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n/a {initialism} (not applicable)  :: لا ينطبق
naan {n} (flat bread)  :: نَان {m}
Nablus {prop} (Nablus)  :: نَابْلُس {m}
nacre {n} (pearly substance on the interior of shells)  :: نَقَّارَه
Nadezhda {prop} (transliteration of Надежда)  :: نَادِيجْدَا {f} /nadijdā/
Nadia {prop} (female given name)  :: نَادْيَا {f} /nadyā/, نَادْيَة {f}
nadir {n} (axis of projected conical shadow)  :: نَظِير {m}
nadir {n} (figuratively the lowest point)  :: نَظِير {m}
nadir {n} (point of the sky)  :: نَظِير {m}
Nagano {prop} (a city in Japan)  :: نَاغَانُو {m}, نَاغَانُو {m} /naganū/
Nagasaki {prop} (a city in Kyushu, Japan)  :: نَاغَاسَاكِي {m} /naḡasākī/, ناجازاكي {m} /nagasākī/
Nagorno-Karabakh {prop} (region in South Caucasus)  :: قَرَة بَاغ {f} /qarat bāḡ/
Nagoya {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: نَاغُويَا {f} /naḡūyā/
Nagpur {prop} (city in India)  :: نَاغْبُور {m} /naḡbūr/
Naha {prop} (a city in Okinawa, Japan)  :: نَاهَا {f}
nail {n} (on fingers and toes)  :: ظُفْر {m}
nail {n} (spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood or similar materials)  :: مِسْمَار {m}
nail polish {n} (cosmetic lacquer)  :: مَنَاكِير {m} {f}
Nairobi {prop} (capital of Kenya)  :: نَيْرُوبِي {m}
naive {adj} (lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement)  :: سَاذَج {m}, سَاذَجَة {f}
Nakba {prop} (Nakba)  :: نَكْبَة {f}, اَلنَّكْبَة {f}
naked {adj} (not wearing any clothes)  :: عَارِيّ, عُرْيَان
Nakhichevan {prop} (historically an Armenian region, currently a landlocked exclave of Azerbaijan)  :: نَاخِيتْشِيفَان {m} /naḵitšifān/
Nakhodka {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: نَاخُودْكَا {f} /naḵūdkā/
Nalchik {prop} (city in Russia)  :: نَالْتْشِيك {m} /naltšik/
namaste {n} (a greeting)  :: ناماستي
name {n} (reputation)  :: اِشْتِهَار {m}
name {n} (word or phrase indicating a particular person, place, class or thing)  :: اِسْم {m}, أَسْمَاء {m-p}
name {v} (to designate for a role)  :: عَيَّنَ, نَصَبَ
name {v} (to give a name to)  :: سَمَّى
name {v} (to identify, define, specify)  :: عَيَّنَ
name {v} (to mention, specify)  :: اِخْتَارَ
Namibia {prop} (Republic of Namibia)  :: نَامِيبِيَا {f} /namībiyā/
Nanchang {prop} (a city in southeastern China)  :: نَانْتْشَانْغ {m} /nantšānḡ/
Nanjing {prop} (Chinese city)  :: نَانْجِينْغ {m} /nanjinḡ/
Nanning {prop} (Capital of Guangxi)  :: نَانِينْغ {m} /naninḡ/, ناننينغ {m} /nannīngh/
nano- {prefix}  :: قَزَيِميّ
nanotechnology {n} (science and technology of creating nanoparticles)  :: تِقْنِيَّة اَلنَّانُو {f} /tiqniyya n-nānū/, نَانُوتِيكْنُولُوجِي {m} /nanutiknulujī/
nap {n} (a short period of sleep, especially during the day)  :: قَيْلولة {f} /qaylūla/
nap {v} (To have a nap)  :: تَقَيَّلَ /taqayyala/
nape {n} (back part of the neck)  :: قَفًا {f}
napkin {n} (serviette)  :: مِنْدِيل {m}
Naples {prop} (city in Italy)  :: نَابُلِي {m}, نَابُولِي {m}
Napoleon {prop} (Napoleon Bonaparte)  :: نَابُلْيُون {m} /nabulyūn/
Nara {prop} (prefecture capital of Nara)  :: نَارَا {f}
Narita {prop} (Narita, Japan)  :: نَارِيتَا {f} /narītā/
Narnia {prop} (a fictional land)  :: نارنيا
narrate {v} (to relate a story)  :: حَكَى, رَوَى, قَصَّ
narration {n} (act of recounting or relating)  :: حِكَايَة {f}
narrow {adj} (having small width)  :: ضَيِّق
Narses {prop} (given name)  :: نَرْسِي
Naruto {prop} (Japanese city)  :: نَارُوتُو /naruto/
Naryan-Mar {prop} (city in Russia)  :: نارايم-مار {m} /naryan-mār/
NASA {prop} (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)  :: نَاسَا {f}
nasal cavity {n} (air-filled space behind nose)  :: جوف الأنف
nasal septum {n} (septum in the nose)  :: حاجز الأنف
Nassau {prop} (capital of the Bahamas)  :: نَاسَاو {m} /nasāw/
Nastaliq {prop} (Nastaʿlīq)  :: نَسْتَعْلِيق {m}
Nataraja {prop} (dancing posture of the Hindu god Shiva)  :: نَاتَارَاجَا
Natasha {prop} (female given name)  :: نَاتَاشَا {f} /natāšā/
nation {n} (community of people)  :: أُمَّة {f}, وَطَن {m}
nation {n} (sovereign state)  :: دَوْلَة {f}
national {adj} (of or having to do with a nation)  :: وَطَنِيّ {m}, قَوْمِيّ {m}
