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label {n} (name categorising someone as part of a group)  :: برچسب /barčasb/
label {n} (small ticket or sign giving information)  :: برچسب /barčasb/
label {v} (give a label to in order to categorise)  :: برچسب زدن /barčasb zadan/
label {v} (put a ticket or sign on)  :: برچسب زدن /barčasb zadan/
labial {adj} (pertaining to the lips)  :: لبی /labi/
labia majora {n} (outer folds of vulva)  :: لب‌های بزرگ /lab-hâ-ye bozorg/
labia minora {n} ((anatomy) the two inner folds of skin within the cleft of the labia majora)  :: لب‌های کوچک /lab-hâ-ye kuček/
laboratory {n} (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research)  :: آزمایشگاه /âzmâyešgâh/, لابراتوار /lâbrâtuâr/
lac {n} (a resinous substance)  :: لاک /lāk/
Lada {prop} (a Russian car)  :: لادا /Lâdâ/
ladder {n} (climbing tool)  :: نردبان /nardebân/
ladies and gentlemen {n} (used to address an audience)  :: خانم‌ها و آقایان /xânom-hâ va âqâyân/
ladle {n} (deep-bowled spoon with a long, usually curved, handle)  :: ملاقه /malâqe/
lady {n} (mistress of a household)  :: کدبانو /kadbânu/
lady {n} (polite term referring a woman)  :: خانم /xânom/, مادام /mâdâm/
lady {n} (toilets intended for use by women)  :: بانوان /bânovân/
lady {n} (woman of breeding and authority)  :: بانو /bânu/
Lady {n} (aristocratic title for a woman)  :: بانو /bānu/
lady's man {n} (man who attracts women and enjoys their company)  :: دخپسر /dox-pesar/
lagoon {n} (shallow body of water)  :: مرداب /mordâb/, تالاب /tâlâb/, لگون /lagun/, خفتاب /xaftâb/, کولاب /kulâb/, ایستاب /istâb/
Lagrange point {n} (a point in an the orbital configuration)  :: نقطه لاگرانژی /noqte-ye Lâgrânži/
Lahore {prop} (Lahore)  :: لاهور
lake {n} (body of water)  :: دریاچه /daryâče/
lakh {num} (one hundred thousand)  :: لک /lak/
Lakshmi {prop} (Hindu goddess of wealth)  :: لاکشمی /lâkšmi/
lamb {n} (young sheep)  :: بره /barre, bare/
lambda {n} (name of the Greek letter)  :: لاندا /landâ/
lammergeier {n} (bird)  :: هما /homâ/
lamp {n} (device producing light)  :: لامپ /lâmp/
lamp {n} (oil device producing light)  :: چراغ /čerâğ/
lamp {n}  :: چراغ /ćarāg/
lampshade {n} (cover over a lamp)  :: آباژور /âbâžur/
land {n} (country or region)  :: سرزمین /sarzamin/, کشور /kešvar/, بوم /bum/, سامان /sâmân/
land {n} (part of Earth which is not covered by oceans or other bodies of water)  :: سرزمین /sarzamin/
-land {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix))  :: ـستان /-/e/stân/
landlord {n} (person who owns and rents land such as a house, apartment, or condo)  :: صاحبخانه /sâhebxâne/
lane {n} (passageway)  :: کوچه /kuče/
language {n} (computer language (see also computer language))  :: زبان /zabân/
language {n} (system of communication using words or symbols)  :: زبان /zabân/
Lankaran {prop} (a city in Azerbaijan)  :: لنکران /Lankarân/
lantern {n} (case of transparent material made to protect a flame, or light)  :: فانوس /fânus/, لنتر /lanter/
Lao {n} (person)  :: لائوسی /lâosi/
Laocoön {prop} (The Trojan and the Argonaut)  :: لائوکوئون
Laos {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: لائوس /lâ'os/
