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q {letter}  :: letter
q {pron} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of que
q {pron} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of quê
{conj} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of que
Q {letter}  :: letter
Qatar {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Catar
q.b. {prep}  :: abbreviation of quanto baste
QED {interj} [science]  :: QED
qüera {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of quera
qüera {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of quera
QG {m}  :: initialism of quartel-general HQ
qi {m}  :: chi (the fundamental life-force or energy in Chinese folklore)
QI {m}  :: IQ
qigong {m} [alternative medicine]  :: qigong (a Chinese system of body movement and meditation)
qi-gong {m}  :: alternative spelling of qigong
Qin {prop} {mp}  :: Qin (ancient Chinese dynasty)
Qin {prop} {m}  :: Qin (ancient empire)
qüingentésimo {ordinal num}  :: obsolete spelling of quingentésimo
qüinquagésimo {ordinal num}  :: superseded spelling of quinquagésimo
qq {pron} [internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of qualquer
quê {pron} [sentence-final]  :: what (which thing)
quê {m}  :: a characteristic (distinguishable feature of a person or thing)
quê {m}  :: cue (name of the letter Q, q)
quẽ {pron} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of quem
quac {m}  :: quack (sound made by a duck)
quac {interj} [onomatopoeia]  :: quack (imitative of the sound of a duck)
quacre {mf} [religion]  :: Quaker (member of the Religious Society of Friends)
quaderno {m}  :: obsolete form of caderno
quadra {f}  :: block of buildings
quadra {f}  :: sport venue; court
quadra {f} [Poetry]  :: a quatrain
quadra {f}  :: season, period, time
quadra {f}  :: (lottery) a set of four numbers
quadra {f} [cards]  :: four
quadra {f}  :: quadrangle
quadra {f}  :: large square compound where samba schools practice
Quadra {prop}  :: Quadra (placename)
quadrado {m} [geometry]  :: square (polygon)
quadrado {m} [mathematics]  :: square (the second power of a number)
quadrado {adj} [geometry, uncomparable]  :: square-shaped
quadrado {adj} [slang, offensive]  :: describes a traditionalist (one who adheres to tradition, especially in cultural or religious practices)
quadragésimo {ordinal num}  :: fortieth
quadrante {m} [geometry, mathematics]  :: quadrant (one of the four sections made by dividing an area with two perpendicular lines)
quadrante {m} [nautical, astronomy]  :: quadrant (instrument used to measure angles of altitude)
quadribol {m} [Brazil]  :: Quidditch
quadriculado {adj}  :: checkered (divided into squares)
quadriculado {m}  :: grid (array of squares)
quadricular {v}  :: to grid (to divide into squares)
quadridimensional {adj} [algebraic geometry, physics]  :: four-dimensional
quadriga {f}  :: quadriga
quadril {m} [anatomy]  :: hip
quadrilateral {adj}  :: quadrilateral (having four sides)
quadrilha {f} [collective]  :: gang (group of criminals or alleged criminals)
quadrilha {f} [dance]  :: quadrille
quadrilha {f} [colloquial, collective]  :: crowd
quadrilhão {m}  :: alternative form of quatrilhão
quadrilátero {adj}  :: quadrilateral (having four sides)
quadrilátero {m}  :: quadrilateral (polygon having four sides)
quadrimestral {adj}  :: Occurring at intervals of four months; triannual
quadrimestralmente {adv}  :: Every four months; triannually
quadringentésimo {ordinal num}  :: four hundredths
quadrinho {m}  :: diminutive of quadro
quadrinho {m}  :: panel (single frame in a comic strip)
quadrinhos {mp}  :: comics (artistic medium consisting of a series of panels)
quadriplégico {adj}  :: quadriplegic (suffering from quadriplegia)
quadriplégico {m}  :: quadriplegic (one who suffers from quadriplegia)
quadripolo {m}  :: quadripole
quadrângulo {m}  :: quadrilateral; quadrangle (polygon having four sides)
quadro {m} [art]  :: painting; picture
quadro {m}  :: square
quadro {m}  :: frame
quadro {m}  :: description; outline
quadro {m}  :: board, e.g. blackboard, chalkboard, whiteboard
quadro de giz {m}  :: chalkboard; blackboard (slate board for writing on with chalk)
quadro-negro {m}  :: blackboard (a surface that can be written upon with chalk)
quadrúpede {adj}  :: quadrupedal (walking on four feet)
quadrúpede {m}  :: quadruped (a four-legged animal)
quadrúpede {mf} [slang, offensive]  :: a stupid person
quadrático {adj} [mathematics]  :: quadratic (having a degree of 2)
quadruplicar {v}  :: to quadruple; to quadruplicate; to fourfold (increase to four times as much)
quadrupolo {m} [physics]  :: quadrupole (configuration equivalent to two dipoles that point in opposite directions)
quaes {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of quais
quaje {adv}  :: eye dialect of quase
qual {pron}  :: which (what one)
qualé {interj}  :: eye dialect of qual é
qualidade {f}  :: quality
qualidade de vida {f}  :: quality of life (general well-being of individuals and societies)
qualificado {v}  :: past participle of qualificar
qualificando {v}  :: gerund of qualificar
qualificação {f}  :: qualification (all senses)
qualificar {v}  :: to qualify (all senses)
qualificar {v}  :: to modify
qualificar {v}  :: to classify
qualitativo {adj}  :: qualitative (based on a quality rather than on quantity)
