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habit {n} (an action done on a regular basis)  :: आदत {f}, अभ्यास {m}
hacker {n} (one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data)  :: हैकर {m}
haemophilia {n} (any of several hereditary illnesses that impair the body's ability to control bleeding)  :: अधिरक्तस्त्राव /adhiraktastrāv/
hafnium {n} (chemical element)  :: गावातु /gaavaatu/
hail {n} (balls of ice)  :: ओला /olā/
hair {n} (a pigmented keratinaceous growth on the human head)  :: बाल {m}, केश {m}
hair {n} (the collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals)  :: बाल {m}
hair {n} (one of the above-mentioned filaments)  :: बाल
hair conditioner {n} (cosmetic product)  :: कंडीशनर {m}
hairdresser {n} (professional for haircutting or hairstyling)  :: नाई {m}
hairless {adj} (bald) SEE: bald  ::
haitch {n} (name of the letter H) SEE: aitch  ::
Haiti {prop} (a country in the Caribbean)  :: हैती, हाइती
hajib {n} (headscarf) SEE: hijab  ::
hajj {n} (pilgrimage to Mecca)  :: हज्ज {m}
haka {n} (group dance of New Zealand's Maori people)  :: हाका
halal {adj} (fit to eat according to Muslim religious customs)  :: हलाल
halant {n} (virama) SEE: virama  ::
haleem {n} (a Middle-Eastern stew-like dish)  :: हलीम
half {n} (one of two equal parts into which anything may be divided)  :: आधा {m}
half-life {n} (time in physics)  :: अर्धायु काल
half past {n} ("half past one" as example of usage in other languages)  :: डेढ़ बजा /ḍeṛh bajā/
hallelujah {interj} (exclamation to praise God)  :: हलिलुय
Halloween {prop} (31st of October)  :: हैलोवीन {}
hallucination {n}  :: भ्रम (Bhram)
hallway {n} (corridor) SEE: corridor  ::
halo {n} (luminous disc around the heads of saints)  :: तेजोमंडल /tejoma.n.dal/
halva {n} (confection)  :: हलवा {m}
hamartia {n} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
Hamas {prop} (Islamic militant organization)  :: हमास /hamās/
hamburger {n} (sandwich)  :: हैमबर्गर {m}
Hamid {prop} (male name meaning "praiser")  :: हामिद {m}
Hamlet {prop} (the main character of the play Hamlet)  :: हम्लेट {m} /hamleṭ/
hammer {n} (tool)  :: हथौड़ा {m}
hammer and sickle {n} (symbol of communism)  :: हथौड़ा और हँसिया
hammock {n} (swinging couch or bed)  :: झूला {m} /jhūlā/, जालीदार झूला /jālīdār jhūlā/
hamster {n} (small, short-tailed European rodent)  :: हैम्स्टर {m}
Han {prop} (dynasty)  :: हान राजवंश, हान
Han {prop} (Chinese ethnicity)  :: हान चीनी, हान
Han character {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character  ::
Han Chinese {n} (the largest ethnic group indigenous to China)  :: हान चीनी /hān cīnī/
hand {n} (part of the fore limb)  :: हाथ {m}
handball {n} (team sport)  :: हेन्डबोल /hēnḍbōl/
handkerchief {n} (cloth for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands)  :: रूमाल {m}
hand-me-down {n} (An item that is passed along for someone else to use)  :: उतरन {f}
handsaw {n} (saw small enough to be used by one hand)  :: देखा /dekhā/
handsome {adj} (of man: attractive)  :: ख़ूबसूरत
hang {v} (to be or remain suspended)  :: लटकाना /latakana/
hangar {n} (a large garage-like structure where aircraft are kept)  :: विमानशाला {f}
Hangeul {n} (Korean phonetic script)  :: हंगुल {?}, हानगुल {?}
Hanoi {prop} (capital of Vietnam)  :: हनोई
Hanover {prop} (German city)  :: हनोवर /hanōvar/
Hanukkah {prop} (the Jewish festival)  :: हनुका /hanukā/
Hanuman {prop} (Hindu demi-god)  :: हनुमान {m}
Hanzi {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character  ::
Haora {prop} (Howrah) SEE: Howrah  ::
