... Croatian*
постићи (transitive) to achieve, accomplish (succ ...
posto (Bosnian, Croatian) percent tag
посто (Bosnian, Croatian) percent tag
postojan stable, steady
постојан stable, steady
postojanje existence Croatian
постојање existence
postojanost (uncountable) stability, steadiness, cons ...
постојаност (uncountable) stability, steadiness, cons ...
postojati (intransitive) to be, exist Croatian
постојати (intransitive) to be, exist
postojeći existing
постојећи existing
posuditi (transitive) to lend Croatian
посудити (transitive) to lend
posustajati (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
посустајати (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
posustati (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
посустати (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
posuđenica loanword
посуђеница loanword
posuđivati (transitive) to lend
посуђивати (transitive) to lend
posveta dedication (of a book etc.)
посвета dedication (of a book etc.)
pot- Form of (pod-) obtained by phonetic devoi ... Croatian
potanko in detail
потанко in detail
potegnuti (transitive) to pull (sb)
потегнути (transitive) to pull (sb)
potencijal potential
потенцијал potential
potencijalan potential
потенцијалан potential
potencijalno potentially
потенцијално potentially
potera chase, pursuit tag
потера chase, pursuit
potez stroke, move (line either drawn or imaginary)
потез stroke, move (line either drawn or imaginary)
potezati (transitive) to pull (sb)
потезати (transitive) to pull (sb)
potjera chase, pursuit tag
потјера chase, pursuit
potkivati (transitive) to horseshoe Croatian
поткивати (transitive) to horseshoe
potkopati (transitive) to dig out (from below)
поткопати (transitive) to dig out (from below)
potkopavati (transitive) to dig out (from below)
поткопавати (transitive) to dig out (from below)
potkova horseshoe Croatian
поткова horseshoe
potkovati (transitive) to horseshoe Croatian
потковати (transitive) to horseshoe
potkovica horseshoe
потковица horseshoe
potkupiti (transitive) to bribe Croatian
поткупити (transitive) to bribe
potkupljivati (transitive) to bribe Croatian
поткупљивати (transitive) to bribe
potok brook Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
поток brook Serbian
potom afterward Croatian
потом afterward
potomak descendant Croatian
потомак descendant
potomstvo offspring, descendants, posterity, progeny Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
потомство offspring, descendants, posterity, progeny Serbian
potop deluge, flood Croatian
потоп deluge, flood
potočić a small brook
поточић a small brook
потпис signature
potpisati (intransitive, reflexive) to sign Croatian
потписати (intransitive, reflexive) to sign
potpisivati (intransitive, reflexive) to sign Croatian
потписивати (intransitive, reflexive) to sign
potpora support Croatian
потпора support
potporučnik (military) second lieutenant
potpredsednica {{i|vice president (female) tag
потпредседница vice president (female)
potpredsednik vice president tag
потпредседник vice president
potpredsjednica vice president (female) tag
потпредсједница vice president (female)
potpredsjednik vice president tag
потпредсједник vice president
potpredśednica vice president (female) tag
potpredśednik (regional) vice president tag
potpukovnik (military) lieutenant colonel
potpuno entirely, completely Croatian
потпуно entirely, completely
potraga search
потрага search
potrajati (intransitive) to last, continue
потрајати (intransitive) to last, continue
potražiti (transitive) to seek, look for, search
потражити (transitive) to seek, look for, search
potreba need tag Croatian
потреба need
potreban necessary
потребан necessary
potrebovati (literary) (transitive) to need
потребовати (literary) (transitive) to need
potriba (Chakavian, Ikavian) need tag Croatian*
potrošiti (transitive) to spend (money, time) Croatian
потрошити (transitive) to spend (money, time)
potrošnja consumption, expenditure (the process of wast ...
потрошња consumption, expenditure (the process of wast ...
potrčati (intransitive) to start running
потрчати (intransitive) to start running
поуздан reliable (of a person or machine)
pouzdano reliably
поуздано reliably
pouzdanost (uncountable) reliability
поузданост (uncountable) reliability
povelja charter, bull
повеља charter, bull
poveravati (ambitransitive) to trust, confide tag
поверавати (ambitransitive) to trust, confide
poverenje trust tag
поверење trust
poveriti (ambitransitive) to trust, confide tag
поверити (ambitransitive) to trust, confide
poverljiv confidential tag
поверљив confidential
povest history tag
повест history
povesti (transitive) to lead Croatian
повести (transitive) to lead
povećalo magnifying glass
повећало magnifying glass
povećanje increase
повећање increase
povećati (transitive) to increase
повећати (transitive) to increase
povećavati (transitive) to increase
повећавати (transitive) to increase
povijest history tag Croatian
повијест history
povjeravati (ambitransitive) to trust, confide tag Croatian
повјеравати (ambitransitive) to trust, confide
povjerenje trust tag Croatian,Serbian
повјерење trust
povjeriti (ambitransitive) to trust, confide tag Croatian
повјерити (ambitransitive) to trust, confide
povjerljiv confidential tag
повјерљив confidential
povlastica privilege Croatian*
повластица privilege
povlačiti (ambitransitive) to pull
повлачити (ambitransitive) to pull
povod motive, reason
повод motive, reason
povoditi (transitive) to lead
поводити (transitive) to lead
povorka procession, parade
поворка procession, parade
повратак return
povratnica returnee
повратница returnee
povratnik returnee
повратник returnee
povreda injury
повреда injury
povrediti (transitive, reflexive) to hurt, injure, w ... tag
повредити (transitive, reflexive) to hurt, injure, w ...
povređivati (transitive, reflexive) to hurt, injure, w ...
повређивати (transitive, reflexive) to hurt, injure, w ...
povrijediti (transitive, reflexive) to hurt, injure, w ... tag
повриједити (transitive, reflexive) to hurt, injure, w ...
površina surface Croatian
површина surface
povući (ambitransitive) to pull
повући (ambitransitive) to pull
pozadina background
позадина background
позајмљеница loanword
pozan late (esp. of age)
позан late (esp. of age)
pozdrav greeting, salutation Croatian
поздрав greeting, salutation
pozdraviti (transitive) to greet
поздравити (transitive) to greet
pozdravljati (transitive) to greet
поздрављати (transitive) to greet
pozdravni welcoming
поздравни welcoming
pozicija position
позиција position
pozitiv positive (grammar, photography) Croatian
позитив positive (grammar, photography)
pozitivan positive
позитиван positive
poziv call Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
позив call Serbian
pozivati (transitive) to call (to come closer) Croatian
позивати (transitive) to call (to come closer)
poznat well-known, known Croatian*
познат well-known, known
poznati (transitive) to know, have knowledge of Croatian*
познати (transitive) to know, have knowledge of
poznavati (transitive) to know, have knowledge of Croatian
познавати (transitive) to know, have knowledge of
pozornik (military, army, Croatian) private (rank) tag Croatian
pozvati (transitive) to call (to come closer) Croatian
позвати (transitive) to call (to come closer)
poći (intransitive) to leave, depart Croatian
поћи (intransitive) to leave, depart
počast honor, honors
почаст honor, honors
počelo (Croatian) principle element tag
početak beginning Croatian
почетак beginning
početi (intransitive) to begin, start, commence tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
почети (intransitive) to begin, start, commence
почетни initial, beginning
počiniti (transitive) to make, commit, do, perform ...
