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{prop} (Norse mythological figure) ::
vacant {adj} /ˈveɪkənt/ (not occupied) :: vacante
vacation {n} /veɪˈkeɪʃən/ (holiday, period of leisure time) :: vacanza {f}
vacation {n} :: vacanza {f}
vacation {v} (to spend or take a vacation) :: andare in vacanza
vacationer {n} (someone who is on vacation) SEE: holiday-maker ::
vaccination {n} /ˌvæk.sɪˈneɪ.ʃən/ (inoculation with a vaccine) :: vaccinazione {f}
vaccinator {n} (a person or agent that administers vaccines) :: vaccinatore {m}
vaccine {n} /vækˈsiːn/ (substance meant to stimulate production of antibodies) :: vaccino {m}
vaccinogenic {adj} (That produces vaccine for use in vaccination) :: vaccinogeno
vaccinostyle {n} (A pointed lancet used in vaccination) :: vaccinostilo {m}
vacuist {n} (One who holds the doctrine that the space between the bodies of the universe, or the molecules and atoms of matter, is a vacuum) :: vacuista {m-f}
vacuity {n} /væˈkjuːɪtɪ/ (emptiness) :: vacuità {f}
vacuüm {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum ::
vacuum {n} /ˈvæ.kjəm/ (region of space that contains no matter) :: vuoto {m}
vacuum {v} (transitive: to clean with a vacuum cleaner) :: aspirapolverare
vacuum {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner ::
vacuum cleaner {n} (machine for cleaning) :: aspirapolvere {m}
vacuum flask {n} (a bottle, flask or similar vessel having a vacuum between its inner and outer silvered walls) SEE: thermos ::
vacuum gauge {n} :: vuotometro {m}, vacuometro {m}
vacuum tube {n} (electrical device) :: valvola termoionica {f}
Vadodara {prop} (city in India) :: Vadodara
vagina {n} /vəˈdʒaɪnə/ (anatomical sense) :: vagina {f}
vagina {n} (botanical sense) :: guaina {f}
vagina {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva ::
vaginal {adj} /ˈvædʒɪnəl/ (of the vagina) :: vaginale
vaginal flatulence {n} (emission or expulsion of air from the vagina) :: flato vaginale, scoreggia vaginale {f}
vaginally {adv} (via the vagina) :: vaginalmente, per via vaginale
vaginismus {n} /vadʒɪˈnɪzməs/ (muscular contraction) :: vaginismo {m}
vaginitis {n} (inflammation of the vagina) :: vaginite {f}
vagrant {n} /ˈveɪ.ɡɹənt/ (person without a home or job) :: vagabondo, barbone, girovago, senza fissa dimora
vagrant {n} (wanderer) :: vagabondo {m}, viandante {m}, girovago {m}
vague {adj} /veɪɡ/ (not clearly expressed) :: vago
vaguely {adv} /ˈveɪɡli/ (in a vague manner) :: vagamente
vagueness {n} (condition of being unclear) :: vaghezza
vaguery {n} (condition of being vague) SEE: vagueness ::
vaguery {n} (thing which is vague) SEE: vagueness ::
vain {adj} /veɪn/ (overly proud of one's appearance) :: vanitoso, vanesio
vain {adj} (pointless, futile) :: vano
vainglorious {adj} /ˌveɪnˈɡlɔː.ɹi.əs/ (with excessive vanity or unwarranted pride) :: vanaglorioso
vainglory {n} (excessive vanity) :: vanagloria {f}
vair {n} /vɛə/ (heraldic fur) :: vaio
Vaishnavism {prop} (a branch of Hinduism focusing on the worship of Vishnu) :: visnuismo {m}
Valais {prop} (A canton) :: Canton Vallese
valediction {n} /ˌvæl.əˈdɪk.ʃən/ (speech) :: commiato {m}
valediction {n} (act) :: commiato {m}
valediction {n} (word or phrase upon leaving) :: addio
Valencia {prop} /vəˈlɛnsi.ə/ (capital of the Valencian Community) :: Valencia {f}
Valencia {prop} (city in Venezuala) :: Valencia {f}
Valencian Community {prop} (autonomous community in Spain) :: Comunità Valenciana {f}, Comunità Valenzana {f}, Valencia {f}, Valenza {f}, Valenzia {f}
Valens {prop} (a Roman cognomen) :: Valente
Valentina {prop} (female given name) :: Valentina {f}
valentine {n} /ˈvæləntaɪn/ (An expression of affect, especially romantic) :: valentina {f}
Valentine {n} (male given name) :: Valentino {m}
Valentine {n} (female given name) SEE: Valentina ::
Valentine's Day {prop} (Saint Valentine's Day) :: San Valentino {m}
vale of tears {n} (a symbolic valley of tears) :: valle di lacrime {f}
valerian {n} /vəˈlɪəɹɪən/ (Valeriana officinalis) :: valeriana {f}
Valerian {prop} (a Roman cognomen) :: Valeriano
Valerie {prop} (female given name) :: Valeria
Valerius {prop} (male given name) :: Valerio
valet {n} /ˈvæleɪ/ (a person employed to clean or park cars) :: parcheggiatore {m}
valet-de-chambre {n} (valet) SEE: valet ::
valetudinarian {adj} /ˌvæ.lə.ˌtuː.də.ˈnɛɹ.i.ən/ (of infirm health; sickly) :: valetudinario
Valhalla {prop} /vælˈhælə/ (in Norse mythology, the home of warriors slain gloriously in battle) :: Walhalla {m}, Valalla {m}, Valhalla {m}
valid {adj} (acceptable, proper or correct) :: valido
validate {v} (check the validity of) :: validare
valine {n} (essential amino acid C5H11NO2) :: valina {f}
valkyrie {n} /ˈvælˌkɪ.ɹi/ (any of the female attendants, or handmaidens of Odin) :: valchiria {f}, walkiria {f}, walchiria {f}
Valle d'Aosta {prop} /ˌvaleɪ dɑːˈɒstə/ (region of northwestern Italy) :: Valle d'Aosta {f}, [unofficially] Val d'Aosta {f}
Valletta {prop} (capital of Malta) :: Valletta {f}, La Valletta {f}
valley {n} /ˈvæli/ (elongated depression between hills or mountains) :: valle {f}
Valley of the Kings {prop} (Egyptian valley known for its tombs) :: Valle dei Re {f}
Valley of the Sun {prop} (Term for the Phoenix metropolitan area) :: Valle del sole {f}
valor {n} (value, worth) SEE: value ::
valour {n} (value) SEE: value ::
valuable {adj} /ˈvæljuəbl̩/ (having a great value) :: prezioso
value {n} /ˈvælju/ (quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable) :: valore {m}
value {n} (amount (of money, goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else) :: valore {m}
value {n} (numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed) :: valore {m}
value {n} (ideal accepted by some individual or group) :: valore {m}
value {n} :: valore
value {v} (to estimate the value of) :: valutare, stimare
value added tax {n} (tax levied on added value of an exchange) :: imposta sul valore aggiunto {f}
valve {n} /ˈvælv/ (device that controls flow of gas or fluid) :: valvola {f}
valve {n} (vacuum tube) SEE: vacuum tube ::
valvulopathy {n} (disease or disorder of the valves of the heart) :: valvulopatia {f}
vampire {n} /ˈvæm.paɪ.ə(ɹ)/ (mythological creature) :: vampiro
vampiress {n} (female vampire) :: vampira {f} [rare]
vampirism {n} (extortion) SEE: extortion ::
van {n} /væn/ (a (covered) vehicle used for carrying goods) :: furgone {m}
van {n} (enclosed railway vehicle) :: vagone merci {m}
vanadinite {n} (mineral) :: vanadinite
vanadium {n} /vəˈneɪdi.əm/ (chemical element) :: vanadio {m}
vandal {n} /ˈvændəl/ (person who destroys or damages property) :: vandalo {m}
vandalise {v} (to needlessly destroy) :: vandalizzare
vandalism {n} /ˈvændəlɪzm̩/ (needless damage or destruction of property) :: vandalismo {m}
vandalize {v} (vandalise) SEE: vandalise ::
vane {n} (weather vane) SEE: weather vane ::
