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q {letter}  :: letter
q {pron} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of que
q {pron} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of qué
{conj}  :: abbreviation of que
Q {letter}  :: The 18th letter of the Spanish alphabet
qatarí {adj}  :: alt form catarí
qatarí {mf}  :: alt form catarí
Qatar {prop} {m} [deprecated]  :: alternative spelling of Catar
QE {abbr}  :: Querétaro (Mexican state)
qoppa {f}  :: koppa; the Greek letter Ϙ, ϙ
qq {m}  :: abbreviation of quintal
QR {abbr}  :: Quintana Roo (Mexican state)
qué {adj}  :: what; which [interrogative only]
qué {adv} [before a noun]  :: what a; such
qué {adv} [before an adjective]  :: how (used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings)
qué {pron}  :: what [interrogative only]
quad {f}  :: all-terrain vehicle
qual {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of cual
quales {pron}  :: plural of qual
qualquier {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cualquier
qualy {f} [sports]  :: qualifying round
quando {adv}  :: obsolete form of cuando
quando {conj}  :: obsolete form of cuando
quantizado {adj}  :: quantized
quanto {adj}  :: obsolete form of cuanto
quanto {adv}  :: obsolete form of cuanto
quanto {pron}  :: obsolete form of cuanto
quark {m}  :: quark
quark abajo {m}  :: down quark
quark arriba {m}  :: up quark
quark cima {m}  :: top quark
quark encantado {m}  :: charm quark
quark extraño {m}  :: strange quark
quark fondo {m}  :: bottom quark
quarterback {m}  :: quarterback
quasitropical {adj}  :: quasi-tropical
Québec {prop}  :: alternative form of Quebec
que {conj}  :: that
que {conj}  :: than
que {conj}  :: indicating a reason, roughly because
que {conj}  :: indicating desire or permission
que {pron}  :: who; that
que {pron}  :: that; whom
que {pron}  :: that; which
que aproveche {phrase}  :: bon appétit, enjoy your meal
Quebec {prop} {m}  :: Quebec (province)
Quebec {prop} {m}  :: Quebec (city)
quebequesa {f}  :: feminine noun of quebequés
quebequés {adj}  :: Quebecois
quebequés {m}  :: Quebecois
quebracho {m}  :: a quebracho tree
quebrada {f}  :: gorge, ravine
quebradero {m}  :: burner (something that burns)
quebradero de cabeza {m}  :: headache, worry
quebradizo {adj}  :: fragile; delicate
quebrado {adj}  :: bankrupt; broke
quebrado {adj}  :: broken
quebrado {adj}  :: uneven; coarse; rough
quebrado {m}  :: fraction
quebrado de compás {m} [music]  :: time signature
quebrantado {adj}  :: downbeat]
quebrantado {adj}  :: broken-hearted
quebrantahuesos {m}  :: The bearded vulture or lammergeier
quebrantamiento {m}  :: breaking
quebrantamiento {m}  :: weakening
quebrantar {v}  :: to break
quebrantarse {v}  :: reflexive of quebrantar
quebranto {m}  :: A break
quebranto {m}  :: A loss
quebranto {m}  :: An affliction or grief
quebrar {vt}  :: to break
quebrar {vt}  :: to bend, flex or twist
quebrar {vi}  :: to go broke; to become bankrupt
quebrar {vi}  :: to break up
quebrarse {v}  :: reflexive of quebrar
quechemarín {m} [nautical]  :: gaff cutter
quechua {adj}  :: Quechuan
quechua {m}  :: Quechua (member of one of several South American ethnic groups)
quechua {prop} {m}  :: Quechua (language)
quechuahablante {mf}  :: Quechua speaker
quechuañol {m}  :: A language blend of Quechua and Spanish
quechuismo {m}  :: A Spanish word of Quechua origin
