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J {letter}  :: The tenth letter of the German alphabet
J {symbol} [chemistry]  :: The chemical symbol of iodine
J {symbol} [cards]  :: A jack, also called Junge
JEsus {prop} {m} [obsolete]  :: alternative case form of Jesus
JGA {noun}  :: abbreviation of Junggesellenabschied or Junggesellinnenabschied; a stag party or hen party
JKU {initialism} [education]  :: initialism of w:Johannes Kepler University (in Linz, Austria)
JPz {m}  :: abbreviation of Jagdpanzer (tank destroyer)
JVA {f}  :: abbreviation of Justizvollzugsanstalt (official term for (a type of) prison in Germany)
JVA {prop} {f}  :: Jugoslawische Volksarmee "Yugoslav People's Army"
Ja {n}  :: a yes
Jabing {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Jacht {f}  :: yacht
Jacke {f}  :: jacket
Jacke wie Hose {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: six of one, half a dozen of the other
Jackpot {m}  :: jackpot
Jacob {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Jacob and James
Jacqueline {prop} {f}  :: given name
Jade {mf} [uncountable]  :: jade (gem)
Jade {mf} [countable]  :: an artifact made of jade
Jagd {f}  :: hunt
Jagdbeute {f}  :: prey that is hunted
Jagdbomber {m}  :: fighter-bomber
Jagdflieger {m}  :: fighter pilot
Jagdhorn {noun}  :: hunting horn
Jagdhund {m}  :: hound, hunting dog
Jagdleopard {m}  :: synonym of Gepard
Jagdpanzer {m} [military]  :: a heavily armored tank destroyer
Jaguar {m}  :: jaguar [Panthera onca]
Jaguarundi {m}  :: jaguarundi [animal]
Jahn {prop}  :: surname
Jahr {n}  :: year
Jahrbuch {n}  :: yearbook
Jahresbeginn {m}  :: beginning of the year
Jahresbericht {m}  :: annual report
Jahresüberschuß {noun}  :: obsolete spelling of Jahresüberschuss
Jahresüberschuss {m}  :: annual surplus or net profit
Jahresende {n}  :: year's end; end of the year
Jahresendflügelfigur {f} [jocular]  :: a figurine of an angel
Jahresproduktion {f}  :: annual output / production
Jahresrückblick {m}  :: year in review
Jahresring {m}  :: growth ring, tree ring, annual ring
Jahrestag {m}  :: anniversary (day an exact number of years since an event)
Jahresumsatz {m}  :: annual sales, yearly turnover
Jahreswechsel {m}  :: turn of the year
Jahresweltverbrauch {m}  :: annual world consumption
Jahreszahl {f}  :: date (of the year)
Jahreszeit {f}  :: season
Jahrgang {m}  :: vintage (year or place something is produced)
Jahrgang {m}  :: age group
Jahrh. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Jahrhundert
Jahrhundert {n}  :: A century (period of 100 years)
Jahrhundertende {n}  :: end of the century
Jahrhundertmitte {f}  :: middle of the century
Jahrhundertwende {f}  :: turn of the century, fin de siècle
Jahrmarkt {m} [regional]  :: fair, funfair
Jahrtausend {n}  :: millennium
Jahrtausendwende {f}  :: turn (end) of the millennium
Jahrzehnt {n}  :: decade
Jahwe {prop}  :: Yahweh (personal name of God)
Jahweh {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Jahwe, personal name of the God of the New Testament (see Yahweh)
Jainismus {m}  :: Jainism
Jak {m}  :: alternative spelling of Yak
Jakob {prop}  :: Jacob [biblical character]
Jakob {prop}  :: given name, also spelled Jacob
Jakobsmuschel {f}  :: scallop, Pecten jacobaeus (mollusc)
Jakobus {prop}  :: James [biblical character]
Jakute {m}  :: Yakut (man from Yakutia or of Yakut origin)
Jakutien {prop} {n}  :: Yakutia
Jakutin {f}  :: Yakut (woman from Yakutia or of Yakut origin)
Jakutisch {n}  :: Yakut (the Yakut language)
Jalousie {f}  :: window blind
Jamaika {prop} {n}  :: Jamaica
Jamaika-Koalition {f}  :: a coalition in the German parliament consisting of the CDU, FDP, and the Green Party
Jamaikaner {m}  :: Jamaican
Jamaikanerin {f}  :: Jamaican (female person of Jamaican descent)
