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cab caballa ball caballing cab guard cable cable belt conveyor cable bolt cable bolting cable control unit cable dowel cable drill cable excavator cable hook cable-laid rope cable railway cable reel cable-reel locomotive cable-screw conveyor cable selvage belt cable shield cable splice kit cable system cable-system drill cable tendon cable-tool cuttings cable-tool dresser cable-tool drill cable-tool drilling cable tools cableway cableway excavator cableway transporter cabochon cabrerite cachalong cache cacholong cacoxenite cactus grab cadacryst cadastral control cadastral map cadastral survey cadger cadmia cadmium cadmium blend cadmium columbate cadmium niobate cadmium ocher cadmosellite cafemic cage cage bar cage chain cage cover cage guide cage mill cager cager coupler cage seat cage sheet cage shoe cage stop cagutte cahnite Cainozoic cairn cairngorm caisson drill caisson sinking cajon cake cake copper caked dust cake of gold cake thickness caking coal caking index calabashing calaite calamanco calamine calamine stone calamine violet calamite calaverite calc calc-alkalic calcarenite calcareous calcareous crust calcareous dolomite calcareous dust calcareous ooze calcareous ore calcareous peat calcareous rock calcareous sandstone calcareous sinter calcareous spar calcareous tufa calcarinate calc-dolomite calce calcedony calc-flinta calcian calciborite calcic calciclase calcinable calcination calcine calcined gypsum calciner calcining calcining furnace calcioborite calciocelestite calcioferrite calciornotite calciovolborthite calciphyre calcisiltite calcite calcite limestone calcite marble calcitic dolomite calcitite calcitization calcitrant calcium calcium autunite calcium carbide calcium carbonate calcium chloride process calcium feldspar calcium mica calcium minerals calcium montmorillonite calcium phosphate calcium plagioclase calcouranite calcrete calc-sapropel calc-schist calc-silicate hornfels calc-silicate marble calc-silicate rock calc-sinter calcspar calc-tufa calcurmolite Caldecott cone caldera calderite caldron caldron bottom caledonite calf reel caliche caliente California poppy California-type drag head California-type dredge californite caliper caliper brake caliper log calite calk calkinsite callaganite callainite callis Callon's rule Callow cone Callow flotation cell Callow screen calomel calomelano calomel electrode calomelite calorescence calorie calorific intensity calorific power calorific value calorimeter calorimeter room calorizing calumetite calx calyx calyx boring calyx drill camber Cambrian camel back camera lucida Cammett table camouflage camouflet campaign camptonite campylite camshaft cam stick can canada Canadian asbestos Canadian shield canal canal ray Canamin clay canary canary ore canary stone canch canche cancrinite candite candle coal candlepower canel canfieldite Canfield's reagent canga can hoisting system canister cank canker cannel cannel coal cannel shale cannes marble cannonball mill cannon shot canny canon cansa cantilever cantilever crane cantilever grizzly cantonite canvas canvas door canvas table canyon cap capacitance capacitive control capacitor capacitor-discharge blasting machine capacity capacity factor capacity load capacity of the market cap crimper Cape blue cape diamond capel capel lode Cape ruby capillarity capillarity correction capillarity-correction chart capillary capillary action capillary attraction capillary movement capillary pyrite capillary water capital expenditure capital scrap capitan limestone cap lamp caple cap light Cappeau furnace capped fuse capped primer capped quartz cappel; capping cappelenite cap piece capping capping station cap rock capsal cap sensitivity cap set cap shot cap sill capstan captive mine captive tonnage capture car caracolite Carapella's reagent carat caratage carat count carat-goods carat loss carat weight carbankerite carbargilite carbide carbide insert carbide lamp carbide miner carbides carbide slug carbide tool Carbite carbo- carbo Carbo carbocher carbodynamite carbohumin carbolic carbolic acid carbolite carbon carbon-14 carbon-14 dating carbonaceous carbonado carbonado bit carbon adsorption carbonate carbonate-fluorapatite carbonate hardness carbonate leach carbonate mineral carbonate of barium carbonate of calcium carbonate of strontium carbonate rock carbonate sand carbonation carbonatite carbonatization carbon bit carbon brick carbon dating carbon diamond carbon dioxide carbon dioxide blasting carbon-hydrogen ratio Carboniferous carbonification carbon-in-leach process carbon-in-pulp leaching carbonite carbonitriding carbonization carbonizing carbon monoxide carbon monoxide poisoning Carbon oil carbon steel carbon trash carbopyrite Carborundum carboxylic acid method carbozite carburan carbureted hydrogen carburization carburizing carburizing flame carcass car chalker card concentrator cardinal point Cardox cardoxide Cardox-plant operator Cardox shell car dropper card table card tender car dump car dumper card weight pipe car filler car haul caries texture carinate fold Carinthian process car