Vanessa {prop} /vəˈnɛsə/ (female given name) :: Vanessa
vanguard {n} /ˈvænˌɡɑɹd/ (leading units of an army) :: avanguardia {f}
vanilla {n} /vəˈnɪlə/ (orchid) :: vaniglia {f}
vanilla {n} (fruit) :: vaniglia {f}
vanilla {n} (flavor) :: vanillina {f}
vanilla {adj} (of vanilla) :: di vaniglia, alla vaniglia, vanigliato
vanillic {adj} (Of or pertaining to vanillin or vanillic acid) :: vanillico
vanish {v} /ˈvænɪʃ/ (become invisible or to move out of view unnoticed) :: sparire, svanire
vanishment {n} (disappearance) SEE: disappearance ::
vanity {n} /ˈvæ.nɪ.ti/ (excessive pride) :: vanità {f}
vanity case {n} (a portable case for cosmetics) :: bauletto {m}
vanquish {v} /ˈvæŋkwɪʃ/ (to defeat, to overcome) :: sopraffare, sconfiggere, vincere
vantage {n} /ˈvæntɪd͡ʒ/ (place or position affording a good view; a vantage point) :: belvedere {m}
vantage point {n} /ˈvæntɪd͡ʒ ˌpɔɪ̯nt/ (place or position affording a good view) :: belvedere {m}
vantage point {n} (point of view) SEE: point of view ::
Vanuatu {prop} /væn.uːˈɑː.tuː/ (Republic of Vanuatu) :: Vanuatu
vape {v} /veɪp/ (To inhale the vapor produced by a non-combustible cigarette) :: svapare
vapid {adj} /ˈvæp.ɪd/ (lifeless, dull, or banal) :: insulso, scipito
vapid {adj} (tasteless, bland, or insipid) :: insipido, scipito
vapor {n} /ˈveɪpə/ (the gaseous state of a substance that is normally a solid or liquid) :: gas {m}, vapore {m}
vapor {v} (intransitive: to become vapor) SEE: evaporate ::
vapor {v} (transitive: to turn into vapor) SEE: vaporize ::
vaporize {v} (turn into vapour) :: vaporizzare
vapour {n} (vapor) SEE: vapor ::
vapour {n} (steam) SEE: steam ::
varactor {n} (solid-state diode) :: diodo varicap {m}, varicap {m}
Varese {prop} (province) :: Varese {f}
Varese {prop} (capital) :: Varese {f}
variability {n} (degree) :: variabilità
variable {adj} /ˈvæɹ.i.ə.bl̩/ (able to vary) :: variabile, regolabile, flessiblie, modificabile
variable {adj} (likely to vary) :: variabile
variable {adj} (marked by diversity or difference) :: variabile
variable {adj} (mathematics: having no fixed quantitative value) :: variabile
variable {n} (something that is variable) :: variabile {f}
variable {n} (something whose value may be dictated or discovered) :: variabile {f}
variable {n} (mathematics: a quantity that may assume any one of a set of values) :: variabile {f}, parametro {m}
variable antshrike {n} (Thamnophilus caerulescens) :: averla formichiera variabile
variably {adv} (in a variable manner) :: variabilmente
variance {n} /ˈvæɹi.ənts/ (second central moment in probability (statistics)) :: varianza {f}
variant {adj} (variable) SEE: variable ::
variant {n} /ˈvɛəɹi.ənt/ (something slightly different) :: variante {f}
variation {n} /ˌvɛɹiˈeɪʃn̩/ (the act or state of varying) :: variazione
variation {n} (a musical technique based on an altered repetition of a theme) :: variazione {f}
variational {adj} (of or pertaining to variation) :: variazionale
variator {n} (a controller (device that can change something's parameters)) :: variatore {m}
varicose {adj} /ˈvɛɹ.ə.koʊs/ (abnormally swollen) :: varicoso
varicose vein {n} (abnormally swollen or dilated vein) :: vena varicosa
varied {adj} /ˈvɛəɹid/ (diverse or miscellaneous) :: variato
variegated {adj} /ˈveəɹɪəˌɡeɪtɪd/ (streaked or spotted with a variety of colours) :: variegato
variety {n} /vəˈɹaɪɨtɪ/ (variation of something) :: varietà {f}
variety {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification) :: varietà {f}
variety {n} (linguistics: term used for a specific form of a language) :: varietà {f}
various {adj} /ˈvɛəɹi.əs/ (an eclectic range of) :: vario
varix {n} (varicose vein) :: vena varicosa {f}, varice {f}
varmeter {n} (reactive voltammeter) :: varmetro {m}
varnish {n} :: vernice
varsity {n} (university) SEE: university ::
Varsovian {adj} (of, from or relating to Warsaw) :: varsaviano
Varsovian {n} (someone from Warsaw) :: varsaviano {m}
Varus {prop} (a Roman cognomen) :: Varo
vary {v} (to institute a change in) SEE: modify ::
vascular {adj} (of, pertaining to or containing vessels) :: vascolare
vas deferens {n} (vas deferens) :: dotto deferente, vaso deferente, canale deferente
vase {n} /veɪs/ (container used mainly for displaying flowers) :: vaso {m}
vasectomy {n} /vəˈsɛktəmi/ (male sterilization) :: vasectomia {f}
vasoactive {adj} (that causes either constriction or dilation of a blood vessel) :: vasoattivo
vasodilator {n} (agent that causes dilation of the blood vessels) :: vasodilatatore
vasospastic {adj} (Relating to, or producing vasospasm) :: vasospastico
vassal {n} /ˈvæsəl/ (grantee of a fief) :: vassallo
vast {adj} /væst/ (very large or wide (literally or figuratively)) :: ampio {m}, ampia {f}, vasto, esteso {m}
vastness {n} /ˈvæstnəs/ (quality of being vast) :: immensità {f}, vastità {f}
vat {n} /væt/ (a large tub, such as is used for making wine or for tanning) :: tino {m}, tinozza {f}, tinozza da concia
VAT {n} /ˌviːeɪˈtiː/ (value-added tax) :: IVA
Vatican {prop} /ˈvæ.tɪ.kən/ (state) :: Vaticano {m}
Vatican {adj} (Relating to the Vatican City state) :: vaticano
Vatican City {prop} /ˈvæ.tɪ.kən ˈsɪt.i/ (State of the Vatican City) :: Stato della Città del Vaticano
Vaticanian {adj} (Vatican) SEE: Vatican ::
Vaticanian {n} (a person from Vatican City) :: vaticano {m}
Vaucluse {prop} (département) :: Vaucluse
Vaud {prop} (A canton) :: Canton Vaud
vault {n} /vɑlt/ (arched masonry structure) :: volta
vault {n} :: cantina, camera blindata, caveau
vault {v} (to jump) :: volteggiare, balzare, saltare
vault {n} (a jump) :: volteggio, salto
vault {n} (crypt) SEE: crypt ::
vaunt {v} (speak boastfully) SEE: boast ::
veal {n} /viːl/ (flesh of a calf) :: vitello {m}
vector {n} /ˈvɛktɚ/ (directed quantity) :: vettore {m}
vector {n} (carrier of a disease-causing agent) :: vettore
vector algebra {n} (branch of mathematics) :: algebra vettoriale {f}
vector boson {n} (gauge boson) :: bosone vettore {m}
vector graphics {n} (geometrical primitives based upon mathematical equations to represent images) :: grafica vettoriale {f}
vectorial {adj} (of or pertaining to a vector) :: vettoriale
vector product {n} (vector with size given by the product of two vectors) :: prodotto vettoriale {m}
vector space {n} (mathematics) :: spazio vettoriale {m}
Vedic {adj} /ˈveɪdɪk/ (Of or pertaining to the Vedas) :: vedico
Vedic Sanskrit {prop} (language) :: vedico {m}
vee {n} /viː/ :: vu {m} {f}
vegan {adj} /ˈviːɡən/ (relating to vegans or veganism) :: vegano
vegan {n} (supporter of veganism) :: vegano {m}
veganism {n} (Eating neither meat nor other animal products) :: veganismo {m}
vegetable {n} /ˈvɛd͡ʒətəbəl/ (any plant) :: vegetale {m}
vegetable {n} (a plant raised for some edible part of it) :: verdura {f}
vegetable {n} (a person whose brain has been damaged) :: vegetale {m}
