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jabberer {n} (someone who jabbers)  :: [pejorative] Schwatzmaul {n}
Jabberwock {prop} (fantastical monster)  :: Zipferlak, Jammerwoch, Plapperloch, Schepperwock, Schebberroch, Schlabberwork, Brabbelback
Jabberwocky {prop} (poem)  :: Jammerwoch {m}
jabiru {n} (Jabiru mycteria)  :: Jabiru {m}
Jablunkov {prop} (city in Czech Republic)  :: Jablunkov {}, Jablunkau {}
jabot {n} (a cascading or ornamental frill down the front of a blouse)  :: Jabot {n}
jack {n} (device for raising and supporting a heavy object)  :: Wagenheber {m}
jack {n} (playing card)  :: Bube {m}
jack {n} (surface mounted connector)  :: Buchse {f}
jack {n} (knave) SEE: knave  ::
jack {n} (freshwater pike) SEE: pike  ::
Jack {prop} (pet name of John)  :: Hans {m}, Hanns {m}, Hannes {m}, Hänsel {m}, Hansel {m}, Hansl {m}
jackal {n} (wild canine)  :: Schakal {m}, Schakalin {f}
jackass {n} (male donkey)  :: Esel {m}
jackass {n} (foolish or stupid person)  :: Esel {m}
jackdaw {n} (Coloeus monedula)  :: Dohle {f}
jackdaw {n} (Coloeus dauuricus) SEE: Daurian jackdaw  ::
jacket {n} (piece of clothing worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse)  :: Jacke {f}
jacket {n} (piece of a person's suit)  :: Jackett {n}
jacket potato {n} (a baked potato) SEE: baked potato  ::
jackfruit {n} (jackfruit tree)  :: Jackfruchtbaum {m}
jackfruit {n} (the fruit)  :: Jackfrucht {f}
jackhammer {n} (portable percussive drill device)  :: Presslufthammer {m}, Pressluftbohrer {m}
jack-in-the-box {n} (child’s toy)  :: Schachtelteufel {m}
Jack-in-the-pulpit {n} (Arum maculatum)  :: gefleckter Aronstab {m}
jack-knife {n} (a compact folding knife)  :: Taschenmesser {n}
jack of all trades {n} (one competent in many endeavors)  :: Hans Dampf in allen Gassen {m}, Alleskönner {m}, Tausendsassa {m}
jack of all trades, master of none {n} (person who has a competent grasp of many skills)  :: Hansdampf in allen Gassen
jack off {v} (term for masturbation (usually of a male))  :: masturbieren
jack-o'-lantern {n} (carved pumpkin)  :: Halloween-Kürbis {m}, Jack mit der Laterne
jackpot {n} (accumulating money prize pool)  :: Jackpot {m}
jackpot {n} (large cash prize)  :: Hauptgewinn {n}
jack shit {pron} ((vulgar) nothing, anything)  :: einen Scheiß
jacksnipe {n} (Lymnocryptes minimus)  :: Zwergschnepfe {f}
Jackson {prop} (cognates of the surname) SEE: Johnson  ::
Jack the Ripper {prop} (19th century murderer)  :: Jack der Aufschlitzer {m}
Jacob {prop} (one of the sons of Isaac and Rebecca)  :: Jakob {m}
Jacob {prop} (male given name (the standard form))  :: Jakob {m}
Jacobian {adj} (in honor of Jacob)  :: Jacobi-
Jacobian {n} (Jacobian matrix)  :: Jacobi-Matrix {f}, Funktionalmatrix {f}, Ableitungsmatrix {f}
Jacobian {n} (the determinant of the Jacobian matrix)  :: Jacobi-Determinante {f}, Funktionaldeterminante {f}
Jacqueline {prop} (female given name)  :: Jacqueline {f}
jade {n} (gem)  :: Jade
jade {n} (old horse)  :: Klepper, alter Gaul {m}, Gaul {m}, Mähre {f}
jaded {adj} (Worn out, wearied, or lacking enthusiasm; exhausted)  :: ausgelutscht, erschöpft, abgestumpft, verbraucht, ermattet
jadeite {n} (mineral)  :: Jadeit {m}
jaeger {n} (rifle) SEE: rifle  ::
Jaffa {prop} (Jaffa)  :: Jaffa {f}
jag {n}  :: Zahn {m}, Zacke {f}, Kerbe {f}, Auszackung {f}, Riss {m}
jagged {adj} (unevenly cut; having the texture of something so cut)  :: zackig, schartig, kantig, grob, rissig, ausgefranst, gezackt, gezahnt, schartig, zerklüftet
jagged {adj} (having a rough quality)  :: grob, kantig, rauh, schroff
jaggery {n} (traditional unrefined sugar)  :: Vollrohrzucker {m}
jaguar {n} (Panthera onca)  :: Jaguar {m}
jaguarundi {n} (wild cat)  :: Jaguarundi {m}, Wieselkatze {f}
Jah {prop} (God) SEE: God  ::
Jahannam {prop} (Islamic concept of hell)  :: Dschahannam
jail {n} (place for short-term confinement for those convicted of minor offenses or with reference to some future judicial proceeding)  :: Gefängnis {n}
jail {v} (imprison) SEE: imprison  ::
jailbait {n} (person below the age of consent for sexual activity)  :: Knastköder {m}
jailbreak {n} (escape from prison)  :: Gefängnisausbruch {m}
jailer {n} (one who guards inmates)  :: Gefängniswärter {m}, Gefängniswärterin {f}, Gefängnisaufseher {m}, Gefängnisaufseherin {f}, Schließer {m}, Schließerin {f} [colloquial], Justizvollzugsbeamter {m}, Justizvollzugsbeamte {f}, Justizvollzugsbeamtin {f} [bureaucratese], Gefangenenwärter {m}, Gefangenenwärterin {f}, Wachtel {f} [slang], Kerkermeister {m}, Kerkermeisterin {f}
jailkeeper {n} (jailer) SEE: jailer  ::
Jainism {prop} (religion and philosophy)  :: Jainismus {m}
Jakarta {prop} (capital of Indonesia)  :: Jakarta {n}
Jalalabad {prop} (a city in eastern Afghanistan)  :: Dschalalabad {n}
jalousie {n} (window slats which form a blind or shutter)  :: Jalousie {f}
jam {n} (sweet mixture of fruit boiled with sugar)  :: Marmelade {f}, Konfitüre {f}
jam {n} (blockage, congestion)  :: Stau {m}
jam {v} (to get something stuck in a confined space)  :: einklemmen
jam {v} (to cause congestion or blockage)  :: blockieren
jam {v} (music: to improvise as a group)  :: spontan musizieren, jammen
Jamaica {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Jamaika {n}
Jamaican {n} (person of Jamaican descent)  :: Jamaikaner {m}, Jamaikanerin {f}
Jamaican {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Jamaica, the Jamaican people or the Jamaican language)  :: jamaikanisch
Jamaican Creole {prop} (English-based creole language)  :: Jamaika-Kreolisch {n}
jamb {n} (vertical component that form the side of an opening in a wall)  :: Türpfosten {m}