починити (transitive) to make, commit, do, perform ...
počinjati (intransitive) to begin, start, commence
почињати (intransitive) to begin, start, commence
pošast epidemic (an instance of epidemic disease) Croatian
пошаст epidemic (an instance of epidemic disease)
pošta mail / post Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пошта mail / post Serbian
poštanski of or pertaining to mail/post Bosnian,Serbian
поштански of or pertaining to mail/post Serbian
poštar postman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
поштар postman Serbian
pošten honest, fair
поштен honest, fair
poštenje honesty
поштење honesty
poštovalac admirer, follower
поштовалац admirer, follower
poštovan respected, honored
поштован respected, honored
poštovanje respect, esteem
поштовање respect, esteem
pošumiti (ambitransitive) to afforest
пошумити (ambitransitive) to afforest
pošumljavati Alternative infinitive of {{i|pošumljivati|po ...
пошумљавати Alternative infinitive of {{i|пошумљивати|пош ...
pošumljivati (ambitransitive) to afforest
пошумљивати (ambitransitive) to afforest
požar fire (occurrence of fire in a certain place) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пожар fire (occurrence of fire in a certain place)
poželeti (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ... tag
пожелети (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ...
poželjan desirable
пожељан desirable
poželjeti (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ... tag Croatian
пожељети (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ...
požuda (uncountable) lust
пожуда (uncountable) lust
praded great-grandfather tag
pradjed great-grandfather tag
Prag Prague (capital city of the Czech Republic) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
prag threshold Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Праг Prague (capital city of the Czech Republic) Serbian
праг threshold Serbian
prah (uncountable) powder Croatian
прах (uncountable) powder
prahistorija (ib, Bosnian) prehistory tag
praistorija (ib, Montenegrin, Serbian) prehistory tag
praksa usage, use, practice Croatian
пракса usage, use, practice
praktičan practical
практичан practical
praktično practically, in practice
практично practically, in practice
praktičnost (uncountable) practicality
практичност (uncountable) practicality
pralja washerwoman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
праља washerwoman Serbian
pranje laundering, washing (act of) Croatian
прање laundering, washing (act of)
praporčik (obsolete, military) warrant officer
prapovijest (ib, Croatian) prehistory tag Croatian
prasak crack, bang
прасак crack, bang
prase piglet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
прасе piglet
praskozorje daybreak
праскозорје daybreak
praslavenski (Bosnian, Croatian) Proto-Slavic tag Croatian
праславенски (Bosnian, Croatian) Proto-Slavic tag
praslovenski (Serbian) Proto-Slavic tag
прасловенски (Serbian) Proto-Slavic tag
prati (transitive, reflexive) to wash Croatian
прати (transitive, reflexive) to wash
pratilac escort (accompanying person)
пратилац escort (accompanying person)
pratiti (ambitransitive) to follow (to go or come ... Croatian
пратити (ambitransitive) to follow (to go or come ...
pratnja escort, company
пратња escort, company
praunuk great-grandson (3rd male descendant) Bosnian,Serbian
праунук great-grandson (3rd male descendant) Serbian
praunuka great-granddaughter (3rd female descendant) Bosnian,Serbian
праунука great-granddaughter (3rd female descendant) Serbian
prav straight, direct Croatian
прав straight, direct
pravac (geometry) line
правац (geometry) line
pravda justice Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
правда justice Serbian
pravdati (transitive) to justify, excuse
правдати (transitive) to justify, excuse
pravi pure, genuine
прави pure, genuine
pravilo rule Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
правило rule Serbian
praviti (transitive) to make, create Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
правити (transitive) to make, create Serbian
pravno legally, juridically
правно legally, juridically
pravo straight Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
право straight Serbian
pravopis orthography Croatian,Serbian
правопис orthography Serbian
pravopisni orthographic
правописни orthographic
pravoslavac member of the (Serbian) Orthodox church. tag
православац member of the (Serbian) Orthodox church. tag
pravoslavan Orthodox
православан Orthodox
pravoslavlje (uncountable) Orthodoxy
православље (uncountable) Orthodoxy
pravosuđe (uncountable) judicature, judiciary
правосуђе (uncountable) judicature, judiciary
prazan empty, vacant Croatian
празан empty, vacant
prazniti (transitive) to empty
празнити (transitive) to empty
prazno emptily, vacantly
празно emptily, vacantly
praćka (weapons) sling, slingshot Bosnian,Serbian
праћка (weapons) sling, slingshot Serbian
prađed (regional) great-grandfather tag
prašak (uncountable) powder
прашак (uncountable) powder
prašan powdery
прашан powdery
prašina (uncountable) dust, dirt Croatian
прашина (uncountable) dust, dirt
praški Praguian
прашки Praguian
prašnica anther
прашница anther
prašnjav dusty
прашњав dusty
prašuma rainforest Croatian
прашума rainforest
Pražanin Praguian
Пражанин Praguian
prdeti (intransitive) to fart tag
прдети (intransitive) to fart
prdjeti (intransitive) to fart tag
прдјети (intransitive) to fart
prdnuti (intransitive) to fart
прднути (intransitive) to fart
pre before, earlier tag
пре before, earlier
prebijati (transitive) to beat up
пребијати (transitive) to beat up
prebiti (transitive) to beat up
пребити (transitive) to beat up
prebroditi (transitive) to overcome, surmount, weath ...
пребродити (transitive) to overcome, surmount, weath ...
prebrođivati (transitive) to overcome, surmount, weath ...
преброђивати (transitive) to overcome, surmount, weath ...
precizan precise, accurate Croatian
прецизан precise, accurate
precizno with precision; precisely, accurately
прецизно with precision; precisely, accurately
pred in front of Croatian
пред in front of
predaja delivery, transmitting Croatian
предаја delivery, transmitting
предак ancestor, forefather, progenitor
predati (transitive) to deliver, hand over (packa ...