national anthem {n} (official song of a nation or country)  :: نَشِيد وَطَنِيّ {m}
national day {n} (day marking a country's establishment)  :: يَوْم وَطَنِيّ {m}
national emblem {n} (official emblem of a nation or country)  :: شِعَار وَطَنِيّ {m}
nationalism {n} (idea of supporting one's country and culture)  :: قَوْمِيَّة {f}
nationality {n} (membership of a nation or state)  :: جِنْسِيَّة {f}
nationality {n} (national character or identity)  :: جِنْسِيَّة {f}
national park {n} (national park)  :: حَدِيقَة وَطَنِيَّة {f} /ḥadīqa waṭaniyya/
national security {n} (safety of a country)  :: أَمْن وَطَنِيّ {m}
National Socialism {n} (ideology of Adolf Hitler's NSDAP)  :: قَوْمِيَّة اِشْتِرَاكِيَّة {f} /qawmiyya štirākiyya/
native {adj} (characteristic of or existing by virtue of geographic origin)  :: أَصْلِيّ
NATO {prop} (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)  :: حِلْف اَلنَّاتُو {m}, نَاتُو {m}
natty {adj} (Smart and fashionable)  :: أَنِيق {m}, مُتَنَاغِم {m}
natural {adj} (relating to nature)  :: فُطْرِيّ
natural gas {n} (mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons associated with petroleum deposits)  :: غَاز طَبِيعِيّ {m}
natural language {n} (a human language developed naturally)  :: لُغَة طَبِيعِيَّة {f} /luḡa ṭabīʿiyya/
natural number {n} ((only) positive integer)  :: عَدَد طَبِيعِيّ {m}
nature {n} (everything related to biological and geographical states)  :: طَبِيعَة {f}
nature {n} (the natural world)  :: طَبِيعَة {f}
naughty {adj} (bad; tending to misbehave or act badly)  :: شِرِّير, [indefinite] مُؤْذٍ, [definite] الْمُؤْذِي
nausea {n} (feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit)  :: غَثْيَان {m}
nautical mile {n} (nautical: a unit of measure equal to 1852 metres)  :: مِيل بَحْرِيّ {m}
Navajo {prop} (language)  :: اَلنَّافَاجُو {m} /an-nafajū/
Navarre {prop} (autonomous community of Spain)  :: نافارا /Nafar/
nave {n} (the middle or body of a church)  :: صَحْن {m}
navel {n} (remnant of umbilical cord)  :: سُرَّة {f}
navy {n} (sea force)  :: بَحْرِيَّة {f}
nay {conj} (or even)  :: وَلَا حَتَى, وَلَا
Naypyidaw {prop} (capital of Myanmar)  :: نايابيداو {m} /naybidū/
Nazarbayev {prop} (surname)  :: نزارباييف {m} /nzarbayif/
Nazareth {prop} (Nazareth)  :: اَلنَّاصِرَة
Nazi {n} (member of the Nazi party)  :: نَازِي {m}
Nazism {prop} (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP)  :: نَازِيَّة {f}, فَاشِيَّة {f}
N'Djamena {prop} (capital city of Chad)  :: نِجَامِينَا {f} /nijamīnā/, إِنْجَامِينَا {f} /ʾinjamīnā/
near {adj} (physically close)  :: قَرِيب
near {adv} (having a small intervening distance with regard to something)  :: قَرِيبًا
near {prep} (in close proximity to)  :: بِٱلْقُرْب مِنَ, عِنْدَ, قَرِيب مِنَ
nearly {adv} (almost, but not quite)  :: تَقْرِيبًا
neat {adj} (tidy, free from dirt)  :: نَظِيف, اَنِيق
Nebraska {prop} (US state)  :: نِبْرَاسْكَا {f}
Nebuchadnezzar {prop} (a ruler of Babylon)  :: نِبُوخَذْنِصَّر
nebula {n} (a space cloud)  :: سَدِيم {m}
necessarily {adv} (of necessity)  :: حَتْماً
necessarily {adv}  :: ضرورى
necessary {adj} (needed, required)  :: ضَرُورِيّ, لَازِم
necessity {n} (quality or state of being necessary, unavoidable, or absolutely requisite)  :: ضَرُورَة {f}
necessity is the mother of invention {proverb} (a person in need will find a way)  :: اَلْحَاجَة أَمّ اَلاِخْتِرَاع /al-ḥāja ʾumm al-iḵtirāʿ/
neck {n} (the part of body connecting the head and the trunk found in humans and some animals)  :: رَقَبَة {f}, عُنُق {m}
necklace {n} (jewelry)  :: قِلَادَة {f}
necktie {n} (strip of cloth worn around the neck and tied in the front)  :: رِبَاط {m}, رَبْطَة اَلْعُنُق {f} /rabṭat al-ʿunuq/, رِبَاط الْعُنُق {m}
necromancy {n} (divination involving the dead)  :: نكرومانسيَّة
nectar {n} (sweet liquid secreted by flowers)  :: رَحِيق {m}
need {n} (something required)  :: حَاجَة {f}, ضَرُورَة {f}
need {v} (to have an absolute requirement for)  :: اِحْتَاجَ, imperfect: يَحْتَاجُ
need {v} (to want strongly)  :: اِحْتَاجَ
needle {n} (implement for sewing etc.)  :: إِبْرَة {f}, مِخْيَط {m}
needle {n}  :: إِبْرَة {f}
needy {adj} (in need, poor)  :: مِسْكِين
negation {n} (act of negating something)  :: نَفْي {m}