loader Carlsbad twin carman Carmichel-Bradford process carminite carn carnallite carnallite plant operator carnegieite carnelian carneol car nipper carnotite carpholite car pincher carrack Carrara marble car retarder carriage carriage mounting Carribel explosive carrier carrollite carrousel conveyor car runner carry carryall Carryall carryall scraper carrying belt carrying gate carrying idler carrying roller carrying run car slide car spotter car stop cartographic cartography cartology carton cartridge cartridge count cartridge fuse cartridge punch cartridge strength car-type conveyor car whacker Casagrande liquid limit apparatus cascade coal dryer cascade control cascade flotation cell cascade upgrading cascading cascadite case cased cased off casehardening case in case liner case off cash casing casing catcher casing clamp casing dog casing float casing off casing point casing pressure Cassel brown cassiterite cast castable castable refractory cast-after-cast castanite cast bit cast booster casthouse castillite casting casting machine casting over casting pit castings casting shrinkage casting strain casting stress casting wheel casting-wheel operator cast iron castor castor amine castorite cast primer cast steel cata- cataclasis cataclasite cataclastic cataclysm cataclysmal cataclysmic catalysis catalyst catalytic methanometer catalytic oxidation cataphoresis catapleiite catarinite catastrophe catch catcher catch gear catchment area catch pit catch point catch prop catch scaffold catchwater drain cat claw cat dirt catear catenary suspension caterpillar caterpillar chain caterpillar chain dog caterpillar drive catfaced block cathead sheave cathode cathode compartment cathode copper cathode efficiency cathode film cathodic corrosion cathole catholyte cation cation exchange cationic collector cationic detergent cationic reagent catlinite catogene cat run cat's-eye catskinner Cattermole Process catty catwalk cauk cauldron cauldron subsidence cauliflowering caunche caustic caustic ammonia caustic embrittlement caustic soda caustobiolite caustobiolith caustolith caustophytolith cave caved stope cave hole cave-in cave-in-heave cave line cave marble cave onyx caver cavernous cavil caving caving by raising caving ground caving hole cavings caving system caving the back cavitation cavitation noise cavity cavity-filling deposit cawk caxas c axis c direction C-D principle Ceag Montlucon gas detector cedarite ceiling concentration celadonite celestine celestite celite cell cellar cell feed cell texture cellular cellular cofferdam cellulose cellulose nitrate celsian Celsius cement cementation cementation sinking cementation steel cementation water cement clinker cement copper cement deposit cemented carbide cemented carbide tool cement gold cement grout cement gun cementite cementitious cement-modified soil cement mortar cement plug cement rock cement silver cement slurry cement stabilization cement steel cement valve Cenozoic center center adjustment center brick center constant center core method center country center drilling centering of shaft center-latch elevator and links centerline centerman center of gravity center of mass center of shear center of symmetry center of torsion center of twist center prop centers center shot center spinning center-trace time centigrade centipoise central breaker centralizer centrifugal brake centrifugal casting centrifugal clutch centrifugal discharge bucket elevator centrifugal discharge elevator bucket centrifugal fan centrifugal filter centrifugal pump centrifugal replacement centrifugal separation centrifugal ventilation centrifuge centrifuging centripetal drainage centripetal pump centripetal replacement centroclinal centrosphere centrosymmetrical ceramet ceramic ceramic cone cerargyrite cerhomilite cerianite cerite cerium cermet cerolite cerro certified Certified Blaster cerulene ceruleofibrite cerussite cervantite cesium cetane number ceylanite Ceylonese peridot ceylonite C-frame chabazite chadacryst chain chain block chain brow way chain bucket dredger chain bucket loader chain casing chain coal cutter chain conveyor chain driller chain-driven belt chain elevator chain feeder chain-feeder operator chain guard chain hoist chain lacing chain machine chain-machine operator chain pillar chain pitch chain road chain-selvage belt chain silicate chain structure chain surveying chain takeup chain tension chain-type conveyor chainwall chain width chair chalcanthite chalcedonite chalcedony chalchuite chalco- chalcoalumite chalcocite chalcocyanite chalcodite chalcogene chalcolite chalcomenite chalcomiklite chalcophanite chalcophile chalcophyllite chalcopyrite chalcopyrrhotite chalcosiderite chalcosine chalcostibite chalcotrichite chalk chalk rock chalky chert challenge feeder chalmersite chalybite chamber chamber-and-pillar chamber-and-pillar system chamber blast chambered lode chambered vein chambering chambersite chambers without filling chameleonite chamfer chamoisite chamosite chamotte Champlain forge chance Chance cone Chance sand-flotation process changehouse changing bronze changing house changkol channeler channeling