предати (transitive) to deliver, hand over (packa ...
predator predator
предатор predator
predavanje lecturing Croatian
предавање lecturing
predavati (transitive) to lecture on, teach Croatian
предавати (transitive) to lecture on, teach
predeo region, district, area tag
предео region, district, area
predgrađe suburb
предграђе suburb
predigra foreplay
предигра foreplay
predio region, district, area tag Croatian
предио region, district, area
predlagati (transitive) to propose, suggest
предлагати (transitive) to propose, suggest
predlog proposal, proposition tag
предлог proposal, proposition
predložiti (transitive) to propose, suggest
предложити (transitive) to propose, suggest
predmet thing, object Croatian
предмет thing, object
predmetak prefix Croatian
предметак prefix
prednost advantage Croatian*
предност advantage
predomisliti (reflexive) to change one's mind
предомислити (reflexive) to change one's mind
predomišljati (reflexive) to change one's mind
предомишљати (reflexive) to change one's mind
predrasuda prejudice
предрасуда prejudice
predsednica president (female) tag
председница president (female)
predsednik president tag
председник president
predsjednica president (female) tag Croatian
предсједница president (female)
predsjednik president tag Croatian
предсједник president
predstava show (theatre, cinema)
представа show (theatre, cinema)
predstaviti (transitive) to present, portray, describ ... Bosnian,Serbian
представити (transitive) to present, portray, describ ... Serbian
predstavljati (transitive) to present, portray, describ ...
представљати (transitive) to present, portray, describ ...
predstavnik representative
представник representative
predstavnički representative
представнички representative
предујам advance (of pay)
predvideti (transitive) to foresee, foretell, predict tag
предвидети (transitive) to foresee, foretell, predict
predvidjeti (transitive) to foresee, foretell, predict tag Croatian
предвидјети (transitive) to foresee, foretell, predict
predvidljiv predictable
предвидљив predictable
predvidljivost (uncountable) predictability
предвидљивост (uncountable) predictability
predviđati (transitive) to foresee, foretell, predict Croatian
предвиђати (transitive) to foresee, foretell, predict
predvorje vestibule, entrance hall, forecourt
предворје vestibule, entrance hall, forecourt
prefiks prefix Croatian
префикс prefix
pregovarati (intransitive) to negotiate
преговарати (intransitive) to negotiate
pregovarač negotiator
преговарач negotiator
pregovarački negotiating (pertaining to negotiators or neg ...
преговарачки negotiating (pertaining to negotiators or neg ...
pregovor negotiation (usually used in plural)
преговор negotiation (usually used in plural)
pregrada wall, side (dividing room or space in two parts)
преграда wall, side (dividing room or space in two parts)
pregraditi (transitive) to separate room or space by ...
преградити (transitive) to separate room or space by ...
pregrađivati (transitive) to separate room or space by ...
преграђивати (transitive) to separate room or space by ...
prekid termination, stopping, interruption (of somet ...
прекид termination, stopping, interruption (of somet ...
prekidati (transitive) to tear, break (thread, rope) Croatian
прекидати (transitive) to tear, break (thread, rope)
prekinuti (transitive) to tear, break (thread, rope) Croatian
прекинути (transitive) to tear, break (thread, rope)
prekjuče day before yesterday
prekjučer day before yesterday Croatian
прекјучер day before yesterday
preko over Croatian
преко over
prekopati (transitive) to dig up (all over, across) ...
прекопати (transitive) to dig up (all over, across) ...
prekopavati (transitive) to dig up (all over, across) ...
прекопавати (transitive) to dig up (all over, across) ...
prekor reproach, rebuke, reprimand tag
прекор reproach, rebuke, reprimand
prekrasan very beautiful Croatian
прекрасан very beautiful
prekriti (transitive, reflexive) to completely cover
прекрити (transitive, reflexive) to completely cover
prekrivati (transitive, reflexive) to completely cover
прекривати (transitive, reflexive) to completely cover
preksinoć the night before last night Croatian
прексиноћ the night before last night Serbian
prelaz crossing tag
прелаз crossing
prelazak crossing (act of)
прелазак crossing (act of)
prelazan of or pertaining to a transit, passage tag
прелазан of or pertaining to a transit, passage
prelaziti (transitive) to cross
прелазити (transitive) to cross
preliminaran preliminary
прелиминаран preliminary
prema towards Croatian
према towards
premašiti (transitive) to surpass, exceed, outdo (r ...
премашити (transitive) to surpass, exceed, outdo (r ...
premda albeit (despite its being; although) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
премда albeit (despite its being; although) Serbian
premijer prime minister
премијер prime minister
premijera premiere
премијера premiere
premotati (transitive) to rewrap (wrap again)
премотати (transitive) to rewrap (wrap again)
preneti (transitive) to carry, move, bring to ano ... tag
пренети (transitive) to carry, move, bring to ano ...
prenijeti (transitive) to carry, move, bring to ano ... tag Croatian
пренијети (transitive) to carry, move, bring to ano ...
prenos transfer, transport tag
пренос transfer, transport
prenositi (transitive) to carry, move, bring to ano ... Croatian
преносити (transitive) to carry, move, bring to ano ...
prenuti (transitive, reflexive) to wake up, rouse ...
пренути (transitive, reflexive) to wake up, rouse ...
preostajati (intransitive) to be left over
преостајати (intransitive) to be left over
preostati (intransitive) to be left over
преостати (intransitive) to be left over
preoteti (transitive) to kidnap
преотети (transitive) to kidnap
preotimati (transitive) to kidnap
преотимати (transitive) to kidnap
prepad surprise attack, sudden assault Croatian
препад surprise attack, sudden assault
prepadati (transitive, reflexive) to frighten, scare
препадати (transitive, reflexive) to frighten, scare
prepasti (transitive, reflexive) to frighten, scare
препасти (transitive, reflexive) to frighten, scare
prepelica quail (Any of various small game birds of the ...
препелица quail (Any of various small game birds of the ...
prepirati (reflexive) to squabble, bicker
препирати (reflexive) to squabble, bicker
prepirka altercation (a direct verbal dispute)
препирка altercation (a direct verbal dispute)
preplašiti (transitive, reflexive) to scare, frighten
преплашити (transitive, reflexive) to scare, frighten
preplivati (transitive) to swim across (river, sea)
препливати (transitive) to swim across (river, sea)
preplivavati (transitive) to swim across (river, sea)
препливавати (transitive) to swim across (river, sea)
preploviti (transitive) to sail across (sea, river)
препловити (transitive) to sail across (sea, river)
preporuka recommendation Croatian
препорука recommendation
prepoznati (reflexive, transitive) to recognize Croatian
препознати (reflexive, transitive) to recognize
prepoznatljiv recognizable, identifiable
препознатљив recognizable, identifiable
prepoznatljivost (uncountable) recognizability, identifiab ...
препознатљивост (uncountable) recognizability, identifiab ...
prepoznavati (reflexive, transitive) to recognize Croatian
препознавати (reflexive, transitive) to recognize
prepredenost craftiness
препреденост craftiness
prepričati (transitive) to retell (story)
препричати (transitive) to retell (story)
prepričavati (transitive) to retell (story)
препричавати (transitive) to retell (story)
prepucij (anatomy) prepuce
prepustiti (transitive) to leave, surrender, cede
препустити (transitive) to leave, surrender, cede
prepuštati (transitive) to leave, surrender, cede
препуштати (transitive) to leave, surrender, cede
preraditi (transitive) to process, manufacture; ref ...
прерадити (transitive) to process, manufacture; ref ...
prerađivati (transitive) to process, manufacture; ref ...
