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Kaaba {prop} (cubical stone building in Mecca) :: Kaaba
kabaragoya {n} (Varanus salvator) :: Kabaragoya {f}
Kabardian {prop} (language spoken in Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia) :: Kabardinisch {n}
Kabballah {prop} (body of teachings) :: Kabbala {f}, Kaballah {f}
kabloona {n} (non-Inuit person) :: Kabloona
kabuki {n} (form of Japanese theatre) :: Kabuki {n}, Kabukitheater {n}
Kabul {prop} (capital of Afghanistan) :: Kabul {n}
kabuto {n} (traditional Japanese military helmet) :: Kabuto {m}
Kabyle {prop} (language) :: kabylische Sprache {f}, Kabylisch {n}
kachina {n} (spirit being) :: Kachina {m}, Katchina {m}
kafir {n} (infidel, non-Muslim) :: Kafir {m}
Kafkaesque {adj} (marked by menacing complexity) :: kafkaesk
kaftan {n} (long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean) :: Kaftan {m}
Kaiser {n} (German Emperor) :: Kaiser {m}
Kaiser roll {n} (star-emblazoned round bread roll) :: Kaisersemmel {f}
kaisership {n} (role or status of a kaiser) :: Kaiserschaft {f}
kakistocracy {n} (government by the worst citizens) :: Kakistokratie {f}
kakke {n} (beriberi) SEE: beriberi ::
kakorrhaphiophobia {n} (atychiphobia) SEE: atychiphobia ::
kalach {n} (traditional East Slavic bread (or its equivalent)) :: Kalatsch {m}
Kalash {n} (Kalash (people)) :: Kalasha
kale {n} (edible plant: brassica oleracea acephala) :: Grünkohl
kaleidoscope {n} (tube of mirrors rotated to produce symmetrical designs) :: Kaleidoskop {n}
kaleidoscopically {adv} (in a kaleidoscopic, continuously changing manner) :: ständig wechselnd, in bunter Folge
Kali {prop} (goddess) :: Kali
Kaliningrad {prop} (Kaliningrad, see also: Königsberg) :: Kaliningrad {n}, Königsberg [dated]
Kalmykia {prop} (Kalmykia, Russia) :: Kalmückien {f}
kalokagathia {n} (harmonious combination of bodily, moral and spiritual virtues) :: Kalokagathia {f}
Kaluga {prop} (city in Russia) :: Kaluga {n}
Kama {prop} (river) :: Kama {f}
kamacite {n} (mineral) :: Kamacit {n}
Kamchatka {prop} (peninsula in the Russian Far East) :: Kamtschatka {f}
kana {n} (Japanese syllabaries) :: Kana {f}
Kanak {n} (indigenous Melanesian inhabitant of New Caledonia) :: Kanake {m}
kangaroo {n} (marsupial) :: Känguru {n}
kanji {n} (Chinese characters in Japanese context) :: Kanji {n}, japanisches Zeichen {n}
Kanji {prop} (kanji) SEE: kanji ::
Kannada {n} (language) :: Kannada {n}
Kansas {prop} (US state) :: Kansas
Kansas City {prop} (a large city straddling the border between Kansas and Missouri, USA) :: Kansas City
Kant {prop} (surname) :: Kant
Kantian {adj} (of, pertaining to, or resembling the philosophical views of Immanuel Kant) :: kantianisch
Kantianism {prop} (philosophical system) :: Kantianismus
Kaohsiung {prop} (a large city in Taiwan) :: Kaohsiung
kaolin {n} (clay) :: Kaolin {n} {m}
kaon {n} (K-meson) :: Kaon {n}
kapo {n} (prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp) :: Kapo {m}
kapok {n} (silky fiber from the silk-cotton tree) :: Kapok {m}
kappa {n} (Greek letter) :: Kappa {n}
kaput {adj} (out of order) :: kaputt
Kaqchikel {prop} (Mayan language) :: Cakchiquel {n}
Karachi {prop} (the capital of the province of Sindh, Pakistan) :: Karatschi {n}
Karafuto {prop} (Sakhalin) SEE: Sakhalin ::
karaoke {n} (a form of entertainment) :: Karaoke {n}
karat {n} (unit of fineness of gold) :: Karat {n}
karate {n} (martial art) :: Karate {n}
Karelia {prop} (region in Russia and Finland) :: Karelien {n}
Karelia {prop} (autonomous republic of Russia) :: Republik Karelien {f}, Karelien {n}
Karelian {prop} (the language) :: Karelisch {n}
Karelo-Finnish SSR {prop} (short-lived republic of the Soviet Union) :: Karelo-Finnische SSR {f}
Karin {prop} (female given name from a Swedish form of Catherine) :: Karin
Karl {prop} (cognates) SEE: Charles ::
Karlovac {prop} (city and municipality) :: Karlovac, Karlstadt
karma {n} (the total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of his existence) :: Karma {n}
karmic {adj} (of or pertaining to karma) :: karmisch
Karnataka {prop} (state in southern India) :: Karnataka
karst {n} (type of land formation) :: Karst {m}
Karst {prop} (mountainous region in Italy and Slovenia) :: Karst {m}
Kartvelian {n} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian ::
Kartvelian {prop} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian ::
Kartvelian {adj} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian ::
Kartvelian studies {n} (a field of humanities covering Kartvelian history, languages, religion and/or culture) :: Kartwelologie
Kartvelology {n} (Kartvelian studies) SEE: Kartvelian studies ::
karyotype {n} (characteristics of chromosomes) :: Karyotyp {m}
Kasetsart {prop} (university in Thailand) :: Kasetsart-Universität {f}
kasha {n} (porridge) :: Kascha {f}
kasher {v} (render kosher) :: koscher machen, kaschern
Kashgar {prop} (city) :: Kaschgar {n}, Kaxgar {n}
Kashi {prop} (Kashgar) SEE: Kashgar ::
Kashmir {prop} (region) :: Kaschmir {n}
Kashmiri {prop} (language) :: Kaschmirisch {n}, Kaschmiri {n}, Kashmiri {n}
Kashmiri {adj} (related to Kashmir) :: kaschmirisch
kashrut {n} (the Jewish dietary laws) :: Kaschrut
Kashub {prop} (language) SEE: Kashubian ::
Kashub {n} (member of a West Slavic ethnic group) :: Kaschube {m}, Kaschubin {f}
Kashubian {adj} (of the Kashubian people and their language) :: kaschubisch
Kashubian {prop} (Slavic language spoken in the Pomeranian region of Poland) :: Kaschubisch {n}
Kasimovian {prop} (subdivision of the Carboniferous period) :: Kasimovium
kasseri {n} (cheese) :: Kasseri
katabatic wind {n} (wind blowing down an incline) :: Fallwind {m}
katakana {n} (Japanese syllabary) :: Katakana {n}
Katanga {prop} :: Katanga
Katharevousa {prop} (purist variant of Modern Greek) :: Katharevusa {f}, Katharevousa {f}
Kathleen {prop} (Catherine) SEE: Catherine ::
Kathmandu {prop} (Kathmandu) :: Kathmandu {n}
kathoey {n} (in Thailand, a male-to-female transgender person, person of a third-gender, or effeminate homosexual male, see also: ladyboy) :: Katoey {m}
Katian {prop} (subdivision of the Ordovician period) :: Katium
katothermal {adj} :: katotherm