haply {adv} (perhaps) SEE: perhaps  ::
happen {v} (to occur)  :: बीतना /bītnā/
happily ever after {adv} (happily until one's death)  :: उसके बाद वे ख़ुशी ख़ुशी रहने लगे
happiness {n} (emotion of being happy)  :: ख़ुशी {f}
happy {adj} (contented, joyous)  :: सुखी /sukhī/, ख़ुश /xuś/, प्रसन्न /prasann/
happy {adj} (fortunate, lucky)  :: ख़ुश /xuś/, प्रसन्न /prasann/
happy birthday {interj} (good wishes for a birthday)  :: जन्मदिन पर हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं, जन्मदिन मुबारक हो, जन्मदिन मुबारक, सालगिरह मुबारक
happy Easter {phrase} (an expression used during Easter)  :: हैप्पी ईस्टर! /haippī īsṭar!/
happy Halloween {phrase} (holiday greeting)  :: हैलोवीन की शुभकामना
happy New Year {phrase} (Happy New Year)  :: नया साल मुबारक, नए साल की शुभकामनाएं
Happy Ramadan {phrase} (An expression used during Ramadan)  :: रमादान करीम /ramādān karīm/
haram {adj} (forbidden by Islam)  :: हराम
Harappa {prop} (archaeological site)  :: हड़प्पा {m}
Harare {prop} (capital of Zimbabwe)  :: हरारे /harārē/
harbor {n} (for ships)  :: बंदरगाह {m}
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor  ::
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor  ::
hard {adj} (resistant to pressure)  :: कड़ा, कठोर, सख़्त
hard {adj} (requiring a lot of effort to do or understand)  :: कठिन /kaṭhin/
hard disk {n} (unit and all the disks within it)  :: हार्ड डिस्क
hardly {adv} (barely, only just)  :: थोड़े /thoṛe/
hard-on {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) SEE: erection  ::
hard-working {adj} (tending to work with ardour) SEE: hardworking  ::
hardworking {adj} (taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly)  :: मेहनती /mehnatī/
hare {n} (animal)  :: खारगोश {m}, खरहा {m}
harem {n} (the private part of an Arab household)  :: हरम
harem {n}  :: महल-सरा {f} /mahal-sarā/, हरम-सरा {f} /haram-sarā/
harm {n} (injury; hurt; damage)  :: नुक़सान {m}, हानि {f}
harmlessness {n} (the characteristic of being harmless)  :: अहिंसा
harp {n} (musical instrument)  :: वीणा {f}
harrow {n} (device)  :: हेंगा {m}, हैरो
Harry {prop} (male given name)  :: हैरी /hairī/
Harvard {prop} (name)  :: हार्वर्ड
harvest {n} (autumn, fall) SEE: autumn  ::
Haryana {prop} (state)  :: हरियाणा /hariyāṇā/
Haryanvi {prop} (Haryanvi Hindi)  :: हरियाणवी {f}
hashish {n} (marijuana generally) SEE: cannabis  ::
hashish {n} (dried leaves of the Indian hemp plant)  :: गांजा {m}, हशीश {f}, भाँग {m}
hassle {n} (action which is not worth the difficulty involved)  :: द्राविडी प्राणायाम
hassle {v} (To trouble, to bother, to annoy)  :: तंग करना /tang karnā/, सिर खाना /sir khānā/
hat {n} (a head covering)  :: टोपी {f}, टोप
hate {v} (to dislike intensely)  :: घृणा करना
hate {n} (hatred) SEE: hatred  ::
hatred {n} (strong aversion)  :: घृणा {f} /ghŕṇā/, घिन {f} /ghin/, दुश्मनी {f} /duśmanī/, नफ़रत {f} /nafrat/
haughtiness {n} (the property of being haughty)  :: अभिमान {m}, घमंड {m}
haunt {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost  ::
Havana {prop} (capital)  :: हवाना
have {v} (to possess)  :: रखना, ...के पास, ...के
have fun {v} (enjoy oneself)  :: मस्ती करना /mastī karnā/
have one's eye on {v} (watch) SEE: watch  ::
have sex {v} (take part in a sexual act)  :: मैथुन करना /maithun karnā/, संभोग करना /sambhog karnā/
have to {v} (obligation)  :: (indicated with the infinitive of a verb)
havoc {n} (devastation)  :: नाश /nāś/
Hawaii {prop} (chain of islands)  :: हवाई /Havai'i/
Hawaiian {prop} (Hawaiian language)  :: हवाईवी {f}