прерађивати (transitive) to process, manufacture; ref ...
prerija prairie Croatian
прерија prairie
prerijski prairie (of, from, pertaining to or character ...
преријски prairie (of, from, pertaining to or character ...
presaditi (transitive) to transplant (organ)
пресадити (transitive) to transplant (organ)
presađivati (transitive) to transplant (organ)
пресађивати (transitive) to transplant (organ)
presecati (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect tag
пресецати (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect
presek cut, section tag
пресек cut, section
preseliti (transitive, reflexive) to move, relocate ...
преселити (transitive, reflexive) to move, relocate ...
preseljavati (transitive, reflexive) to move, relocate ...
пресељавати (transitive, reflexive) to move, relocate ...
preseći (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect tag
пресећи (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect
presijecati (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect tag
пресијецати (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect
presjek cut, section tag
пресјек cut, section
presjeći (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect tag
пресјећи (transitive) to cut in two pieces; bisect
preskakati (transitive) to jump over, to jump across
прескакати (transitive) to jump over, to jump across
preskočiti (transitive) to jump over, to jump across
прескочити (transitive) to jump over, to jump across
prestajati (intransitive) to stop, cease, end
престајати (intransitive) to stop, cease, end
prestanak termination, close, completion (of an activit ...
престанак termination, close, completion (of an activit ...
prestati (intransitive) to stop, cease, end
престати (intransitive) to stop, cease, end
prestiž prestige
престиж prestige
prestižni prestigious
престижни prestigious
prestolje throne tag
престоље throne
prestolonaslednica apparent or presumptive heiress to the throne tag
престолонаследница apparent or presumptive heiress to the throne
prestolonaslednik apparent or presumptive heir to the throne tag
престолонаследник apparent or presumptive heir to the throne
prestonica capital (city) tag Serbian
престоница capital (city) Serbian
prestrašiti (transitive) to frighten Croatian
престрашити (transitive) to frighten
prestup misdoing, violation, transgression, offense tag
преступ misdoing, violation, transgression, offense
prestupiti (transitive) to step over, cross over
преступити (transitive) to step over, cross over
presudan decisive, crucial (having the power or qualit ... Croatian
пресудан decisive, crucial (having the power or qualit ...
presuditi (intransitive) to pass judgment Croatian
пресудити (intransitive) to pass judgment
presuđivati (intransitive) to pass judgment
пресуђивати (intransitive) to pass judgment
pretenzija pretension
претензија pretension
prethodan previous, earlier Croatian
претходан previous, earlier
prethodnica predecessor, precursor (female)
претходница predecessor, precursor (female)
prethodnik predecessor Croatian
претходник predecessor
prethodno previously
претходно previously
pretiti (intransitive) to threaten, menace tag
претити (intransitive) to threaten, menace
pretnja threat tag
претња threat
pretpostaviti (transitive) to assume, suppose
претпоставити (transitive) to assume, suppose
pretpostavka assumption
претпоставка assumption
pretpostavljati (transitive) to assume, suppose
претпостављати (transitive) to assume, suppose
pretući (transitive) to beat up
претући (transitive) to beat up
pretvarati (transitive, reflexive) to transform, change
претварати (transitive, reflexive) to transform, change
pretvorba (Croatian) transformation tag
претворба (Croatian) transformation tag
pretvoriti (transitive, reflexive) to transform, change
претворити (transitive, reflexive) to transform, change
pretvoriv transformable, convertible
претворив transformable, convertible
pretvorivost (uncountable) convertibility, transformab ...
претворивост (uncountable) convertibility, transformab ...
pretvorljiv transformable, convertible
претворљив transformable, convertible
prevaga overweight, preponderance
превага overweight, preponderance
prevara fraud, cheat tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
превара fraud, cheat Serbian
prevariti (transitive) to cheat, deceive, trick, sw ...
преварити (transitive) to cheat, deceive, trick, sw ...
prevesti (transitive) to lead across/over (street, ... Croatian
превести (transitive) to lead across/over (street, ...
prevladati (ambitransitive) to prevail over, overcome Croatian
превладати (ambitransitive) to prevail over, overcome
prevladavati (ambitransitive) to prevail over, overcome
превладавати (ambitransitive) to prevail over, overcome
prevlađivati (ambitransitive) to prevail over, overcome
превлађивати (ambitransitive) to prevail over, overcome
prevod translation tag Bosnian,Serbian
превод translation Serbian
преводитељ (Bosnian, Croatian) translator tag
prevoditi (transitive) to lead across/over (street, ...
преводити (transitive) to lead across/over (street, ...
prevoziti (transitive) to transfer or drive across/ ...
превозити (transitive) to transfer or drive across/ ...
prevremen premature, early tag
превремен premature, early
prezime last name Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
презиме last name Serbian
preći (transitive) to cross tag
прећи (transitive) to cross
pređa yarn Croatian
пређа yarn
preživeti (ambitransitive) to survive tag
преживети (ambitransitive) to survive
preživjeti (ambitransitive) to survive tag
преживјети (ambitransitive) to survive
preživljavati (ambitransitive) to survive
преживљавати (ambitransitive) to survive
pribijati (transitive) to nail (fix using a nail)
прибијати (transitive) to nail (fix using a nail)
pribiti (transitive) to nail (fix using a nail)
прибити (transitive) to nail (fix using a nail)
pridev adjective tag
придев adjective
pridjev adjective tag Croatian Bosnian
придјев adjective
pridošlica newcomer
придошлица newcomer
pridržati (transitive) to hold for a while
придржати (transitive) to hold for a while
pridržavati (transitive) to hold for a while
придржавати (transitive) to hold for a while
пригода opportunity (chance for advancement, progress ...