Katowice {prop} (city in Poland) :: Kattowitz
Kattegat {prop} (body of water) :: Kattegat {n}, Kattegatt {n}
Katya {prop} (female given name) :: Katja {f}
Katyusha {n} (rocket launcher) :: Katjuscha {f}
Kaunas {prop} (city) :: Kauen {n}, Kaunas {n}
Kavala {prop} (city) :: Kavala
kayak {n} (a type of small boat) :: Kajak {n}
Kazakh {n} (a person of Kazakh descent) :: Kasache {m}, Kasachin {f}
Kazakh {n} (language) :: Kasachisch {n}
Kazakh {adj} (pertaining to the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language) :: kasachisch
Kazakh SSR {prop} (Soviet republic) :: Kasachische SSR {f}
Kazakhstan {prop} (country in Central Asia) :: Kasachstan {n}
Kazakhstani {n} (person of Kazakh origin) SEE: Kazakh ::
Kazakhstani {adj} (of or pertaining to the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language) SEE: Kazakh ::
Kazan {prop} (city in Russia) :: Kasan {n}
Kazbek {prop} (mountain) :: Kasbek {n}
kea {n} (Nestor notabilis) :: Kea {m}
kebab {n} (kebab) :: Kebab {m}, Kebap {m}, Fleischspieß {m} (skewered meat), Döner {m} (doner kebab)
Kebnekaise {prop} (Sweden's highest mountain) :: Kebnekaise {m}
Kecskemét {prop} (city in Hungary) :: Kecskemét {n}, Ketschkemet {n}
keel {n} (beam along the underside of a ship’s hull) :: Kiel {m}
keel {n} (rigid flat piece of material giving a ship greater control and stability) :: Kiel {m}, Schwert {n}
keeled {adj} (furnished with a keel) :: mit einem Kiel [ship]; gekielt [mainly botany, zoology]
keelhaul {v} :: kielholen
keel over {v} (to die) SEE: die ::
keel over {v} (of a vessel: to roll so far on its side that it cannot recover, see also: capsize) :: kentern
keen {adj} (showing a quick and ardent responsiveness or willingness) :: begeistert, eifrig, heftig, kühn, scharf
keen {adj} (fierce, intense, vehement) :: heftig, ungestüm, vehement
keen {adj} :: begeistert, eifrig, verwegen
keep {v} (to maintain possession of) :: behalten, aufheben
keep {v} (to maintain the condition of; to preserve) :: bewahren, erhalten
keep {v} (to restrain) :: heraushalten, fernhalten
keep {v} (to continue) :: weiterhin, weiter +infinitive
keep {v} (of livestock: to raise; to care for) :: halten
keep {v} (supply with necessities and financially support a person) :: aushalten
keep {v} (observe) :: halten
keep {n} (main tower) :: Bergfried {m}
keep {n} (support) :: Lebensunterhalt {m}
keep {n} :: Burgfried {m}, Donjon {m}
keep an eye on {v} (to watch and pay attention to) :: im Auge behalten, aufpassen
keep at arm's length {phrase} :: sich vom Leibe halten, sich vom Halse halten
keep away {v} (to refrain or prevent from coming (near)) :: fernhalten
keep company {v} (court) SEE: court ::
keepie-uppie {n} (action of continuously bouncing a soccer ball in the air without the use of the hands) :: Fußballjonglieren {n}
keep in mind {v} (to remember; to be mindful of or pay attention) SEE: bear in mind ::
keep it up {v} (To maintain or continue a positive streak.) :: weiter so
keep off {v} (to stay or cause to stay at a distance (from)) :: fernhalten
keep on {v} (persist or continue) :: weiter machen
keep on {v} (remain in position) :: behalten
keep one on one's toes {v} (to keep one attentive, active, busy or alert) :: jemanden auf Trab halten
keep one's fingers crossed {v} (hope for the best) :: Daumen drücken
keep pace {v} (keep up) SEE: keep up ::
keep quiet {v} (remain silent) :: schweigen
keepsake {n} (object retained in memory of something or someone) :: Andenken {n}, Erinnerung {f}, Liebgewonnenes {n}
keep someone company {v} (remain with someone) :: jemandem Gesellschaft leisten
keep someone in the dark {v} (to keep someone uninformed) :: jemanden im Ungewissen lassen
keep the change {phrase} (instruction to keep the change) :: behalten Sie das Wechselgeld
keep track {v} (monitor) :: verfolgen, nachverfolgen, im Auge behalten
keep up {v} (maintain, preserve) :: erhalten
keep up {v} (continue with) :: weitermachen
keep up {v} (To stay even or ahead) :: mithalten, Schritt halten
keep up with {v} (manage to remain beside or just behind) :: mithalten, Schritt halten
Keeshond {n} (Keeshond) :: Wolfsspitz {m}
kefir {n} (fermented milk) :: Kefir {m}
keg {n} (round wooden container that has a flat top and bottom) :: Fass {n}
kelp {n} (large seaweed of order Laminariales) :: Seetang {m}, Tang {m}, Kelp {n}
kelvin {n} (SI temperature unit) :: Kelvin {n}
Kemalism {prop} (Kemalist ideology) :: Kemalismus {m}
Kemalist {adj} (following Kemalism) :: kemalistisch
Kemalist {n} (one who follows Kemalism) :: Kemalist {m}, Kemalistin {f}
Kemerovo {prop} (city in Siberia) :: Kemerowo {n}
ken {v} (to know, perceive or understand) :: kennen
kennel {n} (shelter) :: Hundehütte {m}
kennel {n} (facility) :: Zwinger {m}
kenning {n} (metaphorical phrase used in Germanic poetry) :: Kenning {f}
Kentucky {prop} (US state) :: Kentucky
Kenya {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: Kenia
Kenyan {n} (A person from Kenya or of Kenyan descent) :: Kenianer {m}, Kenianerin {f}
Kenyan {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Kenya or the Kenyan people) :: kenianisch
Kenyan English {n} (English dialect of Kenya) :: Kenianisches Englisch
kepi {n} (cap with a flat circular top) :: Käppi {n}
Kepler's equation {prop} (mathematics) :: Kepler-Gleichung {f}
keratin {n} (protein that hair and nails are made of) :: Keratin, Hornstoff {m}, Hornsubstanz {f}
keratitis {n} (inflammation of the cornea) :: Keratitis {f}
keratoconus {n} (A degenerative disorder of the eye) :: Keratokonus {m}
kerb {n} (edge between pavement and roadway) :: Bordstein {m}, Randstein {m}
Kerch {prop} (city) :: Kertsch {n}
kerchief {n} (piece of cloth) :: Kopftuch {m}
Kerch Strait {prop} (Strait of Kerch) SEE: Strait of Kerch ::
kerf {n} (the groove or slit cut in the workpiece) :: Einschnitt {m}, Kerbe {f}, Nut {f}, Schlitz {m}, Schnittfuge {f}, Fuge {f}
kerf {n} (distance between diverging saw teeth) :: Schränkung {f}
kerfuffle {n} (disorderly outburst) :: Durcheinander {n}
kernel {n} (core or essence of an object or system) :: Kern {m}
kernel {n} (central part of a nut) :: Kern {m}
kernel {n} ((computing) central part of many computer operating systems) :: Betriebssystemkern {m}, Kernel {m}