vegetable {adj} (of or relating to plants) :: vegetale
vegetable garden {n} (vegetable garden) :: ortale {m}, orto {m}, ortaglia {f}
vegetable lamb {n} /ˌvɛdʒtəbəl ˈlam/ (legendary plant believed to grow sheep from its branches) :: agnello vegetale della Tartaria {m}
vegetable oil {n} (oil produced from plants) :: olio vegetale {m}
vegetable soup {n} (soup made from mixed vegetables) :: zuppa di verdura {f}
vegetarian {n} /vɛd͡ʒɪˈtɛɹi.ən/ (person who does not eat any animal flesh) :: vegetariano {m}
vegetarian {adj} (relating to the type of diet eaten by vegetarians) :: vegetariano
vegetarianism {n} /vɛdʒɪˈtɛɹi.ənɪzəm/ (practice of following a vegetarian diet) :: vegetarismo {m}
vegetate {v} (To grow or sprout) :: vegetare
vegetate {v} (To live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way) :: vegetare
vegetation {n} /ˌvɛd͡ʒəˈteɪʃən/ (Plants) :: vegetazione {f}
vegetoanimal {adj} (Both vegetal and animal) :: vegetoanimale
veggie {n} (vegetable) :: verdura {f}
veggie {n} (vegetarian) :: vegetariano {m}
veggie burger {n} /ˈvɛdʒijˈbɹ̩ɡɹ̩/ (burger) :: hamburger vegetariano {m}
vehemence {n} /ˈviːəmən(t)s/ (An intense concentration, force or power) :: veemenza {f}
vehemence {n} (A wild or turbulent ferocity or fury) :: veemenza {f}
vehemence {n} (Eagerness, fervor, excessive strong feeling) :: veemenza {f}
vehemently {adv} (in a vehement manner) :: veementemente, energeticamente
vehicle {n} /ˈviː.ɪ.kəl/ (conveyance) :: veicolo {m}
vehicle {n} (medium) :: mezzo {m}
vehicular {adj} /viˈhɪk.jə.lə(ɹ)/ (of or pertaining to a vehicle or vehicles) :: veicolare
Veii {prop} (Etruscan city) :: Veio {m}
veil {n} /veɪl/ :: velo
vein {n} /veɪn/ (blood vessel) :: vena {f}
vein {n} (thickened portion of a leaf) :: venatura {f}
veinous {adj} (having veins) :: venoso
veisalgia {n} (unpleasant after-effects of the consumption of alcohol) SEE: hangover ::
Vela {prop} (constellation) :: Vele {f-p}
veld {n} /vɛlt/ (pasture land) :: veld {m}
velleity {n} /vɛˈliːɪti/ (lowest degree of desire) :: velleità {f}
velleity {n} (slight wish with no effort to obtain) :: velleità {f}
velocipede {n} /vɪˈlɒs.ɪ.piːd/ (Early two-wheeled conveyance) :: velocipede {m}
velociraptor {n} (dinosaur) :: velociraptor {m}
velocity {n} /vəˈlɑsəti/ (vector quantity) :: velocità {f}
velocity {n} (rapidity of motion) :: velocità {f}
velocity {n} (the rate of occurrence) :: velocità {f}
velodrome {n} /ˈvɛl.ə.dɹəʊm/ (arena for bicycle racing) :: velodromo {m}
velvet {n} /ˈvɛlvɪt/ (fabric) :: velluto {m}
velvet scoter {n} (Melanitta fusca) :: orchetto vellutato
velvety {adj} /ˈvɛlvəti/ (like velvet) :: vellutato
vena cava {n} (large vein that returns blood into right atrium) :: vena cava {f}
venal {adj} /ˈviːnəl/ (corrupt, mercenary) :: venale
vendace {n} (Coregonus albula) :: coregone bianco {m}
Vendée {prop} /vɑ̃ˈde/ (département) :: Vandea {f}
Vendean {adj} (Of or from the Vendée) :: vandeano
vendetta {n} /vɛnˈdɛtə/ (bitter, destructive feud in which each injury is revenged) :: faida {f}
vending machine {n} (machine that dispenses merchandise) :: distributore automatico {m}
Vendémiaire {prop} /ˌvɑndəˈmjɛəɹ/ (the first month of the French Republican Calendar) :: vendemmiaio {m}, [rare] vendemmiale {m}, [rare] vendemmiatore {m}
vendor {n} (a person or a company that vends or sells) :: venditore {m}, venditrice {f}
veneer {n} /vɨˈniə̆ɹ]/ (thin covering of fine wood) :: impiallacciatura, rivestimento decorativo {m}
veneer {n} (covering or disguising appearance) :: facciata {f}, mascheratura {f}, copertura {f}, dissimulazione {f}
veneer {v} (to apply veneer) :: impiallacciare, rivestire, ricoprire, mascherare
venerate {v} /ˈvɛnəɹeɪt/ (To revere or hold in awe) :: adorare, colere [poetic], riverire, venerare
venereal {adj} /vəˈnɪɹi.əl/ (sexually transmitted) :: venereo
venereal disease {n} (contagious disease spread through sexual intercourse) :: malattia venerea {f}
venereal disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact) SEE: sexually transmitted disease ::
venereally {adv} (In a venereal manner) :: venereamente
venereology {n} (branch of medicine) :: venereologia {f}
venery {n} /ˈvɛnəɹi/ (hunting) :: venazione {f}
Venetian {adj} /vəˈniʃən/ (relating to Venice) :: veneziano
Venetian {n} (inhabitant of Venice) :: veneziano {m}, veneziana {f}
Venetian {prop} (Romance language spoken in Veneto) :: veneto {m}
Venetian {prop} (form of Venetian spoken in Venice) :: veneziano {m}
Venetian blind {n} (blind consisting of overlapping horizontal slats) :: veneziana {f}
Venetic {prop} /vəˈnetɪk/ (Venetic language) :: venetico {m}, lingua venetica {f}
Veneto {prop} (a region in northern Italy) :: Veneto {m}
Venezuela {prop} /ˌvɛn.ɪˈzweɪ.lə/ (country) :: Venezuela {m}
Venezuelan {n} (person from Venezuela or of Venezuelan descent) :: venezuelano {m}, venezuelana {f}
Venezuelan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Venezuela or the Venezuelan people) :: venezuelano
vengeance {n} /ˈvɛnˌdʒəns/ (revenge taken for an insult, injury, or other wrong) :: vendetta {f}, rivalsa {f}, rappresaglia {f}, ritorsione {f}
vengeful {adj} /ˈvenʒ.fəl/ (wanting vengeance) :: vendicativo {m}, vendicativa {f}
venial {adj} /ˈviːni.əl/ (pardonable; able to be forgiven) :: veniale
venial sin {n} (sin that is not a mortal sin) :: peccato veniale {m}
Venice {prop} /ˈvɛnɪs/ (city and province in Italy) :: Venezia {f}
Venice {prop} (empire) :: Venezia {f}
venison {n} (the meat of a deer) :: carne di cervo {f}, cacciagione {f}
Venn diagram {n} (diagram representing sets by circles) :: diagramma di Eulero-Venn {m}
venom {n} /ˈvɛnəm/ (poison carried by animal) :: veleno {m}
venomous {adj} /ˈvɛnəməs/ (pertaining to or denoting an animal capable of producing a poisonous chemical) :: velenoso
venomous {adj} (pertaining to or containing venom) :: velenoso
venous {adj} /ˈviː.nəs/ (of or pertaining to veins) :: venoso
vent {n} /vɛnt/ (an opening through which gases, especially air, can pass) :: sfogo {m}, sfiatatoio {m}, bocchetta {f}
vent {n} (the opening of a volcano from which lava flows) :: camino {m}
vent {n} (a verbalized frustration) :: sfogo {m}
vent {n} (the excretory opening of lower orders of vertebrates) :: ano {m}
vent {v} (to express a strong emotion) :: sfogarsi
ventilate {v} (To expose something to public examination or discussion) :: ventilare
ventilation {n} (mechanical system used to circulate and replace air) :: ventilazione
ventilation {n} (breathing) :: ventilazione
ventilator {n} (respirator) SEE: respirator ::
Ventimiglia {prop} (town) :: Ventimiglia {f}
ventricle {n} /ˈvɛntɹɪkəl/ (one of two lower chambers of the heart) :: ventricolo {m}
ventricular {adj} (of or relating to a ventricle) :: ventricolare
ventricular fibrillation {n} (Condition where cardiac muscle is contracted irregularly and rapidly) :: fibrillazione ventricolare {f}