hay {n} (grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder)  :: सूखी घास {f} /sūkhī ghās/
Hayagriva {prop} (Hindu god)  :: हयग्रीव
hazard {n} (chance) SEE: chance  ::
hazel {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut  ::
hazelnut {n} (fruit)  :: हेज़लनट {f} /hēzalanaṭa/
he {determiner} (personal pronoun "he")  :: [he, she and it] वह (read: ve), यह (read: ye)
head {n} (part of the body)  :: सिर {m}
head {n} (leader or chief)  :: मुखिया
headache {n} (pain or ache in the head)  :: सिरदर्द {m}, सरदर्द {m}
headlight {n} (bright light in front of vehicle)  :: हेडलाइट
head louse {n} (insect)  :: जूँ
headphones {n} (pair of speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound)  :: आकर्णक {m}, हेडफ़ोन {m}
headscarf {n} (piece of material worn over the head)  :: रुमाल {m}
health {n} (state of being free of physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction)  :: तबीयत {f}, आरोग्य, स्वास्थ्य
healthy {adj} (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit: well)  :: निरोग /nirōg/, चंगा /caṅgā/
heap {n} (pile)  :: ढेर {m}
hear {v} (to perceive with the ear)  :: सुनना
hearing {n} (sense used to perceive sound)  :: श्रवण {m}
heart {n} (an organ)  :: दिल {m}, हृदय {m}
heart {n} (emotions or kindness)  :: दिल {m}, मन {m}, क़ल्ब {m}
heart attack {n} (death) SEE: death  ::
heart attack {n} (acute myocardial infarction)  :: हृदयाघात
heartbeat {n} (one pulsation of the heart)  :: धड़कन /dhadkan/
heartfelt {adj} (felt or believed deeply and sincerely)  :: दिली /dilī/
hearts {n} (plural of "heart") SEE: heart  ::
heat {n} (thermal energy)  :: गर्मी {f}
heat {n} (hot spell)  :: गरमी {f}
Heathrow {prop} (airport in England)  :: हीथ्रो /hīthrō/
heaven {n} (sky)  :: आकाश
heaven {n} (paradise)  :: स्वर्ग {m} /svarga/, जन्नत {f} [Persianized contexts]
Heaven {prop} (All meanings) SEE: heaven  ::
heavy {adj} (having great weight)  :: भारा /bhārī/
hebdomadal {adj} (occurring once a week) SEE: weekly  ::
Hebrew {adj} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (language, see also: Biblical Hebrew)  :: इब्रानी {m} /ibrānī/
Hebrew {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew  ::
Hebrew {adj} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
hecto- {prefix} (hundred)  :: शत-
hedgehog {n} (animal)  :: चाही {m}, साही {m}
heel {n} (anatomy: part of the foot)  :: एड़ी {f} /eṛī/, एड़ {f} /eṛ/
Heilongjiang {prop} (Amur) SEE: Amur  ::
heir {n} (one who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another)  :: वारिस, वारिस
helicopter {n} (aircraft)  :: हेलिकॉप्टर {m}
helium {n} (chemical element)  :: यानाति, हिलियम
hell {prop} (where sinners go)  :: नरक {m}, जहन्नम {m}, यमलोक {m}
hello {interj} (greeting)  :: नमस्ते, नमस्कार, सलाम [used by Muslims], सत श्री अकाल [Sikh, hello/goodbye], हेलो, हलो, सत्य
hello {interj} (when answering the telephone)  :: हलो, हैलो, हेलो
hello {interj} (expression of puzzlement)  :: kya
hellspawn {n} (monster) SEE: monster  ::
helot {n} (serf, slave) SEE: slave  ::
help {n} (action given to provide assistance)  :: मदद {f}, सहायता, उपकार
help {v} (transitive: provide assistance to (someone or something))  :: मदद करना
Helsinki {prop} (the capital city of Finland)  :: हेलसिंकी /hēlsiṅkī/
hematoma {n} (swelling of blood from broken vessel)  :: रुधिरसमूह /rudhirsamūh/
hemisphere {n} (half of the Earth)  :: गोलार्ध /gōlārdh/
hen {n} (female chicken)  :: मुर्गी {f}
henna {n} (dye)  :: मेंहदी {f} /me.nhdī/, हिन्ना {f} /hinnā/
hentai {n} (a work of anime that contains sexual art (esp. manga or anime))  :: हेनतई
