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ubiquitin {n} (small polypeptide)  :: ubiquitina {f}
ubiquitous {adj} (widespread) SEE: widespread  ::
ubiquitous {adj} /juːˈbɪkwɪtəs/ (being everywhere)  :: ubiquitario {m}, onnipresente {m}
ubiquitous {adj} (seeming to appear everywhere at the same time)  :: ubiquitario {m}
udarnik {n} (shock worker, super-productive worker in the Soviet Union and the other countries from the Soviet Block, see also: Stakhanovite)  :: udarnik
udder {n} /ˈʌdɚ/ (organ formed of the mammary glands of female quadruped mammals)  :: mammella {f}
Udine {prop} (province)  :: Udine {f}
Udine {prop} (capital)  :: Udine {f}
Udmurtia {prop} (a republic of Russia in the Caucasus region)  :: Udmurtia {f}
UEFA {initialism} /juˈeɪfə/ (Union of European Football Associations)  :: UEFA
UFO {n} /ju ɛf ˈoʊ/ (an unidentified flying object)  :: UFO {m}, ufo {m} or OVNI
ufological {adj} (pertaining to ufology)  :: ufologico
ufology {n} /ˌjuːˈfɑlədʒi/ (the study of UFOs)  :: ufologia {f}
Uganda {prop} /juˈɡændə/ (Republic of Uganda)  :: Uganda
Ugaritic {prop} (language)  :: ugaritico {m}
ugh {interj} /ɯx]/ (to express disgust)  :: che schifo
ugli {n} /ˈʌɡli/ (cross between a tangerine and grapefruit)  :: mapo {m}
ugli fruit {n} (ugli) SEE: ugli  ::
ugliness {n} (condition of being ugly)  :: bruttezza {f}
ugliness {n}  :: bruttezza
ugly {adj} /ˈʌɡli/ (displeasing to the eye; not aesthetically pleasing)  :: brutto
ugly duckling {n} (one who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature)  :: brutto anatroccolo {m}, brutta anatrocolla {f}
uh {interj} /ʌː/ (expression of confusion or uncertainty)  :: uh, boh
uh {interj} (space filler or pause during conversation)  :: uh
uhlan {n} /ˈ(j)uːlən/ (soldier with lance)  :: ulano {m}
UK {prop} (Abbreviation of United Kingdom)  :: RU {m}
ukase {n} /juːˈkeɪz/ (proclamation from the Russian ruler)  :: ukase {m}
ukase {n} (any absolutist or arrogant order)  :: ukase {m}
Ukraine {prop} /juˈkɹeɪn/ (Eastern European country)  :: Ucraina {f}
Ukrainian {n} /juːˈkɹeɪnɪən/ (ethnic/citizen)  :: ucraino {m}, ucraina {f}, ucraini {m-p}, ucraine {f-p}
Ukrainian {prop} (language)  :: ucraino {m}
Ukrainian {adj} (relating to Ukraine or its people)  :: ucraino {m}, ucraina {f}
ukulele {n} /juː.kə.ˈleɪ.li/ (small four-stringed guitar)  :: ukulele {m} {f}
ulcerous {adj} /ˈʌl.sɚ.əs/ (having an ulcer)  :: ulceroso
Ulcinj {prop} (City)  :: Dulcigno
ulexite {n} (mineral)  :: ulexite {f}
ulna {n} /ˈʌlnə/ (bone of the forearm)  :: ulna {f}
Ulric {prop} (male given name)  :: Ulderico, Ulrico
Ulrica {prop} (female given name)  :: Ulrica
ultimate {adj} /ˈʌltəmɪt/ (final; last in a series)  :: ultimo {m}, ultima {f}
ultimate {adj} (greatest or maximum)  :: estremo {m}, estrema {f}
ultimate {adj} (eventual)  :: definitivo {m}, definitiva {f}, conclusivo {m}, conclusiva {f}, ultimativo {m}, ultimativa {f}, finale
ultimately {adv} /ˈʌltɪmətli/ (indicating the last item)  :: infine, per ultimo, per ultima cosa, in fin dei conti
ultimately {adv} (indicating the most important action)  :: alla fine, per ultimo, in definitiva
ultimatum {n} /ˌʌl.tɪˈmeɪ.təm/ (a final statement of terms or conditions made by one party to another)  :: ultimatum
ultracellular {adj}  :: ultracellulare
ultracentrifuge {n}  :: ultracentrifuga {f}
ultracentrifuge {v}  :: ultracentrifugare
ultracondenser {n} (optical condenser of an ultramicroscope)  :: ultracondensatore {f}
ultramarathon {n} (a running race)  :: ultramaratona {f}
ultramarathoner {n} (someone who participates in ultramarathons)  :: ultramaratoneta {m} {f}
ultramarine {n} /ˌʌl.tɹə.məˈɹiːn/ (pigment)  :: ultramarino {m}
ultramarine {n} (colour)  :: blu oltremare {m}
ultramarine {adj} (colour)  :: oltremarino
ultramicrophotography {n}  :: ultramicrofotografia {f}
ultramicrotome {n} (microtome that cuts extremely thin slices of tissue, especially for use in electron microscopy)  :: ultramicrotomo {m}
ultramontanism {n} (Roman Catholic philosophy that emphasises the prerogatives and powers of the Pope)  :: ultramontanismo {m}
ultrapurism {n}  :: ultrapurismo {m}
ultrasonic {adj} (beyond (higher in frequency than) the range of sound perceptible to the human ear)  :: ultrasonoro, ultrasonico
ultrasonography {n}  :: ecografia {f}
ultraviolet {adj} (radiation with wavelengths from 380 nanometre - 10 nanometre)  :: ultravioletto
Uluru {prop} /ˈuluɹu/ (giant rock in Australia)  :: Uluṟu
-um {suffix} /əm/ (Latinate singular grammatical number suffix)  :: -o, -a
umbellifer {n} (any plant of the family Apiaceae/Umbelliferae)  :: ombrellifera {f}
umbelliform {adj} (having the shape of an umbel)  :: ombrelliforme
umbilical cord {n} (cord between foetus and placenta)  :: cordone ombelicale {m}
umbilicus {n} (navel) SEE: navel  ::
umbra {n} (a shadow) SEE: shadow  ::
umbrella {n} /ʌmˈbɹɛlə/ (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun)  :: ombrello {m}, parapioggia
umbrella pine {n} (stone pine) SEE: stone pine  ::
umbrella term {n} (term covering a broad category of things)  :: termine generico {m};
Umbria {prop} (region of Italy)  :: Umbria {f}
Umbrian {adj} /ˈʌmbɹi.ən/ (relating to Umbria or to its inhabitants or extinct language)  :: umbro
Umbrian {n} (an inhabitant of Umbria)  :: umbro {m}, umbra {f}
Umbrian {prop} (language)  :: umbro {m}
Umbriel {prop} (moon of Uranus)  :: Umbriel {m}
ummah {n} /ˈʊmə/ (the worldwide Muslim community)  :: umma {f}
umpire {n} /ˈʌm.paɪ.ə(ɹ)/ (a person who arbitrates between contending parties)  :: arbitro {m}
umpire {v} (to act as an umpire in a game)  :: arbitro
umpteenth {num} /ˈʌmp.tiːnθ/ (informal: occurring in a relatively large but unspecified position in a series)  :: ennesimo
un- {prefix} (denoting absence)  :: in-
un- {prefix} (reversal or cancellation)  :: s-
UN {initialism} (United Nations)  :: ONU
unable {adj} /ʌnˈeɪbəl/ (not able)  :: incapace
unabridged {adj} (not abridged)  :: integrale
unacceptable {adj} /ˌʌn.æk.ˈsɛp.tə.bl̩/ (unsatisfactory; not acceptable)  :: inaccettabile, inammissibile, intollerabile, ingiustificabile
unaffordable {adj} (too expensive to be afforded)  :: impagabile, inaccessibile
unafraid {adj} /ʌnəˈfɹeɪd/ (not afraid, fearless)  :: senza paura
unaltered {adj} (remaining in its initial state)  :: inalterato
