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z {n}  :: See under Z
Z {symbol}  :: The letter zeta in the Greek alphabet
zabaglione {n}  :: zabaglione
zabaione {m}  :: Variant of zabaglione
zabattiero {m} [obsolete]  :: cobbler
zabibo {m} [obsolete]  :: Variant of zibibbo
zabro {m}  :: A type of beetle Zabrus tenebrioides that is a pest in cereal crops
Zaccaria {prop}  :: male given name of biblical origin
Zaccaria {prop}  :: the Book of Zechariah
Zaccaria {prop}  :: Zachariah, Zacharias, Zachary, Zechariah [biblical character]
zaccaro {m} [obsolete]  :: Variant of zacchera
zacchera {f}  :: mud splash
zaccherella {f}  :: little splash of mud
zaccherone {m}  :: A muddy or dirty person
zaccheroso {adj}  :: muddy (covered in mud)
zacintio {adj}  :: Of or from Zakynthos (ancient "Zacinto")
zaconico {adj}  :: Tsakonian, Tzakonian
zafardoso {adj} [obsolete]  :: smeared, dirty
zaffamento {m}  :: plugging
zaffando {v}  :: gerund of zaffare
zaffare {vt}  :: To plug
zaffata {f}  :: a bad smell; a whiff, stink or stench
zaffata {f}  :: a splash of liquid
zaffato {adj}  :: plugged
zaffatura {f}  :: plugging
zaffera {f}  :: A blue/violet impasto used in making maiolica
zafferanato {adj}  :: saffron (attributive)
zafferano {adj}  :: saffron coloured
zafferano {m}  :: saffron
zafferanone {m}  :: safflower
zaffirino {adj}  :: sapphire (attributive)
zaffirino {m} [mineralogy]  :: sapphirine
zaffiro {adj}  :: sapphire colored
zaffiro {m}  :: sapphire
zaffo {m}  :: plug
Zagabria {prop}  :: Zagreb
zagaglia {f}  :: assegai
zagara {f}  :: orange blossom or general tree blossom
Zagarolo {prop}  :: A small town in the Roma province of Lazio
Zagarolo {prop}  :: A white wine from this region
zaglosso {m}  :: long-beaked echidna (Zaglossus)
zaidita {adj}  :: Zaidi, Zaydi
zaidita {f}  :: Zaidi, Zaydi
zainetto {m}  :: a small rucksack, as worn by schoolchildren
zaino {m}  :: rucksack [British], backpack
zaire {m}  :: zaire
Zaire {prop}  :: Zaire
zairese {adj}  :: Zairean
zairese {mf}  :: Zairean
zairiano {adj}  :: Zairean
zalcitabina {f} [medicine]  :: zalcitabine
zama {f}  :: An alloy of zinc used especially for plumbing fixtures
Zambia {prop}  :: Zambia
zambiana {f}  :: Zambian (female)
zambiano {adj}  :: Zambian
zambiano {m}  :: Zambian
zambo {n}  :: half-caste of an African negro and an indigenous American
zambra {f} [obsolete]  :: room, chamber
zambra {f} [obsolete]  :: toilet, lavatory
zambracca {f} [obsolete]  :: wench
zambracca {f} [obsolete]  :: whore
Zamorani {prop}  :: Italian surname
zampa {f}  :: a animal's leg
zampa {f}  :: a paw
zampando {v}  :: gerund of zampare
zampare {vit}  :: to paw (of an animal, to hit repeatedly with the paw)
zampata {f}  :: a blow from an animal's paw, especially from that of a dog or cat
zampata {f}  :: spoor
zampeggiando {v}  :: gerund of zampeggiare
zampeggiare {vi}  :: To paw the ground
zampetta {f}  :: foot, paw
zampetta {f}  :: leg
zampettando {v}  :: gerund of zampettare
zampettare {vt}  :: to run away
zampettare {vt}  :: to scamper
zampetto {m}  :: the foot of an animal when cooked as food
zampicando {v}  :: gerund of zampicare
zampicare {vi}  :: To run away
zampillamento {m}  :: gushing-forth
zampillamento {m}  :: spurting-out
zampillando {v}  :: gerund of zampillare
zampillare {vi}  :: to gush forth
zampillare {vi}  :: to spout
zampillare {vi}  :: to spurt out