negation {n} (denial or contradiction)  :: إِنْكَار {m}
negation {n} (negation in logic)  :: نَفْي {m}
negative {adj} (not positive or neutral)  :: سَلْبِيّ
negative {adj} (of electrical charge)  :: سَلْبِيّ
negative {n} (photography)  :: صُورَة سَالِبَة {f} /ṣūra sāliba/
negative clause {n} (negative clause, negative sentence)  :: جُمْلَة مَنْفِيَّة {f} /jumla manfiyya/
Negev {prop} (a desert in southern Israel)  :: النَّقَب {f} /an-naqab/
neglect {n} (act of neglecting)  :: إِهْمَال {m}
negotiation {n} (process of achieving agreement)  :: مُفَاوَضَات {f-p}
negress {n} (A black female)  :: زِنْجِيَّة {f}, زَنْجِيَّة {f}, سَوْدَاء {f}
Negro {n} (person with dark skin)  :: زِنْجِيّ {m}, زَنْجِيّ {m}, أَسْوَد {m}, سَوْدَاء {f}
negroni {n} (coktail made from gin, Campari and vermouth)  :: نِيجْرُونِي {m}
neigh {v} ((of a horse) to make its cry)  :: صهيل الفرس, صهيل الفرس
neighborhood {n} (nearby area)  :: جِوَار {m}, قُرْب {m}
neighbour {n} (a person living on adjacent or nearby land)  :: جَار {m}, جَارَة {f}
neither {adv} (similarly not)  :: وَلَا
neither {conj} (also not)  :: وَلَا حَتَى
neither {conj} (not either (used with nor): neither X nor Y)  :: لَا... وَلَا... /lā... wa-lā.../
neither {pron} (not either one)  :: لَا أَحَد
nematode {n} (small invertebrate animal)  :: نِيمَاتُودَا {f} /nimatodā/, دودَة اِسْطِوَانِيَّة {f} /dūda isṭiwāniyya/
Neo-Aramaic {prop} (modern Aramaic languages)  :: آرَامِيَّة حَدِيثَة /ʾārāmiyyat ḥadīṯa/
neodymium {n} (chemical element)  :: نِيُودِيمْيُوم {m} /niyudimyum/
neologism {n} (instance of coinage)  :: تَوْلِيد {m}
neologism {n} (recently coined word)  :: مُوَلَّدَة {f}
neon {n} (element)  :: نِيُون {m}
neo-Nazi {n} (person who believes in a Nazi ideology)  :: نَازِيّ جَدِيد {m}, نَازِيُّون جُدُد {m-p}
neo-Nazism {n} (the ideology held by neo-Nazis)  :: نَازِيَّة جَدِيدَة {f} /nāziyya jadīda/
Nepal {prop} (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal)  :: نِيبَال {m} /nibāl/, اَلنِّيبَال {m} /an-nibāl/
Nepali {n} (person)  :: نِيبَالِيّ {m} /nibāliyy/, نِيبَالِيَّة {f} /nibāliyya/
Nepali {prop} (language)  :: نِيبَالِيَّة {f} /nibāliyya/
nephew {n} (fraternal or sororal nephew, see also: fraternal nephew; sororal nephew)  :: [fraternal] اِبْنُ أَخٍ {m}, [sororal] اِبْنُ أُخْتٍ
Neptune {prop} (eighth planet of the solar system)  :: نِبْتُون /niptūn/
neptunium {n} (chemical element)  :: نِبْتُونْيُوم {m} /nibtunyum/
nerd {n} (intellectual, skillful person, generally introverted)  :: نِيرْد {m}, غِيك {m}, مُهَوَّس {m}, اِنْطِوَائِيّ {m}
nerve {n} (bundle of neurons)  :: عَصَب {m}
nerve cell {n} (cell of the nervous system)  :: عَصْبُون {m}, خَلِيَّة عَصَبِيَّة {f} /ḵaliyya ʿaṣabiyya/
nervous {adj} (anxious)  :: عَصَبِيّ
nervous system {n} (system which coordinates the activity of the body)  :: جِهَاز عَصَبِيّ {m}
-ness {suffix} (appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of being...", "the quality of being...", or "the measure of being...")  :: ـِيَّة, [several internal vowel patterns are used]
nest {n} (bird-built structure)  :: عُشّ {m} ([plural:] أَعْشَاش {m-p})
nest {n} (hideout)  :: مَعْقَل {m}
nest {n} (place for depositing eggs)  :: عُشّ {m}
nest {n} (retreat)  :: مُنْتَجَع {m}
nest {n} (snug residence)  :: مَسْكَن {m}
nest {n}  :: نِسْت {m}
nest {v} (to build or settle into a nest)  :: عَشَشَ
nestling {n} (small bird)  :: فَرْخ {m}
Nestorian {adj} (related to the teachings of Nestorius)  :: نُسْطُورِيّ
Nestorian {n} (A member of a "Nestorian" church)  :: نُسْطُورِيّ {m}
net {n} (device for catching fish, butterflies etc.)  :: شَبَكَة {f}
Netherlander {n} (someone from the Netherlands)  :: هُولَنْدِيّ {m}, هُولَنْدِيَّة {f}
Netherlands {prop} (country in northwestern Europe, see also: Holland)  :: هُولَنْدَا {f} /holandā/, هُولَنْدَة {f} /holanda/
nettle {n} (stinging herb of genus Urtica)  :: قُرَّاص {m}
net weight {n} (weight of a product)  :: اَلْوَزْن اَلصَّافِي
network {n} (interconnected group or system)  :: شَبَكَة {f}
network {n} (multiple computers and other devices connected together)  :: شَبَكَة {f}
neuron {n} (a cell of the nervous system)  :: عَصْبُون {m}, خَلِيَّة عَصَبِيَّة {f} /ḵaliyya ʿaṣabiyya/