unambiguous {adj} (clear, and having no uncertainty or ambiguity)  :: univoco {m}
unambiguously {adv} (unambiguously)  :: univocamente
unattractive {adj} (lacking the power to attract interest)  :: sconveniente
unavailable {adj} (not available)  :: indisponibile
unavailing {adj} (fruitless, futile, useless)  :: inefficace, infruttuoso, futile
unavoidable {adj} (impossible to avoid)  :: inevitabile
unaware {adj} (not aware or informed)  :: ignaro, inconsapevole
unbalance {v} (to cause to be out of balance)  :: squilibrare, sbilanciare
unbeknownst {adv} /ˌʌnbɪˈnoʊnst/ (Without the knowledge of)  :: all'insaputa (di)
unbelievable {adj} (incredible)  :: incredibile {m} {f}
unbelievably {adv} (in a manner one does not believe)  :: incredibilmente
unbelievably {adv} (to an extent not to be believed)  :: incredibilmente
unbelievably {adv} (contrary to expectations)  :: incredibilmente
unbeliever {n} (infidel) SEE: infidel  ::
unbelieving {adj} (that does not believe)  :: incredulo
unbibium {n} /ˌʌnˈbɪbi.əm/ (element)  :: unbibio {m}
unbinilium {n} (chemical element)  :: unbinilio {m}
unbiunium {n}  :: unbiunio {m}
unbolt {v} (unlock by undoing bolts)  :: sbullonare
unbreakable {adj} (difficult to break)  :: infrangibile
unbroken {adj} (whole, not divided into parts)  :: intero {m}, intera {f}
unbroken {adj} (continuous, without interruption)  :: continuo {m}, continua {f}
unbuckle {v} (to unfasten (the buckle of))  :: sfibbiare
unbutton {v} ((transitive))  :: sbottonare
uncanny {n} /ʌnˈkæni/ (strange, mysteriously unsettling)  :: bizzarro {m}, strano, sconcertante, curioso, inquietante, angosciante, sinistro
uncanny {n} (a Freudian concept)  :: perturbante
uncanny valley {n} (subtle differences from human behaviour that may cause negative reactions)  :: valle perturbante {f}
uncertainly {adv} /ʌnˈsɝtn̩li/ (in an uncertain manner)  :: dubbiosamente, aleatoriamente
unclassifiable {adj} (incapable of being classified)  :: inclassificabile
uncle {n} /ˈʌn.kʰɫ̩]/ (brother (or brother-in-law) of someone’s parent)  :: zio {m}
Uncle Scrooge {n} (rich miser)  :: paperone {m}, Paperone {m}
uncombed {adj}  :: spettinato {m}
uncombinable {adj} (incapable of being combined)  :: incombinabile
unconditional {adj} /ˌʌnkənˈdɪʃənəl/ (without conditions)  :: incondizionato
unconditionally {adv} (without condition)  :: incondizionatamente
unconditional surrender {n} (surrender without conditions)  :: resa incondizionata {f}
unconscionable {adj} /ʌnˈkɒnʃənəbəl/ (not conscionable; unscrupulous)  :: senza scrupoli
unconsciously {adv} (In an unconscious manner)  :: inconsciamente
unconsciousness {n} (the state of lacking consciousness)  :: incoscienza
unconstitutional {adj} (contrary to the constitution)  :: incostituzionale
unconstitutionality {n} (status of being unconstitutional)  :: incostituzionalità {f}
unconstitutionally {adv} (in a manner that is unconstitutional)  :: incostituzionalmente
uncontaminated {adj} (unpolluted)  :: incontaminato
uncontrollable {adj} (Not able to be controlled, contained or governed)  :: incontrollabile
uncontrolled {adj} (not controlled)  :: sfrenato, incontrollato
uncooked {adj} (raw, not cooked)  :: crudo
uncork {v} (to open by removing the cork or stopper from)  :: stappare
uncountable {adj} (too many to be counted)  :: innumerevole, incalcolabile
uncountable {adj} (mathematics: incapable of being enumerated by natural numbers)  :: non numerabile
uncountable {adj} (linguistics: about a noun which cannot be counted)  :: non numerabile, invariabile
uncouth {adj} /ʌnˈkuːθ/ (unfamiliar, strange, foreign)  :: strano
uncouth {adj} (clumsy, awkward)  :: goffo
uncouth {adj} (unrefined, crude)  :: rozzo, grossolano, grezzo {m}
uncultivated {adj} (not cultivated (land))  :: incolto
uncultivated {adj} (uncivilized)  :: incolto, incivile, ignorante, rozzo
uncurable {adj} (incurable) SEE: incurable  ::
undecagon {n} (11-sided polygon)  :: undecagono {m}
undefeated {adj} (not defeated)  :: invitto {m}
undefended {adj} (not defended)  :: indifeso
undefined {adj} (lacking definition or value)  :: indefinito
undelivered {adj} (not delivered)  :: giacente, [mail] inesitato
undeniable {adj} (irrefutable, or impossible to deny)  :: innegabile
undeniably {adv} (in an undeniable manner)  :: innegabilmente
under {prep} /ˈʌndɚ/ (in a lower level than)  :: sotto
under {prep}  :: sotto
underage {adj} /ˌʌndəɹˈeɪdʒ/ (below legal age)  :: minorenne
undercarriage {n} (landing gear) SEE: landing gear  ::
under control {prep} (being taken care of)  :: sotto controllo
undercover {adj} (Performed or happening in secret)  :: clandestino
undercut {v} (To undermine) SEE: undermine  ::
underdeveloped {adj} (having a low level of economic productivity and technological sophistication)  :: sottosviluppato
underdevelopment {n} (condition of being insufficiently developed)  :: sottosviluppo {m}
underdog {n} (competitor thought unlikely to win)  :: perdente {m}, outsider {m}
underdog {n} (somebody at a disadvantage)  :: oppresso {m}
underestimate {v} /ʌndɚˈɛs.tɨ.meɪt/ (to perceive as having lower value)  :: sottovalutare, sottostimare
underestimate {n} (an estimate that is too low)  :: sottostima {f}
underestimated {v} (underrated) SEE: underrated  ::
underestimation {n} (underestimate) SEE: underestimate  ::
underfinancing {n}  :: sottofinanziamento {m}
underfoot {adv} (in the way) SEE: in the way  ::
under glass {prep} (in a greenhouse)  :: sottovetro
undergo {v} (to suffer or endure)  :: soffrire, sottoporsi
underground {adj} (below the ground)  :: sotterraneo
underground {adj} (hidden, furtive)  :: clandestino
underground {adv} (below the ground)  :: sottoterra
underground {n} (movement or organisation of people who resist political convention)  :: resistenza {f}, movimento clandestino {m}, organizzazione clandestina {f}
underground {n} (movement or organisation of people who resist artistic convention)  :: underground {m}
undergrowth {n} (plants which only reach a low height)  :: sottobosco {m}
underhand {adj} /ˈʌn.də(ɹ)ˌ(h)ænd/ (dishonest and sneaky)  :: subdolo, sfuggente, viscido
underhand {adv} (in a dishonest and sneaky manner)  :: subdolamente, sottobanco
underline {v} /ˈʌndɚˌlaɪn/ (to draw an underline)  :: sottolineare
under lock and key {prep} (imprisoned) SEE: behind bars  ::