hepatitis {n} (liver inflammation)  :: हेपेटाइटिस /hepeṭā'iṭis/
her {determiner} (belonging to)  :: उसका /uskā/, इसका /iskā/, [formal] उनका /unkā/
her {pron} (she)  :: इस /is/, उस /us/
herbalism {n} ((obsolete) botany) SEE: botany  ::
here {adv} (in, on, or at this place)  :: यहाँ
here {adv} (to this place)  :: इधर
here {n} (this place)  :: यहाँ /yahā̃/
heretic {adj} (heretical) SEE: heretical  ::
heretical {adj} (of or pertaining to heresy or heretics)  :: विधर्मी /vidharmī/
hermaphrodite {n} (individual or organism having both male and female gonads)  :: हिजड़ा /hijra/
hero {n} (person of great bravery)  :: नायक {m}, वीर {m}
Herod {prop} (king)  :: हेरोद /herōd/
Herodotus {prop} (ancient historian)  :: हिरोडोटस
heroin {n} (powerful and addictive drug)  :: हेरोइन /hero'in/
heroine {n} (female hero)  :: नायिका {f} /nāyikā/
heron {n} (bird)  :: वगुला /vagulā/
hertz {n} (the derived unit of frequency)  :: हर्ट्ज़ /harṭz/
heterosexuality {n} (heterosexual orientation)  :: विषमलैंगिकता {f} /viṣmalaĩṅgiktā/
hexapod {n} (insect) SEE: insect  ::
hey {interj} (exclamation to get attention)  :: अरे /arē/, अजी /ajī/, हे /hē/, रे /rē/
Hezbollah {prop} (Lebanese Shia islamic organisation)  :: हिजबुल्लाह /hijbullāh/
hi {interj} (friendly, informal greeting)  :: नमस्ते /namastē/, सलाम /salām/ [used by Muslims], हाइ /hā'i/
hiccough {n} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hiccough {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hiccup {n} (spasm of the diaphragm)  :: हिचकी
hick {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hide {v} ((transitive))  :: छिपाना /chipānā/
hide {v} ((intransitive))  :: छिपना /chipnā/
hieroglyph {n} (element of ideographic writing system)  :: हीयेरोग्लिफ़
high {adj} (elevated; tall)  :: ऊँचा /ū̃cā/, लंबा /lambā/ / लम्बा /lambā/
High Commission {n} (embassy of a Commonwealth country)  :: उच्चायोग {m}
high commissioner {n} (high-ranking official)  :: उच्चायुक्त {m}
high-priced {adj} (expensive) SEE: expensive  ::
high street {n} (the main street of any town)  :: मुख्य सड़क {f}
hight {v} (call) SEE: call  ::
highway {n} (main public road)  :: राजमार्ग
hijab {n} (headscarf)  :: हिजाब {m}
hijra {n} (third gender)  :: हीजड़ा /hījṛā/
Hijra {n} (Muhammad's departure from Mecca)  :: हिजरत {f}
hill {n} (elevated location)  :: पहाड़ी {m}, पहाड़ {m}
Hillary {prop} (female given name)  :: हिलेरी {f} /hilerī/
hilsa {n} (fish)  :: हिल्सा
him {pron} (he) SEE: he  ::
him {pron} (dative / indirect object)  :: उसे {m}
him {pron}  :: इस /is/, उस /us/
Himachal Pradesh {prop} (Himachal Pradesh)  :: हिमाचल प्रदेश /himācal pradēś/
Himalayas {prop} (a mountain range of south-central Asia)  :: हिमालय /Himālaya/
hinder {v} (to delay or impede movement)  :: रोकना /roknā/
Hindi {prop} (language)  :: हिन्दी {f}, हिन्दी भाषा {f}
Hindi-Urdu {prop} (Hindustani) SEE: Hindustani  ::
Hindi-Urdu {prop} (language)  :: हिन्दी-उर्दू {f} /hindī-urdū/, हिन्दुस्तानी
Hindu {n} (religious adherent)  :: हिन्दू {m}
Hinduism {prop} (religion)  :: हिन्दू धर्म {m}, सनातन धर्म {m}
Hindu Kush {prop} (mountain range)  :: हिन्दु कुश /hindu kuś/
Hindustan {prop} (India) SEE: India  ::
Hindustan {prop} (the northern region of India, in which the predominant religion is Hinduism)  :: हिन्दुस्तान {m} /hindustān/, हिंदुस्तान {m} /hindustān/
Hindustan {prop} (an alternative name for India)  :: हिन्दुस्तान {m} /hindustān/
Hindustani {adj} (related to India, or historically the entire Indian subcontinent)  :: हिन्दुस्तानी {f} /hindustānī/