Jambus {m}  :: jambus, iambus, iamb
Jammer {m}  :: misery
Jammertal {n}  :: vale of tears (a symbolic valley of tears)
Jan {prop}  :: given name
Jan. {prop}  :: abbreviation of Januar
Jana {prop}  :: given name
Jander {prop}  :: surname
Janik {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Jannik
Janina {prop}  :: given name, modern variant of Jana
Janine {prop} {f}  :: given name
Janker {m} [Austria, South Germany]  :: traditional jacket
Jannick {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Jannik
Jannik {prop}  :: given name of modern German usage, a variant of Jan, variously described as Low German, West Frisian, Breton, Czech, or Slovak
Januar {m}  :: January
Japan {prop} {n}  :: Japan
Japaner {m}  :: Japanese (person)
Japanerin {f}  :: feminine noun of Japaner
Japanisch {prop} {n}  :: the Japanese language
Japanologie {f}  :: Japanese studies, Japanology
Jaqueline {prop} {f}  :: given name, an alternative spelling of Jacqueline
Jar {n}  :: obsolete spelling of Jahr
Jargon {m}  :: jargon
Jarl {noun}  :: jarl (noble man)
Jarmulke {f}  :: yarmulke (Jewish head-covering)
Jasager {m}  :: yes man
Jasmin {m}  :: jasmine
Jasmin {prop}  :: given name of modern usage, cognate to English Jasmine
Jaspis {m} [mineral]  :: jasper
Jauche {f}  :: liquid manure
Jauche {f}  :: plant-based slurry used as fertilizer
Jause {f} [chiefly Austria]  :: snack
Java {prop} {n}  :: Java (island)
Java {prop} {n}  :: Java (programming language)
Java-Nashorn {n}  :: Javan rhinoceros
Java-Tiger {m}  :: Javan tiger [Panthera tigris sondaica]
Javaner {m}  :: Javanese (man from the island of Java)
Javanerin {f}  :: Javanese (woman from the island of Java)
Javanisch {n}  :: Javanese (the Javanese language)
Jazz {m}  :: jazz (musical art form)
Jüdin {f}  :: female Jew, Jewess
Jüdlein {n} [derogatory]  :: diminutive of Jude: little Jew
Jeans {f}  :: A pair of jeans, denim trousers
Jeans {prop}  :: plural of Jean
Jeck {m} [regional]  :: carnival reveler (participant in a carnival event or party)
Jeck {m} [regional, colloquial, in the Rhineland]  :: madman, fool
Jediismus {m}  :: Jediism
Jeep {m}  :: jeep
Jehova {prop} {m}  :: Jehovah
Jehudit {prop} [biblical character]  :: Judith, the wife of Esau
Jein {n} [also humorous]  :: yes and no
Jekaterinburg {prop} {n}  :: Yekaterinburg (city in Russia)
Jelena {prop} {f}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Еле́на (Helen)
Jelzin {prop}  :: Yeltsin
Jemen {prop} {m} {n}  :: Yemen
Jemenit {m}  :: Yemeni (A [male or female] person from Yemen or of Yemeni descent)
Jemenitin {f}  :: Yemeni (A female person from Yemen or of Yemeni descent)
Jenbach {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Jenesien {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Jennifer {prop}  :: given name
Jens {prop}  :: given name, a Low German and Danish form of Johannes (=John)
Jenseits {n}  :: metaphysical: the beyond, the hereafter, the afterlife
Jenseits {prop}  :: a district of the German town of Tübingen
Jeremia {prop} [biblical character]  :: Jeremiah. Given name form: Jeremias
Jeremias {prop}  :: given name
Jericho {prop} {n}  :: Jericho (city in the West Bank)
Jerusalem {prop} {n}  :: Jerusalem
Jerzens {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Jesaja {prop} {m}  :: Isaiah (a prophet in the Bible, sometimes thought to have been two historical persons)
Jesaja {prop} {m}  :: Isaiah (book of the Bible)
Jessica {prop}  :: given name borrowed from English, popular in the end of the 20th century
Jesuit {m}  :: Jesuit
Jesus {prop} {m} [Christianity]  :: Jesus
Jesus Christus {prop} {m} [Christianity]  :: Jesus Christ
Jet {m} [aircraft]  :: jet
Jeton {m}  :: chip, token
Jetzt {n}  :: the present; now