quechuismo {m}  :: Quechua-ness
que chuta {adv} [idiomatic]  :: brilliantly; sweetly; damn well perfecty
que conste {adv}  :: for the record
queda {f}  :: curfew
quedamente {adv}  :: quietly
quedar {vi}  :: to be
quedar {vi}  :: to be situated; to be located (used with only static objects, such as buildings)
quedar {vi}  :: to be left; to remain
quedar {vi}  :: to fit, to suit (clothes)
quedar {vi}  :: to turn out, e.g. well or poorly
quedar {vi}  :: to agree; to arrange
quedar {vr}  :: to stay; to remain
quedar {vr}  :: to continue; to keep on
quedar {vr}  :: to keep, take
quedar {vp} [colloquial]  :: to play for a fool
quedar {vr}  :: to turn out, become, go (usually used for negative, physical descriptions)
quedar {vi}  :: to agree on
quedar {vi}  :: to meet up (for drinks)
quedar en agua de borrajas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be put on hold; to not be fulfilled
quedarse {v}  :: (reflexive of quedar) to stay, remain
quedarse {v}  :: (reflexive of quedar) to kid, to pull someone's leg
quedarse con la copla {v} [idiomatic]  :: to understand
quedarse frito {v} [idiomatic]  :: to go out like a light
quedarse tan ancho {v} [idiomatic]  :: to act as if nothing has happened
quedarse tan fresco {v} [idiomatic]  :: to act as if nothing has happened
que descanse en paz {phrase}  :: may he/she rest in peace
quedito {adv}  :: very quietly
quedo {adj}  :: quiet, still
quedo {adv}  :: quietly
Queensland {prop}  :: Queensland (state)
quehacer {m}  :: work
quehacer {m}  :: task
quehacer {m}  :: chore
quehacer {m} [Mexico]  :: homemaking
queimada {f}  :: queimada
queja {f}  :: complaint
quejar {vr}  :: to complain; to whine; to moan; to lament; to grumble
quejarse {v}  :: to quarrel
quejarse {v}  :: to complain
quejarse {v}  :: to groan or moan
quejazón {m} [Central America]  :: frequent complaints, groan, wine
quejica {adj}  :: moany, moaning
quejica {mf}  :: moaner, whiner
quejicoso {adj}  :: complaintive
quejido {m}  :: groan
quejido {m}  :: whimper; whine
quejido {m}  :: yip, yap, yelp
quejigal {m}  :: A grove of Portuguese oak (Quercus faginea)
quejigo {m}  :: Portuguese oak (Quercus faginea)
quejigo {m}  :: A small oak, or one that is not fully grown
quejoso {adj}  :: whining; whimpering
quejoso {adj}  :: complaining
quejumbre {m}  :: moan, qualm
quejumbroso {adj}  :: complaining; whining
quelación {f} [chemistry]  :: chelation
quelante {adj} [chemistry]  :: chelating
quelícero {m}  :: chelicera
quelenquelén {m} [Chile]  :: One of two species of polygalaceous plants, either Polygala stricta or Monnina linearifolia
quelite {m} [usually, in the plural, Mexico]  :: Any of a number of plants eaten fresh as leaf vegetables or herbs
queloide {m}  :: keloid
quelonio {adj}  :: chelonian
quelonio {m}  :: chelonian; turtle
quelpo {m}  :: kelp
queltehue {m}  :: lapwing
quema {f}  :: fire; flame
quema {f}  :: burning
quemacocos {m}  :: sunroof
quemado {adj}  :: burnt
quemado {adj}  :: burned out
quemado {adj}  :: annoyed
quemado {v}  :: past participle of quemar
quemado {m}  :: The Caribbean coloquial spelling of quemado, quemao, is the burnt bit at the edge of a pot of beans specifically
quemador {adj}  :: burning
quemador {mf}  :: burner
quemadora {f}  :: burner
quemadura {f}  :: burn
quemadura de congelación {f}  :: freezer burn
quemagrasa {m}  :: fat burner
quemante {adj}  :: burning
quemar {vt}  :: to burn
