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oak {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus)  :: dub {m}
oak {n} (wood)  :: dub {m}
oak apple {n} (oak gall) SEE: oak gall  ::
oak tree {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus) SEE: oak  ::
oakwood {n} (wood populated with oaks)  :: doubrava {f}, dubina {f}, doubravina {f}
oar {n} (implement used to row a boat)  :: veslo {n}, pádlo {n}
oar {v} (to row) SEE: row  ::
oarsman {n} (man who rows a boat)  :: veslař {m}
oasis {n} (quiet or peaceful place)  :: oáza {f}
oasis {n} (well surrounded by fertile region)  :: oáza {f}
oat {n} (a widely cultivated cereal grass)  :: oves {m}
oat {n} (seeds of the oat) SEE: oats  ::
oath {n} (affirmed statement)  :: přísaha {f}, slib {m}
oath {n} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
oath {n} (solemn pledge)  :: přísaha {f}
Obadiah {prop} (book of the Old Testament)  :: Abdiáš {m}, Abdijáš {m}
obedience {n} (quality of being obedient)  :: poslušnost {f}
obedient {adj} (willing to comply with commands)  :: poslušný {m}
obelisk {n} (A tall, square, tapered, stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point)  :: obelisk {m}
obese {adj} (extremely overweight)  :: obézní
obesity {n} (act or state of being obese)  :: obezita {f}, otylost {f}
obey {v} (to be obedient, compliant)  :: být v souladu
obey {v} (to do as one is told)  :: podřídit se, řídit se (čím)
obey {v} (to do as ordered by)  :: poslouchat
obituary {n} (biography of a recently deceased person)  :: nekrolog {m}
object {n} (in grammar)  :: předmět {m}
object {n} (thing)  :: předmět {m}, objekt {m}
object {v} (disagree with something or someone)  :: namítnout
object code {n} (output of a compiler or assembler)  :: objektový kód {m}
objection {n} (act of objecting)  :: námitka {f}
objection {n} (official protest raised in a court of law)  :: námitka
objection {n} (statement expressing opposition)  :: námitka {f}
objective {adj} (based on observed fact)  :: objektivní
objective {n} (goal)  :: záměr {m}, cíl {m}
objective {n} (lens)  :: objektiv {m}
objective function {n} (mathematical function)  :: účelová funkce {f}, cílová funkce {f}
objectivism {n}  :: objektivismus {m}
object-oriented {adj} (using entities called objects)  :: objektově orientovaný
object-oriented programming {n} (programming paradigm that uses objects to design application and computer programs)  :: objektově orientované programování {n}
oblast {n} (region or province)  :: oblast {f}
obligation {n} (social, legal, or moral requirement)  :: závazek {m}
obligatory {adj}  :: povinný {m} [mandatory], závazný {m} [binding]
oblique case {n} (any noun case except the nominative (and vocative))  :: objektiv {m}
obliquity {n} (quality of being obscure) SEE: obscurity  ::
oblivion {n} (state of being completely forgotten)  :: zapomnění {n}
oblivion {n} (state of forgetfulness or distraction)  :: zapomnění {n}
oblivious {adj} (failing to remember)  :: neuvědomující si
oblivious {adj} (unaware)  :: nevšímavý {m}, nevědomý {m}, nesoustředěný {m}
oboe {n} (wind instrument)  :: hoboj
oboist {n} (performer on the oboe)  :: hobojista {m}
obscene {adj} (offensive to current standards of decency or morality)  :: sprostý
obscenity {n} (something that is obscene)  :: oplzlost {f}
obscurantism {n} (deliberate obscurity or vagueness)  :: obskurantismus {m}
obscure {adj} (dark, faint or indistinct)  :: [dark] temný {m}, [indistinct] nezřetelný {m}
obsequious {adj} (fawning, subservient)  :: podlézavý
observable {adj} (able to be observed)  :: pozorovatelný {m}
observance {n} (practice of complying)  :: dodržování {n}
observant {adj} (Alert and paying close attention)  :: všímavý
observation {n} (act of observing or being observed)  :: pozorování {n}
observation wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel  ::
observatory {n} (lookout) SEE: lookout  ::
observatory {n} (place where celestial bodies or natural phenomena are observed)  :: hvězdárna {f}, observatoř {f}
observe {v} (to comment)  :: podotknout, poznamenat
observe {v} (to follow)  :: dodržovat
observe {v} (to notice, to watch)  :: pozorovat
observe {v} (to observe) SEE: notice  ::
observer {n} (he who makes observations, monitors or takes notice)  :: pozorovatel {m}
obsessed {adj} (fixated on a single topic or emotion)  :: posedlý
obsession {n} (compulsive or irrational preoccupation)  :: posedlost {n}, obsese {f}
obsession {n} (unhealthy fixation)  :: posedlost {n}, obsese {f}
obsidian {n} (a type of black glass produced by volcanoes)  :: obsidián {m}
obstacle {n} (something that impedes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress)  :: překážka {f}
obstetrics {n} (care of women during and after pregnancy)  :: porodnictví {n}
obstinate {adj} (adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course, usually unreasonably)  :: tvrdohlavý
obtain {v} (to get hold of, acquire)  :: získat
obtuse {adj} (of a triangle) SEE: obtuse-angled  ::
obtuse angle {n} (angle that is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees)  :: tupý úhel {m}
obtuse-angled triangle {n} (obtuse triangle) SEE: obtuse triangle  ::
obverse {n} (the heads side of a coin, or the side of a medal or badge that has the principal)  :: líc {m}
obvious {adj} (easily discovered or understood; self-explanatory)  :: zřejmý {m}, samozřejmý
obviously {adv} (in an obvious manner; clearly apparent)  :: zjevně
ocarina {n} (a musical instrument)  :: okarína {f}
Occam's razor {n} (both principles)  :: Occamova břitva {f}
occasion {n} (favorable opportunity)  :: příležitost {f}
occasion {v} (give occasion to)  :: zapříčinit
occasional {adj} (limited to certain occasions; not very often)  :: příležitostný, občasný
occasionally {adv} (from time to time; now and then; once in a while; at infrequent intervals)  :: občas, příležitostně
occipital {adj} (of or pertaining to the occiput (back of the head) or the occipital bone)  :: týlní, okcipitální
occipital bone {n} (bone at the back of the skull)  :: týlní kost {f}
occipital lobe {n} (Division of cerebrum)  :: týlní lalok {m}
occiput {n} (back of the head or skull)  :: týl {m}
Occitan {prop} (the Romance language)  :: okcitánština {f}
occupant {n} (person sitting in a vehicle)  :: cestující {m} {f}
occupant {n} (person who occupies a place or a position)  :: okupant {m}
occupation {n} (activity or task with which one occupies oneself)  :: zaměstnání {n}
occupation {n} (control of a country or region by a hostile army)  :: obsazení {n}, okupace {f}
occupied {adj} (militarily subjugated)  :: okupovaný
occupied {adj} (reserved)  :: obsazený
occupier {n} (one who occupies)  :: okupant {m}
