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{prop} (Chinese surname) :: ,
{prop} (Chinese surname) :: Lục
la {n} (syllable used in solfège to represent the sixth note of a major scale) :: la
lab {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory ::
labia majora {n} (outer folds of vulva) :: môi lớn
laboratory {n} (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research) :: phòng thí nghiệm
laboratory {n} (place where chemicals, drugs or microbes are prepared or manufactured) :: phòng thí nghiệm
labor relations {n} (industrial relations) SEE: industrial relations ::
labor union {n} (labor union) SEE: trade union ::
labour {n} (work) :: lao động (勞動)
labour relations {n} (industrial relations) SEE: industrial relations ::
lac {n} (lakh) SEE: lakh ::
lack {v} (be without, need, require) :: thiếu
lactose {n} (disaccharide sugar of milk and dairy products) :: đường sữa, lactoza
ladder {n} (climbing tool) :: thang
ladle {n} (deep-bowled spoon with a long, usually curved, handle) :: môi, giá
ladybird {n} (member of Coccinellidae) :: bọ cánh cứng
ladybug {n} (ladybird) SEE: ladybird ::
ladyfinger {n} (okra) SEE: okra ::
lagoon {n} (shallow body of water) :: phá
Lagrange point {n} (a point in an the orbital configuration) :: điểm Lagrange
Lai Châu {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Lai Châu
lake {n} (body of water) :: hồ ( {})
lakh {num} (one hundred thousand) :: ức
lamb {n} (young sheep) :: cừu con, cừu non
lamella {n} (gill of a mushroom) SEE: gill ::
lamp {n} (device producing light) :: đèn, đèn điện
lampshade {n} (cover over a lamp) :: chụp đèn, tán đèn, chao đèn
land {n} (part of Earth that is not covered by oceans or other bodies of water) :: đất
land {v} (to descend to a surface, especially from the air) :: hạ cánh
-land {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix)) :: nước
-landia {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix)) SEE: -land ::
land mine {n} (mine that is placed on land) :: mìn
Land of the Rising Sun {prop} (Japan) :: Đất nước Mặt Trời mọc
landscape {n} (portion of land or territory) :: phong cảnh, cảnh sắc
Landsknecht {n} (German mercenary of the 15th or 16th century) SEE: lansquenet ::
landslide {n} (natural disaster) :: đất trượt
lane {n} (division of roadway) :: phần đường
lane {n} (division of racetrack) :: phần đường
langsat {n} (fruit) :: bòn bon, dâu da đất
language {n} (body of words used as a form of communication) :: tiếng, ngôn ngữ, tiếng nói [verbal]
language {n} (nonverbal communication) :: ngôn ngữ
language {n} (vocabulary of a particular field) :: ngôn ngữ, biệt ngữ, từ vựng, thuật ngữ
language {n} (computer language, see also: computer language) :: ngôn ngữ, ngôn ngữ máy tính
language exchange {n} (language exchange) :: trao đổi ngôn ngữ
language family {n} (set of languages) :: ngữ hệ, hệ ngôn ngữ
language swap {n} (language exchange) SEE: language exchange ::
langur {n} (group in the subfamily Colobinae) :: voọc
lansquenet {n} (German mercenary of the 15th or 16th century) :: lencơnet
lantern {n} (case of transparent material made to protect a flame, or light) :: đèn lồng, lồng đèn
lanthanum {n} (metallic element) :: lantan
Lanzhou {prop} (a city of China) :: Lan Châu
Lao {n} (person) :: người Lào
Lao {n} (language) :: tiếng Lào
Lao {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Laos, the people or their language) :: Lào
Lao People's Democratic Republic {prop} (country in Southeast Asia (official name)) :: Cộng hòa Dân chủ Nhân dân Lào
Laos {prop} (country in Southeast Asia) :: Lào, nước Lào
Laotian {n} (Laotian person) SEE: Lao ::
Lao-Tzu {prop} (Laozi) SEE: Laozi ::
Laozi {prop} (influential Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism) :: Lão Tử (老子)
Laozi {prop} (Tao Te Ching) SEE: Tao Te Ching ::
lapis lazuli {n} (precious blue stone) :: đá da trời
La Pérouse Strait {prop} (strait) :: eo biển Sōya, eo biển La Pérouse
laptop {n} (computing: a laptop computer) :: máy tính xách tay
laptop computer {n} (laptop) SEE: laptop ::
larb {n} :: lạp
larboard {n} (port) SEE: port ::
larch {n} (a coniferous tree) :: thông rụng lá
large {adj} (of greater size, see also: big) :: rộng
large intestine {n} (bodily organ) :: ruột già, đại tràng
lark {n} (bird) :: chim chiền chiện
larva {n} (a stage of growth) :: ấu trùng