neuter {adj} (grammar: having a form which is not masculine nor feminine)  :: مُحَايِد
neuter {v} (to remove sex organs from an animal)  :: خَصَى
neutral {adj} (not taking sides in a conflict)  :: مُحَايِد
neutral {n} (position of gears)  :: نُقْطَة الْعَطَالَة {f} /nuqṭat al-ʿaṭāla/
neutrality {n} (state of being neutral; taking no part on either side)  :: حِيَاد {m}
neutrino {n} (en elementary particle with extremely small mass and no electric charge)  :: نْيُتْرِينُو {m} /nyutrinū/
neutron {n} (subatomic particle)  :: نْيُوتْرُون {m} /nyutrūn/
neutron bomb {n} (atomic bomb that produces a greater amount of neutrons)  :: قُنْبُلَة نْيُوتْرُونِيَّة {f} /qunbula nyūtrūniyya/
neutron star {n} (star composed of neutrons)  :: نَجْم نْيُوتْرُونِيّ
Neva {prop} (river)  :: نِيفَا {f} /nifā/
Nevada {prop} (US state)  :: نِيفَادَا {f} /nifādā/
never {adv} (at no time)  :: أَبَدًا
never ever {adv} (emphatic never)  :: إطلاقاً
never mind {v} (it is not important)  :: غَيْر مُهِمّ, لَا بَأْس
nevertheless {adv} (in spite of what preceded)  :: وَمَعَ ذٰلِكَ /wa-maʿa ḏālika/, بالرغم من ذلك /birraḡm min ḏalek/
new {adj} (recently made or created)  :: جَدِيد
newbie {n} (new (inexperienced) user or participant)  :: مُبْتَدِئ {m}
New Brunswick {prop} (province in eastern Canada)  :: نْيُو بْرَانْزْوِيك {m} /nyū brānzwik/
New Caledonia {prop} (overseas territory of France)  :: كَالِيدُونِيَا اَلْجَدِيدَة {f}
New Delhi {prop} (capital of India)  :: نِيُودِلْهِي {f}, دِلْهِي الجَدِيدَة {f}
New Guinea {prop} (large island)  :: غِينِيَّا اَلْجَدِيدَة {f} /ḡiniyyā l-jadīda/
New Hampshire {prop} (US state)  :: نْيُوهَامْشِير {m} /nyū-hamšīr/
New Jersey {prop} (a northeast state of the United States of America)  :: نيو جيرسي, نْيُوجِيرْزِي {m} /nyūjirzī/
New Mexico {prop} (US State)  :: نْيُومَكْسِيكُو {m} /nyumaksikū/
New Orleans {prop} (city)  :: نيوأورليانز {m} /nyū ʾurlyānz/
news {n} (new information of interest)  :: أَخْبَار {p}, أَنْبَاء {p}, خَبَر {m}
news {n} (reports of current events)  :: أَخْبَار {p}, أَنْبَاء {p}
news agency {n} (organisation that gathers and distributes news)  :: وَكَالَة أَنْبَاء {f} /wakālat ʾanbāʾ/
New South Wales {prop} (one state of Australia)  :: نْيُو سَاوْث وِيلْز {m} /nyū sawṯ weylz/
newspaper {n} (publication)  :: جَرِيدَة {f}, صَحِيفَة {f}
newt {n} (type of salamander)  :: سَمَنْدَل {m}
New Testament {prop} (second half of the Christian Bible)  :: اَلْعَهْد اَلْجَدِيد {m}
newton {n} (derived unit of force)  :: نْيُوتَن {m}
Newton {prop} (place name)  :: نْيُوتَن {m}
Newton {prop} (surname)  :: نْيُوتَن
New World {prop} (North America and South America)  :: اَلْعَالَم اَلْجَدِيد {m}
New Year {n} (January 1 in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the days following)  :: السَّنَة الْجَدِيدَة {f}
New York {prop} (state)  :: نِيُويُورْك {f}
New York City {prop} (large city in the USA)  :: نِيوْيُورْك {f} /nyū yōrk, niyū yōrk/
New Zealand {prop} (country in Oceania)  :: نْيُوزِيلَانْدَا {f} /nyūzīlandā/, نْيُوزِيلَانْدَا جَدِيدَة {f} /zīlandā jadīda/
New Zealand dollar {n} (official currency of New Zealand)  :: دُولَار نْيُوزِيلَنْدِيّ {m} /dōlār nyūzīlandiyy/
New Zealander {n} (a person from New Zealand or of New Zealand descent)  :: نْيُوزِيلَنْدِيّ
next {adj} (following in a sequence)  :: [indefinite] تَالٍ, [definite] اَلتَّالِي
next {prep} (on the side of)  :: بِجَانِب /bi-jānib/
next to {prep} (beside; alongside)  :: بُالْقُرب مِن /bi-l-qurb min/, بِجَانِب
ney {n} (a type of flute)  :: نَاي
NGO {initialism} (non-governmental organization)  :: مُنَظَّمَة غَيْر حَكُومِيَّة {f} /munaẓẓama ḡayr ḥakūmiyya/, ONG {m}, NGO {m}, إِن جِي أُو {m} /ʾen jī ʾū/, إِن جِي أُوه {m} /ʾen jī ʾūh/
Niamey {prop} (capital of Niger)  :: نْيَامِي {m}
Nicaragua {prop} (a country in Central America)  :: نِيكَارَاجْوَا {f} /nikarāgwā/
nice {adj} (having a pleasant taste or aroma)  :: طيب {m}, طيبَة {f}, عَطِر {m}, عَطِرَة {f}
nice {adj} (pleasant)  :: حَسَّن, لَطِيف
Nice {prop} (city in France)  :: نِيس {m}
Nicene Creed {prop} (official creed of the early Christian church stating tenets of the Christian faith)  :: قَانُون اَلْإِيمَان {m}