underlying {adj} (implicit)  :: sottostante
undermine {v} /ʌndəˈmʌɪn/  :: insidiare
undernourished {adj} (insufficiently nourished)  :: denutrito
under one's breath {prep} (softly)  :: sotto voce, a bassa voce
under one's hat {prep} (secret) SEE: secret  ::
under one's thumb {prep} (under one's thumb)  :: essere succube [di qualcuno]
underpaid {adj} (getting too little financial compensation for one's work)  :: sottopagato
underpants {n} (underwear)  :: mutande {f-p}
underpass {n} (passage)  :: sottopassaggio
underpin {v} /ˌʌn.dɚˈpɪn/ (To support from below with props or masonry)  :: sostenere, sorreggere
underpin {v} (To give support to)  :: sostenere, sorreggere
underplay {v} (to make something seem less important) SEE: downplay  ::
underpowered {adj}  :: sottopotenziato
underrated {adj} (not given enough recognition)  :: sottovalutato
underscore {v} /ˈʌn.də(ɹ)ˌskɔː(ɹ)/ (to underline)  :: sottolineare
undersecretary {n} (an administrator immediately subordinate to a head of a government department or to a member of a cabinet)  :: sottosegretario {m}, sottosegretaria {f}, viceministro {m}
undershirt {n} (for wifebeater) SEE: singlet  ::
understand {v} /ˌʌndɚˈstænd]/ (to be aware of the meaning of)  :: capire, comprendere, intendere
understand {v} (to understand) SEE: grasp  ::
understandable {adj} (capable of being understood)  :: comprensibile
understandable {adj} (capable of being accepted or excused)  :: perdonabile, comprensibile
understandably {adv} (in an understandable manner)  :: intelligibilmente
understanding {n} (understanding) SEE: grasp  ::
understanding {n} /ˌʌndəɹˈstændɪŋ/ (mental process of comprehension, assimilation of knowledge, subjective by its nature)  :: comprensione
understudy {v} /ˈʌndɚˌstʌdi/ (to act as an understudy)  :: sostituire
understudy {n} (performer who understudies)  :: doppio
undertake {v} /ʌndəˈteɪk/ (to start an enterprise)  :: intraprendere
undertaker {n} /ˈʌndə(ɹ)ˌteɪkə(ɹ)/ (funeral director)  :: impresario di pompe funebri
undertaking {n} /ˈʌndə(ɹ)ˌteɪkɪŋ/ (A promise or pledge; a guarantee)  :: garanzia {f}
under the counter {adv} (illicitly)  :: sottobanco, illecitamente, fraudolento, subdolamente
under the counter {adj} (unofficially)  :: illecito, fraudolento, irregolare
under-the-counter {adj} (under the counter) SEE: under the counter  ::
under the knife {prep} (undergoing a surgical procedure)  :: sotto i ferri
undertow {n} (flow of water)  :: risacca {f}
underway {adv} (in motion, in progress; being done or carried out)  :: in corso
underwear {n} /ˈʌndəweə/ (clothes worn next to the skin)  :: biancheria intima {f}, intimo {m}, [colluquial] mutande {f-p}
underwire {n} (wire placed in bra)  :: ferretto {m}
underworld {n} (part of society engaged in crime or vice)  :: malavita {f}
underworld {n} (world of the dead)  :: inferi {m-p}, oltretomba, altro mondo [figuratively]
undesirable {adj} (objectionable or not likely to please)  :: indesiderabile {m} {f}
undestroyable {adj} (Not able to be destroyed)  :: indistruttibile
undetectable {adj} (Unable to be detected)  :: non rilevabile
undeterred {adj} (undiscouraged)  :: imperterrito {m}
undies {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
undifferentiated {adj} (in biology)  :: indifferenziato
undifferentiated {adj} (in botany)  :: indifferenziato
undine {n} /ˈʌndiːn/ (female water-sprite or nymph)  :: ondina {f}
undisonant {adj} (making the noise of waves)  :: ondisono
undisputed {adj} (universally agreed upon)  :: indiscusso
undisputed {adj} (unchallenged)  :: incontrastato, accettato
undo {v} /ʌnˈduː/ (to reverse)  :: annullare, disfare
undo {v} (to unfasten)  :: slacciare
undoubtedly {adv} /ʌnˈdaʊtɪdli/ (without doubt)  :: indubbiamente, senza dubbio
undoubtfully {adv} (without doubt) SEE: undoubtedly  ::
undress {v} /ʌnˈdɹɛs/ ((intransitive) remove one's clothing)  :: svestirsi
undulated antshrike {n} (bird)  :: averla formichiera ondulato
unearth {v} (to uncover or find)  :: scovare
unearth {v} (to dig up)  :: dissotterrare, disseppellire
unease {n} (a feeling of disquiet or concern)  :: inquietudine
unelegant {adj} (not elegant)  :: inelegante
unemployed {adj} (having no job)  :: disoccupato
unemployed {n} (the unemployed as a group)  :: i disoccupati {m-p}
unemployment {n} (joblessness)  :: disoccupazione {f}
unequivocal {adj} /ʌnɨˈkwɪvəkəl/ (without ambiguity)  :: inequivocabile
unequivocally {adv} /ʌnɨˈkwɪvək(ə)lɪ/ (in an unequivocal or unambiguous manner)  :: inequivocabilmente
uneven {adj} (odd) SEE: odd  ::
unexceptionable {adj} (beyond reproach)  :: ineccepibile
unexpected {adj} /ʌnɪkˈspɛktɪd/ (not expected, anticipated or foreseen)  :: inaspettato
unexpectedly {adv} /ʌnɪkˈspɛktɪdli/ (in an unexpected manner)  :: inaspettatamente
unexplainable {adj} (inexplicable) SEE: inexplicable  ::
unexplainably {adv} (inexplicably) SEE: inexplicably  ::
unfair {adj} /ʌnˈfɛɚ/ (not fair)  :: scorretto {m}
unfairness {n} (state of being unfair)  :: scorrettezza
unfairness {n}  :: ingiustizia {f}
unfashionable {adj} (not fashionable)  :: fuori moda
unfathomable {adj} (impossible to fathom; incomprehensible)  :: insondabile, imperscrutabile, incomprensibile
unfazed {adj} (undaunted)  :: imperterrito {m}, imperturbabile
unfinished {adj} (not finished)  :: incompleto
unfinishedness {n} (quality of being unfinished)  :: incompiutezza {f}
unfordable {adj} (unable to be forded)  :: inguadabile
unforeseeable {adj} (incapable of being foreseen)  :: imprevedibile, imprevisibile
unforgettable {adj} (which is very difficult to forget)  :: indimenticabile
unforgivable {adj} (not forgivable)  :: imperdonabile
unfortunate {adj} /ʌnˈfɔːtjʊnət/ (not favored by fortune)  :: sfortunato
unfortunate {adj} (marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune)  :: sfortunato
unfortunately {adv} (happening through bad luck)  :: sfortunatamente, purtroppo, malauguratamente
unfreeze {v} (thaw) SEE: thaw  ::
unfruitful {adj} (Not bearing fruit)  :: infruttifero, inutile, esito negativo
unfurl {v} /ʌnˈfɝl/ (to unroll or release)  :: srotolare, spiegare
ungiectomy {n}  :: onicectomia {f}
ungraceful {adj} (not graceful, lacking grace)  :: sgraziato
ungrammatical {adj} (in violation of one or more of the rules and conventions of a language)  :: sgrammaticato
ungrateful {adj} /ʌnˈɡɹeɪtfəl/ (not grateful)  :: ingrato
