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j {letter} :: letter
{adv} /ˈʒa/ :: [usually preceding verbs in the past tense] already (indicating that something has happened before)
{adv} :: [usually following verbs in the present tense] now (at this instant)
{adv} [in negative sentences, preceding the adverb não] :: anymore; any longer
{adv} :: [usually preceding verbs in the present tense] in a minute; soon
{adv} :: [preceding noun phrases] on the other hand, however
{adv} :: [colloquial, preceding verbs] really (used for emphasis)
J {letter} :: letter
{prop} {m} [biblical] :: Job (book of the Bible)
{prop} {m} [biblical] :: Job (biblical character)
ja {adv} :: obsolete spelling of
Jaú {prop} :: Jaú (placename)
jabá {m} [Brazil] :: A form of dried meat
jabá {m} [Brazil, slang] :: payola (specifically, an illegal bribe given in exchange for playing a given music in radio and TV stations)
Jaíba {prop} :: Jaíba (placename)
jabiru {m} :: jabiru (Jabiru mycteria)
Jaborá {prop} :: Jaborá (placename)
jaborandi {m} /ʒɐ.βu.ɾɐ̃.ˈdi/ :: jaborandi (any plant of the genus Pilocarpus)
Jaborandi {prop} :: Jaborandi (placename)
Jaborandi {prop} :: Jaborandi (placename)
jaborandy {m} :: obsolete spelling of jaborandi
jabota {f} :: Female tortoise
Jaboticaba {prop} :: Jaboticaba (placename)
Jaboticabal {prop} :: Jaboticabal (placename)
Jaboticatubas {prop} :: Jaboticatubas (placename)
jaboty {m} :: obsolete spelling of jabuti
jaburu {m} :: alternative form of jabiru
jabuti {m} /ʒa.bu.t͡ʃi/ :: either the yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulata) or the red-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaria)
jabuti {m} [by extension] :: any tortoise (terrestrial turtle)
jabuti {m} [Brazil, law, slang] :: an amendment to a law which is strange to its main subject, as "tortoises do not climb trees" (Brazilian proverb) (it was put onto the tree by someone)
jabuti-piranga {f} :: red-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonarius)
jabuti-tinga {f} :: yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulatus)
jacá {m} [Brazil] :: A type of basket used for carrying food
Jacó {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ʒa.ˈkɔ/ :: Jacob (one of the sons of Isaac and Rebecca)
Jacó {prop} {m} :: given name
jaca {f} :: jackfruit (just the fruit, not the tree)
jacaré {m} /ʒɐ.kɐ.ˈɾɛ/ :: an alligator or cayman
Jacaraci {prop} :: Jacaraci (placename)
jacaré americano {m} :: American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis, an alligator of the southeastern United States)
jacarandá {m} /ʒɐ.kɐ.ɾɐ̃.ˈda/ :: jacaranda (the tree)
jacaré-açu {m} :: black caiman
Jacareí {prop} :: Jacareí (placename)
Jacarta {prop} {f} /ʒa.ˈkaʁ.tɐ/ :: Jacarta (capital city)
jacatirica {f} :: alternative form of jaguatirica
Jaci {prop} :: Jaci (placename)
jacinto {m} /ʒɐˈsĩ.tu/ :: hyacinth (plant of the genus Hyacinthus)
Jacinto {prop} :: Jacinto (placename)
Jacinto Machado {prop} :: Jacinto Machado (placename)
jack {m} :: jack (an electronic connector mounted on a surface)
Jacob {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Jacó
Jacobe {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Jacó
Jacobina {prop} :: Jacobina (placename)
Jacobo {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Jacó
jacre {f} :: alternative form of jágara
jactado {v} :: past participle of jactar
jactando {v} :: gerund of jactar
jactar {v} :: to boast
jactar-se {vr} :: to show off (to exhibit, to demonstrate something for the purpose of bragging)
jacto {m} /ˈʒak.tu/ :: jet (gush of pressurised substance)
jacto {m} :: jet (aeroplane using jet engines)
jacu {m} :: guan (several birds within the family Cracidae)
Jacuí {prop} :: Jacuí (placename)
Jacuizinho {prop} :: Jacuizinho (placename)
Jacupiranga {prop} :: Jacupiranga (placename)
Jacutinga {prop} :: Jacutinga (placename)
Jacutinga {prop} :: Jacutinga (placename)
jade {m} :: jade (gem)
jaez {m} :: sort; ilk
Jafé {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Japheth (third son of Noah)
Jaffna {prop} {f} :: Jaffna (city)
já agora {prep} :: by the way (incidentally)
já agora {prep} :: See: agora
jagra {f} :: alternative form of jágara
jagre {f} :: alternative form of jágara
Jaguaquara {prop} :: Jaguaquara (placename)
jaguar {m} /ʒa.ˈɡwaɹ/ :: jaguar
Jaguarari {prop} :: Jaguarari (placename)
Jaguaraçu {prop} :: Jaguaraçu (placename)
jaguaretê {m} :: a small jaguar
Jaguari {prop} :: Jaguari (placename)
Jaguariúna {prop} :: Jaguariúna (placename)
Jaguaripe {prop} :: Jaguaripe (placename)
Jaguarão {prop} :: Jaguarão (placename)
Jaguaruna {prop} :: Jaguaruna (placename)
jaguarundi {m} /ʒa.ˌɡwa.ɾũ.ˈdʒi/ :: jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi)
jaguatirica {f} :: ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)
jagunço {m} [Northeast Region, Brazil] :: An armed man, serving as bodyguard to someone else
jah {adv} [Internet slang] :: alternative spelling of
Jaime {prop} {m} /ˈʒaj.mi/ :: given name
jainismo {m} :: Jainism (religion and philosophy)
Jaipur {prop} {f} :: Jaipur (city/state capital)
Jair {prop} {m} /ʒa.ˈiʁ/ :: given name
Jakarta {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Jacarta