occupy {v} (have (taken) control of)  :: obsadit
occupy {v} (time or space)  :: obsadit
occupy {v} (to occupy) SEE: consume  ::
occur {v} (meet or come to the mind)  :: napadnout
occur {v} (present itself)  :: vyskytnout se, naskytnout se
occur {v} (take place)  :: nastat, udát se, stát se, odehrát se, dít se
occurrence {n} (actual instance where a situation arises)  :: výskyt {m}
ocean {n} (one of the large bodies of water)  :: oceán {m}
oceangoing {adj} (oceangoing) SEE: ocean-going  ::
Oceania {prop} (geographical region)  :: Oceánie {f}
oceanic trench {n} (depression of the sea floor)  :: podmořský příkop {m}
oceanic whitetip shark {n} (Carcharhinus longimanus)  :: žralok dlouhoploutvý {m}
oceanographer {n} (person who studies oceanography, the science of oceans)  :: oceánograf {m}
oceanographical {adj} (oceanographical) SEE: oceanographic  ::
oceanography {n} (oceanic exploration and study)  :: oceánografie {f}
oceanology {n} (oceanography) SEE: oceanography  ::
ocelot {n} (feline carnivore)  :: ocelot {m}
ochre {adj} (having yellow-orange colour)  :: okrový
ochre {n} (yellowish-orange colour)  :: okr {m}
octagenarian {n} (octogenarian) SEE: octogenarian  ::
octagon {n} (polygon with eight sides and eight angles)  :: osmiúhelník {m}
octahedron {n} (a polyhedron with eight faces)  :: osmistěn {m}, oktaedr {m}
octal {adj} (concerning numbers expressed in octal or mathematics calculations performed using octal)  :: osmičkový
octameter {n} (A line of verse)  :: oktametr
octangular {adj} (octagonal) SEE: octagonal  ::
octet {n} (byte of eight bits) SEE: byte  ::
October {prop} (tenth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: říjen {m}
octogenarian {n} (One who is between the age of 80 and 89, inclusive)  :: osmdesátník {m}
octopus {n} (mollusc)  :: chobotnice {f}
octothorpe {n} (octothorpe) SEE: hash  ::
ocular {adj} (of or relating to the eye)  :: oční
ocular {adj} (seen by the eye) SEE: visual  ::
oculist {n} (ophthalmologist) SEE: ophthalmologist  ::
oculist {n} (optometrist) SEE: optometrist  ::
odd {adj} (not divisible by two)  :: lichý {m}
odd {n} (odd number) SEE: odd number  ::
oddball {n} (eccentric person)  :: podivín {m}
odd duck {n} (strange bird) SEE: strange bird  ::
odds {n} (the ratio of the probabilities of an event happening to that of it not happening)  :: šance {f}
odds {n} (the ratio of winnings to stake in betting situations)  :: kurs {m}
ode {n} (a short poetical composition)  :: óda {f}
Oder {prop} (river)  :: Odra {f}
Odesa {prop} (Odessa) SEE: Odessa  ::
Odessa {prop} (Ukrainian city)  :: Oděsa {f}
Odia {prop} (Oriya) SEE: Oriya  ::
odontocete {n} (toothed whale) SEE: toothed whale  ::
odontogenic {adj} (originating in the tissues of the teeth)  :: odontogenní
odor {n} (any smell) SEE: odour  ::
odoriferous {adj} (having an odor) SEE: odorous  ::
odour {n} (Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume)  :: vůně {f}
odourless {adj} (odourless) SEE: odorless  ::
oedema {n} (edema) SEE: edema  ::
Oedipean {adj} (relating to Oedipus or the Oedipus complex)  :: oidipovský
Oedipus complex {n} (Freudian theory)  :: oidipovský komplex {m}
oeillade {n} (glance, ogle)  :: pohled {m}
oenologist {n} (an expert in the science of oenology)  :: enolog
oenology {n} (scientific study of wines)  :: enologie {f}
oesophagus {n} (the tube that carries food from the pharynx to the stomach)  :: jícen {m}
of {prep} (containing, comprising or made from)  :: z
of {prep} (possessive genitive: belonging to)  :: z, ze
of age {adj} (old enough to be considered an adult)  :: plnoletý
of course {adv} (naturally)  :: samozřejmě
off {adv} (in a direction away from the speaker or object)  :: pryč
offal {n} (animal's organs as food)  :: vnitřnosti {f-p}
offal {n} (carrion) SEE: carrion  ::
offal {n} (dead body) SEE: corpse  ::
offal {n} (refuse) SEE: refuse  ::
offence {n} (offense) SEE: offense  ::
offend {v} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
offend {v} (to hurt the feelings)  :: urazit
offender {n} (a person who commits an offense against the law)  :: zločinec {m}
offense {n}  :: urážka {f}
offensive {adj} (causing offense)  :: urážlivý {m}
offensive {n} (an attack)  :: ofenzíva {f}, útok {m}
offer {n} (law: invitation to enter binding contract)  :: nabídka {f}
offer {n} (proposal)  :: nabídka {f}
offer {n} (something put forth)  :: nabídka {f}
offer {v} (place at disposal)  :: nabídnout
offer {v} (propose)  :: nabídnout
offer one's condolences {v} (offer sympathy to someone who has recently experienced the loss of a loved one)  :: upřímnou soustrast
office {n} (kindness) SEE: good offices  ::
office {n} (major governmental division)  :: úřad {m}
office {n} (position of responsibility)  :: funkce {f}
office {n} (room(s) or building used for non-manual work)  :: kancelář {f} [room]
office chair {n} (desk chair used in an office)  :: kancelářská židle {f}, ergonomická židle {f}
officer {n} (contraction of the term "commissioned officer")  :: důstojník {m}
officer {n} (one who has a position of authority in a hierarchical organization)  :: funkcionář
official {adj} (appointed to be used in medicine) SEE: officinal  ::
official {adj} (relating to an office; especially, to a subordinate executive officer or attendant)  :: oficiální
official {n} (office holder invested with powers and authorities)  :: funkcionář {m}
officialese {n} (bureaucratese) SEE: bureaucratese  ::
officially {adv} (in an official manner)  :: oficiálně
off-licence {n} (liquor store) SEE: liquor store  ::
offline {adj} (of a system, not connected to a larger network)  :: offline, nepřipojený
offset {n} (offset printing)  :: ofset {m}
offshoot {n}  :: odnož {f}
offside {adj} (in an illegal position ahead of the ball)  :: ofsajdový {m}
offside {n} (offside play)  :: ofsajd {m}, postavení mimo hru {n}
offspring {n} (plural or collective offspring (only males, only females, both sexes or sex unspecified))  :: potomstvo {n}
offspring {n} (singular offspring (male, female or sex unspecified))  :: potomstvo {n}
off the top of one's head {adv} (in an extemporaneous manner; without careful thought, preparation, or investigation)  :: (jen tak) z hlavy, (takhle) z hlavy, (takhle) z fleku
of late {prep} (recently)  :: nedávno
of record {prep} (authoritative) SEE: authoritative  ::
often {adv} (frequently, many times)  :: často
oftenly {adv} (often) SEE: often  ::
oftentimes {adv} (frequently)  :: častokrát
oftentimes {adv} (repeatedly)  :: mnohdy
ogre {n} (brutish giant)  :: obr lidožrout {m}, zlobr {m}
oh {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: ach
Ohio {prop} (river)  :: Ohio {n}
Ohio {prop} (U.S. state)  :: Ohio {n}