unguent {n} (cream applied to the skin for a therapeutic purpose) SEE: ointment  ::
ungulate {n} /ˈʌŋɡjələt/ (hooved mammal)  :: ungulato {m}
unguligrade {adj} /ʌŋˈɡjuːlɪˌɡɹeɪd/ (that walks on hooves)  :: unguligrado {m}, unguligrada {f}
unharness {v} (to remove the harness from a horse, etc.)  :: staccare, sbardare
unhealthy {adj} /ʌnˈhɛl.θi/ (conducive to poor health)  :: malsano, insalubre
unheralded {adj} (Without prior warning; unexpected or unannounced)  :: senza avviso previo
unhospitable {adj} (not hospitable)  :: inospitale
unhurt {adj} (not hurt)  :: incolume, indenne
unibrow {n} (eyebrows that meet in the middle)  :: monociglio
unicameral {adj} /junɨˈkæməɹəl/ (having a single legislative chamber)  :: unicamerale, monocamerale
unicameralism {n} (principle of having single chamber legislative body)  :: unicameralismo {m}
unicellular {adj} (having a single cell)  :: unicellulare
Unicode {prop} /ˈjunɪˌkoːd/ (series of computer encoding standards)  :: Unicode {m}
unicorn {n} /ˈjunɪkɔɹn/ (mythical beast)  :: unicorno {m}
unicycle {n} (one-wheeled pedaled cycle)  :: monociclo {m}
unicyclist {n} (person who operates a unicycle)  :: uniciclista {m} {f}
unidentified flying object {n} (anything in the air not readily explainable)  :: oggetto volante non identificato {m}, OVNI {m} [abbreviation]
unifacial {adj}  :: unifacciale
unifiable {adj} (able to be united or unified)  :: unificabile
unification {n} (act of unifying)  :: unificazione {f}
unifiliar {adj}  :: unifilare
uniflorous {adj} (bearing a single flower)  :: unifloro
uniform {adj} /ˈjunəfɔɹm/ (unvarying)  :: uniforme
uniform {adj} (consistent)  :: uniforme
uniform {n} (distinctive outfit as a means of identifying members of a group)  :: uniforme {m}, divisa {f}
uniform {n} (the letter "U" in ICAO spelling alphabet)  :: Udine
uniform antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: averla formichiera unicolore
uniformitarianism {n} /juːnɪfɔːmɪˈtɛːɹɪənɪzm/ (the scientific principle that natural processes operated in the past in the same way that they do today)  :: attualismo {m}
uniformly {adv} /ˈjunəfɔɹmli/ (in a uniform manner)  :: uniformemente
unify {v} /ˈjuːnɪfaɪ/ (cause to become one)  :: unificare
unilateralism {n} (tendency of nations to act on their own)  :: unilateralismo {m}
unilocular {adj} (having a single loculus or compartment)  :: uniloculare
uninjured {adj} (That did not suffer injury)  :: incolume, indenne, illeso
uninstall {v} (completely remove hardware or software)  :: disinstallare
uninstallation {n} (process of removing a program)  :: disinstallazione {f}
unintelligible {adj} /ˌʌnɪnˈtɛlɨdʒɨbəl/ (not intelligible)  :: inintelligibile, incomprensibile
unintentionally {adv} (in an unintentional manner)  :: involontariamente
uninterrupted {adj} (without interruption)  :: ininterrotto
uninterruptedly {adv} (without interruption)  :: ininterrottamente
union {n} (trade union) SEE: trade union  ::
union {n} /ˈjuːnjən/ (the act of uniting or the state of being united)  :: unione {f}
union {n} (in set theory)  :: unione {f}
union {n}  :: unione {f}
unionism {n} (trade unionism)  :: operaismo {m}, unionismo {m}
unionist {n} (trade unionist)  :: operaistico {m}; unionista {m} {f}
unipolar {adj} (having a single pole)  :: [physics] omopolare, [physics] monopolare, unipolare
unique {adj} /juːˈniːk/ (one of a kind)  :: unico {m}, unica {f}
uniqueness {n} (state or quality of being unique or one of a kind)  :: unicità {f}
unisex {adj} / ˈjuːnɪˌseks ]/ (not distinguished on the basis of sex or gender)  :: epiceno
unisexual {adj} (having characteristics of a single sex)  :: unisessuale
unison {n} /ˈjunɨsən/ (music: the simultaneous playing of an identical note more than once)  :: unisono {m}
unit {n} /ˈjuː.nɪt/ (standard measure of a quantity)  :: unità {f}
unit {n} (organized group comprising people and/or equipment)  :: unità
unit {n} (kilowatt-hour as recorded on an electricity meter) SEE: kilowatt-hour  ::
Unitarianism {n} (the religious belief that God is a single person)  :: unitarianismo {m}
Unitarian Universalism {prop} (religion which encourages theological liberalism)  :: unitariani universalisti {m}
unitary {adj} ((government))  :: unitario
unit cell {n} (smallest repeating structure in crystal)  :: cella elementare {f}
unit circle {n} (circle of radius 1)  :: circonferenza unitaria {f}
unit circle {n} (circle of radius 1 with centre at the origin, used in trigonometry)  :: circonferenza unitaria {f}
unite {v} /juˈnaɪt/ ((transitive) to bring together as one)  :: unire
united {adj} /juːˈnaɪtɪd/ (joined into a single entity)  :: unito {m}
united {adj} (involving the joint activity of multiple agents)  :: unito {m}
United Arab Emirates {prop} /juːˌnaɪtɪd ˌæɹəb ˈɛmɪɹɪts/ (country in the Middle East)  :: Emirati Arabi Uniti {m-p}
United Kingdom {prop} /juːˌnaɪ.tɪd ˈkɪŋ.dəm/ (Kingdom in Europe, see also: Great Britain)  :: Regno Unito {m}, Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord {m}
United Kingdom of Great Britain {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain)  :: Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna {m}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)  :: Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda {m}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)  :: Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord {m}
United Nations {prop} (international coalition)  :: Nazioni Unite {f-p} (Abbr: ONU)
United Nations Economic and Social Council {prop} (one of the six principal organs of the United Nations)  :: Consiglio economico e sociale delle Nazioni Unite
United States {prop} /juːˌnaɪtɨd ˈsteɪts/ (the United States)  :: Stati Uniti {m-p}
United Statesian {adj} (of or pertaining to the United States of America)  :: statunitense {m} {f}
United States of America {prop} /juːˌnaɪtɨd ˌsteɪts əv əˈmɛɹɨkə/ (country in North America)  :: Stati Uniti d'America {m-p}, Stati Uniti {m-p}, SUA
United States Virgin Islands {prop} (a US overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Isole Vergini americane {m-p}
unitive {adj} /ˈjuːnɪtɪv/ (causing or involving unity)  :: unitivo
unit matrix {n} (identity matrix) SEE: identity matrix  ::
unity {n} /ˈjuːnɪti/ (state of being one or undivided)  :: unità {f}