channeling machine channeling-machine operator channel man channel sample channel sampling channel sand channel slide rail channel terrace channelway chap chapelet Chapman-Jouget plane Chapman process Chapman shield chapping chapra char characteristic ash curve characteristic curve characteristic impedance characteristic radiation characterizing accessory mineral charcoal blacking charcoal iron charcoal tinplate charge charged hole charge limit chargeman charger charge weigher charging charging box charging machine charging peel charging person charging rack charging scale chark charred peat chart chart datum chaser chaser mill chasing chasing the vein chasm chasovrite chat chatoyance chatoyancy chatoyant chatroller chats chatter chattermark check check battery check board checkboarding check curtain check dam checker arch checkerboard drilling checkerboarded checkerboard system checking checkout check screen checksheet check survey check viewer checkweigher checkweighman cheeking cheeks chelate compound chelating agent chelation cheleutite Chelsea color filter chemawinite chemechol chemical adsorption chemical affinity chemical analysis chemical brick chemical-clay grout chemical combination chemical composition chemical constitution of coal chemical denudation chemical deposition chemical engineering chemical equilibrium chemical erosion chemical extraction chemical lead chemical limestone chemically precipitated metal powder chemical mineralogy chemical rock chemical sediment chemical soil consolidation chemical stoneware chemical water treatment chemical weathering chemihydrometry chemiluminescence chemisorption chemist chemolithotroph chempure tin chenevixite Chenot process cheralite cheremchite cherry picker cherry-red heat chert chertification chervetite chessy copper chessylite chesterite chestnut coal chevee chevron crossbedding chevron drain chevron fold chiastolite chiastolite slate chickenfeed Chiddy Assay chigura childrenite Chilean lapis Chilean mill chileite chilenite Chile saltpeter chill chill casting chill crystal chilled casting chilled contact chilled dynamite chilled shot chilled-shot drill chilled-shot drilling chimney chimney effect chimney rock chimney work china clay china-clay rock chinaman chute Chinaman pebble China metal china stone chingle chiolite chip chip blasting chip breaker chipped chipping chippings chip sample chip sampling chirality chiropterite chisel chisel bit chisel draft chiver chkalovite chloanthite chloraluminite chlorapatite chlorargyrite chlorastrolite chlorate explosive chlorate powder chloride chloriding chloridization chloridize chloridizing roasting chlorination process chlorinator chlorine chlorinity chlorite chlorite schist chlorite slate chloritic sand chloritic schist chloritization chloritoid chlormanganokalite chlorocalcite chloromelanite chloropal chlorophaeite chlorophane chlorophoenicite chlorosis chlorosity chlorospinel chlorothionite chlorotile chloroxiphite chlorutahlite chock chock and block chock block chock hole chocking chog choke choke crushing chokedamp choke fed choke feed choke feeding choke point choker choking chondrodite chonolith chop chop ahead chop feeder chopping chopping bit chordal effect chordal pitch chorismite chows C/H ratio chrismatite Christiansen effect christobalite chromate chromatic aberration chromatic color chromatite chromatograph chromatographic analysis chromatography chrome chrome antigorite chrome brick chrome chert chrome diopside chrome garnet chrome idocrase chrome iron ore chrome mica chrome ocher chrome refractory chrome spinel chrome tourmaline chrome vesuvian chromian spinel chromic iron chromite chromitite chromium chromium garnet chromography chromowulfenite chronograph chronolith chronolithologic unit chronostratic unit chronostratigraphic unit chrysoberyl chrysocolla chrysocolla quartz chrysolite chrysolite cat's-eye chrysolithus chrysopal chrysoprase chrysotile chrysotile asbestos chuck chuck block chucker-on chuckie stone chuco chudobaite chukhrovite chungkol chunked-up chunker I chunker II churchillite churchite churn churn drill churn-drill operator churn-drill rig churn shot drill chute chute boss chute caving chute checker chute drawer chute loader chute operator chute system chute trammer cienega ciment fondu cimolite cinder cinder block cinder breakout cinder coal cinder cooler cinder fall cinder notch cinder pig cinder pit cinder plate cinder runner cinder tap cinder tub cinnabar cinnabarite cinnabar matrix cinnamite cinnamon stone cipolino CIPW classification CIPW system circle circle cutting drill circle haul circle reverse circle spout circuit breaker circuits circuit tester circular arch circular bin discharger circular cutting drill circular grading table circular picking table circular shaft circular slip circular tunnel kiln circulating fluid circulating head circulating load circulating medium circulating pump circulating scrap circulating water circulation circulation fluid circulation loss circulation medium circulation of air circulation velocity circulation volume circumferentor cistern citation citrine C-J