ventriloquism {n} (art of projecting one's voice so that it appears to come from another source) :: ventriloquio {m}
ventriloquist {n} /vɛnˈtɹɪl.ə.kwɪst/ (a person who practices ventriloquism) :: ventriloquo {m}, ventriloqua {f}
ventriloquistic {adj} (ventriloquistic) :: ventriloquo
Ventôse {prop} /vɑnˈtoʊz/ (the sixth month of the French Republican Calendar) :: ventoso {m}
venturi {n} (throat of a carburetor) SEE: throat ::
venturi {n} (venturi tube) SEE: venturi tube ::
venturi tube {n} (tube) :: venturimetro {m}
venue {n} /ˈvɛnjuː/ (place, especially the one where a given event is to happen) :: scena {f}
venue {n} (legal: place in which anything is alleged to have happened) :: luogo {m}, territorio {m}, giurisdizione {f}
venue {n} (sport venue) :: arena {f}, stadio {m}
Venus {prop} /ˈvinəs/ (planet) :: Venere
Venus {prop} (goddess) :: Venere
Venus' comb {n} (Scandix pecten-veneris) :: acicula comune {f}
Venus flytrap {n} (Dionaea muscipula) :: pigliamosche {m}
Venusian {n} /vəˈnjuː.si.ən/ (inhabitant of Venus) :: venusiano {m}, venusiana {f}
Venusian {adj} (of Venus) :: venusiano {m}, venusiana {f}
Venusian {adj} (of Venusians) :: venusiano {m}, venusiana {f}
Venusian {prop} (language) :: venusiano {m}
veraison {n} (A stage in the ripening process of grapes or olives) :: invaiatura {f}
veranda {n} /vəˈɹæn.də/ (roofed open gallery) :: veranda {f}
verb {n} /vɝb/ ((grammar) a word that indicates an action, event, or a state) :: verbo {m}
verbal {adj} /ˈvɝ.bəl/ (consisting of words only) :: verbale
verbal {adj} :: [5] deverbale
verbal {n} (grammar) :: deverbale {m}
verbalization {n} (An instance of verbalizing) :: verbalizzazione
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola {prop} (province) :: Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
verbatim {adv} /vɚˈbeɪ.tɪm/ (word for word) :: parola per parola
verbena {n} /vɝˈbinə/ (a genus of herbaceous plants) :: verbena {f}
verbose {adj} /vɜːˈbəʊs/ (abounding in words) :: verboso, prolisso, iperverboso, ridondante
verbosity {n} /vɚˈbɑsəti/ (the excess use of words; long-windedness) :: verbosità {f}
Vercelli {prop} (town, province) :: Vercelli {f}
Vercingetorix {prop} (Gallic chieftain) :: Vercingetorige {m}
verdant {adj} /ˈvɝ.dənt/ (green) :: verde {m}
verdant {adj} (abundant in verdure) :: verdeggiante
verdict {n} /ˈvɝ.dɪkt/ (decision on an issue of fact in a civil or criminal case or an inquest) :: verdetto {m}
verdigris {n} (blue-green patina on copper and copper alloys) :: verderame {m}
verge {n} (phallus) SEE: phallus ::
verifier {n} (person who verifies) :: verificatore {m}
verifier {n} (device) :: verificatrice {f}
verily {adv} /ˈvɛɹ.əl.i/ (truly, doubtlessly) :: veramente, davvero
verily {adv} (confidently, certainly) :: certamente
verlan {n} (type of backslang used in French) :: verlan {m}
vermicelli {n} (long, slender pasta) :: vermicello {m}, vermicelli {m-p}
vermiculation {n} (peristalsis) SEE: peristalsis ::
vermiculation {n} /vəmɪkjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ (pattern of irregular wavy lines) :: vermicolazione {f}
vermiform {adj} (in the shape of a worm) :: vermiforme
vermilion {adj} /vɜː(ɹ)ˈmɪl.jən/ :: vermiglio {m}, vermiglione {m}
vermouth {n} /vəˈmuːθ/ (wine infused with herbs) :: vermut {m}
vernacular {n} /vɚˈnækjəlɚ/ (national language) :: vernacolo {m}, idioma {m}, parlata {f}, lingua nazionale, dialetto {m}
vernacular {n} (everyday speech) :: vernacolare {m}
vernacular {n} (language unique to a particular group of people) :: dialetto {m}, idioma
vernacular {adj} (pertaining to everyday language) :: vernacolare
vernalization {n} (certain treatment of seeds or bulbs) :: jarovizzazione {f}, iarovizzazione {f}
Verona {prop} /vɪˈɹəʊnə/ (city straddling the river Adige in Veneto, northern Italy) :: Verona {f}
Verona {prop} (province in the Veneto region of northern Italy) :: Verona {f}
Veronese {adj} :: veronese
Veronica {prop} (female given name) :: Veronica {f}
Versailles {prop} /vəɹˈsaɪ/ (suburb of Paris) :: Versailles {f}
versatile {adj} /ˈvɝsətl̩/ (capable of doing many things competently) :: versatile
verse {n} /ˈvɝs/ (one of several similar units of a song, consisting of several lines, generally rhymed) :: strofa {f}
verse {n} (a small section of the Bible) :: versetto {m}
versification {n} (The act, art, or practice of composing poetic verse) :: versificazione
version {n} /ˈvɝʒən/ (a specific form or variation of something) :: versione {f}
version {n} (a translation from one language to another) :: versione {f}
version {n} (an account or description from a particular point of view) :: versione {f}
version {n} (computing) :: versione {f}
verso {n} (the back side of a flat object) :: verso {m}
verso {n} (the left-hand page of a book) :: verso {m}
versus {prep} /ˈvɝs/ (in opposition to) :: contro
vert {n} /vɝt/ (colour) :: verde
vert {adj} (of green colour) :: verde
vertebra {n} /ˈvɜːtɪbɹə/ (any of the small bones which make up the backbone) :: vertebra {f}
vertebral {adj} (of or relating to a vertebra or the spine) :: vertebrale
vertebral column {n} (vertebral column) :: colonna vertebrale {f}
vertebrate {adj} /ˈvɛɹ.tɪ.bɹeɪt/ (having a backbone) :: vertebrato
vertebrate {n} (an animal having a backbone) :: vertebrato
vertex {n} /vɜːteks/ (highest point) :: vertice {m}
vertex {n} (anatomy: highest surface on skull) :: vertice {f}
vertex {n} (geometry: corner of a polygon or polyhedron) :: vertice {m}
vertex {n} (element of a graph) :: nodo {m}
vertex {n} (computer graphics: point in 3D space) :: vertice {m}
vertical {adj} /ˈvɝtɪkəl/ (being perpendicular to horizontal) :: verticale
verticalism {n} (building of very tall buildings) :: verticalismo {m}
vertically {adv} /ˈvɜːtɪkli/ (in a vertical direction or position) :: verticalmente
vertigo {n} /ˈvɝtɪɡoʊ/ (sensation of whirling and loss of balance) :: vertigine {f}
very {adv} /ˈvɛɹi/ (to a high degree) :: molto
very much {adv} (indeed) SEE: indeed ::
very much {adv} (extremely) :: mille
vesica {n} /ˈviːsɪkə/ (bladder) :: vescica {f}
vesicular {adj} :: vescicolare, vescicolato
Vespasian {prop} /vɛsˈpeɪʒi.ən/ (Roman cognomen) :: Vespasiano {m}
Vespers {prop} (A Christian service held in the late afternoon or early evening) :: vespro {m}
vespiary {n} (a wasps' nest) :: vespaio {m}
vessel {n} /ˈvɛs.əl/ (craft) :: vascello {m}, imbarcazione {f}, bastimento {m}, nave {f}, barca {f}, barcone {m}, chiatta {f}, transatlantico {m}
vessel {n} (container) :: recipiente {m}, contenitore {m}, brocca {f}, caraffa {f}, bricco {m}, cuccuma {f}, boccale {m}
vessel {n} (tube or canal that carries fluid in an animal or plant) :: vaso {m}
vest {n} (garment worn over a shirt) :: panciotto {m}, gilè {m}, corpetto {m}
vest {n} (garment worn under a shirt) :: canottiera {f}