jambalaya {n} (rice-based dish from Louisiana)  :: Jambalaya {f}
James {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Jakobus {m}
James {prop} (one of two Apostles)  :: Jakobus
James {prop} (male given name (the standard form))  :: Jakob
James Bond {prop} (fictional British spy)  :: James Bond {m}
jam jar {n} (car) SEE: car  ::
jammed {adj} (pertaining to something which is stuck)  :: eingeklemmt, festgeklemmt, eingequetscht
jammed {adj} (overcrowded; congested)  :: überfüllt, verstopft, proppenvoll
Jammu {prop} (the region of Jammu)  :: Jammu
Jammu {prop} (the city of Jammu)  :: Jammu
Jammu and Kashmir {prop} (former princely state)  :: Jammu und Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir {prop} (portion of the territory which is governed by India)  :: Jammu und Kashmir
jam session {n} (impromptu informal performance)  :: Jamsession {f}, Jam Session {f}
Jane {prop} (feminine form of John)  :: Johanna {f}
janggi {n} (Korean chess)  :: Janggi {n}, Changgi {n}
janissary {n} (former Turkish soldier)  :: Janitschar {m}
janitor {n} (caretaker)  :: Hausmeister {m}, Hausmeisterin {f}, Hauswartin {f}, Hauswart {m}
janitor {n} (doorman)  :: Pförtner {m}, Pförtnerin {f}
Jan Mayen {prop} (Norwegian territory)  :: Jan Mayen
January {prop} (first month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: Januar {m}; Jänner [southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland], Hartung {m} [poetic]
Janus {prop} (Roman god of doorways, gates and transitions)  :: Janus
Janus {prop} (moon of Saturn)  :: Janus
Jap {n} (alternative term for Japanese)  :: Japse {m}
Japan {prop} (a country in East Asia)  :: Japan {n}
Japanese {adj} (of or relating to Japan)  :: japanisch
Japanese {n} (person of Japan)  :: Japaner {m} (Japanerin {f}; Japanese {m})
Japanese {prop} (Japanese language)  :: Japanisch {n}
Japanese bush warbler {n} (Horornis diphone)  :: Japanbuschsänger {m}
Japanese encephalitis {n} (viral disease)  :: Japanische Enzephalitis
Japanese knotweed {n} (plant)  :: japanischer Staudenknöterich
Japanese lantern {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry  ::
Japanese macaque {n} (Macaca fuscata)  :: Japanmakak {m}
Japaneseness {n} (quality of being Japanese)  :: Japanischkeit {f}
Japanese night heron {n} (Gorsachius goisagi)  :: Rotscheitelreiher {m}
Japanese Sign Language {prop} (Sign language used in Japan)  :: japanische Gebärdensprache {f}
Japanese yew {n} (Taxus cuspidata)  :: japanische Eibe {f}
Japanification {n} (Japanification)  :: Japanisierung {f}, Japanifizierung {f}
Japanize {v} (to Nipponize)  :: japanisieren
Japano- {prefix} (Nippo-) SEE: Nippo-  ::
Japanologist {n} (one who studies Japanology)  :: Japanologe {m}, Japanologin {f}
Japanology {n} (the study of Japan)  :: Japanologie {f}
Japanophile {n} (A person who loves Japan)  :: Japanophil {m}
Japanophilia {n} (strong interest in Japan)  :: Japanophilie {f}
Japanophobia {n} (the fear of Japan or Japanese)  :: Japanophobie {f}
Japanophone {adj} (Japanese-speaking)  :: japanischsprachig
jape {n} (joke or quip) SEE: joke  ::
Japheth {prop} (third son of Noah)  :: Japhet {m}, Japheth
jar {n} (small container for food)  :: Glas {n} (glass jar only), Gefäß {n}
jargon {n} (technical terminology unique to a particular subject)  :: Fachjargon {m}, Fachsprache {f}
jargon {n} (language characteristic of a particular group)  :: Jargon {m}, Fachsprache {f}
jargon {n} (incomprehensible speech)  :: Jargon {m}, Fachchinesisch {n}
jarl {n} (medieval Scandinavian nobleman, especially in Norway and Denmark)  :: Jarl {m}
jarovization {n} (certain treatment of seeds or bulbs)  :: Jarowisation {f}, Jarowisierung {f}
jarring {adj} (That jars (clashes or disagrees))  :: mistönend
jasmine {n} (plant of genus Jasminum)  :: Jasmin {m}, Jasminum {n}
jasmine {n}  :: Jasmin {m}
Jasmine {prop} (female given name)  :: Jasmin
jasmine rice {n} (fragrant rice)  :: Jasmin-Reis {m}
Jason {prop} (given name)  :: Jason
jasper {n} (precious stone)  :: Jaspis {m}
Jasper {prop} (male given name; one of the Magi) SEE: Caspar  ::
jaundice {n} (morbid condition)  :: Gelbsucht {f}, Ikterus {f}
jaundice {v} (affect with jaundice; prejudice)  :: sich verfärben, rot anlaufen
jaunt {n} (A short excursion for pleasure or refreshment)  :: Ausflug, Vergnügungsfahrt {f}, Spritztour {f}
jauntily {adv} (in an airy, showy, or affected manner)  :: unbeschwert, munter, fröhlich
jaunty {adj} (airy, showy, or affected)  :: affektiert, prätentiös, übermütig, fröhlich, keck, munter
jaunty {adj} (dapper or stylish)  :: schick, kess, fesch, flott
jaunty {adj} (ostentatiously self-confident)  :: selbstzufrieden, selbstgerecht, übermütig, schwungvoll
Java {prop} (island of Indonesia)  :: Java
Java {prop} (programming language)  :: Java {n}
Java-based {adj}  :: Java-basiert
Javan {adj} (pertaining to the island of Java)  :: Javanisch
Javan {n} (inhabitant of the island Java)  :: Javanisch {n}
Javanese {n} (person)  :: Javaner {m}, Javanerin {f}
Javanese {prop} (language)  :: Javanisch {n}
Javan rhinoceros {n} (Rhinoceros sondaicus)  :: Java-Nashorn {n}
Javan tiger {n} (Panthera sondaica)  :: Java-Tiger {m}
JavaScript {prop} (scripting programming language)  :: JavaScript {n}
JavaScript-based {adj}  :: JavaScript-basiert
javelin {n} (spear used as a weapon)  :: Speer {m}
javelin {n} (spear used in athletic competition)  :: Speer {m}
javelin {n}  :: Speer {m}
javelin thrower {n} (athlete who competes in the javelin throw)  :: Speerwerfer {m}
jaw {n} (bone of the jaw)  :: Kiefer {m}, Unterkiefer {m}, Oberkiefer {m}, Kinnbacke {f}