larva {n} (an animal in such stage of growth, see also: tadpole) :: ấu trùng
larynx {n} (the organ) :: thanh quản
laser {n} (device producing beam of light) :: la-de, kích quang (激光)
laser {n} (laser beam) SEE: laser beam ::
laser beam {n} (light from a laser) :: tia la-de, tia kích quang
lash {n} (eyelash; hair growing from the eyelid) SEE: eyelash ::
lass {n} (sweetheart) SEE: sweetheart ::
last {adj} (final) :: cuối cùng
last name {n} (surname) SEE: surname ::
last year {adv} (year before this one) :: năm ngoái, năm rồi
latch {n} (fastening for a door) :: chốt cửa, then cửa
late {adj} (near the end of a period of time) :: muộn, trễ
late {adj} (not arriving until after an expected time) :: trể
lately {adv} (recently) SEE: recently ::
Latin {adj} (of the language) :: (tiếng) Latinh
Latin {adj} (of the script) :: chữ Latinh
Latin {adj} (of ancient Rome) :: La Mã
Latin {adj} (of/from Latin America) :: Mỹ Latinh, latino
Latin {n} (language of the ancient Romans) :: tiếng Latinh, Latinh
Latin {n} (person native to ancient Rome or its Empire) :: người La Mã
Latin {n} :: người gốc La Mã
Latin America {prop} (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish or Portuguese) :: Mỹ Latinh
Latin Church {n} :: Giáo hội Latinh
Latinization {n} (act or process of Latinizing) :: Latinh hóa
Latinize {v} (to transliterate to Latin script) SEE: romanize ::
Latinize {v} (to translate to Latin language) :: Latinh hóa, Latinh hoá
latitude {n} (angular distance north or south from the equator) :: vĩ độ
latitude {n} (imaginary line parallel to the equator) :: vĩ tuyến
Latium {prop} (region of central Italy) :: Latium
latter-day {adj} (modern, recent) SEE: modern ::
Latvia {prop} (country) :: Lát-vi-a
laud {v} (to praise, to glorify) :: khen ngợi
laugh {v} (show mirth by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face and emission of sounds) :: cười
laugh {v} :: cười
laughing kookaburra {n} (Dacelo novaeguineae) :: sả nhà trò
laughter {n} (sound (as) of laughing) :: sự cười, tiếng cười
laughter {n} :: tiếng cười
laundry {n} (laundering; washing) :: giặt giạ, giặt giũ
laundry {n} (place or room where laundering is done) :: phòng giặt là, tiệm giặt là
laundry {n} (that which needs to be laundered) :: quần áo đã giặt là
Laurence {prop} (male given name) :: Lôrensô
lava {n} (molten rock) :: lava, dung nham (熔岩)
lava {n} (magma) SEE: magma ::
lavatory {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
lavender {n} (plant) :: cây oải hương, hoa oải hương
lavender {n} (colour) :: màu oải hương, màu hoa oải hương
law {n} (body of rules established in a community by its authorities) :: pháp luật (法律), luật
law {n} (any rule that must or should be obeyed) :: pháp luật (法律), luật pháp
law {n} (statement of (observed, established) order, sequence or relationship of phenomena) :: định luật
lawmaker {n} (legislator) SEE: legislator ::
lawman {n} (lawyer) SEE: lawyer ::
lawn {n} (ground covered with grass) :: bãi cỏ
lawn mower {n} (machine for cutting grass) SEE: lawnmower ::
lawn-mower {n} (lawnmower) SEE: lawnmower ::
lawnmower {n} (a device to cut grass) :: máy cắt cỏ
law of nature {n} (natural law) SEE: natural law ::
Lawrence {prop} (male given name) SEE: Laurence ::
lawrencium {n} (chemical element) :: lorenxi
lawyer {n} (professional person authorized to practice law) :: luật sư
lay {v} (to deposit an egg) :: đẻ trứng
Lazio {prop} (Italian region) :: Lazio
lazurite {n} (lapis lazuli) SEE: lapis lazuli ::
lazy {adj} (unwilling to work) :: lười biếng, lười
lazybones {n} (person who is lazy) :: kẻ lười biếng, kẻ biếng nhác
LCD {n} (liquid crystal display) :: màn hình tinh thể lỏng
lcm {initialism} (initialism for least common multiple) :: BCNN
lead {n} (chemical element) :: chì
lead {v} (guide or conduct with the hand, or by means of some physical contact connection) :: dẫn, dắt
leader {n} (one having authority) :: lãnh đạo (領導)
leaf {n} (part of a plant) ::
leaflet {n} (small piece of paper with information) :: tờ quảng cáo, tờ rơi, tờ bướm, truyền đơn (傳單)
League of Nations {prop} (international organization) :: Hội Quốc Liên
leak {v} (to allow fluid to escape or enter) :: làm rò rỉ
leak {v} (to reveal secret information) :: tiết lộ
Leaning Tower of Pisa {prop} (the leaning bell tower in the Italian town of Pisa) :: Tháp nghiêng Pisa
leap {v} (to jump) :: nhảy (lên, qua, ...)