quemar {vt}  :: to scorch
quemar {vt}  :: to tan
quemar {vi}  :: to be very hot
quemar {vt} [colloquial]  :: to freeze
quemar {vi} [colloquial]  :: to be very cold
quemar {vt} [computing]  :: to burn (e.g. a CD)
quemar las naves {v} [idiom]  :: to burn one's bridges
quemarropa {n}  :: only used in a quemarropa
quemarse {v}  :: reflexive of quemar
quemarse las cejas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to burn the midnight oil
quemazón {f}  :: great heat
quemazón {f}  :: burning
quemazón {f}  :: itch
quemazón {f}  :: jab; cutting remark
queme {m}  :: burnout (psychology and ergonomics)
quena {f}  :: a type of reed flute from Peru
quena {f} [Latin America]  :: pan flute
que nadie se llame a engaño {adv} [idiomatic]  :: don't be fooled
quenefa {f}  :: a type of quenelle from Catalonia
quenodesoxicólico {adj}  :: chenodeoxycholic
quenodesoxicolato {m} [organic compound]  :: chenodeoxycholate
quepí {m} [Peru]  :: kepi
quepis {m}  :: kepi
queque {m} [colloquial]  :: cake
queque {m} [colloquial]  :: cupcake
queque {m} [colloquial]  :: biscuit
quequisque {m}  :: Any plant of the Xanthosoma family
quequito {m} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: cupcake
queratina {f} [protein]  :: keratin
queratinización {f}  :: keratinization
queratitis {f} [medicine]  :: keratitis
queratocono {m}  :: keratoconus
queratoplastia {f} [surgery]  :: keratoplasty
querúbico {adj}  :: cherubic
quercetina {f} [biochemistry]  :: quercetin
querella {f}  :: lawsuit
querella {f}  :: complaint
querellante {mf}  :: plaintiff
querellarse {v}  :: to sue; to bring suit
querelloso {adj}  :: querulous
querencia {f}  :: an animal's lair
querencia {f} [bullfighting]  :: the bull's querencia
querencia {f}  :: the homing instinct of an animal
querencia {f}  :: longing, want
querencia {f}  :: homesickness, nostalgia
querendón {adj} [Latin America]  :: loving, affectionate
querendón {m}  :: lover, paramour
querer {v}  :: to desire; to want
querer {v}  :: to love; to be fond of
querer {v} [as an indication of a request]  :: would you ... ?
querer {v}  :: To mean to
querer {m}  :: love; affection; fondness
querer decir {v}  :: to mean, in the sense of the want to convey something
querer el oro y el moro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have one's cake and eat it too
querer es poder {proverb}  :: where there's a will, there's a way
quererse {v}  :: reflexive of querer
queretano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Querétaro
querógeno {m}  :: kerogen
querible {adj}  :: likeable, loveable
querida {f}  :: dear, honey, darling
querida {f}  :: mistress
querido {adj}  :: dear
querido {adj} [colloquial, Colombia]  :: handsome (guy), beautiful (girl)
querido {m}  :: sweetheart
querido {m}  :: lover
querido {m}  :: The letter Q in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
queridísimo {adj}  :: superlative of querido
quero {m}  :: quero; kero
querosene {m}  :: alt form of queroseno
queroseno {m}  :: kerosene
Querétaro {prop} {m}  :: Querétaro (state)
querube {m} [poetic]  :: alternative form of querubín
querubín {m}  :: cherub
querusca {f}  :: Cherusci
querusco {m}  :: Cherusci
quesadilla {f}  :: quesadilla
quesería {f}  :: cheese shop, cheese factory, cheesery
quesero {adj} [attributive]  :: cheese
quesero {m}  :: cheesemaker, cheeser, cheesemonger
qué es eso {phrase}  :: what is that?