Jetztzeit {f}  :: present time
Jever {prop}  :: Jever (city in northern Germany)
Jg. {abbr}  :: Vol.; abbreviation for Jahrgang (volume of a periodical)
Jäger {m}  :: agent noun of jagen; hunter (male or of unspecified sex)
Jäger {m}  :: fighter
Jäger {m}  :: light infantry
Jäger {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Jägermeister {m}  :: master of the hunt
Jägerschnitzel {n}  :: A dish consisting of schnitzel (fried veal or pork cutlet) with a mushroom sauce
Jh. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Jahrhundert
Jährchen {n}  :: diminutive of Jahr
Jähzorn {m}  :: irascibility
Jiddisch {prop} {n}  :: Yiddish (language)
Jiddistik {f}  :: Yiddish studies
Jülich {prop}  :: A town in Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia
Jünger {m}  :: disciple
Jüngling {m}  :: youth, youngling, stripling, sapling (literary)
Jüngster Tag {m} [Christianity]  :: Judgment Day
Jüngstes Gericht {n} [Christianity]  :: Last Judgement
Jänner {m} [Austria, South Tyrol, Switzerland, Southern Germany]  :: synonym of Januar
Jo {prop} {m} [biblical, rare]  :: abbreviation of Johannes (Gospel of John): Joh.
Joachim {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Joachim
Job {m}  :: a task, an assignment
Job {m}  :: employment
Jobmühle {f}  :: job mill
Joch {n}  :: yoke
Joch {n} [geography]  :: ridge, mountain pass
Jochbein {n}  :: cheekbone
Jochen {prop} {m}  :: given name derived from Joachim
Jockey {m}  :: jockey (one who rides racehorses competitively)
Jod {n}  :: iodine
Jod {n}  :: yod, yodh (Semitic letter)
Jodeln {n}  :: yodeling
Jodler {m}  :: yodeler
Joel {prop} [biblical character]  :: Joel
Joel {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
Joghurt {mf} {n}  :: yogurt (yoghurt)
Jogurt {m} {n} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Joghurt
Johann {prop}  :: given name, the standard equivalent to John (a shortened form of Johannes)
Johanna {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Jane
Johanna {prop} [biblical character]  :: Joanna
Johanne {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Johanna
Johannes {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: John
Johannes {prop} {m}  :: given name
Johannisbeere {f}  :: redcurrant (rote Johannisbeere)
Johannisbeere {f}  :: blackcurrant (schwarze Johannisbeere)
Johannisbrot {n}  :: carob, locust bean, St. John's bread
Johannisbrotbaum {m}  :: carob (tree, Ceratonia siliqua)
Johannisbrotgewächs {n}  :: any plant of the Caesalpinioideae subfamily
Joint {m}  :: marijuana cigarette; joint
Joint Venture {n}  :: joint venture (a cooperative business partnership)
Jois {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Joker {m} [card games]  :: joker
Jolle {f}  :: dinghy (small boat)
Jom Kippur {prop} {m}  :: Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
Jona {prop}  :: Jonah (biblical book and character)
Jonas {prop} [biblical character]  :: Jonah
Jonas {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
Jonathan {prop}  :: Jonathan (Biblical character)
Jonathan {prop}  :: given name
Jonglage {f}  :: juggling
Jongleur {m}  :: juggler (male or of unspecified sex)
Jongleurin {m}  :: juggler (female)
Jongleuse {f}  :: (female) juggler
Jonglieren {n}  :: juggling
Joppe {f}  :: a type of jacket
Jordan {prop} {m}  :: Jordan (river)
Jordanien {prop} {n}  :: Jordan (country)
Jordanier {m}  :: Jordanian ([male or female] person from Jordan)
Jordanierin {f}  :: Jordanian (female person from Jordan)
Joschka {prop} {m}  :: Joshua
Josef {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Joseph
Josef {prop} {m}  :: given name
Josefine {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Josef, derived from French Joséphine
Josefskraut {n}  :: hyssop