univerbate {v}  :: univerbare
univerbation {n}  :: univerbazione {f}
universal {adj} /ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːɹsl/  :: universale {m} {f}
universalism {n} (universality) SEE: universality  ::
universality {n} (the property of being universal)  :: universalità {f}
universe {n} /ˈjuːnəˌvɝs/ (the Universe)  :: universo {m}
universe {n} (an entity similar to our universe)  :: universo {m}
universe {n} (an imaginary collection of worlds)  :: universo {m}
universe {n} (intense form of world in the sense of perspective or social setting)  :: universo {m}
Universiade {n} (a sport event)  :: universiade {f}
university {n} /junɨˈvɝsəti/ (institution of higher education)  :: università {f}
univoltine {adj} (having one brood or generation in a year)  :: univoltino
unjust {adj} /ʌnˈdʒʌst/ (not fair, just or right)  :: ingiusto
unjustice {n} (injustice) SEE: injustice  ::
unjustifiable {adj} (that cannot be justified)  :: ingiustificabile
unknown {adj} /ʌnˈnoʊn/ (not known)  :: ignoto, sconosciuto
unlawfulness {n}  :: illegalità {f}
unleaded {adj} /ˌʌnˈlɛd.əd/ (without lead)  :: senza piombo
unleash {v} /ʌnˈliʃ/ (to free from a leash)  :: sguinzagliare
unleavened {adj} (without yeast)  :: azzimo
unless {conj} /ənˈlɛs/ (except on a specified condition)  :: a meno che, se non
unlike {prep} /ʌnˈlaɪk/ (in contrast with; as opposed to)  :: a differenza di
unlike {adj} (not likely) SEE: unlikely  ::
unlikely {adj} /ʌnˈlaɪkli/ (not likely)  :: improbabile {m}
unlimited {adj} (limitless or without bounds; unrestricted)  :: illimitato
unlivable {adj} (unfit for habitation)  :: invivibile
unload {v} /ʌnˈloʊd/ (take off or remove the load from something)  :: discaricare
unlock {v} (to undo or open a lock)  :: aprire
unluckily {adv} (without luck)  :: sfortunatamente, purtroppo
unlucky {adj} /ʌnˈlʌki/ (unfortunate)  :: sfortunato
unmanageable {adj} (not manageable; not readily submitting to handling)  :: ingovernabile
unmarked {adj} (not bearing identification)  :: smarcato
unmarked {adj} (sport: not marked)  :: smarcato
unmarked car {n}  :: autocivetta {f}
unmarried {adj} (having no husband or wife)  :: celibe {m}, nubile {f}
unmask {v} /ʌnˈmæsk/ (to remove a mask from someone)  :: smascherare
unmask {v} (to expose the true character of someone)  :: smascherare, palesare, scoprire
unmask {v} (to remove one's mask)  :: smascherarsi
unmasking {n} (act by which somebody is unmasked)  :: smascheramento {m}
unmistakable {adj} (unique, such that it cannot be mistaken for something else)  :: inconfondibile
unmount {v} (reverse operation of mount)  :: smontare, disinstallare
unnamed {adj} (having no name)  :: innominato {m}
unnecessary {adj} /ʌnˈnɛ.səˌsɛ.ɹi/ (not necessary)  :: inutile
unnumbered {adj} (countless)  :: innumerevole
UNO {prop} (United Nations Organization)  :: ONU
unobserved {adj} (Not seen or observed)  :: inosservato
unobtainable {adj} (not able to be acquired or reached)  :: introvabile
unobtrusively {adv} /ˌʌn.əbˈtɹuː.sɪ (in a manner that is not noticeable or blatant)  :: discretamente, alla chetichella
unofficial {adj} (not official)  :: ufficioso {m}
unorthodox {adj} /ʌnˈɔɹθədɑks/ (unusual, unconventional, or idiosyncratic)  :: inusuale, poco convenzionale, poco ortodosso, peculiare, eccentrico
unpack {v} /ʌnˈpæk/ (to remove from a package)  :: sballare, disimballare
unpalatable {adj} (unpleasant to the taste)  :: sgradevole
unpleasant {adj} /ʌnˈplezənt/ (not pleasant)  :: spiacevole, sgradevole
unpleasantness {n} /ʌnˈplezntnəs/ (The property of being unpleasant or disagreeable)  :: spiacevolezza, disaccordo
unplug {v} (unplug, cut power) SEE: pull the plug  ::
unpolluted {adj} (uncontaminated)  :: incontaminato
unpopular {adj} (lacking popularity)  :: impopolare, inviso, malvisto, antipopolare
unpopularity {n} (property or degree of being unpopular)  :: impopolarità {f}
unprecedented {adj} /ʌnˈpɹɛsɪdɛntɪd/ (never before seen or done, without precedent)  :: senza precedenti
unpredictable {adj} (unable to be predicted)  :: imprevedibile {m} {f}
unpredictable {n} (unpredictable thing)  :: imprevisto {m}
unpronounceable {adj} (impossible or difficult to pronounce or articulate)  :: impronunciabile
unprotect {v} (remove access restrictions)  :: sproteggere
unpublished {adj} (not published)  :: inedito
unquestioned {adj} (accepted without question; indisputable)  :: indiscusso
unravel {v} /ʌnˈɹævəl/ (to separate the threads (of))  :: districare, smagliare, sfilacciare
unravel {v} (to become undone; to collapse)  :: disfare
unreadable {adj} (that cannot be read or is not easy to read)  :: illeggibile
unreadable {adj} (not sufficiently interesting to be worth reading)  :: illeggibile
unreal {adj} /ʌnˈɹi.əl/ (not real)  :: irreale
unreality {n}  :: irrealtà
unreasonable {adj} (not reasonable)  :: irragionevole
unreasonableness {n}  :: irragionevolezza
unrecognizable {adj} (that cannot be recognized)  :: irriconoscibile
unreconcilable {adj} (irreconcilable) SEE: irreconcilable  ::
unrelated {adj} (not connected)  :: non correlato
unrelenting {adj} (not relenting)  :: spietato, implacabile
unreliable {adj} (not reliable)  :: inaffidabile {m}
unremarkable {adj} (not remarkable)  :: insignificante
unremitting {adj} (incessant)  :: incessante
unrepeatable {adj}  :: irripetibile
unrepresentable {adj} (cannot be represented)  :: irrappresentabile
unrequited {adj} (not reciprocated)  :: non ricambiato, non corrisposto (unrequited love)
unrequited love {n} (love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is desired)  :: amore non corrisposto {n}
unrewarding {adj} (not providing reward)  :: ingrato
unripe {adj} (not ripe)  :: acerbo
unrobe {v} (disrobe) SEE: disrobe  ::
unsafe {adj} /ʌnˈseɪf/ (not safe)  :: insicura
unsanctioned {adj} (not approved)  :: non approvato, non autorizzato
unsatisfying {adj} (not providing satisfaction)  :: insoddisfacente
unsaturated {adj} (capable of dissolving more solute)  :: insaturo
unsaturated {adj} (having one or more double bonds or triple bonds between carbon atoms)  :: insaturo
unscathed {adj} (not injured/harmed)  :: immune, incolume, senza un graffio, indenne, sano e salvo
unscrupulousness {n} (the state of being unscrupulous)  :: spregiudicatezza {f}