Jalalabad {prop} {f} :: Jalalabad (city)
jaleco {m} :: coat of typical white colour worn by scientists, medics, professors, teachers and other professionals
Jales {prop} :: Jales (placename)
jalão {m} :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
Jamaica {prop} {f} :: Jamaica (island/and/country)
jamaicano {adj} :: Jamaican (of, from, or pertaining to Jamaica)
jamaicano {m} :: Jamaican (person from Jamaica)
jamais {adv} /ʒa.ˈmajʃ/ :: never
jamanta {f} /ʒa.ˈmɐ̃.tɐ/ :: manta ray (large ray of the genus Manta)
jamanta {f} :: semi; articulated lorry; truck and trailer
jamanta {f} {mf} :: hulk (a big, clumsy person)
Jambeiro {prop} :: Jambeiro (placename)
jambo {m} /ˈʒɐ̃.bu/ :: fruit of the plant Syzygium jambos; rose apple
jambo {m} :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
jambolão {m} :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
jambo-rosa {m} /ˈʒɐ̃.buˈʁɔ.zɐ/ :: fruit of the plant Syzygium jambos; rose apple
jamelão {m} /ʒˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
Jammu e Caxemira {prop} :: Jammu e Caxemira (state)
Jampruca {prop} :: Jampruca (placename)
jam session {f} [music] :: jam (impromptu informal performance or practice session)
Janaúba {prop} :: Janaúba (placename)
janíçaro {m} :: obsolete form of janízaro
Jandaíra {prop} :: Jandaíra (placename)
Jandira {prop} :: Jandira (placename)
janeiras {fp} /ʒɐ.ˈnɐj.ɾɐʃ/ :: New Year's carols (traditional songs celebrating the New Year and Epiphany)
janeireiro {adj} /ʒɐ.nɐj.ˈɾɐj.ɾu/ :: of January
janeireiro {m} :: a carol singer
janeirento {adj} /ʒɐ.nɐj.ˈɾẽ.tu/ :: Of a cat, on heat
janeiro {m} /ʒɐ.ˈnɐj.ɾu/ :: January
Janeiro {m} :: superseded spelling of janeiro
janela {f} /ʒɐ.ˈnɛ.lɐ/ :: window
janela cega {f} :: blind window
janelamento {m} /ʒɐ.nɨ.lɐ.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: windowing
janelar {v} [dated] /ʒɐ.nɨ.ˈlaɾ/ :: to be at the window constantly
janeleiro {m} [dated] /ʒɐ.nɨ.ˈlɐj.ɾu/ :: a person who loves being at the window
janelinha {f} /ʒɐ.nɨ.ˈli.ɲɐ/ :: a small window
janella {f} :: obsolete spelling of janela
janelão {m} [architecture] /ʒɐ.nɨ.ˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: a large window
janelo {m} /ʒɐ.ˈ :: a hatch (a small opening in a wall)
janeyro {m} :: obsolete spelling of janeiro
Janeyro {m} :: obsolete spelling of janeiro
jangada {f} /ʒɐ̃.ˈɡa.ðɐ/ :: raft (flat, makeship watercraft)
Jan Mayen {prop} {f} :: Jan Mayen (island)
Jano {prop} {m} [Roman god] /ˈʒɐ.nu/ :: Janus (Roman god of gates and doorways)
Jano {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Janus (a moon of Saturn)
janota {adj} /ʒɐ.ˈnɔ.tɐ/ :: vain (overly concerned with one’s appearance)
janota {adj} :: elegant
janota {mf} :: a vain person
Janota {prop} /ʒɐ.ˈnɔ.tɐ/ :: surname
jantar {m} /ʒɐ̃ˈtaɾ/ :: dinner (evening meal)
jantar {v} :: to dine
Januária {prop} :: Januária (placename)
janízaro {m} [military unit, historical] /ʒɐ.ˈɾu/ :: janissary (member of the Ottoman sultan’s guard)
japa {mf} [Brazil, slang] /ˈʒa.pɐ/ :: a person from Japan or of Japanese descent
japa {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: from Japan or of Japanese descent
Japaõ {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Japão
Japam {prop} :: obsolete spelling of Japão
Japaraíba {prop} :: Japaraíba (placename)
Japeri {prop} :: Japeri (placename)
japinha {mf} [Brazil, slang] :: diminutive of japa
japinha {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: diminutive of japa
Japão {prop} {m} /ʒɐ.ˈpɐ̃w̃/ :: Japão (archipelago/and/country)
japona {f} [Brazil, slang] :: jacket
japona {f} [Brazil, slang] :: augmentative of japa
japona {adj} [Brazil, slang, feminine only] :: augmentative of japa
japonesa {f} /ʒɐpuˈnezɐ/ :: feminine noun of japonês
japonesamente {adv} :: In the manner of Japanese people; in context of Japan; Japanesely
japonesamente {adv} :: As said or written in Japanese language; Japanesely
japonizar {v} :: to japanize
japonês {adj} /ʒɐpuˈneʃ/ :: Japanese
japonês {adj} :: pertaining or related to Japan
japonês {adj} :: pertaining or related to the Japanese people
japonês {adj} :: pertaining or related to the Japanese language
japonês {m} :: a Japanese person
japonês {m} :: a nikkei or any person of Japanese ancestry or parentship
japonês {m} [uncountable] :: the Japanese language
Japonvar {prop} :: Japonvar (placename)
japoronga {adj} [colloquial] :: Japanese, Jap
japoronga {adj} :: Looking like or having aspect of Japanese people
jaqueira {f} :: jackfruit tree
jaqueria {f} [history] :: jacquerie (a violent revolt by peasants)
jaqueta {f} :: jacket (piece of clothing worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse)
Jaquirana {prop} :: Jaquirana (placename)
Jaraguá do Sul {prop} :: Jaraguá do Sul (placename)
jarda {f} :: yard (measure of three feet)
jarda {f} [regional] :: alternative form of járdia
jarda {f} [Portugal, slang] :: anabolic steroid
jardim {m} /ʒɐɾˈðĩ/ :: garden
jardim botânico {m} :: botanical garden (a place where a variety of plants are grown for scientific reasons)
jardim de infância {m} /ʒɐɾ.ðĩ.dĩ.ˈfɐ̃.sjɐ/ :: kindergarten (educational institution for young children, usually between ages 4 and 6)