Hindustani {n} (person from India or the Indian subcontinent)  :: हिन्दुस्तानी /hindustānī/
Hindustani {prop} (language)  :: हिन्दुस्तानी {f} /hindustānī/
hinge {n} (device for the pivoting of a door)  :: चूल, कुलाबा, द्वारसन्धि
hippopotamus {n} (large African mammal)  :: दरियाई घोड़ा {m}, जलीय घोड़ा {m}
hiragana {n} (Japanese syllabary)  :: हीरागाना /hīrāgānā/
his {determiner} (attributive: belonging to him)  :: उसका, इसका, उनका [formal]
histology {n} (the study of the microscopic structure)  :: ऊतक विज्ञान
historic {adj} (historical) SEE: historical  ::
historic {adj} (having significance in history)  :: ऐतिहासिक
historical {adj} (pertaining to history)  :: ऐतिहासिक
history {n} (aggregate of past events)  :: इतिहास {m}, तारीख़ {f}
history {n} (branch of knowledge that studies the past)  :: इतिहास {m}, तारीख़ {f}
history repeats itself {proverb} (Translations)  :: इतिहास दोहरता है
hit {v} (to give a blow)  :: मारना
hit {v} (to hit) SEE: strike  ::
Hitler {prop} (Austrian surname held by Adolf Hitler)  :: हिटलर {m} /hiṭlar/
Hittite {prop} (language)  :: हत्ती
HIV {n} (human immunodeficiency virus)  :: एचआईवी /ēca'ā'īvī/
Hobart {prop} (capital of Tasmania)  :: होबार्ट /hōbārṭ/
hobby {n} (activity done for enjoyment in spare time)  :: शौक़ {m}
Ho Chi Minh City {prop} (Saigon) SEE: Saigon  ::
hockey {n} (the sport)  :: हॉकी {f}
hodja {n} (a Muslim schoolmaster)  :: ख़ोजा {m}
hog {n} (animal of the family Suidae)  :: सूअर {m} /sū'ar/
Hogwarts {prop} (fictional school for learning magic)  :: हॉगवर्ट्स​
Hokkaido {prop} (a northern largest island of Japan, or a prefecture based in itself)  :: होक्काइडो /hōkkāiḍō/
hold {v} (to grasp)  :: पकड़ना /pakaṛnā/
hold one's breath {v} (to hold one's breath)  :: अपनी साँस रोकना /apnI sANs roknA/
hole {n} (hollow in some surface)  :: छेद {m}, छिद्र {m}
Holi {prop} (Hindu festival)  :: होली {f} /holī/
holiday {n} (day on which a festival, etc, is traditionally observed)  :: चुट्टी {f} /chuṭṭī/, ईद {f} /īd/ [Muslim]
holiday {n} (day declared free from work by the government)  :: छुट्टी {f} /chuṭṭī/
holiday {n} (period of one or more days taken off work by an employee for leisure)  :: छुट्टी {f} /chuṭṭī/
Holland {prop} (the Netherlands, see also: Netherlands)  :: हॉलैंड /holaiṇḍ/, नीदरलैण्ड /nīdarlaiṇḍ/
hollow {n} (hollow in some surface) SEE: hole  ::
hollow {adj} (having an empty space inside)  :: खोखला (khokhlā)
Hollywood {prop} (area of Los Angeles)  :: हॉलीवुड /hŏlīvuḍ/
Hollywood {prop} (the American motion picture industry)  :: हॉलीवुड /hŏlīvuḍ/
holmium {n} (chemical element)  :: पांडुला /paandulaa/
Holocaust {prop}  :: यहूदी अग्निकांड
holy {adj} (dedicated to a religious purpose)  :: पवित्र {f} /pavitra/
holy basil {n} (plant)  :: तुलसी /tulsi/
Holy Ghost {prop} (aspect of the Holy Trinity) SEE: Holy Spirit  ::
Holy Roman Empire {prop} (state)  :: पवित्र रोम साम्राज्य
Holy Spirit {prop} (Christian: aspect of the Holy Trinity)  :: पवित्र आत्मा /pavitr ātmā/
home {n} (house or structure in which someone lives)  :: घर {m}, निवास, मकान, आश्रय
home {n} (childhood or parental home)  :: जन्मभूमि /janmabhūmi/
home {adv} (at home)  :: घर पर /ghar par/
home country {n} (the country where a person was born and raised)  :: वतन /vatan/
homeland {n} (country which one regards as home)  :: स्वदेश, वतन, मातृभूमि {f}
homeowner {n} (someone who owns a house)  :: घरवाला {m} /gharvālā/, घरवाली {f} /gharvālī/
home page {n} (the main or first page of a Web site)  :: मुख पृष्ठ /mukh parṣṭha/, मुखपृष्ठ /mukhparṣṭha/