unseemly {adj} (inconsistent with standards, etc.)  :: inappropriato, indicibile, irripetibile
unselfish {adj} (not selfish; selfless; generous; altruistic)  :: altruista, altruistico
unsettling {adj} (That makes one troubled or uneasy)  :: inquietante
unshakable {adj} (not able to be shaken)  :: incrollabile
unshorn {adj} (not shorn)  :: non tosato [of sheep; of hair]
unsightly {adj} /ʌnˈsaɪtli/ (displeasing to the eye)  :: antiestetico {m}
unsigned {adj} (not accepting negative numbers; having only a positive absolute value)  :: senza segno
unsold {adj} (not sold)  :: invenduto {m}, rimanenza {f}
unspeakable {adj} (incapable of being spoken or uttered)  :: indicibile
unstable {adj} /ʌnˈsteɪbəl/ (not stable)  :: instabile
unstable {adj} (readily decomposed or decomposable)  :: instabile
unstoppable {adj} (unable to be stopped)  :: inarrestabile
unstressed {adj} (not stressed or accentuated)  :: atona {f}
unsuitable {adj} (not suitable; unfit; inappropriate)  :: inadatto
unsuited {adj}  :: inadatto, inadeguato, inopportuno
unsung {adj} /ˌʌnˈsʌŋ/ (which has not been lauded or appreciated)  :: sconosciuto, non riconosciuto
unsure {adj} (uncertain)  :: incerto {m}
unsustainability {n} (state or condition of being unsustainable)  :: insostenibilità {f}
unsustainable {adj} (Not sustainable)  :: insostenibile
unsympathetic {adj} (not sympathetic)  :: antipatico
untamed {adj} /ʌnˈteɪmd/ (Wild, uncontrolled, especially of animals not domesticated or trained to human contact)  :: selvatico {m}
untenable {adj} (Not able to be held, as of an opinion or position)  :: insostenibile, indifendibile
unthinkable {adj} /ʌnˈθɪŋkəbəl/ (incapable of being believed; incredible)  :: impensabile
unthread {v} (remove a thread (from))  :: sfilare, sfilarsi
untidiness {n} (the quality of being untidy)  :: disordine {m}, sciatteria {f}, sciattezza {f}
untie {v} /ʌnˈtaɪ/ (to loosen, as something interlaced or knotted)  :: disfare, sciogliere, slegare
untie {v} (to free from fastening or from restraint)  :: disfare
untie {v} (to become untied or loosed)  :: sciogliersi
until {prep} /ʌnˈtɪl/ (up to the time of)  :: finché, fino a quando, fino a
until {conj}  :: fino a
untouchable {n} (pariah) SEE: pariah  ::
untraceable {adj} (not able to be traced)  :: non tracciabile, irrintracciabile, irreperibile
untreated {adj} (not treated)  :: non trattato
untrue {adj} (false)  :: falso
untruism {n} (false statement) SEE: falsehood  ::
untruth {n} /ʌnˈtɹuːθ/ (lie or falsehood)  :: bugia {f}
untruthful {adj} (not giving the truth, lying)  :: bugiardo {m}
ununbium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununbio {m}
ununennium {n} /uːnuːnˈɛniːəm/ (chemical element)  :: ununennio {m}
ununhexium {n} (element with atomic number 116)  :: ununhexio {m}
ununoctium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununoctio {m}
ununpentium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununpentio {m}
ununquadium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununquadio {m}
ununseptium {n} /uːnuːnˈsɛpti.əm/ (element with atomic number 117)  :: ununseptio {m}
ununtrium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununtrio {m}
unununium {n} (systematic name for roentgenium)  :: unununio {m}
unuseful {adj} /ʌnˈjuːsfəl/ (not useful)  :: inutile {m} {f}
unusual {adj} /ʌnˈjuːʒuəl/ (unlike what is expected; differing in some way from the norm)  :: insolito, particolare
unusual {adj} (not usual)  :: inusuale
unveil {v} /ʌnˈveɪl/ (to uncover)  :: svelare
unveil {v} (to reveal oneself)  :: svelarsi
unvisible {adj} (invisible) SEE: invisible  ::
unvoluntary {adj} (involuntary) SEE: involuntary  ::
unwarranted {adj} (unjustified)  :: ingiustificato {m}, immotivato {m}
unwary {adj} (lacking caution)  :: incauto
unwed {adj} (not married) SEE: unmarried  ::
unwed {n} (bachelor or a spinster) SEE: unmarried  ::
unwell {adj} (not well)  :: indisposto
unwholesome {adj} (not wholesome)  :: malsano, insalubre, sfavorevole
unwholesomeness {n} (the state or quality of being unwholesome)  :: insalubrità {f}
unwieldy {adj} /ˌʌnˈwɪəl.di/ (difficult to carry, handle, manage or operate)  :: scomodo {m}
unwillingly {adv} (in an unwilling manner)  :: svogliatamente, malvolentieri, di malavoglia, senza alcun interesse
unwillingness {n} (property of being unwilling)  :: riluttanza
unwisdom {n} (lack of wisdom)  :: malaccortezza {f}
unwise {adj} /ʌnˈwaɪz/ (not wise)  :: imprudente
unwitting {adj} (unaware)  :: ignaro, inconsapevole
unwitting {adj} (unintentional)  :: involontario
unwittingly {adv} /ʌnˈwɪtɪŋli/ (in an unwitting manner)  :: involontariamente, inconsapevolmente
unworthy {adj} /ʌnˈwɝði/ (not worthy)  :: non degno, indegno, immeritevole
up {adv} /ʌp/ (away from earth’s surface)  :: su
up {adv}  :: (in) su
upblow {v} (blow up) SEE: blow up  ::
upbringing {n} (traits)  :: educazione {f}
upbringing {n} (raising or training)  :: educazione {f}
upcoming {adj} (of the relatively near future)  :: prossimo
update {n} /ˈʌp.deɪt/ (action of making something up to date)  :: aggiornamento {m}, attualizzazione
update {n} (action of advising someone so that they are up to date)  :: aggiornamento {m}
update {v} (to make something up to date)  :: aggiornare, attualizzare
update {v} (to advise a person so that they are up to date)  :: aggiornare
upheaval {n} /ʌpˈhi.vəl/ (process of being heaved upward, especially of the earth's crust)  :: sollevamento {m}
uphill {adv} /ˈʌphɪl/ (up a slope, towards higher ground)  :: in salita
uphold {v} /ˌʌpˈhold/ (to support by approval or encouragement)  :: difendere (a right), sostenere (a principle), [law] confermare
upholster {v} /əˈpɒl.stə(ɹ)/ (fit padding etc. to furniture)  :: tappezzare
upholstery {n} /əˈpɐl.stɹi/ (craft or business of upholstering furniture)  :: tappezzeria
upkeep {n} (maintenance; the act or effort of keeping something in good repair)  :: manutenzione {f}
upkeep {v} (to maintain (something) or keep it in good repair)  :: manutenere
upland antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: averla formichiera dei monti
uplift {v} /ʌpˈlɪft/ (to raise something or someone to a higher level)  :: elevare, esaltare
upload {v} /ˈʌpˌloʊd/ (to transfer data)  :: caricare
upload {n} (file transfer)  :: upload, caricamento {m}
up one's sleeve {prep} (hidden, in reserve)  :: Avere un asso nella manica.