leap {n} (the act of leaping) :: bước nhảy, sự nhảy, việc nhảy
leap {n} (distance traversed by a leap) :: quãng cách nhảy qua
leap {n} (significant move forward) :: thành tích, tiến bộ
leap year {n} (366-day year in the Gregorian calendar) :: năm nhuận, năm nhuần
learn {v} (to acquire knowledge or ability) :: học (), học tập (學習)
learn the hard way {v} (learn by experiencing the consequences of making mistakes) :: rút kinh nghiệm
least common multiple {n} (in math) :: bội chung nhỏ nhất, bội số chung nhỏ nhất
leather {n} (material produced by tanning animal skin) :: da thuộc
leave {v} (To depart from, end one's connection or affiliation with) :: bỏ
leave {v} (To depart (intransitive)) :: rời khỏi
leave of absence {n} (absence from work) SEE: leave ::
Lebanon {prop} (Lebanese Republic) :: Li-băng
lector {n} (lay person who reads aloud certain religious texts) :: người đọc kinh, thầy đọc kinh, thầy đọc sách
lecture {n} (a spoken lesson) :: bài giảng
LED {n} (light-emitting diode) :: ống hai cực phát quang, đèn ống hai cực
leech {n} (annelid) :: đỉa
leek {n} (vegetable) :: tỏi tây
left {adj} (the west side of the body when one is facing north) :: trái
left {adv} (on the left side) :: ở bên trái
left {n} :: trái, [1] phía bên trái, [2] cánh tả
left-wing {adj} (supporting political change) :: cánh tả
leg {n} (lower limb from groin to ankle) :: chân, giò, cẳng
legalise {v} (make legal) :: hợp pháp hoá (合法化)
legalization {n} (process of making something legal) :: sự hợp pháp hoá (sự + 合法化)
legalize {v} (legalise) SEE: legalise ::
legend {n} (story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events) :: truyền thuyết, huyền thoại
legend {n} (any person of extraordinary accomplishment) :: huyền thoại
legend {n} (key to the symbols and color codes on a map) :: chú giải
leghorn {n} (small white chicken breed) :: gà Leghorn, gà Lơ-go
Legion of Honor {prop} :: Bắc Đẩu Bội tinh
legislator {n} (who creates or enacts laws) :: người làm luật, người lập pháp
legislature {n} (governmental body) :: cơ quan lập pháp
legist {n} (legislator) SEE: legislator ::
leguaan {n} (iguana) SEE: iguana ::
leishmaniasis {n} (pathology) :: bệnh do leishmania
lemma {n} (linguistics: lexeme) SEE: lexeme ::
lemon {n} (citrus fruit) :: chanh
lemon {n} (tree) :: chanh
lemon {n} (defective item) :: [noun +] vô dụng
lemon {n} (colour/color) :: vàng canh
lemon {n} (taste) :: vị chanh
lemon {adj} (having the flavour/flavor and/or scent of lemons) :: () vị chanh (flavor), (mùi) chanh (scent)
lemon {adj} (having the colour/color of lemons) :: màu chanh
lemongrass {n} (species of grass of the genus Cymbopogon) :: sả
lemur {n} (strepsirrhine primate of the infraorder Lemuriformes, superfamily Lemuroidea) :: vượn cáo
lend {v} (to allow to be used temporarily) :: cho mượn
lend {v} ((proscribed) to borrow) SEE: borrow ::
length {n} (distance from end to end) :: chiều dài
Lenin {prop} (a Russian revolutionary and politician) :: Lê nin, Lenin, Lênin
Leninism {n} (the political philosophy named after Vladimir Lenin) :: chủ nghia Lê-nin
lens {n} (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it) :: thấu kính
Lent {n} (Christian period of penitence before Easter) :: Mùa Chay
lentigo {n} (pigmented spot on the skin) SEE: freckle ::
lentil {n} (seed used as food) :: đậu lăng
Leo {prop} (male given name) :: Lêô
Leo {prop} (constellation) :: Sư Tử
leopard {n} (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus) :: báo, beo, cọp gấm, báo hoa mai, báo hoa
leprosy {n} (infectious disease caused by infection by Mycobacterium leprae) :: phong, cùi, hủi
lesbian {adj} (of a woman: preferring female partners) :: đồng tính
lesbian {adj} (between two women; pertaining to female homosexuality) :: đồng tính
lesbian {n} (female homosexual) :: người đồng tính nữ
Lesbian {n} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian ::
Lesbian {adj} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian ::
lesbo {n} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian ::