lapidation {n} (act of stoning, sometimes to the point of death)  :: سنگسار /sangsâr/, رجم /rajm/
lapis lazuli {n} (precious blue stone)  :: لاجورد /lâjvard/
laptop {n} (computing: a laptop computer)  :: لپ‌تاپ /laptâp/
larceny {n} (law: larcenous act)  :: دزدی /dozdi/
larceny {n} (law: unlawful taking of personal property)  :: دزدی /dozdi/
larch {n} (a coniferous tree)  :: سیاه‌کاج /sikj/
lard {n} (fat from the abdomen of a pig)  :: پیه خوک /pih-e xuk/
large {adj} (of greater size, see also: big)  :: بزرگ /bozorg/, گنده /gonde/
lark {n} (bird)  :: چکاوک /čakâvak/
larva {n} (an animal in such stage of growth)  :: لارو /lârv/
larva {n} (a stage of growth)  :: لارو /lârv/
larynx {n} (the organ)  :: حنجره /hanjare/
lasagna {n} (baked dish)  :: لازانیا /lâzânyâ/
lasagna {n} (flat sheet of pasta)  :: لازانیا /lâzânyâ/
laser {n} (device producing beam of light)  :: لیزر
lasso {n} (a long rope with a sliding loop)  :: کمند /kamand/
last {adj} (Final)  :: آخَر /âxer/
last resort {n} (The only remaining option)  :: آخرین حربه
last year {adv} (year before this one)  :: پارسال /pârsâl/
latch {n} (fastening for a door)  :: کلون /kolun/
late {adj} (near the end of a period of time)  :: دیر /dir/
late {adv} (proximate in time)  :: دیر /dir/
latent {adj} (existing or present but concealed or inactive)  :: نهفته /nahofteh/
later {adv} (afterward in time)  :: دیرتر /dirtar/
later {adv} (at some unspecified time in the future)  :: بعداً /ba'dan/, بعدتر /ba'dtar/
later {adv} (more late)  :: دیرتر /dirtar/
lath {n}  :: توفال /tufâl/
Latin {prop} (language of the ancient Romans)  :: زبان لاتین /zabân-e Lâtin/, لاتین /Lâtin/
Latin America {prop} (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish or Portuguese)  :: آمریکای لاتین
latter {adj} (relating to or being the second of two items)  :: دومی /dovvomi/
Latvia {prop} (Republic of Latvia)  :: لتونی /Letuni/
Latvian {adj} (pertaining to Latvia or the Latvian language)  :: لاتویایی /Latviyayi/
Latvian {n} (language)  :: لاتویایی /lâtviyâyi/
Latvian {n} (person)  :: لاتویایی /lâtviyâyi/
laugh {v} (show mirth by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face and emission of sounds)  :: خندیدن /xandidan/
laughter {n} (sound (as) of laughing)  :: خنده /xande/
laundry {n} (laundering; washing)  :: رختشویی /raxtšu'i/
laundry {n} (place or room where laundering is done)  :: رختشوی خانه /raxtšuy-xâne/
laundry {n} (that which needs to be laundered)  :: رخت /raxt/
lava {n} (melted rock)  :: گدازه
lavash {n} (a soft, thin flatbread)  :: لواش /lavâš/
lavender {adj} (colour)  :: بنفش روشن /banafsh-e roshan/
lavender {n} (plant)  :: استوخودوس /ostoxodus/, لاواند /lâvând/
law {n} (body of rules and standards to be applied by courts)  :: قانون /qânun/
law {n} (body of rules from the legislative authority)  :: قانون /qânun/
law {n} (observed physical behavior)  :: قانون /qânun/
law {n} (statement that is true under specified conditions)  :: قانون /qânun/
law {n} (written or understood rule)  :: داد /dâd/, قانون /qânun/
law {n}  :: قانون /qânun/
law of conservation of energy {n} (total energy remains constant)  :: قانون بقاء انرژی