jardim-de-infância {m} :: obsolete spelling of jardim de infância
Jardim do Éden {prop} {m} [Abrahamic religions] :: Garden of Eden (place where Adam and Eve first lived)
jardim zoológico {m} :: zoo (park where live animals are exhibited)
jardinagem {f} /ʒɐɾ.ði.ˈna.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: gardening
jardinar {vi} /ʒɐɾ.ði.ˈnaɾ/ :: to garden (to maintain a garden)
jardineira {f} :: feminine noun of jardineiro
jardineiro {m} /ʒɐɾ.ði.ˈnɐj.ɾu/ :: gardener (one who gardens)
Jardinópolis {prop} :: Jardinópolis (placename)
Jardinópolis {prop} :: Jardinópolis (placename)
jargão {m} :: jargon
Jari {prop} :: Jari (placename)
Jarinu {prop} :: Jarinu (placename)
jaro {m} :: alternative form of aro (arum plant)
jarra {f} :: jug; ewer; pitcher (deep vessel for holding liquids)
jarrete {m} :: the part of the leg behind the knee
jarreteira {f} :: garter (band around leg)
jarro {m} :: alternative form of jarra
jarro {m} :: alternative form of aro (arum)
jasmim {m} :: jasmine (plant of genus Jasminum)
jasmim {m} :: jasmine (perfume)
Jasmim {prop} {f} /ʒaz.ˈmĩ/ :: given name
Jasmin {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Jasmim
Jasão {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] /ʒa.ˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: Jason (leader of Argonauts)
Jasão {prop} {m} :: given name
Jason {prop} {m} :: given name
jaspe {m} [mineral] /ˈʒaʃ.pɨ/ :: jasper (precious stone)
jato {m} /ˈʒa.tu/ :: alternative form of jacto
jatobá {m} :: courbaril (a South American tree, Hymenaea courbaril)
jatobá {m} :: the wood of this tree, highly desirable because of its hardness
Jatobá {prop} {f} :: Jatobá (placename)
Jatobá {prop} {f} :: Jatobá (placename)
Jatobá {prop} {mf} :: surname
jau {m} :: Javanese (person from Java)
jaula {f} :: cage (enclosure)
Javé {prop} {m} [Judaism] /ʒa.ˈvɛ/ :: Yahweh (personal name of God)
Java {prop} {f} :: Java (island)
Java {prop} {m} [computing] :: Java (programming language)
javali {m} /ʒɐ.vɐˈli/ :: wild boar
javali-africano {m} :: warthog (a species of wild pig)
javalina {f} /ˌʒˈ :: javelin (throwing spear used as a weapon)
javalina {f} :: feminine noun of javali
javanês {m} :: Javanese (person from Java)
javanês {m} [uncountable] :: Javanese (language spoken in central and eastern Java)
javanês {adj} :: Javanese (of, from or relating to Java)
javaporco {m} :: resulting animal from a wild boar and a domestic pig's interbreeding
Jayme {prop} {m} [chiefly archaic] :: alternative spelling of Jaime
jazer {v} :: to lie, to sit (be situated)
jazer {v} :: to lay, to lie down
jazida {f} :: orebody, mine
jazigo {m} :: tomb; grave
jazigo {m} [geology] :: deposit; bed
jazz {m} [music genre] /ˈd͡ʒɛs/ :: jazz (music genre)
já basta {phrase} :: enough is enough (the limit of patience or tolerance has been reached)
júbilo {m} :: bliss (perfect happiness)
já chega {phrase} :: enough is enough (the limit of patience or tolerance has been reached)
jeans {m} /ˈd͡ʒĩs/ :: denim (type of textile)
jeans {mp} {m} :: jeans (denim trousers)
jeans {adj} :: made of denim
jeba {f} [slang] :: dick; penis
Jeceaba {prop} :: Jeceaba (placename)
jegue {m} [Brazil] :: donkey
Jehová {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Jeová
Jehovah {prop} {m} :: archaic spelling of Jeová
jeitinho {m} [Brazil] :: workaround, hack (improvised solution)
jeito {m} /ˈʒɐj.tu/ :: way, manner, fashion (method)
jeito {m} :: a way or manner to solve a problem
jeito {m} :: temper
jeito {m} :: manners
jeito {m} :: ability, skill
jeitoso {adj} :: skilled
jeitoso {adj} :: elegant, attractive
jeitoso {adj} :: useful, convenient
jejuar {v} /ˌʒɨ.ˈʒwaɾ/ :: to fast (to abstain from or eat very little food)
jejuar {v} [figuratively] :: to avoid or abstain from something one enjoys
jejum {m} /ʒɨ.ˈʒũ/ :: fasting (period of time when one abstains from food)
jejuno {m} [anatomy] :: jejunum (central of the three divisions of the small intestine)
jenela {f} :: obsolete form of janela
jenella {f} :: obsolete form of janela
Jenipapo de Minas {prop} :: Jenipapo de Minas (placename)
jenízaro {m} :: rare form of janízaro
Jeová {prop} {m} [religion] /ˌʒe.o.ˈva/ :: Jehovah (name of God in the Hebrew scriptures)
Jequeri {prop} :: Jequeri (placename)
Jequié {prop} :: Jequié (placename)
jequiriti {m} :: jequirity (Abrus precatorius, an Indonesian legume with poisonous seeds)
Jequitaí {prop} :: Jequitaí (placename)
Jequitibá {prop} :: Jequitibá (placename)
Jequitinhonha {prop} :: Jequitinhonha (placename)
já era {interj} :: there is no more; napoo
já era {interj} :: too late
já era hora {phrase} [idiomatic] :: about time (it is far past the desired time)
já era tempo {phrase} [idiomatic] :: about time (it is far past the desired time)
Jeremias {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ˌʒe.ɾe.ˈmi.ɐs/ :: Jeremiah (a prophet)
Jeremias {prop} {m} [book of the bible] :: Jeremiah (book of the Old Testament)
Jeremias {prop} {m} :: given name
Jeremoabo {prop} :: Jeremoabo (placename)
Jericó {prop} {f} /ˌʒe.ɾi.ˈkɔ/ :: Jericó (city)
Jerichó {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Jericó
jerico {m} :: donkey
jerico {m} [figuratively, pejorative] :: idiot; fool