zampillio {m}  :: gushing-forth (continuous)
zampillio {m}  :: spurting-out (continuous)
zampillo {m}  :: a gushing forth
zampillo {m}  :: a spurting out
zampina {f}  :: A type of sausage from Puglia
zampino {m}  :: pawprint; track
zampino {m}  :: the paw of an animal
zampirone {m}  :: mosquito coil
zampitto {m}  :: synonym of ciocia
zampogna {f} [musical instruments]  :: bagpipes
zampognando {v}  :: gerund of zampognare
zampognare {vi} [figurative]  :: to scream with pain
zampognare {vi}  :: to play the bagpipe
zampognaro {m}  :: bagpipe player
zampone {m}  :: In Italian cookery, stuffed pig’s trotter with spicy ground up pork, usually dried and cured, often served with lentils
zana {f}  :: basket (shallow, oval)
zanaia {f}  :: Woman who makes or sells baskets (zana)
zanaio {m}  :: Person who makes or sells baskets (zana)
zanata {f}  :: basketful
Zanazzo {prop}  :: Italian surname
Zanazzo {prop}  :: Giggi Zanazzo, Italian poet etc
zanella {f}  :: (cotton) fabric
zanella {f}  :: gutter
zangola {f}  :: churn for making butter
zangolando {v}  :: gerund of zangolare
zangolare {vi}  :: To churn
zangolatore {m}  :: churner (person)
zangolatura {f}  :: churning (of cream to make butter)
Zanichelli {prop}  :: An Italian publishing house
Zanichelli {prop}  :: Italian surname
zanna {f}  :: the tooth of an animal; especially the tusk of an elephant, boar etc. and the fang of a dog, wolf etc
zannata {f}  :: bite (by an insect)
zanni {m}  :: zany person; fool, buffoon, clown
zannuto {adj}  :: tusked; toothed; fanged
zanza {m}  :: pilferer, filcher
zanzara {f}  :: mosquito
zanzaricida {m}  :: mosquito insecticide
zanzariera {f}  :: mosquito net
zanzarifugo {adj}  :: mosquito-repellent
zanzero {m}  :: drinking companion
Zanzi {prop}  :: Italian surname
Zanzibar {prop}  :: Zanzibar
zanzibariano {adj}  :: Zanzibari
zapaterista {adj}  :: Zapatista
zapaterista {f}  :: Zapatista
zapatista {adj}  :: Zapatist
zapoteco {adj}  :: Zapotec
zapoteco {m}  :: Zapotec
zappa {f}  :: an agricultural implement, such as a hoe
zappando {v}  :: gerund of zappare
zappare {vt}  :: To hoe
zappaterra {m}  :: boor, lout
zappaterra {m}  :: hoer; farm labourer, peasant
zappatore {m}  :: agricultural labourer
zappatore {m}  :: sapper
zappatrice {f}  :: plough
zappatrice {f}  :: weeder
zappatura {f}  :: hoeing
zappetta {f}  :: Small hoe
zappettando {v}  :: gerund of zappettare
zappettare {vt}  :: To hoe
zappettatura {f}  :: hoeing
zappone {m}  :: mattock
zar {m}  :: tsar, czar
Zara {prop}  :: The letter Z in the Italian phonetic alphabet
Zara {prop}  :: Zara
zarevic {m}  :: tsarevitch, czarevitch
zarina {f}  :: tsarina, czarina
zarismo {m}  :: czarism, tsarism
zarista {adj}  :: czarist, tsarist
Zarlino {prop}  :: Italian surname
Zarlino {prop}  :: Gioseffo Zarlino, Italian composer
Zasavska {prop}  :: Central Sava (statistical region of Slovenia)
zatta {f}  :: cantaloupe (melon)
zattera {f}  :: pontoon (for marine construction, etc)
zattera {f}  :: raft (primitive vessel, modern emergency or sports craft)
Zattere {prop} [Venice]  :: A street (partially a boardwalk) in Dorsoduro, Venice, alongside the Giudecca canal
zatterone {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: wedge shoe
zavorra {f}  :: ballast, either in the hold of a ship or thrown out from a balloon
zavorra {f} [figuratively]  :: - junk, anything unwanted (a white elephant)