lawyer {n} (professional person authorized to practice law)  :: وکیل /vakil/
layer {n} (single thickness of some material covering a surface)  :: لایه /lâye/
Lazio {prop} (Italian province)  :: لاتزیو /latzio/
lazy {adj} (unwilling to work)  :: تَنبَل /tanbal/, لس /las/
lazy ass {adj} ((vulgar, slang) lazy)  :: کون‌تنبل /kun-tambal/, کون‌گشاد /kun-gošâd/
lazy ass {n} ((vulgar, slang) lazy person)  :: کون‌تنبل /kun-tambal/, کون‌گشاد /kun-gošâd/
LCD {initialism} (liquid crystal display)  :: ال‌سی‌دی /el-si-di/
lead {n} (chemical element)  :: سرب /sorb/
leader {n} (one having authority)  :: رهبر /rahbar/, لیدر /lider/
lead oxide {n} (yellow oxide of lead)  :: اکسید سرب /oksid-e sorb/
leaf {n} (part of a plant)  :: برگ /barg/
leaf {n} (sheet of a book)  :: برگ /barg/
leaf {n} (sheet of any substance beaten or rolled until very thin)  :: برگ /barg/
League of Nations {prop} (International organization)  :: جامعه ملل /jâme'e-ye melal/
leak {n} (hole which admits water or other fluid, or lets it escape)  :: نشت /našt/
lean {v} (to press against)  :: لمیدن /lamidan/
learn {v} (to acquire knowledge or ability)  :: یاد گرفتن /yâd gereftan/, آموختن /âmuxtan/
learning {n} (action of the verb)  :: یادگیری, تعلم /ta'allom/
lease {v} (to operate or live in some property or land through purchasing a long-term contract)  :: کرایه دادن /kerâya dâdan/
leather {adj} (made of leather)  :: چرمی /charmi/
leather {n} (material produced by tanning animal skin)  :: چرم /čarm/
leave {v} (To depart from, end one's connection or affiliation with)  :: رفتن /raftan/
leave {v} (To depart (intransitive))  :: رفتن /raftan/
leave me alone {phrase} (stop talking to me)  :: تنهایم بگذارید
Lebanon {prop} (Lebanese Republic)  :: لبنان /Lobnân/
lecture {n} (a spoken lesson)  :: سخنرانی
LED {n} (light-emitting diode)  :: ال‌ای‌دی /el-i-di/
leech {n} (annelid)  :: زالو /zâlu/, زروک /zoruk/
leek {n} (vegetable)  :: تره فرنگی /tare-farangi/
leer {v} (to look with sexual desire or malicious intent)  :: نگاه کج کردن
left {adj} (pertaining to the political left; liberal)  :: اشکلك /eškelak/
left {adj} (the west side of the body when one is facing north)  :: چپ /čap/
left {adv} (on the left side)  :: چپ /čap/, در سمت چپ /dar semet čap/
left {n} (the ensemble of left-wing political parties)  :: چپگرا /čapgerâ/
left {n} (the left side)  :: چپ /čap/
leftist {n} (a person who holds views associated with the political left)  :: چپ‌گرا /čap-garâ/
leg {n} (lower limb from groin to ankle)  :: پا /pâ/, لنگ /leng/
legally {adv} (as permitted by law)  :: قانوناً /qânunan/
legging {n} (leg covering)  :: زنگال /zangâl/, لگن /legen/
legion {n} (the major unit or division of the Roman army)  :: لژیون /ležion/
legislate {v} (to pass laws)  :: قانون گذاری
legislation {n} (law already enacted by legislature)  :: قانون
legislation {n} (the act of legislating)  :: قانون‌گذاری
legislator {n} (who creates or enacts laws)  :: قانون‌گذار /qânun-gozâr/
legislature {n} (governmental body)  :: مجلس, پارلمان
Lego {n} (toy brick)  :: لگو /legu, lego/
lemon {n} (citrus fruit)  :: لیمون /limun/, لیمو /limu/
lemonade {n} (still beverage)  :: لیموناد /limunâd/