qualquer {pron}  :: any; whatever (no matter what kind, which or who)
qualquer {pron}  :: some (in an unspecified time)
qualquer coisa {adv}  :: in any event (specifically, used to comfort someone about the possibility of something unpleasant happening in the future)
qualquer dia desses {adv} [idiomatic]  :: one of these days (some time in the future)
qualquer que seja {pron}  :: whatever; whichever (no matter which; any)
qualquer um {pron}  :: anyone; anybody
qualquer um {determiner}  :: either; any
quando {adv}  :: [interrogative] when (used in questions about time)
quando {conj}  :: when (at such time)
quando {conj}  :: when (whilst on the contrary)
quando {pron}  :: when (during which)
quando {m}  :: [chiefly poetic] when (a point or period in time)
quando a esmola é demais, o santo desconfia {proverb}  :: When a person acts excessively kind, he or she wants something in return
quando em Roma, faça como os romanos {proverb}  :: when in Rome, do as the Romans do (behave as those around do)
quando muito {adv} [postpositive]  :: at best; if at all
quando o gato sai, os ratos fazem a festa {proverb}  :: when the cat's away the mice will play (in the absence of a controlling entity, subordinates will take advantage of circumstances)
quando o inferno congelar {adv} [idiomatic]  :: when Hell freezes over (absolutely never)
quando um burro fala, o outro abaixa a orelha {proverb} [childish]  :: Two people should not speak simultaneously, otherwise they would not understand each other
quano {adv}  :: eye dialect of quando
quano {conj}  :: eye dialect of quando
quanta {pron}  :: feminine singular of quanto
quantia {f}  :: quantity, amount
quantidade {f}  :: quantity, amount
quantificado {adj}  :: quantified
quantificador {m}  :: anything or anyone who quantifies
quantificador {m} [grammar]  :: quantifier (a word, such as all or many, which expresses a quantity)
quantificador {m} [logic]  :: quantifier (operator which indicates the degree a predicate is true for a specified set)
quantificar {v}  :: to quantify (to assign a quantity to)
quantitativo {adj}  :: quantitative (relating to quantities or numerical values)
quantitativo {adj} [sciences, of research]  :: quantitative (based on the measure or analysis of quantifiable information)
quantitativo {m}  :: sum (an amount of money, especially a total amount)
quanto {prep}  :: as (to the same extent or degree that)
quanto {pron} [interrogative, relative]  :: how much, how many
quanto {pron} [interrogative, relative]  :: how (to what degree)
quanto {pron} [interrogative]  :: how much (what price)
quanto {pron}  :: so many (very numerous; a large number of)
quanto a {prep}  :: regarding; concerning; with regard to
quanto baste {prep} [culinary]  :: sufficient quantity, sufficiently (used in recipes)
quanto custa {phrase}  :: how much does it cost?
quanto maior a altura, maior a queda {proverb}  :: the bigger they are, the harder they fall (literally: The greatest the height, the greatest the fall)
quanto mais {conj}  :: See: quanto mais
quanto mais {conj} [idiomatic, negative polarity item]  :: let alone; to say nothing of
quanto mais as coisas mudam, mais elas ficam iguais {proverb}  :: the more things change, the more they stay the same
quantos {adv}  :: how many; what number
quantum {m} [physics]  :: quantum (indivisible unit of a given quantity)
quanu {adv}  :: eye dialect of quando
quanu {conj}  :: eye dialect of quando
Quanzhou {prop} {f}  :: Quanzhou (city)
Quaraí {prop}  :: Quaraí (placename)
quarenta {num}  :: forty
quarenta {m}  :: forty
quarentena {f} [public health]  :: quarantine (isolation of infected patients)
quarentenado {v}  :: past participle of quarentenar
quarentenando {v}  :: gerund of quarentenar
quarentenar {v}  :: to quarantine
quaresma {f} [Christianity]  :: Lent (period of penitence for Christians before Easter)
quark {m} [particle]  :: quark (an elementary subatomic particle which forms matter)
quark {m}  :: quark (soft creamy cheese)
quark bottom {m} [particle]  :: bottom quark (a type of quark)
quark charm {m} [particle physics]  :: charm quark (a type of quark)
quark down {m} [particle physics]  :: down quark (a type of quark)
quark estranho {m}  :: strange quark (quark having a fractional electric charge of -1/3 and a mass about 80 to 130 MeV)
quark strange {m}  :: strange quark (quark having a fractional electric charge of -1/3 and a mass about 80 to 130 MeV)
quark top {m} [particle]  :: top quark (a type of quark)
quark up {m}  :: up quark (quark having a fractional electric charge of +2/3 and a mass of about 1.5 to 4 MeV)
quarço {m}  :: alternative form of quartzo
quarta {f}  :: quarter, fourth
quarta {f}  :: Shortening of quarta-feira: Wednesday
quarta {adv}  :: Shortening of quarta-feira: on a Wednesday
quarẽta {adj} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of quarenta
quarta de final {f} [sports]  :: quarterfinal
quarta-feira {f}  :: Wednesday
quarta-feira de cinzas {f} [Christianity]  :: Ash Wednesday (first day of Lent)
quarteirão {m}  :: block (in a city)
quarteirão {m}  :: quarter (part of a city)
quartel {m}  :: quarters, barracks
quartel-general {m}  :: headquarters (military installation from which troops are commanded and orders are issued)
quartel-general {m} [by extension]  :: headquarters (centre of an organisation’s operations or administration)