prigodom (with genitive) on the occasion of
пригодом (with genitive) on the occasion of
prigovarati (intransitive) to reproach Croatian
приговарати (intransitive) to reproach
prigovor objection, criticism, reproach
приговор objection, criticism, reproach
prigovoriti (intransitive) to reproach Croatian
приговорити (intransitive) to reproach
prihod income, revenue
приход income, revenue
пријам admission
prijamnik receiver Croatian
пријамник receiver
prijatelj friend Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пријатељ friend Serbian
prijateljica friend (female) Croatian
пријатељица friend (female)
prijateljski friendly
пријатељски friendly
пријатељство friendship
prijava registration form, application form
пријава registration form, application form
prijaznost affability, coziness
пријазност affability, coziness
prije before, earlier tag Croatian
прије before, earlier
prijedlog proposal, proposition tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
приједлог proposal, proposition
prijekor reproach, rebuke, reprimand tag Croatian
пријекор reproach, rebuke, reprimand
пријелаз crossing
prijelazan of or pertaining to a transit, passage tag Croatian*
пријелазан of or pertaining to a transit, passage
пријем admission
prijemnik receiver Croatian
пријемник receiver
пријенос transfer, transport
prijestolje throne tag Croatian
пријестоље throne
prijestolnica capital (city) tag Croatian
пријестолница capital (city)
prijestolonasljednica apparent or presumptive heiress to the throne tag
пријестолонасљедница apparent or presumptive heiress to the throne
prijestolonasljednik apparent or presumptive heir to the throne tag
пријестолонасљедник apparent or presumptive heir to the throne
prijestup misdoing, violation, transgression, offense tag Croatian
пријеступ misdoing, violation, transgression, offense
prijetiti (intransitive) to threaten, menace tag
пријетити (intransitive) to threaten, menace
prijetnja threat tag
пријетња threat
prijevara fraud, cheat tag Croatian
пријевара fraud, cheat
prijevod translation tag Croatian
пријевод translation
prijevremen premature, early tag
пријевремен premature, early
prijeći (transitive) to cross tag Croatian*
пријећи (transitive) to cross
приказ display, depiction, portrait
приказа apparition, ghost
prikazati (transitive) to describe, present
приказати (transitive) to describe, present
prikazivati (transitive) to describe, present
приказивати (transitive) to describe, present
prikladan appropriate, suitable, convenient, appropriate Croatian
прикладан appropriate, suitable, convenient, appropriate
prikladno appropriately, suitably, fittingly
прикладно appropriately, suitably, fittingly
prikladnost (uncountable) adequacy, suitableness, fit ...
прикладност (uncountable) adequacy, suitableness, fit ...
prikriti (transitive) to head, cover up, conceal ( ...
прикрити (transitive) to head, cover up, conceal ( ...
prikrivanje cover-up
прикривање cover-up
prikrivati (transitive) to head, cover up, conceal ( ...
прикривати (transitive) to head, cover up, conceal ( ...
prikupiti (transitive) to gather, collect
прикупити (transitive) to gather, collect
prikupljati (transitive) to gather, collect
прикупљати (transitive) to gather, collect
prilagodba adaptation
прилагодба adaptation
prilagoditi (transitive, reflexive) to adapt, adjust, ...
прилагодити (transitive, reflexive) to adapt, adjust, ...
prilagodljiv adaptable
прилагодљив adaptable
prilagodljivo adaptably
прилагодљиво adaptably
prilagodljivost (uncountable) adaptability
прилагодљивост (uncountable) adaptability
prilagođavati (transitive, reflexive) to adapt, adjust, ...
прилагођавати (transitive, reflexive) to adapt, adjust, ...
prilagođivati (transitive, reflexive) to adapt, adjust, ...
прилагођивати (transitive, reflexive) to adapt, adjust, ...
prilaz access, approach Croatian
прилаз access, approach
prilazak approach, access
прилазак approach, access
прилика opportunity (chance for advancement, progress ...
prilikom on the occasion of
приликом on the occasion of
priličiti (reflexive, irreflexive) to be appropriate ...
приличити (reflexive, irreflexive) to be appropriate ...
prilično quite, rather
прилично quite, rather
priljubiti (transitive) to press against
приљубити (transitive) to press against
priljubljivati (transitive) to press against
приљубљивати (transitive) to press against
прилог adverb
primati (transitive) to receive, get
примати (transitive) to receive, get
primedba remark, comment, note tag
примедба remark, comment, note
primer example, instance tag
пример example, instance
примирје armistice, truce
primiti (transitive) to receive, get
примити (transitive) to receive, get
primjedba remark, comment, note tag Croatian
примједба remark, comment, note
примјер example, instance
princ prince Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
принц prince Serbian
princeza princess Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
принцеза princess Serbian
princip principle Croatian
принцип principle
prinuda compulsion, force
принуда compulsion, force
prioritet priority
приоритет priority
pripadati (intransitive) to belong to (+ dative) Croatian
припадати (intransitive) to belong to (+ dative)
pripadnik member (of a people, community, organization, ...
припадник member (of a people, community, organization, ...
pripadnost (uncountable) affiliation
припадност (uncountable) affiliation
pripasti (intransitive) to belong to (+ dative) Croatian
припасти (intransitive) to belong to (+ dative)
pripaziti (ambitransitive, reflexive) to watch, watc ...
припазити (ambitransitive, reflexive) to watch, watc ...
pripev refrain (of a song, also figuratively) tag
припев refrain (of a song, also figuratively)
pripjev refrain (of a song, also figuratively) tag
припјев refrain (of a song, also figuratively)
pripovedati (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount tag
приповедати (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount
pripovedač narrator, storyteller tag
приповедач narrator, storyteller
pripovediti (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount tag
приповедити (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount
pripovest tale, story, narration tag
приповест tale, story, narration
pripovetka tale, story, narration tag
приповетка tale, story, narration
pripovijedati (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount tag Croatian
приповиједати (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount
pripovijest tale, story, narration tag Croatian
приповијест tale, story, narration
pripovijetka tale, story, narration tag Croatian
приповијетка tale, story, narration
pripovjedač narrator, storyteller tag Croatian
приповједач narrator, storyteller
pripovjediti (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount tag
приповједити (ambitransitive) to narrate, recount
priprava preparation (act of preparing or getting ready) Croatian
приправа preparation (act of preparing or getting ready)
pripraviti (transitive) to prepare, make ready (usua ...
приправити (transitive) to prepare, make ready (usua ...
pripravljati (transitive) to prepare, make ready (usua ...
приправљати (transitive) to prepare, make ready (usua ...
припрема preparation (act of preparing or getting ready)
pripreman ready, prepared Croatian
припреман ready, prepared
pripremati (transitive) to prepare
припремати (transitive) to prepare
pripremiti (transitive) to prepare Croatian
припремити (transitive) to prepare
priredba performance, show
приредба performance, show
priroda (uncountable) nature Croatian
природа (uncountable) nature
prirodan natural Croatian
природан natural
природни логаритам (mathematics) natural logarithm
prirodno naturally
природно naturally
prirodnost (uncountable) naturalness
природност (uncountable) naturalness
priručnik manual, reference book Croatian
приручник manual, reference book
prisega oath Bosnian,Serbian
присега oath Serbian
prisegnuti (intransitive) to swear (take an oath) Croatian
присегнути (intransitive) to swear (take an oath)
prisetiti (reflexive) to remember, recall sth (+ ge ... tag
присетити (reflexive) to remember, recall sth (+ ge ...
prisezati (intransitive) to swear (take an oath) Croatian
присезати (intransitive) to swear (take an oath)
prisećati (reflexive) to remember, recall tag
присећати (reflexive) to remember, recall
priseći Alternative infinitive of {{i|prisegnuti|pris ... Croatian
присећи Alternative infinitive of {{i|присегнути|прис ...
prisila compulsion, force
присила compulsion, force
prisilan compulsory, coercive
присилан compulsory, coercive
prisjetiti (reflexive) to remember, recall sth (+ ge ... tag Croatian
присјетити (reflexive) to remember, recall sth (+ ge ...
prisjećati (reflexive) to remember, recall tag Croatian
присјећати (reflexive) to remember, recall
pristajati ... Croatian
пристајати ...
pristalica adherent, supporter, follower
присталица adherent, supporter, follower
pristanak consent, approval
пристанак consent, approval
pristati ... Croatian*
пристати ...