ohm {n} (the derived unit of electrical resistance)  :: ohm {m}
oh my {interj} (good heavens) SEE: good heavens  ::
oh my God {interj} (excitement or shock)  :: ó můj bože
oi {interj} (exclamation to get attention) SEE: hey  ::
oikonym {n} (toponym denoting a settlement or its part)  :: oikonymum {n}
oil {n} (liquid fat)  :: olej {m}
oil {n} (petroleum-based liquid)  :: nafta {m}
oil {v} (lubricate with oil)  :: naolejovat
oiler {n} (oil well) SEE: oil well  ::
oiler {n} (ship) SEE: oil tanker  ::
oil painting {n} (art of painting with oil paints)  :: olejomalba {f}
oil rig {n} (oil-drilling platform)  :: ropná plošina {f}
oil-seed camellia {n} (Camellia oleifera) SEE: tea oil camellia  ::
oilskin {n} (cloth made from cotton treated to make it waterproof)  :: voskované plátno {n}
oilskin {n} (foul-weather gear worn by sailors)  :: voskované plátno {n}
oil spot {n} (a spot consisting of oil)  :: ropná skvrna {f}
oil well {n} (hole drilled into the earth from which petroleum is pumped)  :: ropný vrt {m}
oily {adj} (covered with or containing oil)  :: olejnatý
oily {adj} (excessively friendly or polite)  :: podlézavý
oily {adj} (relating to oil)  :: olejový
oink {interj} (Representing the sound made by a pig)  :: chro
oink {n} (sound made by a pig)  :: chrochtání
ointment {n} (viscous preparation, usually containing medication)  :: mast {f}
Oita {prop} (Ōita, Japan)  :: Óita
OK {interj} (acknowledgement or acceptance)  :: OK
OK {n} (endorsement; approval)  :: dobře
okapi {n} (Large ruminant mammal)  :: okapi
Okayama {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Okajama
Okazaki fragment {n} (one of many newly synthesized DNA fragments formed on the lagging template strand during replication)  :: Okazakiho fragment {m}
Okinawa {prop} (city)  :: Okinawa {f}
Okinawa {prop} (prefecture)  :: Okinawa {f}
Okinawan {prop} (Ryukyuan) SEE: Ryukyuan  ::
Oklahoma {prop} (state)  :: Oklahoma {f}
okroshka {n} (cold raw vegetable soup)  :: okroška {f}
okrug {n} (administrative division)  :: okruh {m}
old {adj} (former)  :: starý
old {adj} (having existed or lived for the specified time)  :: starý
old {adj} (of a living being: having lived for relatively many years)  :: starý
old {adj} (of an object, concept, etc: having existed for a relatively long period of time)  :: starý
old age {n} (latter part of life)  :: stáří {n}
old boy {n} (alumnus) SEE: alumnus  ::
Old Catholic {adj} (pertaining to a group of churches that split from the Roman Catholic Church)  :: starokatolický
Old Church Slavonic {prop} (the first literary and liturgical Slavic language)  :: staroslověnština {f}
Old East Slavic {prop} (language)  :: staroruština {f}, stará ruština {f}
Old English {prop} (ancestor language of modern English)  :: stará angličtina {f}
Old English Sheepdog {n} (a breed of herding dog)  :: bobtail {m}, staroanglický ovčák {m}
old-fashioned {adj} (preferring the customs of earlier times)  :: staromódní {m}
old folks' home {n} (nursing home) SEE: nursing home  ::
old habits die hard {proverb} (existing habits are hard to change)  :: zvyk je železná košile
old hand {n} (experienced person at certain activity)  :: mazák {m}, starý kozák {m}
Old High German {prop} (Old High German)  :: stará horní němčina {f}, starohornoněmčina {f}
Old Low German {prop} (Old Saxon) SEE: Old Saxon  ::
old maid {n} (elderly unmarried woman) SEE: spinster  ::
old man {n} (elderly man)  :: stařec {m}
Old Norse {prop} (language of Scandinavia before 1400 CE)  :: stará severština {f}
old people's home {n} (nursing home) SEE: nursing home  ::
old people's home {n} (retirement village) SEE: retirement village  ::
old salt {n} (seadog) SEE: seadog  ::
Old Slavonic {prop} (Old Church Slavonic)  :: staroslověnština {f}
Old Slavonic {prop} (Proto-Slavic)  :: praslovanský jazyk {m}
old stick {n} (chap) SEE: chap  ::
Old Testament {prop} (first half of the Christian Bible)  :: Starý zákon {m}
old woman {n} (elderly woman)  :: stařena {f}
Old World {prop} (The Eastern Hemisphere, especially Europe and the Near East)  :: Starý svět {m}
oleander {n} (A poisonous shrub)  :: oleandr {m}
olecranon {n} (bony process)  :: okovec {m}
olfactory {adj} (concerning the sense of smell)  :: čichový {m}
oligarch {n} (a member of an oligarchy)  :: oligarcha {m}
oligarchy {n} (Government by only a few)  :: oligarchie {f}
oligarchy {n} (State ruled by such a government)  :: oligarchie {f}
olive {n} (colour)  :: olivový {m}
olive {n} (fruit)  :: oliva {f}
olive {n} (olive tree) SEE: olive tree  ::
olive {n} (wood)  :: oliva
olive oil {n} (oil pressed from olives)  :: olivový olej {m}
Oliver {prop} (male given name)  :: Oliver {m}
olive tree {n} (tree that produces olives)  :: olivovník {m}
Olivia {prop} (female given name)  :: Olivie, Olivia
olla podrida {n} (miscellaneous assortment) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
Olmütz {prop} (city in Moravia) SEE: Olomouc  ::
Olmutz {prop} (city in Moravia) SEE: Olomouc  ::
-ology {suffix} ( branch of learning)  :: -logie {f} {f-p}
Olomouc {prop} (city in the Czech Republic)  :: Olomouc {f}
Olomouc {prop} (city in the Czech Republic (used attributively))  :: olomoucký
Olomouc cheese {n} (Olomouc cheese)  :: olomoucké tvarůžky {m-p}, olomoucké syrečky {m-p}
Olomouc District {prop} (district in the Czech Republic)  :: okres Olomouc {m}
olomoucine {n} (a drug used in oncology)  :: olomoucin {m}
Olomouc Region {prop} (region in the Czech Republic)  :: Olomoucký kraj {m}
olorine {adj} (of or pertaining to swans) SEE: cygnine  ::
Olympia {prop} (ancient city in Greece)  :: Olympie {f}
Olympic Games {prop} (international multi-sport event inspired by the ancient festival, see also: Olympics)  :: olympijské hry {f-p}
Olympics {prop} (sport event, see also: Olympic Games)  :: olympiáda {f}
Olympic Winter Games {prop} (Olympic Winter Games)  :: Zimní olympijské hry
Olympus {prop} (mountain)  :: Olymp {m}
Olza {prop} (river)  :: Olše
Omaha {n} (Omaha hold 'em) SEE: Omaha hold 'em  ::
Oman {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Omán {m}
Omani {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Oman, the Omani people or the Omani language)  :: ománský
Omani {n} (person from Oman or of Omani descent)  :: Ománec {m}
omasum {n} (the third part of the stomach of a ruminant)  :: kniha {f}
ombudsman {n} (official who investigates complaints)  :: ombudsman {m}
omega {n} (angular velocity) SEE: angular velocity  ::
omega {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: omega {f}
omelette {n} (dish made with beaten eggs)  :: omeleta {f}
omen {n} (something which portends or is perceived to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future; an augury or foreboding)  :: znamebí {n}