detonation C-J plane clack clack seat clack valve clad metal claggy claim claimant claim jumping claims held in common claim system clam clammings clamshell clamshell loader clan clap-me-down clapotis clarain clarification clarifier clarifying tank clarinite clarite clarke clarkeite clarke of concentration Clark riffler clarodurain clarodurite clarofusain clarovitrain clasolite class Class 1.1 explosive Class 1.2 explosive Class 1.3 explosive Class 1.4 explosive Class 1.5 explosive Class 5.1 substance classical washout classification classification of crystals classification of minerals classified sand fill classifier classifier dredge classing clastic clastic deformation clastic dike clastic rock clathrate claudetite clauncher clausthalite clay clay back clay band clay barrel clay bit clay book tile clay-boring bit clay course claycrete clay cutter clay dauber clayey clayey soil clay gall clay gouge clay gun clay hole claying claying bar clay iron clay ironstone clay loam clay maker clay marl clay mineral claypan clay parting claypit clay pocket clay rock clay sapropel clay shale clay size clay slate clay stains claystone clay temperer clay vein clay wash clay washer clean Clean Air Act clean cutting clean cuttings cleaned coal cleaner cleaner cell clean hole cleaning cleaning plant cleanout cleanout auger cleanout jet auger cleanup cleanup barrel clear clearance clearance space clear clay clearer clearing clearing and grubbing clearing hole clear mica clear span cleat cleat spar cleavage cleavage banding cleavage plane cleavages cleave cleavelandite cleaving cleaving way cleek cleft Clerici solution cleveite clevis cliachite cliff clift climate climb clink clinker clinkstone clino clinoamphibole clinoaugite clinoaxis clinochlore clinochrysotile clinoclase clinoclasite clinodome clinoenstenite clinoferrosilite clinograph clinoguarinite clinohedrite clinohypersthene clinometer clinophone clinoptilolite clinopyroxene clinostrengite clinoungemachite clinozoisite clintonite Clinton ore clip clip method clod clog close-connected closed circuit closed-circuit grinding closed-circuit operation closed-circuit television closed contour closed fault closed frame closed joint closed-spiral auger closed top closed traverse closed-water circuit close goods close-jointed close-joints cleavage close nipple close prospecting close-ranged close sheathing close sizing close timbering closing error closing rope closterite closure closure meter clot clothing clotting cloud chamber clouded agate cloudy chalcedony cloudy stain cloustonite clump clustered carbide clusterite cluster mill CM CMI centrifuge coagulation coagulator coal coal analysis coal ash coal auger coal ball coal bank coal barrier coal basin coal blasting coalbreaker coal briquette coal briquetting coal bump coal burster coal car coal cart coal chute coal claim coal classification coal classification systems coal clay coal cleaning coal cleaning equipment coal cleaning plant coal clearing coal conglomerate coal constituent classification coal cutter coal-cutter pick coal-cutter team coal-cutting machine coal-cutting machine operator coal digging coal drill coal driller coal dryer coal dust coal-dust explosion coal-dust index coal elevator coalesced copper coalette coal face coalfield coal flotation coal formation coal fuel ratio coal-hoisting engineer coalification coalify coaling coal interface detector coal interface sensor Coalite Coalite process coal land coal lateral coal lead coal liquefaction coal measures Coal Measures coal-measures unit coal mine coal mine explosion coal mine ignition coal miner coal mine regulations coal mining coal mining examinations coal mining explosives coal mining methods coal oil coal patch coal penetrometer coalpit coal planer coal plant coal plow coal pocket coal preparation coal-preparation plant coal-preparation process coal-preparation shift coal-processing waste coal rank coal rash coal room coal sampling coal seam coal-seam correlation coal-sensing probe coal separator coal slime coal sludge coal slurry coal smoke Coal special coal split coal spragger coal stripper coal substance coal tar coal-tar oil coal-tar pitch coal testing coal thickness sensor coal tipple coal type coal washer coal wheeler coal workings coalyard coarse aggregate coarse gold coarse-grained coarse-grained soil coarse jig coarse metal coarse roll coarse sand coaxial cable cob coba cobalt cobalt bloom cobalt-bonded cobalt glance cobaltiferous wad cobaltite cobalt lollingite cobalt melanterite cobalt-nickel pyrite cobaltoadamite cobaltocalcite cobalt ocher cobaltosphaerosiderite cobalt pentlandite cobalt pyrites cobalt-rich crust cobalt skutterudite cobalt vitriol cobbed ore cobbing cobbing board cobbing hammer cobble cobble riffle cobbles cobblestone cobbling cob coal Coblentzian cobra stone cocarde ore cocinerite cockade ore cockade structure cocker cockering cockermeg cockers cockersprag cockle cocko cockscomb pyrite cockscomb pyrites cocoa mat codorous ore coefficient of absolute viscosity coefficient of acidity coefficient of compressibility coefficient of elasticity coefficient of friction