Lesotho {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Lê-xô-thô
less {adj} :: ít hơn
-less {suffix} (lacking) :: cây đinh không
lesser kestrel {n} (Falco naumanni) :: cắt nhỏ
lesson {n} (section of learning or teaching) :: bài, bài học
lesson {n} (something learned) :: bài học
lesson {n} (something that serves as a warning or encouragement) :: bài học
less-than-stellar {adj} (not very good) SEE: poor ::
let {v} (to allow) :: trở [literally: to give], để
let's {v} (let us; forming first-person plural imperative) :: hãy
let's go {phrase} (hortative of go) :: hãy đi
let's go {phrase} (hurry up) :: mau lên, nhanh lên
letter {n} (letter of the alphabet) :: chữ cái
letter {n} (written message) :: thư
let there be light {phrase} (let there be light) :: phải có sự sáng
lettuce {n} (an edible plant, Lactuca) :: rau diếp
leukocyte {n} (a white blood cell) :: bạch huyết cầu (白血球)
lever {n} (rigid piece) :: đòn bẩy
lever {adv} (rather) SEE: rather ::
leveret {n} (a young hare) :: thỏ con, con thỏ con
Lewis {prop} (male given name) SEE: Louis ::
lexeme {n} (unit of vocabulary, the different forms of the same lemma) :: từ vị
lexical item {n} (term that acts as a unit of meaning) :: đơn vị từ vựng
lexical unit {n} (term that acts as a unit of meaning) SEE: lexical item ::
lexicography {n} (art or craft of writing dictionaries) :: từ điển học (詞典學)
lexicon {n} (vocabulary of a language) :: từ điển
Leyden jar {n} (glass jar used to accumulate static electricity) :: chai Leiden, chai Leyden
Lhasa {prop} (Capital of Xizang (Tibet)) :: Lhasa
Li {prop} (Li: the Chinese surname) :: ()
Liaoning {prop} (province of China) :: Liêu Ninh
liar {n} (one who tells lies) :: kẻ nói dối, kẻ nói láo, kẻ nói điêu
libation {n} (act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice) :: sự rảy ra
liberalism {n} (quality of being liberal) :: chủ nghĩa tự do (主義自由)
liberalism {n} (political movement) :: chủ nghĩa tự do (主義自由)
liberate {v} (to free) :: giải phóng (解放)
liberation {n} (act of liberating or the state of being liberated) :: giải phóng (解放), sự giải phóng
Liberia {prop} (country in Western Africa) :: Liberia
liberty {n} (condition of being free) :: tự do, 自由
librarian {n} (the manager of a library) :: thủ thư
library {n} (institution which holds books etc.) :: thư viện
library {n} (collection of subprograms) :: thư viện
library {n} :: thư viện, phòng đọc sách
Libya {prop} (country in Northern Africa) :: Li-bi
licence {n} (license) SEE: license ::
licence {v} (license) SEE: license ::
license {n} (legal document giving official permission to do something) :: giấy phép, bằng
lichen {n} (something which spreads across something else, causing damage) SEE: cancer ::
lichen {n} (symbiotic association of fungi and algae) :: địa y
lick {v} (to stroke with the tongue) :: liếm
licorice {n} (plant) :: cam thảo (甘草)
lid {n} (top or cover) :: nắp
lie {v} (be in horizontal position) :: nằm
lie {v} (tell an intentional untruth) :: nói dối
lie {n} (intentionally false statement) :: lời nói dối
Liechtenstein {prop} (Principality of Liechtenstein) :: Lich-ten-xtên
lieu {n} (in lieu, in lieu of) SEE: in lieu ::
life {n} (the state of being alive) :: đời sống, sinh mệnh, kiếp, cuộc sống
life {n} (the essence of the manifestation and the foundation of the being) :: sinh hoạt, sanh hoạt
life {n} (the subjective and inner manifestation of the individual) :: sinh hoạt
life after death {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife ::
life assurance {n} (insurance policy) SEE: life insurance ::
life insurance {n} (form of insurance) :: bảo hiểm nhân thọ
life sentence {n} (sentence of imprisonment for the rest of the defendant's life) :: án chung thân, chung thân, tù chung thân
lift {n} (the act of transporting someone in a vehicle) :: đi nhờ
lift {n} (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people) :: thang máy
lift {n} (thief) SEE: thief ::
lifter {n} (spatula) SEE: spatula ::