Quartel Geral {prop}  :: Quartel Geral (placename)
quartel-mestre {m} [military]  :: quartermaster (officer responsible for supplies)
quarteto {m} [music]  :: quartet (music composition in four parts)
quarteto {m} [music]  :: quartet (four musicians who perform a piece of music together)
quarteto {m}  :: quartet (group of four)
quarteto de cordas {m} [music]  :: string quartet (group of four string players)
quartilho {m}  :: pint (unit of volume for liquids: 568 millilitres)
quartilho {m} [Portugal]  :: half a litre
quartinho {m}  :: cubicle
quartinho {m}  :: closet
quartinho {m}  :: latrine
quarto {m}  :: quarter; fourth (one of four equal parts)
quarto {m}  :: room (subdivision within a building)
quarto {m}  :: [specifically] bedroom (room used to sleep in and keep personal objects)
quarto {m}  :: [historical] quarter (unit of volume for liquids equivalent to a quarter of a tun)
quarto de banho {m} [Portugal]  :: bathroom, toilet
quarto minguante {f}  :: last quarter
quartzo {m} [mineral]  :: quartz
quasar {m} [galaxy]  :: quasar (an extragalactic object)
quase {adv}  :: almost (very close to)
quase {m} [colloquial]  :: almost (a situation that almost happens)
quasi {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of quase
quasipartícula {f} [particle]  :: quasiparticle (entity that has some characteristics of a distinct particle)
quasímodo {m}  :: Quasimodo (first Sunday after Easter)
quasímodo {m}  :: an extremely ugly and disfigured individual
Quatá {prop}  :: Quatá (placename)
quaternário {adj}  :: quaternary (having four elements)
quaternário {adj} [geology]  :: Quaternary (relating to the current geological period)
Quaternário {prop} {m} [geology]  :: Quaternary (geological period)
quati {m}  :: coati
Quatis {prop}  :: Quatis (placename)
quatorze {num} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of catorze
quatorze {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of catorze
quatrilhão {m}  :: quadrillion (a thousand trillion, 1015)
quatrilião {m}  :: alternative form of quatrilhão
quatro {num}  :: four
quatro {m}  :: four
quatrocentos {adj}  :: four hundred; 400
quatrocentos {m}  :: four hundred (the value of 400, or something with the value of 400)
Quatro Irmãos {prop}  :: Quatro Irmãos (placename)
quatro olhos {mf} [derogatory]  :: four-eyes (person who wears spectacles)
quays {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of quais
quaze {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of quase
quazi {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of quase
Québec {prop}  :: alternative form of Quebec
qubit {m} [computing]  :: qubit (quantum bit)
quíchua {mf}  :: Quechua (member of a Quechuan ethnic group)
quíchua {mf} [uncountable]  :: Quechua (language)
quíchua {adj}  :: Quechuan
quéchua {mf}  :: alternative form of quíchua
quéchua {adj}  :: alternative form of quíchua
quãdo {adv} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of quando
quãdo {conj} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of quando
quãdo {pron} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of quando
quádruplo {adj}  :: quadruple (being four times as long, as big or as many of something)
quádruplo {m}  :: an amount four times greater than another amount
que {conj}  :: that (connecting noun clause)
que {conj}  :: that (introducing the result of the main clause)
que {conj}  :: than (used in comparisons, to introduce the basis of comparison)
que {conj}  :: [only in subordinate clauses] because; since; for (introduces explanatory clause)
que {pron}  :: [interrogative] what (used to ask for a specification)
que {pron}  :: [relative] which; that; who (of those mentioned)
que {pron}  :: [indefinite] what thing
que {pron}  :: what a (preceding nouns); how (preceding adjectives) (indicates surprise, delight, or other strong feelings)
Quebec {prop} {mf}  :: Quebec (province)
Quebec {prop} {mf}  :: Quebec (city/provincial capital)
quebequense {mf}  :: Québécois, Quebecer (native of Quebec)
quebequense {prop} {m}  :: Québécois (the French dialect spoken in Quebec)
quebequense {adj}  :: Québécois (of, from or relating to Quebec)
quebra {f}  :: break; breaking (the act of breaking)
quebra {f}  :: breach; break (space that opens between things)
quebra {f}  :: interruption (time during which there is a cessation of a service)
quebra {f}  :: breach (breaking up of a relationship or obligation)
quebra {f}  :: bankruptcy (lack of funds to pay debts or continue in operation)
quebra-cabeça {m} [colloquial]  :: problem
quebra-cabeça {m}  :: a difficult question
quebra-cabeça {m}  :: puzzle
quebra-cabeça {m}  :: jigsaw puzzle
quebracho {m}  :: quebracho (South American tree with hard, tannin-rich wood)
quebra-corações {mf}  :: heartbreaker (person who causes sorrow)
quebrada {f} [slang, often used in plural]  :: neighboorhood
quebrada {f} [slang]  :: a place in a town or city where drugs are routinely consumed, often without knowledge of authorities
quebradeira {f} [economics]  :: generalised bankruptcy; economic crisis
quebradeira {f}  :: exhaustion (supreme tiredness)
quebradeira {f}  :: generalised breaking of things; breakage
quebradeira {f}  :: brawl (a fight, especially one with a large number of people involved)
quebradeira {f}  :: a woman who works cracking open nuts or coconuts