jaw {n}  :: Kinnbacke {f} (1,2, lower), Rachen , Schlund , Backe
jawan {n} (infantryman, soldier)  :: Infanterist {m}, Soldat {m}
jawbone {n} (any of the bones in the jaw)  :: Kiefer {m}, Kieferknochen {m}
jawless {adj} (lacking a jaw)  :: kieferlos
jay {n} (bird)  :: Häher {m}
jay {n} (name of the letter J, j)  :: Jot {m}
jaywalk {v} (violate pedestrian traffic regulations)  :: eine Straße an verbotener Stelle überqueren
jaywalker {n} (one who jaywalks)  :: unachtsamer Fußgänger {m}, unachtsame Fußgängerin {f}
jazz {n} (musical art form)  :: Jazz {m}
jazz band {n} (group of musicians who play jazz music)  :: Jazz-Band {f}
jazzy {adj} (flashy or showy)  :: grell, protzig, auffällig
jealous {adj} (suspecting rivalry in love; fearful of being replaced, in position or in affection)  :: eifersüchtig
jealous {adj} (protective, guarding; careful in the protection of something one has or appreciates)  :: eifrig, eifernd
jealous {adj} (envious; feeling resentful of someone for a perceived advantage, material or otherwise)  :: neidisch
jealousy {n} (jealous attitude (e.g. fear of infidelity))  :: Eifersucht {f}, Missgunst {f}
jealousy {n} (a resentment towards someone for a perceived advantage or superiority they hold)  :: Mißgunst {f}
jealousy {n} (close, zealous vigilance, envy)  :: Neid {m}, Missgunst {f}
jeans {n} (denim trousers)  :: Niethose {f}, Jeans {f}, Jeanshose {f}
jebel {n} (hill)  :: Dschebel {m}, Hügel {m}, Berg {m}
Jeddah {prop} (city in Saudi Arabia)  :: Dschidda {n}
Jedi {n} (one of a fictional order of beings)  :: Jedi {m}
Jedi Knight {n} (powerful rank of Jedi)  :: Jedi-Ritter {m}
jeep {n} (vehicle)  :: Jeep {m}
Jeep {n} (Jeep) SEE: jeep  ::
jeer {n} (mocking remark)  :: Spott {m}
jeer {v} (to scoff or mock)  :: spotten
jeer {n} (gear; tackle)  :: Fall {n}
jeez {interj} (Exclamation of fright)  :: Jesses
jeez {interj} (Exclamation of incredulousness)  :: jessas
Jeffrey {prop} (male given name) SEE: Geoffrey  ::
Jehovah {prop} (Yahweh) SEE: Yahweh  ::
Jehovah {prop} (transliteration of the Masoretic vocalization of the Tetragrammaton)  :: Jehova
Jehovah {n} (Jehovah's Witness) SEE: Jehovah's Witness  ::
Jehovah's Witness {n} (member of the Jehovah's Witnesses)  :: Zeuge Jehovas {m}
Jehovah's Witnesses {n} (denomination)  :: Zeugen Jehovas {m-p}
jejunum {n} (central of the three divisions of the small intestine)  :: Jejunum {n}, Leerdarm {m}
Jelgava {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Mitau {n}, Jelgava {n}
jelly {n} (dessert)  :: Gelee {n}, Sulz, Wackelpudding {m}, Wackelpeter {m}
jelly {n} (sweet gelatinous substance derived from fruit juices and pectin)  :: Gelee {n}
jelly {n} (jam)  :: Marmelade {f}, Gelee {n}
jelly {n} (sieved jam)  :: Gelee {n}
jelly bean {n} (small bean-shaped chewy candy)  :: Geleebonbon {n}
jellyfish {n} (aquatic animal)  :: Qualle {f}
jemmy {v} (cram) SEE: cram  ::
je ne sais quoi {n} (indefinable quality that makes something distinctive)  :: Gott weiß was {n}, weiß Gott was {n}
jenny {n} (female of donkey) SEE: she-ass  ::
jenny-ass {n} (female donkey) SEE: she-ass  ::
jeopardise {v} (jeopardize) SEE: jeopardize  ::
jeopardize {v} (put in jeopardy)  :: gefährden, in Gefahr bringen
jeopardy {n} (danger of loss, harm, or failure)  :: Gefahr {f}, Risiko {n}
jerboa {n} (small rodent)  :: Wüstenspringmaus {f}
jeremiad {n} (long speech or prose work)  :: Jeremiade
Jeremiah {prop} (biblical prophet)  :: Jeremia {m}
Jeremiah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Jeremia {m}
Jeremiah {prop} (male given name)  :: Jeremias {m}
Jeremy {prop} (Jeremiah) SEE: Jeremiah  ::
Jericho {prop} (city)  :: Jericho
jerk {n} (sudden, uncontrolled movement)  :: Zuckung {f}
jerk {n} (quick, often unpleasant tug or shake)  :: Ruck {m}
jerk {n} (unlikable person)  :: Arsch {m}, Arschloch {n}, Trottel {m}, Hanswurst {m}, Flasche {f}, Wichser {m}
jerk {n} (change in acceleration with respect to time)  :: Ruck {m}
jerk {v} (intransitive: to make a sudden uncontrolled movement)  :: zucken
jerk {v} (transitive: to give a quick, often unpleasant tug or shake)  :: rucken
jerk {v} (to cure by cutting into strips and drying)  :: dörren
jerk off {v} (To masturbate)  :: wichseln, sich einen runterholen
jerky {adj} (characterized by physical jerking)  :: zuckend
jerky {n} (Lean meat cured and preserved by cutting into thin strips and air-drying in the sun)  :: Trockenfleisch {n}
Jerry {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
jerrycan {n} (pressed-steel fuel container)  :: Benzinkanister {m}, Kanister {m}
jersey {n} (garment knitted from wool, worn over the upper body)  :: Pullover {m}, Jersey {n}
jersey {n} (shirt worn by a member of an athletic team)  :: Trikot {n}
Jerusalem {prop} (city)  :: Jerusalem
Jerusalem artichoke {n} (plant and tuber)  :: Topinambur {m}
Jerusalemite {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Jerusalem)  :: jerusalemisch, Jerusalemer, Jerusalem-
Jerusalemite {n} (native or resident of Jerusalem)  :: Jerusalemer {m}, Jerusalemerin {f}
Jesse {prop} (biblical father of David)  :: Isai
Jessica {prop} (a female given name)  :: Jessica
jest {v}  :: Spaß machen
jester {n} (one who jests)  :: Spaßmacher {m}, Clown {m}, Hampelmann {m}
jester {n} (person who amused a medieval court) SEE: court jester  ::
Jesuit {n} (member of the Society of Jesus)  :: Jesuit {m}
Jesus {prop} (the Christian Messiah)  :: Jesus
Jesus Christ {prop} (Jesus of Nazareth)  :: Jesus Christus {m}
jet {n} (stream of fluid)  :: Strahl {m}
jet {v} (to travel on a jet aircraft or otherwise by jet propulsion)  :: jetten