vested interest {n} (an exceptionally strong interest in protecting whatever is to one's own advantage) :: interesse personale {m}
vestibular {adj} (re: anatomy) :: vestibolare
vestige {n} /ˈvɛstɪdʒ/ (mark of the foot left on the earth; a track or footstep; a trace; a sign) :: traccia {f}, segno {m}, strascico {m}, impronta {f}, marchio {m}
vestige {n} (faint mark or visible sign left by something which is lost) :: vestigia {f}
vestment {n} (clothing) SEE: clothing ::
Vesuvius {prop} /vəˈəs/ (volcano in Italy) :: Vesuvio {m}
vet {v} /vɛt/ (check or investigate particularly) :: esaminare
vet {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian ::
vetch {n} (any of several leguminous plants) :: veccia {f}
vetchling {n} (A leguminous climbing plant) :: latiro {m}
veteran {n} /ˈvɛ.t̬ə.ɹən]/ (person with long experience) :: veterano
veteran {n} (old soldier) :: veterano {m}
veterinarian {n} /ˌvɛt(ə)ɹəˈnɛɹi.ən/ (doctor who treats animals) :: veterinario {m}, veterinaria {f}
veterinary {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian ::
veterinary {adj} /ˈvɛt.ə.ɹɪ.nɛɹ.i/ (of or relating to the medical treatment of animals) :: zooiatrico
veterinary medicine {n} (branch of medicine that deals with animals) :: medicina veterinaria {f}
veterinary science {n} (veterinary medicine) SEE: veterinary medicine ::
veterinary surgeon {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian ::
vetero-testamentary {adj} :: veterotestamentario
vetiver {n} /ˈvɛtɪvə/ (aromatic root) :: vetiver {m}
vex {v} /vɛks/ (to annoy) :: vessare, innervosire
vex {v} (to distress; to cause mental suffering) :: tormentare, vessare, infastidire
vexillology {n} /ˌvɛksəˈlɑːlədʒi/ (study of flags) :: vessillologia {f}
vexillum {n} (sign of the cross) SEE: sign of the cross ::
via {prep} /ˈvaɪə/ (by (means of); using (a medium)) :: via, per
viability {n} /ˌvaɪəˈbɪlɪti/ (property of being viable) :: fattibilità {f}, vitalità
viable {adj} /ˈvaɪəbəl/ (able to live on its own) :: vivibile
viaduct {n} /ˈvaɪəˌdʌkt/ (bridge with several spans that carries road or rail traffic over a valley) :: viadotto {m}
via ferrata {n} /ˌviːə fəˈɹɑːtə/ (protected climbing route) :: via ferrata {f}, ferrata {f}
vial {n} /ˈvaɪəl/ (a phial) :: fiala {f}
viaticum {n} /vʌɪˈatɪkəm/ (Eucharist) :: viatico {m}
Vibo Valentia {prop} (province) :: Vibo Valentia
vibraculum {n} (long, whiplike, modified zooid on the surface of certain colonies of bryozoa) :: vibraculo {m}
vibraphone {n} /ˈvɑɪ.bɹə.ˌfoːn/ (percussion instrument) :: vibrafono
vibrate {v} /ˈvaɪ.bɹeɪt/ (to move with small movements rapidly) :: vibrare
vibrating {adj} (that vibrates) :: vibratorio, vibratile
vibration {n} /vaɪˈbɹeɪʃən/ (act of vibrating) :: vibrazione {f}
vibrational {adj} (of or pertaining to vibration) :: vibrazionale
vibrato {n} /vɪˈbɹɑːtoʊ/ (Musical effect or technique) :: vibrato {m}
vibrator {n} /ˈvaɪbɹeɪtɚ/ :: vibratore {m}
vibratory {adj} (causing or exhibiting vibrations) :: vibratorio, vibratile
vibroscope {n} (an instrument for observing or tracing vibrations) :: vibroscopio {m}
vibroscopic {adj} :: vibroscopico
vicar {n} /ˈvɪkɚ/ :: [CofE] pastore, [RC] vicario
vicaress {n} :: vicaria
vice {n} /vaɪs/ (bad habit) :: vizio, difetto {m}, malvezzo {m}, pecca {f}
vice {n} (crime related to prostitution, pornography, gambling, alcohol, or drugs) :: delitto a sfondo sessuale
vice- {prefix} (deputy) :: vice-
vice {n} (screw apparatus) SEE: vise ::
vice-captain {n} (player) :: vicecapogruppo {m}
vice-chancellor {n} (official) :: vicecancelliere {m}, vicerettore {m}
Vicentine {adj} /vaɪˈsɛntaɪn/ (of or pertaining to Vicenza) :: vicentino
Vicentine {n} (native or inhabitant of Vicenza) :: vicentino {m}
Vicenza {prop} (town or province in Veneto, Italy) :: Vicenza {f}
vice president {n} (deputy to a president) :: vicepresidente {m}
vicereine {n} /vʌɪsɹeɪn/ (the wife of a viceroy) :: viceregina {f}
viceroy {n} /ˈvaɪsˌɹɔɪ/ (governor of a country) :: viceré {m}
vice versa {adv} /ˈvaɪsi ˈvɝsə/ (the other way round) :: viceversa
vicinal {adj} /ˈvɪsɪnəl/ (of or pertaining to a neighborhood) :: vicinale
vicinal {adj} (chemistry: describing atoms attached to nearby atoms) :: vicinale
vicinality {n} (adjacency) :: vicinalità {f}
vicinality {n} (chemistry: presence of vicinal substituents) :: vicinalità {f}
vicious circle {n} (situation in which the solution to a problem creates another problem) :: cerchio vizioso {m}, circolo vizioso {m}
vicissitude {n} /vɨˈsɪs.ɨˌt(j)u(ː)d]/ (regular change or succession from one thing to another) :: vicissitudine {f}
vicissitude {n} (a change, especially in one's life or fortunes) :: vicissitudine {f}
victim {n} /ˈvɪktɪm/ (a living creature which is slain and offered as human or animal sacrifice) :: vittima {f}
victim {n} (anyone who is harmed by another) :: vittima {f}
victim {n} (an aggrieved or disadvantaged party in a crime) :: vittima {f}
victim {n} (a person who suffers any other injury, loss, or damage as a result of a voluntary undertaking) :: vittima {f}
victim {n} (an unfortunate person who suffers from a disaster or other adverse circumstance) :: vittima {f}
victim {n} ((narratology) a character who is conquered or manipulated by a villain) :: vittima {f}
victim {n} :: vittima {f}
victor {n} /ˈvɪk.tə(ɹ)/ (winner in a fight or contest) :: vincitore {m}, vincitrice {f}
victor {n} (The letter V in the ICAO spelling alphabet) :: Venezia
Victor {prop} (male given name) :: Vittorio, Vittore {m}
Victoria {prop} /vɪkˈtɔːɹi.ə/ (female given name) :: Vittoria
Victoria {prop} (Queen Victoria) :: Vittoria
Victoria Falls {prop} (waterfall in Africa) :: Cascate Vittoria
victorious {adj} (being the winner) :: vittorioso
victoriously {adv} (in a victorious manner) :: vittoriosamente
victory {n} /ˈvɪkt(ə)ɹi/ (an instance of having won a competition or battle) :: vittoria {f}, vincita {f}
Victory Day {n} (a day to commemorate victories in important battles or wars in the countries' history) :: Giorno della Vittoria {m}
vicuna {n} /vɪˈkuːnjə/ (vicuna) :: vigogna {f}
video card {n} (display adapter) :: scheda video {f}
videocassette {n} (cassette containing recorded videotape) :: videocassetta {f}
videocassette recorder {n} (recording device) :: videoregistratore {m}
videocracy {n} (power of image over society) :: videocrazia {f}
video game {n} /ˈvɪ.di.ˌoʊ̯ ɡeɪm/ (game controlled by a software) :: videogioco {s}, videogiochi {p}
video game console {n} (dedicated electronic device that is designed to play video games) :: console di videogiochi, console per videogiochi
videotape {n} (tape used to record videos) :: videonastro {m}
videotape {v} (to make a recording on videotape) :: videoregistrare
vie {v} /vaɪ/ (To rival; to struggle for superiority; to compete) :: competere, gareggiare, lottare, rivaleggiare
vielle {n} /viˈɛl/ (medieval stringed instrument) :: viella {f}