quebradiço {adj}  :: brittle
quebradiço {adj}  :: friable, crumbly
quebrado {adj}  :: In separate pieces; fragmented; broken
quebrado {adj} [of an object]  :: Not working properly; broken
quebrado {adj} [of a body part]  :: Having the bone in pieces; fractured; broken
quebrado {adj}  :: Having no money; bankrupt; broken; broke
quebrador de gelo {m}  :: icepick (a pointed tool used for breaking ice)
quebra-galho {m} [colloquial]  :: kludge (temporary, inelegant solution)
quebra-galhos {m}  :: alternative form of quebra-galho
quebra-gelo {m}  :: icebreaker (ship designed to break through ice)
quebra-gelo {m}  :: icebreaker (game, activity, humorous anecdote, etc. designed to relax a group)
quebra-jejum {m}  :: breakfast
quebra-mar {m}  :: breakwater (construction around a harbour)
quebra-nozes {m}  :: nutcracker
quebra-nozes {m}  :: nutcracker (bird)
quebrantamento {m} [Christianity]  :: acceptance of one’s own failings and defects as a human being
quebrantamento {m}  :: abatement (lessening of intensity)
quebrantamento {m}  :: transgression (violation of a rule)
quebrantamento {m}  :: destruction; breaking; devastation
quebrantamento {m}  :: hurt (physical or psychological injury)
quebrantar {v}  :: to evil-eye (to cast an evil-eye upon)
quebrar {v}  :: to break (to end up or cause to end up in two or more pieces that cannot easily be reassembled)
quebrar {v}  :: to fracture a bone
quebrar {v}  :: to break down (to stop, or to cause to stop, functioning properly or altogether)
quebrar {v}  :: to break (to do that which is forbidden by a rule, promise, etc.)
quebrar {v}  :: to break (to ruin or be ruined financially)
quebrar {v} [of a wave]  :: to break (collapse into surf)
quebrar {v} [figurative]  :: to beat up (to give a severe beating to)
quebrar {v}  :: to break (to set a new record)
quebraraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of quebraram
quebraraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of quebrarão
quebrar a cabeça {v} [idiomatic]  :: to rack one's brain (struggle to think of something)
quebrar a cara {vi} [idiomatic]  :: to fail
quebrarão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of quebraram
quebrar o galho {v}  :: to be a mediocre substitute for someone or something
quebrar o gelo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to break the ice (to start to get to know people, by avoiding awkwardness)
queca {f} [colloquial]  :: fuck
quedê {pron}  :: dated form of cadê
queda {f}  :: a fall
queda {f}  :: drop
queda {f}  :: crash
queda {f}  :: talent, ability
queda {f}  :: downfall, decay, decline
queda de braço {f} [sports]  :: arm wrestling (a strength sport)
queda d'água {f}  :: waterfall (flow of water over the edge of a cliff)
queda-d'água {f}  :: waterfall (flow of water over the edge of a cliff)
quedar {vi}  :: to stay quiet or still
quedar {vp}  :: to linger (to stay in a place or situation for too long)
quedar {vp} [copulative]  :: to stay; to remain (not to change from a condition)
quede {pron}  :: dated form of cadê
que diabos {phrase} [colloquial]  :: what the hell
quediva {m} [historical]  :: khedive (Ottoman viceroy of Egypt)
quedival {adj}  :: of or relating to a khedive
Queensland {prop} {m}  :: Queensland (state)
quefir {m}  :: kefir (fermented milk from the Caucasus and Eastern Europe)
que fosse {adv} [postpositive]  :: the past form of que seja: modifies a quantity in past negative or past potential contexts (possibilities, necessities, wishes) or counterfactuals to express that the quantity is small but would have been sufficient: even; only
que horas são {phrase}  :: what time is it?; what's the time?
queijeiro {m}  :: cheesemaker (person who makes cheese)
queijo {m}  :: cheese (dairy product)
queijo americano {m}  :: American cheese (processed cheese with a medium-firm consistency)
queijo americano {m}  :: See: queijo americano
queijo azul {m}  :: blue cheese (kind of cheese with bluish mold)
queijo suíço {m}  :: Swiss cheese (cheese with holes)
queijo suíço {m} [figurative]  :: something full of holes
queim {pron}  :: eye dialect of quem
queima {f}  :: burn; burning (the act of burning)
queimada {f} [Brazil]  :: forest fire
queimada {f}  :: dodgeball
Queimadas {prop}  :: Queimadas (placename)
queimado {adj}  :: That has been harmed by a burn; burned; burnt
Queimados {prop}  :: Queimados (placename)
queimadura {f}  :: a burn
queimadura de primeiro grau {f} [medicine]  :: first-degree burn (mild burn)
queimadura de segundo grau {f} [medicine]  :: second-degree burn (burn that blisters the skin)
queimadura de terceiro grau {f} [medicine]  :: third-degree burn (severe burn)
queimamento {m}  :: burn (act of burning something)
queimação {f}  :: burn (physical sensation in the muscles)
queimação {f}  :: heartburn (pain in the chest caused by stomach acid entering the gullet)
queimar {vi}  :: to burn
queimar {vt}  :: to set on fire
queimar {vi}  :: to feel hot
queimar a rosca {vi} [idiom, LGBT, often said of a man]  :: to take it up the ass (to assume a passive role in anal sex)
queimar as pontes {v} [idiomatic]  :: to burn one's bridges (to destroy connections or opportunities)
queimar as pontes {v}  :: See: queimar as pontes
Queiroz {prop}  :: Queiroz (placename)
Queiroz {prop} {mf} [archaic in Portugal]  :: alternative form of Queirós