jet {n} (jet plane) SEE: jet plane  ::
jet-black {adj} (of the blackest black) SEE: pitch-black  ::
jet-black {n} (the blackest black)  :: pechschwarz
jet engine {n} (an engine that develops thrust by ejecting a jet, especially a jet of gaseous combustion products)  :: Strahltriebwerk {n}, Düsentriebwerk {n}
Jethro {prop} (the father-in-law of Moses)  :: Jitro {m}
jet lag {n} (physical condition)  :: Jetlag {m}
jet pack {n} (Equipment worn on the back for vertical thrust)  :: Raketenrucksack {m}, Jetpack {m}
jet plane {n} (an airplane that is powered by a jet engine)  :: Jet {m}, Düsenjet {m}, Strahlflugzeug {n}, Düsenflugzeug {n}
jetsam {n} (jetsam)  :: Strandgut {n}
jet set {n} (wealthy people who travel for pleasure)  :: Jetset {m}
jet ski {n} (small motorized water craft)  :: Wassermotorrad {n}
jettison {n} (collectively, items that have been or are about to be ejected from a boat or balloon)  :: Ballast {m}
jettison {n} (the action of jettisoning items)  :: Abwerfen {n}
jettison {v} (to eject from a boat)  :: über Bord werfen, Ballast abwerfen
jettison {v} (to let go or get rid of)  :: loswerden
jetty {n} (wharf) SEE: wharf  ::
jetty {n} (pier) SEE: pier  ::
jetty {n} (structure to influence currents or protect a harbor or beach)  :: Damm {m}, Mole {f}, Wellenbrecher {m}
Jew {n} (person of the Jewish faith)  :: Jude {m}, Jüdin {f}
Jew {n} (a person with a Jewish cultural or ancestral connection)  :: Jude {m}, Jüdin {f}
jewel {n} (gemstone)  :: Edelstein {m}, Juwel {n} {m}
jewel {n} (valuable object for ornamentation)  :: Schmuckstück {n}
jewel {n} (anything considered precious or valuable)  :: Juwel {n} {m}, Kleinod {n}
jewel {n} (bearing for a pivot in watch)  :: Stein {m}
jewel case {n} (CD case)  :: CD-Hülle {f}
jeweler {n} (a person whose job is making, repairing or selling jewelry)  :: Juwelier {m}, Juwelierin {f}
jeweler's {n} (jeweler's) SEE: jeweller's  ::
jeweller {n} (jeweller) SEE: jeweler  ::
jeweller's {n} (a shop that sells jewellery)  :: Juweliergeschäft {n}
jewellery {n} (personal ornamentation)  :: Schmuck {m}, Juwelen {n-p}
Jewess {n} (female Jew)  :: Jüdin {f}
Jew-free {adj} (free of Jews)  :: judenfrei
Jewish {adj} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Jewish {adj} (of or relating to a Jew or Jews, their ethnicity, religion or culture)  :: jüdisch
Jewish {prop} (informal term for Yiddish)  :: [obsolete] Jüdisch {n}, Jidisch {n}, Idisch {n}, [obsolete] Jüdischdeutsch {n}, [obsolete] Jüdisch-Deutsch {n}
Jewish Autonomous Oblast {prop} (Jewish autonomous oblast in Russia)  :: Jüdisches Autonomes Gebiet {n}
Jewry {n} (Jews in general, the Jewish population of a locale)  :: Judentum {n}; Judenheit {f}
Jewry {n} (the land of Jews (obsolete)) SEE: Judea  ::
Jew's-ear {n} (fungus Auricularia auricula-judae)  :: Judasohr {n}
Jew's harp {n} (musical instrument)  :: Maultrommel {f}, Brummeisen {n}, Mundtrommel {f}, Judenharfe {f}
Jew's harpist {n} (Jew's harpist)  :: Maultrommler {m}, Maultrommlerin {f}, Mundtrommler {m}, Mundtrommlerin {f}, Brummeisenspieler {m}, Brummeisenspielerin {f}, Maultrommelspieler {m}, Maultrommelspielerin {f}, Mundtrommelspieler {m}, Mundtrommelspielerin {f}
Jezebel {prop} (Biblical character Jezebel)  :: Isebel {f}
Jharkhand {prop} (state in eastern India)  :: Jharkhand {n}
Jiangshanian {n}  :: Jiangshanium
Jiantizi {prop} (Simplified Chinese) SEE: Simplified Chinese  ::
jiaozi {n} (Chinese dumplings)  :: Jiaozi
jib {n} (triangular staysail)  :: Fock {f}
jibe {v} (to perform a jibe)  :: kreuzen
jibe {n} (facetious or insulting remark)  :: Stichelei {f}, spöttische Bemerkung {f}, Spöttelei {f}
jicama {n} (the edible root of the yam bean)  :: Yambohne {f}
Jicarilla {prop} (Jicarilla language)  :: Jicarilla
jiffy {n} (short, unspecified length of time)  :: Moment {m}, Augenblick {m}
jig {n} (mechanical device)  :: Schablone {f}
jigsaw {n} (A saw with fine teeth and a narrow blade)  :: Stichsäge {f}
jigsaw {n} (jigsaw puzzle) SEE: jigsaw puzzle  ::
jigsaw puzzle {n} (type of puzzle)  :: Puzzle {n}, Puzzlespiel {n}
jihad {n} (holy war undertaken by Muslims)  :: Dschihad {m}, Djihad {m}, [rare] Jihad {m}
jihadist {n} (one who participates in a jihad)  :: Dschihadist {m}, Mudschahed {m} (female jihadist: Dschihadistin {f})
jihadist {adj} (pertaining to the doctrine of jihadism)  :: dschihadistisch, jihadistisch
jilt {v} (to jilt)  :: den Laufpass geben (lover), verlassen
jimsonweed {n} (weed) SEE: thorn apple  ::
jingoism {n} (chauvinism) SEE: chauvinism  ::
jingoism {n} (extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy)  :: Hurrapatriotismus {m}, Jingoismus {m}
jingoist {n} (chauvinist) SEE: chauvinist  ::
jinn {n} (spirit)  :: Dschinn {m}
jinrikisha {n} (rickshaw) SEE: rickshaw  ::
jinriksha {n} (two-wheeled carriage) SEE: rickshaw  ::
jinx {n} (A hex; an evil spell)  :: Fluch {m}, Verwünschung {f}
jinx {v} (To bring bad luck to)  :: verhexen
jitter {n}  :: [2] Zittern
jive {v} (be deceptive)  :: dumm daher schwätzen
jive {v} (dance)  :: swingen
jizya {n} (per capita tax)  :: Dschisja {f}, Dschizya {f}
jizz {n} (slang: sperm)  :: Wichse {f}
jizz {v} (slang: sperm)  :: abspritzen, kommen
JLPT {prop} (Japanese language proficiency test)  :: Test zur Überprüfung der Kenntnisse der japanischen Sprache {m}, JLPT {m}
Joachim {prop} (male given name)  :: Joachim
Joan {prop} (female given name) SEE: Jane  ::
Joanna {prop} (cognates of the given name) SEE: Jane  ::
Joanna {prop} (biblical follower of Jesus)  :: Johanna
job {n} (task)  :: Aufgabe {f}, Auftrag {m}