Vienna {prop} /viˈɛnə/ (capital of Austria) :: Vienna {f}
Vietnam {prop} /viˌɛtˈnɑm/ (country in Southeast Asia) :: Vietnam
Vietnamese {n} /ˌviː.ət.nəˈmiːz/ (Vietnamese person) :: vietnamita {m} {f}
Vietnamese {n} (language) :: vietnamita {m}
Vietnam War {prop} (war that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia between 1955 and 1975) :: guerra del Vietnam {f}
view {n} /vjuː/ (seeing) :: vista {f}
view {n} (range of vision) :: vista {f}
view {n} (something to look at) :: veduta {f}, vista {f}
view {n} (mental image) :: visione {f}
view {n} (computing: logical table in database) :: vista
view {v} (to look at) :: guardare
viewer {n} (someone who views a spectacle) :: spettatore {m}
viewpoint {n} (point of view) SEE: point of view ::
vigesimal {adj} /vɪˈdʒɛsɪm(ə)l/ (to the base twenty) :: vigesimale
vigil {n} /ˈvɪdʒəl/ (keeping awake) :: veglia {f}
vigilance {n} /ˈvɪdʒɪləns/ (Alert watchfulness) :: vigilanza {f}
vigilance {n} (Close and continuous attention) :: vigilanza {f}
vigilant {adj} /ˈvɪdʒɪlənt/ (watchful) :: vigilante
vignette {n} /vɪnˈjɛt/ (decorative design at the head of a chapter, of a manuscript or printed book) :: vignetta {f}
vignette {n} (small borderless picture in a book) :: vignetta {f}
vignette {n} (small picture on a postage stamp) :: vignetta {f}
vigorous {adj} /ˈvɪɡəɹəs/ (physically strong and active) :: vigoroso {m}
vigorousness {n} (the quality of being vigorous) :: strenuità {f}, vigorosità {f}
Viking {n} /ˈvaɪkɪŋ/ (One of the Scandinavian seafaring warriors) :: vichingo {m}
Vilamovian {prop} (Wymysorys) SEE: Wymysorys ::
vile {adj} /vaɪl/ (morally low) :: abietto, basso, ignobile
vileness {n} (the state of being vile) :: nefandezza {m}, abiettitudine {f}, abiettezza {f}, abbiettezza {f}, nefandità {f}
vilify {v} /ˈvɪl.ɪ.faɪ/ (say defamatory things about; to speak ill of) :: denigrare, vilipendere
village {n} /ˈvɪlɪd͡ʒ/ (a rural habitation of size between a hamlet and a town) :: villaggio {m}, borgo {m}, paese
village idiot {n} (person widely known in their community for their stupidity and ignorant behaviour) :: scemo del villaggio
villager {n} (person who lives in, or comes from, a village) :: paesano {m}
villain {n} /vɪlən/ (scoundrel) :: canaglia {f}, furfante {m}, mascalzone {m}, farabutto {m}, criminale, scellerato {m}
villain {n} (bad person in a stage or screen play) :: il cattivo {m}
villain {n} (A peasant free of serfdom) :: vassallo {m}, servo feudale {m}
villancico {n} /ˌviljənˈsikoʊ/ (traditional Spanish or Portuguese folk song) :: villancico {m}
vimentin {n} (any of a group of polypeptides that polymerize to form filaments in the cytoskeleton) :: vimentina {f}
Vincent {prop} /ˈvɪnsɛnt/ (male given name) :: Vincenzo
vincible {adj} (capable of being defeated) :: vincibile, battibile
vindication {n} /vɪndɪˈkeɪʃən/ (the act of vindicating) :: rivendicazione {f}
vindictive {adj} /vɪnˈdɪk.tɪv/ (having a tendency to seek revenge) :: vendicativo
vine {n} /vaɪn/ (climbing plant that produces grapes) :: vite {f}
vinegar {n} /ˈvɪnəɡɚ/ (condiment) :: aceto {m}
vine leaf {n} (leaf of grapevine) :: pampino {m}
vineyard {n} /ˈvɪn.jɚd/ (grape plantation) :: vigna {f}, vigneto {m}
viniculture {n} (cultivation of grapes) :: viticoltura {f}, vinicoltura {f}
vinification {n} (winemaking) SEE: winemaking ::
vinify {v} (convert into wine) :: vinificare
vinous {adj} /ˈvaɪ.nəs/ (pertaining to or having the characteristics of wine) :: vinoso
vintner {n} /ˈvɪntnɚ/ (manufacturer of wine) :: vinificatore {m}
vinyl {n} /ˈvaɪ.nɪl/ (univalent radical) :: vinile {m}
vinyl {n} (substance) :: vinile {m}
vinyl {n} (record) :: vinile {m}
vinyl {adj} (containing the vinyl radical) :: vinilico
vinylation {n} (any reaction that forms a vinyl compound, typically by reaction with an acetylene) :: vinilazione {f}
viola {n} /viˈoʊ.lə/ (music: stringed instrument of the violin family) :: viola {f}
viola {n} /vaɪˈoʊlə/ (botany: any of several flowering plants) :: viola
Viola {prop} (female given name) :: Viola
violate {v} /ˈvaɪəˌleɪt/ (to break or fail to act by rules) :: violare
violated {adj} (having been abused sexually) :: violata
violation {n} /ˌvaɪɵˈleɪʃən/ (act or instance of violating) :: violazione {f}
violence {n} /ˈvaɪələns/ (extreme force) :: violenza {f}
violence {n} (action intended to cause destruction, pain or suffering) :: violenza
violent {adj} /ˈvaɪ(ə)lənt/ (involving extreme force or motion) :: violento
violent {adj} :: violento
violet {n} /ˈvaɪələt/ (colour) :: viola {m}
violet {n} (plant) :: viola {f}
violet {adj} (having a bluish-purple color) :: viola
Violet {prop} (female given name) :: Viola {f}, Violetta {f}
violet carpenter bee {n} (Xylocopa violacea) :: ape legnaiola {f}
violetish {adj} (somewhat violet) :: violastro {m}, violastra {f}
violin {n} /ˌvaɪəˈlɪn/ (string instrument) :: violino {m}
violinist {n} (person who plays violin) :: violinista {m} {f}
violist {n} /viˈoʊ.lɪst/ (person who plays the viola) :: violista
violoncello {n} (cello) SEE: cello ::
viper {n} (a poisonous snake in the family Viperidae) :: vipera {f}
viperine {adj} (relating to or resembling vipers) :: viperino
Virgil {prop} (Roman writer) :: Virgilio
Virgil {prop} (male given name) :: Virgilio
Virgilian {adj} (of or pertaining to Virgil) :: virgiliano
virgin {n} /ˈvɝdʒɪn/ (person who has never had sexual intercourse) :: vergine {f} [referring to a woman], vergine {m} [referring to a man]
Virgin {prop} (Mary, the mother of Jesus) :: la Vergine {f}
Virgin {prop} (constellation or star sign) :: la Vergine {f}
virginalist {n} (a musician who plays the virginal) :: virginalista {m} {f}
virginal membrane {n} (hymen) SEE: hymen ::
virgin forest {n} (forest free from disturbance) :: foresta vergine {f}
Virginia creeper {n} (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) :: vite vergine {f}
Virgin Islands {prop} (archipelago) :: Isole Vergini {f-p}
virginity {n} (state or characteristic of being a virgin) :: verginità {f}
Virgin Mary {prop} (mother of Christ) :: Vergine Maria {f}, Madonna
Virgo {prop} /ˈvɝɡoʊ/ (constellation) :: Vergine {f}
Virgo {prop} (astrological sign) :: Vergine {f}
virial theorem {n} (theorem) :: teorema del viriale
virility {n} /vəˈɹɪlɪti/ (the state of being virile) :: virilità {f}
virology {n} (branch of microbiology that deals with the study of viruses and viral disease) :: virologia {f}
virtual {adj} /ˈvɝtʃuəl/ (in effect; not fact) :: virtuale
virtual {adj} (simulated in a computer) :: virtuale
virtually {adv} /ˈvɚ.tʃwə.li/ (almost) :: praticamente
virtual particle {n} (virtual particle) :: particella virtuale {f}
virtual reality {n} (virtual reality) :: realità virtuale {f}
virtue {n} /ˈvɜː.tjuː/ (excellence in morals) :: virtù {f}
virtue {n} (a good model quality) :: virtù {f}
virtue {n} (chastity and faithfulness) :: virtù {f}