kernel {n} ((mathematics, algebra) set of elements mapped to zero) :: Kern {m}
kernicterus {n} (infant brain damage caused by increased levels of unconjugated-indirect free bilirubin) :: Kernikterus {m}, Bilirubinenzephalopathie {f}
kerning {v} (horizontal space between selected pairs of glyphs) :: Unterschneidung {f}
kerosene {n} (thin, colorless fuel) :: Petroleum {n}, for airplanes: Kerosin {n}
kerplunk {interj} (kerplunk) :: krach, bum
Kerry {prop} (county in Ireland) :: Kerry
kestrel {n} (any small falcon of genus Falco) :: Falke {m}
kestrel {n} (Falco tinnunculus) :: Turmfalke {m}
Ket {prop} (language) :: Ketisch {n}
ketchup {n} (tomato-vinegar based sauce) :: Ketchup {m} {n}
ketone {n} (organic chemicals with the >CO functional group) :: Keton {n}
kettle {n} (vessel for boiling a liquid or cooking food) :: Kessel {m}, Kochtopf {m}
kettle {n} (teakettle) SEE: teakettle ::
kettle {n} (kettledrum) SEE: kettledrum ::
kettle {n} (pothole) SEE: pothole ::
kettle {n} (steam locomotive) SEE: steam locomotive ::
kettlebell {n} (a kind of weight) :: Kugelhantel {f}
kettledrum {n} (percussion instrument) :: Kesselpauke {f}
kettle of fish {n} (predicament) SEE: predicament ::
kettling {n} (crowd control technique) :: Polizeikessel {m}
Kevin {prop} (male given name) :: Kevin
key {n} (device designed to open and close a lock) :: Schlüssel {m}
key {n} (crucial step) :: Schlüssel {m}
key {n} (small guide explaining symbols or terminology) :: Zeichenerklärung {f}, Legende {f}
key {n} (button on a typewriter or computer keyboard) :: Taste {f}
key {n} (part of a piano or musical keyboard) :: Taste {f}
key {n} (scale of musical notes) :: Tonart {f}
key {n} (device used to transmit Morse code) :: Taste {f}
key {n} (cryptography: piece of information used to encode or decode) :: Schlüssel {m}
key {n} (computing: field of a database constrained to be unique) :: Schlüssel {m}
key {n} (computing: field in a record used as a search argument) :: Schlüssel {m}
key {n} (computing: value uniquely identifying entry in associative array) :: Schlüssel {m}
key {n} (in basketball) :: Zone {f}
key binding {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut ::
keyboard {n} (set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.) :: Tastatur {f}
keyboard {n} (component of many instruments) :: Tastatur {f}, Klaviatur {f}, Manual {n}
keyboard {n} (electronic device with keys of a musical keyboard) :: Keyboard {n}
keyboarder {n} (keyboardist) SEE: keyboardist ::
keyboardist {n} (musician who plays the keyboard) :: Keyboarder {m}, Keyboarderin {f}
keyboard shortcut {n} (key or a combination of keys) :: Tastenkombination, Tastaturkurzbefehl {m} {n}, Tastaturkürzel {n}, Tastenkürzel {n}, Tastaturbefehl {m}, Tastaturkombination {f}, Tastensequenz {f}, Hotkey {m}, Shortcut {m}
keycard {n} (plastic card) :: [literally] Schlüsselkarte {f}, Pass {m}
keychain {n} (chain or ring) :: Schlüsselanhänger {m}
key fob {n} (item carried on a key ring) :: Schlüsselanhänger {m}
key fob {n} (passive device that controls access) :: elektronischer Schlüsselanhänger {m}, RFID-Schlüsselanhänger {m}, RFID-Transponder {m}
key fob {n} (active device that controls access) :: (elektronischer) Autoschlüssel {m}, Funkschlüssel
keyhole {n} (a hole to lock/unlock with a key) :: Schlüsselloch {n}
Key lime pie {n} (An American dessert) :: Limettenkuchen {m}
keynote {n} (tonic) SEE: tonic ::
key performance indicator {n} (metric used to measure progress towards organizational goals) :: Leistungskennzahl {f}
keyring {n} (ring for holding keys) :: Schlüsselring {m}, Schlüsselanhänger {m}
keystone {n} (the top stone of an arch) :: Schlussstein {m}, Scheitelstein {m}
keystroke {n} (act of pressing a key) :: Tastendruck {m}
keyword {n} (word used as a key to a code) :: Stichwort, Schlüssel {m}
keyword {n} (word used in a reference work to link to other words or other information) :: Stichwort {n}
keyword {n} (programming: A reserved word used to identify a specific command, function etc.) :: Schlüsselwort {n}
keyword-driven testing {n} :: Keyword-Driven Testing {n}
KGB {prop} (Soviet KGB) :: KGB {m}
Khabarovsk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Chabarowsk {n}
khachapuri {n} (cheese pastry from Georgia) :: Chatschapuri
khachkar {n} (Armenian carved memorial stone) :: Chatschkar {m}
khagan {n} (title of imperial rank) :: Khagan
khaki {n} (yellowish-brown colour) :: Kaki {n}, Khaki {n}
khaki {adj} (dust-coloured) :: kaki, khaki, kakifarben, khakifarben
khamaseen {n} :: Chamsin
khan {n} (a ruler over various Turkic, Tatar and Mongol peoples in the Middle Ages) :: Khan {m}
khanate {n} (place ruled by a khan) :: Khanat {n}
khanjar {n} (Arabian dagger) :: Handschar {m}
Khanty-Mansiysk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Chanty-Mansijsk {n}
Kharkiv {prop} (city) :: Charkiw {n}, Charkow {n}
Kharkov {prop} (Kharkiv) SEE: Kharkiv ::
Khartoum {prop} (capital of Sudan) :: Khartum {n}
khat {n} (shrub (Catha edulis)) :: Kathstrauch {m}
Khazar {n} (member of a semi-nomadic Turkic tribe) :: Chasar {m}, Chasarin {f}
Khazar {adj} (of or relating to Khazars) :: chasarisch
Khazar {prop} (language) :: Chasarisch {n}
Khazarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Khazaria) SEE: Khazar ::
Khazarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Khazars) SEE: Khazar ::
Khazarian {n} (an inhabitant of Khazaria) SEE: Khazar ::
khene {n} (traditional musical instrument of Laos) :: Khaen
Khinalug {prop} (language) :: chinalugische Sprache {f}
Khmer {n} (language) :: Kambodschanisch {n}, Khmer-Sprache {f}, Khmer {n}
Khmer {adj} (of or pertaining to Khmer people or their language) :: Khmer
Khmer Rouge {prop} (Cambodian communist guerrilla force) :: Rote Khmer {m-p}
kholop {n} (a feudally dependent person in Russia between the 10th and early 18th centuries) :: Cholop {m}
khorovod {n} (a Slavic dance) :: Chorowod {m}
Khorramshahr {prop} (city) :: Chorramschahr
Khotanese {prop} (Eastern Iranian language) :: Hotansakisch {n}
Khrushchev {prop} (surname) :: Chruschtschow {m}
Khujand {prop} (city in Tajikistan) :: Chudschand
khural {n} (parliament or national congress in Mongolia) :: Chural {m}