length {n} (distance from end to end)  :: طول /tul/, درازا /derâzâ/
Lenin {prop} (Lenin)  :: لنین
Leningrad {prop} (name of Saint Petersburg, 1924-1991)  :: لنینگراد
lens {n} (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)  :: عدسی /adasi/
lens {n}  :: عدسی /addasi/
Lent {prop} (period of penitence for Christians before Easter)  :: چلّهٔ روزه /čelleh ruzeh/
lentil {n} (seed used as food)  :: عدس /'adas/
Leo {prop} (astrological sign)  :: شیر /šir/
leopard {n} (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus)  :: پلنگ /palang/
leprosy {n} (infectious disease caused by infection by Mycobacterium leprae)  :: خوره /xore/, جذام /jozâm/
lesbian {n} (female homosexual)  :: لزبین /lezbiyan/
less {adv} (to smaller extent)  :: کمتر
-less {suffix} (lacking (suffix))  :: [prefix] بی /bi-/
lesser {adj} (of two things, the smaller in size, value, importance etc)  :: کوچکتر /kōĉaktar/
lesser {adj} (the comparative of little)  :: کوچکتر /kōĉaktar/
Lesser Armenia {prop} (Lesser Armenia)  :: ارمنستان کوچک /Armanestân-e kučak/, ارمنیه صغری /armaniyye-ye soğrâ/ [dated]
lesson {n} (learning task assigned to a student)  :: تکلیف
lesson {n} (section of learning or teaching)  :: درس /dars/
let alone {conj} (to say nothing of)  :: چه برسه
let's go {interj} (hurry up)  :: بجنب /bejonb/
let's go {interj} (imperative)  :: بیا بریم /biyâ berim/
letter {n} (letter of the alphabet)  :: حرف /harf/, نویسه /nevisa/
letter {n} (written message)  :: نامه /nâme/
lettuce {n} (an edible plant, Lactuca)  :: کاهو /kāhu/
lettuce {n} (the leaves of the lettuce plant, eaten as a vegetable or dish)  :: کاهو /kāhu/
lever {n} (rigid piece)  :: اهرم /ahrom/
levin {n} (lightning)  :: آذرخش /âzaraxš/, صاعقه /sâeqe/
levitation {n}  :: معراج, شناورى
lexical {adj} (of a language's vocabulary)  :: لغوی
lexicography {n} (art or craft of writing dictionaries)  :: فرهنگ‌نویسی /farhang-navisi/
Lezgi {n} (member of an ethnic group)  :: لزگی /Lezgi/
Lezgi {prop} (language)  :: لزگی /Lezgi/
liar {n} (one who tells lies)  :: دروغگو /doruğgu/, کذاب /kazzâb/
liberate {v} (to free)  :: آزاد کردن /âzâd kardan/
Liberia {prop} (country in Western Africa)  :: لیبریا
liberty {n} (condition of being free)  :: آزادی
libido {n} (sexual urges or drives)  :: لیبیدو /libido, libidu/
Libra {prop} (astrological sign)  :: ترازو /tarâzu/
librarian {n} (one who cares for the publications etc. in a library)  :: کتابدار /ketâbdâr/
librarian {n} (the manager of a library)  :: کتابدار /ketâbdâr/
library {n} (institution which holds books etc.)  :: کتابخانه /ketâbxâne/
library {n}  :: کتابخانه
Libya {prop} (country in Northern Africa)  :: لیبی /Libi/
license {n} (academic degree)  :: لیسانس /lisâns/
license {n} (legal document giving official permission to do something)  :: لیسانس /lisâns/
license {n} (legal terms of product usage)  :: لیسانس /lisâns/
lick {n} (the act of licking)  :: لیس /lis/
lick {v} (to stroke with a tongue)  :: لیسیدن /lisidan/
lid {n} (top or cover)  :: درپوش /darpuš/, در /dar/
lie {n} (intentionally false statement)  :: دروغ /doruğ/
lie {v} (be in horizontal position)  :: دراز کشیدن /derâz kešidan/