coefficient of heat transmission coefficient of permeability coefficient of rigidity coefficient of thermal diffusion coefficient of traction coefficient of velocity coefficient of viscosity coeruleolactite coesite coffee shale coffer cofferdam coffering coffin coffinite cog cogging cogging mill coggle cognate fissure cognate inclusion cognate xenolith cogwheel ore cohenite cohesion cohesionless soil cohesive soil coil load coining coinstone bed coke coke breeze coke coal coke drawer coke dust coke iron cokeite coke mill coke oven coke person coke tower coking coal coking stoker colander shovel cold bed cold blast cold-cracking cold-draw cold-drawing cold-extractable metal cold galvanizing cold noser cold-nosing cold-roll cold-rolled cold saw cold shot cold soldering cold working cold zone colemanite Cole reagent collain collapse collapse breccia collapsing strength collar collar distance collared collar in collaring collaring a hole collaring bit collars collar structure collbranite collecting agent collective subsidence collector collier Collier collier's lung colliery colliery bailiff colliery consumption colliery explosion colliery plan colligative properties collimating mark collimation collimation line collinite collinsite collision blasting collision waves collite colloform colloid colloidal clay colloidal fuel colloidal mud colloidal particles colloidal sulfur colloid mill colloid minerals collophane collophanite Collum washer Colmol mining machine Cologne umber colombotantalite color coloradoite Colorado lapis lazuli Colorado ruby Colorado topaz colored slates color grade colorimeter colorimetric determination color index colorless color ratio colors colrake columbite columbium column columnar columnar charge columnar crystals columnar jointing columnar section columnar structure column flotation column height column leaching column load column of mud column of ore column pipe colusite comagmatic comagmatic region comb comb dung combed structure combeite combination drill combination electric locomotive combination longwall combination process combination rig combination sampler combination stoping combined carbon combined moisture combined overhand and underhand stoping combined shrinkage stoping and caving combined side and longwall stoping combined stresses combined top slicing and shrinkage stoping combined twinning comb texture combustibility combustible combustible gases combustible gases cap combustible gases drainage combustible gases fringe combustible gases layer combustible shale combustion combustion arch combustion engineer combustion method comedown comendite come out come water comfort air conditioning coming up to grass Comleyan commercial deposit commercial explosives commercial granite commercially disposable coal commercial marble commercial mine commercial ore commercial quantity commercial quarry commercial sampling of coal comminution common banded coal common feldspar common ion effect common lead common mica common opal common pyrite common salt commutated current compacted yards compaction curve compaction equipment compaction test compact rock company account comparator comparator tintometer comparison prism compartment compass compass deflection compass direction compass points compensating error compensating rope compensation method compensator competence competent competent bed competent rock complement complementary dikes complementary forms complete combustion complex complex crystals complex fold complex ore complex pegmatite complicated pneumoconiosis component of coal composite dike composite explosives composite fold composite gneiss composite intrusion composite map composite materials composite sampling scheme composite sill composite stone composite stones composite vein Composition B composition of forces composition surface compound compression compound cradle compound dredger compound fault compound fold compound lode compound shaft compound twins compound vein compound ventilation compressed air compressed-air blasting compressed-air-driven lamps compressed-air locomotive compressed-air turbines compressed pellets compression compressional wave compression ratio compression subsidence compression zone compressive strength compressive stress compressor comptonite computer computer-assisted mining comstockite concave bit concave crown concealed coalfield concentrate concentrated charge concentrating plant concentrating table concentration concentration cell concentration criterion concentration of output concentration ratio concentration table concentrator concentric fold concentric mine cable concentric pattern concentric weathering concession concession system conchilite conchoidal conchoidal fracture concordant concrete concrete caisson sinking concrete plug concrete shaft lining concrete vibrator concretion concretionary concretionary and nodular concussion concussion table condensation condenser condenser-discharge blasting machine condenser maker condenser operator condensing lens condie conditioned sinter conditioner conditioners conditioning condition the hole conductance conductor