zavorrando {v}  :: gerund of zavorrare
zavorrare {vt}  :: To load with ballast
zavorrato {adj}  :: loaded (down) with ballast
zazzera {f}  :: a shock or mop of hair
zazzeruto {adj}  :: long-haired
zazzicchia {f}  :: pork sausage
zebù {m}  :: zebu
zebedei {n}  :: balls, ballocks
Zebedeo {prop}  :: Zebedee
zebra {f} [in the plural, informal]  :: zebra crossing
zebra {f}  :: zebra
zebrallo {m}  :: zorse, zebrula
zebrato {adj}  :: having black and white stripes, as a zebra
zebrato {adj}  :: having dark and light stripes with the same pattern
zebratura {f}  :: zebra (black and white) stripes
zecca {f}  :: a mint (factory for producing coinage)
zecca {f}  :: tick
Zecchini {prop}  :: An Italian publishing house
Zecchini {prop}  :: Italian surname
zecchino {m}  :: a gold coin, especially a Venetian Ducat
Zeffirelli {prop}  :: Italian surname
Zeffirelli {prop}  :: Franco Zeffirelli, Italian film director
zeffiro {m}  :: Variant of zefiro
zefiro {m}  :: a light west wind, a zephyr
Zelanda {prop}  :: Zealand (Danish island)
Zelanda {prop}  :: Zeeland (Dutch province)
zelandese {adj}  :: Zeelandic
zelandese {m}  :: Zeelandic (language)
zelante {adj}  :: (ironically), showing excess zeal
zelante {adj}  :: zealous
zelantemente {adv}  :: zealously
zelanteria {f}  :: officiousness
zelatore {m}  :: zealot
zelighiano {adj}  :: zany
zelo {m}  :: zeal, fervour, ardour
zelota {f}  :: Zealot (follower of Zealotry)
zelotismo {m}  :: Zealotry
Zemfira {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Земфира
zemmifobia {f}  :: zemmiphobia (fear of rats)
zendado {m}  :: black shawl
zendado {m}  :: sendal
zendale {m}  :: alternative form of zendado
zendo {m} [obsolete]  :: The Avestan language
zenit {m}  :: zenith
zenitale {adj}  :: zenithal
Zenone {prop}  :: male given name
Zenone {prop}  :: Zeno of Verona
zenzero {m}  :: ginger (the spice)
zenziglio {m}  :: A type of snuff (once a state monopoly)
zeolite {f} [mineralogy]  :: zeolite
zeppa {f}  :: a platform shoe
zeppa {f}  :: a type of word-game
zeppa {f}  :: a wedge-shaped piece of wood
zeppa {f}  :: in printing, a small piece of lead used as a spacer or a brief article inserted to fill a page
zeppo {adj}  :: extremely full, jam-packed with something
zeppola {f}  :: Any of several varieties of traditional fried sweet from southern Italy
zeptometro {m}  :: zeptometre
zeranta {mf}  :: The numeral 00
zerbino {m}  :: a doormat
zerbinotto {m}  :: a dandy or fop
zeresimo {adj}  :: zeroth
zero {adj}  :: zero
zero {m}  :: nil (football)
zero {m}  :: zero
zero assoluto {n}  :: absolute zero (coldest possible temperature)
zero assoluto {n}  :: nonentity
zero spaccato {m}  :: A zero written with an oblique slash through it, so as to distinguish it from the letter "o"
zerovalente {adj} [chemistry]  :: zerovalent
zervanismo {f}  :: Zurvanism (form of zoroastrianism)
zeta {mf}  :: zeta; The letter Z/z in the Italian and Greek alphabets
zeugmatico {adj}  :: zeugmatic
zia {f}  :: aunt
zibaldone {m}  :: a book containing multiple writings collected in a scattered fashion
zibaldone {m}  :: a confusing mixture of diverse things or people
zibaldone {m}  :: hodgepodge
zibaldone {m}  :: The notebook by Leopardi that became a generic name for a collection of loosely connected thoughts
zibellina {f}  :: sable
zibellino {m}  :: sable; either the animal or the fur