job {n} (economic role for which a person is paid)  :: Arbeit {f}, Job {m}, Beruf {m}, Stelle {f}, Anstellung {f}
job {n} (computing: task(s) carried out in batch mode)  :: Job {m}
job {v} (to do odd jobs)  :: jobben
job {v} (to work as a jobber)  :: jobben
job {v}  :: arbeiten, jobben
Job {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Hiob
Job {prop} (biblical and qur'anic character)  :: Hiob {m}
job action {n} (workplace protest) SEE: industrial action  ::
job center {n} (agency)  :: Arbeitsamt {n}, Jobcenter {n}, [Austria] Arbeitsmarktservice {m}
Jobcentre {n} (agency)  :: Jobcenter {n}
job description {n}  :: Stellenbeschreibung {f}
job interview {n} (interview attended by a job applicant)  :: Bewerbungsgespräch {n}, Vorstellungsgespräch {n}
jobless {adj} (lacking employment) SEE: unemployed  ::
jobseeker {n} (person seeking employment)  :: Arbeitsuchender {m}, Arbeitsuchende {f}
Job's news {n} (bad news (biblical, Job))  :: Hiobsbotschaft {f}
job title {n}  :: Berufsbezeichnung {f}
jock {n} (athlete)  :: Sportskanone {f}
jock {n} (jockstrap) SEE: jockstrap  ::
jockey {n} (one who rides racehorses competitively)  :: Jockey {m}
jock strap {n} (jockstrap) SEE: jockstrap  ::
jockstrap {n} (an athletic supporter)  :: Sportsuspensorium, Suspensorium, Tiefschützer {n}, Tiefschutz {m}, Jockstrap, [slightly vulgar] Eierbecher {m}
jocose {adj} (given to jest)  :: drollig, launig
jocose {adj} (characterised by joking)  :: drollig, scherzend
jocular {adj} (humorous, amusing, joking)  :: scherzhaft, spaßig, witzig
jocund {adj} (jovial, exuberant, lighthearted; merry and in high spirits)  :: heiter
Joe Average {n} (hypothetical average or generic individual)  :: Ottonormalverbraucher {m}
Joe Bloggs {n} (A personification of the general public)  :: Otto Normal
Joel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Joel
Joel {prop} (male given name)  :: Joel
Joensuu {prop} (city)  :: Joensuu
jog {n} (exercise)  :: Joggen
jog {v} (to move in an energetic trot)  :: joggen
jogging {n} (form of exercise)  :: Jogging {n}
Johannesburg {prop} (a city in South Africa)  :: Johannesburg {n}
john {n} (prostitute client)  :: Freier {m}
John {prop} (male given name - the standard or most popular form)  :: Johann {m}, Johannes {m}, Jan {m}, Hans {m}
John {prop} (biblical persons)  :: Johannes {m}
John {prop} (the fourth gospel)  :: (das Evangelium nach) Johannes, Joh
John {prop} (one of the epistles of John)  :: Johannes, 1, 2, 3 Joh
John {prop} (name used to address a man whose name is not known)  :: Otto {m}
John Bull {prop} (personification of the UK government)  :: John Bull {m}
John Doe {n} (any unknown or anonymous male person)  :: Otto Normalverbraucher
John Dory {n} (edible marine fish)  :: Petersfisch {m}
Johnny {prop} (diminutive of John)  :: Hans {m}, Hänsel {m}
Johnson {prop} (surname meaning "son of John")  :: Johansen
John the Baptist {prop} (biblical prophet)  :: Johannes der Täufer
joie de vivre {n} (enjoyment of living, zest for life)  :: Lebensfreude {f}, Lebenslust {f}
join {v} (to combine more than one item into one; to put together)  :: verknüpfen, vereinigen, anschließen
join {v} (to come together; to meet)  :: zusammenkommen
join {v} (to come into the company of)  :: sich anschließen
join {v} (to become a member of)  :: beitreten
join {v}  :: verbinden , sich treffen , sich anschließen , beitreten
join {n} (an intersection of piping or wiring; an interconnect)  :: Verbindung {f}
joiner {n} (thing that joins)  :: Bindeglied {n}
joiner {n} (maker of wooden furniture)  :: Tischler {m}, Schreiner {m}
joinery {n} (factory producing wooden products)  :: Tischlerei {f}, Schreinerei {f}
joint {adj} (done by two or more people or organisations working together)  :: gemeinsamer, gemeinschaftlich
joint {n} (joint with freedom to rotate)  :: Gelenk {n}
joint {n} (part of the body where bones join)  :: Gelenk {n}
joint {n} (point of a rigid joint, means of joining in carpentry)  :: Verbindung {f}
joint {n} (business)  :: Schuppen {m}, Laden {m}
joint {n} (prison)  :: Knast {m}
joint {n} (marijuana cigarette)  :: Joint {m}
joint {v} (to separate the joints) SEE: disjoint  ::
joint account {n} (a bank account owned jointly by two or more persons)  :: gemeinsame Rechnung {f}
jointer {n} (pointing-trowel) SEE: pointing-trowel  ::
join the club {phrase} (expression of sympathy)  :: Willkommen im Club
joint-stock company {n} (company with transferable ownership and limited shareholder liability)  :: Aktiengesellschaft {f}, AG {f}
joint tenancy {n}  :: Gesamthandseigentum {n}, Gesamteigentum {n}
joint venture {n} (a cooperative business partnership)  :: Joint Venture {n}, Gemeinschaftsunternehmen {n}
joist {n} (piece of timber)  :: Balken {m}, Querbalken {m}
jojoba {n} (Simmondsia chinensis)  :: Jojoba {f}
joke {n} (amusing story)  :: Witz {m}
joke {n} (something said or done for amusement)  :: Scherz {m}, Streich {m}, Witz {m}, Spaß {m}
joke {n} (worthless thing or person)  :: Witz {m}
joke {v} (do for amusement)  :: scherzen, Witze machen, Spaß machen, witzeln
joker {n} (jester) SEE: fool  ::
joker {n} (person who makes jokes)  :: Spaßvogel {m}
joker {n} (playing card)  :: Joker {m}, Jolly
jolly {adj} (jovial) SEE: jovial  ::
Jolly Roger {n} (skull flag)  :: Totenkopfflagge {f}, Totenkopffahne {f}, Piratenflagge {f}
jolt {v} (to push or a shake)  :: schütteln, durchrütteln
jolt {v} (to deal a blow to)  :: einen Schlag versetzen
jolt {v} (to shock into taking action)  :: aufrütteln, wachrütteln
jolt {v} (to shock emotionally)  :: schwer treffen, erschüttern
jolt {v} (to shake, move with a series of jerks)  :: holpern, rütteln, ruckeln