hometown {n} (place of birth or residence)  :: गृहनगर {m} /gŕhanagar/
homosexuality {n} (sexual orientation)  :: समलैंगिकता /samlaiṅgiktā/
Honduras {prop} (a country in Central America)  :: होन्डुरस
honesty {n} (quality of being honest)  :: सच्चाई /saccā'ī/
honey {n} (sweet substance produced by bees)  :: मधु {m}, शहद {m}
honey bear {n} (sloth bear) SEE: sloth bear  ::
honey bee {n} (bee)  :: मधुमक्खी {f}
honeybee {n} (honey bee) SEE: honey bee  ::
honeycomb {n} (structure of cells made by bees)  :: छत्ता {m}, मधु कोष {m}
Hong Kong {prop} (coastal administrative region in south-east China)  :: हांग कांग, हांगकांग, हाँग काँग
Honolulu {prop} (the capital of Hawaii)  :: होनोलूलू /hōnōlūlū/
honor {n} (token of praise or respect)  :: गौरव /gaurav/
honour {n} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
honour {v} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
honour killing {n} (murder as a cultural practice)  :: सम्मान हत्या {f}, सम्मान हेतु हत्या {f}
Honshu {prop} (the main island of the Japanese Archipelago)  :: होन्शू /hōnśū/
hood {n} (thug) SEE: thug  ::
hoodlum {n} (a rough or violent youth)  :: गुंडा {m} /guṇḍā/
hoof {n} (tip of a toe of ungulates)  :: खुर {m}
hook {n} (rod bent into a curved shape)  :: अंकुश, आंकड़ा {m}, हुक
hook {v} (to steal) SEE: steal  ::
hookah {n} (pipe)  :: हुक़्क़ा {m} /huqqā/
hooknose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose  ::
hooligan {n} (person that causes trouble or violence)  :: गुंडा {m}
hooliganism {n} (behavior)  :: गुंडागर्दी {f}
hooter {n} (owl) SEE: owl  ::
hoover {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner  ::
hope {n} (belief that something wished for can happen)  :: आशा {f}, उम्मीद {f}
hope {v} (to want something to happen, with expectation that it might)  :: आशा करना
horizon {n} (line that appears to separate the Earth from the sky)  :: क्षितिज {m}
hormone {n} (substance produced by the body that effects physiological activity)  :: हॉर्मोन /hormon/, न्यासर्ग, अंतःस्राव /antaḥsrāv/
horn {n} (growth on the heads of certain animals)  :: सींग {m}
horny {adj} (sexually aroused)  :: कामोत्तेजित /kāmottejit/, उत्तेजित /uttejit/
horror movie {n} (motion picture which horrifies or frightens)  :: वीभत्स फ़िल्म {f} /vībhatsa film/
horse {n} (members of the species Equus ferus)  :: घोड़ा {m}, अश्व {m}, तुरग {m}
horseshoe {n} (metallic shoe of a horse)  :: नाल {f}, खुरप {m}, अश्वनाल {f}
hose {n} (flexible tube)  :: नली {f}
hospital {n} (large medical facility)  :: रुग्णालय {m}, अस्पताल {m}
hostage {n} (person given as a pledge or security)  :: बंधक {m}
hot {adj} (having a high temperature)  :: गरम, गर्म
hot {adj} (spicy)  :: मसालेदार, तीखा
hot dog {n} (frankfurter in a bun)  :: होट डोग, हॉट-डॉग
hotel {n} (establishment providing accommodation)  :: होटल {m}
hothouse {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
hottie {n} (informal: hot-water bottle) SEE: hot water bottle  ::
hot water bottle {n} (a flexible bottle for heat therapy)  :: गरम पानी की बोतल
hour {n} (time period of sixty minutes)  :: घंटा {m}
house {n} (human abode)  :: घर {m}, मकान {m}, गृह {m}
house of ill fame {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
housewarming {n} (party)  :: नाँगल /nāNgal/
housewife {n} (female head of household)  :: गृहिणी {f}, घरनी {f}, घरवाली {f}
how {adv} (to what degree)  :: कैसे
how {adv} (in what manner)  :: कैसे, कैसा
how are you {phrase} (greeting)  :: आप कैसे हैं ? [formal], कैसे हो ? [informal], क्या हाल है ?