присташа adherent, follower, supporter
pristojan polite, civil Croatian
пристојан polite, civil
pristojno politely, civilly
пристојно politely, civilly
pristojnost (uncountable) politeness, decency, propriety Croatian
пристојност (uncountable) politeness, decency, propriety
приступ access
prisustvo presence Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
присуство presence Serbian
prisustvovati (intransitive) to be present
присуствовати (intransitive) to be present
prisutan present
присутан present
prisutnost presence Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
присутност presence Serbian
prisuće (archaic) presence Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
pritisak pressure
притисак pressure
pritvarati (transitive) to hold in custody, to arres ...
притварати (transitive) to hold in custody, to arres ...
pritvor custody Croatian
притвор custody
pritvoriti (transitive) to hold in custody, to arres ...
притворити (transitive) to hold in custody, to arres ...
privara (Chakavian, Ikavian) fraud, cheat; decepti ... tag Croatian*
privatni private Croatian
приватни private
privilegij privilege Croatian
привилегиј privilege
privilegija privilege Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
привилегија privilege Serbian
privlačan handsome, attractive, comely
privola approval, consent
privreda economy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
привреда economy Serbian
privrednik businessman, economist Croatian
привредник businessman, economist
privremen temporary, provisional Croatian
привремен temporary, provisional
privremeno temporarily, provisionally
привремено temporarily, provisionally
prizivati (transitive) to call (to come closer)
призивати (transitive) to call (to come closer)
prizma prism
призма prism
prizmatičan prismatic
призматичан prismatic
признање recognition
priznati (transitive) to acknowledge, recognize Croatian
признати (transitive) to acknowledge, recognize
priznavati (transitive) to acknowledge, recognize Croatian
признавати (transitive) to acknowledge, recognize
призор scene, sight
prizvati (transitive) to call (to come closer)
призвати (transitive) to call (to come closer)
prizvuk tone, note (of human voice) (background sound)
призвук tone, note (of human voice) (background sound)
prići (intransitive) to approach Croatian
прићи (intransitive) to approach
priča story Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
прича story Serbian
pričati (transitive) to narrate, tell Croatian
причати (transitive) to narrate, tell
pričiniti (reflexive) to appear, seem (as if in ima ...
причинити (reflexive) to appear, seem (as if in ima ...
pričinjavati (reflexive) to appear, seem (as if in ima ...
причињавати (reflexive) to appear, seem (as if in ima ...
pričljiv chatty, talkative Croatian
причљив chatty, talkative
pričljivost (uncountable) talkativeness
причљивост (uncountable) talkativeness
Priština Priština Bosnian,Serbian
Приштина Priština Serbian
prkos (uncountable) spite, defiance
пркос (uncountable) spite, defiance
prkosan spiteful, defiant
пркосан spiteful, defiant
prkosno spitefully, defiantly
пркосно spitefully, defiantly
prljati (transitive, reflexive) to dirty, soil
прљати (transitive, reflexive) to dirty, soil
prljav dirty Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
прљав dirty Serbian
prljavac dirty person
прљавац dirty person
prljavica dirty person (female)
прљавица dirty person (female)
prljavo dirtily, filthily
прљаво dirtily, filthily
prljavština dirt, filth
прљавштина dirt, filth
proba rehearsal
проба rehearsal
probati (transitive) to try, test
пробати (transitive) to try, test
probavljiv (usually, Croatian) digestible tag
пробављив (usually, Croatian) digestible tag
probijati (transitive) to break through, breach, pe ...
пробијати (transitive) to break through, breach, pe ...
probiti (transitive) to break through, breach, pe ... Croatian
пробити (transitive) to break through, breach, pe ...
problem problem Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
проблем problem Serbian
probojan penetrating
пробојан penetrating
probuditi (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ... Croatian
пробудити (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ...
probuđivati (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ...
пробуђивати (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ...
procena estimate, evaluation tag
процена estimate, evaluation
procep gap tag
процеп gap
proces process Croatian
процес process
procjena estimate, evaluation tag Croatian
процјена estimate, evaluation
procjep gap tag
процјеп gap
prodaja sale Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
продаја sale Serbian
prodati (transitive) to sell Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
продати (transitive) to sell Serbian
prodavati (transitive) to sell Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
продавати (transitive) to sell Serbian
prodor penetration, breakthrough (especially military)
продор penetration, breakthrough (especially military)
profesor professor Croatian
професор professor
profit profit
профит profit
profitabilan profitable
профитабилан profitable
profiter profiteer
профитер profiteer
profiterski profiteering
профитерски profiteering
profitirati (intransitive) to profit
профитирати (intransitive) to profit
proglas proclamation, declaration, manifest
проглас proclamation, declaration, manifest
prognostičar forecaster
прогностичар forecaster
prognoza forecast Croatian
прогноза forecast
prognozer forecaster
прогнозер forecaster
progon persecution Croatian
прогон persecution
progonstvo exile Croatian
прогонство exile
progovarati (intransitive) to start to talk, speak (u ... Croatian
проговарати (intransitive) to start to talk, speak (u ...
progovoriti (intransitive) to start to talk, speak (u ... Croatian
проговорити (intransitive) to start to talk, speak (u ...
program program (set of activities)
програм program (set of activities)
progres progress
прогрес progress
proizvesti (transitive) to manufacture, produce, create Croatian
произвести (transitive) to manufacture, produce, create
proizvod product Croatian
производ product
proizvoditi (transitive) to manufacture, produce, create Croatian
производити (transitive) to manufacture, produce, create
proizvodni productional
производни productional
proizvodnja production Croatian
производња production
proizvodno productionally (in terms of production)
производно productionally (in terms of production)
proizvođač producer, maker
произвођач producer, maker
proizvođačica producer, maker (female)
произвођачица producer, maker (female)
prokleti (transitive) to curse (place a curse upon) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
проклети (transitive) to curse (place a curse upon) Serbian
prokletstvo curse Bosnian,Serbian
проклетство curse Serbian
proklinjati (transitive) to curse (place a curse upon) Croatian
проклињати (transitive) to curse (place a curse upon)
prokopati (transitive) to dig (a tunnel) through, b ...
прокопати (transitive) to dig (a tunnel) through, b ...
prokopavati (transitive) to dig (a tunnel) through, b ...