zibetto {m}  :: civet
zibibbo {m}  :: a variety of Muscat grape from Southern Italy
zibibbo {m}  :: wine made from these grapes
zietta {f}  :: auntie
zietto {m}  :: diminutive form of zio
zifio {m}  :: beaked whale (of genus Ziphius)
zigano {adj}  :: of or concerning such a person
zigano {m}  :: a Gypsy, especially one from Hungary
zigano {m}  :: a street musician, especially one who plays the violin
zigena {f}  :: burnet moth
zigo- {prefix}  :: zygo-
zigodattilo {adj}  :: zygodactylic
zigolo {m}  :: bunting - bird
zigolo capinero {m}  :: black-headed bunting
zigolo delle nevi {m}  :: snow bunting, snowbird
zigolo di Lapponia {m}  :: Lapland bunting
zigolo giallo {m}  :: yellowhammer
zigolo golarossa {n}  :: pine bunting (Emberiza leucocephalos)
zigolo nero {m}  :: cirl bunting
zigoma {m}  :: Variant of zigomo
zigomatico {adj} [skeleton]  :: zygomatic
zigomatico {m} [muscle]  :: zygomaticus, zygomatic
zigomo {m} [skeleton]  :: cheekbone
zigomorfia {f} [botany]  :: zygomorphism
zigomorfismo {m}  :: zygomorphism
zigomorfo {adj} [botany]  :: zygomorphic, zygomorphous
zigosi {f}  :: zygosis
zigospora {f} [botany]  :: zygospore
zigote {m} [biology]  :: zygote
zigotene {m}  :: zygotene, zygonema
zigotico {adj}  :: zygotic
zigoto {m}  :: Variant of zigote
zigrinando {v}  :: gerund of zigrinare
zigrinare {vt}  :: to grain hide or skins
zigrinare {vt}  :: to knurl
zigrinare {vt}  :: to mill the edges of coins
zigrinatura {f}  :: milling
zigzagando {v}  :: gerund of zigzagare
zigzagare {vi}  :: (of a path), to zigzag
zigzagare {vi}  :: to walk in a zigzag manner
zimarra {f}  :: a long shabby coat
zimarra {f}  :: (in jest) an overlong coat
zimasi {f} [enzyme]  :: zymase
Zimbabwano {adj}  :: Zimbabwean
Zimbabwe {prop}  :: Zimbabwe
zimbabwese {adj}  :: Zimbabwean
zimbabwiano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Zimbabwe
zimbabwiano {m}  :: Person from Zimbabwe
zimbellando {v}  :: gerund of zimbellare
zimbellare {vt}  :: to decoy
zimbellare {vt}  :: to entice, allure, lure
zimbello {m} [ethology]  :: mockups to stimulate animal behavior
zimbello {m} [figurative]  :: a laughing stock, jest, patsy
zimbello {m} [figurative]  :: flattery
zimbello {m} [venatorial]  :: a decoy bird; either alive and tethered, or made of wood, etc., lure
zimo- {prefix}  :: zymo-
zimogenico {adj}  :: zymogenic
zimogeno {adj}  :: zymogenic
zimogeno {m} [biochemistry]  :: zymogen
zimogramma {f}  :: zymogram
zimologia {f}  :: zymology
zimologo {m}  :: zymologist
zimometro {m}  :: zymometer
zimostenico {adj}  :: zymosthenic
zimosterolo {m} [organic compound]  :: zymosterol
zinale {m}  :: apron
zincaggio {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: Parkes process
zincando {v}  :: gerund of zincare
zincare {vt}  :: to coat with zinc
zincare {vt}  :: to galvanise
zincato {m}  :: zincate
zincatore {m}  :: galvanizer
zincatura {f}  :: zing plating, zinc coating
zincoblenda {f} [mineral]  :: zincblende
zincografia {f}  :: zincography
zincografico {adj}  :: zincographic
zincografo {m}  :: zincographer
zincotipia {f}  :: zincograph
zincotipia {f}  :: zincography
zincotipista {f}  :: zincographer
zinefra {f}  :: pelmet
zingara {f}  :: gypsy (female)
zingarata {f}  :: prank
zingarello {m}  :: gypsy child
zingaresco {adj}  :: of or like a Gypsy or Gypsies
zingaresco {prop}  :: the language of the Gypsies; Romani