how do you spell this word {phrase} (how do you spell this word?)  :: यह शब्द कैसे लिखा जाता है?
howdy {interj} (hi) SEE: hi  ::
however {adv} (nevertheless)  :: फिर भी /phir bhī/
how many {determiner} (what number)  :: कितने /kitne/
how much {determiner} (what quantity)  :: कितना
how much {adv} (what is the cost/price)  :: कितना है?
how much does it cost {phrase} (How much is it?)  :: कितना है ?, यह कितने का है ?
how much is it {phrase} (how much does it cost) SEE: how much does it cost  ::
how old are you {phrase} (what is your age in years)  :: आपकी आयु कितनी है ?, आपकी उम्र कितनी है ?
Howrah {prop} (city in India)  :: हावड़ा /hāvṛā/
how's it going {phrase} (how's it going? - informal greetings)  :: क्या हाल है?, कैसा चल रहा है? [calqued]
how's the weather {phrase} (how's the weather?)  :: मौसम कैसा है? /mausam kaisā hai?/
hryvnia {n} (Ukrainian currency)  :: रिव्निया /rivniyā/
HSK {prop} (HSK)  :: एच एस के /ēc ēs kē/
HTTP cookie {n} (packet of information sent by a server to a World Wide Web browser and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server)  :: कुकी /kukī/
Hu {prop} (Chinese surname)  :: हु /hu/, ख़ू /xu/
Huang He {prop} (a river of northern China)  :: ह्वांगहो /hvāṅg-hō/
hug {n} (affectionate embrace)  :: आलिंगन
hug {v} (embrace)  :: आलिंगन करना
hula {n} (Hawaiian chant and dance)  :: हुला /hulā/
human {adj} (of or belonging to the species Homo sapiens)  :: इंसान, मनुष्य, मानव
human {n} (a human being)  :: मनुष्य, इंसान {m}, आदमी {m}, लोग {p}, मानव {m}
human being {n} (a human being) SEE: human  ::
human being {n} (person)  :: मनुष्य {m}, इंसान {m}, आदमी {m}, मानव {m}
humanism {n} (ethical system)  :: मानवतावाद {m} /mānvatāvād/
humanist {n} (proponent of the group of ethical stances)  :: मानववादी {m}
humankind {n} (human race) SEE: mankind  ::
humankind {n} (the human race)  :: मानवता {f}
human race {n} (the human race) SEE: humankind  ::
human rights {n} (basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed)  :: मानव अधिकार /mānav adhikār/
humility {n} (characteristic of being humble)  :: विनम्रता /vinamrata/
Hun {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
hundred {num} (cardinal number 100)  :: सौ, १००, सैकड़ा, सहस्र [poetic, rare]
hundred thousand {num} (100,000)  :: लाख {m} /lākh/
Hungarian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Hungary)  :: हंगेरियाई /haṅgēriyā'ī/
Hungarian {prop} (the language)  :: हंगेरियाई भाषा /haṅgēriyā'ī bhāṣā/
Hungary {prop} (the country)  :: मजारिस्तान, हंगरी
hunger {n} (need for food)  :: भूख {f} /bhūkh/
hung parliament {n} (parliament in which no single political party has an outright majority)  :: त्रिशंकु सभा {f}
hungry {adj} (affected by hunger; desirous of food)  :: भूखा
hunt {v} (to chase down prey)  :: शिकार करना /śikār karnā/
hunt {n} (the act of hunting, shooting)  :: शिकार {m} /šikār/