khutor {n} (a single-homestead rural settlement of Eastern Europe) :: Chutor {m}
khuushuur {n} (Mongolian dish) :: Chuuschuur
kiang {n} (Equus kiang) :: Kiang {m}, Tibet-Wildesel {m}
kibbutz {n} (a community) :: Kibbuz {m}
kibibyte {n} (1,024 bytes) :: Kibibyte {m}
K'iche' {prop} (language) :: Quiché {n}
kick {v} (strike with or raise the foot or leg) :: treten, kicken
kick {v} (direct to a particular place by a blow with the foot or leg) :: schießen
kickboxing {n} (sport) :: Kickboxing {n}, Kickboxen {n}
kick in the pants {n} (reminder to start) :: Ein Tritt in den Hintern
kick-off {n} (opening sequence of an event) :: Auftakt {m}
kick oneself {v} (reproach oneself) :: sich in den Hintern beißen
kick out {v} (eject, throw out, or forcefully remove) :: rauswerfen, rausschmeißen
kick scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle) SEE: scooter ::
kicksled {n} (type of small sled) :: Tretschlitten {n}
kick start {n} (metal bar on motorcycle) :: Kickstarter {m}
kick the bucket {v} (to die) :: den Löffel abgeben (give away the spoon)
kick wheel {n} (A wheel or disc used to throw pots, turned by kicking or pushing a heavy stone or concrete base with the foot) :: Töpferscheibe {f}
kid {n} (young goat) :: Kitz {n}, Zicklein {n}
kid {n} (child (colloq.)) :: Kind {n}
kid {n} (young person (colloq.)) :: Bursche {m}, Bube {m}, Halbstarker {m}
kid {v} (make a fool of) :: verarschen, veräppeln
kid {v} (make a joke with) :: an der Nase herumführen, veräppeln
kid {n} (kidskin) SEE: kidskin ::
kiddie {n} (a child (hypocorism)) :: Kleinchen {n}, Kindchen {n}, Kiddie {n}
kidnap {v} (to seize and detain a person unlawfully) :: entführen
kidnap {n} (an instance of kidnapping) :: Entführung {f}, Menschenraub {m}, Kinderraub {m}
kidnapper {n} (one who performs kidnap) :: Entführer {m}
kidnapping {n} (the crime of taking a person against their will, sometimes for ransom) :: Entführung {f}, Menschenraub {m}, Kinderraub {m}
kidney {n} (an organ in the body) :: Niere {f}
kidney bean {n} (variety of common bean) :: Kidneybohne {f}
kidney stone {n} (calculus in the kidney) :: Nierenstein {m}, Nierengrieß
kidney vetch {n} (Anthyllis vulneraria) :: Wundklee {m}
kidskin {n} (type of leather) :: Kitz {n}
Kiel {prop} (city in Holstein, Germany) :: Kiel {n}
Kierkegaardian {adj} (of or pertaining to Søren Kierkegaard or his philosophy) :: kierkegaardisch
kieserite {n} (hydrated magnesium sulphate mineral) :: Kieserit {n}
Kiev {prop} (Ukrainian city) :: Kiew {n}
Kiev {prop} (Medieval principality) SEE: Kievan Rus ::
Kievan Rus {prop} (medieval principality) :: Kiewer Rus {f}, Kiewer Russland {n}
kif {n} (Kind of cannabis) :: Kif {m}
kif {n} (Trichome of marijuana) :: Skuff {m}
Kihnu {prop} (island) :: Kihnu, Kühnö
kike {n} (offensive: Jew) :: Itzig {m}, Jid {m}, Mauschel {m} (all archaic, now only compounds like Drecksjude {m}, Judenschwein {n})
kikimora {n} (a female house spirit) :: Kikimora {f}
Kilimanjaro {prop} (volcano) :: Kilimandscharo {m}, Kilima-Ndscharo {m}
kill {v} (put to death) :: töten, umbringen, ermorden
kill {v} (render void) :: zunichte machen [plans], streichen [newspaper article]
kill {v} (waste) :: totschlagen [time], killen [informal: alcohol]
kill {n} (act of killing) :: Tötung {f}, Ermordung {f}, Mord {m}
kill {n} (death blow) :: Gnadenschuss {m}
kill {n} (result of killing) :: Opfer {n}, Beute {f}
killdeer {n} (plover) :: Keilschwanz-Regenpfeifer {m}
killer {n} (person who kills) :: Töter {m}, Töterin {f}, Totschläger {m}, Totschlägerin {f}
killer {n} (murderer) :: Töter {m}, Töterin {f}, Mörder {m}, Mörderin {f}
killer {n} :: Totschläger {m} , Mörder {m}
killer application {n} (irresistibly good technological product) :: Killer-Anwendung {f}, Killer-Applikation {f}
killer whale {n} (A sea mammal, Orcinus orca) :: Schwertwal {m}, Killerwal {m}, Mörderwal {m}
killing {n} (instance of someone being killed) :: Töten {n}, Erlegen {n} [hunters' jargon]
killjoy {n} (someone who takes the fun out of a situation or activity) SEE: spoilsport ::
kill time {v} (make time seem to pass more quickly by doing nothing important) :: Zeit totschlagen
kill two birds with one stone {v} (solve two problems at once) :: zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen (to hit two flies in one slap)
kiln {n} (oven, furnace or heated chamber) :: Brennofen {m}
kilo {n} (short form of kilogram) :: Kilo {n}
kilobyte {n} (1024 bytes) :: Kilobyte {n}
kilocalorie {n} (unit of measure) :: Kilokalorie {f}
kilogram {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 grams) :: Kilogramm {n}
kilojoule {n} (an SI unit of energy) :: Kilojoule {n}
kilometrage {n} (kilometrage) :: Kilometerzahl, Kilometerleistung {f}
kilometre {n} (unit of measure) :: Kilometer {m}
kilo-watt {n} (kilowatt) SEE: kilowatt ::
kilowatt {n} (one thousand watts) :: Kilowatt {n}
kilowatt-hour {n} (unit of energy) :: Kilowattstunde {f}
kilt {n} (traditional Scottish garment) :: Kilt {m}
kilter {n} (good form, order or condition) :: Zustand {m}, Ordnung {f}, Einklang {m}
Kim {prop} (Korean surname) :: Kim
kimchi {n} (Korean dish) :: Kimchi {n}
Kimmeridgian {prop} (subdivision of the Jurassic period) :: Kimmeridgium
kimono {n} (traditional Japanese clothing) :: Kimono {m}
kin {n} (relatives collectively) :: Verwandtschaft {f}, Verwandte {p}
kin {n} (relative) SEE: relative ::
kinase {n} (enzyme that transfers phosphate groups) :: Kinase {f}
kind {n} (type, race, category) :: Art {f}, Sorte {f}
kind {n} (atypical specimen) :: Art {f}
kind {adj} (affectionate, nice) :: freundlich, gütig, lieb, liebenswürdig, nett, aufmerksam
kind {adj} (favorable) :: lieb, liebenswürdig, nett
kind {adj} (mild, gentle) :: mild
kindergarten {n} (educational institution for young children, usually between ages 4 and 6) :: Kindergarten {m}, Vorschule {f}
kindergartner {n} (child who attends a kindergarten) :: Kindergartenkind {n}, Kindergartenschüler {m}, Kindergartenschülerin {f}, [Switzerland] Kindergärtler {m}, [Switzerland] Kindergärtlerin {f}
kindergartner {n} (a person who teaches at a kindergarten) :: Kindergärtner {m}, Kindergärtnerin {f}