lie {v} (tell an intentional untruth)  :: دروغ گفتن /doruğ goftan/
Liechtenstein {prop} (Principality of Liechtenstein)  :: لیختن‌اشتاین /Lixteneštâyn/
lie down {v} (assume a reclining position)  :: خوابیدن /xâbidan/
lieutenant {n}  :: ستوان /sotvân/
life {n} (a status given to entities which have the properties of replication and metabolism)  :: زندگی /zenda/e/gi/
life {n} (A worthwhile existence)  :: زندگی /zenda/e/gi/
life {n} (duration)  :: دوره /dora/e
life {n} (life sentence)  :: دوره /dora/e
life {n} (something inherently part of a person's existence)  :: زندگی /zenda/e/gi/
life {n} (the essence of the manifestation and the foundation of the being)  :: زندگی /zenda/e/gi/, ماندگاری /māndegāri/
life {n} (The state between birth and death)  :: زندگی /zendegi/, زنده /zenda/e
life {n} (The world in general, existence)  :: زیست /zist/, هستی /hasi/
life {n}  :: زِندِگی /zendegi/
life cycle {n} (course of stages through which an organism passes)  :: چرخه حیات /سالار/
life jacket {n} (An article of protective clothing)  :: جلیقه ی نجات /jelighe ye nejat/
lift {n} (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)  :: آسانسور /âsânsor/
Liège {prop} (province in Belgium)  :: لیژ /Liež/
light {adj} (having light)  :: روشن /rowšan/
light {adj} (low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt, etc.)  :: سبک /sabok/
light {adj} (of low weight)  :: سَبُک /sabok/
light {n} (electromagnetic wave)  :: نور /nur/, فروغ /fruĝ/, شید /šid/, رخش /roxš/
light {n} (source of light)  :: چراغ /çeraĝ/
light {n} (spiritual truth)  :: روشنی /rošani/
light {v} (to illuminate)  :: افروختن /afrōxtan/, روشن کردن /rowšan kardan/
light {v} (to start (a fire))  :: افروختن /afrōxtan/, روشن کردن /rowšan kardan/
lighter {n} (fire making device)  :: فندک /fandak/
lighthouse {n} (building containing a light to warn or guide ships)  :: فانوس دریایی /fânus-e daryâyi/
lightning {n} (flash of light)  :: صاعقه /sâ'eqe/, برق /barq/, آذرخش /âzaraxš/, ابرنجک /abranjak/
lightspeed {n} (the speed of light)  :: سرعت نور /sor'at-e nur/
light year {n} (astronomical distance)  :: سال نوری /sâl-e nuri/
like {adv} (such as)  :: مثل /mesl/
like {prep} (somewhat similar to)  :: مثل /mesl-e/, مانند /mânand/
like {v} (enjoy)  :: دوست داشتن /dust dâštan/, از ... خوش... آمدن /az ... xoš-... âmadan/
like father, like son {proverb} (a son will have traits similar to his father)  :: پسر کو ندارد نشان از پدر
lilac {n} (flower)  :: یاس شیروانی /yâs-e širvâni/
lilac {n} (shrub)  :: یاس شیروانی /yâs-e širvâni/
lily {n} (flower in the genus Lilium)  :: سوسن /sousan/
lime {n}  :: گچ /gac/
limestone {n} (abundant rock of marine and fresh-water sediments)  :: سنگ آهک /sang âhak/
limit {n} (mathematics: value to which a sequence converges)  :: حد
limousine {n} (A luxury sedan/saloon car)  :: لیموزین
limp {v} (To walk lamely, as if favouring one leg)  :: شلیدن /šalidan/
Lincoln {prop} (a city, a surname)  :: لینکلن /linkoln/
line {n} (geometry: infinite one-dimensional figure)  :: خط
line {n} (path through two or more points, threadlike mark)  :: خط /xat/
lineage {n} (descent)  :: تبار /tabâr/