jerimum {m} :: pumpkin (plant)
jerimum {m} :: pumpkin (fruit)
Jeriquara {prop} :: Jeriquara (placename)
Jerónimo {prop} {m} [European orthography] /ʒe.ˈɾ :: given name
Jerônimo {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: given name; Brazilian variant of Jerónimo
jeropiga {f} :: jeropiga (liqueur made from partially-fermented malt or wine)
jeropiga {f} [pejorative] :: plonk (cheap or inferior wine)
jerosolimita {adj} :: Jerusalemite (of, from, or pertaining to Jerusalem)
jerosolimita {mf} :: Jerusalemite (person from Jerusalem)
jerosolimitana {f} :: feminine noun of jerosolimitano
jerosolimitanas {f} :: feminine noun of jerosolimitano
jerosolimitano {adj} :: alternative form of hierosolimitano
jerosolimitano {m} :: alternative form of hierosolimitano
Jersey {prop} {f} :: Jersey (island/and/dependency)
Jerusalem {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Jerusalém
Jerusalém {prop} {f} /ʒe.ˌɾˈlẽj̃/ :: Jerusalém (city)
Jessé {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ʒe.ˈsɛ/ :: Jesse (father of David)
Jessé {prop} {m} :: given name
Jesuis {prop} {m} :: eye dialect of Jesus
Jesuânia {prop} :: Jesuânia (placename)
jesus {m} :: Jesus (figure of Jesus)
Jesus {prop} {m} [Christianity] /ʒɨ.ˈzuʃ/ :: Jesus Christ
Jesus {prop} {f} {m} :: given name
Jesus {prop} {f} {m} :: given name, shortened from "Maria de Jesus"
Jesus {prop} {f} {m} :: surname
Jesus Cristo {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Jesus Christ (central figure of Christianity, believed to be the son of God)
Jesus Cristo {interj} :: Jesus Christ! (exclamation of surprise)
jesuíta {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: Jesuit (member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order)
jesuíta {adj} :: relating to the Jesuits
Jethro {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Jetro
jet lag {m} :: jet lag (a physical condition caused by crossing time zones during flight)
jet pack {m} :: alternative spelling of jetpack
jetpack {m} :: jet pack (equipment worn on the back allowing flight)
jet-pack {m} :: alternative spelling of jetpack
Jetro {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ˈʒɛ.tɾu/ :: Jethro (the father-in-law of Moses)
Jetro {prop} {m} :: given name
Jezabel {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Jezebel (Phoenician princess and Queen of Ancient Israel in 1 Kings)
Jezabel {prop} {f} :: given name
Jezebel {prop} {f} :: given name
jágara {f} :: jaggery (traditional unrefined sugar)
Jharkhand {prop} {m} :: Jharkhand (state)
jóia {f} :: superseded spelling of joia
Jóia {prop} :: Jóia (placename)
Jiangsu {prop} {m} :: Jiangsu (province)
jibóia {f} :: obsolete spelling of jiboia
jiboia {f} :: boa constrictor (a large tropical American snake)
Jibuti {prop} {m} :: Jibuti (country)
Jibuti {prop} :: Jibuti (capital city)
jihad {m} [Islam] /ʒi.ˈʁad͡ʒ/ :: jihad (holy war undertaken by Muslims)
jihadi {mf} [Islam] :: mujahid; jihadist (a Muslim engaging in jihad)
jihadista {mf} [Islam] :: mujahid; jihadist (one who participates in a jihad)
Jilin {prop} {f} :: Jilin (province)
jimbo {m} :: aardvark (mammal)
jinela {f} [regional] :: alternative form of janela
jinella {f} :: obsolete form of janela
jingoísmo {m} :: jingoism (extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy)
jinguba {f} :: alternative spelling of ginguba
jinn {m} [Muslim demonology] :: jinn (spirit)
jinriquixá {m} :: rickshaw (two-wheeled carriage)
jipe {m} :: jeep (vehicle)
Jiquiriçá {prop} :: Jiquiriçá (placename)
jirau {m} :: A wooden framework built on piles driven into the ground (for housing, fishing etc)
já ir tarde {v} [idiomatic, usually in the present indicative: já vai tarde] :: to be good riddance (indicates that a loss is welcome)
Jitaúna {prop} :: Jitaúna (placename)
jitter {m} [telecommunications] :: jitter (abrupt and unwanted variation of signal characteristics)
jiu-jitsu {m} :: jujitsu (a Japanese martial art)
jiu-jitsu {m} :: jujitsu (a Brazilian martial art based on jiu-jitsu)
já, já {adv} [colloquial] :: soon
Júlia {prop} {f} /ˈʒu.ljɐ/ :: given name
Júlio {prop} {m} /ˈʒu.lju/ :: given name
Júlio de Castilhos {prop} :: Júlio de Castilhos (placename)
Júlio Mesquita {prop} :: Júlio Mesquita (placename)
jâmbico {adj} :: alternative form of iâmbico
Jâmblico {prop} {m} :: Iamblichus (Ancient Greek philosopher)
Jónatas {prop} {m} [European orthography, biblical character] :: Jonathan (son of king Saul)
Jónatas {prop} {m} [European orthography] :: given name
Jônatas {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Jónatas
jângal {m} :: jungle (large, undeveloped, humid forest)
júnior {m} /ˈʒu.njɔɾ/ :: junior (especially a junior sportsman)
Joaõ {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of João
Joaçaba {prop} :: Joaçaba (placename)
joalharia {f} /ʒwɐ.ʎɐ.ˈɾiɐ/ :: jewelry
joalheiro {m} /ˌʒwɐ.ˈʎɐj.ɾu/ :: jeweller (person who works with precious stones)
joalheria {f} :: jewelry
Joam {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of João
Joaíma {prop} :: Joaíma (placename)
Joana {prop} {f} /ʒo.ˈɐ.nɐ/ :: given name
Joana {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Joanna (follower of Jesus)