Nicholas {prop} (male given name)  :: نقولا
nickel {n} (element)  :: نِيكْل {m} /nikl/
nickname {n} (familiar, invented given name)  :: لَقَب {m}, كُنْيَة {f}, اِسْم اَلدَّلَع {m}
Nicosia {prop} (capital of Cyprus)  :: نِيقُوسِيَا {f} /nīqōsiyā/, [archaic] لِفْقُسِيَة {f}
nicotine {n} (addictive alkaloid derived from tobacco)  :: نِيكُوتِين {m} /nikutīn/
niece {n} (fraternal or sororal niece, see also: fraternal niece; sororal niece)  :: [fraternal] بِنْتُ أَخٍ {f}, [sororal] بِنْتُ أُخْتٍ {f}
Nietzsche {prop} (surname)  :: نِيتْشِه
nigella {n} (spice)  :: حبَة البركَة {m}
Niger {prop} (country)  :: اَلنِّيجَر {m}, اَلنِّيجَر {m} /an-nīgar/
Nigeria {prop} (a country in Western Africa)  :: نِيجِيرِيَا {f} /nījēriyā, nīgīriyā/, نَايْجِيرِيَا {f} /nayjīriyā/
nigger {n} (negro person)  :: زِنْجِيّ {m}, زَنْج {m}, أَسْوَد {m}, عَبْد {m}
nigh {adj} (near, close by)  :: قَرِيب
nigh {prep} (near, close to)  :: بُالْقُرب مِن /bi-l-qurb min/
night {n} (nightfall)  :: مَغْرِب {m}
night {n} (period between sunset and sunrise)  :: لَيْلَة {f}, لَيْل [collective]
Night {prop} (92nd sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة الليل
nightclub {n} (establishment that is open late at night)  :: نَادٍ لَيْلِيّ {m} [indefinite], النَادِي اللَيْلِيّ {m} [definite]
nightfall {n} (the close of the day; the coming of night)  :: هُبُوط {m}, لَيْل {m}
nightingale {n} (bird)  :: عَنْدَلِيب {m}
nightmare {n} (dream)  :: كَابُوس {m}
night market {n} (a market that only operates at night)  :: اَلسُّوق اَللَّيْلِيّ {m}
nighttime {n} (hours of darkness)  :: لَيْلُ {m}
nihilism {n} (negation of one or more aspects of life; extreme philosophical scepticism)  :: عَدَمِيَّة
Niigata {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: نييغاتا {f} /nīghātā/
Nijmegen {prop} (city in the Netherlands)  :: نَيْمِيخِن /naymīḵen/
Nikolayevsk {prop} (former name of Nikolayevsk-on-Amur)  :: نِيكُولَايِفْسْك {m} /nikulāyifsk/
Nikolayevsk-on-Amur {prop} (city)  :: نيكولايفسك-نا-أمور {m} /nikulayifsk-na-ʾamūr/
nikud {n} (system of diacritics for Hebrew)  :: نِيقُود {m}, نِيقُود {m} /niqud/
Nile {prop} (river)  :: اَلنِّيل {m}
nine {num} (cardinal number)  :: تِسْعَة (numeral: ٩)
nine {n}  :: تِسْعَة
nine hundred {num} (cardinal number 900)  :: تِسْعُمِئَة, تِسْعُمائَة /tisʿumiʾa/
nine o'clock {n} (the start of the tenth hour)  :: اَلسَّاعَة اَلتَّاسِعَة {f} /as-sāʿa t-tāsiʿa/
nineteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: تِسْعَةَ عَشَرَ
ninety {num} (90)  :: تِسْعِينَ, [only nominative, formal] تِسْعُونَ
ninety-eight {num} (98)  :: ثَمَانِيَة وَتِسْعُون /ṯamāniya wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-five {num} (95)  :: خَمْسَة وَتِسْعُون /ḵamsa wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-four {num} (94)  :: أَرْبَعَة وَتِسْعُون /ʾarbaʿa wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-nine {n} (cardinal number 99)  :: تِسْعَة وَتِسْعُيون /tisʿa wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-one {num} (cardinal number ninety-one)  :: وَاحِد وَتِسْعُون /wāḥid wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-seven {num} (97)  :: سَبْعَة وَتِسْعُون /sabʿa wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-six {num} (96)  :: سِتَّة وَتِسْعُون /sitta wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-three {num} (93)  :: ثَلَاثَة وَتِسْعُون /ṯalāṯa wa-tisʿūn/
ninety-two {num} (92)  :: اِثْنَان وَتِسْعُون /iṯnān wa-tisʿūn/
Nineveh {prop} (capital of Assyria)  :: نِينَوَى
Ningbo {prop} (a city of China)  :: نِينْغْبُو {m} /ninḡbū/
Ningxia {prop} (autonomous region of China)  :: نِينْغْشْيَا {f} /ninḡšyā/
ninja {n} (person trained in stealth, espionage, assassination and ninjutsu)  :: نِينْجَا {m}
ninjutsu {n} (ninjutsu)  :: نِينْجُوتْسُو {m} /ninjutsū/, نِين جُوتْسُو {m} /nin jutsū/
Nintendo {n} (Nintendo Entertainment System, or other video game system made by Nintendo)  :: نينتندو
ninth {adj} (ordinal form of nine)  :: تَاسِع {m}, تَاسِعَة {f}
ninth {n} (one of nine equal parts of a whole)  :: تُسْع {m}
niobium {n} (chemical element)  :: نِيُوبْيُوم {m} /niyubyum/
nipple {n} (projection of mammary gland)  :: حَلَمَة {f}