lingerie {n} (women's underwear or nightclothes)  :: زیر پوشی زن /zīr pūši zan/
lingua franca {n} (common language)  :: زبان میانجی /zabân-e miyânji/
linguist {n} (one who studies linguistics)  :: زبان‌شناس /zaban-shenas/
linguistics {n} (scientific study of language)  :: زبان‌شناسی /zabān-šenāsi/
link {n} (computing: connection between busses or systems)  :: پیوند /peyvand/, اتصال /ettesâl/
link {n} (computing: hyperlink)  :: پیوند /peyvand/, لینک /link/
link {n} (connection)  :: پیوند /peyvand/
link {n} (element of a chain)  :: حلقه /halghe/
link {v} (connect things)  :: پیوستن /peyvastan/
link {v} (to contain a hyperlink to another page)  :: پیوند /peyvand/
lion {n} (big cat Panthera leo)  :: شیر /šir, šēr/
lion {n} (person with strength and courage)  :: شیردل /šīrdel/
lip {n} (fleshy protrusion framing the mouth)  :: لب /lab/
lipstick {n} (make-up for the lips)  :: رژ لب /rož-e lab/, ماتیک /mâtik/
liquefy {v} (make into a liquid)  :: ذوب كردن: تبديل به مايع كردن
liqueur {n} (a flavored alcoholic beverage)  :: لیکور /likor/
liquid {n} (substance that is liquid)  :: مایع /mâye'/, آبگونه /âbgune/
liquor {n} (strong alcoholic drink derived from fermentation and distillation)  :: عرق /'araq/
Lisbon {prop} (capital of Portugal)  :: لیسبون /Lisbon/
list {n} (computing: codified representation of a list)  :: فهرست /fehrest/
list {n} (register or roll of paper)  :: فهرست /fehrest/, سیاهه /siaheh/, لیست /list/
list {v} (to create or recite a list)  :: فهرست کردن /fehrest kardan/
listen {v} (to hear (something))  :: شنیدن /šenidan/
listen {v} (to pay attention to a sound)  :: نیوشیدن /niyušidan/, گوش دادن /guš dâdan/, گوش کردن /guš kardan/
literary {adj} (relating to literature)  :: ادبی /adabi/
literary criticism {n} (study, discussion, evaluation, and interpretation)  :: نقد ادبی
literature {n} (body of all written works)  :: ادبیات, ادب /adab/
lithium {n} (chemical element)  :: لیتیم
Lithuania {prop} (country)  :: لیتوانی /Litvâni/
Lithuanian {prop} (language)  :: لیتوانیایی /litvâniyâyi/
litmus {n} (dyestuff from lichen)  :: تورنسل /tornesol/
litre {n} (unit of fluid measure)  :: لیتر /litr/
little {adj} (small in size)  :: کوچک /kuček/, خرد /xord/, که /kah/
little {adv} (not much)  :: کم /kam/
little by little {adv} (a small amount at a time)  :: کم‌کم /kam-kam/
live {v} (be alive)  :: زندگی کردن /zendegi kardan/, زیستن /zistan/
live {v} (have permanent residence)  :: زندگی کردن /zendegi kardan/
live {v}  :: زِندِگی کَردَن /zendegi kærdæn/
liver {n} (organ as food)  :: جگر /jegar/
liver {n} (organ of the body)  :: کبد /kabed/
Liverpool {prop} (Liverpool, England)  :: لیورپول /līværpūl/
liver sausage {n} (spreadable sausage)  :: جگرآکند /jegarâkand/
living room {n} (room in a private house)  :: نشیمن /nešiman/, پذیرائی /pazirâ'i/
lizard {n} (Reptile)  :: مارمولک /mârmolak/
llama {n} (South Americal mammal of the camel family, Llama glama)  :: شتر بیکوهان /šotor-e bikohan/
loader {n} (person or device that loads)  :: لودر
loader {n} (tractor with a scoop)  :: لودر /loder/
loan {n} (borrowed sum of money or other valuables)  :: قرض /qarz/, وام /vâm/
loanword {n} (word taken from another language)  :: دخیل /daxil/, وام‌واژه /vâmvâže/