virtue {n} (an exemplary quality) :: merito {m}
virtue {n} (in angelology) :: virtù {f}
virtuoso {n} /ˌvɝ.tʃuˈoʊ.soʊ/ (A person with masterly ability, technique or style) :: virtuoso {m}
virtuous {adj} /ˈvɜːt͡ʃʊəs/ (full of virtue, having excellent moral character) :: virtuoso {m}
virtuous circle {n} /ˈvɜː.t͡ʃʊ.əs ˈsɜː.kəl/ (situation in which the solution to one problem makes each future problem easier to solve) :: circolo virtuoso {m}
virtuously {adv} (in a virtuous manner) :: virtuosamente
virus {n} /ˈvaɪɹɪs/ (infectious organism) :: virus {m}
visa {n} /ˈviːzə/ (permit) :: vista {f}, nulla osta {f}, permesso {m}, nullaosta {m}, visto {m}
viscacha {n} (rodents of the genera Lagidium and Lagostomus, within family Chinchillidae) :: viscaccia {f}
visceropathy {n} :: visceropatia {f}
viscoelastic {adj} (viscous and elastic) :: viscoelastico
viscometer {n} (instrument used to measure viscosity) :: viscosimetro {m}
viscose {n} (liquid) :: viscosa {f}
viscose {n} (fabric) :: viscosa {f}
viscount {n} /ˈvaɪkaʊnt/ (a member of the peerage above a baron but below a count or earl) :: visconte {m}
viscountess {n} (viscount's wife) :: viscontessa {f}
viscountess {n} (a woman holding the rank of viscount in her own right) :: viscontessa {f}
viscous {adj} /ˈvɪs.kəs/ (having a thick, sticky consistency) :: viscoso {m}, vischioso {m}
vise {n} (two-jawed instrument for holding work) :: morsa {f}
Visean {prop} (A subdivision of the Carboniferous period) :: Viséano
Vishnu {prop} /ˈvɪʃnu/ (the god) :: Vishnu
visibility {n} /ˌvɪz.əˈbɪl.ɪ.ti/ (degree to which things may be seen) :: visibilità {f}
visible {adj} /ˈvɪzəb(ə)l/ (able to be seen) :: visibile
visibly {adv} /ˈvɪzɪbli/ (in a visible manner) :: visibilmente
Visigoth {n} (member of an East Germanic tribe) :: visigoto {m}
vision {n} /ˈvɪ.ʒ(ə)n/ (sense or ability of sight) :: vista {f}
vision {n} (something imaginary one thinks one sees) :: visione {f}
vision {n} (ideal or goal) :: visione {f}
vision {n} (religious or mystical experience) :: visione {f}
vision {n} (footage) SEE: footage ::
visionary {adj} /ˈvɪʒn̩(ə)ɹi/ (having vision or foresight) :: visionario, lungimirante
visionary {adj} (imaginary or illusory) :: illusorio, immaginario
visionary {adj} (prophetic or revelatory) :: chiaroveggente, veggente, visionario
visionary {adj} (idealistic or utopian) :: ideale
visionary {n} (someone who has visions) :: visionario {m}
visionary {n} (an impractical dreamer) :: visionario {m}
visionary {n} (someone who has positive ideas for the future) :: visionario {m}
visit {v} /ˈvɪzɪt/ (to go and meet (someone)) :: visitare
visit {n} (single act of visiting) :: visita
visit {n} (meeting with a doctor) :: visita, consultazione
visit {v} (to avenge) SEE: avenge ::
visit {v} (to inflict) SEE: inflict ::
visiting card {n} (business card) SEE: business card ::
visor {n} (mask) SEE: mask ::
vista {n} /ˈvɪstə/ (distant view or prospect) :: prospettiva {f}, vista {f}
Vistula {prop} /ˈvɪstʃʊlə/ (Polish river) :: Vistola {f}
visual {adj} /ˈvɪʒuəl/ (related to or affecting the vision) :: visuale
visualise {v} (form a mental picture) :: visualizzare
visualization {n} (the act of visualizing, or something visualized) :: visualizzazione {f}
visualization {n} (computing: a visual representation of data) :: visualizzazione {f}
vis-à-vis {prep} /viz.ɑˈvi/ (in relation to) :: in base a
vis-à-vis {adv} (face to face) :: in relazione a
vital {adj} /ˈvaɪt̬əl/ (relating to, or characteristic of life) :: vitale
vital {adj} (necessary to the continuation of life) :: vitale
vital {adj} (very important) :: vitale
vitalism {n} (doctrine that life involves a "vital force") :: vitalismo {m}
vitamin {n} /ˈvaɪ.tə.mɪn/ (organic compound essential to human health) :: vitamina {f}
Viterbo {prop} (province) :: Viterbo {f}
Viterbo {prop} (capital) :: Viterbo {f}
viticultural {adj} (of or pertaining to viticulture) :: viticolo, vitivinicolo
viticulture {n} (agricultural practice of growing grape vines) :: viticoltura {f}
vitiligo {n} (patchy loss of skin pigmentation) :: vitiligine {f}
vitrine {n} /vɪˈtɹiːn/ (glass-paneled cabinet or case) :: vetrina {f}
vitriolic {adj} (bitterly scathing) SEE: caustic ::
Vitus {prop} (male given name) :: Vito
viva {interj} (long live ... !) SEE: long live ::
vivacious {adj} /vaɪˈveɪʃəs/ (lively and animated) :: vivace
vivaciously {adv} (in a vivacious manner) :: vivacemente
vivacity {n} (the state of being vivacious) :: vivacità {f}, vivezza {f}, brillantezza {f}, briosità {f}
vivianite {n} (mineral) :: vivianite
vivid {adj} /ˈvɪvɪd/ (clear, detailed or powerful) :: chiaro {m}, limpido {m}
vividly {adv} /ˈvɪvɪdli/ (in a vivid manner) :: chiaramente, limpidamente
vivify {v} /ˈvɪvɪfʌɪ/ (to bring to life) :: vivificare
viviparity {n} (the condition of being viviparous) :: viviparità {f}
viviparous {adj} /vɪˈvɪpəɹəs/ (of an animal) :: viviparo
viviparous blenny {n} (fish in the family Zoarcidae) :: blennide viviparo
viviparous eelpout {n} (viviparous blenny) SEE: viviparous blenny ::
vixen {n} (attractive woman) SEE: fox ::
vixen {n} (female fox) :: volpina {f}
vixen {n} (temperamental woman) :: stronza {f}, troia {f}
Vixen {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus) :: Guizzo {m}
vizier {n} /vɪˈzɪə/ (high-ranking official) :: visir
Vladika {n} (historical ruler of Montenegro) :: vladika {m}
Vladimir {prop} /ˈvlæd.ɪm.iə(ɹ)/ (male given name) :: Vladimiro
Vladimir {prop} (Russian city) :: Vladimir {m}
vlei {n} (marsh) SEE: marsh ::
Vltava {prop} (a major river in the Czech Republic) :: Moldava {f}
völva {n} (in Old Norse society, a female practitioner of magic divination and prophecy) :: völva {f}
Vänern {prop} (Swedish lake) :: Vänern
vocabulary {n} /voʊˈkæbjəlɛɹi/ (list of words) :: vocabolario {m}
vocabulary {n} (set of words a person knows) :: vocabolario {m}
vocabulary {n} (stock of words used in a particular field) :: vocabolario {m}
vocabulary {n} (words of a language collectively) :: vocabolario {m}
vocal {adj} /ˈvoʊ.kəl/ :: vocale {f}
vocal cord {n} (folds of mucous membrane) :: corda vocale
vocal cords {n} (folds of tissue) :: corde vocali {f-p}
vocalist {n} /ˈvoʊkəlɪst/ (singer) :: cantante
vocation {n} (occupation for which a person is suited) :: vocazione {f}
vocation {n} :: vocazione {f}
vocative {adj} /ˈvɑkətɪv/ :: vocativo
vocative {n} (grammatical case) SEE: vocative case ::
vocative case {n} (case of address) :: vocativo {m}
vociferation {n} /voʊˌsɪf.əˈɹeɪ.ʃən/ (act of exclaiming; violent outcry) :: urla
vodka {n} /ˈvɑdkə/ (clear distilled alcoholic liquor) :: vodka {f}
voetsek {interj} (get lost) SEE: get lost ::
voetsek {interj} (go away) SEE: go away ::
voice {n} /vɔɪs/ (sound uttered by the mouth) :: voce {f}
voice {n} (grammar: particular mode of inflecting or conjugating verbs) :: diatesi {f}, genere del verbo {m}, voce {f}