Queirós {prop} {mf}  :: surname
queixa {f}  :: complaint
queixa {f}  :: grievance
queixa {f}  :: lamentation
queixada {mf}  :: any animal of the Tayassuidae family (a wild pig family of the Americas)
queixada {mf}  :: white-lipped peccary (Tayassu pecari), a hog-like animal species found in Central and South America
queixada {m} [skeleton]  :: mandible, the lower jawbone
queixado {v}  :: past participle of queixar
queixando {v}  :: gerund of queixar
queixar {vp}  :: to complain
queixar {vp}  :: to whine, whinge
queixar-se {v}  :: to complain
queixinho {m}  :: small chin
queixo {m}  :: chin (bottom of the face)
queixo duplo {m}  :: double chin (a layer of fat under the chin)
quela {f}  :: chela (claw)
quelante {adj} [chemistry]  :: chelating
quelação {f} [chemistry]  :: chelation
quelatado {v}  :: past participle of quelatar
quelatando {v}  :: gerund of quelatar
quelatar {v} [chemistry]  :: to chelate
quelato {m} [chemistry]  :: chelate, chelate compound
quelónio {m} [European orthography]  :: turtle (any reptile of the order Testudines)
quelônio {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative spelling of quelónio
queloidal {adj} [pathology]  :: keloidal (pertaining to or causing keloids)
queloide {m} [pathology]  :: keloid (hard, raised growth of scar tissue)
Queluz {prop}  :: Queluz (town)
Queluz {prop}  :: Queluz (Queluz)
Queluzito {prop}  :: Queluzito (placename)
quem {pron} [interrogative]  :: who; whom (which person?)
quem {pron} [relative]  :: who; whom (the person who)
quem {pron} [indefinite]  :: those who; people who; anyone who
que mal lhe pergunte {phrase}  :: Said preceding a question that may be seem as too rude or personal, to reduce the impact of said question
quem ama, castiga {proverb}  :: spare the rod and spoil the child (if one does not discipline a child he or she will never learn obedience)
quem ama o feio, bonito lhe parece {proverb}  :: The judgement of someone's loved ones is biased, they are going to find qualities in him/her where there are none
quem conta um conto acrescenta um ponto {proverb}  :: every storyteller adds a little detail to the story
que meda {phrase} [sarcastic]  :: used to dismiss a threat
quem espera sempre alcança {proverb}  :: good things come to those who wait
quem me dera {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: I wish (I would very much like that to be so, even though it is unlikely)
quem não ajuda, não atrapalha {proverb}  :: people should only try to help if they can really help, rather than risk being a disturbance
quem não arrisca não petisca {proverb}  :: nothing ventured, nothing gained; no pain, no gain (if one takes no risks, one will not gain any benefits)
quem não tem cão, caça com gato {proverb}  :: people should adapt to each situation
quem não tem cão, caça como gato {proverb}  :: People should adapt to each situation
quem-nós-sabemos {pron}  :: you-know-who (known and unmentioned person)
quem nunca pecou que atire a primeira pedra {proverb}  :: let him who is without sin cast the first stone (only those who are faultless have the right to pass judgement on others)
quem procura acha {proverb}  :: seek and ye shall find (literally: Who seeks, finds)
quem quer que {pron}  :: whoever (whatever person or people)
quem ri por último ri melhor {proverb}  :: he who laughs last laughs best
quem sabe {phrase}  :: See: quem sabe
quem sabe {phrase}  :: who knows (a rhetorical question asked to show that the asker neither knows the answer nor who might know it)
quem sabe {phrase}  :: who knows (asked to express the idea that anything is possible)
quem sabe {phrase}  :: when directly followed by a clause: how about (introduces a suggestion )
quem sabe {adv}  :: maybe; perhaps (indicates uncertainty)
quem semeia vento colhe tempestade {proverb}  :: alternative form of quem semeia ventos colhe tempestades
quem semeia vento colhe tempestades {proverb}  :: alternative form of quem semeia ventos colhe tempestades
quem semeia ventos colhe tempestade {proverb}  :: alternative form of quem semeia ventos colhe tempestades
quem semeia ventos colhe tempestades {proverb}  :: sow the wind, reap the whirlwind (actions have consequences)
quem tudo quer tudo perde {proverb}  :: grasp all, lose all (one who wants everything, may lose it all)
quem vê cara não vê coração {proverb}  :: beauty is only skin deep (a person’s character is more important than their outward appearance)
quem vive pela espada, morre pela espada {proverb}  :: live by the sword, die by the sword (one who uses violence can expect a violent response)
que nada {interj}  :: not at all; on the contrary (indicates that a previous statement is completely mistaken)
quenaf {m}  :: dated spelling of kenaf
quenafe {m}  :: dated spelling of kenaf
que nem {adv} [idiom]  :: like; just alike; similarly to
que nem {adv}  :: See: que nem
quente {adj}  :: hot, warm
quentinha {f} [Brazil, popular]  :: simple disposable lunchbox made of aluminium or styrofoam and used to pack hot meals
quentão {m}  :: mulled wine (wine with spices served hot)
quentão {adj}  :: augmentative of quente
que o diabo carregue {phrase}  :: let [someone] deal with their own problems
quepe {m}  :: kepi (military cap with a flat circular top)
queque {m}  :: muffin (individual cake)
queque {m}  :: cupcake
queque {adj} [Portugal, colloquial]  :: snob