jolt {n} (an act of jolting)  :: Stoßen {n}, Rucken {n}, Stoß {m}, Ruck {m}
jolt {n} (a surprise or shock)  :: Schock {m}, Aufrüttler {m}, Waxhrüttler {m}
jolt {n} (a long prison sentence)  :: Denkzettel {m}
jolt {n} (a narcotic injection)  :: Schuss {m}
Jonah {prop} (given name)  :: Jonas {m}
Jonah {prop} (prophet)  :: Jona
Jonah {prop} (Biblical: a book of the Old Testament)  :: Buch Jona {n} [Protestant], Buch Jonas {n} [Catholic]
Jonah {prop} (tenth sūra of the Qurʾān)  :: Jonas
Jonah {n} (a jinx)  :: Unglücksbringer {m}, Unglücksbringerin {f}, Unglücksrabe {m}, Unglücksräbin {f}, Pechvogel {m}, Pechvögelin {f}
Jonathan {prop} (biblical character)  :: Jonathan
Jonathan {prop} (male given name)  :: Jonathan
jonquil {n} (Narcissus jonquilla)  :: Jonquille {f}
Jordan {prop} (country)  :: Jordanien {n}
Jordan {prop} (river)  :: Jordan {m}
Jordanian {n} (person)  :: Jordanier {m}, Jordanierin {f}
Jordanian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Jordan or the Jordanian people)  :: jordanisch
Joseph {prop} (favorite son of Jacob)  :: Josef {m}, Joseph {m}
Joseph {prop} (husband of Virgin Mary)  :: Josef, Joseph
Joseph {prop} (male given name)  :: Josef
Josephine {prop} (feminine form of Joseph)  :: Josefine, Josephine
Josephinism {n} (policies of Joseph II)  :: Josephinismus {m}
Joshua {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Josua
Joshua {prop} (male given name)  :: Josua {m}
Joshua tree {n} (Yucca brevifolia)  :: Joshua Tree {m}, Josuabaum {m}
joskin {n} (yokel) SEE: country bumpkin  ::
joss stick {n} (kind of incense)  :: Räucherstäbchen {n}
jostaberry {n} (fruit)  :: Jostabeere
jostle {v} (bump into or brush against while in motion)  :: drängeln
jostle {v} (move through by pushing and shoving)  :: drängeln
jostle {n} (act of jostling)  :: Drängelei {f}, Gedrängel {n}
jostle {n} (action of a jostling crowd)  :: Gedränge {n}, Rempelei {f}
jot {v} (to write quickly)  :: schnell hinschreiben
jotun {n} (member of a race of giants)  :: Jötunn {m}
jougs {n} (chained iron collar)  :: Halseisen {n}
joule {n} (derived unit of energy, work and heat)  :: Joule {n}
journal {n} (diary or daily record)  :: Tagebuch {n}, Logbuch {n} [ship]
journal {n} (newspaper or magazine)  :: Zeitschrift {f}, Journal {n}
journalism {n} (activity or profession of being a journalist)  :: Journalismus {m}, Journalistik {f}
journalist {n} (one whose occupation or profession is journalism)  :: Journalist {m}, Journalistin {f}
journalist {n} (reporter)  :: Journalist {m}, Journalistin {f}, Reporter {m}, Reporterin {f}
journalistic {adj} (related to journalism or journalists)  :: journalistisch
journey {n} (trip, a voyage)  :: Reise {f}, Tour {f}, Fahrt {f}
journey {v} (to travel, to make a trip or voyage)  :: reisen, verreisen
journeyman {n} (tradesman who has served an apprenticeship)  :: Geselle {m}, Wandergeselle {m}
joust {n} (a mock combat between two mounted knights or men-at-arms)  :: Tjost {m} {f}, Lanzenstechen {n}, Lanzenzweikampf {m}
jousting {n} (medieval European sport)  :: Tjost {m}, Tjostieren {n}, Lanzenstechen {n}
jousting {n} (two people sparing with each other verbally)  :: verbale Rangelei {f}, Wortgefecht {f}
jovial {adj} (merry, cheerful)  :: heiter, jovial, fröhlich
jowl {n} (jaw)  :: Wange {f}, Backe {f}
joy {n} (feeling of happiness)  :: Freude {f}
Joycean {adj} (pertaining to James Joyce or his writings)  :: joyceanisch
joyful {adj} (feeling or causing joy)  :: freudig, erfreulich, erfreut
joyfully {adv} (in a joyful manner)  :: freudig
joyless {adj} (without joy)  :: freudlos
joyride {n} (dated: ride taken for enjoyment)  :: Spritztour
joystick {n} (mechanical control device)  :: Steuerknüppel {m}, Joystick {m}
J-pop {n} (Japanese pop music)  :: J-Pop {m}
Jūrmala {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Rigastrand {n}, Jūrmala {n}
JSC {initialism} (joint-stock company)  :: AG
JSDF {acronym} (Japan Self-Defense Forces)  :: Selbstverteidigungsstreitkräfte {f-p}
Juba {prop} (capital of South Sudan)  :: Juba {n}
jubilarian {n} (person celebrating a jubilee)  :: Jubilar {m}, Jubilarin {f}
jubilation {n}  :: Jubel
jubilee {n} (special anniversary)  :: Jubiläum {n}
Jubilee {n} (a year of rest, observed by the Israelites every 50 years)  :: Jobeljahr {n}, Jubeljahr {n}, Erlassjahr {n}, Erlaßjahr {n} [old spelling], Halljahr {n}
Jubilee {n} (a holy year when people are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Rome)  :: Jubeljahr {n}
Juche {n} (North Korean self-reliance state ideology)  :: Chuch’e {f}
Judah {prop} (first son of Jacob)  :: Juda {m}
Judah {prop} (one of the Israelite tribes)  :: Stamm Juda {m}
Judah {prop} (southern Israelite kingdom)  :: Juda
Judahite {n} (a descendant of Judah (the patriarch or tribe), an inhabitant of the ancient kingdom of Judah)  :: Judäer {m}
Judahite {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient kingdom of Judah, or its inhabitants)  :: judäisch
Judaism {prop} (world religion)  :: Judentum {n}
Judas {prop} (one of the Apostles)  :: Judas {m}
Judas {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Judas {m}
Judas Iscariot {prop} (disciple of Jesus)  :: Judas Ischariot
Jude {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: (Der Brief des) Judas
Judea {prop} (Judea)  :: Judäa {n}
Judeo-Christian {adj} (relating to Judaism and Christianity)  :: judenchristlich
judge {n} (public judicial official)  :: Richter {m}, Richterin {f} [female]
judge {n} (someone deciding another's fate)  :: Richter {m}, Richterin {f} [female]