voice {n} :: voce
voice actor {n} (an actor who provides voices for animations, dubbed films) :: doppiatore {m}, doppiatrice {f}
voice box {n} (larynx) SEE: larynx ::
voice mail {n} (system) :: voicemail {m}, messaggeria vocale {f}
void {adj} /vɔɪd/ (containing nothing) :: vuoto
void {adj} (unoccupied) :: vuoto
void {adj} (being without) :: privo
void {adj} (not producing any effect; ineffectual; vain) :: vano, inutile
void {adj} (having lost all legal validity) :: nullo, non valido
void {adj} (containing no immaterial quality) :: vuoto
void {adj} (computing: not returning value) :: nullo, vuoto, non valido
void {n} (An empty space; a vacuum) :: vacuo {m}, vuoto {m}
void {v} (to make invalid or worthless) :: annullare, invalidare
void {v} ((medicine) to empty) :: svuotare
volatile {adj} /ˈvɑl.ə.tl̩/ (evaporating or vaporizing readily under normal conditions) :: volatile
volatile {adj} ((informal) explosive) :: volatile
volatility {n} :: volatilità {f} (all senses)
volcanic {adj} /vɒlˈkanɪk/ (of or pertaining to a volcano) :: vulcanico
volcanic {adj} (produced by a volcano) :: vulcanico
volcanic {adj} (changed or affected by the heat of a volcano) :: vulcanico
volcanism {n} (natural phenomena associated with volcanoes) :: vulcanismo {m}
volcano {n} /vɒlˈkeɪnəʊ/ (mountain containing a magma chamber) :: vulcano {m}
volcanologist {n} /vəl.kənˈɒl.ə.dʒɪst/ (person who studies volcanology) :: vulcanologo {m}, vulcanologa {f}
volcanology {n} /ˌvɒl.kənˈɒl.ə.dʒi/ (study of volcanoes) :: vulcanologia {f}
vole {n} /ˈvəʊl/ (small rodents of the subfamily Arvicolinae) :: arvicola {f}
vole {n} :: arvicola {f}
volemic {adj} (relating to the volume of blood circulating in the body) :: volemico
Volgograd {prop} (Volgograd) :: Volgograd, Volgogrado
volition {n} /vəˈlɪʃ(ə)n/ (conscious choice or decision) :: volontà {f}, volizione {f}, volitività {f}, arbitrio {m}
volition {n} (mental power or ability of choosing) :: volontà {f}
volley {n} (simultaneous fire) :: raffica {f}
volley {n} (shot in which the ball is played before it hits the ground) :: volée {f}
volleyball {n} /ˈvɒlɪbɔ(ː)l/ (game) :: pallavolo {f}, palla a volo {f}, volley {m}
volt {n} /vɒlt/ (unit of measure) :: volt {m}
voltage {n} /voʊltɪdʒ/ (amount of electrostatic potential) :: voltaggio {m}, tensione {f}
voltaic {adj} /vɒlˈteɪ.ɪk/ (of or relating to electricity; galvanic) :: voltaico
voltaic {adj} (producing electricity by chemical action) :: voltaico
voltaism {n} (galvanism) :: voltaismo {m}
voltinism {n} (the number of broods or generations of an organism in one year) :: voltinismo {m}
voltmeter {n} (instrument for measuring electric potential) :: voltmetro {m}
voluble {adj} /ˈvɑl.jə.bəl/ (fluent or having a ready flow of speech; garrulous or loquacious) :: loquace
voluble {adj} (twisting and turning like a vine) :: rampicante
volume {n} /ˈvɑl.jum/ (unit of three dimensional measure that consists of a length, a width and a height) :: volume {m}
volume {n} (strength of sound) :: volume {m}
volume {n} (issues of a periodical over a period of one year) :: volume {m}
volume {n} (single book of a publication issued in multi-book format, such as an encyclopedia) :: volume {m}
volume {n} (synonym for quantity) :: volume {m}
volumize {v} /ˈvɑl.ju.maɪz/ (to add volume to something) :: voluminizzare
voluntarily {adv} (in a voluntary manner) :: volontariamente
volunteer {n} /vɑl.ənˈtɪɹ/ (one who voluntarily offers himself/herself for service) :: volontario {m}
volunteer {n} :: volontario {m}
volunteer {v} (to enlist oneself as a volunteer) :: offrirsi, offrirsi volontario
voluptuous {adj} /vəˈlʌp.tʃu.əs/ (curvaceous, sexy, full-figured) :: formoso
voluptuous {adj} :: voluttuoso
vomit {v} /ˈvɑmɪt/ (to regurgitate the contents of a stomach) :: vomitare, rimettere
vomit {n} (regurgitated former contents of a stomach) :: vomito {m}
voodoo {n} /ˈvuːduː/ (Afro-Caribbean religion) :: voodoo {m}
voracity {n} (the state of being voracious) :: voracità {f}
vortical {adj} /ˈvɔːtɪk(ə)l/ (pertaining to a vortex) :: vorticoso, vorticale
Vosges {prop} (mountain range in France) :: Vosgi {m-p}
vote {n} /vəʊt/ (formalised choice) :: voto {m}
vote {v} (assert a formalised choice) :: votare
vote of no confidence {n} (parliamentary motion) :: sfiducia {f}, voto di sfiducia {m}
Votic {prop} (language) :: voto
voting slip {n} (piece of paper used in elections) :: scheda elettorale {f}
voting station {n} (polling station) SEE: polling station ::
voting system {n} (system to determine the result of an election) :: sistema elettorale
votive {adj} (dedicated or given in fulfillment of a vow or pledge) :: votivo
voucher {n} /ˈvaʊtʃə(ɹ)/ (A piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount, or that can be exchanged for goods and services) :: buono {m}
vow {n} /vaʊ/ (A solemn promise to perform some act, or behave in a specified manner) :: voto {m}
vow {n} (A declaration or assertion) :: voto {m}
vow {v} (To make a vow) :: giurare, votare
vowel {n} /vaʊ.l̩/ (sound) :: vocale {f}
vowel {n} (letter) :: vocale {f}
vowel harmony {n} (phonological process) :: armonia vocalica {f}, armonia velare {f}
voyage {n} /ˈvɔɪ.ɪdʒ/ (long journey; especially by ship) :: viaggio {m}
voyager {n} (traveller) SEE: traveller ::
voyeur {n} /vwɑ.ˈjɜɹ/ (a person who derives sexual pleasure from secretly observing other people) :: guardone {m}
voyeurism {n} /vwɑːjˈɜːɹɪz(ə)m/ (derivation of sexual satisfaction by watching people secretly) :: voyeurismo {m}
Vuelta a España {prop} /ˌvwɛltə aɪ ɛsˈpɑnjə/ (annual cycling race in Spain) :: Vuelta a España {f}, Giro di Spagna {m}
Vulcanalia {prop} :: vulcanalie {f}
vulcanization {n} (process by which rubber is hardened using heat and sulphur) :: vulcanizzazione {f}
vulcanologist {n} (person who studies volcanoes) SEE: volcanologist ::
vulcanology {n} (study of volcanoes) SEE: volcanology ::
vulgar {adj} /ˈvʌl.ɡɚ/ (obscene) :: osceno, triviale, volgare, indecente
vulgarian {n} /vʌlˈɡɛəɹi.ən/ (vulgar individual) :: individuo volgare
Vulgar Latin {prop} (the Latin language as spoken by people) :: latino volgare {m}
Vulgate {prop} /ˈvʌlɡeɪt/ (Latin Bible translation) :: Vulgata {f}
vulnerability {n} (security vulnerability) SEE: hole ::
vulnerability {n} (state of being vulnerable) :: vulnerabilità {f}
vulnerable {adj} /ˈvʌln(ə)ɹəbl̩/ (exposed to attack) :: vulnerabile
Vulpecula {prop} /vʌlˈpɛkjələ/ (autumn constellation) :: Volpetta
vulture {v} /ˈvʌltʃɚ/ (bird) :: avvoltoio {m}, grifone {m} [griffon vulture]
vulva {n} /ˈvʌlvə/ (collectively the external female sexual organs) :: vulva {f}
vulvectomy {n} (surgical removal of vulva) :: vulvectomia {f}
vulvitis {n} (inflammation of the vulva) :: vulvite {f}
vulvodynia {n} :: vulvodynia {f}
vuvuzela {n} /vuːvuːˈzɛlə/ (horn) :: vuvuzela {f}