quer {conj}  :: whetheror
quera {adj} [South Brazil]  :: brave; courageous
quera {mf} [South Brazil]  :: a brave person
Querala {prop}  :: alternative form of Kerala
queratina {f} [protein]  :: keratin (protein that hair and nails are made of)
quercista {adj}  :: quercista
querela {f}  :: quarrel (verbal dispute or heated argument)
querelar {vi}  :: to quarrel (to contend, argue strongly, squabble)
querendo {v}  :: gerund of querer
querer {vti}  :: to want; to wish; to desire
querer {v} [que]  :: to want ... to (to want or demand a given thing to occur)
querer {v} [auxiliary with a verb in the impersonal infinitive]  :: to want to (to feel the need to do something)
querer {v} [by extension, usually in the negative, auxiliary with a verb in the impersonal infinitive]  :: to mind; why don’t ... (used to make polite requests)
querer {v} [figurative, auxiliary with a verb in the impersonal infinitive]  :: to be almost; to be about to; to be likely to
querer {v} [a, para, -an indirect objective pronoun]  :: to wish (to want a particular condition to be applied to someone or something)
querer {v} [ditransitive, copulative for the second object]  :: to want (to want someone or something to reach a given state)
querer {vt}  :: to love (to have affection for)
querer {vt} [figurative]  :: to need (to be improvable with)
querer dizer {v} [personal]  :: to mean
querer dizer {v}  :: to mean; to signify
querer porque querer {vt} [idiom, colloquial]  :: to insist tirelessly, unwilling to take no for an answer
querer ser mico de circo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to eat one's hat (used to express disbelief about a proposition)
querer sol na eira e chuva no nabal {v} [idiomatic]  :: to want to have one's cake and eat it too (to seek to have two things which are mutually incompatible)
querida {f}  :: feminine noun of querido
querido {adj}  :: dear
querido {adj}  :: lovely, cute
querido {m}  :: sweetheart
querido {m}  :: darling
querido {v}  :: past participle of querer
quermes {m}  :: alternative form of alquermes
quermesse {f}  :: kirmess (an outdoor festival and fair)
quero {m}  :: alternative spelling of kero
quero-quero {m}  :: southern lapwing (Vanellus chilensis, a bird belonging to the subfamily Vanellinae)
queroquero {m}  :: alternative spelling of quero-quero
querosene {m}  :: kerosene (fuel oil)
quero ver {phrase} [idiom]  :: Said of something one is confident that will not happen
quer saber {phrase}  :: See: quer saber
quer saber {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you know what (used to get attention before announcing something)
querubim {m} [religion]  :: cherub (winged creature represented in the Bible as attending on God)
que seja {adv} [postpositive]  :: modifies a quantity in negative or potential contexts (possibilities, necessities, wishes) to express that the quantity is small but would be sufficient: even; only
que seja {pron}  :: whatever (whatever it is: expresses both uncertainty and indifference towards the nature of something)
que se lixe {interj} [colloquial]  :: screw it!, fuck it!
questaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of questão
questam {f}  :: obsolete spelling of questão
questionamento {m}  :: inquiry (the act of inquiring)
questionamento {m}  :: interrogation (the act of interrogating or questioning someone)
questionar {v}  :: to ask
questionavelmente {adv}  :: questionably (in a questionable manner)
questionário {m}  :: questionnaire (form containing a list of questions)
questionável {adj}  :: questionable (open to doubt or challenge)
questionável {adj}  :: questionable (of dubious respectability or morality)
questão {f}  :: question (phrase asking for information)
questão {f}  :: question (a request for an answer in a test)
questão {f}  :: matter; issue (a point in debate or controversy)
Questão Arménia {prop} {f} [European orthography, historical]  :: Armenian Question (the issues surrounding the status of Armenians)
Questão Armênia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Questão Arménia
que tal {adv} [idiom]  :: what about; how about (used to ask for an opinion about a suggestion)
que tal se {phrase}  :: what if (used to ask for what should be done if the given situation arises)
quetognata {m}  :: chaetognath; arrow worm (any member of the Chaetognatha)
Quevedos {prop}  :: Quevedos (placename)
que vem {adj}  :: next (nearest following, as in dates)
queyxo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of queixo
qui {m}  :: chi (name of the Greek letter Χ)
qui {pron}  :: eye dialect of que
quiçá {adv} [archaic in Brazil]  :: perhaps
quiçà {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of quiçá
quiça {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of quiçá
quiabo {m}  :: okra, Abelmoschus esculentus
quibe {m}  :: kibbeh (a type of dumpling)
quicar {v} [sports, of a ball]  :: to bounce
quiche {f} {m}  :: quiche (pie made of eggs and cream)
quicongo {f}  :: Kongo (language)
quieto {adj}  :: With little or no sound; quiet
quieto {adj}  :: Having little motion or activity; calm; quiet
quieto {adj}  :: Not talking much or not talking loudly; reserved; quiet
quietude {f}  :: quiet (absence of movement or sound)
Quiev {prop} {f} [obsolete]  :: rare spelling of Kiev
Quieve {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Kiev