nipponize {v} (to translate into Japanese)  :: تَرْجَمَ إِلَى اَلْيَابَانِيَّة
nirvana {n} (Buddhist state of bliss)  :: اَلنِّرْفَانَا {f} /an-nirfanā/
nirvana {n} (cessation of suffering)  :: اَلنِّرْفَانَا {f} /an-nirfanā/
nisba {n} (grammar term)  :: نِسْبَة {f}
nit {n} (egg of a louse)  :: صُغْبَة {f}
nitrogen {n} (chemical element)  :: نِيتْرُوجِين {m} /nitrōžēn/, نَيْتْرُوجِين {m}
nitrogenous {adj} (of nitrogen)  :: نتروجيني /natrujini/
Nivôse {prop} (the fourth month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: نِيفُوز {m}
Nizhny Novgorod {prop} (large city in Russia)  :: نِيجْنِي نُوفْغُورُود {m} /nijnī nufḡurud/
no {determiner} (not any)  :: لَا
no {determiner} (used to show an activity is forbidden)  :: مَمْنُوع [preceded by verbal noun]
no {n} (a negating expression)  :: لَا, لَاءَان {f-d}, لَاءَات {f-p}
no {n} (a vote not in favor)  :: لَا
no {particle} (used to show agreement with a negative question (in some languages this response is the usual word for "yes"))  :: نَعَم [means yes, but used in response to a negative question]
no {particle} (used to show disagreement or negation)  :: لَا
Noah {prop} (71st sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة نوح
Noah {prop} (biblical character)  :: نُوح {m}
Noah {prop} (male given name)  :: نُوحُ {m}
Noah's ark {prop} (the vessel built by Noah under God's instructions, as described in Genesis)  :: سَفِينَة نُوح {f} /safīnat nūḥ/
nobelium {n} (chemical element)  :: نُوبِلْيُوم {m} /nubilyum/
Nobel Prize {n} (international prize)  :: جَائِزَة نُوبِل {f} /jāʾizat nūbil/
noble {adj} (having honorable qualities)  :: كَرِيم
no comment {interj} ("official" refusal to relay any further information)  :: لا تعليق
no comment {interj} (refusal to say the obvious impolite retort)  :: لا تعليق
no doubt {adv} (without a doubt)  :: بِدُون شَكّ, أَكِيد
no entry {phrase} (entry is forbidden)  :: ممنوع الدخول
no idea {interj} (I don't know)  :: لَا فِقْرة
noise {n} (various sounds, usually unwanted)  :: ضَوْضَاء {m}
noise pollution {n} (excessive noise)  :: تَلَوُّث ضَوْضَائِيّ {m}
noisy {adj} (making a noise)  :: صَارِخ
nomad {n} (a member of society or class who wander with their herds)  :: بَدَوِيّ {m}
no matter what {pron} (whatever)  :: مَهْمَا كَانَ, مَهْمَا
nominative {adj} (giving a name, naming; designating)  :: مَرْفُوع {m}
nominative case {n} (case used to indicate the subject)  :: حَالَة اَلرَّفْع {f} /ḥālat ar-rafʿ/, {f} /ħáːltu r-ráfʕu/, مَرْفُوع {m}
nominative case {n}  :: حَالَة الرَّفْع {f} /ḥālat ar-rafʿ/
nominator {n} (One who nominates)  :: مُرَشِّح {m}, مُرَشِّحَة {f}
non-disclosure agreement {n} (contract not to disclose certain information)  :: اِتِّفَاق غَيْر مُعْلِن {m}
none {pron} (not any person)  :: لَا أَحَد
none {pron} (not any thing)  :: لَا شَيْء
none of someone's business {n} (matter that someone is not entitled to be involved in)  :: لَيْسَ مِن شَأْنِكَ [to masc sg], لَيْسَ مِن شَأْنِكِ [to fem sg], لَيْسَ مِن شَأْنِكُمَا [to com d], لَيْسَ مِن شَأْنِكُم [to masc pl], لَيْسَ مِن شَأْنِكُنَّ [to fem pl]
nonexistence {n} (The state of not existing)  :: عَدَم {m}
non-governmental organization {n} (organization with no government participation)  :: مُنَظَّمَة غَيْر حُكُومِيَّة {f} /munaẓẓama ḡayr ḥukūmiyya/
nonkilling {n} (A precept or worldview)  :: لَا قَتْل
nonsense {n} (meaningless words)  :: هُرَاء {m}, لَغْو {m}
nonviolence {n} (philosophy that rejects violence)  :: اللاعنف {m}
noodle {n} (string or strip of pasta)  :: شَعْرِيَّة {f}
no offense {phrase} (no offense)  :: أَيّ جَرِيمَة, بِدُون مُؤَاخَذَة, لَا مُؤَاخْذَة
noon {n} (midday)  :: ظُهْر {m}
no one {pron} (not even a single person)  :: لَا أَحَد
no pain, no gain {proverb} (discomfort is necessary to achieve goals)  :: مَنْ طَلَبَ الْعُلَى سَهِرَ اللَّيَالِي, [who wants to reach the heights, stays awake at nights], مَنْ جَدَّ وَجَدَ وَمَنْ زَرَعَ حَصَدَ, مَنْ جَدَّ وَجَدَ وَمَنْ زَرَعَ حَصَدَ وَمَنْ سَارَ عَلَى ٱلدَّرْبِ وَصَلَ
no parking {phrase} (no parking)  :: مَمْنُوع اَلمَوْقِف
no problem {interj} (it does not pose a problem)  :: لَا بَأْس, لَا مُشْكِلَة, لَا تُوجَد مُشْكِلَة, لَا دَاعِي لِلْقَلَق /lā dāʿī li-l-qalaq/