Joseph {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Joseph
Joseph {prop} {m}  :: given name, a less common spelling of Josef
Josephine {prop} {f}  :: given name of origin
Josephinismus {m}  :: Josephinism
Jostabeere {f}  :: a jostaberry, a fruit made by crossing currants (Johannisbeere) and gooseberries (Stachelbeere)
Josua {prop} [biblical character]  :: Joshua
Josua {prop}  :: [rare] given name of biblical origin
Josua {prop}  :: Joshua: Book of Joshua, book of the Bible
Jot {n}  :: The letter J in the Latin and German alphabet
Jota {n}  :: iota
Joule {n}  :: joule
Journaille {f} [pejorative, often collective]  :: sensationalist press, journalists of the gutter press
Journal {n} [magazine]  :: journal
Journalismus {m}  :: journalism
Journalist {m}  :: journalist (male or of unspecified sex)
Journalistin {f}  :: journalist (female)
Jörg {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Georg
Jürgen {prop} {m}  :: given name, a Low German medieval variant of Georg (George)
Jörn {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Danish Jørn ( =George)
Jütland {prop} {n}  :: Jutland
Jubel {m}  :: jubilation, exultation, rejoicing
Jubiläum {n}  :: an anniversary, a jubilee
Jucken {n}  :: itching
Juckreiz {m}  :: itch
Juda {prop} {m}  :: Judah (first son of Jacob)
Judäa {prop} {n} [historical]  :: Judaea, Judea
Judaismus {m}  :: judaism
Judaistik {f}  :: Jewish studies (academic study of Jewish cultures)
Judas {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Judas
Jude {m}  :: a Jew
Judenausrottung {noun}  :: The extermination of Jews
Judenfreund {noun}  :: In Nazi Germany, a non-Jew who sympathized with Jews
Judenhaß {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Judenhass
Judenhass {m}  :: hatred against Jews, anti-Semitism
Judenleim {noun} [obsolete, now possibly offensive]  :: asphalt
Judenrat {m} [historical]  :: Jewish council; an administrative body in German occupied territory during World War II
Judentum {prop} {n}  :: Judaism (religion)
Judentum {prop} {n}  :: Jewry
Judikative {f} [politics]  :: judiciary, judicial system
Judith {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Judith
Judo {prop} {n}  :: judo
Judoka {m}  :: judoka
Jugend {f}  :: youth (quality or state of being young; part of life following childhood)
Jugendarbeit {f}  :: youth employment
Jugendarbeit {f}  :: juvenile labour
Jugendarbeitslosigkeit {f}  :: youth unemployment
Jugendbrigade {f}  :: ~ "youth brigade", a "work collective" of people under 25 years of age in the German Democratic Republic
Jugendherberge {f}  :: youth hostel (a supervised, inexpensive lodging place, primarily for young people)
Jugendliche {f}  :: youth, teenager, adolescent (female) [up to 17–19 years of age]
Jugendlicher {m}  :: youth, teenager, adolescent (male or of unspecified sex)
Jugendstil {m}  :: art nouveau
Jugendwahn {m}  :: obsession with remaining youthful
Jugendzentrum {n}  :: youth center
Jugoslawien {prop} {n}  :: Yugoslavia
Jugoslawische Volksarmee {prop}  :: Yugoslav People's Army
Jukebox {f}  :: jukebox
Jul {n}  :: Yule
Jule {prop}  :: given name
Julei {m}  :: alternative form of Juli
Julfest {n}  :: Yule, Yulefest
Juli {m}  :: July
Julia {prop}  :: given name of Latin origin
Julia {prop}  :: Juliet, the lover of Romeo
Julian {prop} {m}  :: given name derived from
Juliane {prop}  :: given name derived from
Julimonarchie {prop}  :: July Monarchy
Julius {prop} {m}  :: given name
Julmond {m} [archaic, poetic]  :: The German name for the month of December. Jul is also the old-Germanic celebration of the winter solstice, also known as Yule
Jun. {prop}  :: abbreviation of Juni
Jung {m} [regional, colloquial]  :: alternative form of Junge
Jung {interj} [colloquial]  :: man! come on!