Joanesburgo {prop} {f} :: Joanesburgo (city/provincial capital)
joanete {m} [pathology] :: bunion (bump on the big toe)
joaninha {f} /ʒwɐ.ˈni.ɲɐ/ :: ladybird
Joanna {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Joana
Joanópolis {prop} :: Joanópolis (placename)
Joanésia {prop} :: Joanésia (placename)
Joaquim {prop} {m} /ʒwaˈkĩ]/ :: given name
Joaquim Felício {prop} :: Joaquim Felício (placename)
job {m} [computing] /ˈdʒɔbi/ :: job (task carried out in batch mode)
jocoso {adj} [formal] :: jocular (having a humorous tone)
joeira {f} [agriculture] :: winnow; winnowing fan (fan used while winnowing)
joeirar {v} [agriculture] :: to winnow (to separate grain from chaff by throwing them in the air)
joeirar {vt} [figuratively] :: to winnow; to sift (to separate the good from the bad)
Joel {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Joel (a book of the Bible)
Joel {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Joel (a minor biblical prophet)
Joel {prop} {m} :: given name
joelhada {f} :: kneeing (a strike or blow with the knee)
joelho {m} [anatomy] /ˈʒwɐ.ʎu/ :: knee
jogador {m} /ˌʒu.ɣɐ.ˈðoɾ/ :: player (one who plays any game or sport)
jogador {m} :: gambling addict
jogador {m} :: thrower (one who throws)
jogar {v} /ʒu.ˈɣaɾ/ :: [em, .transitive, .or] to throw; to hurl (to shove an object away)
jogar {v} :: [a, para, -an indirect objective pronoun] to hand something over by throwing it
jogar {vti} :: [] to play (to participate in a sport or game)
jogar {vti} :: [] to gamble (to play risky games, especially casino games)
jogar {v} :: [em] to bet on (to place a bet on)
jogar {v} :: [em, .by extension] to bet on (to place one’s hopes or efforts on)
jogar {vi} :: to agitate or oscillate
jogar {v} :: [com] to match; to go with (to form a good combination with)
jogar {v} :: [em, dentro de, .pronominal] to immerse oneself in (to become completely involved with)
jogar a toalha {v} [idiomatic] :: To throw in the towel
jogar bola {v} [idiom] :: to play association football
jogar fora {vt} :: to throw away; to discard
jogar fora o bebé com a água do banho {v} [Portugal, idiomatic] :: to throw the baby out with the bathwater (to discard something valuable while discarding something useful)
jogar fora o bebê com a água do banho {v} [Brazil] :: alternative form of jogar fora o bebé com a água do banho
jogar luz {v} :: See: jogar luz
jogar luz {v} :: [sobre, em, .idiomatic] to shed light on (to cause to become clearer or better-known)
jogar perolas aos porcos {v} :: alternative form of dar pérolas a porcos
jogging {m} /ˈd͡ʒɔ.ɡĩ/ :: jogging (running at a slow pace as a form of exercise)
jogging {m} :: jogging bottoms; sweatpants (loose pants designed for jogging or comfort)
jogo {m} /ˈʒo.ɡu/ :: play
jogo {m} :: game; sport
jogo {m} :: gaming
jogo {m} :: set
jogo {m} :: gambling
jogo da forca {m} [games] :: hangman
jogo da pulga {m} [games] :: tiddlywinks (game in which the objective is to shoot winks into a cup)
jogo da velha {m} [games] :: tic-tac-toe
jogo da velha {m} :: number sign (the character #)
jogo de azar {m} :: a game that involves gambling
jogo de cartas {m} :: card game (any of very many games played with playing cards)
jogo de computador {m} :: computer game (electronic game)
jogo de gato e rato {m} [idiomatic] :: cat-and-mouse game (situation where one party pursues another without securing a significant victory)
jogo do bicho {m} :: A betting game popular in Brazil where people bet on animals that represent numbers
jogo do galo {m} [games] :: tic-tac-toe
jogo eletrônico {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: electronic game (game played on an electronic device)
jogo limpo {m} :: fair play
Jogos Olímpicos {prop} {mp} :: Olympic Games (modern and Ancient Greek sporting event)
Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno {prop} {mp} :: Olympic Winter Games
Jogos Paraolímpicos {prop} {mp} :: Paralympic Games (international sports competition for people with physical disabilities)
jogral {m} /ʒu.ˈɣɾaɫ/ :: minstrel, a non-noble troubadour
jogral {m} :: jester
joguete nas mãos de {m} [idiomatic, of a person] :: putty in someone's hands (a person easily manipulated)
jogável {adj} [games] :: playable (able to be played)
Johanna {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Joana
joia {f} /ˈʒɔj.ɐ/ :: jewel (a precious or semi-precious stone)
joia {f} [by extension] :: gem, treasure (anything considered precious or valuable)
joia {adj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: good, all right, fine
Joice {prop} {f} /ˈʒɔ :: given name
joinha {m} /ʒɔ.ˈi.ɲɐ/ :: thumbs up (gesture made by closing the hand and pointing the thumb upwards, used as a greeting or an indication that something is all right)
joinha {f} :: diminutive of joia
joinha {adj} :: diminutive of joia
Joinville {prop} :: Joinville (placename)
joio {m} /ˈʒo.ju/ :: cockle, darnel, tares, vetch (cereal weed)
jokenpô {m} :: alternative form of joquempô
jokenpo {m} :: alternative form of joquempô
joker {m} :: alternative form of jóquer
Jonas {prop} {m} [book of the bible] /ˈʒo.nɐs/ :: Jonah (a book of the Old Testament)