ligament {n} (band of strong tissue that holds the bones of an animal in position) :: dây chằng
ligand {n} (something that binds to another chemical entity) :: phối tử
light {n} (electromagnetic waves) :: ánh sáng, ánh
light {n} (source of illumination) :: đèn
light {n} (point of view) :: ["see [someone] in a good light"] cách, trạng thái
light {n} (flame or something used to create fire) :: lửa
light {v} (to start (a fire)) :: đốt, thắp, châm, nhóm
light {v} (to illuminate) :: chiếu sáng, rọi sáng , soi sáng
light {adj} (having light) :: sáng, sáng sủa
light {adj} (pale in colour) :: nhạt
light {adj} (coffee: served with extra milk or cream) :: nhẹ, [extra milk] nhiều sữa , [extra cream] nhiều kem
light {adj} (of low weight) :: nhẹ, nhẹ nhàng
light {adj} (lightly-built) :: nhẹ, [indicates speed due to lightness] nhanh nhẹn
light {adj} (low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt, etc.) :: [low in alcohol] nhẹ
light {adj} (of little significance) :: tầm thường
light {v} (to find by chance) :: tình cờ gặp
light {v} (alight) :: xuống
light bulb {n} (evacuated glass bulb containing a metal filament that produces light) :: bóng đèn
lighter {n} (fire making device) :: bật lửa, hộp quẹt
lightfast {adj} (resistant to fading) :: bền
light globe {n} (light bulb) SEE: light bulb ::
lighthouse {n} (building containing a light to warn or guide ships) :: hải đăng
lightning {n} (flash of light) :: chớp, tia chớp, tia sét
lightning bug {n} (firefly) SEE: firefly ::
lightning fast {adj} (fast as lightning) :: chớp nhoáng
lightning-quick {adj} (incredibly fast) SEE: lightning fast ::
light spectrum {n} (range of colors) SEE: spectrum ::
lightspeed {n} (the speed of light) :: tốc độ ánh sáng
light year {n} (astronomical distance) :: năm ánh sáng
Lijiang {prop} (a city of China) :: Lệ Giang
like {v} (enjoy) :: thích
like {v} (find attractive) :: thích
like {prep} (similar to) :: như
like father, like son {proverb} (a son will have traits similar to his father) :: cha nào con đó
likely {adv} (probably) SEE: probably ::
like water off a duck's back {prep} (without effects; in a manner having no effect) :: như nước đổ đầu vịt, như nước đổ lá khoai, như nước đổ lá môn
likewise {adv} (also; moreover; too) SEE: too ::
lily {n} (flower in the genus Lilium) :: hoa bách hợp, hoa loa kèn
lima bean {n} (butter bean) :: đậu ngự
limb {n} (major appendage of human or animal) :: chân tay
lime {n} (green citrus fruit) :: chanh
lime {adj} (containing lime or lime juice) :: vôi
limestone {n} (abundant rock of marine and fresh-water sediments) :: đá vôi
limited liability company {n} (type of company) :: công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn
limitless {adj} (without limits; boundless) :: vô bờ
limpet {n} (a small mollusc) :: con sao sao
line {n} (path through two or more points, threadlike mark) :: đường
linear algebra {n} (branch of mathematics) :: đại số tuyến tính
linear space {n} (vector space) SEE: vector space ::
lingerie {n} (women's underwear or nightclothes) :: đồ lót
linguist {n} (one who studies linguistics) :: nhà ngôn ngữ học
linguistics {n} (scientific study of language) :: ngôn ngữ học
lingzhi {n} (mushroom) :: nấm linh chi
link {n} (connection) :: liên kết
link {n} (computing: connection between busses or systems) :: kết nối, liên kết
link {n} (computing: hyperlink) :: liên kết, đường dẫn
link {v} (connect things) :: kết nối
linkage {n} (connection or relation between things or ideas) SEE: link ::
Linus {prop} (male given name) :: Linô
Linyi {prop} (a prefecture-level city in China) :: Lâm Nghi
lion {n} (big cat Panthera leo) :: sư tử (獅子)
lion dance {n} (Chinese dance) :: múa lân, múa sư tử, múa lân-sư-rồng
lioness {n} (female lion) :: sư tử cái
lip {n} (fleshy protrusion framing the mouth) :: môi
lipstick {n} (make-up for the lips) :: cây son, son môi
lipstick tree {n} (Bixa orellana) SEE: annatto ::
lip sync {n} (synchronization of music with lips) :: nhép môi
lip-sync {v} (to move lips in synchronization with sounds) :: hát nhép