Jung {prop}  :: surname
Junge {m}  :: boy
Junge {m} [card games]  :: jack
Junges {n}  :: nominalization of junges: The immature young of an animal species other than humans
Jungfer {f} [archaic]  :: maid, maiden; virgin
Jungfer {f}  :: unmarried woman; (old) maid, spinster
Jungfer {f} [printing, archaic]  :: Petit, a size of type between Kolonel and Bourgeois, standardized as 8 point
Jungfer im Grünen {f}  :: love-in-a-mist, Nigella damascena (flower)
Jungfernfahrt {f} [chiefly nautical]  :: maiden voyage
Jungfernflug {m} [aviation]  :: maiden flight
Jungfernhäutchen {n}  :: hymen (membrane which occludes the vagina)
Jungfrau {f}  :: virgin (woman who has never had sexual intercourse)
Jungfrau {f} [archaic]  :: maiden (young woman)
Jungfrau {f} [constellation, astrology]  :: Virgo (a constellation and an astrological sign)
Junggeselle {m}  :: bachelor (unmarried man)
Junggeselle {m}  :: journeyman (Prior to the 16 century, a person who has completed an apprenticeship, and travels practicing his trade.)
Junggesellenabschied {m}  :: stag party, bachelor party (party organized for a husband by his, usually only male, friends)
Junggesellinnenabschied {m}  :: hen party, bachelorette party (party organized for a bride by her, usually only female, friends)
Jungholz {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Haut-Rhin, Alsace
Jungholz {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Jungsteinzeit {f}  :: New Stone Age, Neolithic
Jungvogel {m}  :: chick (baby bird)
Juni {m}  :: June
Junior {m} [name affix or age class in sports or (often jocular) son]  :: junior
Junkfood {m}  :: junk food (food with little or no nutritional value)
Junkie {m}  :: junkie
Juno {m}  :: alternative form of Juni
Junta {f}  :: junta
Jupiter {prop} {m}  :: Jupiter (planet)
Jupiter {prop} {m}  :: Jupiter (Roman god)
Jupitermond {m} [astronomy]  :: Jovian moon (moon of Jupiter)
Jura {prop}  :: Jura Mountains
Jura {prop}  :: Jura (region in France)
Jura {prop}  :: Jura (canton of Switzerland)
Jura {prop}  :: Jura (island in the inner Hebrides of Scotland)
Jura {prop}  :: the Jurassic
Jura {m}  :: law (study)
Juri {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian male given name Юрий /Júrij/ (George)
Jurisprudenz {f}  :: jurisprudence
Jurist {m}  :: jurist (male or of unspecified sex)
Juristendeutsch {prop} {n} [often pejorative]  :: German legalese (the complex, verbose and yet pedantically precise language that is seen as typical of lawyers, judges and other jurists)
Juristin {f}  :: jurist (female)
Juror {m}  :: juror, member of a jury
Jurte {f}  :: a sort of tent used by nomadic people in Central and East Asia; yurt
Jury {f}  :: jury
Jury {f}  :: panel of judges
Jus {mf} {n} [cooking]  :: jus
Jus {n}  :: [Switzerland, Austria, study of] law
Justin {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Justin
Justiz {f}  :: justice
Justiz {f}  :: judiciary
Justizirrtum {m}  :: miscarriage of justice
Justizminister {m}  :: justice minister