omeprazole {n} (benzimidazole)  :: omeprazol {m}
omertà {n} (code of silence amongst members of the Mafia or other criminal organization)  :: omerta {f}
omiai {n} (formal marriage interview) SEE: miai  ::
omicron {n} (Greek letter)  :: omikron
ominous {adj} (giving indication of a coming ill)  :: zlověstný
omit {v} (to leave out or exclude)  :: vynechat
omnibus {n} (vehicle)  :: autobus
omnipotence {n} (unlimited power)  :: všemohoucnost {f}
omnipotent {adj} (having unlimited power, force or authority)  :: všemohoucí, všemocný
omnipresent {adj} (being everywhere)  :: všudypřítomný {m}
omniscience {n} (capacity to know everything)  :: vševědoucnost {f}
omniscient {adj} (having total knowledge)  :: vševědoucí
omnium-gatherum {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
omnivore {n} (animal eating both plants and meat)  :: všežravec {m}
omnivorous {adj} (having the ability to eat both animal and vegetable food)  :: všežravý {m}
on {adj} (in the state of being active, functioning or operating)  :: zapnuto
on {prep} (at the date of)  :: dne
on {prep} (dealing with the subject of)  :: o
on {prep} (positioned at the upper surface of)  :: na
on {prep} (touching; hanging from)  :: na
on accident {adv} (by accident) SEE: by accident  ::
onanism {n} (masturbation)  :: onanie {f}
on average {prep} (usually)  :: průměrně, v průměru
on behalf of {prep} (speaking or acting for)  :: jménem
on board {adv} (aboard) SEE: aboard  ::
onboard {adv} (on a vehicle) SEE: on board  ::
once {adv} (formerly)  :: kdysi
once {adv} (one and only one time)  :: jednou
once again {adv} (one more time)  :: ještě jednou, zase, znovu, opět
once and for all {adv} (Finally, permanently, conclusively)  :: jednou provždy
once in a blue moon {adv} (very rarely)  :: jednou za uherský rok
once more {adv} (one more time) SEE: once again  ::
once upon a time {adv} (traditional beginning of children’s stories, especially fairy tales)  :: bylo nebylo
oncogene {n} (gene)  :: onkogen {m}
oncologic {adj} (of or pertaining to oncology)  :: onkologický {m}
oncological {adj} (of or pertaining to oncology) SEE: oncologic  ::
oncologist {n} (one who specialises in oncology)  :: onkolog {m}
oncology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: onkologie {f}
on demand {prep} (when needed or required)  :: podle potřeby, na požádání
one {n} (digit or figure)  :: jednička {f}
one {n} (dollar bill)  :: jednodolarovka {f}
one {num} (cardinal number 1)  :: jeden {m}, jedna {f}, jedno {n}, jednička {f}
one {num} (ordinal number) SEE: first  ::
one {num} (ordinal number) SEE: number one  ::
one-eyed {adj} (having only a single eye)  :: jednooký
one hundred one {num} (101)  :: sto jedna
oneiric {adj} (of or pertaining to dreams)  :: snový
oneiric {adj} (resembling a dream; dreamlike) SEE: dreamlike  ::
oneirology {n} (the study of dreams)  :: oneirologie {f}
one million {num} (cardinal number 1000000) SEE: million  ::
oneness {n} (state of being undivided)  :: jednota {f}
one-of-a-kind {n} (one of a kind) SEE: one of a kind  ::
one-off {adj} (occurring once; one-time)  :: jednorázový
one-on-one {adj} (involving one attacker and one defender)  :: jeden na jednoho
one's {pron} (belonging to)  :: svůj {m}
one's bark is worse than one's bite {phrase} (acts in a threatening way but is relatively harmless)  :: pes, který štěká, nekouše
one should be so lucky {phrase} (it is highly doubtful)  :: zlatý voči!
one-sided {adj} (having only one side)  :: jednostranný
one-sided {adj} (partial or biased in favour of one faction)  :: jednostranný
one's marbles {n} (sanity) SEE: sanity  ::
one swallow does not a summer make {proverb} (one instance of an event does not necessarily indicate a trend)  :: jedna vlaštovka jaro nedělá
one thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000) SEE: thousand  ::
one-time {adj} (occurring only on one occasion)  :: jednorázový
one too many {n} (other than as an idiom) SEE: one, too, many  ::
one-two {n} (soccer: quick one-touch play between two players)  :: narážečka {f}
one up {v} (do something slightly better than a competitor)  :: přetrumfnout {pf}, zajistit si výhodu {pf}
one-way {adj} (allowing movement in only one direction)  :: jednosměrný
one-way street {n} (road in which traffic is only allowed to proceed in one direction)  :: jednosměrka
one who hesitates is lost {proverb} (a person who spends too much time contemplating may miss a valuable opportunity)  :: kdo zaváhá, nežere
on foot {prep} (walking, jogging, running)  :: pěšky
on heat {prep} (in estrus)  :: hárající
onion {n} (plant)  :: cibule {f}
online {adj}  :: online, připojený
onlooker {n} (spectator) SEE: spectator  ::
only {adj} (alone in a category)  :: jediný
only {adj} (without sibling)  :: jedináček {m}
only {adv} (as recently as)  :: , teprve
only {adv} (no more than)  :: jen
only {adv} (without others or anything further; exclusively)  :: jen, jenom, pouze, jedině
only {conj} (however)  :: jenže
only child {n} (a person who has no siblings)  :: jedináček {m}, jedináčka {f}
onomastics {n} (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names)  :: onomastika {f}
onomatopoeia {n} (property of a word of sounding like what it represents)  :: onomatopoie {f}, zvukomalba {f}
onomatopoeia {n} (word that sounds like what it represents)  :: onomatopoion {n}
onomatopoetic {adj} (concerning onomatopoeia) SEE: onomatopoeic  ::
on purpose {prep} (purposely, with intention)  :: schválně
onry {adj} (ornery) SEE: ornery  ::
onslaught {n} (fierce attack)  :: úder {m}
onslaught {n} (large quantity of people or things resembling an attack)  :: nájezd {m}, invaze {f}
onslaughter {n} (onslaught) SEE: onslaught  ::
on the brink {prep} (very near to)  :: na pokraji
on the other hand {adv} (from another point of view)  :: na druhou stranu, na druhou stranu, z druhé strany
on the same wavelength {prep} (in rapport)  :: na stejné vlnové délce, naladěn na stejnou vlnu
on the street {prep} (without a home)  :: na ulici
onto {adj} (surjective) SEE: surjective  ::
ontogenesis {n} (arising or development of an individual organism)  :: ontogeneze {f}
ontogenic {adj} (ontogenetic) SEE: ontogenetic  ::
ontogeny {n} (development of an individual organism)  :: ontogeneze {f}
ontological {adj} (of, or relating to, ontology)  :: ontologický {m}
ontology {n} (study of being)  :: ontologie {f}
ontology {n} (system model in computer science)  :: ontologie {f}
on top of {prep} (atop) SEE: atop  ::
onus probandi {n} (duty of a party in a legal proceeding)  :: důkazní břemeno {n}
on your mark, get set, go {phrase} (three-command start of racing)  :: připravit se, pozor, start!