liqueur {n} (a flavored alcoholic beverage) :: rượu mùi
liquid {n} (substance that is liquid) :: nước, chất lỏng
liquid {adj} (fluid; not solid and not gaseous) :: nước, lỏng
liquorice {n} (plant) SEE: licorice ::
liquorice {n} (confection) SEE: licorice ::
Lisbon {prop} (capital of Portugal) :: Lisboa
lisp {n} (The habit or an act of lisping.) :: sự nói ngọng
lisp {v} (to pronounce the sibilant letter ‘s’ imperfectly) :: nói ngọng
list {n} (enumeration or compilation of items) :: danh sách
list {v} (to create or recite a list) :: liệt kê
listen {v} (to pay attention to a sound) :: nghe, lắng nghe
listen {v} (to expect or wait for a sound) :: chờ đợi, chờ, đợi cho
listen {v} (to accept advice or obey instruction) :: nghe theo, tuân theo, vâng lời
listen {v} (to hear (something)) :: nghe, để ý đến
litchi {n} (lychee) SEE: lychee ::
liter {n} (cubic decimeter) SEE: litre ::
literal {adj} (exactly as stated; read or understood without additional interpretation) :: nghĩa đen, sát nghĩa [of a translation], nguyên văn [of a translation]
literary {adj} (relating to literature) :: văn học, văn chương
literary {adj} (appropriate to literature rather than everyday writing) :: văn hoa
Literary Chinese {prop} (Classical Chinese) SEE: Classical Chinese ::
literature {n} (body of all written works) :: văn chương, văn học
lithium {n} (chemical element) :: lithi, liti
lithium hydride {n} (chemical compound, LiH) :: hiđrua liti
lithosphere {n} (The outer layer of the Earth) :: thạch quyển
Lithuania {prop} (country) :: Lít-va
litre {n} (unit of fluid measure) :: lít
little {adj} (small in size) :: nhỏ
little {adv} (not much) :: ít
little brother {n} (a sibling's younger brother, see also: younger brother) :: em trai
little by little {adv} (a small amount at a time) :: dần dần
little finger {n} (outermost and smallest finger of the hand) :: ngón út, ngón tay út
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} (a folktale) :: cô bé quàng khăn đỏ
little sister {n} (a sibling's younger sister, see also: younger sister) :: em gái
Liuzhou {prop} (a city of China) :: Liễu Châu
live {v} (be alive) :: sống
live {v} (have permanent residence) :: , sống
live {adj} ((broadcasting) Seen or heard from a broadcast, as it happens) :: trực tiếp
liver {n} (organ of the body) :: gan ()
livermorium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 116) :: livermori
living room {n} (room in a private house) :: phòng khách
living standard {n} (standard of living) SEE: standard of living ::
lizard {n} (reptile) :: thằn lằn
lizard {n} (coward) SEE: coward ::
Ljubljana {prop} (Capital city of Slovenia) :: Ljubljana
Lâm Đồng {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Lâm Đồng
Lạng Sơn {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Lạng Sơn
loan {n} :: tiền cho mượn
loan {v} (to lend) :: cho mượn
loanword {n} (word taken from another language) :: từ vay mượn, từ du nhập, từ mượn, từ ngoại lai
lobby {n} (entryway or waiting area; vestibule) ::
hành lang,
phòng chờ, phòng đợi,
tiền sảnh, đại sảnh
lobby {v} (To attempt to influence) :: vận động hành lang
lobster {n} (crustacean) :: tôm hùm, tôm rồng
Lào Cai {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Lào Cai
local {adj} (of a nearby location) :: địa phương (地方)
local area network {n} (network) :: mạng cục bộ, mạng máy tính cục bộ
location {n} (place) :: vị trí, địa điểm
locative {n} (locative case) SEE: locative case ::
locative case {n} (case used to indicate place, or the place where) :: giới cách
lock {n} (something used for fastening) :: khóa, ổ khóa
locksmith {n} (one who practices locksmithing) :: thợ sửa ống khóa
lockup {n} (prison) SEE: prison ::
locomotive {n} (self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails) :: đầu máy
locust {n} (type of grasshopper) :: châu chấu
Lode Star {prop} (Polaris) SEE: Polaris ::
lodge {n} (inn) SEE: inn ::
lodging {n} (place to live or lodge) :: chỗ ở
loess {n} (sediment of eolian origin) :: hoàng sa