conductor-cable locomotive conduit conduit hole cone cone classifier cone crusher cone cut cone-face bit cone-in-cone structure Conemaughian cone of depression cone penetration test cone penetrator cone penetrometer cone rock bit cone settler cone sheet cone system Conewangoan confined detonation velocity confined groundwater confined space confining bed confluent conformability conformable conformal map projection congela congelation temperature conglomerate conglomerate mudstone conglomerite congo bort congo diamond congo rounds congos congruent congruent forms congruent melting conical conical drum conical head gyratory crusher conical mill conical refraction conichalcite coning coning and quartering conjugated veins conjugate fault system conjugate impedance conjugate joint systems Conkling magnetic separator Conklin process connate connate water connecting frame connecting trough connecting trough support connecting wire connellite conode conoscope Conrad counterflush coring system Conrad machine consanguineous consanguineous association consanguinity consertal conservation conservative properties conset jig consistency consistency limits consolidated deposits consolidated sediment consolidation consolidation hole consolidation settlement consolidation test consolidation trickling constantan constant error constant-weight feeder constituent of attritus constitutional change constitutional water constitution diagram constructed wetland constructive possession consulting engineer consulting mining engineer consumable electrode-arc melting consume consumption charge contact contact angle contact bed contact breccia contact deposit contact erosion valley contact goniometer contact line contact logging contact logging device contact-metamorphic contact metamorphic contact metamorphism contact-metasomatic deposit contact metasomatism contact mineral contact process contact reef contact resistance contact rocks contact shoe contact twin contact vein contact zone container winding contaminant contamination contango contemporaneous contemporaneous deformation contiguous contiguous claims contiguous limonite continental alluvium continental basin continental deposit continental gland-type capping continental margin continental nucleus continental plate continental platform continental rise continental sediment continental shelf continental shield continental slope continental terrace continuity continuous azimuth method continuous-bucket elevator continuous-bucket excavator continuous casting continuous charge continuous coal cutter continuous coring continuous cutters continuous deformation continuous drier continuous driving continuous extraction continuous filter continuous-flight auger continuous flow respirator continuous furnace continuous haulage continuous mill continuous miner continuous mining continuous profiling continuous reaction series continuous recording continuous ropeway continuous sampling continuous sintering continuous smelter continuous spectrum continuous stream conveyor continuous vertical retort contortion contour contour diagram contour gradient contour interval contour line contour map contour mining contour plan contour race contraband contract contraction cavities contraction vein contract loader contract miner contractor contract person contract work contragradation contra-rotating axial fan contributory negligence control control assay control chart controlled blasting controlled caving controlled cooling controlled footage controlled gravity conveyor controlled mosaic controlled release controlled splitting controlled velocity roller conveyor controller controlling rate controlling system control man control on fracture control point control samples convection convection current conventional machine mining conventional mining conventional mud convergence convergence map convergent light conversion burners conversion factor converter converter foreperson converter plant converter skimmer converting Convertol process conveyor conveyor airlock conveyor chain conveyor creep conveyor dryer conveyor elevator conveyor emergency switch conveyor face conveyor-feeder operator conveyor loader conveyor man conveyor-operator tripper conveyor shaker type conveyor shifter conveyor track conveyor-tripper operator conveyor-type feeder cookeite cooler arch coolers cooling agent cooling floor cooling load cooling power coontail ore cooperite Cooper's lines coordinate coordinate system coorongite coose copal copaline copalite Copaux-Kawecki fluoride process cope copel coper copi copiapite coping coping machine coplaning coppel copper copperas copperasine copperas stone copper barilla copper bottoms copper chalcanthite copper compress operator copper direct-firing process copper flower copper glance copperheads copper ingots copperization copper mica copper nickel copper-ore germ copper pitch copper precipitate copper-precipitation drum operator copper pyrite copper rain copper segregation process copper slate copper smoke copper suboxide copper sulfate copper sulfate pentahydrate copper sulfide copper titanate copper uranite copper vitriol