judge {n} (sports official)  :: Schiedsrichter {m}, Schiedsrichterin {f} [female]
judge {v} (to sit in judgment on, pass sentence on)  :: richten, ein Urteil fällen über
judge {v} (to sit in judgment on, act as judge)  :: urteilen, eine Verhandlung führen
judge {v} (to form an opinion on)  :: beurteilen, einschätzen
judge {v} (to arbitrate, to pass opinion on something)  :: Schiedsrichter sein
judge {v} (to have as an opinion, consider, suppose)  :: einschätzen als
judge {v} (to form an opinion, infer)  :: schätzen
judge {v} (to criticize or label another person or thing)  :: verurteilen
judgement day {n} (Last Judgement)  :: Tag des jüngsten Gerichts {m}
judge not, that you be not judged {proverb} (people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones) SEE: people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones  ::
Judges {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Richter, Buch der Richter {n}
judgment {n} (act of judging)  :: Urteil {n}
judgment {n} (power or faculty of making a judgment)  :: Urteilsvermögen {n}
judgment {n} (conclusion or result of judging)  :: Beurteilung {f}
judgment {n} ((law) act of determining, as in courts of law, what is conformable to law and justice)  :: [obsolete] Richtspruch {m}, Richterspruch {m}, richterliche Entscheidung {f}
judgment {n} ((theology) final award; the last sentence)  :: Urteil {n}
judicial {adj} (of or relating to a court of law)  :: gerichtlich, Justiz-
judiciary {n} (the judicial branch of government)  :: Justiz {f}, Judikative {f}
judiciously {adv} (in a judicious manner)  :: umsichtig, vernünftig, verständig
Judith {prop} (female given name)  :: Judith
Judith {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Judit
Judith {prop} (wife of Esau)  :: Jehudit
judo {n} (Japanese martial art)  :: Judo
judoka {n} (practitioner of judo)  :: Judoka {m}
jug {n} (serving vessel)  :: Kanne {f}, Krug {m}
jug {n} (slang: jail)  :: Knast {m}
juggle {v} (manipulate objects artistically)  :: jonglieren
juggle {v} (to handle or manage many tasks at once)  :: jonglieren
juggler {n} (person who practices juggling)  :: Jongleur {m}
juggling {n} (moving of objects in an artful manner)  :: Jonglieren {n}, Jonglage {f}
Jughashvili {prop} (surname)  :: Dschugaschwili
jugular {n} (vein through the neck) SEE: jugular vein  ::
jugular vein {n} (vein leading blood down from the head)  :: Halsader {m}
juice {n} (liquid from a plant)  :: Saft {m}
juice {n} (beverage made of juice)  :: Saft {m}
juice {n} (liquid resembling juice)  :: Saft {m}
juice {n} (slang: electricity)  :: Saft {m}
juice {v} (to remove the juice from something)  :: entsaften
juice {v} (to energize)  :: saften
juice joint {n} (nightclub) SEE: nightclub  ::
juicer {n} (device)  :: Saftpresse {f}
juiciness {n}  :: Saftigkeit
juicy {adj} (containing juice)  :: saftig
jujube {n}  :: Chinesische Jujube {f}, Chinesische Dattel {f} [Chinese date]
jukebox {n} (a coin-operated machine that plays recorded music)  :: Musikautomat {m}, Musikbox {f}, Jukebox {f}
Julia {prop} (female given name)  :: Julia
Julian {prop} (male given name)  :: Julian
Julian {adj} (of, or relating to Julius Julius Caesar)  :: julianisch
Juliana {prop} (female given name)  :: Juliane
Julian calendar {n} (calendar)  :: Julianischer Kalender {m}
Julie {prop} (female given name) SEE: Julia  ::
julienne {n} (garnish of vegetables)  :: Julienne {f}
Juliet {prop} (character in Romeo and Juliet)  :: Julia {f}
Julius {prop} (male given name)  :: Julius
July {prop} (seventh month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: Juli {m}, Heuert {m} [archaic]
July Monarchy {prop} (period of liberal constitutional monarchy in France)  :: Julimonarchie {f}
jumble {v} (to mix or confuse)  :: durcheinanderbringen, durcheinanderwerfen
jumble {n} (mixture of unrelated things)  :: Durcheinander {n}, Mischmasch {m}, Wirrwarr {n}
jumble {n} (Items for a rummage sale)  :: Trödel {m}
jump {v} (propel oneself rapidly upward such that momentum causes the body to become airborne)  :: springen
jump {v} (cause oneself to leave an elevated location and fall downward)  :: springen
jump {v} (employ a parachute to leave an aircraft or elevated location)  :: springen
jump {n} (instance of propelling oneself into the air)  :: Sprung {m}
jump {n} (instance of causing oneself to fall from an elevated location)  :: Sprung {m}
jump {n} (instance of employing a parachute to leave an aircraft or elevated location)  :: Sprung {m}
jump down someone's throat {v} (criticise with excessive and unexpected harshness)  :: anschnauzen
jumper {n} (someone or something that jumps)  :: Springer {m}, Springerin {f}
jumper {n} (removable connecting pin (electronics))  :: Jumper {m}
jumper {n} (woolen sweater or pullover)  :: Jumper {m}
jumping-jack {n} (toy)  :: Hampelmann {m}
jumping spider {n} (spiders of the family Salticidae)  :: Springspinne {f}
jump on the bandwagon {v} (to profit from a craze)  :: auf den Zug aufspringen
jump rope {n} (length of rope) SEE: skipping rope  ::
jump rope {n} (game or activity)  :: Springseil {n}, Sprungseil {n}
jump rope {v} (to jump over a rope repeatedly as a game or exercise)  :: seilspringen, seilhüpfen
jump seat {n}  :: Notsitz
jump the gun {v} (to begin a race too soon)  :: einen Frühstart hinlegen
jump the gun {v} (to act without due caution)  :: überstürzen
jump the shark {v} (To undergo a storyline development which heralds a fundamental and generally disappointing change in direction.)  :: auf dem absteigenden Ast sein
jumpy {adj} (nervous and excited)  :: nervös
Jun. {prop} (abbreviation of June)  :: Jun.