kindhearted {adj} (having an innately kind disposition or character) :: gutherzig
kindle {v} (to start (a fire)) :: anzünden, entfachen
kindle {v} (to arouse) :: entfachen
kindling {n} (pieces of wood and twigs used to start a fire) :: Anmachholz {n}, Anzündholz {n}, Kleinholz {n}
kindly {adv} (in a kind manner) :: freundlicherweise, liebenswürdig
kindly {adv} (used to make polite requests) :: Bitte
kindness {n} (being kind) :: Liebenswürdigkeit {f}
kind of {adv} (somewhat) :: etwas, irgendwie
kind of like {adv} (similarly) :: so ungefähr, so ungefähr wie, so in etwa
kindred {n} (kin) SEE: kin ::
kindred {adj} (of the same nature) :: verwandt, gleichartig, ähnlich
kindred soul {n} (kindred spirit) SEE: kindred spirit ::
kindred spirit {n} (someone with the same feelings or attitudes as oneself) :: Gleichgesinnter {m}, Gleichgesinnte {f}, verwandter Geist {m}
kind regards {n} (polite closing of a letter) :: liebe Grüße
kinesia {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness ::
kinesthesia {n} (sensation or perception of motion) :: Kinästhesie {f}
kinesthetics {n} (proprioception) SEE: proprioception ::
kinetic {adj} (relating to motion) :: kinetisch
kinetic energy {n} (energy from motion) :: kinetische Energie {f}
kinetics {n} (physics) :: Kinetik {f}
kinetosis {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness ::
king {n} (a male of a royal family who is the supreme ruler of his nation) :: König {m}
king {n} (a playing piece in chess) :: König {m}
king {n} (a playing card with the image of a king in it) :: König {m}
king {n} ((draughts, checkers) a piece that reached the farthest row forward) :: Dame {f}
King Arthur {prop} (legendary king of Britain) :: Artus {m}, König Artus {m}
king cake {n} (cake eaten on Epiphany) :: Dreikönigskuchen {m}
king cobra {n} (Ophiophagus hannah) :: Königskobra {f}
kingdom {n} (nation having as supreme ruler a king and/or queen) :: Königreich {n}, Königtum {n}
kingdom {n} (taxonomic division, below Domain and above Phylum) :: Reich {n}
Kingdom Hall {n} (place where Jehovah's Witnesses meet) :: Königreichssaal {m}, Königreichssaal Jehovas Zeugen {m}, Königreichssaal der Zeugen Jehovas {m}
Kingdom of England {prop} (Kingdom of England) :: Königreich England {n}
Kingdom of Great Britain {prop} :: Königreich Großbritannien {n}
Kingdom of Heaven {prop} (Christian concept) :: Himmelreich {n}
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia {prop} (official name of Saudi Arabia) :: Königreich Saudi-Arabien {n}
Kingdom of Scotland {prop} (Kingdom of Scotland) :: Königreich Schottland {n}
Kingdom of Spain {prop} (official name of Spain) :: Königreich Spanien {m}
Kingdom of Thailand {prop} (official name of Thailand) :: Köningreich Thailand {n}
Kingdom of the Netherlands {prop} (official name of the Netherlands) :: Königreich der Niederlande {n}
Kingdom of Yugoslavia {prop} (official name of Yugoslavia, 1918-1943) :: Königreich Jugoslawien {n}
kingfisher {n} (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines) :: Eisvogel {m}
kingly {adj} (majestic and regal) :: königlich, edel, vornehm, majestätisch, wie ein König
kingly {adv} (in a royal manner) :: königlich, edel, vornehm, majestätisch
king of beasts {n} (the lion) :: König der Tiere
king of diamonds {n} (playing card) :: Karo-König {m}
king of hearts {n} (playing card) :: Herz-König {m}
king of kings {n} (king who has other kings as subjects, see also: shahanshah) :: König der Könige
king of spades {n} (playing card) :: Pik-König {m}
king penguin {n} (Aptenodytes patagonicus) :: Königspinguin {m}
Kings {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Könige {m-p}
King's Counsel {n} (a barrister (UK)) :: Kronanwalt {m}, Kronanwältin {f}
kingship {n} (state of being a king) :: Königschaft {f}
kingslayer {n} (one who kills a king) SEE: regicide ::
king's man {n} (customs officer) SEE: customs officer ::
Kingston {prop} (capital of Jamaica) :: Königszaun {m}
king tide {n} (spring tide) SEE: spring tide ::
king vulture {n} (Sarcoramphus papa) :: Königsgeier {m}
kinkajou {n} (Potos flavus) :: Wickelbär {m}, Honigbär {m}
kinky {adj} (marked by unconventional sexual preferences or behavior) :: pervers, verdreht, sexy
kinky {adj} (full of kinks) :: kraus
kinome {n} (set of all kinases) :: Kinom {n}
Kinsey scale {prop} :: Kinsey-Skala {f}
kinship {n} (relation or connection by blood, marriage or adoption) :: Verwandtschaft {f}
kinsman {n} (male relative) :: Verwandter {m}, Angehöriger {m}, Landsmann {m}
kinswoman {n} (female relative) :: Verwandte {f}, Angehörige {f}, Landsfrau {f}, Landsmännin {f}
Kinyarwanda {prop} (language) :: Kinyarwanda {n}
kiosk {n} (enclosed structure where cigarettes, magazines, etc are sold) :: Kiosk {m}, Büdchen {n}
kip {n} (unit of currency in Laos) :: Kip {m}
kipfel {n} (croissant) SEE: croissant ::
kipfel {n} (crescent-shaped biscuit) :: Kipfl {n}, Kipfel {n}
kippah {n} (skullcap) :: Kippa {f}, Kippah {f}
Kirchhoff's circuit laws {n} (pair of laws) :: Kirchhoffsche Gesetze {n}
Kiribati {prop} (Republic of Kiribati) :: Kiribati
Kiribatian {n} (a person from Kiribati or of Kiribatian descent) :: Kiribatier {m}, Kiribatierin {f}
Kiribatian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Kiribati) :: kiribatisch
kirin {n} (qilin) SEE: qilin ::
Kirov {prop} (Russian surname) :: Kirow {n}
Kirov {prop} (city in Russia) :: Kirow {n}
kirsch {n} (clear brandy) :: Kirschwasser {n}
kirschwasser {n} (spirit) SEE: kirsch ::
Kirtland's warbler {n} (Dendroice kirtlandii) :: Michiganwaldsänger {m}
kirtle {n} (knee-length tunic) :: Kittel {m}, Tunika {f}, Rock {m}
kisel {n} (dessert) :: Kissel {m}
kishlak {n} (qishlaq) SEE: qishlaq ::
kiss {v} (to touch with the lips) :: küssen
kiss {v} (to touch lightly) :: küssen
kiss {v} (to touch each other’s lips) :: sich küssen
kiss {n} (touch with the lips) :: Kuss {m}, Busserl {n}
kiss ass {v} (to flatter excessively) :: [vulgar] in den Arsch kriechen
kisser {n} (one who kisses) :: Küsser {m}
kissing gourami {n} (fish) :: Küssender Gurami
kiss me {phrase} (kiss me) :: küss mich [informal]
kiss my arse {interj} (go away) SEE: kiss my ass ::
kiss my ass {interj} (go away) :: leck mich am Arsch