onyx {n} (a banded variety of chalcedony)  :: onyx {m}
oofless {adj} (poor) SEE: poor  ::
oolong {n} (oolong tea) SEE: oolong tea  ::
oops {interj} (acknowledging a minor mistake)  :: jejda
ooze {v} (to secrete or slowly leak)  :: vytékat, mokvat
opacity {n} (state of being opaque; blocking light)  :: neprůhlednost {f}
opal {n} (a mineral consisting, like quartz, of silica, but inferior to quartz in hardness and specific gravity)  :: opál {m}
opaque {adj} (hindering light to pass through)  :: neprůhledný {m}
open {adj} (not closed)  :: otevřený {m}
open {adj} (prepared to conduct business)  :: otevřený {m}
open {adj} (public)  :: veřejný {m}
open {adj} (receptive)  :: otevřen {m}
open {v} (to become open)  :: otevřít se
open {v} (to begin conducting business)  :: otevřít
open {v} (to bring up (a topic))  :: otevřít
open {v} (to make accessible to customers)  :: otevřít
open {v} (to make something accessible)  :: otevírat {impf}, otevřít {pf}
open {v} (to start (a campaign))  :: otevřít
open-air museum {n} (outdoor museum)  :: skanzen {m}
open book {n} (mathematics) SEE: open book decomposition  ::
open-end fund {n} (collective investment)  :: otevřený fond {m}
opener {n} (device that opens something)  :: otvírák {m}
Open Game {n}  :: otevřené zahájení
opening {n} (something that is open)  :: otvor {m}
openness {n} (receptiveness to new things)  :: otevřenost {f}
openside flanker {n} (rugby player)  :: pravý rváček {m}
opera {n} (theatrical work)  :: opera {f}
operating room {n} (room in a hospital used for performing surgery)  :: operační sál {m}
operating room table {n} (operating table) SEE: operating table  ::
operating system {n} (software which controls computer)  :: operační systém {m}
operation {n} (method by which a device performs its function)  :: provoz {m}
operation {n} (method or practice by which actions are done)  :: postup
operation {n} (military campaign)  :: operace {f}
operation {n} (procedure for generating a value from one or more other values)  :: postup
operation {n} (surgical procedure)  :: operace {f}
operator {n} (Chinese whispers) SEE: Chinese whispers  ::
operculum {n} (covering flap)  :: skřele, žaberní víčko
operetta {n} (lighter version of opera)  :: opereta {f}
ophidiophobia {n} (ophiophobia) SEE: ophiophobia  ::
ophthalmological {adj} (pertaining to ophthalmology)  :: oftalmologický {m}
ophthalmologist {n} (eye specialist)  :: oftalmolog {m}, oční lékař {m}
ophthalmology {n} (eye medicine)  :: oftalmologie {f}
ophthalmoscope {n} (instrument for examining the interior of the eye)  :: oftalmoskop {m}
opiate {n} (drug, hormone or other substance derived from or related to opium)  :: opiát {m}
opinion {n} (EU: A judicial opinion by an Advocate General delivered to the European Court of Justice)  :: stanovisko {n}
opinion {n} (thought a person has formed about a topic)  :: názor {m}, posudek {m}
opinion {v} (opine) SEE: opine  ::
opium {n} (drug from opium poppy)  :: opium {n}
Opole {prop} (city in southern Poland)  :: Opolí
opossum {n} (marsupial of the Didelphidae)  :: vačice {f}
opponent {n} (rival)  :: protivník {m}, protihráč {m}, oponent {n}
opportunism {n} (the taking of opportunities)  :: oportunizmus {m}
opportunist {n} (someone who takes advantage of any opportunity)  :: oportunista {m}
opportunity {n} (chance for advancement, progress or profit)  :: příležitost {f}
opportunity {n} (favorable circumstance or occasion)  :: příležitost {f}, šance {f}
opportunity cost {n} (cost of something in terms of an opportunity forgone)  :: náklady obětované příležitosti {m-p}, náklady ušlé příležitosti {m-p}
opposite {adj} (facing the other way)  :: opačný {m}
opposite {adj} (located directly across from)  :: druhý {m}, opačný {m}, protilehlý
opposite {adj} (of complementary or mutually exclusive things)  :: opačný {m}
opposite {n} (antonym)  :: opak, protiklad
opposite {n} (contrary thing)  :: protiklad {m}, opak {m}
opposite {prep} (across from)  :: naproti, proti
opposite sex {n} (the other gender to which one is referring)  :: opačné pohlaví {n}
opposition {n} (political)  :: opozice {f}
oppress {v} (keep down by force)  :: utiskovat
oppression {n} (act of oppressing, or the state of being oppressed)  :: útlak {m}
oppressor {n} (oppressor)  :: utlačovatel {m}
opprobrium {n} (ignominy)  :: potupa {f}
oppugnable {adj} (disputable, contestable)  :: napadnutelný, sporný
oprichnina {n} (period of Russian history)  :: opričnina {f}
op shop {n} (thrift shop) SEE: thrift shop  ::
optic {adj} (of or relating to optics or optical instruments)  :: optický
optical {adj} (designed to assist or enhance sight)  :: optický, zrakový
optical {adj} (incorporating light-sensitive devices)  :: optický
optical {adj} (relating to optics) SEE: optic  ::
optical {adj} (relating to sight) SEE: optic  ::
optical {adj} (relating to visible light)  :: optický
optical character recognition {n} (the electronic identification and digital encoding of characters)  :: optické rozpoznávání znaků {n}
optical fibre {n} (fibre used for transmitting light)  :: optické vlákno {n}
optical illusion {n} (image that is visually deceptive or misleading)  :: optický klam {m}
optician {n} (a person who makes or sells lenses, spectacles)  :: optik {m}
optic nerve {n} (nerve)  :: zrakový nerv {m}
optic neuritis {n} (optic neuritis)  :: optická neuritida {f}
optics {n} (physics of light and vision)  :: optika {f}
optimal {adj} (the best)  :: optimální
optimality {n} (property of being optimal)  :: optimálnost {f}, optimalita {f}
optimism {n} (a tendency to expect the best)  :: optimismus {m}
optimist {n} (a person who expects a favourable outcome)  :: optimista {m}
optimistic {adj} (expecting a good outcome)  :: optimistický
optimization {n} (the design and operation of a system or process to make it as good as possible in some defined sense)  :: optimalizace {f}
optimize {v} (to make (something) more efficient)  :: optimalizovat
optimize {v} (to make (something) optimal)  :: optimalizovat
option {n} (financial product)  :: opce {f}
option {n} (one of the choices which can be made)  :: možnost {f}
optional {adj} (not compulsory)  :: volitelný {m}
optionality {n} (quality or state in which choice or discretion is allowed)  :: volitelnost {f}
option button {n} (radio button) SEE: radio button  ::
optometrist {n} (person trained in examining and testing the eyes for defects)  :: optometrista {m}
optometry {n} (art and science of vision and eye care)  :: optometrie {f}
optronic {adj} (optoelectronic) SEE: optoelectronic  ::
optronics {n} (optoelectronics) SEE: optoelectronics  ::
opus {n} (a work of music or set of works with a specified rank)  :: opus {m}
or {conj} (conjunction)  :: nebo
orach {n} (saltbush) SEE: saltbush  ::
oral {adj} (relating to the mouth)  :: ústní, orální
oral history {n} (oral tradition) SEE: oral tradition  ::
oral hygiene {n} (keeping the mouth clean)  :: ústní hygiena {f}
oralisation {n} (oralization) SEE: oralization  ::
oralise {v} (oralize) SEE: oralize  ::
oral lore {n} (oral tradition) SEE: oral tradition  ::
oral sex {n} (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth)  :: orální sex {m}
orange {adj} (having the colour of the fruit of an orange tree)  :: oranžový
orange {n} (colour)  :: oranžový
orange {n} (fruit)  :: pomeranč {m}
orange {n} (tree)  :: pomerančovník {m}
orangeade {n} (orange-flavored soft drink)  :: oranžáda {f}, pomerančová limonáda {f}
orangeade {n} (soda water and orange juice)  :: oranžáda {f}
orange juice {n} (juice of squeezed oranges)  :: pomerančový džus {m}