junction {n} (the act of joining)  :: Kreuzung {f}
junction {n} (a place where two things meet)  :: Kreuzung {f}, Knotenpunkt {m}
junction {n} (the boundary between two materials)  :: Grenzzone {f}
juncture {n} (junction)  :: Verbindungspunkt {m}, Verbindungsstelle {f}
juncture {n} (manner of transition between two consecutive sounds)  :: Junktur
June {prop} (sixth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: Juni {m}, Brachet {m}
Juneau {prop} (capital of Alaska)  :: Juneau
Juneberry {n} (serviceberry) SEE: serviceberry  ::
jungle {n} (large, undeveloped, humid forest)  :: Urwald {m}, Dschungel {m} {f} {n}
jungle cat {n} (Felis chaus)  :: Rohrkatze {f}
jungle gym {n} (play structure)  :: Klettergerüst {n}
junior {adj} (younger)  :: jünger
juniper {n} (shrub or tree of the genus Juniperus)  :: Wacholder {m}
juniper berry {n} (the female seed cone of a juniper)  :: Wacholderbeere {f}
junk {n} (rubbish, waste)  :: Schrott {m}, Müll {m}, Abfall {m}
junk {n} (miscellaneous items of little value)  :: Kram {m}, Kleinkruscht {m}, Ramsch {m}, Krempel {m}
junk {n} (narcotic drug)  :: Stoff {m}
junk {n} (slang: genitalia)  :: Eier {f}, Krempel {m}, Nüsse {f}, Klöten {f}
junk {n} (Chinese sailing vessel)  :: Dschunke {f}
junk bond {n} (a bond which is considered below investment grade)  :: hochverzinsliche Anleihe {f}, risikoreiche Anleihe {f}, Schrottanleihe {f}, Ramschanleihe {f}
junk DNA {n} (portion of DNA that has no identified function)  :: nichtkodierende Desoxyribonukleinsäure {f}, nichtkodierende DNS {f}
junk food {n} (food with little or no nutritional value)  :: ungesundes Essen {n}, [slang] Fraß {m}, Schundessen {n}, Junkfood {m} {}
junkie {n} (drug addict)  :: Junkie {m} {f}, Drogensüchtiger, Drogenabhängiger
junk mail {n} (mail or letters that are not welcome or solicited)  :: Junk-Mail {f}, unerwünschte Post {f}, Junkmail {f}, Spammail {f}
junkman {n} (seller of junk)  :: Schrotthändler {m}
junkyard {n} (A business that sells used metal or items)  :: Schrottplatz {m}
junta {n} (ruling council of a military dictatorship)  :: Junta {f}
Jupiter {prop} (planet)  :: Jupiter {m}
Jupiter {prop} (god)  :: Jupiter {m}
Jura {prop} (region in France)  :: Jura, Département Jura
Jura {prop} (canton of Switzerland)  :: Jura, Kanton Jura
Jura {prop} (island in the inner Hebrides of Scotland)  :: Jura
Jurassic {prop} (Jurassic period)  :: Jura {m}
juridical {adj} (Pertaining to the law)  :: juristisch, juridisch
jurisdiction {n} (the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law)  :: Jurisdiktion {f}
Juris Doctor {n} (professional doctorate in law)  :: [USA] Juris Doctor {m}, Doktor der Rechte {m}
jurisprudence {n} (the philosophy, science and study of law and decisions)  :: Rechtswissenschaft {f}
jurist {n} (judge) SEE: judge  ::
jurist {n} (expert in law)  :: Jurist {m}, Juristin {f}
juristic act {n} (legal conduct)  :: Rechtsgeschäft {n}
juror {n} (jury member)  :: Juror {m}, Jurorin {f}, Geschworener {m} (law), Geschworene {f} (law)
jury {n} (group in a court of law)  :: Geschworene {p}
jury {n} (group of judges in a competition)  :: Jury {f}
jury-rigged {adj} (improvised)  :: notdürftig, improvisiert
jussive {n} (jussive mood)  :: Jussiv {m}; [in Arabic grammar usually:] Apokopat {m}
just {adj} (morally fair, righteous)  :: gerecht, berechtigt
just {adv} (only, simply, merely)  :: einfach, nur
just {adv} (recently)  :: gerade
just {v} (to fight a tournament) SEE: joust  ::
justice {n} (state of being just or fair)  :: Gerechtigkeit {f}
justice {n} (fairness, especially with regard to punishment)  :: Gerechtigkeit {f}
justice {n} (the civil power dealing with law)  :: Justiz {f}
Justice of the Peace {n} (judicial officer)  :: Friedensrichter {m}, Friedensrichterin {f}
justifiably {adv} (in a justifiable manner)  :: gerecht
justification {n} (reason, explanation, or excuse)  :: Rechtfertigung {f}, Begründung {f}
justification {n} (text alignment)  :: Ausrichtung {f}, Blocksatz {m} [print], Zeilenfall {m}
justified {adj} (having a justification)  :: gerechtfertigt
justify {v} (provide an acceptable explanation)  :: rechtfertigen
justify {v} (give a good, acceptable reason for something)  :: rechtfertigen
justify {v} (arrange lines on a page or computer screen)  :: ausrichten, justieren
Justin {prop} (male given name)  :: Justin {m}, Justinus {m}
just in case {conj} (in the event)  :: für alle Fälle, sicherheitshalber, vorsichtshalber
just like that {adv} (without warning)  :: einfach so
justly {adv} (In a just or fair manner)  :: gerecht
just now {adv} (very close to the present moment)  :: gerade eben, soeben, gerade
just now {adv} (in a little while)  :: sofort
Justus {prop} (male given name)  :: Justus {m}, Just {m}
jute {n} (fiber of Corchorus olitorius)  :: Jute {f}
jute {n} (The plants from which this fibre is obtained)  :: Jute {f}
Jutland {prop} (peninsula)  :: Jütland {n}
juvenile delinquency {n} (participation in illegal behaviour by minors)  :: Jugendkriminalität {f}
juvenile offending {n} (juvenile delinquency) SEE: juvenile delinquency  ::
juvie {n} (youth detention centre)  :: Jugendknast {m}
juxtapose {v} (to place side by side)  :: nebeneinander stellen
juxtaposition {n} (mathematics: absence of operators)  :: Juxtaposition {f}
juxtaposition {n} (extra emphasis given to a comparison)  :: Gegenüberstellung {f}
jynx {n} (a charm or spell) SEE: spell  ::
jynx {n} (Jynx torquilla) SEE: wryneck  ::
Jyväskylä {prop} (city)  :: Jyväskylä