no problem {interj} (no thanks or apology is necessary)  :: عَفْوًا
nor {conj} (nor)  :: لَم, لَيْس, وَلَا
nori {n} (a type of seaweed used in the preparation of sushi)  :: نُورِي
noria {n} (a water wheel with buckets)  :: نَاعُورَة
Norilsk {prop} (city)  :: نُورِيلْسْك {m} /nurilsk/
normal {adj} (according to norms or rules)  :: عَادِيّ
normal {adj} (usual, ordinary)  :: عَادِيّ, طَبِيعِيّ
normalcy {n} (state of being normal)  :: الحَالَة الطَبِيعِيَّة {f}
normality {n} (state of being normal)  :: الحَالَة الطَبِيعِيَّة {f}
north {n} (compass point)  :: شَمَال {m}
North Africa {prop} (the northern part of Africa)  :: شَمَال أَفْرِيقِيَا {f}, شَمَالِي أَفْرِيقِيَا {f}
North America {prop} (continent)  :: أَمْرِيكَا اَلشَّمَالِيَّة {f}
North Carolina {prop} (state of the United States)  :: كَارُولَايْنَا اَلشَّمَالِيَّة {f} /karulaynā š-šamāliyya/
North Caucasus {prop} (region in the south of Russia)  :: شَمَال اَلْقَوْقَاز {m}
North Dakota {prop} (state of the United States of America)  :: دَاكُوتَا اَلشَّمَالِيَّة {f} /dakūtā š-šamāliyya/
northern {adj} (facing, situated in or related to the north)  :: شَمَالِيّ
Northern Cyprus {prop} (a de-facto state)  :: قُبْرُص اَلشَّمَالِيَّة {f}, جُمْهُورِيَّة شَمَال قُبْرُص اَلتُّرْكِيَّة {f} /jumhūriyyat šamāl qubruṣ at-turkiyya/
Northern Europe {prop} (sociopolitical region of Europe)  :: أُورُوبَا الشَّمَالِيَّة {f}
Northern Hemisphere {n} (hemisphere to the north of its equator)  :: نِصْف اَلْكُرَة الْأَرْضِيَّة الشَّمَالِيّ {m} /niṣf al-kura l-ʾarḍiyya š-šamāliyy/
Northern Ireland {prop} (Northern Ireland)  :: أِيرْلَنْدَا اَلشَّمَالِيَّة {f}
Northern Territory {prop} (Territory in northern Australia)  :: مُقَاطَعَة شَمَالِيَّة {f} /muqāṭaʿa šamāliyya/
North Korea {prop} (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)  :: كُورِيَا اَلشَّمَالِيَّة {f} /kōriyā š-šamāliyya/
North Levantine Arabic {prop} (North Levantine Arabic)  :: اَللَّهْجَة الشَّمَالِيَّة /al-lahja š-šamāliyya/
north pole {n} (northernmost point on celestial bodies)  :: اَلْقُطْب اَلشَّمَالِيّ {m}
North Pole {prop} (northernmost point on Earth)  :: اَلْقُطْب اَلشَّمَالِيّ {m}
North Rhine-Westphalia {prop} (state)  :: شمال الراين-وستفاليا
North Sea {prop} (an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between Britain, Scandinavia and Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France)  :: بَحَر اَلشَّمَال {m}
Norway {prop} (Scandinavian country)  :: اَلنُّرْوِيج {f}, اَلنَّرُوِج {f}
Norway maple {n} (Acer platanoides)  :: قَيْقَب دُلْبِيّ
Norwegian {prop} (language of Norway)  :: نُرْوِيجِيَّة {f}
nose {n} (protuberance on the face)  :: أَنْف {m}, خَشْم {m}
nosebleed {n} (a haemorrhage from the nose)  :: رُعَاف {m}
no smoking {phrase} (phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes is not permitted)  :: اَلتَّدْخِين مَمْنُوعَ, مَمْنُوع اَلتَّدْخِين
nostalgia {n}  :: حَنِين {m}, اِشْتِيَاق {m}
Nostradamus {prop} (Nostradamus)  :: نُوسْتْرَادَامُوس {m} /nustradāmus/
nostril {n} (either of the two orifices located on the nose)  :: مَنْخَر {m}
not {adv} (negates meaning of verb)  :: لَا, [past tense, continuous present] مَا, [only past tense, imperfective] لَم, [future tense] لَن, [verb - "to be not"] لَيْسَ
not {conj} (And not)  :: [verb] لَيْسَ, لَا
not at all {interj} (conventional reply to expression of gratitude)  :: عَفْوًا, عَلَى الرُحْب وَالسَّعَة /ʿalā r-ruḥb wa-s-saʿa/, اَلْعَفْو
note {n} (memorandum)  :: مُذَكَّرَة {f}
notebook {n} (book)  :: دَفْتَر {m}, مُذَكِرَة {f}, مُفَكِّرَة {f}
notebook {n} (notebook computer)  :: كَمْبْيُوتَر مَحْمُول, حَاسُوب مَحْمُول
notepad {n} (bound pad of paper)  :: مُفَكِّرَة {f}
nothing {pron} (not any thing)  :: لَا شَيْء
notice {v} (to detect)  :: لَاحَظَ, اِنْتَبَهَ
notice {v} (to observe)  :: لَاحَظَ
notify {v} ((transitive) to give (someone) notice of (something))  :: أَخْبَرَ, أَبْلَغَ
notorious {adj} (known widely and infamously)  :: مشنوع
not so fast {phrase} (stop doing something)  :: لَيْسَ بِهٰذِهِ السُّرْعَة
not to mention {conj} (much less)  :: نَاهِيكَ عَن /nāhīka ʿan/
notwithstanding {conj} (although)  :: عَلَى اَلرَّغْم مِن