Jonas {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Jonah (prophet who was swallowed by a whale)
Jonas {prop} {m} :: given name
Jonathan {prop} {m} /ˈd͡ʒɐ̃/ :: given name
joão {m} [colloquial] :: nobody (someone who is not important)
João {prop} {mf} /ˈʒwɐ̃w̃/ :: given name
João Batista {prop} {m} :: John the Baptist (biblical prophet)
joão-bolão {m} :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
joão-de-barro {m} :: rufous hornero (a bird of southern South America)
João Dourado {prop} :: João Dourado (placename)
João e Maria {prop} {m} [European folklore] :: Hansel and Gretel (the fairy tale about two children who are almost eaten by a witch)
João Galafoice {m} :: will o' the wisp (strange light)
João Monlevade {prop} :: João Monlevade (placename)
joão-ninguém {m} :: zero; random (person of little importance)
João Pessoa {prop} :: João Pessoa (placename)
joão-pestana {prop} :: alternative form of João Pestana
João Pestana {prop} {m} /ʒuˈɐ̃w̃ pɨʃˈtɐnɐ/ :: sandman (mythological creature)
João Pestana {prop} {m} :: a personification of sleep or drowsiness
João Pinheiro {prop} :: João Pinheiro (placename)
João Ramalho {prop} :: João Ramalho (placename)
Joãozinho {prop} {m} /ʒo.ˌɐ̃w̃.ˈzi.ɲu/ :: diminutive of João
joquempô {m} [game] :: roshambo; rock-paper-scissors
joquenpô {m} :: alternative form of joquempô
joquenpo {m} :: alternative form of joquempô
jordaniano {adj} :: Jordanian (of, from or pertaining to Jordan)
jordaniano {m} :: Jordanian (a person from Jordan)
Jordânia {prop} {f} :: Jordânia (country)
Jordânia {prop} {f} :: Jordânia (placename)
Jordão {prop} {m} :: Jordão (river)
Jorge {prop} {m} /ˈʒɔɾʒ(ɨ)/ :: given name
jornada {f} :: journey (trip, a voyage)
jornal {m} /ʒuɾˈnaɫ/ :: newspaper
jornal {m} [television] :: news
jornal {m} :: A day's pay
jornaleiro {m} [chiefly Brazil] /ʒuɾ.nɐ.ˈlɐj.ɾu/ :: newsvendor (person who runs a newsstand)
jornaleiro {m} :: day laborer
jornalismo {m} /ʒuɾ.nɐ.ˈliʒ.mu/ :: journalism
jornalismo comunitário {m} [media] :: citizen journalism (reporting by amateurs on the scene of an event)
jornalista {mf} /ʒuɾ.nɐ.ˈliʃ.tɐ/ :: journalist
jornalístico {adj} /ʒuɾ.nɐ.ˈliʃ.ti.ku/ :: journalistic
jorrado {v} :: past participle of jorrar
jorrando {v} :: gerund of jorrar
jorrar {v} :: to gush, spout
José {prop} {m} /ʒo.ˈzɛ/ :: given name
José {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Joseph (favourite son of Jacob)
José {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Joseph (husband of Virgin Mary)
José Boiteux {prop} :: José Boiteux (placename)
José Bonifácio {prop} :: José Bonifácio (placename)
José de Arimateia {prop} [Christianity] :: Joseph of Arimathea
Josenópolis {prop} :: Josenópolis (placename)
José Gonçalves de Minas {prop} :: José Gonçalves de Minas (placename)
Josias {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Josiah (biblical king)
Josias {prop} {m} :: given name
José Raydan {prop} :: José Raydan (placename)
Josué {prop} {m} [book of the bible] /ˌʒo.zu.ˈɛ/ :: Joshua (book of the Bible)
Josué {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Joshua (Judge of Israel in the Old Testament)
Josué {prop} {m} :: given name
jota {m} /ˈʒɔtɐ/ :: letter: j
jota {f} :: jota (dance)
jota {f} :: jota (music)
joule {m} :: joule (derived unit of energy, work and heat)
jovem {adj} /ˈʒɔ.vɐ̃j̃/ :: young, youthful
jovem {mf} :: youngster (young person)
jovem guarda {f} :: A Brazilian music style and movement that started in the 1960s, often associated with soft, romantic lyrics, aimed at teenagers, influenced by American and British bands of the 1950s and 1960s
joven {adj} :: obsolete spelling of jovem
joven {mf} :: obsolete spelling of jovem
jovial {adj} :: jovial; merry, cheerful
jovialidade {f} :: joviality
joviano {adj} [Roman mythology] :: Jovian (pertaining to the god Jove or Jupiter)
joviano {adj} [astronomy] :: Jovian (pertaining to the planet Jupiter)
Joyce {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Joice
Jápeto {prop} {f} [astronomy] /ˈʒ :: Iapetus (the moon of Saturn)
Jápeto {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Iapetus (a Titan)
Júpiter {prop} {m} [Roman god] /ˈʒupitɛɾ/ :: Jupiter (chief-god of the Roman pantheon)
Júpiter {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Jupiter (fifth and largest planet of the Solar System)
J-pop {m} [music genre] :: J-pop (Japanese pop music)
já que {conj} :: Given that
jóquei {m} :: jockey (one who rides racehorses competitively)
jóquer {m} [Portugal, cards] /ˈʒɔ.kɛɾ/ :: joker
júri {m} :: jury
jérsei {m} :: jersey (garment knitted from wool, worn over the upper body)
Jéssica {prop} {f} /ˈʒɛ.si.kɐ/ :: given name
jũto {adj} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of junto
jũto {adv} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of junto
Juatuba {prop} :: Juatuba (placename)
Juazeiro {prop} :: Juazeiro (placename)
juba {f} /ˈʒu.βɐ/ :: mane (lion)
Juba {prop} {f} /ˈʒu.bɐ/ :: Juba (capital city)
jubilar {vi} :: to jubilate; to rejoice (to be very cheerful)
jubilar {vi} :: to be expelled from university due to failing too many terms
jubileu {m} :: jubilee (the 50th anniversary of something)