coppite coprecipitation coproduct coprolite coquimbite coquina coquinoid limestone coracite coral coralgal coral limestone coralline coral mud and sand coral ore coral rag coral reef coral sand coral zone Cordaites cord-belt conveyor cordierite cordierite norite cordillera Cordirie process cordite cord of ore Cordtex Cordtex relay corduroy corduroy spar corduroy texture cordylite core analysis Coreau detonnant core barrel core bit core block core boring core box core breaker core catcher cored ammonium nitrate dynamite cored hole core dressing core drill core drilling core-drill sampling core dryer core extractor core grouting core hole core intersection core interval core jam core library core lifter core load core loss core of the Earth core orientation core plug core rack core recovery core run core sample core sand core saw core shack core sludge core splitter core test core texture core-type spiral chute core values core velocity core wall core wash coring coring bit coring tool Corinthian process cork fossil corkscrew corkscrew core corncob cornelian corneous manganese corner corner-fastened tray conveyor corner-hung tray conveyor corner racking corners cornetite Corning table Cornish diamond Cornish engine Cornish mining ton Cornish pump Cornish rolls Cornish stone cornubianite cornubite cornuite cornwallite Cornwall stone coro-coro Coromant cut corona coronadite coronite corrasion corrected effective temperature correcting wedge correction chart correction factor correction line correctly placed material correlate correlation correlation shooting corrensite corridor system corrode corroded crystal corroding lead corrosion corrosion border corrosion potential corrosion rate corrosion surface corrosion zone corrugated corrugated friction socket corrugated trough cortex corundolite corundophilite corundum corundum cat's eye corvusite cosalite cosedimentation cosmochemistry costean costeaning costean pit cotectic line cotectic surface cotter cotterite cotton ball cotton chert cotton rock cotton stone Cottrell meter Cottrell operator Cottrell precipitator cotunnite coulee coulee lake coulie coulomb attraction coulomb damping coulsonite Coulter counter counter counterboring counter chute counter coal countercurrent countercurrent braking countercurrent decantation countercurrent principle counterflow counterflush boring counter gangway counterhead counterpart countersink countervein countess counting assay country bank country rock County of Durham system coupled wave couplet coupling coup plate course coursed ventilation course of ore course of vein course stacking coursing coursing bubble courthouse courthouse inspector courtzilite cousin Jack covariance covelline covellite cover cover brick cover gap cover hole cover line cover load cover mass cover rock cover stress cover work cow Cowper-Siemens stove cowshut cow sucker coyote hole coyote-hole blasting coyote shooting C.P. Hemborn dust extractor cpx crab locomotive crab operator crab winch crackle breccia crackled texture cracks of gas crack wax cradle cradle dump Craelius drilling machine crag craig cramp crampon crandall crandallite crane boom crane ladle crane rope crate dam crater crater cuts crater theory cratogene cratogenic craton craunch crawler crawler track crawlway cream creams crednerite creedite creek claim creek placers creek right creep creeper creeping creep limit creep recovery creep strength creeshy creeshy clods crenitic crenulation creolite creosote crept pillars crest crestal plane crestline cresylic Cretaceous crevasse crevice crevicing crew loader crib cribbing cribble cribs crichtonite crick cricks crimp crimper crimson night stone crinkle crinkled stone crinoidal limestone crispite cristobalite cristograhamite critical angle critical area critical area of extraction critical current critical damping critical density critical diameter critical distance critical height critical minerals critical point critical pressure critical slope critical temperature critical velocity critical void ratio crocidolite crocidolite quartz crocoisite crocoite crocus crocus martis crocus of antimony cronstedtite crook crooked hole crookesite crop crop coal crop fall cropline crop load cropping cropping coal crop tin cross crossarm cross assimilation crossbar cross-bedded crossbedding cross-bladed chisel bit cross-chopping bit cross conveyor crosscut crossed belt crossed nicols crossed polars crossed twinning cross entry cross face cross fault cross fiber cross frog crossgate cross gateway cross-hatched twinning crosshead crosshead guide crossheading crossite cross joint cross-joint fan cross lamination cross-linking agent cross measure cross-measure borehole cross-measure borehole system cross-measure drift cross measure tunnel crossover cross-pit conveyors cross poling cross section cross-sectional area cross-sectional method cross spread cross-spur cross-stone cross stoping cross-stratification crosstie cross validation crowd crowding crowding battle Crowe process crowfoot crown crown block crown die crown-in crowning crown life crown mold crown pillar crown tree crown wheel croylstone