orangutan {n} (arboreal anthropoid ape)  :: orangutan {m}
orator {n} (someone who orates or delivers an oration)  :: řečník {m}
oratory {n} (eloquence) SEE: eloquence  ::
orb {n} (circle) SEE: circle  ::
orb {n} (monarch's ceremonial sphere) SEE: globus cruciger  ::
orb {n} (orbit) SEE: orbit  ::
orb {n} (period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body) SEE: year  ::
orbit {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket  ::
orbit {n} (path of one object around another)  :: oběžná dráha {f}, orbita {f}
orbit {n} (wave-like function)  :: orbital {m}
orbit {v} (circle another object)  :: obíhat
orbit {v} (place an object into an orbit)  :: vyslat na oběžnou dráhu
orbital cavity {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket  ::
orbitational {adj} (orbital) SEE: orbital  ::
orc {n} (evil monstrous humanoid creature)  :: ork {m}, skřet {m}
orc {n} (Orcinus orca) SEE: orca  ::
orca {n} (Orcinus orca)  :: kosatka {f}
orchard {n} (land for cultivation of fruit or nut trees)  :: sad {m}
orcharder {n} (orchardist) SEE: orchardist  ::
orchardist {n} (one who operates an orchard)  :: sadař {m}
orchestra {n} (large group of musicians who play together on various instruments)  :: orchestr {m}
orchid {n} (plant)  :: orchidea {f}, orchidej {f}
order {n} (arrangement, disposition)  :: pořadí {n}, uspořádání {n}
order {n} (awarded decoration)  :: řád {m}
order {n} (biology: taxonomical classification)  :: řád {m}
order {n} (chemistry: a number of a chemical reaction)  :: řád {m}
order {n} (command)  :: rozkaz {m}, povel {m}
order {n} (electronics: power of polynomial function in a circuit’s block)  :: řád {m}
order {n} (good arrangement)  :: řád {m}, pořádek {m}
order {n} (graph theory: number of vertices in a graph)  :: řád {m}
order {n} (highest exponent in a polynomial)  :: řád {m}
order {n} (partially ordered set)  :: uspořádaná množina {f}
order {n} (relation on a partially ordered set)  :: uspořádání {n}
order {n} (religious group)  :: řád {m}
order {n} (request for some product or service)  :: objednávka {f}
order {n} (society of knights)  :: řád {m}
order {v} (to issue a command)  :: rozkázat
order {v} (to request some product or service)  :: objednat
order {v} (to set in (a good) order)  :: uspořádat
order {v} (to set in (any) order)  :: uspořádat
ordered pair {n} (in set theory)  :: uspořádaná dvojice {f}
orderly {n} (hospital attendant given a variety of non-medical duties)  :: sanitář {m}
ordinal {adj} (indicating position in a numerical sequence)  :: řadový {m}, pořadový {m}
ordinal direction {n} (intercardinal direction) SEE: intercardinal direction  ::
ordinal number {n} (generalized kind of number to denote the length of a well-order on a set)  :: ordinální číslo {n}
ordinal number {n} (grammar: word used to denote relative position in a sequence)  :: řadová číslovka {f}
ordinal variable {n} (variable)  :: pořadová proměnná {f}, ordinální proměnná {f}
ordinary {adj} (normal, routine)  :: obyčejný {m}
Ordovician {prop} (Ordovician period)  :: ordovik {m}
ore {n} (rock that contains materials that can be economically extracted and processed)  :: ruda {f}
oregano {n} (leaves used to flavour food)  :: oregano {n}
oregano {n} (plant)  :: dobromysl obecná {f}, oregano {n}
Oregon {prop} (northwestern state of the United States of America)  :: Oregon {m}
Ore Mountains {prop} (mountain range)  :: Krušné hory {p}
orfe {n} (Leuciscus idus) SEE: ide  ::
organ {n} (musical instrument)  :: varhany {p}
organ {n} (part of an organism)  :: orgán {m}
organelle {n} (a membrane bound compartment found within cells)  :: organela {f}
organ gun {n} (ribauldequin) SEE: ribauldequin  ::
organic {adj} (chemistry: relating to the compounds of carbon)  :: organický
organic {adj} (of food and food products: grown without agrichemicals)  :: ekologický {m}
organic {n} (organic compound) SEE: organic compound  ::
organic chemistry {n} (chemistry of carbon containing compounds)  :: organická chemie {f}
organic compound {n} (carbon containing covalent compound)  :: organická sloučenina {f}
organise {v} (organize) SEE: organize  ::
organised {adj} (organized) SEE: organized  ::
organism {n} (living thing)  :: organismus {m}
organist {n} (musician who plays the organ)  :: varhaník {m}
organization {n} (group of people consciously cooperating)  :: organizace {f}
organization {n} (group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules)  :: organizace {f}
organization {n} (quality of being organized)  :: uspořádání {n}, organizace {f}
organizational {adj} (organizational)  :: organizační
organize {v} (to arrange in working order)  :: uspořádat, zorganizovat, srovnat
organize {v} (to constitute in parts, each having a special function; to systematize)  :: zatřídit, utřídit, roztřídit, zorganizovat
organize {v} (to furnish with organs; to give organic structure to; to endow with capacity for functions of life)  :: zorganizovat, organizovat, organizovat se
organized {adj} (characterised by efficient organization)  :: organizovaný
organized crime {n} (criminal organizations seen as a whole)  :: organizovaný zločin {m}
organizer {n} (hand-held micro-computer)  :: organizér {m}
organizer {n} (person arranging public events)  :: pořadatel {m}, organizátor {m}
orgasm {n} (orgasm) SEE: climax  ::
orgasm {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure)  :: orgasmus {m}
orgy {n} (sexual group activity)  :: orgie {f}
orient {v} (to familiarize with a situation or circumstance)  :: orientovat se
orient {v} (to set the focus of so as to relate or appeal to a certain group)  :: orientovat
Orient {prop} (Countries of Asia)  :: Orient {m}
orienteering {n} (racing across unfamiliar countryside using a map and compass)  :: orientační běh {m}
origami {n} (the Japanese art of paper folding)  :: origami {n}
origin {n} (ancestry)  :: původ {m}
origin {n} (beginning of something)  :: vznik {m}, počátek {m}
origin {n} (point at which the axes of a coordinate system intersect)  :: počátek {m}
origin {n} (source of a river, information, goods, etc.)  :: počátek {m}, pramen {m}
original {adj} (first in a series)  :: původní
original {n} (archasm for an excentric) SEE: eccentric  ::
originally {adv} (as it was in the beginning)  :: původně
original sin {n} (state of sinfulness in each human)  :: prvotní hřích {m}
originator {n} (someone who originates)  :: původce {m}
Orinoco {prop} (river)  :: Orinoko {n}
oriole {n} (any of the various colourful passerine birds)  :: žluva {f}
Orissa {prop} (Odisha) SEE: Odisha  ::
ornament {n} (element of decoration)  :: ornament, ozdoba
ornamental {n} (plant serving to ornament)  :: okrasná rostlina {f}
ornate wolf {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog  ::
ornithological {adj} (of or pertaining to ornithology)  :: ornitologický
ornithologist {n} (expert in ornithology)  :: ornitolog {m}
ornithology {n} (scientific study of birds)  :: ornitologie {f}
ornithosis {n} (infection)  :: ornitóza {f}
orofacial {adj} (of or affecting both the mouth and face)  :: orofaciální
orogeny {n} (the process of mountain building by the upward folding of the Earth's crust)  :: orogeneze {f}
orphan {n} (person whose (parent or) parents have died)  :: sirotek {m}, sirota {f}
orphanage {n} (a public institution for the care and protection of orphans)  :: sirotčinec {m}, dětský dům {m}
orphanarium {n} (orphanage) SEE: orphanage  ::
Orpheus {prop} (the musician who searched for Eurydice)  :: Orfeus {m}
orthoclase {n} (potassium aluminum silicate)  :: ortoklas {m}