que si {phrase}  :: See: que si
que si {phrase}  :: if only
quesillo {m}  :: Any soft, white cheese, e.g. ricotta, quark, etc
quesillo {m}  :: A stringy cheese from Oaxaca, Mexico which comes wound like a ball of twine
quesito {m}  :: diminutive of queso
queísmo {m} [linguistics]  :: The nonstandard use of que alone (instead of a preposition, usually de, preceding que) in various constructions
queso {m}  :: cheese
queso de cabeza {m}  :: head cheese, brawn
queso flameado {m}  :: queso flameado (a fried mixture of mozzarella cheese, chorizo sausage, tomato, onion, and red or green pepper, served on a flour tortilla). A common Tex-Mex food of Texas and Mexico
queso fresco {m}  :: queso fresco
que te cagas {phrase} [idiomatic, vulgar, slang]  :: (used as an intensifier)
que te jodan {phrase}  :: fuck you
queteno {m} [chemistry]  :: ketene
quetógnato {m}  :: alt form quetognato
quetognato {m} [zoology]  :: chaetognath, arrow worm
quetona {f} [chemistry]  :: ketone
quetzal {m}  :: quetzal (bird)
quetzal {m}  :: quetzal (monetary unit)
Quetzalcóatl {prop} {m}  :: Quetzalcoatl
quetzalteco {adj}  :: Of or from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
quetzalteco {m}  :: Someone from Quetzaltenango
Quetzaltenango {prop} {m}  :: Quetzaltenango (department)
Quetzaltenango {prop} {m}  :: Quetzaltenango (city)
queñual {m} [Peru]  :: A tree of the genus Polylepis
quevediano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to, or in the style of Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645), a Spanish poet
quevedos {mp}  :: pince-nez
que yo sepa {phrase}  :: as far as I know
Quezada {prop} {mf}  :: surname
quezalteca {f}  :: feminine of quezalteco
quezalteco {m}  :: Someone from Quezaltepeque
qué hora es {phrase}  :: what time is it?; what's the time?
quia {interj} [Spain]  :: Denotes incredulity
quiaqueña {f}  :: feminine noun of quiaqueño
quiaqueño {adj}  :: Of or from La Quiaca
quiaqueño {m}  :: Someone from La Quiaca
quiasma {m}  :: chiasm
quiasma óptico {m}  :: optic chiasm
quiasmo {m} [rhetoric]  :: chiasmus
quiúbole {interj} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador]  :: What's up?
Quica {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Francisca
quiché {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the K'iche' (Mayan people)
quiché {m}  :: K'iche' (people)
quiché {m} [uncountable]  :: K'iche' (language)
Quiché {prop} {m}  :: Quiché (department)
quiche {mf}  :: quiche (pie made from eggs)
quichicientos {mp}  :: a zillion
quichua {mf}  :: alternative spelling of quechua
quicio {m}  :: doorjamb
quicio {m}  :: hinge
Quico {prop} {m}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Francisco
quid {m}  :: gist; point; crux
quiebra {f}  :: crack
quiebra {f}  :: bankruptcy
quiebra {f}  :: ravine
quiebre {m} [Chile]  :: breakup, rupture (of human relations)
quiebre {m} [Argentine]  :: breaking, break (action and effect of breaking)
quiebro {m} [bullfighting]  :: dodge, swerve
quiebro {m}  :: dodge, swerve
quiebro {m} [music]  :: trill
quien {pron}  :: who
quien {pron} [construed with a]  :: whom
quien {pron}  :: whoever; whomever
quien {pron}  :: anyone; some people
quien a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija {proverb}  :: it's not what you know but who you know
quien a hierro mata, a hierro muere {proverb}  :: live by the sword, die by the sword
quien algo quiere, algo le cuesta {proverb}  :: no pain no gain
quien bien te quiere, te hará llorar {proverb}  :: spare the rod and spoil the child
quien calla, otorga {proverb}  :: silence gives consent
quienes {pron}  :: plural of quien
quien más, quien menos {adv} [idiomatic]  :: mostly; to some extent
quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta {proverb}  :: don't bite off more than you can chew