lobster {n} (crustacean)  :: خرچنگ دریایی
local {adj} (of a nearby location)  :: محلی /mahalli/
local derby {n} (a sports match between local rival teams)  :: دربی /derbi/, شهرآورد /šahrâvard/
lock {n} (something used for fastening)  :: قفل /qofl/
locomotive {n} (self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails)  :: لوکوموتیو /lokomotiv/
lodge {n} (local chapter of freemasons)  :: لژ /lož/
loess {n} (sediment of eolian origin)  :: بادرفت
log {n}  :: ثبت کردن وقایع, کنده, قطعه ایازدرخت که اره نشده, سرعت سنجکشتی, کارنامه, صورت عملیات, سفرنامه کشتی, گزارش سفرنامه کشتی, گزارش سفرهواپیما, گزارش روزانه عملیات هیئت یاعملیات موتوریاماشین وغیره, کندن کنده درخت, درسفرنامه واردکردن
logic {n} (any system of thought, irrespective of its rigor or productiveness)  :: منطق /manteq/
logic {n} (mathematical study)  :: منطق /manteq/
logic {n} (method of human thought)  :: منطق /manteq/
log out {v} (to exit an account in a computing system)  :: خارج شدن /xârej šodan/
-logy {suffix} (branch of learning)  :: ‌شناسی /-šenâsi/, ـلوژی /-loži/
London {prop} (in the United Kingdom)  :: لندن /landan/
lonely {adj} (of person: dejected by feelings)  :: تنها /tanhâ/, بی‌کس /bi-kas/
long {adj} (having much distance from one point to another)  :: دراز /derâz/, طولانی /tulâni/
long {adj}  :: بُلَند /bolænd/
long live {v} (prosper)  :: زنده باد /zende bâd/, جاوید /jâvid/
long story short {adv} (Introducing a short version of, or simply the conclusion of, an involved story)  :: خلاصه ، القصه ، آخر سر اینکه
long time no see {interj} (idiomatic: I haven't seen you for a long time)  :: مشتاق دیدار /مدت زیادی بود ندیده بودمت/
loofah {n} (tropical vine)  :: پیلگوش /pilguš/
look {v} (to search)  :: جستن /jostan/
look {v} (to try to see)  :: نگاه کردن /negâh kardan/, نگریستن /negaristan/
look {v}  :: دیدَن /didæn/, بین /bin/
look for {v} (search; seek)  :: جستجو کردن /jostoju kardan/
look forward to {v} (anticipate, expect, or wait for)  :: مشتاق بودن /moshtagh boodan/
loose {adj} (not compact)  :: سست /sost/
loose {adj} (not fitting tightly)  :: گشاد /gošâd/
loose {adj} (not fixed tightly)  :: لق /laq/
lord {n} (master of a household)  :: کدخدا /kadxodâ/
lord {n} (property owner)  :: ارباب /arbâb/
lord {n} (ruler, one having mastery over others)  :: سرور /sarvar/
lord {n} (titled nobleman)  :: لرد /lord/
lord {n}  :: خدا /xodā/
Lord {prop} (God)  :: اهورا /ahurâ/
Los Angeles {prop} (largest city in California)  :: لس‌آنجلس
lose {v} (cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability)  :: گم کردن /gom kardan/
lose {v} (have (somebody of one's kin) die)  :: از دست دادن /az dast dâdan/
lose {v} (informal: shed, remove, discard, eliminate)  :: زدودن /zodudan/, دور انداختن /dūr andāxtan/
lose {v} ((transitive) fail to win)  :: باختن /bâxtan/
loser {n} (person who fails to win)  :: بازنده /bâzande/
loss {n} (instance of losing)  :: باخت /bâxt/
loss {n} (something lost)  :: زیان /ziyân/
loss of face {n} (loss of respect of others)  :: بی‌آبرویی /bi-âb/e/ruyi/
lost {adj} (unable to find one's way)  :: مفقود /mafqud/, گم‌ /gom/