kissproof {adj} :: kussecht
kiss someone's ass {v} (to flatter someone) SEE: brownnose ::
Kiswahili {prop} (Swahili) SEE: Swahili ::
kit {n} (clothing) SEE: clothing ::
kit {n} :: Ausrüstung {f} [equipment], Satz {m} [set]
kit {n} (drum kit) SEE: drum kit ::
kitchen {n} (room) :: Küche {f}
kitchen cabinet {n} (built-in cabinet found in a kitchen) :: Küchenschrank {m}, Kücheneinbauschrank {m}
kitchen dresser {n} (kitchen cabinet) SEE: kitchen cabinet ::
kitchen garden {n} (a garden used for growing fruits, vegetables for use in the kitchen) SEE: vegetable garden ::
kitchenhand {n} (person who is employed to assist a cook in a kitchen) :: Küchenhelfer {m}
kitchen hood {n} (kitchen device) SEE: extractor hood ::
kitchen knife {n} (knife for preparing food) :: Küchenmesser {n}
kitchen roll {n} (paper towel) SEE: paper towel ::
kitchen towel {n} (sheet of kitchen paper) SEE: paper towel ::
kitchen towel {n} (dish towel) SEE: dish towel ::
kitchenware {n} (Instruments and utensils found in a kitchen) :: Küchengeräte {p}
kite {n} (bird of prey) :: Milan {m}
kite {n} (flying toy on string) :: Drachen {m}
kite {n} (quadrilateral) :: Drachenviereck
kite {v} (to fly a kite) :: einen Drachen steigen lassen
kith and kin {n} (both friends and family) :: Freunde und Familie {p}
kitsch {n} (kitsch) :: Kitsch {m}
kitsch {adj} (of questionable aesthetic value) :: kitschig
kitschy {adj} (having the nature of kitsch) :: kitschig
kitten {n} (a young cat) :: Kätzchen {n}, Kätzlein {n}, Katzenbaby {n}, [Austrian, South German] Katzerl {n}, [Swiss] Kätzli {n}, Katzenjunges {n}, Katzenwelpe {m}
kitten {n} (a young rabbit, rat, hedgehog, squirrel, fox, badger, etc.) :: Kaninchenjunges {n} [rabbit], Rattenjunges {n} [rat], Igelbaby {n} [hedgehog], Igeljunges {n} [hedgehog], junges Eichhörnchen {n} [squirrel], Fuchsjunges {n} [fox], Dachsjunges {n} [badger], Luchsjunges {n} [lynx]
kitty {n} (kitten, small cat) :: Kätzchen {n}, Mieze {f}
kitty {n} (pool of money) :: Spielkasse {f}
kitty litter {n} (mixture to provide a soiling area for cats) :: Katzenstreu {f}
kiwi {n} (bird) :: Kiwi {m}
kiwi {n} (kiwi fruit) SEE: kiwi fruit ::
kiwi fruit {n} (fruit) :: Kiwi {f}, chinesische Stachelbeere {f}
Klaipėda {prop} (city in Lithuania) :: Memel {n}, Klaipėda {n}
klaxon {n} (loud electric horn or alarm) :: Hupe {f}
kleenex {n} (generic term for a disposable tissue) :: Tempo {n}
Klein bottle {n} (closed surface) :: Kleinsche Flasche {f}
kleptarchy {n} (kleptocracy) SEE: kleptocracy ::
kleptocracy {n} (corrupt and dishonest government) :: Kleptokratie {f}, Diebesherrschaft {f}
kleptomania {n} (disorder that causes an uncontrollable obsessions with stealing) :: Kleptomanie {f}, Stehlsucht {f}
kleptomaniac {n} (One who steals compulsively) :: Kleptoman {m}, Kleptomanin {f}
kleptomaniacal {adj} (having a compulsion to steal) :: kleptomanisch
klick {n} :: Klemme {f}
Klingon {n} (member of an alien warrior race in the Star Trek universe) :: Klingone {m}, Klingonin {f}
Klingon {prop} (the language) :: Klingonisch {n}
Klášterní Hradisko {prop} (quarter of Olomouc) :: Kloster Hradisch {n}
kludge {n} (construction designed to solve a problem temporarily) :: Behelfslösung {f}, Hack {m}, Kniff {m}
klutz {n} (a clumsy or stupid person) :: Stümper {m}
knack {n} (A readiness in performance; aptness at doing something; skill; facility; dexterity) :: Gabe {f}
knacker {n} (slaughterer) :: Abdecker {m}
knacker {n} :: Abdecker {m}
knackered {adj} (extremely tired or exhausted) :: gerädert
knacker's yard {n} (area of slaughterhouse where carcasses are dealt with) :: Abdeckerei {f} , Kafillerei
knackwurst {n} (a short, thick, highly seasoned sausage) :: Knackwurst {f}, [diminutive] Knackwürstchen {n}
knave {n} (archaic: boy; especially, boy servant) :: Knabe {m}, Knappe {m}, Junge {m}
knave {n} (archaic: any male servant) :: Boy {m}, Knecht {m}
knave {n} (deceitful fellow) :: Gauner {m}, Schurke {m}, Bösewicht {m}, Übeltäter {m}, Unhold {m}, Strolch {m}
knave {n} (playing card) :: Bube {m}
knavery {n} (the (mis)behaviour of a knave) :: Gaunerei {f}, Streich {m}
knead {v} (to work and press into a mass) :: kneten
knee {n} (joint in the middle of the leg and area around it) :: Knie {n}
knee {n} (part of a garment) :: Knie {n}
knee {n} (act of kneeling) :: Kniefall {m}
kneecap {n} (bone) :: Kniescheibe {f}
knee-deep {adj} (reaching up to the knees) :: knietief
knee high {n} (knee sock) SEE: knee sock ::
knee-high to a grasshopper {adj} (short) :: drei Käse hoch
knee-jerk {adj} (reacting unthinkingly or spontaneously in an expected manner) :: reflexartig, vorhersehbar, automatisch
knee-jerk {n} (reflex extension of the lower leg due to tap below knee) :: Kniereflex {m}, Kniesehnenreflex {m}, Patellarreflex {m}, Patellarsehnenreflex {m}, Kniephänomen {n}
kneel {v} (to stoop down and rest on the knee) :: knien
kneel down {v} (to kneel) :: niederknien, hinknien
kneeling chair {n} (type of chair) :: Kniestuhl {m}, Kniehocker {m}
kneepan {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap ::
knee pit {n} (shallow depression located at the back of the knee joint) SEE: poplit ::
knee slapper {n} (thigh-slapper) SEE: thigh-slapper ::
knee sock {n} (a sock that reaches almost up to the knee) :: Kniestrumpf {m}
Knesset {prop} (the Israeli parliament) :: Knesset {f}, Knesseth {f}
knickerbockers {n} (knickerbockers) :: Knickerbocker {m-p}
knickers {n} (panties) SEE: panties ::
knife {n} (utensil or tool designed for cutting) :: Messer {n}
knife {n} (weapon) :: Messer {n}
knife {n} (any blade-like part designed for cutting) :: Messer {n}
knife pleat {n} (a type of sharply pressed pleating) :: Messerfalte {f}, Quetschfalte {f}
knifer {n} (someone who sells knives) :: Messerhändler {m}, Messerhändlerin {f}
knifer {n} (someone who stabs another with a knife) :: Messerstecher {m}, Messerstecherin {f}
knight {n} (warrior, especially of the Middle Ages) :: Ritter {m}
knight {n} (person on whom a knighthood has been conferred) :: Ritter {m}
knight {n} (chess piece) :: Springer {m}, Gaul {m}, Pferd {n}, Ross {n}, Rössel {n} [South German], Rössl {n} [South German]
knight {v} (to confer a knighthood upon) :: zum Ritter schlagen