Justizvollzugsanstalt {f}  :: official term for a type of prison in Germany, often abbreviated JVA
Justus {prop}  :: given name
Jutta {prop}  :: given name
Juwel {n} {m}  :: gem, jewel (precious stone)
Juwel {n} {m}  :: jewel, piece of jewellery
Juwel {n} {m}  :: anything very precious
Juwel {n} {m}  :: a precious, irreplaceable person
Juwelier {m}  :: jeweler, jeweller (male or of unspecified sex)
Juwelierin {f}  :: jeweler, jeweller (female)
Jux {m}  :: joke
ja {adv}  :: yes
ja {adv} [intensifier]  :: obviously; certainly; of course; really; just; as you know; as is generally known (indicates and emphasises that one is expressing a known fact)
ja {interj}  :: yes
jadegrün {adj}  :: jade green
jaden {adj} [attributive]  :: jade, jaden
jagdbar {adj}  :: Able to be legally hunted
jagdberechtigt {adj}  :: allowed to hunt
jagdbesessen {adj}  :: obsessed with hunting
jagdgerecht {adj}  :: hunting-friendly
jagdlich {adj}  :: hunting (attributive)
jagdrechtlich {adj}  :: hunting law (attributive)
jagen {v}  :: to hunt
jahrelang {adj}  :: longstanding
jahrelang {adj}  :: lasting for years
jahrelang {adv}  :: for years, in years
jahrhundertealt {adj}  :: centuries-old
jahrhundertelang {adj}  :: over several centuries; for centuries
jahrtausendealt {adj}  :: thousands of years old
jahrtausendelang {adj}  :: millennium-long
jahrzehntelang {adj}  :: lasting for decades, decadeslong
jakobinisch {adj}  :: Jacobin
jakutisch {adj}  :: Yakut (pertaining to the Yakut people or their language)
jamaikanisch {adj}  :: Jamaican (of, from, or pertaining to Jamaica, the Jamaican people or the Jamaican language)
jambisch {adj}  :: iambic (consisting of iambs or characterized by their predominance)
jammern {v}  :: to wail, whine, moan, lament, whinge
janusköpfig {adj}  :: Janus-headed
janusköpfig {adj}  :: ambiguous
janusköpfig {adj}  :: contradictory
jap {interj} [colloquial]  :: yep; yup; yop
japanisch {adj}  :: Japanese (of or relating to Japan, the Japanese people, or the Japanese language)
jappen {v}  :: to gasp for air
japsen {v}  :: to be out of breath, short of breath
japsen {v}  :: to gasp for air
jauchzen {v}  :: to cheer, exalt
jaulen {v}  :: to yelp, to howl, to yowl (sound of a canine or a similar sound)
javanisch {adj}  :: Javanese (related to the island of Java, its people or its language)
jawohl {interj} [respectful, emphatic]  :: yes; [military] yessir
jazzig {adj}  :: jazzy
jazzoid {adj}  :: synonym of jazzig
jüdisch {adj}  :: Jewish
je {adv}  :: ever
je {adv}  :: per
je {adv} [with “desto” or “umso”]  :: the
je mehr, desto besser {proverb}  :: the more the merrier
je nach {prep}  :: depending on; varying by
je nachdem {adv}  :: as the case may be
je strenger die Gesetze, desto schlechter die Menschen {proverb}  :: "The stricter the laws, the worse are the people"
jeansfarben {adj}  :: Having the colour of blue jeans
jeck {adj} [colloquial, regional, Rhineland]  :: crazy, mad
jeckisch {adj}  :: Yekkish
jede {pron}  :: (indefinite, inflected form) feminine of jeder