jubileu {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: jubilee (special year during which pilgrims to Rome receive special indulgences and remission)
Juca {prop} {m} :: given name
Juca {prop} {m} :: A diminutive of the name or title Júnior
juche {m} :: Juche (North Korean self-reliance state ideology)
Jucuruçu {prop} :: Jucuruçu (placename)
judô {m} :: judo
Judá {prop} {f} [biblical] :: Judah (one of the Israelite tribes)
Judá {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Judah (first son of Jacob)
Judá {prop} {m} [historical, biblical] :: Judá (ancient kingdom)
judaicamente {adv} :: Jewishly
judaico {adj} /ʒu.ˈdaj.ku/ :: Jewish, Judaic (of or relating to (a) Jew(s))
Judas {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ˈʒu.dɐs/ :: Judas (name of two of the Apostles)
Judas {mf} :: alternative case form of judas
judaísmo {m} /ʒu.ðɐ.ˈiʃ.mu/ :: Judaism
Judeia {f} /ʒu.ˈdɛj.ɐ/ :: Judeia (province)
judeu {m} /ʒu.ˈdew/ :: Jew, Jewish person
judeu {adj} :: Jewish
Judeu Errante {prop} {m} [European folklore] :: Wandering Jew (a Jew who mocked Jesus and was condemned to wander forever)
judia {f} :: feminine noun of judeu
Judéia {f} :: obsolete spelling of Judeia
judiação {f} :: mistreatment; abuse; cruelty
judiação {f} [obsolete, derogatory] :: a crime commited by a Jewish person
judiação {interj} :: what a pity; poor thing
judiar {v} /ʒu.d͡ʒi.a(ɾ)/ :: to mistreat; to torment
judiaria {f} :: ghetto (neighbourhood where Jews were forced to live)
judicial {adj} :: judicial
judiciário {adj} :: judicial, justiciary
Judite {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to English Judith
judo {m} :: judo
judoca {mf} :: judoka (practitioner of judo)
jugo {m} /ˈʒu.ɣu/ :: yoke
jugo {m} [figuratively] :: Something which represses or restrains someone
jugoslavo {adj} [Portugal] :: Yugoslavian (of, from or relating to Yugoslavia)
jugoslavo {m} [Portugal] :: Yugoslavian (person from Yugoslavia)
Jugoslávia {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: Jugoslávia (former country)
jugular {adj} :: jugular (relating to the neck or throat)
jugular {f} :: jugular vein
juiz {m} /ʒu.ˈiʃ/ :: judge
Juiz de Fora {prop} :: Juiz de Fora (placename)
juiz de paz {m} :: justice of the peace; the authority that officiates marriages
juizo {m} :: obsolete spelling of juízo, now a common misspelling
jujuba {f} :: jujube (fruit)
jujuba {f} :: jujube (tree)
jujubeira {f} :: jujube (tree)
juke-box {morf} :: jukebox (a coin-operated machine that plays recorded music)
Jukov {prop} :: Zhukov (Russian surname)
julgador {m} /ˌʒuw.ɡa.ˈdoɹ/ :: judge (someone with valued opinions)
julgador {m} :: judger (one who judges)
julgadora {f} /ˌʒuw.ɡa.ˈdo.ɾa/ :: feminine noun of julgador
julgamento {m} /ˌʒuɫ.ɣɐ.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: judgment (act of judging)
julgamento {m} [legal] :: verdict; decision
julgar {v} [legal] /ʒuɫ.ˈɣaɾ/ :: to judge; to sentence (sit in judgment on, pass sentence on)
julgar {v} :: to consider; to suppose (have an opinion)
julgar {v} :: to arbitrate (pass opinion)
julho {m} /ˈʒu.ʎu/ :: July
Julho {m} :: superseded spelling of julho
Juliana {prop} {f} /ˌʒˈɐ.nɐ/ :: given name
juliano {adj} :: Julian (of, or relating to Julius Caesar)
Juliano {prop} {m} /ˌʒˈɐ.nu/ :: given name
Julieta {prop} {f} /ˌʒˈe.tɐ/ :: given name
Julieta {prop} {f} :: Juliet (character in Romeo and Juliet)
Julião {prop} {m} :: given name
jumenta {f} :: feminine noun of jumento
jumento {m} /ʒu.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: donkey
jumento {m} [figuratively, pejorative] :: idiot; fool
Jumirim {prop} :: Jumirim (placename)
jumper {m} :: jumper (short length of electrical conductor)
junco {m} :: reed, rush
junco {m} [nautical] :: junk (a Chinese ship)
juncção {f} :: obsolete spelling of junção
Jundiaí {prop} :: Jundiaí (placename)
Juneau {prop} {f} :: Juneau (city/state capital of)
jungido {v} :: past participle of jungir
jungindo {v} :: gerund of jungir
jungir {v} :: to yoke (together)
junho {m} /ˈʒu.ɲu/ :: June
Junho {m} :: superseded spelling of junho
junção {f} /ʒũˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: junction, joint, juncture
junção {f} :: union
junção {f} :: merger
junípero {m} :: juniper (shrub or tree of the genus Juniperus)
Junqueirópolis {prop} :: Junqueirópolis (placename)
junquilho {m} :: jonquil
junta {f} [anatomy] /ˈʒũ.tɐ/ :: joint (part of the body where two bones join)
junta {f} [collective] :: task force (group of people working towards a particular task, project, or activity)
junta {f} [collective] :: council (committee that leads or governs)
junta {f} [collective] :: team (set of yoked draught animals)
junta {f} :: the gap between floor bricks or tiles
junta {f} :: material used to fill the gap between floor tiles
junta de freguesia {f} [Portugal] /ˈʒũtɐ ˈðɨ fɾɛɣɨˈziɐ/ :: parish council (local administrative unit, building)
juntado {v} :: past participle of juntar
juntador {m} :: joiner (thing that joins)
juntando {v} :: gerund of juntar
juntar {v} /ʒũ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to combine; to unite
juntar {v} :: to gather; to collect
juntar os trapinhos {v} :: alternative form of juntar os trapos