прокопавати (transitive) to dig (a tunnel) through, b ...
prokrijumčariti (transitive) to smuggle
прокријумчарити (transitive) to smuggle
prokrstariti (intransitive) to cruise (+instrumental)
прокрстарити (intransitive) to cruise (+instrumental)
prolaz passageway Bosnian,Serbian
пролаз passageway Serbian
prolazak passing (act or process of passing by)
пролазак passing (act or process of passing by)
prolaziti (ambitransitive) to pass, go (along, by) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пролазити (ambitransitive) to pass, go (along, by) Serbian
prolaznica passer-by
пролазница passer-by
prolaznik passer-by
пролазник passer-by
proletni spring (of or pertaining to) tag
пролетни spring (of or pertaining to)
proleće spring (season) tag
пролеће spring (season)
prolitje (archaic, Chakavian, Ikavian) spring (season) tag Croatian*
proliće (Chakavian, Ikavian) spring (season) tag Croatian*
proljetje (archaic, obsolete) spring (season) tag Croatian*
proljetni spring (of or pertaining to) tag Croatian
прољетни spring (of or pertaining to)
proljeće spring (season) tag Bosnian,Croatian
прољеће spring (season)
prolog prologue Croatian
пролог prologue
promatrati (transitive) to look over, examine by loo ...
проматрати (transitive) to look over, examine by loo ...
promatrač observer, onlooker tag
проматрач observer, onlooker tag
promašaj miss (failure to hit something)
промашај miss (failure to hit something)
promašiti (ambitransitive) to miss (target or aim)
промашити (ambitransitive) to miss (target or aim)
promašivati (ambitransitive) to miss (target or aim)
промашивати (ambitransitive) to miss (target or aim)
promena change tag
промена change
promer diameter tag
промер diameter
prominentan prominent
проминентан prominent
prominentno prominently
проминентно prominently
promisliti (intransitive) to think over sth, ponder
промислити (intransitive) to think over sth, ponder
promišljati (intransitive) to think over sth, ponder
промишљати (intransitive) to think over sth, ponder
promišljen thought-out (well planned in advance)
промишљен thought-out (well planned in advance)
promišljeno premeditatedly
промишљено premeditatedly
promišljenost (uncountable) deliberation, deliberatenes ...
промишљеност (uncountable) deliberation, deliberatenes ...
промјена change
promjer diameter tag
промјер diameter
promocija promotion
промоција promotion
promotriti (transitive) to look over, examine by loo ...
промотрити (transitive) to look over, examine by loo ...
pronalazak finding, discovery
проналазак finding, discovery
pronicati (transitive) to penetrate, understand sth ...
проницати (transitive) to penetrate, understand sth ...
proniknuti (transitive) to penetrate, understand sth ...
проникнути (transitive) to penetrate, understand sth ...
pronići Alternative infinitive of {{i|proniknuti|pròn ...
пронићи Alternative infinitive of {{i|проникнути|про̀ ...
propadati (intransitive) to fall through, fall into ...
пропадати (intransitive) to fall through, fall into ...
propaganda propaganda
пропаганда propaganda
propagandni advertising
пропагандни advertising
propan (chemistry) propane
пропан (chemistry) propane
propast collapse Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пропаст collapse Serbian
propasti (intransitive) to fall through, fall into ...
пропасти (intransitive) to fall through, fall into ...
propijati (reflexive) to become addicted to drink, ... Croatian
пропијати (reflexive) to become addicted to drink, ...
propis regulation, rule
пропис regulation, rule
propiti (reflexive) to become addicted to drink, ... Croatian
пропити (reflexive) to become addicted to drink, ...
proplakati (intransitive) to start weeping, start cr ...
проплакати (intransitive) to start weeping, start cr ...
proplakivati (intransitive) to start weeping, start cr ...
проплакивати (intransitive) to start weeping, start cr ...
proplivati (intransitive) to start swimming (for the ...
пропливати (intransitive) to start swimming (for the ...
proplivavati (intransitive) to start swimming (for the ...
пропливавати (intransitive) to start swimming (for the ...
propustiti (transitive) to miss (opportunity, schedu ...
пропустити (transitive) to miss (opportunity, schedu ...
propuštati (transitive) to miss (opportunity, schedu ...
пропуштати (transitive) to miss (opportunity, schedu ...
proraditi (intransitive) to start working, function ...
прорадити (intransitive) to start working, function ...
prorađivati (intransitive) to start working, function ...
прорађивати (intransitive) to start working, function ...
prorok prophet (one who speaks by divine inspiration) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пророк prophet (one who speaks by divine inspiration) Serbian
proročište oracle (shrine)
пророчиште oracle (shrine)
prosac suitor, wooer
просац suitor, wooer
prosek average, mean tag
просек average, mean
prosečan average tag
просечан average
prosečno on average tag
просечно on average
prosjek average, mean tag
просјек average, mean
prosječan average tag
просјечан average
prosječno on average tag
просјечно on average
proslava celebration Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
proslaviti (transitive) to celebrate (holiday, birth ...
прославити (transitive) to celebrate (holiday, birth ...
prost common, plain, vulgar, ignoble Croatian
прост common, plain, vulgar, ignoble
prostata (anatomy) prostate
prostitucija prostitution
проституција prostitution
prostitutka whore, prostitute Croatian
проститутка whore, prostitute
prosto rudely, uncivilly, grossly
просто rudely, uncivilly, grossly
простор space
prostorija room (part of a building, enclosed by walls)
просторија room (part of a building, enclosed by walls)
prostranstvo expanse Bosnian,Serbian
пространство expanse Serbian
prostreti (transitive) to spread, lay (on the surfa ... tag
прострети (transitive) to spread, lay (on the surfa ...
prostrijeti (transitive) to spread, lay (on the surfa ... tag
простријети (transitive) to spread, lay (on the surfa ...
prostrti Alternative infinitive of {{i|prostrijeti|prò ...
прострти Alternative infinitive of {{i|простријети|про ...
protest protest
протест protest
proteza prosthesis Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
протеза prosthesis Serbian
protiv against Croatian
против against
protiviti (reflexive) to oppose, protest
противити (reflexive) to oppose, protest
protivnapad (Bosnian, Serbian) counterattack tag
противнапад (Bosnian, Serbian) counterattack tag
противник opponent
protivteža (Bosnian, Serbian) counterbalance tag
противтежа (Bosnian, Serbian) counterbalance tag
protokol protocol Croatian
протокол protocol
proton proton Croatian
протон proton
protunapad (Croatian) counterattack tag
протунапад (Croatian) counterattack tag
protuteža (Croatian) counterbalance tag
протутежа (Croatian) counterbalance tag
proučavati (transitive) to study (problem, phenomena ...
проучавати (transitive) to study (problem, phenomena ...
proučiti (transitive) to study (problem, phenomena ...