Quigali {prop} {f}  :: rare spelling of Kigali
Quijingue {prop}  :: Quijingue (placename)
quilate {m}  :: carat (unit of weight for precious stones and pearls, equivalent to 200 milligrams)
quilate {m}  :: carat (measure of the purity of gold)
quilate {m} [figurative]  :: excellence; high quality
quilha {f} [nautical]  :: keel
quilômetro {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: kilometre; kilometer [US]
quilómetro {m} [European orthography, also used in South Brazil]  :: alternative form of quilômetro
quilómetro quadrado {m} [European orthography]  :: square kilometre (standard unit of area)
quilômetro quadrado {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative spelling of quilómetro quadrado
quilo- {prefix}  :: kilo- (103)
quilo {m}  :: kilo (kilogram)
quilo {m}  :: chyle
quilobar {m}  :: kilobar
quilobit {m}  :: kilobit
quilobyte {m}  :: kilobyte
quilocaloria {f}  :: kilocalorie
quilograma {m}  :: kilogram (unit of mass)
quilojoule {m}  :: kilojoule (SI unit of energy equal to 103 joules)
quilolitro {m}  :: kilolitre; kiloliter [US]
quilombo {m}  :: A quilombo
Quilombo {prop}  :: Quilombo (placename)
quilombola {adj}  :: runaway (of a slave)
quilombola {mf}  :: maroon (runaway slave)
quilometragem {f}  :: kilometrage (total distance, in kilometres, travelled)
quilometragem {f} [figurative]  :: experience
quilométrico {adj}  :: kilometric; measured in kilometers
quilométrico {adj} [figurative]  :: of great extension; very large
quiloton {m}  :: kiloton
quilovate {m}  :: alternative form of quilowatt
quilovátio {m}  :: alternative form of quilowatt
quilowatt {m}  :: kilowatt (1000 watts)
quilowatt-hora {m}  :: kilowatt-hour (unit of electrical energy)
quilópode {m}  :: centipede (any arthropod of class Chilopoda)
quiáltera {f} [music]  :: tuplet (note value with a non-standard duration)
quimera {f}  :: chimera
quimera {f}  :: illusion
Quimera {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Chimera (monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and a dragon for a tail)
quimicamente {adv}  :: chemically
quimio- {prefix}  :: chemo- (relating to or using chemicals or chemistry)
quimiocina {f} [protein, immunology]  :: chemokine (cytokine produced during inflammation)
quimioprotector {adj}  :: chemoprotective
quimioprotector {m}  :: chemoprotector
quimiossíntese {f} [biochemistry]  :: chemosynthesis (production of carbohydrates and other compounds from simple compounds)
quimioterapia {f} [medicine]  :: chemotherapy
quimioterápico {adj} [medicine]  :: chemotherapeutic
quimo {m} [anatomy]  :: chyme (partly digested food passed from the stomach to the duodenum)
quimono {m}  :: kimono
quimérico {adj}  :: chimeric; imaginary; fanciful
quimérico {adj} [genetics]  :: chimerical (resulting from the expression of two or more genes)
quina {f}  :: corner (projection of an angle in a solid object)
quina {f}  :: fivesome (group of five persons or things)
quina {f} [games]  :: the number 5 on a die, card, domino, etc
quina {f}  :: a type of lottery where the goal is to get five numbers right
quina {f} [heraldry]  :: a group of five small blue shields depicted in the flag of Portugal
quina {f}  :: cinchona (any of several South American trees of the genus Cinchona)
quina {f}  :: cinchona (the bark of cinchona trees)
quinase {f} [enzyme]  :: kinase
Quinchassa {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Kinshasa
quingentésimo {ordinal num}  :: five hundredths
quinhentos {adj}  :: five hundred; 500
quinhentos {m}  :: five hundred (the value of 500, or something with the value of 500)
quinhão {m}  :: share, portion, part
quinina {f} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: quinine (alkaloid used to treat malaria)
quinoa {f}  :: quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa, a pseudocereal of the Andes)
quinoleína {f} [organic compound]  :: quinoline (any of a class of hetercyclic compounds)
quinquagésimo {ordinal num}  :: fiftieth
quinquilharias {fp}  :: bric-a-brac, knick-knacks
quinta {f}  :: wine producing estate (winery or vineyard)
quinta {f}  :: a country estate
quinta {f}  :: a small agricultural holding
quinta {f}  :: Shortening of quinta-feira: Thursday
quinta {adv}  :: Shortening of quinta-feira: on a Thursday
quinta coluna {f}  :: See: quinta coluna
quinta coluna {f} [idiomatic]  :: fifth column (a group of people which clandestinely undermines a larger group)
quinta-essencial {adj}  :: alternative form of quintessencial
quinta-feira {f}  :: Thursday (day between Wednesday and Friday)
Quinta-feira de Endoenças {prop} {f}  :: Maundy Thursday (Thursday before Easter)
Quinta-Feira Santa {prop} {f}  :: Maundy Thursday (Thursday before Easter)
quintal {m}  :: yard (land around a house)
quintal {m}  :: quintal (one hundred kilograms)
Quintana {prop}  :: Quintana (placename)
Quintana {prop} {mf}  :: surname
quintanista {mf}  :: fifth-former (person attending the fifth year of a course)
quintar {v}  :: to take a fifth
quinta roda {f} [idiomatic]  :: fifth wheel (anything superfluous or unnecessary)
quintessencial {adj}  :: quintessential (of the nature of a quintessence)
quinteto {m}  :: quintet
quintilhão {m}  :: quintillion (a billion billion)
quintilião {m}  :: alternative form of quintilhão
Quintino {prop} {m}  :: given name