hunter {n} (person who hunts game)  :: बहेलिया /bahēliyā/
hurricane {n} (weather phenomenon)  :: तूफ़ान {m}
hurt {v} (to be painful)  :: दर्द करना
hurt {adj} (wounded, injured)  :: घायल /ghāyal/, आहत /āhat/
husband {n} (male partner in marriage)  :: पति {m}, शौहर {m}, ख़ावंद {m}
hustler {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
hut {n} (small wooden shed)  :: झोंपड़ा /jhompaṛā/
hutong {n} (lane) SEE: lane  ::
hutong {n} (alley) SEE: alley  ::
Hyde Park {prop} (name of a park)  :: हाइड पार्क /hā'iḍ pārk/
Hyderabad {prop} (capital of Telangana)  :: हैदराबाद /haidarābād/
Hydra {prop} (one of Pluto's moons)  :: हाएड्रा /Hā'ēḍrā/
hydrate {n} (solid compound containing or linked to water molecules)  :: जलीय /jaleeya/
hydraulics {n} (engineering science that deals with liquid in motion)  :: द्रविकी {f} /dravikī/, द्रवविज्ञान {m} /dravvigyān/
hydride {n} (compound of hydrogen)  :: उदजारेय /udjaarey/
hydro- {prefix} (pertaining to water)  :: जल- /jal-/, उद- /ud-/
hydrocarbon {n} (compound of carbon and hydrogen)  :: उदप्रांगार
hydrogen {n} (chemical element)  :: उदजन {f}, हाइड्रोजन {f}
hydrogen {n} (molecular hydrogen)  :: उदजन
hydrogen bomb {n} (thermonuclear bomb)  :: उदजन गोला
hydrogen bond {n} (weak bond)  :: उदजन बंध /udjan bandh/
hydrogen bromide {n} (the compound HBr)  :: उदजन दुराघ्रिक /udjan duraaghrik/
hydrogen chloride {n} (compound with the formula HCl)  :: उदजन नीरजिक /udjan neerajik/
hydrogen peroxide {n} (H2O2)  :: उदजन परूजारक /udjan paroojaarak/
hydrology {n} (science related to water)  :: जलविज्ञान /jalvijñān/
hydrolysis {n} (a chemical process of decomposition)  :: जलापघटन {m} /jalāpghaṭan/
hydroxide {n} (univalent anion)  :: उदजारेय /udjaareya/
hydroxyl {n} (-OH)  :: उदजारल /udajaaral/
hyena {n} (mammal)  :: लकड़बग्घा {m}
hygiene {n} (conditions and practices that promote and preserve health)  :: स्वच्छता {m} /svacchatā/
hymen {n} (membrane which occludes the vagina)  :: हैमेन /haimen/
hymn {n} (a song of praise or worship)  :: भजन {m}, स्तोत्र
hyperbola {n} (geometric curve)  :: अतिपरवलय
hyperglycemia {n} (unusually high concentration of sugar in the blood)  :: हायपर ग्लाईसीमिया
hyperon {n} (baryon with nonzero strangeness)  :: ऊपराणु /UparANu/
hyperplasia {n} (increase in the size of a tissue or organ)  :: अतिवर्धन
hypersonic {adj} (five times the speed of sound)  :: अतिध्वनिक /atidhvanik/
hypo- {prefix} (Chemical sense)  :: उन- /un/
hypochondria {n} (psychological disorder)  :: रोगभ्रम
hypocrisy {n} (Claim, pretense, or false representation of holding beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually possess)  :: ढोंग /ḍhōṅg/
hypocrite {n} (person practising hypocrisy)  :: पाखंडी /pākhaṇḍī/
hypotenuse {n} (The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle)  :: कर्ण {m}
hysteria {n} (behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion)  :: हिस्टीरिया /hisṭīriyā/