crucible crucible assay crucible clays crucible steel crucible swelling number cruciform bit crucite crud crude crude anthracene crude asbestos crude mica crude ore crude-ore bin crude sulfur crudy asbestos crump crush crushability crush belt crush border crush breccia crush bursts crush conglomerate crushed gravel crushed stone crushed vein crusher crusher feeder crusher man crusher rock crusher rolls crusher-run stone crusher setting crusher stower crush gate crushing crushing bort crushing bortz crushing cycle crushing machine crushing mill crushing roll crushing strength crushing test crush line crush movement crush plane crush zone crust crustal abundance crustal plate crustification crustified banding crustified vein crut crutt Cryderman loader cryogenic switching elements cryolite cryolithionite cryology cryoluminescence cryopedology cryosphere cryoturbation crypthydrous cryptoclastic cryptocrystalline cryptoexplosion structure cryptographic cryptohalite cryptohydrous cryptomagmatic cryptomelane cryptomere cryptomerous cryptoperthite cryptovolcanic structure Cryptozoic crystal crystal aggregate crystal axes crystal axis crystal bar crystal casts crystal chemistry crystal class crystal defect crystal defects crystal diamagnetism crystal face crystal flotation crystal form crystal fractionation crystal group crystal growth crystal habit crystal indices crystal lattice crystalliferous crystalliform crystalline crystalline aggregate crystalline flake graphite crystalline form crystalline grains crystalline granular texture crystalline limestone crystalline quartz crystalline rock crystalline structure crystalline tonstein crystallinity crystallite crystallitic crystallization crystallization differentiation crystallization interval crystallization nucleus crystallization systems crystallize crystallized coal crystallizing force crystalloblast crystalloblastesis crystalloblastic crystalloblastic series crystallochemical element crystallogenesis crystallogeny crystallogram crystallographic axes crystallographic axis crystallographic direction crystallographic planes crystallographic system crystallographic texture crystallography crystalloid crystallology crystalloluminescence crystallothrausmatic crystal material crystal mush crystal optics crystal pattern crystal recovery crystal rectifier crystals crystal sandstone crystal sedimentation crystal settling crystal solution crystal sorting crystal spectrometer crystal structure crystal system crystal systems crystal tuff crystal-vitric tuff crystobalite C.S. jar collar C.T. Nozzle cubanite cubbyhole cube cube ore cube powder cubic cubic cleavage cubic foot per minute cubicite cubic packing cubic plane cubic system cubo-octahedron cuckoo shots cuddy brae cuesta cueva culasse culet culm culm bank culmiferous culmination culture tube cumengite cummingtonite cumulate cumulative float curve cumulative plot cumulative sink curve cumulophyric cundy cup and cone cupel cupellation cupeller cupferron cupola cupola furnace cupreous manganese cupric sulfide cupriferous cupriferous pyrite cuprite cuproapatite cuproauride cuprocalcite cuprocopiapite cuprodescloizite cuprojarosite cuprokirovite cupromagnesite cupromontmorillonite cuproplumbite cuprorivaite cuprosklodowskite cuprous oxide curb curb tubbing curie Curie point Curie's law Curie temperature curite curlstone curly coal curly stone current current bedding current density current electrode current leakage current leakage tester current-limiting device current meter current rose curry pit cursing in work curtain curtain hole curtisite curvature of gravity curved jib cusec cushat marl cushion cushion blasting cushion cut cushion firing custom mill custom ore custom plant custom smelter cut cut-and-fill stoping cut-chain brae cut holes cutinite cutinite coal cutoff cutoff entry cutoff grade cutoff hole cutoff shot cutout cut point cut shot cut stone cuttable cutter cutter bar cutter chain cutter dredge cutterhead pipeline dredge cutter loader cutter plow cut-through cutting cutting chain cutting down cutting edge cutting face cutting fluid cutting grain cutting horizon cutting machine cutting motor cuttings cutting sand cutting speed cutting stones cutting wheel cutty clay cuvette Cuylen conveyor Cuyuna C-wave cyanamide cyanicide cyanidation cyanidation vat cyanide cyanide hardening cyanide man cyanide mill cyanide process cyanide pulp cyanide slime cyaniding cyanite cyanochalcite cyanochroite cyanogen cyanosite cyanotrichite cycle of denudation cycle of erosion cycle of operations cycle of sedimentation cycle skipping cycle time cyclic cyclic mining cyclic surge cyclic test cyclic twin cyclic twinning cyclic winding cyclone cyclone angle cyclone classifier cyclone dust collector cyclone furnace cyclone overflow cyclone separator cyclone size cyclone underflow cyclone washer cyclosteel cyclothem cyclotron cylinder cuts cylindrical drum cylindrical land cylindrical mill cylindrical structure cylindrite cylindroconical drum cymoid loop cymoid structure cymophane cymrite cyprine cypritic steel cyrilovite cyrtolite Czochralski's reagent Czochralski technique