quien no llora, no mama {proverb}  :: the squeaky wheel gets the grease
quien parte y reparte se lleva la mejor parte {proverb}  :: If you share out, you get the lion's share for yourself
quienquiera {pron}  :: whoever; whomever
quien quiera peces, que moje el culo {proverb}  :: you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs; one must sometimes deal with unpleasant circumstances in order to achieve a goal
quien roba a un ladrón, tiene cien años de perdón {phrase}  :: It's justifiable to commit crimes against criminals
quien tiene boca, se equivoca {proverb}  :: When speaking, it is normal to say something wrong. Everything one says cannot always be right or true
quien va a Sevilla pierde su silla {proverb}  :: If you stand up from your seat, someone else will take it
quier {v}  :: apocopic form of quiere: wants
quiera Dios {adv} [idiom]  :: pray to God
quieras que no {adv} [idiom]  :: like it or lump it
quiescencia {f}  :: quiescence
quiescente {adj}  :: quiescent
quietar {v}  :: to appease
quietecito {adj}  :: diminutive of quieto
quietismo {m}  :: quietism
quietismo {m}  :: stillness; calm; inaction
quieto {adj}  :: calm
quieto {adj}  :: still
quietud {f}  :: calm
quietud {f}  :: stillness
quife {m}  :: kif
quijada {f}  :: jaw, jawbone (of an animal)
Quijano {prop} {m}  :: Quijano (locality)
Quijano {prop} {m}  :: surname
Quijote {prop} {m}  :: Don Quixote (the novel)
quijotesco {adj}  :: quixotic
quijotismo {m}  :: quixotism, absurd idealism
quijótico {adj} [rare]  :: synonym of quijotesco
quilate {m}  :: karat, carat
quiliarca {m}  :: chiliarch
quilla {f} [nautical]  :: keel
quilómetro {m}  :: alternative spelling of kilómetro
quilo {m}  :: kilo (kilogram)
quilocaloría {f}  :: alternative form of kilocaloría
quilogramo {m}  :: kilogram
quilográmetro {m}  :: alternative form of kilográmetro
quilojulio {m}  :: alternative form of kilojulio
quilolitro {m}  :: alternative spelling of kilolitro
quilombo {m} [Argentina]  :: brothel
quilombo {m} [Argentina]  :: big mess
quilombo {m} [Venezuela]  :: boondocks
quilombola {mf}  :: maroon (runaway slave)
quilometraje {m}  :: alternative form of kilometraje
quilomicrón {m} [biochemistry]  :: chylomicron
quiltro {m} [Chile]  :: street, mixed-breed dog
quimbar {v} [vulgar, Cuba]  :: to fuck
quimera {f}  :: chimera
quimera {f}  :: chimera (something illusory or impossible to achieve)
quimioprofilaxis {f}  :: chemoprophylaxis
quimioselectividad {f} [chemistry]  :: chemoselectivity
quimiosintético {adj}  :: chemosynthetic
quimiosmosis {f} [chemistry]  :: chemiosmosis
quimiosíntesis {f} [biology]  :: chemosynthesis
quimiotaxis {f} [biology]  :: chemotaxis
quimiotáctico {adj}  :: chemotactic
quimioterapia {f}  :: chemotherapy
quimioterapéutico {adj}  :: chemotherapeutic
quimono {m}  :: kimono
quimotripsina {f} [enzyme]  :: chymotrypsin
quimérico {adj}  :: chimeric
quién {pron}  :: who?, whom?; [with “de”] whose?
quién {pron} [followed by a subjunctive clause in the imperfect or pluperfect tense]  :: if only; I wish
quina {f}  :: quinine
quina {f}  :: toxic wine
quina {f}  :: double five (thrown on the dice)
quina {f}  :: five correct numbers on a lottery
quina {f} [heraldry]  :: a group of five small blue shields depicted in the flag of Portugal
quinario {m}  :: quinarius (Roman coin)
quinasa {f}  :: alternative form of cinasa
quinazolina {f} [organic compound]  :: quinazoline
quincalla {f}  :: low-value metalware
quincallería {f}  :: metal shop, ironmonger's
quincallera {f}  :: feminine noun of quincallero
quincallero {m}  :: metal merchant, ironmonger
quince {num} [cardinal]  :: fifteen
quinceañera {f}  :: feminine noun of quinceañero: fifteen-year-old (girl)
quinceañera {f} [Latin America, chiefly Mexico and US, only in the feminine]  :: quinceañera (fifteenth birthday celebration for a young woman)