lost {adj} (with location unknown)  :: مفقود /mafqud/
lotion {n} (ointment that one rubs on the skin)  :: لوسیون /losyon/
lottery {n} (scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance)  :: بخت‌آزمایی /baxt-âzmâyi/, لاتاری /lâtâri/
lotus {n} (flower, Nelumbo)  :: نیلوفر آبی /nilufar-e âbi/, لوتوس /lotus/
Louis {prop} (male given name)  :: لوئیس /Luis/
Louisiana {prop} (US state)  :: لوئیزیانا
louse {n} (insect)  :: شِپِش /šepeš/
Louvre {prop} (an art museum in France)  :: لوور /Luvr/
love {n} (darling or sweetheart)  :: عزیز /'aziz/, دلبر /delbar/, جان /jân/
love {n} (romantic feelings)  :: عشق /'ešq/, مهر /mehr/
love {n} (strong affection)  :: عشق /'ešq/, مهر /mehr/
love {v} (have a strong affection for)  :: دوست داشتن /dust dâštan/, عشق داشتن /'ešq dâštan/, عاشق بودن /'âšeq budan/, مهر ورزیدن /mehr varzidan/
lover {n} (one who loves another person)  :: عاشق /'âšeq/, دوستدار /doostdar/, خاطرخواه /khater-khah/, دلداده /deldâde/
lover {n} (person who loves something)  :: عاشق /'âšeq/
low {adj} (in a position comparatively close to the ground)  :: پست /past/
low {adj} (small in height)  :: کوتاه /kutâh/
Lua {prop} (a programming language (transliterations))  :: لوآ /Luâ/
Lucas {prop} (surname)  :: لوکاس /Lukâs/
lucky {adj} (being good by chance)  :: خوش‌شانس /xoššâns/
Lucy {prop} (female given name)  :: لوسی /Lusi/
luge {n} (A racing sled)  :: لوژ /luž/
luge {n} (The sport of racing on luges)  :: لوژسواری /luž-savâri/
luggage {n} (traveller's containers)  :: چمدان /čamedân/
Luke {prop} (evangelist)  :: لوقا /Luqâ/
Luke {prop} (given name)  :: لوکاس /Lukâs/
lukewarm {adj} (temperature)  :: ولرم /velarm/
lull {v} (to cause to rest)  :: لالا کردن /lâlâ kardan/
lullaby {n} (a soothing song to lull children to sleep)  :: لالایی /lâlâyi/
lumber {n} (wood as building material)  :: الوار /alvâr/
lump {n} (something that protrudes, sticks out, or sticks together; a cluster or blob; a mound, hill, or group)  :: قلمبه /qolombe/
lunar {adj} (of, or pertaining to, the moon)  :: قمری /qamari/, مهشیدی /mahšidi/
lunar eclipse {n} (when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon)  :: ماه‌گرفتگی, خسوف
lunch {n} (meal around midday)  :: ناهار /nâhâr/
lung {n} (organ that extracts oxygen from the air)  :: ریه /riye/, شش /šoš/
lush {adj} (dense, teeming with life)  :: سرسبز /sarsabz/
lust {n} (strong desire, especially of a sexual nature)  :: شهوت و ميل شديد
luster {n} (refinement, polish or quality)  :: درخشش
lute {n} (stringed instrument)  :: لوت /lut/, بربط /barbat/
Luxembourg {prop} (country, city, province, district)  :: لوکزامبورگ /Lukzâmburg/
luxury {n} (something very pleasant but not really needed in life)  :: لوکس /lus/
luxury {n} (very wealthy and comfortable surroundings)  :: لوکس /luks/
Luzon {prop} (largest island of the Philippines)  :: لوزون /Luzon/
Lydia {prop} (biblical woman)  :: لیدیا /Lidiyâ/
Lydia {prop} (female given name)  :: لیدیا /Lidiyâ/
Lydia {prop} (historical region)  :: لیدیه /Lidiye/
lye {n}  :: آب قلیائی
lynx {n} (wild cat)  :: وشق /vašaq/, سیاه‌گوش /siyâh-guš/
Lyons {prop} (a city in France)  :: لیون /Liyon/
lyre {n} (a stringed musical instrument)  :: چنگ