проучити (transitive) to study (problem, phenomena ...
provalija abyss, chasm
провалија abyss, chasm
provansalski (masculine, substantive) the Occitan language
провансалски (masculine, substantive) the Occitan language
provera audit tag
провера audit
proveravati (ambitransitive) to check, confirm tag
проверавати (ambitransitive) to check, confirm
proveriti (ambitransitive) to check, confirm tag
проверити (ambitransitive) to check, confirm
providan transparent Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
провидан transparent Serbian
provjera audit tag
провјера audit
provjeravati (ambitransitive) to check, confirm tag
провјеравати (ambitransitive) to check, confirm
provjeriti (ambitransitive) to check, confirm tag
провјерити (ambitransitive) to check, confirm
proza (uncountable) prose
проза (uncountable) prose
prozivati (transitive, reflexive) to name, dub
прозивати (transitive, reflexive) to name, dub
prozni prosaic (written in or pertaining to prose)
прозни prosaic (written in or pertaining to prose)
prozor window Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
прозор window Serbian
prozvati (transitive, reflexive) to name, dub
прозвати (transitive, reflexive) to name, dub
proći (ambitransitive) to pass, go (along, by) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
proći sito i rešeto (idiomatic) to go through the mill
проћи сито и решето (idiomatic) to go through the mill
проћи (ambitransitive) to pass, go (along, by) Serbian
pročitati (transitive) to read Croatian
прочитати (transitive) to read
pročitavati (transitive) to read
прочитавати (transitive) to read
prošetati (reflexive) to walk, stroll
прошетати (reflexive) to walk, stroll
proširiti (transitive) to broaden, widen
проширити (transitive) to broaden, widen
proširivati (transitive) to broaden, widen
проширивати (transitive) to broaden, widen
prošli past, gone by
прошли past, gone by
prošlost past, history Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
прошлост past, history Serbian
prožeti (transitive) to permeate, pervade, imbue
прожети (transitive) to permeate, pervade, imbue
prožimati (transitive) to permeate, pervade, imbue
прожимати (transitive) to permeate, pervade, imbue
прса (plurale tantum, anatomy) chest
prsi (plurale tantum, anatomy) chest
прси (plurale tantum, anatomy) chest
prst finger Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
прст finger Serbian
прстен ring (worn around the finger)
pruga stripe, bind, line
пруга stripe, bind, line
Prus Prussian (person)
Прус Prussian (person)
pruski Prussian
пруски Prussian
Pruskinja Prussian (female person)
Прускиња Prussian (female person)
prut rod, stick, staff Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
прут rod, stick, staff Serbian
pružati (transitive) to stretch out, extend
пружати (transitive) to stretch out, extend
pružiti (transitive) to stretch out, extend
пружити (transitive) to stretch out, extend
prvak champion (someone who has been winner in a co ... Croatian*
првак champion (someone who has been winner in a co ...
prvenstven fundamental, primary
првенствен fundamental, primary
prvenstveno primarily, first of all
првенствено primarily, first of all
prvenstvo (sports) championship Croatian*
првенство (sports) championship
prvi padež (grammar) the nominative case
први падеж (grammar) the nominative case
prvi (ordinal) first
први (ordinal) first
prćast pug-nosed
прћаст pug-nosed
pršut prosciutto, smoked ham Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пршут prosciutto, smoked ham Serbian
psaltir psalter
псалтир psalter
psiha psyche
психа psyche
psihijatar psychiatrist
психијатар psychiatrist
psihički psychic
психички psychic
psihologija psychology Croatian
психологија psychology
psihopat psychopath
психопат psychopath
psovanje cursing, swearing
псовање cursing, swearing
psovač swearer, scolder
псовач swearer, scolder
psovka curse (vulgar epithet) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
псовка curse (vulgar epithet) Serbian
ptica bird Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
птица bird Serbian
ptiče young bird, fledgling
птиче young bird, fledgling
ptičica little bird
птичица little bird
ptičji avian
птичји avian
publika audience
публика audience
publikacija publication Croatian
публикација publication
pucanj shot, bang Croatian
пуцањ shot, bang
pucati (intransitive) to crack, break, burst, split Croatian
пуцати (intransitive) to crack, break, burst, split
puce button Croatian
пуце button
puding pudding Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пудинг pudding Serbian
puh dormouse Croatian
пух dormouse
puhati (intransitive) to blow tag Croatian
пухати (intransitive) to blow tag
puhnuti (intransitive) to blow
пухнути (intransitive) to blow
puk folk, people Croatian
пук folk, people
puknuti (intransitive) to crack, break, burst, split Croatian
пукнути (intransitive) to crack, break, burst, split
pukotina crack (thin and usually jagged space opened i ...
пукотина crack (thin and usually jagged space opened i ...
pukovnik (military) colonel Croatian*
пуковник (military) colonel
puls pulse (physiology) (beat of heart)
пулс pulse (physiology) (beat of heart)
pulsar (astronomy) pulsar
пулсар (astronomy) pulsar
pumpa pump (device for moving liquid or gas)
пумпа pump (device for moving liquid or gas)
puniti (transitive) to fill Croatian
пунити (transitive) to fill
puno much, many, a lot
пуно much, many, a lot
punoglavac tadpole Croatian
пуноглавац tadpole
punoletan of age tag
пунолетан of age
punoletnik person above the age of majority; adult tag
пунолетник person above the age of majority; adult
punoljetan of age tag
пунољетан of age
punoljetnik person above the age of majority; adult tag
пунољетник person above the age of majority; adult
punski Punic
пунски Punic
pupak navel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пупак navel Serbian
pupoljak (botany) a bud Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пупољак (botany) a bud Serbian
pustinja desert Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пустиња desert Serbian
pustinjak hermit
пустињак hermit
pustiti (transitive) to let, let go, release Croatian
пустити (transitive) to let, let go, release
pustoš wasteland, desert Croatian
пустош wasteland, desert
pustošenje devastation
пустошење devastation
put road Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пут road Serbian
putanja trajectory
путања trajectory
puteljak little or narrow path Croatian
путељак little or narrow path
puter butter
путер butter
putir chalice
путир chalice
putnik passenger Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
путник passenger Serbian
putnički travelling
путнички travelling
putokaz signpost
путоказ signpost
putopis travelogue
путопис travelogue
putovanje travel Croatian
путовање travel
putovati (intransitive) to travel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
путовати (intransitive) to travel Serbian
putovnica (Croatian) passport tag Croatian
puvati (intransitive) to blow tag
пувати (intransitive) to blow tag
puziti (intransitive) to creep, crawl
пузити (intransitive) to creep, crawl
pući Alternative infinitive of (puknuti, pȕknuti). Croatian*
пући Alternative infinitive of {{i|пукнути|пу̏кнут ...
pučina open sea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пучина open sea Serbian
pučka etimologija folk etymology Croatian
pušionica smoking-room
пушионица smoking-room
pušiti (ambitransitive) to smoke Croatian
пушити (ambitransitive) to smoke
puška rifle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пушка rifle Serbian
puškar gunsmith
пушкар gunsmith
puškomet range of a gun
пушкомет range of a gun
puštati (transitive) to let, let go, release
пуштати (transitive) to let, let go, release
pčela bee Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пчела bee Serbian
pčelar beekeeper Croatian
пчелар beekeeper
pčelarstvo apiculture
пчеларство apiculture
pčelica (hypocoristic, diminutive) bee
пчелица (hypocoristic, diminutive) bee
pčelinjak apiary Croatian
пчелињак apiary
pšenica wheat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
пшеница wheat Serbian