quinceañero {m}  :: fifteen-year-old
quinceaños {m}  :: A Mexican girl’s 15th birthday party (becoming a woman)
quinceavo {m}  :: fifteenth
quincena {f} [time]  :: a period of fifteen days
quincena {f} [time]  :: a half month period, specially applied for wage payment
quincena {f} [economics]  :: wage payment amount (in a half month period)
quincenal {adj}  :: twice a month
quincenalmente {adv}  :: biweekly
quincho {m}  :: barbecue area in a kitchen
quincuagésimo {adj}  :: fiftieth
quincuagésimo {adj}  :: fifty
quincuagésimo {m}  :: fiftieth
quincuagésimo {m}  :: fifty
quincunce {m}  :: quincunx (arrangement of five units)
quinde {m} [Ecuador, Peru]  :: hummingbird
quinel {m} [Honduras]  :: stream; brook; waterway
quiénes {pron}  :: plural of quién
quiénes {pron}  :: whom? (what person; object of a verb)
quinesiólogo {m}  :: alternative spelling of kinesiólogo
quinesiología {f}  :: alt form of kinesiología
quingentésimo {adj}  :: five hundredth
quingombó {m}  :: okra, Abelmoschus esculentus
quiniela {f}  :: a sporting bet or pool
quiniela {f}  :: any game for five people
quinientas {num}  :: feminine of quinientos
quinientos {num} [cardinal]  :: five hundred
quinimil {num} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: zillion
quinina {f}  :: quinine
quino {m}  :: cinchona
quinoa {f}  :: quinoa
quinoleína {m} [organic compound]  :: quinoline
quinolina {m} [organic compound]  :: quinoline
quinona {f} [organic compound]  :: quinone
quinorrinco {m} [zoology]  :: kinorhynch
quinoto {m}  :: a kumquat
quinqué {m}  :: Argand lamp (a kind of oil burning lamp)
quinquemestre {m}  :: five-month period
quinquenal {adj}  :: quinquennial
quinquenio {m}  :: lustrum, quinquennium
quinqui {mf}  :: Quinqui
quinqui {mf} [colloquial]  :: crook, hoodlum
quinquillero {m}  :: ironmonger
quién quita {phrase} [Latin America]  :: you never know, who knows
quién sabe {phrase}  :: who knows?
quinésico {adj}  :: alternative spelling of kinésico
quinta {f}  :: villa; country home
quinta {f}  :: call-up (to the army)
quinta {f}  :: group of people who are the same age
quinta columna {f}  :: fifth column
quintaesencia {f}  :: quintessence
quintaesencial {adj}  :: quintessential
quintal {m}  :: hundredweight
quintal métrico {m}  :: A metric quintal (a unit of weight, equal to 100 kilograms)
Quintana Roo {prop} {m}  :: Quintana Roo (state)
quintanarroense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo
quinta rueda {f}  :: fifth wheel
quinterón {m} [archaic]  :: quintroon
quinterona {f}  :: feminine noun of quinterón
quinteta {f}  :: quintet
quinteto {m}  :: quintet
quinético {adj}  :: alternative form of cinético
quintil {m}  :: quintile
quintilla {f} [poetry]  :: A poem of five lines with eight syllables or less
quintilliza {f}  :: feminine noun of quintillizo
quintillizo {m}  :: quintuplet
quintillón {num}  :: 1030
Quintín {prop} {m}  :: Quentin
quinto {adj}  :: fifth
quinto {m}  :: fifth
quinto {m} [Spain]  :: A young boy of a various towns who turns 18 years old, especially one who takes part in any of various rites of passage around the country
quinto pino {m} [idiomatic]  :: middle of nowhere
quintuplicar {v}  :: to quintuple (to increase an amount fivefold)
quinua {f}  :: quinoa
quinze {num}  :: obsolete spelling of quince
Quiñones {prop}  :: surname
quiosco {m}  :: kiosk
quiosco {m}  :: newsstand
quiosquera {f}  :: Seller at a newsstand
quiosquero {m}  :: Seller at a newsstand
quiote {m} [Mexico]  :: The edible peduncle of the agave plant, which supports its inflorescence
quipe {m}  :: kibbeh
quipo {m}  :: quipu
quipu {m}  :: quipu
Quique {prop} {m} [Chile, colloquial]  :: given name
quiqui {m} [colloquial, slang]  :: shag; fuck; screw (sexual intercourse)
quiquiriquí {interj}  :: cock-a-doodle-doo!