quinto {ordinal num}  :: fifth
quinto dos infernos {m}  :: back of beyond; boondock (a remote place)
Quinto Império {prop} {m} [mysticism, poetic]  :: the Portuguese colonial empire, seen as a spiritual and prophetic entity
quintuplicar {v}  :: to quintuple (to increase an amount fivefold)
quinua {f}  :: alternative form of quinoa
Quinxasa {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Kinshasa
Quinxassa {prop} {f} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Kinshasa
quinze {num}  :: fifteen
quinze {m}  :: fifteen
Quinze de Novembro {prop}  :: Quinze de Novembro (placename)
quinze minutos de fama {mp} [idiomatic]  :: 15 minutes of fame (short period of fame)
quinzena {f}  :: A period of fifteen consecutive days
quinzenal {adj}  :: semimonthly (occurring at intervals of fifteen days)
quinzenalmente {adv}  :: Every fourteen days; every two weeks; fortnightly; biweekly
quinzenário {m}  :: semimonthly (periodical published every 15 days)
quiolita {f} [mineral]  :: chiolite (a mineral of aluminum, fluorine and sodium)
quiosque {m}  :: kiosk
Quioto {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Kyoto
quipá {mf}  :: kippah; yarmulke (skullcap worn by Jewish males)
quipá {m}  :: Opuntia inamoena, a small cactus of South America
quipo {m}  :: quipu (knotted cords used by the Incas to record numbers)
quiproquó {m}  :: quid pro quo (something mistaken for another)
quiralidade {f} [chemistry]  :: chirality (phenomenon in which objects are mirror images of each other)
quirche {m}  :: kirsch
quirguiz {adj}  :: Kyrgyz (of, from or relating to Kyrgyzstan)
quirguiz {mf}  :: Kyrgyz (person from Kyrgyzstan)
quirguiz {m}  :: Kyrgyz (a Turkic language spoken in Kyrgyzstan)
Quirguizistão {prop} {m}  :: Quirguizistão (country)
Quiribati {prop} {m}  :: alternative spelling of Kiribati
Quirão {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Quíron
quiromante {mf}  :: chiromancer, palmist (palm reader)
Quironte {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Quíron
quiropraxista {mf}  :: chiropractor (practitioner who specialises in chiropractic)
quiroprático {m}  :: chiropractor (practitioner who specialises in chiropractic)
quisling {m} [pejorative]  :: quisling (traitor who collaborates with the enemy)
Quissamã {prop}  :: Quissamã (placename)
quisto {m}  :: alternative form of cisto
quitandeiro {m}  :: greengrocer
quitando {v}  :: gerund of quitar
quitação {f}  :: release, discharge
quitar {v}  :: to pay
quitar {v}  :: to settle, discharge (a debt)
quitar {v} [Portugal, colloquial]  :: to engage in car tuning
quite {adj}  :: quit (released from obligation)
quite {adj}  :: settled
quite {adj}  :: divorced
quitina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: chitin (polymer found in arthropod and fungi)
quitinete {f}  :: a very small flat, usually with only a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom
quitão {m}  :: alternative form of quíton
Quito {prop} {f}  :: Quito (capital city)
quitridiomicose {f}  :: chytridiomycosis (a disease of amphibians)
Quiushu {prop} {f}  :: rare spelling of Kyushu
Quiuxu {prop} {f}  :: rare spelling of Kyushu
quivi {m}  :: kiwi fruit
quivi {m}  :: kiwi (bird)
Quixabeira {prop}  :: Quixabeira (placename)
quixiquila {f} [Angola, finance]  :: informal money pooling scheme, similar to susu
quixotesco {adj}  :: quixotic (possessing or acting with the desire to do noble and romantic deeds, without thought of realism and practicality)
quiz {m}  :: quiz (question-answering competition)
quiz {v}  :: obsolete spelling of quis
quizomba {mf}  :: alternative spelling of kizomba
química {f}  :: chemistry
química {f}  :: feminine noun of químico
química inorgânica {f}  :: inorganic chemistry (branch of chemistry that deals with elements and non-carbon containing compounds)
química nuclear {f}  :: nuclear chemistry
química orgânica {f}  :: organic chemistry
químico {m}  :: chemist (person working in chemistry)
químico {adj}  :: chemical (of or relating to chemistry)
Quénia {prop} {m} [Portugal]  :: Quénia (country)
Quênia {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Quénia
quântico {adj} [physics]  :: quantum (attributive)
quântum {m}  :: rare spelling of quantum
quíntuplo {adj}  :: quintuple
quão {adv}  :: how (to what degree)
quão {prep}  :: as (to the same extent or degree that)
quociente de inteligência {m} [psychometrics]  :: intelligence quotient (standardised measure of a person’s intelligence)
quod erat demonstrandum {phrase}  :: quod erat demonstrandum (which was to be demonstrated)
quota {f}  :: alternative form of cota
quotidiano {adj}  :: daily, everyday;
quotidiano {m}  :: everyday life
quotização {f}  :: contribution
quépi {m}  :: alternative form of quepe
quáquer {mf} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of quacre
Quíron {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Chiron (centaur who served as Achilles’ mentor and teacher)
Quíron {prop} {m} [astronomy]  :: Chiron (object orbiting between Saturn and Uranus)
quórum {m}  :: quorum (minimum number of members required)
quãto {prep} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of quanto
quãto {pron} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of quanto
quíton {m}  :: chiton (Ancient Greek tunic)
quíton {m}  :: chiton (any of various rock-clinging marine molluscs)