upper {adj} /ˈʌpɚ/ (at a higher level, rank or position)  :: superiore
upper {adj}  :: superiore
Upper Austria {prop} (state of Austria)  :: Alta Austria
upper case {n} (capital letters, collectively)  :: maiuscolo {m}, lettera maiuscola {f}, carattere maiuscolo {m}
Uppsala {prop} /ʊpˈsɑlə/ (city in eastern central Sweden)  :: Uppsala {f}
up quark {n} (up quark)  :: quark up {m}
upright {adj} /ˈʌpɹaɪt/ (vertical; erect)  :: eretto {m}, in verticale, dritto {m}, in piedi
upright {adj} (of good morals)  :: integro {m}, retto {m}, onesto {m}, virtuoso {m}
upright {adv} (in or into an upright position)  :: in piedi, in posizione verticale
upright bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
uprising {n} (a popular revolt)  :: rivolta {f}
upsadaisy {interj} (an affectionate encouragement)  :: oplà
ups and downs {n} (idiomatic)  :: alti e bassi
upset {adj} /ˈʌpsɛt/ (angry, distressed, unhappy)  :: sconvolto
upset {n} (disturbance, disruption)  :: turbamento {m}
upset {n} (sports: unexpected victory of a competitor)  :: sorpresa {f}
upset {v} (make (a person) angry, distressed or unhappy)  :: innervosire
upset {v} (disturb, disrupt, unfavorably alter)  :: sconvolgere, angosciare, turbare
upset {v} (tip, overturn)  :: capovolgere, ribaltare, rovesciare
upside down {adv} (inverted)  :: a rovescio, sottosopra
upside down {adv} (in great disorder)  :: sottosopra, a soqquadro
upsilon {n} /ˈupsi.lɔn/ (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: ipsilon
upstairs {adv} /ˌʌpˈstɛɹz/ (up the stairs; on a higher floor or level)  :: di sopra
upstart {adj} (self-important and presumptuous)  :: arricchito, parvenu
upstream {adj} (Biology : towards the 5' end of a DNA molecule)  :: a monte; a monte
uptake {n} (absorption)  :: assorbimento {m}
up the ante {v} (raise the stakes)  :: alzare la posta
up to {prep} (as much as, no more than)  :: fino a
up to {prep} (mathematics: considering all members of an equivalence class the same)  :: a meno di
up-to-date {adj} /ˌʌp tə ˈdeɪt/ (current; recent)  :: aggiornato
up-to-date {adj} (informed of the latest news)  :: aggiornato
uracil {n} (one of the bases of RNA)  :: uracile {f}
uraeus {n} /juˈɹi.əs/ (representation of the sacred asp)  :: ureo {m}
Ural {prop} (river)  :: Ural {m}
Ural Mountains {prop} (mountains)  :: Urali {m-p}
Urals {prop} (Ural Mountains) SEE: Ural Mountains  ::
uraninite {n} (form of uranium dioxide)  :: uraninite {f}
uranium {n} /jʊˈɹeɪniəm/ (uranium (element))  :: uranio {m}
uranium hexafluoride {n} (binary compound of uranium and fluorine, UF6)  :: esafluoruro di uranio {m}
Uranus {prop} /ˈjuɹənəs/ (god of the sky and heavens)  :: Urano {m}
Uranus {prop} (planet)  :: Urano {m}
uranyl {n} (divalent radical UO₂²⁺)  :: uranile {m}
uratolytic {adj}  :: uratolitico
uraturia {n} (The presence of uric acid in the urine)  :: uraturia {f}
urban {adj} /ˈɝbən/ (of the city; characteristic of city life)  :: urbano {m}
Urban {prop} (male given name)  :: Urbano {m}
urbanism {n} (urbanization) SEE: urbanization  ::
urbanization {n} (growth of cities)  :: urbanizzazione {f}
urbanization {n} (change in region)  :: urbanizzazione {f}
urbanization {n} (proportion living in cities)  :: urbanizzazione {f}
urchin {n} /ˈɝ.tʃɪn/ (mischievous child)  :: monello, birichino, peste
urchin {n} (hedgehog)  :: riccio {m}
urea {n} /jʊˈɹiːə/ (organic compound)  :: urea {f}
ureic {adj} (Of or relating to urea)  :: ureico
uremia {n} (blood poisoning due to retention of waste products)  :: uremia {f}
urethra {n} /jʊˈɹiːθɹə/ (anatomical tube)  :: uretra {f}
urethroscopy {n} (examination of the interior of the urethra)  :: uretroscopia {f}
urethrotomy {n} (operation which involves the incision of the urethra)  :: uretrotomia {f}, uretrectomia {f}
ureylene {n} (The divalent functional group -NH-CO-NH- derived from urea)  :: ureilenico {m}
urge {n} /ɜːd͡ʒ/ (a strong desire; an itch to do something)  :: pulsione {f}
urge {v}  :: esortare
urgency {n} (quality or condition of being urgent)  :: urgenza {f}, urgenze {f-p}
urgent {adj} /ˈɚdʒənt/ (requiring immediate attention)  :: urgente
Ur-Germanic {prop} (hypothetical prehistoric ancestor language)  :: Proto-germanico
Uri {prop} (canton of Switzerland)  :: Canton Uri
Uriah {prop} (biblical character)  :: Uria {m}
Uriah {prop} (male given name)  :: Uria {m}
Uriah Heep {n} (yes man) SEE: yes man  ::
Uriah Heep {v} (brownnose) SEE: brownnose  ::
uric {adj} (pertaining to urine)  :: urico
uric acid {n} (bicyclic heterocyclic phenolic compound)  :: acido urico {m}
uricotelism {n} (The excretion of uric acid or its salts as a result of deamination)  :: uricotelismo {m}
urinal {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
urinal {n} /ˈjʊɹɪnəl/ (fixture for standing urination)  :: orinatoio {m}
urinal {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
urinal {n} (latrine) SEE: latrine  ::
urinary {adj} (urinary)  :: urinario
urinary bladder {n} (urinary bladder)  :: vescica {f}
urinate {v} /ˈjɝɹɪneɪt/ (to pass urine from the body)  :: orinare, urinare, liberarsi
urination {n} (the process of eliminating liquid waste from the body)  :: minzione {f}
urine {n} /ˈjʊɹɪn/ (liquid excrement)  :: orina {f}, urina {f}
urn {n} /ɝn/ (a vase with a footed base)  :: urna {f}
urobacterium {n} (Any bacterium that hydrolyzes urea to yield ammonia and carbon dioxide)  :: urobatterio {m}
urography {n} (radiography of the urinary track)  :: urografia {f}
urologic {adj} (of or pertaining to urology)  :: urologico
urological {adj} (of or pertaining to urology) SEE: urologic  ::
urologist {n} (doctor of urology)  :: urologo {m}, urologa {f}
urology {n} (branch of medicine dealing with urinary tract and urogenital system)  :: urologia {f}
uropathy {n} (disease or disorder of the urinary tract)  :: uropatia {f}
uropygial gland {n} (A secretory organ, at the base of a bird's tail, that secretes the oil used in preening)  :: uropigio {m}
Ursa Major {prop} /ˌɝsə ˈmeɪdʒɚ/ (large circumpolar constellation of the northern sky)  :: Orsa Maggiore
ursigram {n} (A message broadcast by telex, radio or otherwise, containing scientific data)  :: ursigramma {m}