juntar os trapos {v} [idiom] :: to engage in a romantic relationship, especially marriage
juntar-se {v} [reciprocal] :: to assemble (to gather as a group)
junto {adj} /ˈʒũ.tu/ :: together
junto {adv} :: together (at the same time, in the same place)
Jupiá {prop} :: Jupiá (placename)
jupiteriano {adj} [Roman mythology] :: Jovian (pertaining to the god Jove or Jupiter)
jupiteriano {adj} [astronomy] :: Jovian (pertaining to the planet Jupiter)
Juquiá {prop} :: Juquiá (placename)
Juquitiba {prop} :: Juquitiba (placename)
jura {f} :: an oath
jurado {m} :: juror
juramento {m} :: an oath
Juramento {prop} :: Juramento (placename)
jurar {v} /ʒu.ˈɾa(ɹ)/ :: to swear (to take an oath)
jurararetê {f} :: The freshwater turtle Podocnemis expansa, South American river turtle, Arrau turtle
jurará-açu {f} :: South American river turtle (Podocnemis expansa, a freshwater turtle)
jurdiçaõ {f} :: obsolete form of jurisdição
jurdiçam {f} :: obsolete form of jurisdição
jurídico {adj} :: juridical
jurídico {adj} :: legal
jurídico {adj} :: juristic
jurdicção {f} :: obsolete form of jurisdição
jurdição {f} :: obsolete form of jurisdição
juridicamente {adv} :: juridically
jurisconsulto {m} :: jurist, jurisconsult
jurisdiçaõ {f} :: obsolete form of jurisdição
jurisdiçam {f} :: alternative form of jurisdição
jurisdicçaõ {f} :: alternative form of jurisdição
jurisdicçam {f} :: obsolete form of jurisdição
jurisdicção {f} :: obsolete form of jurisdição
jurisdição {f} [legal] :: jurisdiction
jurisprudência {f} [legal] :: jurisprudence
jurista {mf} [legal] :: jurist (expert in law consulted by a court)
juro {m} [finance] :: interest
juro {m} [figuratively] :: bonus, reward
juro {m} :: usury
juros compostos {mp} [banking, finance] :: compound interest (interest calculated on principal plus any unpaid interest)
jurássico {adj} [geology, palaeontology] :: Jurassic (relating to the period from 200 to 145 million years ago)
Jurássico {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: Jurassic (the second period of the Mesozoic era)
Juruaia {prop} :: Juruaia (placename)
jusante {f} :: low tide
jusante {f} :: downstream
Juscelino {prop} {m} /ˌʒˈ :: given name
jusnaturalismo {m} [philosophy, right] :: natural law
jusnaturalismo {m} :: A philosophy advocating the natural law
jusnaturalista {adj} :: pertaining or relating to the natural law
jusnaturalista {adj} :: advocating or supporting the natural law or a philosophy based on it
jusnaturalista {mf} :: a person who supports or advocates the natural law or a philosophy based on it
juso {adv} [comparable] :: down (from a high to a low position, downwards)
Jussara {prop} :: Jussara (placename)
Jussari {prop} :: Jussari (placename)
Jussiape {prop} :: Jussiape (placename)
jussivo {adj} [grammar, of a verb] :: jussive (agreeing with a request)
jussivo {m} [grammar] :: jussive (jussive mood)
justamente {adv} /ʒuʃ.tɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: exactly, precisely
justamente {adv} :: justly, fairly
justapor {v} :: to juxtapose (to place side by side)
justeza {f} :: justice
justeza {f} :: accuracy
justiça {f} /ʒuʃ.ˈti.sɐ/ :: justice
justiceiro {m} :: vigilante (person who undertakes law enforcement without legal authority)
justiceiro {adj} :: relating to, or being an example of, vigilantism
justificadamente {adv} :: justifiably
justificadamente {adv} :: reasonably
justificado {v} :: past participle of justificar
justificado {adj} :: justified
justificado {adj} :: justifiable
justificando {v} :: gerund of justificar
justificação {f} :: justification
justificar {v} :: to justify
justificar {v} :: to warrant
justificar {vi} [Brazil] :: to justify (to formally declare why one did not vote in the elections, to retain one's rights associated with voting)
justificativa {f} /ˌʒus.t͡ʃi.ˌfi.ka.ˈt͡ʃ :: justification (reason, explanation, or excuse)
justificável {adj} :: justifiable (that can be justified)
Justina {prop} {f} /ʒus.ˈt͡ʃi.nɐ/ :: given name
Justino {prop} {m} /ʒus.ˈt͡ʃ :: given name
justissimamente {adv} :: superlative of justamente
justo {adj} /ˈʒuʃ.tu/ :: free from sin and guilt; righteous
justo {adj} :: morally justified; righteous
justo {adj} :: fair, just
Justo {prop} {m} :: given name
juta {f} :: jute (a coarse, strong fibre made from the Corchorus olitorius plant)
Jutlândia {prop} {f} :: Jutlândia (peninsula)
juvenil {adj} /ˌʒˈniw/ :: juvenile (for young people)
juvenil {adj} :: juvenile; youthful (characteristic of young people)
juvenil {adj} :: juvenile; childish; immature in behaviour
juvenil {m} [sports] :: a competition for players aged 16 and 17
Juvenília {prop} :: Juvenília (placename)
juventude {f} /ʒu.vẽ.ˈtu.ðɨ/ :: youth (quality or state of being young)
juíza {f} /ʒu.ˈ :: feminine noun of juiz
Juízes {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Judges (book of the Bible)
juízo {m} /ˈʒwi.zu/ :: judgement
juízo {m} :: opinion
Juízo Final {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Last Judgment (the second coming of Jesus and the end of life on Earth)
já vi esse filme {phrase} [idiom] :: I've already seen that same thing happening (used to indicate that the speaker is familiar to an imminent occurrence)