log {n} (trunk of dead tree, cleared of branches) :: gỗ tròn
log {n} (logbook) SEE: logbook ::
log {n} (logbook) SEE: logbook ::
loganberry {n} (raspberry-blackberry hybrid berry) :: thực quả mâm xôi
logarithm {n} (The power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain a given number) :: đối số (對數), lôga, lôgarit, lô-ga-rít
logbook {n} (nautical: book in which details from journey are recorded) :: nhật trình
logic {n} (method of human thought) :: luận lý (論理)
logo {n} (symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an entity) :: biểu trưng
log off {v} (log out) SEE: log out ::
logotype {n} (symbol used by organization, logo) :: biểu trưng
log out {v} (to exit an account in a computing system) :: đăng xuất
-logy {suffix} (branch of learning) :: học ()
loincloth {n} (garment) :: khố
lokun {n} (doctor) SEE: doctor ::
lolly {n} (money) SEE: money ::
Lombard {n} (banker or moneylender) SEE: banker ::
London {prop} (in the United Kingdom) :: Luân Đôn (倫敦)
loneliness {n} (condition of being lonely) :: sự cô đơn
lonely {adj} (of person: unhappy by feeling isolated) :: cô đơn, lẻ loi
lonely {adj} (solitary) SEE: solitary ::
long {adj} (having much distance from one point to another) :: dài
long {adj} (having great duration) :: lâu
long {adj} (not short) SEE: tall ::
long ago {adv} (at a time in the distant past) :: ngày xửa ngày xưa, ngày xưa
longan {n} (tree) :: nhãn
longan {n} (fruit) :: nhãn
Long An {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Long An
longevity {n} (the quality of being long-lasting, especially of life) :: sự sống lâu, tuổi thọ cao
longhorn beetle {n} (any Cerambycid) :: xén tóc
longitude {n} (angular distance) :: kinh độ
longitudinal wave {n} (type of wave) :: sóng dọc
long live {v} (prosper) :: (...) vạn tuế (萬歲), muôn năm (𨷈𢆥)
long since {adv} (long ago) SEE: long ago ::
long time no see {interj} (idiomatic: I (or we) have not seen you for a long time) :: lâu quá không gặp, lâu rồi không gặp
longwave {adj} (having a wavelength of greater than 1000 meters) :: sóng dài
Longyearbyen {prop} (settlement) :: Longyearbyen
loo {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
Loochoo {prop} (Ryukyu) :: Lưu Cầu
loofah {n} (tropical vine) :: chi mướp
look {v} (to try to see) :: nhìn, dòm
look for {v} (search; seek) :: tìm, tìm kiếm
looking glass {n} (mirror) SEE: mirror ::
look like {v} (be similar in appearance, resemble) :: giống nhau
looks {n} (appearance) :: vẻ,
loom {n} (weaving frame) :: khung cửi
looper {n} (measuring worm) SEE: measuring worm ::
loose {adj} (not fixed tightly) :: rộng
loquat {n} (fruit) :: nhót tây
lord {n} (master of a household) :: chúa
Lord's Prayer {prop} (the prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples) :: Kinh Lạy Cha
Lorraine {prop} (region west of Alsace) :: Lorraine
lorry {n} (motor vehicle) SEE: truck ::
Los Angeles {prop} (largest city in California) :: Lốt An giơ lét
lose {v} (cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability) :: mất
lose {v} ((transitive) fail to win) :: thua
lose {v} (have (somebody of one's kin) die) :: mất, băng hà
lose face {v} (lose respect of others) :: mất mặt
lose one's way {v} (get lost) SEE: get lost ::
loss {n} (instance of losing) :: mất
lost {adj} :: bị mất
lot {n} (large quantity or number) SEE: a lot ::
lots {n} (lots) SEE: a lot ::
lottery {n} (scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance) :: xổ số
lotus {n} (Nymphaea) SEE: water lily ::
lotus {n} (plant of the genus Nelumbo) :: sen
lotus nut {n} (lotus seed) SEE: lotus seed ::
lotus seed {n} (seed from the plants in the genus Nelumbo) :: hạt sen
loud {adj} (of a sound) :: to
loud {adj} (noisy) :: ầm ĩ
loudspeaker {n} (transducer) :: loa
Louis {prop} (male given name) :: Luy
louse {n} (insect) :: con rận
love {n} (strong affection) :: tình yêu
love {n} (object of one's romantic feelings; darling or sweetheart) :: cưng, người yêu
love {n} :: tình yêu, lãng mạn
love {v} (have a strong affection for) :: yêu