Ursula {prop} (female given name)  :: Orsola, Ursula
urticaria {n} /ˌɜɹ.tɪˈkeə.ɹi.ə/ (medical condition)  :: orticaria {f}
urticarious {adj} (Relating to, or of the nature of, urticaria)  :: orticarico
Uruguay {prop} /ˈjʊɹ.ə.ɡwaɪ/ (country)  :: Uruguay {m}
Uruguayan {n} /uɹuˈɡwaɪən/ (a person from Uruguay)  :: uruguaiano {m}, uruguaiana {f}
Uruguayan {adj} (of Uruguay)  :: uruguaiano {m}, uruguaiana {f}
us {pron} /əs/ (objective case of "we")  :: noi, a noi, ci
USA {prop} /juː ɛs ˈeɪ/ (United States of America)  :: U.S.A. {m-p}
usage {n} /ˈjuːsɪd͡ʒ/ (habit or accepted practice)  :: uso
usage {n}  :: uso {m}, utilizzo {m}
US American {n} (inhabitant or citizen of the United States of America)  :: statunitense {m} {f}
usance {n} (customary or habitual usage)  :: usanza
USB adapter {n} (controller that plugs into a USB port)  :: adattatore USB {m}
USB port {n} (port for USB connection)  :: porta USB {f}
use {v} (to use) SEE: consume  ::
use {n} /juːs/ (act of using)  :: uso {m}
use {v} /juz/ (employ, apply)  :: usare, utilizzare
use {v} (rare: to habitually do)  :: essere solito
use {v} (used to) SEE: used to  ::
use-by date {n} (The date by which it is advised that a perishable product be consumed)  :: data di scadenza {f}
used to {adj} /juːs(t).tu/ (accustomed to)  :: abituato a
used to {v} /juːzd/ (formerly and habitually or repeatedly)  :: use the imperfect tense of the verb that follows
used to {v} (formerly and habitually or repeatedly)  :: I used to eat cheese - Mangiavo il formaggio
useful {adj} /ˈjuːsfəl/ (having a practical or beneficial use)  :: utile
useful idiot {n} (political sense)  :: utile idiota {m-f}
useless {adj} /ˈjuːs.ləs/ (without use or possibility to be used)  :: inutile {m} {f}
useless {adj} (unhelpful, pointless)  :: inutile
useless {adj} (good-for-nothing, not dependable)  :: inutile, buono a nulla
useless {adj} (unable to do well)  :: negato
user {n} /ˈjuːzəɹ/ (one who uses something, a consumer)  :: utente {m} {f}
user {n} (person who uses a computer)  :: utente {m} {f}
user-friendliness {n} (quality of being user-friendly)  :: ergonomia
user-friendly {adj} (designed to be easy to use)  :: facile da usare
user interface {n} (the part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with)  :: interfaccia utente {f}
username {n} (a person's identification on an individual computer system)  :: nome utente {m}
ushanka {n} (a traditional Russian fur cap with earflaps)  :: colbacco {m}
usher {n} /ˈʌʃ.ɚ]/ (person who escorts people to their seats)  :: maschera {f}
usher {n} (doorkeeper in a courtroom)  :: usciere {m}, messo {m}
usher {n}  :: uscière {m}
usher {v} (to guide people to their seats)  :: accompagnare, guidare
usher {v} (to accompany or escort)  :: scortare, introdurre
usher {v} (to precede; to act as a forerunner or herald)  :: precedere, precorrere
usher in {v} (announce the arrival of)  :: annunciare
Usonian {adj} /juːˈsoʊni.ən/ (of the USA)  :: statunitense
Usonian {adj} (of Usonian architecture)  :: usoniano
Usonian {n} (a citizen of the USA, as opposed to an inhabitant of America as a whole)  :: statunitense
ustrinum {n} (The site of a funeral pyre in Ancient Rome)  :: ustrino {m}
usual {adj} /ˈjuːʒʊəl/ (most commonly occurring)  :: solito, usuale, consueto
usually {adv} /ˈjuːʒʊəli/ (most of the time)  :: di solito, generalmente, solitamente
usucaption {n} (acquisition)  :: usucapione {m}
usufruct {n} /ˈjuːz(j)ʊfɹʌkt/ (legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person)  :: usufrutto {m}, usofrutto {m}
usufructuary {n} /ˌjuːz(j)ʊˈfɹʌktʃʊˌəɹi/ (a person who holds property, or the use of assets, by usufruct)  :: usufruttuario {m}
usurp {v} /juˈsɜɹp/ (to seize power)  :: usurpare
US Virgin Islands {prop} (Country in the Caribbean)  :: Isole Vergini americane
utensil {n} /juˈtɛn.səl/ (device for domestic use, in the kitchen, or in war)  :: utensile {m}
uterine {adj} /ˈjutəɹaɪn/ (of or pertaining to the uterus)  :: uterino
uterus {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
Utican {adj} (Of or from Utica)  :: uticense
utilisation {n} (act of using)  :: utilizzazione {f}, utilizzo {m}
utilisation {n} (manner of using)  :: utilizzazione {f}, utilizzo {m}
utilitarianism {n} (the theory of the "greatest happiness for the greatest number of people")  :: utilitarismo
utilitarianism {n}  :: utilitarismo
utility {adj} /juːˈtɪl.ɪ.ti/ (state or condition of being useful)  :: utilità {f}
utility {adj} (something that is useful)  :: attrezzo {m}, strumento {m}
utility {adj} (business: service provider)  :: fornitore {m}, servizio {m}
utility model {n} (an intellectual property right)  :: modello di utilità
utility pole {n} (tall cylinder)  :: palo del telefono {m}, palo del telegrafo {m}
utilization {n} (utilization) SEE: utilisation  ::
utmost {adj} /ˈʌtməʊst/  :: massimo
utopia {n} /juˈtoʊpi.ə/ (world in perfect harmony)  :: utopia {f}
utraquism {n} (Christian doctrine)  :: utraquismo {m}
Utrecht {prop} /ˈjuˌtɹɛkt/ (province of the Netherlands)  :: Utrecht {m}
Utrecht {prop} (city in the Netherlands)  :: Utrecht {f}
utricular {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or having utricles)  :: otricolare
Utsunomiya {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Utsunomiya
utter {adj} /ˈʌtɚ/ (absolute)  :: assoluto, totale, completo
utter {v} (say)  :: pronunciare, proferire, dire
utter {v} (use the voice)  :: tirare, esalare
utter {v} (make speech sounds)  :: biascicare, proferire
utter {v} (make a noise)  :: emettere
utterly {adv} (in complete manner) SEE: completely  ::
uvula {n} /ˈjuːv.jə.lə/ (appendage that hangs from the palate)  :: ugola {f}
uvular {adj} /ˈjuːvjʊləɹ/ (of or relating to the uvula)  :: uvulare
uvular {adj} (of a sound, articulated with the uvula)  :: uvulare
uxoricide {n} (a man who kills his wife)  :: uxoricida
uxoricide {n} (the killing of one's wife)  :: uxoricidio {m}
Uyghur {n} /uj.ˈɡuɹ/ (ethnic group)  :: uiguro {m}
Uyghur {prop} (language)  :: uiguro {m}
Uzbekistan {prop} (Republic of Uzbekistan)  :: Uzbekistan {m}