zingaro {adj}  :: Gypsy (attributive)
zingaro {m}  :: A Gypsy
zingaro {m} [offensive]  :: A scruffy or slovenly person
zingaro {m}  :: tinker
zinna {f} [regional]  :: boob, tit (slang expression for breast)
zinnale {m}  :: alternative form of zinale
zinnia {f}  :: zinnia
zio {m} [slang]  :: dude
zio {m}  :: uncle (male relative)
zio materno {m}  :: maternal uncle
-zione {suffix}  :: -action, -ation, -tion (Used to form nouns relating to the action of specified verbs)
zio paterno {m}  :: paternal uncle
zipolo {m}  :: the bung of a barrel
zippabile {adj} [computing]  :: zippable
zippando {v}  :: gerund of zippare
zippare {vt} [computing]  :: to zip
ziqqurat {mf}  :: ziggurat, zikkurat
zircone {m}  :: zircon
zircone {m}  :: zirconite
zirconio {m}  :: zirconium
zirlando {v}  :: gerund of zirlare
zirlare {vi}  :: to sing (like a thrush)
zirlo {m}  :: the song of a thrush
zita {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: a larger type of maccheroni pasta
Zita {prop}  :: female given name
zitella {f}  :: an old maid (pejorative)
zitella {f}  :: a spinster
zitellaggine {f} [informal]  :: spinsterhood (state of being on the shelf)
zitellona {f}  :: an elderly spinster; an old maid
zitellone {m}  :: an elderly bachelor
zitona {f}  :: augmentative of zita
zitona {f} [in the plural]  :: a larger form of ziti
zittendo {v}  :: gerund of zittire
zittendosi {v}  :: gerund of zittirsi
zittio {m}  :: hissing
zittire {vi}  :: to hiss
zittire {vt}  :: to silence or hush someone
zittirsi {vr}  :: To shut up
zitto {adj}  :: quiet, silent
zitto {interj}  :: be quiet!, shush!, sh!
zizza {f} [informal]  :: boob (breast)
zizzania {f} [botany]  :: a darnel, tare
zizzania {f} [figuratively]  :: discord
zizzola {f}  :: jujube, Chinese date
zizzola {f}  :: trifle, bagatelle
zoè {adv}  :: alternative form of cioè
zocchio {m}  :: tuft of hair
zoccola {f} [informal]  :: whore, slut
zoccola {f}  :: sewer rat
zoccolaia {f}  :: clog maker (female)
zoccolaio {m}  :: clog maker
zoccolante {m}  :: A type of monk who wore clogs
zoccolata {f}  :: kick or blow with a clog
zoccolio {m}  :: clatter (sound) of clogs
zoccolo {m}  :: a clog
zoccolo {m}  :: a die
zoccolo {m}  :: a hoof (of an animal)
zoccolo {m}  :: a plinth
zodiacale {adj}  :: zodiacal
zodiaco {m}  :: zodiac
zoetropio {m}  :: alternative form of zootropio
zoetropo {m}  :: alternative form of zootropio
zogista {adj}  :: Zogist
-zoico {suffix}  :: -zoic
zola {m} [informal]  :: gorgonzola
Zola {prop}  :: Italian surname from several places of the name in Italy
zolfanello {m}  :: a (sulphur) match; a lucifer
zolfanello {m}  :: a wick impregnated with sulphur, used to disinfect barrels
zolfara {f}  :: sulfur mine (underground)
zolfatara {f}  :: a sulphur mine (on the surface)
zolfatara {f}  :: the emission of sulfurous vapours from cracks in the ground associated with volcanos; the resulting sulfur deposits
zolfo {m}  :: sulfur [US], sulphur [British]
zolla {f}  :: a small plot of land; a small field
zolla {f}  :: lump, tussock, hassock
zolla {f}  :: turf, sod, divot
zolletta {f}  :: a lump or cube of sugar, sugar cube
zolloso {adj}  :: cloddy
zombi {mf}  :: zombie
zombie {mf}  :: alternative spelling of zombi
zompando {v}  :: gerund of zompare
zompare {vi}  :: To jump
zona {f}  :: a zone, area or district
zona di guerra {f}  :: war zone