jede {pron}  :: (indefinite, inflected form) feminine accusative of jeder
jedem das Seine {proverb}  :: to each his own; each person gets what he deserves
jeden {pron}  :: masculine accusative singular form of jeder
jeden {pron}  :: with an indefinite article, masculine genitive singular form of jeder
jeden {pron}  :: with an indefinite article, masculine dative singular form of jeder
jeden {pron}  :: with an indefinite article, masculine accusative singular form of jeder
jeden {pron}  :: with an indefinite article, feminine genitive singular form of jeder
jeden {pron}  :: with an indefinite article, feminine dative singular form of jeder
jeden {pron}  :: with an indefinite article, neuter genitive singular form of jeder
jeden {pron}  :: with an indefinite article, neuter genitive dative form of jeder
jedenfalls {adv}  :: in any case
jeder {pron}  :: each
jeder {adj}  :: each, every
jeder Vögel singt, wie ihm der Schnabel gewachsen ist {proverb}  :: "Each bird can only sing according to how his beak grew"
jedermann {pron}  :: everyone
jedermanns Freund ist jedermanns Narr {proverb}  :: "Everybody’s friend is everybody’s fool"; Being objective and conciliatory with people with whom one has nothing in common is a form of cowardice and a way of avoiding responsibility
jederzeit {adv}  :: anytime
jedes {pron}  :: masculine genitive singular form of jeder
jedes {pron}  :: neuter nominative singular form of jeder
jedes {pron}  :: neuter genitive singular form of jeder
jedes {pron}  :: neuter accusative singular form of jeder
jedesmal {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of jedes Mal
jedoch {adv}  :: however, yet, nevertheless
jedweder {pron}  :: each, every possible; emphatic synonym of jeder
jedweder {adj}  :: any, all, every possible; emphatic synonym of jeder
jedwederer {pron} [Upper German]  :: alternative form of jedweder
jeglicher {determiner}  :: any, each, every
jeher {adv}  :: always
jein {adv} [humorous]  :: yes and no
jekaterinisch {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Yekaterinburg
jemals {adv}  :: ever
jemand {pron} [indefinite]  :: someone, somebody
jemandem {pron}  :: Dative form of jemand
jemandem über den Weg laufen {v}  :: to cross someone's path, to run into someone
jemandem die Leviten lesen {v} [idiom]  :: to read someone the riot act, to reprimand someone
jemandem einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen {v} [idiom]  :: to thwart someone's plans
jemandem etwas in die Schuhe schieben {v}  :: to lay something at the feet of someone
jemandem zu schaffen machen {v}  :: to trouble
jemanden {pron}  :: Accusative form of jemand
jemandes {pron}  :: Genitive form of jemand
jemenitisch {adj}  :: Yemeni (Of, from, or pertaining to Yemen, or the Yemeni people)
jener {pron} [formal]  :: that, that one
jenisch {adj}  :: Yenish
jenseits {prep}  :: beyond, on the other side of
jep {interj} [colloquial]  :: yep or yup
jesuitisch {adj}  :: Jesuitic
jetten {v}  :: to jet (To travel on a jet aircraft.)