quiquiriquí {m}  :: cock-a-doodle-doo
quiral {adj}  :: chiral
quiralidad {f}  :: chirality
quirófano {m}  :: operating room
quiro- {prefix}  :: chiro-; hand
quiromancia {f}  :: palm reading; palmistry
quiromasaje {m}  :: massage (with the hands)
quiromasajista {mf}  :: masseur; masseuse (who uses the hands)
quiromántica {f}  :: feminine noun of quiromántico
quiromántico {m}  :: palmist (fortune teller)
quiropráctica {f}  :: the practice of chiropractics
quiropráctico {m}  :: chiropractor
Quiros {prop}  :: surname
quiróptero {m}  :: bat (mammal)
quirúrgicamente {adv}  :: surgically
quirúrgico {adj}  :: surgical
quisicosa {f}  :: puzzle; riddle
quisque {m} [colloquial]  :: person, someone
quisqueyana {f}  :: feminine noun of quisqueyano
quisqueyano {adj}  :: Of or from Quisqueya or the Dominican Republic
quisqueyano {m}  :: Someone from Quisqueya or the Dominican Republic
quisqui {m} [colloquial]  :: everyone
quisquilla {f}  :: shrimp
quisquilla {f}  :: trivial things
quisquillosa {f}  :: feminine noun of quisquilloso
quisquilloso {adj}  :: fastidious; fussy
quisquilloso {m}  :: fussy person
quiste {m} [biology]  :: cyst
quitaesmalte {m}  :: nail polish remover
quitamanchas {m}  :: stain remover
quitamiedos {m}  :: crash barrier
quitanieve {m}  :: alternative form of quitanieves
quitanieves {m}  :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK]
quitar {vt}  :: To remove
quitar {vt}  :: To get rid of
quitar {vt}  :: To take off (as clothes)
quitar {vt}  :: To get off
quitar {vr}  :: To leave
quitar {vr}  :: To disrobe
quitarse {v}  :: reflexive of quitar, to take off
quitarse {v}  :: to remove oneself
quitasol {m}  :: parasol
quite {m}  :: The action of removal
quite {m}  :: A swerve or sidestep
quiteño {m}  :: a person from Quito
quiteño {adj}  :: from or pertaining to Quito
quitina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: chitin
quitinoso {adj}  :: chitinous
quitón {m}  :: chiton (mollusk)
Quito {prop} {m}  :: Quito
quitridiomicosis {f}  :: chytridiomycosis
quiz {m} [television]  :: quiz show
quizá {adv}  :: perhaps, maybe
quizás {adv}  :: maybe, perhaps
quál {pron}  :: obsolete form of cuál
quáles {pron}  :: plural of quál
química {f}  :: chemistry
química {f}  :: feminine noun of químico
químicamente {adv}  :: chemically
química nuclear {f}  :: nuclear chemistry
química orgánica {f}  :: organic chemistry
químico {adj}  :: chemical (of or relating to chemistry)
químico {m}  :: chemist (person working in chemistry)
qué mosca te ha picado {phrase}  :: what's eating you?
qué más dar {phrase} [colloquial]  :: who cares, it doesn't matter
quándo {adv}  :: obsolete form of cuándo
quínoa {m}  :: quinoa
quánto {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of cuánto
quánto {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of cuánto
quíntuple {adj}  :: quintuple (having five parts or members)
quíntuplo {adj}  :: quintuple
qué ondas {interj} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador]  :: What's up?
quota {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cuota
qué pasó {phrase}  :: what's happening?, what's up?
qué pasó {phrase}  :: what happened?
qué pasa {phrase} [US, colloquial]  :: what's up?
qué pasada {interj}  :: Indicating surprise or amazement: wow, holy cow, holy shit
qué puñetas {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: WTF; what the fuck
quórum {m}  :: quorum (minimum number of votes)
quásar {m}  :: alternative spelling of cuásar
quístico {adj}  :: cystic
qué tal {interj}  :: what's up
qué tanto {adj} [Mexico]  :: how many or how much
qué tanto {adv} [Mexico]  :: how many or how much
qué te cuentas {phrase}  :: what's new?
qué te pasa, calabaza {interj} [colloquial, humorous]  :: what's up?
qué tripa se te ha roto {phrase} [Spain, colloquial, idiomatic]  :: what's the matter; what's with you
qué va {interj} [colloquial]  :: come on, no way, of course not (indicates refusal or disbelief)