zona eufotica {f}  :: euphotic zone
zona fotica {f}  :: photic zone
zona giorno {f}  :: living area (in a house or flat)
zonale {adj}  :: district, zonal
zona notte {f}  :: sleeping area, bedrooms
zona rifornimento {f}  :: feed zone
zonatura {f}  :: zoning
zonazione {f} [geology]  :: zonation
zonizzando {v}  :: gerund of zonizzare
zonizzare {vt}  :: to zone [divide into zones]
zonizzazione {f}  :: zoning
zonoedro {m} [mathematics]  :: zonohedron
zonzo {adv}  :: used only in the verb andare a zonzo
zoo {m}  :: zoo
zoo- {prefix}  :: zoo-
zoochimica {f} [chemistry]  :: zoochemistry
zoocoltore {m}  :: zootechny expert
zoocoltura {f}  :: zootechny
zoofagia {f}  :: zoophagy
zoofago {adj}  :: zoophagous
zoofilia {f}  :: zoophilia
zoofilo {adj}  :: zoophilic
zoofilo {m}  :: zoophile
zoofisiologia {f}  :: zoophysiology (animal physiology)
zoofito {adj}  :: zoophytic
zoofito {m}  :: zoophyte
zoofobia {f}  :: zoophobia
zoofobo {adj}  :: zoophobic
zoofobo {m}  :: zoophobe
zooforo {adj}  :: zoophoric
zooforo {m}  :: zoophorous
zoogenico {adj} [geology]  :: zoogenic
zoogeografia {f} [biology]  :: zoogeography
zooglea {f} [biology]  :: zoogloea
zoografia {f}  :: zoography
zooiatra {f}  :: veterinarian
zooiatria {f}  :: veterinary science or medicine
zoolatra {f}  :: zoolater
zoologia {f}  :: zoology
zoologico {adj}  :: zoological
zoologo {m}  :: zoologist (male)
zoom {m} [photography]  :: zoom
zoomafia {n}  :: illegal trade in animals
zoomando {v}  :: gerund of zoomare
zoomare {vi} [photography]  :: to zoom
zoomata {f} [photography]  :: zoom (act of zooming)
zoometria {f}  :: zoometry
zoomorfico {adj}  :: zoomorphic
zoomorfismo {m}  :: zoomorphism
zoomorfo {adj}  :: zoomorphic
zoonimo {m}  :: zoonym
zoonomo {m}  :: An expert in animal husbandry
zoonosi {f} [veterinary medicine]  :: zoonosis
zoonotico {adj} [veterinary medicine]  :: zoonotic
zoopaleontologia {f}  :: zoopaleontology
zoopatologia {f}  :: zoopathology
zooplancton {m}  :: zooplankton
zooprofilassi {f}  :: zooprophylaxis
zooprofilattico {adj}  :: zooprophylactic
zoosafari {m}  :: safari park
zoospora {f} [biology]  :: zoospore
zootecnia {f}  :: animal husbandry; zootechny, zootechnics
zootecnica {f}  :: a female expert in the study of livestock; a female zootechnician
zootecnica {f}  :: Variant of zootecnia
zootecnico {adj}  :: zootechnical; relating to the study of livestock
zootecnico {m}  :: an expert in the study of livestock; a zootechnician
zootomia {f}  :: zootomy
zootossina {f}  :: zootoxin
zootrofico {adj}  :: zootrophic
zootropio {m}  :: zoetrope
zootropo {m}  :: alternative form of zootropio
zoppaggine {f}  :: lameness
zoppicando {v}  :: gerund of zoppicare
zoppicante {adj}  :: (figuratively), shaky, weak
zoppicante {adj}  :: limping
zoppicare {vi}  :: (figuratively), to be weak in some subject
zoppicare {vi}  :: to be lame
zoppicare {vi}  :: to have a limp, to walk with a limp
zoppiconi {adv}  :: limping
zoppo {adj}  :: lame
zoppo {adj} [of furniture]  :: shaky, rickety, unsteady, wobbly
zoppo {m}  :: A lame person; a cripple
zoroastriano {adj}  :: Zoroastrian
zoroastriano {m}  :: Zoroastrian
Zoroastro {prop}  :: Zoroaster
zostera {f}  :: eel grass, sea wrack (of genus Zostera)
zoticaggine {f}  :: boorishness, loutishness
zotico {adj}  :: boorish, loutish
zotico {m}  :: a lout, a boor
zotico {m}  :: a peasant
zoticone {m}  :: lout