knighthood {n} (an honour whereby one is made into a knight) :: Rittertum {n}, Ritterlichkeit {f}, Ritterschaft {f}
knighthood {n} (quality of being a knight) :: Rittertum {f}, Ritterlichkeit {f}, Ritterschaft {f}
knighthood {n} (body of knights) :: Rittertum {f}, Ritterlichkeit {f}, Ritterschaft {f}
knightly {adj} (formally courteous (as a knight); chivalrous, gallant and courtly) :: ritterlich
Knights Templar {prop} (the order of medieval knights) :: Templerorden {m}
Königsberg {prop} (the former capital of East Prussia, see also: Kaliningrad) :: Königsberg {n}
Königsberger Klopse {n} (East Prussian dish of meatballs) :: Königsberger Klopse {m-p}, Soßklopse {m-p}, Saure Klopse {m-p}, Kapernklopse {m-p}, Kochklopse {m-p}
knit {v} (to make fabric from thread or yarn) :: stricken
knit {v} :: stricken
knit cap {n} (soft cap) SEE: beanie ::
knit one's brows {v} (to scowl, indicating anger, worry, or puzzlement) :: die Stirn runzeln
knitter {n} (one who knits) :: Stricker {m}, Strickerin {f}
knitting {n} (activity and process of knitting) :: Stricken {n}
knitting needle {n} (thin rod used to knit yarn) :: Stricknadel {f}
knitwear {n} (knitted garments) :: Strickwaren {f-p}
knob {n} (rounded protuberance, handle, or control switch) :: Knopf {m}, Knauf {m}
knock {n} (abrupt rapping sound) :: Klopfen {n}
knock {n} (impact) :: Schlag {m}
knock {v} (to rap one's knuckles against something) :: klopfen
knock {v} (to bump or impact) :: schlagen
knock back {v} (reject) SEE: reject ::
knock down {v} (hit or knock (something) so that it falls) :: umwerfen
knock down {v} (demolish) SEE: demolish ::
knocker {n} (device for knocking on a door) SEE: doorknocker ::
knock-knock {interj} (verbal knocking sound) :: klopf klopf
knockoff {n} (imitation of something) :: Imitat {n}, Fälschung {f}
knock on wood {v} (to take a customary action to ward off misfortune) :: auf Holz klopfen (to knock on wood)
knock on wood {interj} (hopefully; used when undertaking such a customary action) :: dreimal auf Holz geklopft (knocked three times on wood)
knoll {n} (small mound) :: Hügel {m}
Knossos {prop} (an archaeological site) :: Knossos
knot {n} (looping) :: Knoten {m}
knot {n} (tangled clump) :: Knoten {m}
knot {n} (mathematics closed curve) :: Knoten {m}
knot {n} (whorl in wood left by branch) :: Ast {m}
knot {n} (firm swollen tissue caused by injury) :: Beule {f}
knot {n} (nautical unit of speed) :: Knoten {m}
knot {v} (form into a knot; tie with knot(s)) :: knoten
knot {n} (variety of wading bird) :: Knutt {m}
knothole {n} (void left by a knot in the wood) :: Astloch {n}
knot theory {n} (branch of topology) :: Knotentheorie {f}
knotweed {n} (Polygonum) :: Vogelknöterich {m}, Knöterich {m}
knout {n} (kind of whip) :: Knute {f}
know {v} (be certain or sure about (something)) :: wissen
know {v} (be acquainted or familiar with) :: kennen
know {v} (have knowledge of) :: wissen
know {v} (understand (a subject)) :: können, sich auskennen in
know {v} (have sexual relations with) :: [biblical] erkennen
know {v} (be informed about) :: wissen
know-all {n} (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject) SEE: know-it-all ::
know-how {n} (the knowledge and skill to be able to do something correctly) :: Fachwissen, Sachkenntnis {n}, Know-How {n}
knowingly {adv} (knowingly) :: wissentlich, bewusst
know inside and out {v} (know (something) very thoroughly) :: etwas in- und auswendig kennen
know-it-all {n} (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject) :: Besserwisser {m}, Besserwisserin {f}, Neunmalkluger {m}, Neunmalkluge {f}, Rechthaber {m}, Rechthaberin {f}, Schulmeister {m}, Schulmeisterin {f}, Klugscheißer {m}, Klugscheißerin {f}, Schlaumeier {m}, Schlaumeierin {f}, Schlauberger {m}, Schlaubergerin {f}
knowledge {n} (fact of knowing about something; understanding, familiarity with information) :: Wissen {n}, Kenntnis {n}
knowledge {n} (awareness, state of having been informed) :: Wissen {n}, Kenntnis {f}
knowledgeable {adj} (having knowledge, especially of a particular subject) :: kenntnisreich, kundig
knowledge is power {proverb} (knowledge is power) :: Wissen ist Macht
known {adj} (that whom other people know, renowned, famous) :: bekannt
know thyself {proverb} (be aware of both your strengths and limitations) :: erkenne dich selbst
Künstlerroman {n} (novel whose central character is an artist of any kind, and which shows his or her development from childhood to maturity) :: Künstlerroman {m}
knuckle {n} (joint of the finger) :: Fingerknöchel {m}
knuckle duster {n} (weapon worn around the knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles ::
knucks {n} (brass knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles ::
koala {n} (a tree-dwelling marsupial that resembles a small bear) :: Koala {m}
Kobarid {prop} (town in Slovenia) :: Karfreit {m}
Koblenz {prop} (city in Germany) :: Koblenz
kobza {n} (a Ukrainian musical instrument) :: Kobsa {f}, Kobza {f}
kohl {n} (makeup) :: Kajal {n}
kohlrabi {n} (cabbage variety) :: Kohlrabi {m}
koi {n} (variety of carp) :: Koi {m}, Koi-Karpfen {m}
Košice {prop} (city) :: Košice {n}, Kaschau {n}
koine {n} (regional language that becomes standard) :: Koine {f}
Koine {prop} (common Greek language) :: Koine {f}
kokoshnik {n} (a traditional Russian headdress worn by women and girls) :: Kokoschnik {m}
kolach {n} (kalach) SEE: kalach ::
Kola Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in Russia) :: Halbinsel Kola {f}
Kolkata {prop} (city) :: Kalkutta
kolkhoz {n} (farming collective) :: Kolchos {m}
Komi {prop} (language) :: Komi {n}
Komodo {prop} (island in Indonesia) :: Komodo {}, Komodo-Insel {f}
Komodo dragon {n} (large monitor lizard) :: Komodowaran {m}
Komondor {n} (breed of dog) :: Komondor {m}
Komotini {prop} (city) :: Komotini
kompromat {n} (dirt, compromising material) :: Kompromat {n}
Komsomol {prop} (Young Communist League in the USSR) :: Komsomol {m}
Komsomolsk {prop} (Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Russia) :: Komsomolsk am Amur {n}
Komsomolsk {prop} (Komsomolsk, towns and rural localities in Russia and Ukraine) :: Komsomolsk {n}
Kongo {prop} (Bantu language) :: Kongo {n}