orthodontics {n} (correcting misalignment of teeth)  :: ortodoncie {f}
orthodox {adj} (Adhering to established religious doctrine or tradition)  :: ortodoxní, pravověrný
Orthodox {adj} (of the Eastern Christian Orthodox church)  :: pravoslavný, (generic pravověrný)
Orthodox Church {n} (the Eastern body of Christendom)  :: pravoslavná církev {f}
orthodoxy {n} (correctness in doctrine and belief)  :: ortodoxie {f}
orthodoxy {n} (the beliefs and practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church) SEE: Orthodoxy  ::
Orthodoxy {prop} (the Eastern Orthodox Church and its foundations)  :: pravoslaví {n}
orthogonality {n} (the property of being orthogonal)  :: ortogonalita {f}
orthography {n} (study of correct spelling)  :: pravopis {m}
orthopedia {n} (orthopedics) SEE: orthopedics  ::
orthopedics {n} (medicine: a branch of medicine)  :: ortopedie {f}
orthopneic {adj} (of or relating to orthopnea)  :: ortopnoický
orthorexia {n} (obsession with healthy food)  :: orthorexie
Oryol {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Orjol {m}
Osaka {prop} (Ōsaka, a city in Honshū, Japan)  :: Ósaka
Oscar {prop} (male given name)  :: Oskar {m}
oscillate {v} (to swing back and forth, especially if with a regular rhythm)  :: kmitat, oscilovat
oscillation {n} (the act of oscillating)  :: kmitání {n}, oscilace {f}
oscillator {n} (an electronic circuit used to generate a continuous output waveform)  :: oscilátor {m}
oscilloscope {n} (electronic measuring instrument)  :: osciloskop {m}
-osis {suffix} (suffix for functional disorders)  :: -óza {f}
Oslo {prop} (the capital and a county municipality of Norway)  :: Oslo {n}
osmium {n} (chemical element)  :: osmium {n}
osmosis {n} (movement of molecules)  :: osmóza {f}
osmotic {adj} (of or relating to osmosis)  :: osmotický {m}
osmotic pressure {n} (hydrostatic pressure)  :: osmotický tlak {m}
Osmussaar {prop} (Island in northwest Estonia)  :: Osmussaar
osprey {n} (bird of prey)  :: orlovec říční {m}
Ossetia {prop} (region in the Caucasus)  :: Osetie {f}
Ossetian {adj} (pertaining to Ossetia)  :: osetský, osetinský
Ossetian {n} (member of the people)  :: Oset {m}, Osetinec {m}
Ossetian {prop} (language)  :: osetština {f}
ossicle {n} (small bone in the ear; auditory ossicle)  :: kůstka {f}, sluchová kůstka {f}
ossify {v} (to calcify) SEE: calcify  ::
ossuary {n} (a place where the dead are buried)  :: kostnice {f}
ostensive definition {n} (process of binding the meaning to the defined term)  :: ostenzivní definice {f}
ostentation {n} (display of excessive show in an attempt to impress others)  :: okázalost {f}
ostentatious {adj} (intended to attract notice)  :: provokativní
ostentatious {adj} (of ostentation)  :: okázalý {m}, ostentativní
osteo- {prefix} (bone)  :: osteo-
osteoarthritis {n} (form of arthritis caused by chronic degeneration of the cartilage and synovial membrane of the joints)  :: osteoartróza {f}
osteochondrosis {n} (family of orthopedic diseases)  :: osteochondróza
osteoclast {n} (cell)  :: osteoklast {m}
osteocyte {n} (mature bone cell)  :: osteocyt {m}
osteomyelitis {n} (pathology: an infection of the bone)  :: osteomyelitida {f}
osteoporosis {n} (bone disease)  :: osteoporóza {f}
Ostrava {prop} (city in the Czech Republic)  :: Ostrava {m}
ostrich {n} (large flightless bird)  :: pštros
otalgia {n} (earache) SEE: earache  ::
other {adj} (contrary to)  :: druhý {m}, jiný {m}
other {adj} (not the one previously referred to)  :: druhý {m}, jiný {m}, ostatní {p}
other {adv} (apart from)  :: jinak
other {determiner} (not the one referred to)  :: druhý
otherness {n}  :: jinakost {f}
others {n} (other people)  :: ostatní {m-p}
others {n} (those remaining after something has been excluded)  :: ostatní {m-p}
other side {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife  ::
otherwise {adv} (differently, in another way)  :: jinak
otherwise {adv} (in all other respects)  :: jinak
otherwise {adv} (or else) SEE: or else  ::
otherwise {adv} (under different circumstances)  :: jinak
otitis media {n} (inflammation of the middle ear)  :: zánět středního ucha {m}
otolaryngological {adj} (otorhinolaryngological) SEE: otorhinolaryngological  ::
otolaryngologist {n} (otorhinolaryngologist) SEE: otorhinolaryngologist  ::
otolaryngology {n} (medical study of the ear, nose and throat)  :: otorinolaryngologie {f}
otorhinolaryngologist {n} (medical doctor of ear, nose and throat)  :: otorinolaryngolog {m}
otorhinolaryngologist {n} (speech-language pathologists) SEE: orthophoniste  ::
otorhinolaryngology {n} (otolaryngology) SEE: otolaryngology  ::
otoscope {n} (medical instrument)  :: otoskop {m}
Otsu {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Ócu {n}
ottava rima {n} (arrangement of stanzas of eight lines rhyming ab ab ab cc)  :: stance {f}, ottava rima {f}
Ottawa {prop} (capital of Canada)  :: Ottawa {f}
otter {n} (mammal)  :: vydra {f}
Otto {prop} (male given name)  :: Oto {m}, Ota {m}
Ottoman Empire {prop} (Ottoman Empire)  :: Otomanská říše {f}
Ottonian {adj} (Pertaining to a dynasty of Germanic kings including Otto the Great)  :: Otoni {m-p}
Ouagadougou {prop} (capital of Burkina Faso)  :: Ouagadougou
ouch {interj} (expression of one's own physical pain)  :: au
ouchie {n} (owie) SEE: owie  ::
ounce {n} (28.3495 g)  :: unce {f}
our {determiner} (belonging to us)  :: náš {m}
Our Lady {prop} (Virgin Mary)  :: Panna Maria {f}
ours {pron} (that which belongs to us)  :: náš {m}
out {adj} (cricket, baseball: disqualified from playing further in an inning)  :: vyautovaný
out {adj} (openly acknowledging that one is gay or trans)  :: otevřený
out {adv} (away from one's usual place or not indoors)  :: venku
out {prep}  :: ven
outage {n} (suspension of operation)  :: prostoj {m}; výpadek {m} (of elektricity); porucha {f} (function broken)
outboard {n} (outboard motor) SEE: outboard motor  ::
outbound {adj} (leaving or departing)  :: odcházející, odchozí
outcast {n} (one that has been excluded from a society or system a pariah)  :: vyvrhel {m}, vyděděnec {m}
outcome {n} (result)  :: výsledek {m}
outdated {adj} (out of date, old-fashioned, antiquated)  :: zastaralý {m}
outdo {v} (to go beyond)  :: překonat
outdoor {adj} (situated in the open air)  :: venkovní, outdoorový
outdoors {n} (countryside away from cities)  :: příroda
outer {adj} (outside)  :: vnější {m}
outer ear {n} (portion of ear)  :: zevní ucho {n} vnější ucho {n}
outfox {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart  ::
outgoing {adj} (going out, on its way out)  :: odchozí
outguess {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart  ::
outhouse {n} (outbuilding) SEE: outbuilding  ::
outhouse {n} (outdoor toilet, see also: shithouse; latrine; toilet)  :: kadibudka {f}
outing {n} (excursion) SEE: excursion  ::
outlet {n} (wall-mounted socket)  :: zásuvka {f}
outline {n} (line marking the boundary of an object figure)  :: obrys {m}
outlook {n} (expectation for the future)  :: výhled {m}
outlook {n} (place from which something can be viewed)  :: vyhlídka {f}
outlook {n} (view from such a place)  :: výhled {m}
out of {prep} (expressing a fraction or a ratio)  :: z
out of {prep} (from the inside to the outside of)  :: z
out of {prep} (with the motivation of)  :: z
out of sight, out of mind {proverb} (something not nearby is forgotten)  :: sejde z očí, sejde z mysli
out of the blue {adv} (unexpectedly)  :: zčistajasna
out of the box {prep} ((idiom) immediately, without intervention from the customer)  :: od výroby