zozzone {m}  :: slob (dirty person)
zuava {n}  :: Only used in the term calzoni alla zuava
zucca {f}  :: (in jest), a person’s head
zucca {f}  :: marrow (the vegetable)
zucca {f}  :: pumpkin
zucca {f}  :: squash (the vegetable)
zuccaia {f}  :: pumpkin bed
zuccaia {f}  :: pumpkin field
zuccaio {m}  :: pumpkin / squash field / patch
zuccata {f}  :: butt (with the head)
zuccata {f}  :: candied fruit (used to make cassata (Sicilian cake))
zuccheraggio {m}  :: chaptalization
zuccherando {v}  :: gerund of zuccherare
zuccherare {vt}  :: to sugar, to sweeten
zuccherato {adj}  :: mellifluous
zuccherato {adj}  :: sweet, sweetened
zuccheriera {f}  :: a sugar bowl (domestic)
zuccheriera {f}  :: (on the counter of a bar), the sugar container for customer's use
zuccheriero {adj}  :: sugar (attributive)
zuccherifero {adj}  :: sugar (attributive)
zuccherifero {adj}  :: sugary
zuccherificio {m}  :: a sugar refinery
zuccherino {adj}  :: sugary, over sweet
zuccherino {m}  :: a lump of sugar
zucchero {m}  :: sugar in all its uses
zucchero caramellato {m}  :: caramel
zucchero d'acero {m}  :: maple sugar
zucchero di canna {m}  :: cane sugar
zucchero filato {m}  :: candy floss [British], cotton candy [US]
zucchero granulato {m}  :: granulated sugar
zucchero grezzo {m}  :: brown sugar
zucchero semolato {m}  :: granulated sugar
zuccheroso {adj}  :: (figuratively), flattering in a hypocritical manner
zuccheroso {adj}  :: over sentimental
zuccheroso {adj}  :: sugary, sweet
zucchetta {f}  :: A variety of squash, a cultivar of Cucurbita moschata
zucchetto {m}  :: small skullcap worn by Roman Catholic clergy; calotte
zucchina {f}  :: courgette [British], zucchini [US]
zucchino {m}  :: Variant of zucchina
zuccona {f}  :: blockhead (female)
zuccona {f}  :: flathead (female)
zucconaggine {f}  :: obstinacy, stubbornness, pigheadedness
zuccone {adj}  :: dim-witted
zuccone {adj}  :: stubborn
zuccone {m}  :: blockhead
zuccone {m}  :: flathead
zuccotto {m}  :: a type of chocolate-flavoured ice-cream dessert
zuffa {f}  :: a brawl
zuffa {f}  :: a short but intense fight
zufolamento {m}  :: whistling
zufolando {v}  :: gerund of zufolare
zufolare {vi}  :: to play the whistle
zufolare {vt}  :: to whistle
zufolio {m}  :: a whistling; a continuous whistle
zufolo {m}  :: shawm, zufolo
Zugo {prop}  :: Zug (town in Switzerland)
zulù {adj}  :: Zulu
zulù {mf}  :: Zulu
zumando {v}  :: gerund of zumare
zumare {v}  :: Variant of zoomare
zummando {v}  :: gerund of zummare
zummare {vi}  :: To zoom (adjust focal length of lens)
zuppa {f}  :: one of several types of soup
zuppa inglese {f}  :: trifle (the dessert)
zuppetta {f}  :: Only used in the term fare zuppetta
zuppiera {f}  :: a soup tureen
zuppo {adj}  :: soaked (with or in)
zurighese {adj}  :: Zurich (attributive)
zurighese {mf}  :: Zuricher
Zurigo {prop}  :: Zürich
zurvanismo {m}  :: alternative form of zervanismo
zuzzerellone {m}  :: alternative form of zuzzurullone
zuzzerullone {m}  :: alternative form of zuzzurullone
zuzzurellone {m}  :: alternative form of zuzzurullone
zuzzurullone {m}  :: one who always behaves like a child; an overgrown schoolboy
zwinglianesimo {m}  :: Zwinglianism
zwingliano {adj}  :: Zwinglian
zwinglismo {m}  :: Zwinglianism
zwinglista {adj}  :: alternative form of zwingliano
zwitterione {m} [chemistry]  :: zwitterion
zwitterionico {adj}  :: zwitterionic