love {v} (be strongly inclined towards doing) :: yêu
love {v} (care about; will good for) :: yêu
love {v} ((euphemistic): to have sex with) :: yêu
love {n} (zero) :: không
love at first sight {n} (an instantaneous attraction) :: tình yêu sét đánh
love interest {n} (romantic relationship) SEE: romance ::
lovely {adj} (Beautiful; charming; very pleasing in form, looks, tone, or manner.) :: dễ thương
lover {n} (one who loves another person) :: người yêu (𠊛𢞅)
lover {n} (sexual partner) :: người tình bạn tình (𠊛𢞅)
love song {n} (song about love) :: tình ca, tình khúc
love triangle {n} (situation in which two people vie for the love of a third) :: tình tay ba
low {adj} (in a position comparatively close to the ground) :: thấp
low {n} (flame) SEE: flame ::
lower chamber {n} (lower house) SEE: lower house ::
lower house {n} (part of a parliament) :: hạ viện
lower reaches {n} (the part of a river that is near where it ends) :: hạ lưu
lowest common denominator {n} (smallest multiple of several denominators) :: mẫu chung nhỏ nhất, mẫu số chung nhỏ nhất
loyal {adj} (firm in allegiance to a person or institution) :: trung thành
Luang Prabang {prop} (city) :: Luông Pra Băng
Lucas {prop} (male given name) SEE: Luke ::
Lucius {prop} (male given name) :: Luciô
luck {n} (something that happens to someone by chance) :: may mắn, vận may, vận
lucky {adj} (of people, having good fortune) :: may, may mắn
lucky {adj} (being good by chance) :: may, may mắn
lucky charm {n} (object kept for good luck) :: vật lấy phước
luggage {n} (traveller's containers) :: hành lý (行李)
Luhansk People's Republic {prop} (secessionist state in Luhanshchyna, the Ukraine) :: Cộng hòa Nhân dân Lugansk
Lukas {prop} (given name) SEE: Luke ::
Luke {prop} (evangelist) :: Luca [Catholic], Lu-ca [Protestant]
Luke {prop} (gospel of Luke) :: Luca [Catholic], Lu-ca [Protestant]
lukewarm {adj} (temperature) :: ấm, âm ấm
lukewarm {adj} (not very enthusiastic) :: thờ ơ, lãnh đạm, hờ hững
lullaby {n} (a soothing song to lull children to sleep) :: hát ru
lumbago {n} (lumbar-region backache, see also: backache) :: y chứng đau lưng
lumination {n} (illumination) SEE: illumination ::
Luna {prop} (Earth's moon) SEE: Moon ::
lunar calendar {n} (a calendar that measures the passage of the year according to the phases of the moon) :: âm lịch (陰暦)
lunar eclipse {n} (when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon) :: nguyệt thực
Lunarian {n} (imaginary inhabitant of the Moon) :: người Mặt Trăng
Lunar New Year {n} (Lunar new year) SEE: Chinese New Year ::
lunch {n} (meal around midday) :: bữa trưa, bữa ăn trưa
lunch {v} (to eat lunch) :: ăn trưa
lunchbox {n} (container for transporting meals) :: hộp cơm
luncheon {n} (a formal term for lunch) SEE: lunch ::
lung {n} (organ that extracts oxygen from the air) :: phổi
lung cancer {n} (cancer of the lung(s)) :: ung thư phổi
lungi {n} (garment) :: khăn quấn
Luoyang {prop} (city in Henan) :: Lạc Dương
lust {n} (strong desire, especially of a sexual nature) :: dâm
luster {n} (refinement, polish or quality) :: ánh
lustful {adj} (full of lust) :: dâm
lustre {n} (luster) SEE: luster ::
lustre {v} (luster) SEE: luster ::
lute {n} (stringed instrument) :: đàn luýt
lutetium {n} (chemical element with atomic number of 71) :: Luteti
luthier {n} (a person who, or a business which, makes or repairs stringed wooden musical instrument) :: thợ làm đàn
Luxembourg {prop} (country) :: Lục Xâm Bảo, Lúc Xam Bua
luxurious {adj} (being very fine and comfortable) :: sang trọng
lycanthrope {n} (werewolf) SEE: werewolf ::
lychee {n} (tree) :: (cây) vải
lychee {n} (fruit) :: vải, lệ chi
lye {n} :: nước gio
lymph {n} (the fluid carried by the lymphatic system) :: bạch huyết
lymph node {n} (filtrating oval bodies of the lymphatic system) :: hạch bạch huyết, hạch lympho
lynx {n} (wild cat) :: Chi Linh miêu
lyric {n} (words of a song) SEE: lyrics ::
lyrics {n} (the words to a song) :: thơ tình
lysosome {n} (digestive organelle) :: tiêu thể