Konstanz {prop} (city) :: Konstanz {n}
kook {n} (eccentric, strange or crazy person) :: Exzentriker {m}, Spinner {m}
kookaburra {n} (kingfishers) :: Jägerliest {m}, Kookaburra {m}
kopek {n} (one-hundredth of a ruble) :: Kopeke {f}
Koran {prop} (the Islamic holy book) SEE: Qur'an ::
kore {n} (sculpture) :: Kore {f}
Korea {prop} (South Korea) SEE: South Korea ::
Korea {prop} (North Korea) SEE: North Korea ::
Korea {prop} (ancient country or both Koreas as a whole) :: Korea {n}
Korean {adj} (relating to the Korean Peninsula) :: koreanisch
Korean {n} (language) :: Koreanisch {n}
Korean {n} (person) :: Koreaner {m}, Koreanerin {f}
Korean studies {n} (academic discipline) :: Koreanistik {f}, Koreanologie {f} [Austria]
Korean War {prop} (war lasting from 1950 to 1953) :: Koreakrieg {m}
Korean Wave {prop} (popularity of South Korean culture elsewhere) :: Koreanische Welle {f}
Korea Strait {prop} (a strait between Korea and Japan) :: Koreastraße {f}
Koschei {prop} (Koschei the Immortal) :: Koschtschei {m}
kosher {adj} (in accordance with Jewish law) :: koscher
kosher {v} (make kosher) SEE: kasher ::
Kosovan {adj} (related to Kosovo) :: kosovarisch
Kosovan {n} (person from Kosovo) :: Kosovare {m}, Kosovarin {f}
Kosovar {adj} (Kosovan) SEE: Kosovan ::
Kosovar {n} (Kosovan) SEE: Kosovan ::
Kosovo {prop} (disputed region in the Balkans) :: Kosovo {m} {n}
kosovorotka {n} (traditional Russian skewed-collared shirt for men) :: Kossoworotka {f}
koto {n} (a Japanese stringed instrument) :: Koto {f} {n}
koumiss {n} (fermented drink) :: Kumys {m}, Kumyß {m}, Kumyss {m}, Kumiss {m}, Kumis {m}, Kumiß {m}
Kouvola {prop} (city) :: Kouvola
kowtow {v} (kneel such that forehead touches ground) :: knien
kowtow {v} (act submissively) :: den Kotau machen, zu Kreuze kriechen
kowtow {n} (kowtowing) :: Kotau {m}
kozachok {n} (Ukrainian and Russian couple-dance) :: Kasatschok {m}
K-pop {n} (Korean pop music) :: K-Pop {m}
Kraft process {n} (chemical process) :: Sulfatverfahren {n}
Kraftwerkian {adj} :: kraftwerkisch
Kraken {prop} (Sea monster) :: Krake {m}
Krasnodar {prop} (a city in Russia) :: Krasnodar {n}
Krasnoyarsk {prop} (city) :: Krasnojarsk {n}
krater {n} (Greek vessel) :: Krater {m}
Kraut {n} (German) SEE: German ::
krautrock {n} (a genre of German experimental rock music from the 1970s) :: Krautrock {f}
Kremlin {prop} (the Moscow Kremlin) :: Kreml {m}
Kremlin {prop} (the Russian or Soviet government) :: Kreml {m}
kreuzer {n} (small coin used in parts of Germany and Austria) :: Kreuzer {m}
krill {n} (small marine crustacean) :: Krill {m}
Krishna {prop} (avatar) :: Krishna {m}
Kırklareli {prop} (city of Turkey) :: Kırklareli
króna {n} (currency) :: Krone {f}
Krnov {prop} (Upper Silesian town on the Opava in the Czech Republic) :: Jägerndorf
kroepoek {n} (Indonesian shrimp crackers) :: Krabbenbrot {n}, Krabbenchip {m}
krona {n} (currency) :: Krone {f}
krone {n} (currency) :: Krone {f}
kroužek {n} (kroužek diacritic) :: Kroužek {m}
krummholz {n} (dense low bushes) :: Krumholz
Krung Thep {prop} (Bangkok) SEE: Bangkok ::
Krym {prop} (Crimea) SEE: Crimea ::
krypton {n} (a chemical element) :: Krypton {n}
krypton difluoride {n} (binary compound of krypton and fluorine) :: Kryptondifluorid {n}
kryptonite {n} (weakness) :: Kryptonit
kshatriya {n} (a member of warrior caste) :: Kshatriya {m}
Kúty {n} (village in Slovakia) :: Kutti
Kuala Lumpur {prop} (capital of Malaysia) :: Kuala Lumpur {n}
Kuban {prop} (the Kuban river) :: Kuban {m}
kudos {n} (praise, accolades) :: Ruhm {m}, Ehre {f}
Kuiper belt {prop} (region of space in the Solar System) :: Kuipergürtel {m}, Kuiper-Gürtel {m}
Kuiper belt object {n} (minor planet with an orbit in the Kuiper belt) :: Kuipergürtelobjekt {n}
Ku Klux Klan {prop} (Ku Klux Klan) :: Ku-Klux-Klan
kulak {n} (prosperous peasant) :: Kulak {m}
kumquat {n} (small orange fruit) :: Kumquat {m}
kuna {n} (currency of Croatia) :: Kuna {f}
kung fu {n} (martial art) :: Kung-Fu {n}
Kungurian {prop} (subdivision of the Permian period) :: Kungurium
Kuomintang {prop} :: Kuomintang
Kuopio {prop} (city) :: Kuopio
kurchatovium {n} (a rejected name for rutherfordium) :: Kurtschatowium {n}
Kurd {n} (a member of the people inhabiting Kurdistan) :: Kurde {m}, Kurdin {f}
Kurdish {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Kurdistan, the Kurdish people or the Kurdish language) :: kurdisch
Kurdish {n} (language of Kurdistan) :: Kurdisch {n}
Kurdistan {prop} (a region in the Middle East inhabited mostly by the Kurds) :: Kurdistan {n}
kurgan {n} (prehistoric burial mound) :: Kurgan {m}
Kuril Islands {prop} (group of islands) :: Kurilen {p}
Kurmanji {prop} (North Kurdish) :: Kurmandschi {n}
Kursk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Kursk {n}
kurta {n} (Indian shirt) :: Kurta
kuru {n} (central nervous system disease) :: Kuru {f}
Kutenai {n} (an indigenous people of North America) :: Kutenai
Kuwait {prop} (country in the Middle East) :: Kuwait {n}
Kuwaiti {n} (A person from Kuwait or of Kuwaiti descent) :: Kuwaiter {m}, Kuwaiterin {f}
Kuwaiti {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Kuwait or the Kuwaiti people) :: kuwaitisch
kvass {n} (traditional Slavic drink) :: Kwass {m}
Kven {n} (language) :: kvenisch
kvetch {v} (whine or complain, often needlessly and incessantly) :: nörgeln, mäkeln
kwashiorkor {n} (form of malnutrition) :: Kwashiorkor {m}, Mehlnährschaden {m}
kyanite {n} (blue neosilicate mineral) :: Kyanit
kyat {n} (unit of currency) :: Kyat {m}
Kyoto {prop} (Kyōto, Japan) :: Kyōto
Kyrgyz {n} (member of a Turkic people) :: Kirgise {m}, Kirgisin {f}
Kyrgyz {prop} (language) :: Kirgisisch {m}
Kyrgyz {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz people or the Kyrgyz language) :: kirgisisch
Kyrgyz SSR {prop} (Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic) :: Kirgisische SSR {f}
Kyrgyzstan {prop} (country in Central Asia) :: Kirgisistan {n}, Kirgisien {n}
kyriarchy {n} (system of ruling and oppression) :: Kyriarchat
Kythira {prop} (Greek island) :: Kythira
Kyōto {prop} (Kyoto) SEE: Kyoto ::
Kyushu {prop} (the third largest of Japan's islands) :: Kyūshū
Kyzyl {prop} (city in Russia) :: Kysyl {n}