notwithstanding {prep} (in spite of)  :: عَلَى اَلرَّغْم مِن
Nouakchott {prop} (capital of Mauritania)  :: نُوَاكْشُوط {f}
nougat {n} (a confection of honey and roasted nuts)  :: نُوغَة {f}
Nouméa {prop} (capital of New Caledonia)  :: نُومِيَا {f} /numiyā/
noun {n} (grammatical category (narrow sense))  :: اِسْم الذَّات, اِسْم {m}
noun of place {n} (noun meaning “place of x” corresponding to a given verb or other part of speech)  :: اِسْمُ ٱلْمَكَانِ
nouveau riche {n} (new money)  :: مُحْدَث اَلنَّعْمَة {m}
Nova Scotia {prop} (Province in eastern Canada)  :: نُوفَا سْكُوتْيَا {f}
Novaya Zemlya {prop} (archipelago in Russia)  :: نُوفَايَا زِيمْلْيَا {f} /nūfayā zimlyā/
novel {n} (work of prose fiction)  :: رِوَايَة {f}
novelty {n}  :: [unknown thing] شَيْء غَيْر مَأْلُوف {m}
November {prop} (eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: نُوفِمْبِر {m} /nufimbir/, نُوفَمْبِر {m} /nufambir/, نُوفَمْبَر {m} /nufambar/, تِشْرِين الثَّانِِي {m}
Novgorod {prop} (city)  :: نُوفْغُورُود {m} /nufḡurud/
Novi Sad {prop} (largest city of the Serbian province of Vojvodina)  :: نُوفِي سَاد {m}
Novokuznetsk {prop} (city)  :: نُوفُوكُوزْنِتْسْك {m} /nufukuznitsk/
Novorossiysk {prop} (city)  :: نوفوروسياسك {m} /nufurusīsk/
Novosibirsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: نُوفُوسِيبِيرْسْك {m} /nufusibirsk/
now {adv} (at the present time)  :: اَلْآن
now {conj} (since, because)  :: بِمَا أَنّ, أَمَا وَأَنّ
nowhere {adj} (in no place)  :: فِي لَا مَكَان
nowhere {adj} (to no place)  :: إِلَى لَا مَكَان
Nowruz {prop} (Iranian New Year)  :: نَوْرُوز {m}, نُورُوز {m}, نَيْرُوز {m}
now that {conj} (since)  :: بِمَا أَنّ, أَمَا وَأَنّ
nu {n} (name for the letter of the Greek alphabet: Ν and ν)  :: نُو {m}
nuclear fusion {n} (the combining of the nuclei of small atoms to form the nuclei of larger ones)  :: اِنْدِمَاج نَوَوِيّ {m}
nuclear reactor {n} (device)  :: مُفَاعِل نَوَوِيّ {m}
nuclear war {n} (war fought using nuclear weapons)  :: حَرْب نَوَوِيّ
nuclear weapon {n} (explosive device)  :: سِلَاح نَوَوِيّ {m}
nude {adj} (without clothing or other covering)  :: عَارٍ, عُرْيَان
nuisance {n} (minor annoyance or inconvenience)  :: إِزْعَاج {m}
Nuku'alofa {prop} (capital of Tonga)  :: نوكو ألوفا {f}
numb {adj} (without the power of sensation)  :: خَدِر
number {n} (abstract entity)  :: عَدَد {m}, رَقْم {m}
number {n} (mathematics: number)  :: عَدَد {m}
number {n} (numeral)  :: عَدَد {m}, رَقْم {m}
number {n} (used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence)  :: رَقْم {m}
Number of the Beast {prop} (the number 666)  :: عَدَد الْوَحْش {m}
numeral {n} (word or symbol representing a number, see also: noun numeral)  :: عَدَد {m}, رَقْم {m}
numerator {n} (in a fraction)  :: بَسْط {m}
numerous {adj} (Indefinitely large numerically)  :: عَدِيد
Numidia {prop} (region in northern Africa)  :: نُومِيدِيَا {f} /numidiyā/
Numidian {adj} (pertaining to Numidia)  :: نُومِيدِيّ {m}, نُومِيدِيَّة {f}
nun {n} (member of a Christian religious community of women)  :: رَاهِبَة {f}
nun {n} (Semitic letter)  :: نُون {m}, ن [letter]
nunation {n} (nunation (tanwīn))  :: تَنْوِين {m}
Nunavut {prop} (territory in northern Canada)  :: نُونَافُوت {m} /nunafūt/
nuqta {n} (diacritic)  :: نُقْطَة {f}
Nuremberg {prop} (city in Germany)  :: نُورَنْبِيرْغ {m}
nurse {n} (person trained to provide care for the sick)  :: مُمَرِّض {m}, مُمَرِّضَة {f}
nurture {n} (that which nourishes; food; diet)  :: تنشئَة, تَرْبِيَة, (tarbyah)
nut {n} (hard-shelled fruit)  :: جَوْزَة {f}, مُكَسَّرَات {f-p}
nut {n} (slang: insane person)  :: مَخْبُول {m}
nut {n} (slang: testicle)  :: بَيْضَة {f}
nut {n} (slang: the head)  :: رَأْس {m} {f}, قَرْعَة {f}
nut {n} (that fits on a bolt)  :: صَمُولَة {f}
Nutella {prop} (hazelnut spread)  :: نُوتِيلَا {f} /nutīlā/
nutmeg {n} (seed)  :: جَوْزَة اَلطِّيب {f} /jawzat aṭ-ṭīb/
nutrient {adj} (providing nourishment)  :: [indefinite] مُغَذٍّ, [definite] المُغَذِّي
nutrition {n} (nutrition)  :: تَغْذِيَة {f}, غِذَاء {m}, إِطْعَام {m}, اِغْتِذَاء {m}
Nuuk {prop} (capital of Greenland)  :: نُوك {m}, غُودْهُوب {m} /ḡudhub/
nylon {n} (substance)  :: نَايْلُون {m}