jetzig {adj}  :: present (pertaining to the current time)
jetzt {adv}  :: now (at the moment, in the present)
jetzt {adv}  :: now, then; expressing a logical or temporal consequence
jetzt {adv}  :: unstressed and expletive, used for minor emphasis
jeweilig {adj}  :: respective
jeweilig {adv}  :: in each case, at a time, respectively
jeweils {adv}  :: in each case
jeweils {adv}  :: each
jez {adv} [internet and text-message slang]  :: alternative spelling of jetzt
jägergrün {adj}  :: hunter green
jägersprachlich {adj}  :: Relating to the language and jargon of hunters
jäh {adj}  :: abrupt, precipitous
jähe {adj} [rare]  :: alternative form of jäh
jählings {adv} [formal]  :: abruptly, suddenly
jhnen {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of ihnen
jähren {vr}  :: to become one year old(er); to complete a year (or a specified number of years)
-jährig {suffix}  :: in compound words: years old
-jährig {suffix}  :: in compound words: years lasting
jährig {adj} [archaic]  :: one-year-old
jährlich {adj}  :: annual, yearly
jährlich {adv}  :: annually
jähzornig {adj}  :: quick-tempered
jiddisch {adj}  :: Yiddish (of or pertaining to the Yiddish language)
jiddischistisch {adj}  :: Yiddishist
jihadistisch {adj}  :: jihadist; alternative form of dschihadistisch
jmd. {pron}  :: abbreviation of jemand
jmds. {pron}  :: abbreviation of jemandes
jämmerlich {adj}  :: pitiable, miserable
jämmerlicher {adj}  :: comparative of jämmerlich
jämmerlichsten {adj}  :: superlative of jämmerlich
jünger {adj}  :: comparative of jung
jüngst {adj}  :: youngest
jüngst {adj}  :: latest
jüngst {adv}  :: lately
jüngsten {adj}  :: superlative of jung
jo {interj} [colloquial]  :: yes, yeah, well; expresses agreement in a hesitant or ponderous manner
jo {interj} [colloquial]  :: yes; expresses firm agreement
jobben {v}  :: For adults, to have many quickly varying jobs, or always only small engagements for work, or part-time employment(s), with low pay, and probably spend little effort on them
jobben {v}  :: For school children, students, etc., to have a holiday job
jodeln {v}  :: to yodel
jodhaltig {adj}  :: iodiferous
joggen {v}  :: to jog
jonglieren {v}  :: to juggle
jordanisch {adj}  :: Jordanian (Of, from, or pertaining to Jordan or the Jordanian people)
journalistisch {adj}  :: journalistic
jovial {adj}  :: jovial
jäten {v}  :: to weed
jubeln {vi}  :: to cheer
jubilieren {vi}  :: to cheer, to gloat
juchten {adj}  :: Russia leather (attributive)
jucken {v}  :: to itch
jucken {v} [slang]  :: to bother
judaistisch {adj}  :: Jewish studies (attributive)
judenchristlich {adj}  :: Judeo-Christian
judenfeindlich {adj}  :: anti-Semitic
judenfrei {adj} [Nazism, of an, area]  :: Jew-free; from which Jews have been removed, usually through deportation or murder
judenrein {adj} [Nazism, euphemism, of an, area]  :: "clean of Jews"; where there are no Jewish inhabitants (e.g. because they have been deported)
judenteutsch {adj}  :: pertaining to an early form of Yiddish still linguistically very close to German
judiziös {adj}  :: judicial
jugendfrei {adj}  :: appropriate for children
jugendgefährdend {adj}  :: X-rated, adult, harmful to minors, youth endangering, youth-inappropriate (of adult content)
jugendlich {adj}  :: youthful
jugendsprachlich {adj}  :: juvenile-language (attributive)
jugoslawisch {adj}  :: Yugoslav, Yugoslavian
julianisch {adj}  :: Julian
jung {adj}  :: young
jungenhaft {adj}  :: boyish
jungsteinzeitlich {adj}  :: Neolithic (relating to the New Stone Age)
jungtürkisch {adj}  :: young Turk (attributive)
jupitergroß {adj}  :: Jupiter-sized (typically, of an exoplanet)
juristisch {adj}  :: juridical, juridically, juristic, legal
just {adv} [elevated]  :: just
justament {adv}  :: just, exactly
justieren {v}  :: to set, to adjust
justiziabel {adj}  :: actionable
juwelen {adj} [attributive]  :: jewel
juxig {adj}  :: funny
juxig {adj}  :: jocular
juxtarenal {adj} [anatomy]  :: juxtarenal