out of the frying pan, into the fire {adv} (from an already bad situation to a worse one)  :: z louže pod okap, z deště pod okap, z bláta do louže (out of the puddle/rain under the drainpipe, out of the mud into the puddle)
out of work {adj} (unemployed) SEE: unemployed  ::
outpouring {n} (The sudden flowing of a large amount of something)  :: odtok
output {n} (data sent out of the computer)  :: výstup {m}
output {n} (production; quantity produced, created, or completed)  :: výstup {m}, produkce {f}
outset {n} (initial stage of something)  :: počátek {m}, začátek {m}
outside {adv} (on or towards the outside)  :: venku, [towards] ven, [from] zvenku
outside {n} (outer surface)  :: vnějšek {m}
outside {prep} (on the outside of)  :: vně
outside centre {n} (rugby position)  :: vnější tříčtvrtka
outsmart {v} (to beat in a competition of wits)  :: přechytračit
outsource {v} (transfer of business to a third party)  :: zadávat subdodavatelské zakázky
outvote {v} (to defeat another by obtaining more votes)  :: přehlasovat
outweigh {v}  :: převážit
outwit {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart  ::
oval {adj} (oval-shaped)  :: oválný
oval {n} (shape like an egg or ellipse)  :: ovál {m}
ovary {n} (botanical organ)  :: semeník {m}
ovary {n} (female organ)  :: vaječník {m}
ovate {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped  ::
oven {n} (chamber used for baking or heating)  :: trouba {f}, pec {f}
oven mitt {n} (oven glove) SEE: oven glove  ::
over- {prefix} (above or higher)  :: přes-, pře-
over- {prefix} (excessively)  :: přes-
over- {prefix} (superior)  :: přes-
over {prep} (physical positioning: across or spanning)  :: přes
overall {adj} (all-encompassing)  :: celkový {m}
overalls {n} (loose fitting garment worn over regular clothes to protect them)  :: kombinéza {f}
overalls {n} (loose fitting pair of pants with a bib)  :: montérky {f-p}
over and out {interj} (end of conversation)  :: končím
overbite {n} (malocclusion, in which the upper teeth extend over the lower ones)  :: předkus {m}
overcoat {n} (garment)  :: kabát {m}
overcome {v} (surmount, get the better of)  :: překonat, přemoci {pf}
overcome {v} (to overwhelm with emotions)  :: přemoci
overcome {v} (to win or prevail in some sort of battle, contest, etc.)  :: zvládnout {pf}, zvládat {impf}
overdo {v} (to do too much of something)  :: přehnat
overdosage {n} (taking pharmaceutical drug in excess)  :: předávkování {n}
overdose {v} (to dose excessively)  :: předávkovat
overdraught {n} (overdraft) SEE: overdraft  ::
overdue abortion {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion  ::
overestimate {v} (to judge too highly)  :: přecenit
overestimated {v} (overrated) SEE: overrated  ::
overflow {n} (computing: situation where a value exceeds the available range)  :: přetečení {n}
overhaul {n} (a major repair, remake, renovation, or revision)  :: renovace {f}, předělání {n}, přepracování {n}, pročištění {n}
overhaul {v} (to modernize, repair, renovate, or revise completely)  :: provést generální opravu
overhead fan {n} (ceiling fan) SEE: ceiling fan  ::
overheat {v} (overheat) SEE: burn  ::
over here {adv} (in this place)  :: tady
overkill {n} (an unnecessary excess of something (idiomatic))  :: kanón na vrabce
overlap {v} (to have an area, range, character or function in common)  :: překrývat se
overlay {v} (overwhelm) SEE: overwhelm  ::
overload {n} (excessive load)  :: přetížení {n}
overload {v} (to create different functions for the same name)  :: přetížit
overload {v} (to load excessively)  :: přetížit
overloaded {adj} (loaded too heavily)  :: přetížený {m}
overloaded {adj} (of a name, used for more than one variable or procedure)  :: přetížený {m}
overloading {n} (type of polymorphism)  :: přetěžování {n}
overlook {n} (vista or point)  :: vyhlídka {f}
overlook {v} (to fail to notice; to look over and beyond (anything) without seeing it)  :: přehlédnout
overmorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow  ::
overmorrow {n} (day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow  ::
over my dead body {prep} (absolutely not)  :: jen přes mou mrtvolu
overnourished {adj} (overweight) SEE: overweight  ::
overpopulation {n} (when the number of occupants of an area exceeds the ability of that area to provide for the occupants)  :: přelidnění {n}
overpower {v} (overpower) SEE: compel  ::
overpressure {n} (excess or markedly elevated pressure)  :: přetlak {m}
overripe {adj} (excessively ripe; spoiled; gone bad)  :: přezrálý
overseer {n} (one who oversees)  :: dozorce {m}
overshadow {v} (to cast a shadow over something)  :: zastínit
overshadow {v} (to dominate something and make it seem insignificant)  :: zastínit
oversight {n} (omission)  :: přehlédnutí {n}
oversleep {v} (to sleep for longer than planned)  :: zaspat
overstate {v} (to exaggerate; to state or claim too much)  :: přehánět
over-the-counter drug {n} (medicine)  :: volně prodejný lék {m}
over there {adv} (in that place)  :: tam
over the top {adj} (beyond normal, expected, or reasonable limits; excessive; exaggerated)  :: přehnaný
overtime {adv} (exceeding regular working hours)  :: přesčas
overtime {n} (worktime)  :: přesčas {m}
overtrump {v} (To play a higher trump card) SEE: overruff  ::
overture {n} (musical introduction)  :: předehra {f}
overuse {n} (excessive use)  :: nadužívání {n}
overvalue {v} (to assign an excessive value to something)  :: nadhodnotit, přecenit
overview {n} (brief summary, as of a book or a presentation)  :: přehled {m}
overwork {v} (to work too hard)  :: přepracovat se
overworked {adj} (subjected to too much work)  :: přepracovaný {m}
overwrite {v} (destroy old data)  :: přepsat
oviduct {n} (duct through which an ovum passes)  :: vejcovod {m}
oviform {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped  ::
ovine {adj} (of or relating to sheep)  :: ovčí
ovoid {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped  ::
ovum {n} (gamete)  :: vajíčko {n}
owe {v}  :: dlužit
owe {v} (to be in debt)  :: dlužit
owl {n} (a bird)  :: sova {f}
owlet moth {n} (moth of family Noctuidae)  :: můra {f}
own {adj} (belonging to (determiner))  :: vlastní
own {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
own {v} (have rightful possession of)  :: vlastnit, mít
owner {n} (one who owns)  :: majitel {m}, vlastník {m}
ownership {n} (legal status)  :: vlastnictví {n}
ownership equity {n} (the remaining interest in all assets after all liabilities are paid)  :: vlastní kapitál
ox {n} (any bovine animal used as a beast of burden)  :: vůl {m}
oxer {n} (type of horse jump)  :: oxer {m}
oxeye daisy {n} (flower)  :: kopretina {f}
oxidanium {n} (hydronium) SEE: hydronium  ::
oxidation {n} (chemical reaction)  :: oxidace {f}
oxidation {n} (combination of a substance with oxygen)  :: oxidace {f}
oxide {n} (binary compound of oxygen)  :: oxid {m}, kysličník {m}
oxidization {n} (oxidation) SEE: oxidation  ::
oxidize {v} (to combine with oxygen)  :: oxidovat
oxlip {n} (plant)  :: prvosenka vyšší {f}
oxygen {n} (chemical element)  :: kyslík {m}
oxymoron {n} (contradiction in terms) SEE: contradiction in terms  ::
oxymoron {n} (figure of speech)  :: oxymóron {m}
oyster {n} (mollusk, see also: clam; mollusc; mussel)  :: ústřice {f}
oystercatcher {n} (bird)  :: ústřičník {m}
oyster mushroom {n} (mushroom of the genus Pleurotus)  :: hlíva {f}
oyster mushroom {n} (Pleurotus ostreatus)  :: hlíva ústřičná {f}
ozone {n} (O3)  :: ozón {m}, ozon {m}
ozone layer {n} (a region of the stratosphere)  :: ozonová vrstva {f}
Øresund {prop} (strait) SEE: Oresund  ::